Morning Glories Issue 21 Tinychat from August 29, 2012
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0002 hisaos: screEECHES
0003 telemakhy: this chat is officially a thing
0004 mourntheglories: stick up for yourself son nevermind what anybody else done!
0005 telemakhy: whoa calm down there
0006 hisaos: hmm how do i change my chat color
0007 hisaos: i forgot
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0009 telemakhy: can you? if not i sould have more tinychatting experience
0010 hisaos: i think you can
0011 hisaos: OH
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0013 hisaos: there we go
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0016 hisaos: slash and then color
0017 mourntheglories: o.O
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0021 telemakhy: so we're here to talk about comics
0022 guest-76631 changed nickname to vincentvangoghfuckyourself
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0024 mourntheglories: Not just any comic.
0025 hisaos: 21 killed me
0026 factorycreated: yup
0027 guest-76625 changed nickname to supercarmen
0028 factorycreated: yes i have green
0029 mourntheglories: The best comic.
0030 hisaos: it KILLED ME
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0032 telemakhy: implying every issue didn't kill us
0033 hisaos: IT KILLED ME HARDER
0034 hisaos: wow but okay can i just rattle off a theory here
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0037 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: I think Irnia just entered my top five characters now
0038 mourntheglories: I felt very releaved after this issue, actually.
0039 factorycreated: the knife when it a lot more viciously
0040 telemakhy: IRINIA IS SPOOKY
0041 hisaos: irina is terrifying
0042 factorycreated: IRINA CREEPS ME OUT
0043 hisaos: i love her though
0044 hisaos: i really like ian he's so cute
0045 mourntheglories: Irina is EPIC!
0046 hisaos: and SASSY
0047 telemakhy: she laughs at dead bodies man
0048 sciuria: is anyone else n love with akiko tho??
0049 hisaos: ME
0050 hisaos: I LOVE AKIKO
0051 hisaos: I LOVE HER
0052 guest-76649 changed nickname to eggplantgalaxy
0053 telemakhy: omg akiko is
0054 whitecat: ooh me too!
0055 telemakhy: the greatest i wanted to scoop her up
0056 factorycreated: sassy pessimists
0057 mourntheglories: Dude... freaking Ian and Akiko
0058 hisaos: i love the ian/akiko/fortunato
0059 hisaos: thing going on
0060 hisaos: hehehe
0061 telemakhy: they should just be an ot3 before we get another badly written love triangle
0062 factorycreated: Akiko is the original Hisao/Guillaume shipper
0063 mourntheglories: Those two are sassy.
0064 sciuria: oops i ot3-ed
0065 telemakhy: i mean it's morning glories but there's so many!!
0066 mourntheglories: Yes she is!
0067 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: LMAO yes
0068 hisaos: omg someone should write a iakikortunato thin
0069 telemakhy: "why is hisao on the ground"
0070 hisaos: does that portmanteu work no no it does not
0071 hisaos: dude that line was hysterical
0072 mourntheglories: She like pushed Ian out of the way and slammed her face against the bus window!
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0074 telemakhy: YES IANS FACE hes so resigned to her bullshit
0075 guest-76709 changed nickname to firelerd
0076 hisaos: hes just like "yes girl of my dreams
0077 factorycreated: Ian is just great
0078 hisaos: steal my comic books
0079 sciuria: apparently fornunato's Brazilian!! or we think
0080 firelerd: Uh, hello
0081 hisaos: push me out of the chair
0082 hisaos: great"
0083 sciuria: HAI
0084 hisaos: HEY BRO
0085 mourntheglories: omg
0086 factorycreated: he probably is
0087 mourntheglories: freaking xmen
0088 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: Hello!
0089 firelerd: So fucking issue 21 ;_;
0090 telemakhy: YES HE IS joe said he was brazillian on twitter once i think
0091 hisaos: gambit THEY REFERENCED GAMBIT UGH
0092 firelerd: I loved that bit!
0093 mourntheglories: Super human strength!
0094 mourntheglories: Collosus
0095 hisaos: i'm a theif.
0096 whitecat: oh god, I still need issue 21. ;A;
0097 sciuria: okey because he spoke portuguese.
0098 hisaos: LIKE GAMBIT.
0099 hisaos: oh honey whitecat
0100 hisaos: check the morning glories tag
0101 firelerd: Did he?
0102 hisaos: someone posted a link
0103 hisaos: because otherwise we're probably going to have a lot of spoilers xD;;
0104 telemakhy: im happy nick did his research and knew brazillans speak portugese and not spanish ngl
0105 sciuria: thereeeee
0106 firelerd: I bought my copy. Love my comic store
0107 whitecat: ooh! thank you! 8D
0108 mourntheglories: sim = yes in portugese
0109 hisaos: i love how diverse mg is
0110 hisaos: although the coloring could be better
0111 hisaos: there are like two skin tones
0112 hisaos:
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0114 factorycreated: i thought everyone knew brazillans spoke portugese..
0115 firelerd: Shhh, I didn't pay attention to that
0116 telemakhy: lmao no i've seen people think they speak spanish all the time
0117 mourntheglories: o.O I think there is at least 4
0118 factorycreated: really? people are idiots
0119 hisaos: really??
0120 mourntheglories: fortunato
0121 telemakhy: everybody who's white and asian gets the same skin tone yeah it's weird
0122 mourntheglories: hunter
0123 mourntheglories: zoe
0124 telemakhy: zoe has that tone too i think
0125 hisaos: because i was watching a video of the colorist doing one of the pages
0126 mourntheglories: okay i have to look back now
0127 hisaos: and i found a ref sheet
0128 eggplantgalaxy: am i the only one getting akiko and irina mixed up i wish they didnt look so similar
0129 hisaos: and there was only one skin tone haha
0130 hisaos: yeah i'm getting them mixed up too!
0131 sciuria: wait didnt you make the color chart though??
0132 hisaos: NO I WISH
0133 firelerd: So how long do we have to wait until 22? xD
0134 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: I did too ngl
0136 hisaos: i found it in a video
0137 eggplantgalaxy: i mean it wouldnt be that hard to give them a different hairstyle or something
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0139 telemakhy: THATS IT. THEIR BANGS.
0140 whitecat: We wait long time for 22. Long time.
0141 hisaos: well akiko and irina look different from the front but not from the back
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0143 firelerd: ;_;
0144 mourntheglories: and different eye color... which is hard to tell a lot of the time @@;
0146 telemakhy: hello guests i love you even without names
0147 telemakhy: thank you for coming to my chat
0148 mourntheglories: omg yes
0149 factorycreated: I can tell the difference easy ugh
0150 hisaos: okay so like we know that there's a ~sacrifice~ and everything right
0151 sciuria: yeah irina's bang are like, boxy and akiko's are more choppy-ish, but still..
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0153 mourntheglories: REAL JUN = DEEEEATH!~
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0155 hisaos: so what if jun like
0156 firelerd: Yes?
0157 hisaos: evil jun
0158 hisaos: is the supposed sacrifice
0159 guest-76787 changed nickname to nick
0160 guest-76796 changed nickname to caroline
0161 hisaos: and no one tells hisao
0162 guest-76793 changed nickname to guest
0163 telemakhy: no that's what i was thinking too
0164 hisaos: ...that's not nick spencer is it
0165 factorycreated: THAT WAS MY THEORY TOO
0166 sciuria: CAROL IS THAT YOU
0167 mourntheglories: The next cover insinuates it
0168 guest-76781 changed nickname to damianwheyne
0169 caroline changed nickname to caseymomasey
0171 hisaos: BUT WHAT IF
0172 hisaos: WHAT
0173 telemakhy: i was certain the cover of #22 was brendan until now
0174 hisaos: WHAT IF HISAO
0175 telemakhy: and now i'm like
0176 telemakhy: wow rodin spoile
0178 factorycreated: I mean he was on the next cover..well Jun or Hisao
0179 telemakhy: *spoilers
0180 mourntheglories: @@; yeah this cover was suppose to be 24
0182 mourntheglories: but wtf mate
0183 whitecat: No! no!
0184 firelerd: Shhh
0185 telemakhy: oh no ;_;
0186 whitecat: Hisao no die!
0187 hisaos: i dont want hisao to die oh my god
0188 whitecat: ;A;
0189 hisaos: oh my GOD
0190 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: Nooo I couldn't take it if he did D
0191 sciuria: u are evillll
0192 telemakhy: i don't think hisao would die so soon after zoe tho
0193 hisaos: and then guillaume would get REALLY REALLY SAD RIGHT
0194 caseymomasey: hisao can't die
0195 hisaos: and have issues with the rest of the group
0196 factorycreated: I dont think hisao will die
0197 mourntheglories: guillaume will totally call BS
0198 hisaos: and then they FALL APART
0199 factorycreated: they just killed zoe so..
0200 hisaos: yeah it's a far reaching theory
0201 caseymomasey: i mean he's one of "them"
0202 sciuria: well i didnt think zzoe would die but
0203 hisaos: i think jun's probably gonna be the one that dies
0204 caseymomasey: or whatever those special people are called
0205 firelerd: And then Guillame would go back to save him
0206 telemakhy: watch as all the glories are dead by like issue 50
0207 mourntheglories: well think of it like this
0208 davidswifey changed nickname to sciuria
0209 telemakhy: and we run completely on everyone else
0210 hisaos: oh my god no i cant take my babies dying
0211 mourntheglories: someone on the other side needs to die
0212 mourntheglories: to even it out 5 vs 5
0213 hisaos: i vote gribbs
0214 caseymomasey: OH ERIN IT'S YOU
0215 hisaos: i dont like him
0216 mourntheglories: so see ya evil real
0217 hisaos: OH you mean truants
0218 firelerd: Like the principal?
0219 sciuria: omg yeah
0220 mourntheglories: jun
0221 telemakhy: gribbs is a cool villain i like him
0222 caseymomasey: I THOUGHT IT WAS A STALKER
0223 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: lmao
0224 factorycreated: yeah because irina says he's blinded by his love he has for his brother
0225 telemakhy: i just think his face close ups are weird
0226 firelerd: It'd be amazing if she were
0227 factorycreated: man this covo is going to fast for me ah
0228 eggplantgalaxy: haha same
0229 telemakhy: there's too much freaking out
0230 eggplantgalaxy: theres a lot to freak out about
0231 nick: hey all
0232 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: His face close-ups in the first few issues freaked me out
0233 hisaos: also what if like hisao purposely tries to take jun's place because
0234 sciuria: omg that's the best part
0235 hisaos: that'll ruin the sacrifice and ruin whatever dastardly plans the academy has?
