Alex Sollazzo is an Australian comic book artist who did the colors for Morning Glories. He was also the colorist on Ian Churchill's Marineman (2010), Peter Panzerfaust (2012), and The Ravagers (2012), among others. He also worked on covers for Green Lantern (2011), The Ravagers (2012) and Superboy [II] (2011) along with the fourth printing of Morning Glories #1, Tradd Moore's variant cover for Morning Glories #28, and Joe Eisma's variant cover for Morning Glories #29.

He left Morning Glories at Issue 27.

Additional ResourcesEdit

  • Comic Book DB - Alex Sollazzo's Comic Book DB.
  • DeviantArt - Alex Sollazzo's DeviantArt page.
  • Livestream - Livestream where he occasionally does live coloring.
  • Twitter - Alex Sollazzo's Twitter.
  • Youtube - Alex Sollazzo's Youtube channel.
  • Facebook - Alex Sollazzo's Facebook Page.

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