Julie Apple

Morning Glories #6

There is the recurring appearances of apples. 
  • Casey brings an apple to her history teacher.[1]
  • Julie holds an apple and Dr. Ellsworth mentions they are grown on campus.[2]
  • Hunter's date with Casey is under the apple tree.[2]
  • Zoe holding an apple at lunch.[3]
  • There is an apple on Daramount's desk.[4]
  • "What's that saying about apples and trees?" -Casey[5]
  • Vanessa says goodbye to Brendan under the apple tree.[6]
  • A poster of an apple in the lunch room.[7]
  • Vanessa picks an apple off the school tree.[8]


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    • Only reason for the apples I can think of is the Garden of Eden and Apple of Knowledge.
    • I think this was asked before someone pulled up that genesis quote.  It does make a bit more sense now if that's the intended allusion.

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