0236 sciuria: ....
0237 hisaos: he seems kinda like the self-sacrificing type
0238 telemakhy: LMAO THAT ONE CLOSEUP IN #5??
0239 whitecat: why are you so intent on Hisao dying? ;A;
0240 caseymomasey: wait, guys? do you think that there's some kind of brainwash during that ceremony?
0241 sciuria: you like thinking of the worst case senarios dont u
0242 hisaos: I'M SORRY I'M JUST WORR
0243 guest-76853 entered the room
0244 sciuria: I KNOW ME TOO
0245 hisaos: yes. yes i do.
0246 mourntheglories: nick the troll?
0247 telemakhy: man i have NO CLUE what the ceremony is
0248 nick: just wanted to pop in and say how much I love this fandom
0249 caseymomasey: i mean how did jun forget everything and all that shit
0250 hisaos: WHOA
0251 hisaos: IT'S NICK
0252 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: Well ever since they killed off Zoe it's like no one is safe y'kno D
0253 telemakhy: i bet nick is actualy one of us trolling to scare us
0254 sciuria: <3
0255 factorycreated: well this comic is yknow worst case scenario all the time
0256 hisaos: HI NICK
0257 telemakhy: AW THANKS NICK......
0258 guest-76853 changed nickname to upguntha
0259 mourntheglories: I think david is going to be the one to sacrifice real evil jun
0260 factorycreated: IF ITS REALLY NICK
0261 telemakhy: well yeah who else can push his hand through a face
0262 hisaos: nick we love you even though youre scary
0263 telemakhy: it's totally dave
0264 mourntheglories: however
0265 hisaos: please dont kill
0266 sciuria: wait what if that's not nick right now
0267 hisaos: hisao
0268 mourntheglories: remember when brendon died
0269 upguntha: Yay Nick
0271 sciuria: wHAT IF IT;S DAVID
0272 telemakhy: what if it's nicks evil twin you mean
0273 hisaos: nick's jun
0274 hisaos: dundunduuuun
0275 mourntheglories: and they were all like dude man bro stop david blah blah we should keep him around
0276 sciuria: wait i thought nick was hodge
0277 factorycreated: nick is daramount
0278 telemakhy: joe's our hodge....
0279 hisaos: yep
0280 sciuria: oh
0281 hisaos: i made a pretty photoset
0282 hisaos: and gave them wigs
0283 eggplantgalaxy: so when irina was talking about the tower was anybody else thinking about the tower of bab
0284 eggplantgalaxy: babel
0285 telemakhy: and gribbs is that other nick who likes buttholes that joe is pals with
0286 sciuria: what are you talking about i thought that was their hair
0287 guest left the room
0288 hisaos: ohhh hthats a good idea
0289 caseymomasey: ...i'm so sad that i can't even type as fast as you all
0290 telemakhy: OOOH yeah
0291 eggplantgalaxy: idk
0292 eggplantgalaxy: just
0293 telemakhy: tower of babel would make sense with all these bible allusions
0294 eggplantgalaxy: all these biblical references
0295 hisaos: mhmm
0296 hisaos: also
0297 mourntheglories: I can hardly keep up with reading everything.
0298 factorycreated: the tower..i saw it when i was watching alex sollazzo colour
0299 hisaos: i translated the latin that i saw during the first ceremony thing
0300 mourntheglories: So... you remember that emerson quote
0301 telemakhy: alex's streams are live spoilers ngl
0302 hisaos: "the border lies scarcely before...the man is a coward, but his fortune is certain..."
0303 guest-76898 entered the room
0304 mourntheglories: that Older Irina told through the teley to Hunter
0305 hisaos: fortuna is hte original w
0306 hisaos: fortunato??
0307 telemakhy: we sure that's older irinia
0309 upguntha: I had to stop watching Alex it was too much lol
0310 sciuria: who could that be about??
0311 mourntheglories: yeah def.
0312 telemakhy: *irina I CAN TYPE
0313 hisaos: LATIN THING
0314 hisaos: GO
0315 telemakhy: def? how?
0316 factorycreated: it acctually matches up with weekly torah readings at synagogue
0317 guest-76898 left the room
0318 sciuria: WHAT OMG
0319 telemakhy: WAIT SERIOUSLY
0320 hisaos: HOLY CRAP
0321 telemakhy: nick did his fucking research
0322 caseymomasey: could anybody translate that latin sayings??
0323 mourntheglories: I need to go look back at everything I have >.> but I remember figuring it was her somehow
0324 hisaos: yeah i did, it's a little bit up there
0325 mourntheglories: anyways that quote doesnt exsist
0326 telemakhy: we could use an accurate non-google translation though
0327 caseymomasey: i tried but i got nonsense things about a border
0328 factorycreated: well on the 25th of august is when you read the part of the torah where the latin is from
0329 factorycreated: school in the US starts at the end of august..
0330 hisaos: !!
0331 sciuria: bro dats creepy
0332 mourntheglories: its really just ideology that emerson has on science and religion >.<
0333 eggplantgalaxy: Woah
0334 whitecat: cool!
0335 telemakhy: school doesnt start for me until september..
0336 mourntheglories: freaking Lost all over again @@;
0337 factorycreated: Jew to the rescue
0338 hisaos: same
0339 telemakhy: and they started in may...
0340 sciuria: yeah same
0341 hisaos: september 4 for me haha
0342 caseymomasey: oh, i got the same thing when i tried to translate
0343 eggplantgalaxy: all these great theories
0344 telemakhy: the 6th for me yeah
0345 whitecat: sept 10 for me
0346 factorycreated: WELL YOU GET THE POINT AH
0347 sciuria: 4th
0348 hisaos: also i have a really detailed theory on bell's theorem?
0349 upguntha: 5ttth
0350 telemakhy: OH GO
0351 factorycreated: Okay well I live in australlia IGNORE ME
0352 whitecat: do tell
0353 hisaos: like i'm still working on it but basically it says that
0354 hisaos: something from really really far away can affect something here
0355 hisaos: like opposite side of the universe, stuff kind of like that
0356 hisaos: and then remember plato's allegory of the cave? issue 20
0358 sciuria: or opposite time periods??
0359 telemakhy: like how every little thing in mg effects every little thing and drives us mad
0360 sciuria: ??
0361 hisaos: there's another thing called the holographic principle
0362 hisaos: which is basically the scientific explanation for plato's cave
0363 guest-76961 entered the room
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0365 hisaos: that says something on the opposite side of the universeprojects
0366 nick: our entrants came in on early admission, in may. their year proper won't start til august.
0367 hisaos: an image of shadows onto our univers
0369 upguntha left the room
0370 hisaos: THANKS NICK
0371 hisaos: so like what if
0372 hisaos: the universe as WE know it
0373 hisaos: is just that shadow of a "true platform" or something somewhere else?
0374 telemakhy: sounds pretty meta
0375 whitecat: my mind has been blown
0376 mourntheglories: okay so
0377 uest-77015 entered the room
0378 caseymomasey: somewhere greater you mean?
0379 hisaos: and the kids at mga know how to access the platform
0380 caseymomasey: like, our idea of heaven?
0381 hisaos: yeah like whatever is projecting the shadow
0382 guest-77015 changed nickname to upguntha
0383 hisaos: something like that, yeah
0384 mourntheglories: how everything is parallell to casey to vanessa and irina
0385 whitecat: though that would seem to be the a point of it
0386 hisaos: so then that would explain
0387 telemakhy: OH YEAH THE PARALLELS
0388 hisaos: time travel, space bending, mind control
0389 telemakhy: those were curious because it wasn't just one girl paralelling
0390 mourntheglories: that is probably how it all goes along with this across the universe crap
0391 telemakhy: it was two of them
0392 sciuria: like if they're god's children, they'd have that power
0393 hisaos: because time is an illusion
0394 hisaos: space is an illusion
0395 hisaos: and stuff like that
0396 telemakhy: maybe mga is an illusion
0397 hisaos: also i watched some brian greene documentary
0398 upguntha: Anyone else here love Pamela as much as I do
0399 telemakhy: they're all in the matrix
0400 hisaos: and it said that like
0401 telemakhy: that's why they fell asleep
0402 hisaos: time is completely fals
0403 hisaos: false
0404 mourntheglories: oh and what about the powers they possess
0405 sciuria: what if they never woke up from their ride in the car??
0406 hisaos: so like if you froze everything in the world and reversed the velocity
0407 mourntheglories: they have different combinations
0408 mourntheglories: between the truants and glories
0409 hisaos: it'd be the same as going back in time
0410 hisaos: okay i'm done; bell's theorem/holographic principle yupyup
0411 sciuria: there was a distinct comparson between zoey and irina tho
0412 mourntheglories: the ride in the car reminds me of each time they throw up >.>
0413 factorycreated: I love when they throw up
0414 factorycreated: its so real looking
0415 telemakhy: i still need to do that vomit photoset i promised
0416 hisaos: zoey and irina?? i kinda saw casey and irina
0417 mourntheglories: with the shakey effects
0418 factorycreated: like their guts are just lurching
0419 telemakhy: a montage of vomit
0420 hisaos: omg why a vomit photoset WHY
0421 whitecat: that'll be pretty
0422 eggplantgalaxy: yes do it
0423 factorycreated: I was thinking of doing one just cuz
0424 telemakhy: now we're discussing vomit. this is a qualiy chat
0425 hisaos: we are the coolest fandom
0426 sciuria: oh irina with her dead "parents" and seducing that dude reminded me of when zoey killed
0427 factorycreated: haha
0428 sciuria: that cheerleader
0429 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: lmao the MG fandom everyone
0430 caseymomasey: wait, what about that acelerator??
0431 upguntha: I feel llike all the truants will die soon like a certain know it all
0432 mourntheglories: I was so already on that! i have so much too post but I feel like i bombard everything x.
0433 hisaos: ohhh okay sciuria that makes sense
0434 sciuria: they both walked out the same way
0435 mourntheglories: x.x
0436 sciuria: like creepily
0437 caseymomasey: what does it have to do with anything?
0438 hisaos: this enire series is creepy
0439 hisaos: oh the spinny thingy?
