Absent have been a recurring theme in the Morning Glories Comic.

See Also: Dead Mothers

Also notable is that Abraham is often referred to as "father Abraham". Georgina Daramount and Lara Hodge refer to the Headmaster as "father" but he has not yet been seen.

The following characters have been shown to be distant with their fathers:


When he is preparing to leave for Morning Glory Academy, Hunter's father barely acknowledges him.


Jade Ellsworth is shown to be distant from her family, particularly her father, who she scares with her journals.


Zoe's mother, a prostitute, was killed by her father. She was likely raised an orphan before being sent to America.


Throughout Ike's childhood, he was only visited occasionally by Abraham.

Hisao and JunEdit

Hisao and Jun Fukayama's father died sometime before they were eleven years old.


Fortunato's father was killed during Fortunato's kidnapping.[1]


Akiko's father may have committed suicide out of remorse.[2]


Isabel's father was supposedly the first life Georgina Daramount ever took (Her mother being the second) when Isabel was 4.[3]


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