Vital statistics
Age 16
First Appearance Morning Glories 31
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Andres is a student that Hunter meets in the school library.  He helps Hunter find the book Hunter saw in the abandoned library, and echoes The Library Guy's words when they find it ("Here, try this one. [...] That's good. I like that").[1]

He is later revealed to be a member of the The AV club.[1]

The name "Andres" is an Estonian variant of "Andrew" and means “strong,” “manly” or “brave”.[2]


Andres has appeared in 10 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #31: Demerits, pt. 2
  2. Morning Glories #36: Honors, pt. 2
  3. Morning Glories #39: Rivals, pt. 1
  4. Morning Glories #40: Rivals, pt. 2
  5. Morning Glories #41: Rivals, pt. 3
  6. Morning Glories #42: Rivals, pt. 4
  7. Morning Glories #47: Election, pt. 1

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