0440 telemakhy: caseymomasey
0441 hisaos: i had a theory about 8
0442 caseymomasey: yeap
0443 hisaos: it's part of the fibonacci sequence
0444 mourntheglories: yeah what about akiko and hunter seeing the goat death but no one else
0445 hisaos: which means SPIRALS
0446 telemakhy: well obviously it's david's house
0447 telemakhy: that's where he leaves
0448 telemakhy: *lives
0449 telemakhy: i can type
0450 hisaos: and 1) spiraling staircase, 2) spinnny thing
0451 uest-77144 entered the room
0452 sciuria: why are you so smart
0453 hisaos: but i have a lot of theories about 8
0454 telemakhy: yeah leanne youre killing us here
0455 mourntheglories: omg
0456 hisaos: SORRY
0457 whitecat: could it be a bible reference?
0458 mourntheglories: the spiral staircase to the parent room of DEATH!
0459 guest-77144 changed nickname to aces
0461 hisaos: oh brb SORRY GUYS
0462 telemakhy: it's morning glories every reference is a bible referencd
0463 sciuria: where was that post on the bible verses?? we should check after each issue to see
0464 whitecat: good point!
0465 sciuria: if it makes more sense
0466 telemakhy: reference whatever
0467 telemakhy: idk idk. oh that reminds me
0468 caseymomasey: i tried to check on abraham's story
0469 mourntheglories: and spinny floaty wierd device x.x
0470 telemakhy: fortunato was praying but do we know his religion
0471 caseymomasey: like the abraham from the bible
0472 telemakhy: could be relevant
0473 factorycreated: I know pretty much everything about abraham in the torah
0474 aces: hi guys just gonna jump in here
0475 caseymomasey: casey's dad and ike's dad were religious too
0476 aces: what ethnicity is Fortunatio?
0477 sciuria: hiya!!
0478 aces: that might help figure out his religion
0479 sciuria: Brazilian
0480 nick: Brazilian
0481 uest-77171 entered the room
0482 aces: hmmm
0483 aces: guess it's still pretty ambiguous then
0484 factorycreated: he's probably Catholic
0485 aces: yeah that would be my guess
0486 aces: it's a little unusual for Catholics to pray for hours at a time though isn't it?
0487 sciuria: but he could be anything
0488 factorycreated: I mean, the whole of South America is catholics really
0489 whitecat: not really
0490 caseymomasey: most of brazilians are tbh
0491 telemakhy: catholic would also be mine, that's big in south america
0492 mourntheglories: how sad was the Vanessa and Brendon first and last quote to each other "I'll find you
0493 mourntheglories: first"
0494 telemakhy: well he just got sent to his death so
0496 guest-77171 changed nickname to thren
0497 mourntheglories: x.x
0498 telemakhy: they're being cute but they're doomed!!
0499 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: ;_;
0500 whitecat: everyone is doomed
0501 telemakhy: btw what is brendan's deal
0503 mourntheglories: it wasn't meant to be he isnt a truant or a glory
0504 factorycreated: I think he was set up to purposely get killed
0505 telemakhy: he was working with the truants in #1 but he's not one
0506 sciuria: im still gonna laugh like a sicko if david does any more fingers through brains stuff
0507 telemakhy: so WHAT IS HE????
0508 caseymomasey: NOW IT'S BEYOND REPAIR
0509 telemakhy: oh my god if they sent him to get killed
0510 mourntheglories: some love sick puppy dog
0511 eggplantgalaxy: i hope brendan gets a backstory or something
0512 telemakhy: don't fall in love at mga
0513 caseymomasey: what was he trying to find though
0514 mourntheglories: WHAT THE F IS KUDER?!
0515 caseymomasey: he read something
0516 sciuria: i bet david had a crush on vanessa and got jelleh of brendan
0517 caseymomasey: then he was like "oh my god"
0518 caseymomasey: then he died
0519 telemakhy: david has a crush on everyone
0520 telemakhy: he was stalking casey t
0521 uest-77231 entered the room
0522 telemakhy: oo
0523 mourntheglories: he read Vanessas death to be!
0524 sciuria: david preachs safe sex
0525 factorycreated: I love how Guillaume is reading The Count of Monte Cristo though
0526 factorycreated: off topic
0527 telemakhy: omg yes
0528 mourntheglories: lmao YES!
0529 telemakhy: guillaume you are so leanred
0530 factorycreated: such a good french kid
0531 caseymomasey: david is just lonely you guys
0532 telemakhy: *LEARNED I CAN SPELL
0533 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: LMAO
0534 guest-77231 changed nickname to kiwipie
0535 telemakhy: poor david
0536 mourntheglories: he gave me a little Zoe feels there on the bed reading
0537 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: Flawless taste in books imo
0538 telemakhy: he has no friends i bet
0539 mourntheglories: although she was reading cosmo
0540 aces: Zoe
0542 sciuria: lol she ded
0543 telemakhy: i don't think we're ever stop mourning zoe tbh
0544 aces: god that was so upsetting
0545 caseymomasey: ZOE FEELS EVERYWHERE
0546 telemakhy: she was that good
0547 aces: I like Irina but... Zoe...
0548 mourntheglories: Crazy bitch was possessed but knew everything
0549 mourntheglories: EVERYTHING
0550 mourntheglories: so how did she not know
0551 factorycreated: I think issue 21 was pretty straight forward though
0552 eggplantgalaxy: zoe was perfect
0553 telemakhy: no i don't think she was possessed
0554 eggplantgalaxy: just perfect
0555 eggplantgalaxy: yeah i dont think she was
0556 telemakhy: i think she just knew she had a purpose
0557 eggplantgalaxy: i think she knew what she was doing
0558 sciuria: yeah it was totally a less confusing issue
0559 aces: yeah I don't thinks he was possessed, just crazy/ambitious
0560 mourntheglories: that freaking Casey was not going to tell her about Ike and the plan for the rescue Jade
0561 factorycreated: HER EYES GLOWED RED
0562 caseymomasey: you know, i still think something will happen
0563 telemakhy: THE EYE GLOW WAS JUST SOMETHING ALEX ADDED nick said it wasnt important
0564 caseymomasey: i can't believe she's completely dead
0565 hisaos: hey sorry back
0566 mourntheglories: she had split personalities and they collided in the end
0567 mourntheglories: at least thats my theory
0568 firelerd left the room
0569 eggplantgalaxy: i want to know her motivations
0570 aces: I wish she weren't totally dead but I don't think MG is the sort of comic to have her
0571 aces: survive that
0572 hisaos: is nick still here yes he is
0573 hisaos: HELLO NICK
0574 caseymomasey: i mean, for some reason they don't want people to die there
0575 telemakhy: i am actually proud of how brave this fandom is
0576 hisaos: this comic scares me so much
0577 nick: hello hisaos
0578 mourntheglories: eye glow creepy tho
0579 telemakhy: to spit out crazy theories while nick is watching
0580 factorycreated: I have a theory, what if somehow each character is idk conneted with another one through t
0581 factorycreated: time
0582 hisaos: WHOA HE SAID HI BACK
0583 caseymomasey: eye glow = shit just got real
0584 telemakhy: LEANNE HE'S A HUMAN TOO....
0585 hisaos: NO HE'S A DARAMOUNT
0586 nick: can i ask a couple quick q's?
0587 sciuria: crazy theory time
0588 telemakhy: daramounts are a new species
0589 hisaos: oh god poor nick
0590 mourntheglories: i doubt that
0591 hisaos: and yes of course nick you are our god
0592 sciuria: he survived tho
0593 telemakhy: and go ahead nick
0594 hisaos: kind of
0595 mourntheglories: because casey shares
0596 mourntheglories: with both vanessa and irina
0597 nick: just basic stuff- favorite truant so far?
0598 factorycreated: IAN
0599 aces: Irina!
0600 sciuria: AKIKO
0601 caseymomasey: IRINA
0602 hisaos: akiko
0603 eggplantgalaxy: or jeez dont make me choose
0604 kiwipie: akiko
0605 damianwheyne: Guillaume
0606 hisaos: oh wait no guillaume
0607 telemakhy: vanessa!! also forunato and akiko
0608 hisaos: wait no ian
0609 telemakhy: and ian....
0610 upguntha: Guillaume
0611 eggplantgalaxy: irina I think
0612 thren: Ian oh my lord that boy is sassy.
0613 hisaos: wait no akiko and guillaume and ian
0614 aces: oh I do really like Ian too though
0616 hisaos: wait no everyone
0617 eggplantgalaxy: or Ian
0618 mourntheglories: I believe I am waiting til I find out more about each of them.
0619 sciuria: i love everyone
0620 eggplantgalaxy: and then vanessa
0621 hisaos: yeah okay my final ianswer is everyone locking that in
0622 mourntheglories: <3 we love you too
0623 upguntha: I thought that I would have liked Irena but she annoys me
0624 telemakhy: wow a lack of love for vanessa here, come on guys she's a babe
0625 caseymomasey: please don't kill any of them
0626 telemakhy: haha come on we all know they're all gonna die
0627 hisaos: please dont kill hisao
0628 eggplantgalaxy: yes vanessa is great
0629 whitecat: you hope for too much
0630 hisaos: we like hisao
0631 sciuria: well no he totally is goin to
0632 factorycreated: Vanessa is a babe
0633 telemakhy: all of them. except jade apparently
0634 mourntheglories: its just lost all over
0635 hisaos: i havent seen lost yet i still need to
0636 damianwheyne: same
0637 hisaos: nick are you still there did we overwhelm you
0638 eggplantgalaxy: so nick's asking who are favorite is so he can kill them right
0639 mourntheglories: but how to get to that conclusion >.> muahahaha
0640 factorycreated: never seen lost
0642 mourntheglories: WTF! REALLY
0643 whitecat: i only watched the first and last season of lost.
0644 mourntheglories: i get a lot of Fringe feels from this show too
0645 telemakhy: lost is one of my favorite shows of all time it's so good
0646 damianwheyne: I'm halfway through season one.
0647 hisaos: guys i think we killed nick
0648 mourntheglories: maybe I am too old for this >.>
0649 hisaos: oops
0650 telemakhy: i have the special edition complete box set
0651 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: I only watched the pilot episode
0652 caseymomasey: i just know that it's about an island. the end.
0653 uest-77438 entered the room
0654 damianwheyne: He's taking a tally or something
0655 factorycreated: question
0656 mourntheglories: lol casey
0657 telemakhy: oh it's more than just an island
0658 sciuria: no he's plotting murders of our favorites
0659 hisaos: oh god he's totally gonna kill our favorite
0660 hisaos: AGH
0661 aces: I refuse to believe Irina will die easily
0662 hisaos: i shouldve said i dont like any
0663 nick: watching lost can definitely help inform you in places. same for the prisoner.
0664 telemakhy: oh irina will not
0665 mourntheglories: they have everything planned out to 100
0666 caseymomasey: he justc asked our favorites so he can kill them
0667 mourntheglories: i dont think hes a troll type
0668 caseymomasey: just*
0669 telemakhy: now the prisoner i NEED to watch
0670 uest-77477 entered the room
0671 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: I love the Prisoner!
0672 mourntheglories: yessss me tooo prisoner really must watch now
0673 mourntheglories: okay back to 21
0674 hisaos: i love the parallels
0675 upguntha: Father Abraham
0676 hisaos: especially the staircase part
0677 aces: yeah that was great
0678 mourntheglories: Does Guillaume really love Hisao
0679 sciuria: therre's not too mant theories for this one tbh
0680 mourntheglories: or did he do that to distract to get him on board
0681 hisaos: guillaume does love hisao
0682 caseymomasey: the parallels make me feel like it's all connected and should make sense
0683 hisaos: i will not be told any different
0684 hisaos: cries
0685 factorycreated: He totally does
0686 caseymomasey: but then it doesn't
0687 sciuria: he has to
0689 uest-77477 left the room
0690 eggplantgalaxy: i have the father abraham song stuck in my head now
0692 guest-77438 changed nickname to mgastaff
0693 hisaos: or something idk
0694 telemakhy: watch as hunter turns out to be the mastermind
0695 telemakhy: TRUST NO ONE
0696 hisaos: omg no not hunter sldkfjlkd
0697 sciuria: REMEMBER #Guillaume is evil campaign
0698 hisaos: dude hunter washysterical in this issue
0699 mourntheglories: so did you guys see my hunter theory today x.x
0700 hisaos: "WHAT tower"
0701 telemakhy: haha did nick ever seen that campaign
0702 thren: omg that poor child was so confused the entire time
0703 caseymomasey: hunter is too cute for serious stuff
0704 eggplantgalaxy: guillaume has evil eyebrows
0705 hisaos: "WHAT change"
0706 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: lmao or Hunter's little bro or something
0707 caseymomasey: he's a precious ginger
0708 whitecat: ... i wouldn't put it past Hunter
0709 hisaos: "WHAT"
0710 nick: i did
0711 hisaos: ...nick we're very sorry
0713 hisaos: kind of
0714 mourntheglories: whatd you think
0715 aces: was that hinted at?
0716 telemakhy: the secret was the stuff about the ceremony
0717 factorycreated: that they lied to hisao
0718 hisaos: i think the secret is that jun will die
0719 telemakhy: right?
0720 hisaos: yeah something like that
0721 mourntheglories: something was pretty off with that whole hospital beginning in comic 1
0722 aces: okay that's what I thought but I wasn't 100% sure
0723 factorycreated: they're letting Jun die
0724 telemakhy: THE HOSPITAL you know i still say that
0725 mourntheglories: whoever it is I feel like it is someone to see Hunters mom
0726 telemakhy: the guy in the hospital was brendan
0727 mgastaff: Jun or Hisao?
0728 telemakhy: as the coat matches up
0729 caseymomasey: i just think that hisao won't let jun die
0730 hisaos: yeah brendan
0731 hisaos: i thought it was brendan
0732 nick: that was my next question-- who do you think is most likely to die next?
0733 hisaos: ...jun
0734 telemakhy: NICK.....
0735 hisaos: jun or hisao
0736 upguntha: Sacrifice the Ram
0737 aces: Hisao maybe
0738 aces: sadly
0740 aces: don't do it Nick
0741 whitecat: anyone but hisao
0742 supercarmen: hopefully jun
0743 telemakhy: i mean. yeah hisao-who-is-really-jun
0744 kiwipie: i feel like it might be hisao and i'm gonna cry
0745 hisaos: jun was so cute as a kiddie though
0746 eggplantgalaxy: i'm thinking ike actually
0747 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: Jun
0748 hisaos: "DIE, ALIEN SCUM"
0749 mourntheglories: oh boy
0750 telemakhy: ike really?
0751 caseymomasey: hisao sacrificing himself for jun
0752 hisaos: oh no if ike dies i will cry
0753 mourntheglories: so....
0754 thren: Jun is the only acceptable death at this point anyone else and I'm gonna cry
0755 hisaos: ugly ugly tears
0756 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: Noo not Ike D
0757 mourntheglories: when all the truants were at the airport landing for mga
0758 eggplantgalaxy: yep its gonna be ike
0759 aces: I think Ike will stick around a little longer
0760 kiwipie: no ike's not allowed to die
0761 caseymomasey: ike is too awesome for death you guys
0762 mgastaff: I'm so confused because Hisao keeps calling himself Jun and Jun calls himself Hisao
0763 sciuria: ike cant die i will die
0764 mourntheglories: did you see the creep with the glasses
0765 mourntheglories: looked a lot like IKE
0766 mgastaff: And so who are we talknig about!
0767 telemakhy: lmao i have no clue which twin you all are talking about
0768 aces: at least, he'll probably die after HIsao
0769 thren: Ike is my favorite though and my favorites literally always die so
0770 telemakhy: HE DID BUT HIS HAIR WAS DARKER...??
0771 hisaos: hisao = actual named good guy hisao
0772 kiwipie: he looked like abraham i thought
0773 whitecat: no killing Hisao!
0774 mourntheglories: in like 3 out of 5 of those
0775 damianwheyne: I won't allow either Fukayama to die FYI.
0776 hisaos: jun = actual named jun evil jun
0777 telemakhy: oh could it be tiny abraham
0778 upguntha: Why was there a 2 yr difference between selection and arrival at the school
0779 sciuria: jun who is actually hisao is hisao
0780 mourntheglories: color is so hard with this x.x
0781 hisaos: nick can we buy the fukayamas from you
0782 mgastaff: Fabulous Hisao is the best.
0783 eggplantgalaxy: thats what i was won
0784 telemakhy: i think they needed foster families so the school would get them in
0785 eggplantgalaxy: wondering
0786 mourntheglories: I like sassy british Ian
0787 hisaos: we will keep them safe from your clutches o
0788 eggplantgalaxy: ohhhh
0789 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: #Save the twins
0790 telemakhy: like so they wouldn't suspect anything
0791 nick: wow, nearly unanimous
0792 hisaos: #SAVE THE TWINS
0793 telemakhy: nick don't smile you're killing children
0794 hisaos: we want to buy the twins nick
0795 hisaos: i can donate five dollars
0796 whitecat: we should start a petition
0797 hisaos: maybe seven
0798 aces: haha seriously, how sadistic
0800 mourntheglories: is there a way to save this chat and read it later @@;
0801 telemakhy: sadly i dont think so
0802 sciuria: copy and paste????
0803 factorycreated: COPY AND PASTE LOL
0804 mourntheglories: GAH! my life is ruined
0805 hisaos: copy and paste oh man your poor clipboard
0806 whitecat: screen shots?
0807 mourntheglories: ctr a NO WORKY
0808 telemakhy: you'd need like 20 screenshots haha
0809 telemakhy: 20 million i should say
0810 nick: if possible i'd love to see it-- just wanted to drop by... amazed by the turnout! you all
0811 whitecat: yeah, it's take a while.
0812 mourntheglories: yes yes 20 million
0813 telemakhy: aww thank you nick
0814 mourntheglories: I made coffee just for this chat >.>
0815 hisaos: thanks nick (
0816 nick: are amazing. glad you like the issue. 22 is nuts.
0817 damianwheyne: Nick you're the best.
0818 factorycreated: We are a dedicated bunch
0819 whitecat: Thanks!
0820 hisaos: 22 is more nuts than 21??
0821 hisaos: oh god
0822 hisaos: oh god we're gonna die
0823 sciuria: aw crap
0824 aces: thanks Nick, you're the bomb
0825 kiwipie: oh god don't tell us that
0826 thren: Of course there was a turn out we know quality when we see it
0827 mgastaff: shit
0828 caseymomasey: wow
0829 hisaos: we're gonna die
0830 telemakhy: nick said 22 is as trippy as 10
0831 nick: night all, thanks again
0832 mourntheglories: thank you!
0833 ick left the room
0834 telemakhy: bye nick!!
0835 mourntheglories: lmao so real
0836 damianwheyne: Bye Nick
0837 mgastaff: Night!
0838 mourntheglories: or not real?
0839 hisaos: bye nick, thanks for coming by!
0840 kiwipie: night! thank you!
0841 caseymomasey: if nick said it's nuts i wonder if my brain will turn into poop after reading it...
0842 whitecat: bye Nick!
0843 uest-77654 entered the room
0844 upguntha: nick left nooooooooooooooo
0845 mourntheglories: sorry had to say the hunger quote
0846 guest-77654 changed nickname to supajoe
0847 caseymomasey: bai niiick
0848 hisaos: WHOA
0849 hisaos: HI JOE
0850 factorycreated: my brains is coming out my eyes already
0851 telemakhy: nick is only a fleeting memory now
0852 factorycreated: brain
0853 upguntha: Save the cheerleader save the world
0854 hisaos: nick leaves and joe comes in wow we are such a cool fandom
0855 caseymomasey: WELL HELLO THERE
0856 supajoe: hey!
0857 telemakhy: SO NICK LEFT AND JOE CAME IN
0858 mourntheglories: lol
0859 hisaos: #SAVE THE FUKAYAMAS
0860 upguntha: I guess they failed
0861 telemakhy: maybe nick and joe are one person
0862 hisaos: joe can we buy the fukayamas off of you?
0863 supajoe: haha
0864 hisaos: we can pay you like maybe ten dollars total
0865 telemakhy: everyone thinks they're going to die haha
0866 eggplantgalaxy: so is that a yes
0867 upguntha: yayyyy joe
0868 sciuria: i have 3 quarters
0869 uest-77681 entered the room
0870 hisaos: i have three pennies
0871 guest-77681 changed nickname to paparazziii
0872 mourntheglories: did
0873 telemakhy: the boys are totally worth three pennies
0874 eggplantgalaxy: I have some dimes
0875 caseymomasey: i have two reals if that helps
0876 sciuria: i have three child souls
0877 mourntheglories: anyone notice how Hunter is completely lost
0878 hisaos: maybe even FOUR
0879 factorycreated: what are pennies
0880 supajoe: the poor fukayamas. surely they're worth more! ;)
0881 factorycreated: SORRY IM AUSTRALIAN
0882 mourntheglories: but he says "changes in time"
0883 telemakhy: POOR HUNTER GOSH
0884 uest-77696 entered the room
0885 hisaos: "WHAT CHANGES"
0886 hisaos: "WHAT TOWER"
0887 hisaos: "WHAT"
0888 ciuria left the room
0889 telemakhy: oh yeah i think they're all time travelers
0890 kiwipie: i felt so bad for hunter lmao
0891 mourntheglories: I think that was my key in for Irina moviestar >.>
0892 aparazziii left the room
0893 mourntheglories: I dunno x.x
0894 telemakhy: and it was guillaume'sfist that did it right?
0895 hisaos: time travelers and space benders and mind controllers
0896 telemakhy: *gift
0897 mgastaff: Can I buy everyone? I want to keep them all safe.
0898 telemakhy: GUILLAUME'S FIST...
0899 hisaos: bell's theoerem/holograp
0900 uest-77696 left the room
0901 damianwheyne: omg Macey
0902 telemakhy: my typos are getting so ba
0903 telemakhy: BAD
0904 hisaos: i just really really like this series
0905 supajoe: you guys will REALLY be saying poor hunter after issue 22
0906 hisaos: really really REALLY
0907 uest-77729 entered the room
0908 guest-77729 changed nickname to sciuria
0909 hisaos: ...NO
0910 aces: oh no.....
0911 mgastaff: NO
0912 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: NO
0913 thren: omg nO
0914 hisaos: DOES HUNTER DIE
0915 kiwipie: WHY GOD
0916 eggplantgalaxy: wHAT
0918 whitecat: NO
0919 mgastaff: NO NO NO
0920 eggplantgalaxy: NO
0921 eggplantgalaxy: NOOOOOO
0923 telemakhy: guys calm down
0924 mgastaff: HUNTER
0925 aces: that makes me really nervous
0927 caseymomasey: nope
0928 kiwipie: my baby
0930 supajoe: haha no no, he just gets run through the wringer
0931 mgastaff: NOOOOOOOOOO
0932 mgastaff: Oh okay
0933 aces: oh whew
0934 hisaos: literally
0935 aces: I think...?
0936 kiwipie: oh okay that's fine then
0937 mourntheglories: WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?! it is hunter visiting his mom too late x.x
0938 caseymomasey: IF HUNTER DIES I'LL DIE WITH HIM
0939 hisaos: l
0940 hisaos: does his body end up
0941 telemakhy: run through the killing wringer
0942 mourntheglories: AGAIN
0943 upguntha: he will never hear yeasayer again
0944 hisaos: wrung out
0945 supajoe: he's our kenny, sort of
0946 mourntheglories: lmao
0947 hisaos: joe really is miss hodge wow
0948 factorycreated: OR QUOTE STAR WARS
0949 mourntheglories: freakin as long as its we confused hunter
0950 aces: ahahaha
0951 thren: Okay good I'm with Ike on the being a okay with bruising around the edges
0952 mourntheglories: instead of killed hunter again
0953 thren: as long as Hunter stays ALIVE
0954 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: Or watch Hammer Horror films!
0955 telemakhy: maybe we just get ghost hunter
0956 hisaos: i love the kids' taste in music
0957 hisaos: casey is foster the people
0958 sciuria: what if ike's scarf betrays him
0959 damianwheyne: Hunter becomes David
0960 hisaos: hunter is yeasayer
0961 supajoe: Did Nick say how close he was to having Hunter bite it at the end of 19?
0962 mourntheglories: I know right
0963 whitecat: Ghost hunter would be fairly awesome
0964 telemakhy: ike's scarf is the mastermind
0965 hisaos: he did not
0966 kiwipie: omg
0967 aces: what!?
0968 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: D
0969 hisaos: i am glad hunter is still
0970 caseymomasey: i ship ike/scarf
0971 hisaos: ;A;
0972 mourntheglories: no but I can see that
0973 eggplantgalaxy:
0974 hisaos: i ship ike/me
0975 hisaos: i mean what
0976 mgastaff: Omg Ike's scarf is god.
0977 telemakhy: ike/scarf is the true canon otp of morning glories
0978 hisaos: ike's scarf is the headmaster
0979 sciuria: same hisaos
0980 mourntheglories: ugh so
0981 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: lmao yes telemakhy
0982 mourntheglories: Ike and Jade running through the forest.... as Akiko and Fortunato do too
0983 sciuria: omg no tru otp is david/being unloved
0984 hisaos: i'm so scared of the next issu
0985 supajoe: A fan made me a replica of Ike's scarf! I bring it to conventions
0986 factorycreated: david/brains
0987 thren: Ffsdsnlg
0988 damianwheyne: Omg flawless
0989 hisaos: whoaaaa
0990 mourntheglories: thats so sweet haha
0991 eggplantgalaxy: woah cooolio
0992 telemakhy: omg what a good fan
0993 hisaos: i want an ike scarf
0994 telemakhy: joe is now irl ike
0995 whitecat: want!
0996 kiwipie: that's awesome
0997 supajoe: ha! It would be fun to make a bunch of them
0998 mourntheglories: I need a Morning Glories poster next to my Winter is Coming
0999 thren: If I forgo an Ike scarf can I have an Ike or
1000 hisaos: oh yeah also what's up with hodge and ike?
1001 telemakhy: sell them as merchendise
1002 uest-77837 entered the room
1003 aces: yesss I would love an MG poster
1004 telemakhy: OH YEAH WHAT IS UP WITH THAT
1005 upguntha: next variant cover Ike and Scarf
1007 hisaos: like
1008 factorycreated: there needs to be collectables
1009 mourntheglories: and I just missed wizard world chicago x.x
1010 hisaos: did hodge used to be with abraham
1011 factorycreated: like figurines
1012 caseymomasey: i meed that poster like oxygen
1013 hisaos: or something like th
1014 factorycreated: or something
1015 caseymomasey: need*
1016 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: or posters!
1017 telemakhy: hodge did get jun-who-is-really-hisao into mga right
1018 hisaos: i wan
1019 telemakhy: thats what 12 said
1020 supajoe: hisaos--that's a good question! A possibility
1021 uest-77837 left the room
1022 hisaos: WHOA LARA/ABRAHAM
1023 hisaos: IS THAT A SHIP NOW
1024 aces: Hodge is very mysterious
1025 thren: That's vaguely disturbing
1026 aces: haha I could dig it
1027 telemakhy: we can make it one we're a fandom
1028 factorycreated: Abraham is so old though wow
1029 hisaos: on this mysterical journey
1030 aces: let's
1031 sciuria: i ship everything tbqh
1032 hisaos: through organs and brains and dead people and stuff
1033 aces: haha same
1034 mourntheglories: Hisao and Guill sexy time and maybe sexy time Ike and Daramount
1035 telemakhy: morning glories/death is the true otp actually
1036 telemakhy: HAHA DARAMOUNT IN 11
1037 damianwheyne: Valid
1038 aces: literally everything is fair game shipping-wise in MG for me
1039 hisaos: ike and daramount was hyst
1040 mourntheglories: still curious what happened behind those closed doors
1041 hisaos: hysterical
1042 mgastaff: Morning gories
1043 kiwipie: that was the strangest thing
1044 hisaos: morning gories omg
1045 kiwipie: but beautiful
1046 sciuria: i peed myself
1047 telemakhy: okay where is this person and how soon can i kill them
1048 hisaos: ike you beautiful child
1049 mourntheglories: man and i thought my mourn the glories was clever
1050 uest-77891 entered the room
1051 hisaos: mourn the glories is great too
1052 hisaos: there was like that one part
1053 supajoe: They're both very fitting
1054 hisaos: where casey's parents
1055 hisaos: were lik
1056 damianwheyne: yea
1057 hisaos: "morning as the stage of grief or the time of day?"
1058 mourntheglories: omg yes
1059 sciuria: I GOT SO SUSPICIOUS
1060 telemakhy: casey's parents are great omg
1061 uest-77912 entered the room
1062 hisaos: dundunDUUUN
1063 hisaos: and now theyre dead.
1064 damianwheyne: =(
1066 hisaos: i see dead people
1067 mgastaff: *Were great
1068 sciuria: yeah they make great corpses
1069 mourntheglories: freaking Irina in her Casey position and just starting to crack up
1070 caseymomasey: you really had to say that didn't you
1071 telemakhy: ike's behavior in 11 is overall very suspicious
1072 hisaos: irina terrified me
1073 telemakhy: he goes around acting like he's gonna get out
1074 sciuria: they really pull off the blood covered look ell
1075 hisaos: terrifies
1076 guest-77891 left the room
1077 mourntheglories: those two still took care of her for 2 freaking years
1078 factorycreated: I just gotta know, how do all the girls wear heels everyday?
1079 hisaos: maybe he really does have a conscience??
1080 supajoe: mourn--I loved that whole sequence with Irina and her 'parents'
1081 caseymomasey: irina reminds me of azula for a reason i still don't know
1082 telemakhy: ike? a concience? no way
1083 guest-77912 changed nickname to mukite
1084 aces: me too caseymomasey
1085 hisaos: they have feet of steel
1086 factorycreated: their feet would be dead
1087 telemakhy: i mean you have experience now right
1088 supajoe: telemaky--yes, it is!
1089 sciuria: ike doesnt have balls of steel
1090 hisaos: OH OUCH BURN
1091 mourntheglories: irina is a little suductress herself hmmm a lot like daramount @@; and Hodge @@;
1092 hisaos: i want ike to hear about hisao/guillaume
1093 hisaos: can you imagine all the shenanigans omg
1094 kiwipie: same omg
1095 telemakhy: i want ike to hear about every ship
1096 mourntheglories: but in different ways
1097 kiwipie: he'd just be like SO I WAS HALF RIGHT
1098 eggplantgalaxy: yes shenanigans
1100 factorycreated: DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE THE GAY ONE
1101 caseymomasey: i just want to understand something in this comic
1102 telemakhy: i would be totally ok with a spinoff where mga was a normal school
1103 thren: Guillaume would punch Ike out though I can see it
1104 eggplantgalaxy: hahaha
1105 caseymomasey: just that
1106 mourntheglories: so did you really look up dead shot through the heart pictures?!
1107 sciuria: he would totally try to tape them or something
1108 telemakhy: we should get like a tiny titans type thing
1109 mourntheglories: or is it threw* ug
1110 uest-77978 entered the room
1111 telemakhy: for mg
1112 hisaos: oh we are getting a baby glories thing i think
1113 supajoe: mourn--not really. I definitely embellished that scene.
1114 upguntha: Supajoe you should make MG posters
1115 hisaos: and a umm winnie the pooh spinof
1116 guest-77978 changed nickname to hanselthelost
1117 damianwheyne: What about MG babies?
1118 mgastaff: Pleease
1119 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: BB Glories?
1120 hisaos: yeah that one!
1121 supajoe: hey upguntha! I do have posters on sale at my dealer's site
1122 hisaos: i'm excited
1123 telemakhy: HAHA JOE actually what was the inspiration for that winnie the pooh commision?
1124 mgastaff: Aaaawww that's so cute
1125 hisaos: whoaa can you link us to the dealer's site?
1126 supajoe: MG Babies--got a proposal in my inbox for that. Just gotta clear it with Nick
1127 telemakhy: that's kind of an odd crossover
1128 sciuria: yeah i kind of need a pooooooster
1129 damianwheyne: Need
1130 mourntheglories: I read somewhere that you actually put BYE in Zoe's blood... I didn't see this...
1131 hisaos: and plaster it over her walls
1132 caseymomasey: you should make a poster with the breakfast club image
1133 caseymomasey: i just really love it
1134 upguntha: yayyyyy
1135 mgastaff: Doo it
1136 supajoe: The Pooh commission-Charles does lots of piece in that style.
1137 supajoe: Thought it would be perfect for the Glories
1138 upguntha: supajoe when can we expect truant babies
1139 damianwheyne: It's adorable
1140 mgastaff: The Morning Club
1141 thren: omg
1142 supajoe: mourn--I did put BYE in the gore of Zoe's death shot. haha. I'm sadistic
1143 telemakhy: you and nick both
1144 sciuria: wait i used to have a really creepy edard cullen poster behind my bathroom door
1145 supajoe: caseymomasey--thanks!!
1146 damianwheyne: hahah
1147 sciuria: should i put zoey there
1148 aces: hahahaha oh man
1149 supajoe: Truant babies...great idea!
1150 sciuria: to creep people out hen they pee??
1151 mourntheglories: mgastaff - yeeeessss
1152 telemakhy: man this fandom is also becoming sadistic
1153 telemakhy: scaring people with zoe
1154 damianwheyne: yea it's doing something to our brains.
1155 uest-78032 entered the room
1156 hisaos: well we did make a photoset of guillaume's eeybrows
1158 factorycreated: I personally love all the gore
1159 factorycreated: the more gore the better
1160 telemakhy: lmao i'm so used to gore yeah
1161 whitecat: makes sense really. We are reading MG
1162 hisaos: and propose an mg party day with musical electric chairs
1163 damianwheyne: My favorite was the knife eyebrows
1164 uest-78044 entered the room
1165 hisaos: and pin the tail on the student
1166 hisaos: SO
1167 telemakhy: mg party day is may 4th obviously
1168 supajoe: I love the gore too. Nick actually reined me in on one scene in issue 17
1169 hisaos: knife eybrows was pretty
1170 sciuria: and blood bag goodybags
1172 supajoe: w/ Jade's mom's death. I had her severed from the wreck with guts everywhere
1173 guest-78044 changed nickname to themightylayman
1174 telemakhy: JOE....
1175 supajoe: Nick said '...maybe don't do that.'
1176 damianwheyne: Omg noooo
1177 thren: It's actually really nice not to have language or gore heavily edited like in DC/Marvel
1178 mourntheglories: I also read the walking dead series so I can totally handle lots more gore.
1179 supajoe: haha
1180 hisaos: oh my god joe
1181 hisaos: you really are miss hodge arent you
1182 themightylayman: Congrats on nearly catching up to CHEW, you clowns!
1183 supajoe: LAYMAN
1184 hisaos: chew is so great
1185 telemakhy: 17 isnt especially gory so you just had to put in guts right
1186 supajoe: go write Batman, you loser
1187 factorycreated: more gore would be great
1188 themightylayman: hahaha!
1189 mourntheglories: so is may 4th because of star wars day? true or false?
1190 guest-78071 entered the room
1191 supajoe: mourn--false. Just a coincidence
1192 supajoe: ..or is it??
1193 telemakhy: they're all fated to go into space
1194 mourntheglories: gah bwhahahaha
1195 damianwheyne: Hahaha
1196 kiwipie: ohoho
1197 sciuria: THE GLORIES ARE JEDI
1198 kiwipie: yes
1199 whitecat: yes
1200 telemakhy: and the truants are
1201 guest-78071 changed nickname to joeeismaissohandsome
1202 mourntheglories: May the fourth be with you
1203 telemakhy: sith...
1204 uest-78074 entered the room
1205 sciuria: hodge is sith
1206 damianwheyne: Noooo
1207 hanselthelost: Layman is the greates scourge of the comics world.
1208 guest-78074 changed nickname to socialclimber85
1209 mourntheglories: man now im really gonna have to do a little research on that day @@;
1210 supajoe: my favorite John Layman memory
1211 upguntha: Supajoe do the truants have the same bday as the glories
1212 thren: Wow don't make me draw Jedi Glories don't give me ideas
1213 telemakhy: oh yeah why havent we researched may 4th yet
1214 supajoe: him telling a guy that came to my table at Emerald City Con
1215 supajoe: 'Dude, you smell like pot.'
1216 guest-78101 entered the room
1217 damianwheyne: Hahahah
1218 mourntheglories: i just assumed it was star wars related @@;
1219 factorycreated: LOL
1220 uest-78104 entered the room
1221 caseymomasey: LOOL
1222 guest-78101 changed nickname to garga2
1223 mattisnotarobot: raise your hand if you think joe is cute
1224 guest-78032 changed nickname to chasestened
1225 mourntheglories: lmao
1226 chasestened changed nickname to chasesteined
1227 guest-78104 changed nickname to davidry
1228 supajoe: haha now this poster is my new favorite
1229 supajoe:
1230 mourntheglories: joe is the best thing since sliced cheese
1231 isaos left the room
1232 mattisnotarobot: ;)
1233 davidry left the room
1234 hemightylayman left the room
1235 uest-78128 entered the room
1236 uest-78134 entered the room
1237 guest-78134 changed nickname to hisaos
1238 ces left the room
1239 socialclimber85: Holy hilarious X-Men references!
1240 arga2 left the room
1241 guest-78128 changed nickname to tony
1242 mourntheglories: haha y es
1243 telemakhy: oh yeah the x-men were great
1244 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: I kind of want a Chew/Morning Glories crossover now >_>
1245 hisaos: hey guys i gotta go
1246 hanselthelost: Favorite Layman memory
1247 damianwheyne: Bye leanne
1248 telemakhy: somebody write us a x-men au
1249 mourntheglories: no don't leave us!
1250 hisaos: someone copy this entire chat
1251 caseymomasey: byeeee
1252 telemakhy: OH bye leanne!
1253 mgastaff: Bye leanne!
1254 hisaos: because i expect to reread this
1255 supajoe: Bye!
1256 telemakhy: i may as the one running it
1257 hanselthelost: "John Layman doesn't do 10 o'clock."
1258 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: Bye!
1260 supajoe: Hahaha--that's awesome, Hansel
1261 ony left the room
1262 mourntheglories: lol
1263 kiwipie: bye!
1264 hanselthelost: later hisaos
1265 hisaos: i might be back in 40 minutes but you guys probably wont be here so SEE YOU
1266 isaos left the room
1267 thren: OH HEY KIWI
1268 mourntheglories: I feel like I have at least a good two hours in me
1269 supajoe: I got the ball rolling on Morning Glories/Chew
1270 supajoe: http
1271 telemakhy: haha im still dissapointed i didn't go to sdcc this year, coulda done cheeseburgercharles
1272 kiwipie: OH HEY JEN!
1273 mourntheglories: sweetness
1274 telemakhy: i could still go next year though
1275 kiwipie: lol you are so slow
1276 supajoe: haha cheeseburger charles was so awesome
1277 telemakhy: now i need to read chew
1278 supajoe: now he hates cheeseburgers
1279 telemakhy: oh man then what will happen next sdcc
1280 telemakhy: will we have to bring YOU food??
1281 mourntheglories: Joe were you at wizard world chicago?
1282 ocialclimber85 left the room
1283 upguntha: will you be at nyccc
1284 supajoe: i'll find out some other food he loves then ruin it for him
1285 supajoe: I was not at WW Chicago
1286 supajoe: no NYCC this year either.
1288 supajoe: Just Baltimore next weekend, then Dallas in October
1289 mourntheglories: okay good or I would have been super sad it was the first time I hadn't gone in 3 years
1290 mattisnotarobot: you should go to nycc. I hear some cool stuff is going to happen at it.
1291 supajoe: Is that right?
1292 mattisnotarobot: In fact, everyone in this room should help pay for joe to come to nycc. because he is so h
1293 supajoe: I heard a rumor about some kind of party
1294 mattisnotarobot: handsome
1295 supajoe: haha
1296 hanselthelost: How about Wizard world Austin?
1297 telemakhy: the person who thinks you're handsome is telling you to go now, you can't say no!!
1298 supajoe: Working on that one, Hansel
1299 hanselthelost: Awesome!
1300 sciuria: ugh no stop i have to miss it dont tell me it's going to be super fun
1301 telemakhy: i didnt know the world had so many wizards
1302 mourntheglories: lol. this is the best time.
1304 supajoe: The only thing that would make the joeeismaishandsome poster more awesome
1305 supajoe: is if they had an awesome beard
1306 caseymomasey: I'M NOT EVEN FROM THE USA
1307 factorycreated: I wish I could creep people at cons
1308 caseymomasey: STOP MAKING ME SAD
1309 mourntheglories: It would be the easiest cosplay to dress up as one of the glory girls
1310 whitecat: Neither am I
1311 mattisnotarobot: Maybe I do, maybe I don't. looks like you'll have to go to nycc to find out!
1312 caseymomasey: why is brazil so far away
1313 telemakhy: i feel so bad for all our foreign fans like
1314 caseymomasey: whyyy
1315 supajoe: haha
1316 sciuria: i'd take pics for you carol
1317 telemakhy: trisha couldn't come it started at midnight for her
1318 supajoe: I've only ever met one Morning Glories cosplayer
1319 factorycreated: Except I met Jim Cheung so I was pretty happy
1320 ciuria: i also told you you could live in my closet
1321 supajoe: she dressed up as Jade, and she looked great!
1323 caseymomasey: it IS an option, erin
1324 mourntheglories: wow really? you would think that after 2 years...
1325 mgastaff: I'm already plannig a mg costume
1326 telemakhy: caseymomasey think of it this way, maybe somebody you will meet irl fortunato
1327 caseymomasey: don't think i'm not considering it
1328 whitecat: That would be awesome
1329 uest-78329 entered the room
1330 supajoe: And there is a girl that works at a comic shop here that dressed as Casey
1331 guest-78329 changed nickname to udjagaz
1332 sciuria: my bed does fit two.... if you cuddle
1333 sciuria: im kinda working on one.... it's not good tho
1334 telemakhy: sciuria....
1335 sciuria: yes....
1336 supajoe: Here's the Casey cosplayer
1338 sciuria: OMG I TRY BUT FAIL
1339 telemakhy: i could have done jade if i hadn't chopped off my hair
1340 sciuria: i am lazy as poop
1341 telemakhy: now all i can do is yj miss martian, haha
1342 uest-78353 entered the room
1343 guest-78353 changed nickname to mourntheglories1
1344 udjagaz: Would love an irina cosplay
1345 telemakhy: we're we supposed to talk about 21
1346 supajoe: Irina would be awesome!
1347 guest-78362 entered the room
1348 damianwheyne: hahah we got off track
1349 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: lmao I think so
1350 guest-78362 changed nickname to newuser3772342
1351 ciuria left the room
1352 mattisnotarobot: I will cosplay as dead zoe
1353 supajoe: HAHA
1354 uest-78371 entered the room
1355 guest-78371 changed nickname to sciuria
1356 telemakhy: oh my god that'd be terrifying
1358 telemakhy: of course this comic would attract the sca
1359 telemakhy: *scary fans
1360 hanselthelost: hahaha
1361 thren: omg sca akslnfleoglsfg
1362 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: lmao
1363 supajoe: At least a couple of times every convention,
1364 udjagaz: 21 was so ambiguous
1365 supajoe: I get frantic fans asking if I know what's going on
1366 mourntheglories1: internet epic fail
1367 supajoe: haha
1368 telemakhy: you know like 50% right?
1369 telemakhy: nick doesn't tell you everything
1370 supajoe: Yeah, he's very secretive
1371 supajoe: He only told his agent the ending recently
1372 mourntheglories1: may I ask who "Kuder" meant on the sign in the airport?
1373 telemakhy: we should keep nick in a locked room so he doesn't tragically die or anything
1375 damianwheyne: I am going to pretend like Joe is one of us, then.
1376 mourntheglories1: lol oh pam
1377 factorycreated: Joe is one of us
1378 mgastaff: I want to cosplay Pamela.
1379 supajoe: Kuder is my friend Aaron Kuder, who draws Avenging Spider-man
1380 hanselthelost: SECRETS DON'T MAKE FRIENDS!
1381 mourntheglories1: what a fucked up piece of work, pardon my french but she reminds me of a girl i went
1383 mourntheglories1: to high school with
1384 telemakhy: OH SPEAKING OF PAMELA! the girl in this issue, i think she was tiny pamela??
1386 supajoe: haha
1387 telemakhy: same eyes, same personality, her name ended with a
1388 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: Oh wait I acutally have a question about #21, who was that one man who tailed the Truants
1389 mourntheglories1: I figured that it was an artist >.<
1390 damianwheyne: Ohh i'd assumed that but I assume too much oop
1391 mourntheglories1: I didn't attempt to look it up
1392 hanselthelost: It was Pamela right?
1393 supajoe: vincent--ah, good catch! We'll find out more about him as we go on
1394 telemakhy: yeah the question is why is her hair different
1395 guest-78428 entered the room
1396 guest-78428 changed nickname to newuser1690
1397 newuser1690 left the room
1398 caseymomasey: or there could be a pamela for every new glorie
1399 supajoe: Dammit Hansel got it
1400 telemakhy: pamela is always there
1401 telemakhy: she is eternal
1402 caseymomasey: like "you have a pamela! and you have a pamela! A PAMELA FOR EVERYONE!"
1403 mourntheglories1: yeah with the creepy glasses
1404 supajoe: Pamela is so great
1405 telemakhy: pamela is the mastermind
1406 sciuria: pamela is david's sis
1407 upguntha: ALL HAIL PAMELA
1408 thren: That's terrifying. One Pemela is more then enough.
1409 uest-78443 entered the room
1410 mourntheglories1: i was talking about mr creeps earlier
1411 telemakhy: mr creeps is his new name
1412 telemakhy: thats what we'll call him
1413 caseymomasey: PAMELA IS DAVID'S LOVER
1415 supajoe: Mr Creeps, eh? Haha I like it
1416 factorycreated: If given the chance, I'd kill Pamela
1417 mourntheglories1: dude
1418 guest-78443 changed nickname to queensinhighgarden
1419 mourntheglories1: what did she say again
1420 mgastaff: I need to stop looking away. I missed so much.
1421 caseymomasey: then he won't be so lonely...
1422 supajoe: Not the same Steve, at least not in my mind
1423 telemakhy: dont kill pamela shes great
1424 thren: Channeling some Zoe there are you
1425 mourntheglories1: its okay your name doesn't end with an a too!
1426 telemakhy: why are there so many steves
1427 mourntheglories1: we can be best friends FOREVEA
1428 telemakhy: is there a steve conspiracy
1429 supajoe: Steve isn't a common name at all!
1430 damianwheyne: Who are we talking about? I lost track...
1431 factorycreated: I know a Steve
1432 sciuria: i have to go guys if i miss anything like really important, carol you must tell me
1433 mourntheglories1: lol chad and steve dead by zoe
1434 mourntheglories1: or so I think
1435 sciuria: my uncle is steve
1436 telemakhy: i don't care if it's common i still say there's a conspiracy!!
1437 caseymomasey: kaykay, erin
1438 factorycreated: I don't know a Chad
1439 supajoe:
1440 hanselthelost: Can you theow Nickypoo or Riley Rossmo as CREEPY gaurds in the comic?
1441 queensinhighgarden left the room
1442 sciuria left the room
1443 factorycreated: No one in Australia names their child Chas
1444 factorycreated: Chad*
1445 hanselthelost: *throw
1446 telemakhy: i think nickypoo was in it??
1447 supajoe: Hansel, I think it's overdue
1448 guest-78464 entered the room
1449 guest-78464 changed nickname to queensinhighgarden
1450 telemakhy: wasn't he the guy in 20
1451 mourntheglories1: the two boys whose intensines are hanging all out while hunter is tied up and blindfolded
1452 queensinhighgarden left the room
1453 supajoe: The guy in 20 was my friend Robert Wilson IV
1454 hanselthelost: Rue or lane pitarra a while back
1455 telemakhy: AHH i see
1456 mattisnotarobot: you should bring back that one teacher guy. the one who was dating dagney or something?
1457 telemakhy: if nickypoo appears he needs to be reading a book about buttholes
1458 telemakhy: i'm just saying
1459 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: Ah so many cameos lol
1460 hanselthelost: YEESSS
1461 telemakhy: MATT ITS YOU
1462 supajoe: Rue Pitarra in issue 13
1463 hanselthelost: Bholes for nick
1464 supajoe: Someone actually thought that was a real street and was looking it up.
1465 upguntha: LMAO
1466 caseymomasey: lol
1467 supajoe: telemakhy--HAHA!
1468 udjagaz: is it really only going to be 100 issues?
1469 mourntheglories1: im curious who the two people in the slide show are
1471 telemakhy: i should have KNOWN it was matt
1472 udjagaz: or is that the goal?
1473 mourntheglories1: it looks like an older casey with her pe hair @@;
1474 hanselthelost: Hey are you going back to #1 for season 2?
1475 mattisnotarobot: i dont know who this matt dude is, but i bet he is so handsome as well
1476 hanselthelost: Either way is fine
1477 supajoe: udjagaz--100 most likely. But Nick changes his mind sometimes. He said 125 at one point
1478 telemakhy: what if the slideshow is stock images and there's a lady laughing with salad in there
1479 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: 125?!
1480 supajoe: Hansel--not sure, but probably not
1481 damianwheyne: Hahahahah macey
1482 telemakhy: jesus nick has made this his life project
1483 mourntheglories1: so like in 10 years okay cool
1484 guest-78509 entered the room
1485 guest-78509 left the room
1486 hanselthelost: Cool
1487 udjagaz: the more the merrier!
1488 factorycreated: Invested in this comic forever, no complaints from me
1489 telemakhy: i'll still be reading this when i'm done with college jesus christ
1490 mourntheglories1: WOW what a play
1491 supajoe: Haha
1492 udjagaz: by the way supajoe this is my second comic ever
1493 mourntheglories1: sorry baseball is baseball epic play
1494 mgastaff: Just finish it before I die or am killed.
1495 udjagaz: and i'll probably never leave the cmic world
1497 supajoe: really? That's awesome
1498 uest-78545 entered the room
1499 supajoe: Good luck with that, upguntha! ;)
1500 hanselthelost: hahaha @ upguntha
1501 mourntheglories1: once you're in
1502 caseymomasey: I'LL BE LIKE HUNTER
1503 mourntheglories1: you are never leaving...
1504 telemakhy: joe so rude
1505 mourntheglories1: JUST LIKE MGA!
1507 uest-78545 left the room
1508 caseymomasey: MG*
1509 caseymomasey: stupid keyboard...
1510 factorycreated: i was gonna say.. mutant growth hormone?
1511 mourntheglories1: haha oh poor sweet child faced Hunter
1512 damianwheyne: Hahah
1513 telemakhy: now come on guys it's not like we don't have some answers
1514 mourntheglories1: lol
1515 telemakhy: we know who ike's dad is...
1516 mgastaff: Well, I gotta go! It was fun chatting with you all!
1517 telemakhy: see you!
1518 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: bye!
1519 supajoe: Bye!
1520 caseymomasey: byeee
1521 mourntheglories1: I had a little wtf moment
1522 factorycreated: BYE
1524 whitecat: buh bye!
1525 telemakhy: I LOVE JADE WHAT A CUTIE
1526 udjagaz: wait
1527 mourntheglories1: when irina called jun but really hisao brother
1528 udjagaz: is it over?
1529 whitecat: Jade's awesome!
1530 supajoe: Poor Jade--she was nobody's favorite at the beginning
1531 mourntheglories1: but then i was like oh thats right
1532 gastaff left the room
1533 kiwipie: she got cool though
1534 damianwheyne: Same mourn hah
1535 mourntheglories1: they are all siblings in their little abe clut
1536 mourntheglories1: cult
1537 supajoe: I always had a soft spot for her because of that. haha
1538 thren: I have 2 sketchbook pages full of Jade gosh I love her
1540 kiwipie: jade is precious
1541 udjagaz: what is up with jade and future jade
1542 telemakhy: i should do that essay of "why abraham is secretly awful"
1543 udjagaz: that's hectic
1544 mattisnotarobot: we need more Dagney love in here, 4 reelz
1545 telemakhy: he runs a cult of childr
1546 supajoe: Now I know that's Matt
1547 telemakhy: *children and YEP ITS MATT
1548 supajoe: haha
1551 chasesteined: ARE AMAZING
1553 telemakhy: ian has the best faces yeah
1554 caseymomasey: what's up with future jade and her "hm" when little jade was talking about ike
1555 supajoe: Thanks, chase!
1556 telemakhy: his "RAAR" jade
1557 chasesteined: (
1558 caseymomasey: huh?? huh??
1559 thren: 'SPECIALLY IAN'S
1560 udjagaz: hey does anyone know why the academy is called Mornign Glories
1561 hanselthelost: Joe you do draw awesome expresions.
1562 telemakhy: *RAAR* zoe i mean wow
1563 whitecat: All the faces are amazing!
1564 damianwheyne: Facial expressions in this comic are always flawless
1565 supajoe: casey, what indeed? There's definitely some history there. Can't wait to get to that!
1566 supajoe: Aw shucks
1567 factorycreated: Issue #10 had Ike with some wickeh mutton chops
1568 factorycreated: wicked*
1569 telemakhy: man i want animated mga
1570 thren: I would die
1571 udjagaz: live action would be cooler
1572 udjagaz: hbo showtime
1573 kiwipie: that would be amazing
1574 damianwheyne: either would be awesome
1575 supajoe: udjiagaz-we'll explore the name down the road
1576 caseymomasey: no, live action would be terrifying
1577 mourntheglories1: Ike with sunglasses always a win every time
1578 telemakhy: i actually wouldn't like live action?? make it animated by like
1579 kiwipie: but only if they got it right. it could go really wrong
1580 udjagaz: thats what's so amazing about it
1581 whitecat: live action tv series with 813 episodes
1582 thren: Live action might ruin it due to crappy special effects 8V
1583 telemakhy: YEAH thats why i want animated ngl
1584 caseymomasey: LITERALLY THE NEW LOST
1585 telemakhy: and i think we could do an episode an issue
1586 factorycreated: 8 seasons, 13 episodes a season
1588 supajoe: I'd love either format!
1589 mourntheglories1: anime jap style if anything x.x
1590 telemakhy: AH OH!! nick said that 1-25 is basically season 1
1591 telemakhy: with four arcs
1592 supajoe: @ upguntha--that is a real good question! I asked Nick that when I was drawing.
1593 supajoe: He didn't reply.
1594 thren: No omg no anime please I'd want the style nodding to Joe's
1595 telemakhy: even joe doesn't tell you things
1596 hanselthelost: What Nick and Joe are doing, how they are doing it, that's the purest form
1597 upguntha: SMHH @ NICK
1598 telemakhy: what's a studio that can pick up art styles?
1599 ourntheglories left the room
1600 thren: The only ones I'm thinking of are actually Japanese, haha
1601 telemakhy: my mind keeps going to "make it animated by titmouse" since i'd want it to be pretty
1602 thren: OOOH yeah that'd be awesome
1603 udjagaz: jun is so dead
1604 telemakhy: and i'm pretty sure they've done gory shows
1605 telemakhy: although the show i've mainly watched from them is motorcity
1606 udjagaz: and by jun i mean hiaso
1607 udjagaz: that's confusing isn't it
1608 kiwipie: it's really confusing
1609 caseymomasey: hisao will totally sacrifice himself for jun
1610 damianwheyne: No the Fukayamas cannot die.
1611 telemakhy: the twins are so crazy
1612 factorycreated: hi i'm mike chilton
1613 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: lmao yup
1614 caseymomasey: seriously
1615 supajoe: Haha
1616 mourntheglories1: lmao
1617 telemakhy: mike chilton is now in morning glories GREAT
1618 mourntheglories1: what was it again from earlier
1619 mourntheglories1: #savethetwins
1621 damianwheyne: #save the twins campaign
1622 caseymomasey: #savethewholeschool
1623 telemakhy: the sequel to be guillaume is evil campaign
1624 supajoe: @upguntha I'm gonna guess Paramore or Fall Out Boy
1626 damianwheyne: #but mostly the twins
1627 mourntheglories1: #fukayamaslive
1628 udjagaz: savethecheerleadersavetheworld
1629 udjagaz: oh damn it wrong story
1630 telemakhy: oh my god jade is 11 year old me in his music taste
1631 mattisnotarobot: I always imagined Jade listening to Evanesence.
1632 mourntheglories1: heroes bwahaha
1633 telemakhy: no we already lost the cheerleader
1634 thren: lknsfgs
1635 damianwheyne: Too soon
1636 mattisnotarobot: Is that too "old school"?
1637 kiwipie: sob
1638 telemakhy: LMAO YEAH jade listens to all the pretencious stuff
1639 factorycreated: I just want someone to share my love of classic rock
1640 mourntheglories1: its pretty old
1641 supajoe: haha
1642 mourntheglories1: wait
1644 telemakhy: you mean irinia
1645 mourntheglories1: two of them
1646 damianwheyne: Both hahah
1647 telemakhy: *IRINA I CAN SPELL
1648 telemakhy: i wonder if anyone listens to nickelback
1649 mourntheglories1: question
1650 supajoe: Gribbs
1651 factorycreated: NO NICKELBACK
1652 damianwheyne: Hahahahahahah
1653 telemakhy: JOE....
1654 thren: jksdnfsdghd
1655 udjagaz: no one listens to nickelback
1656 mourntheglories1: did vanessa and brendon bump heads
1657 kiwipie: omg
1658 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: lmaooo
1659 mourntheglories1: or what
1660 udjagaz: except avril lavigne
1661 mourntheglories1: i was very confused by the dialouge @@; maybe I am just stupid
1662 caseymomasey: and suddenly i have less than no respect for gribbs...
1663 thren: i'mgs gonna cry sno
1664 supajoe: mourn--they did. They had their 'meet cute' like Casey and Hunter
1665 udjagaz: yeah
1666 udjagaz: that parallel was very peculiar
1668 factorycreated: except with high shelves
1669 mourntheglories1: without the dont look at me
1670 kiwipie: casey and hunter meeting was hilarious because it sucked so much
1671 factorycreated: I also want to know everyones height
1672 caseymomasey: the school is full of parallels
1673 telemakhy: what is brendan's deal jesus
1674 mourntheglories1: i dont wanna be an 80's movie
1675 telemakhy: he's so suspicious
1676 caseymomasey: paralles everywhere
1677 telemakhy: brendan is the mastermind
1678 damianwheyne: Bendan who are youuuu
1679 caseymomasey: LOOK! A PARALLEL UNDER YOUR BED!
1680 factorycreated: no it was Ike's scarf
1681 supajoe: hm, well I'll list tallest to shortest
1682 damianwheyne: Nope Guillaume's eyebrows
1683 udjagaz: yeah a photographer would have a field day reading these issues
1684 uest-78791 entered the room
1685 telemakhy: ......ike is the shortest
1686 udjagaz: evil eyebrows
1687 supajoe: haha
1688 thren: omg Ik
1689 telemakhy: ithats so good
1690 supajoe: I love the idea of Ike being short, since he thinks so highly of himself
1691 mourntheglories1: i have two pieces of paper with a bunch of scribbles of the notes i took this afternoon
1692 factorycreated: Ike lol
1693 thren: Hunter is taller then Ike. I just. Need a moment to absorb that.
1694 mourntheglories1: after reading 21
1695 damianwheyne: Canon
1696 supajoe: thren--not by much
1697 udjagaz: hunter is now shorter that ike
1698 udjagaz: he got his leg shot
1699 guest-78791 changed nickname to missdagney
1700 factorycreated: grazed
1701 supajoe: @ udjagaz--haha!!
1702 caseymomasey: ike is like a dwarf then?
1703 mourntheglories1: how old are they?
1704 telemakhy: ah i see matt's back in his final form
1705 damianwheyne: 16?
1706 supajoe: they're 16 in the main part of the story
1707 factorycreated: Why are all Jews short or something
1708 mourntheglories1: glories 16 and truants 18?
1709 factorycreated: I swear my family are dwarves
1710 supajoe: maybe we should ask joeeismaissohandsome
1711 thren: In the MAIN part of the story he says
1712 mourntheglories1: lmao
1713 telemakhy: nah they're ALL 16
1714 mattisnotarobot: I can confirm all Jews are short, seeing as I am a Jew
1715 udjagaz: dude jade is like 28 now
1716 factorycreated: I'm a Jew too
1717 factorycreated: 5'3
1718 telemakhy: confirmation it's matt there right
1719 mattisnotarobot: HAHA JK I'M WICKED TALL
1720 supajoe: It's so Matt
1721 telemakhy: man i have read the study hall too much
1722 mourntheglories1: bwhaha
1723 supajoe: the wicked really gives you away
1724 udjagaz: haha
1725 supajoe: Go pahk the cah in Hahvahd yahd
1726 mattisnotarobot: hahaha
1727 hanselthelost: haha
1728 udjagaz: supajoe. whens your next public apperance?
1729 telemakhy: for suppa i wanta pahty platta
1731 mattisnotarobot: I pahk my cah in a garaaaahge, alright kid?
1732 mourntheglories1: akiko and casey totally friend zoned ian and hunter
1733 caseymomasey: guys i have to go
1734 caseymomasey: BYE!
1735 supajoe: @ udjagaza--Baltimore Comic Con next weekend
1736 hanselthelost: bye
1737 damianwheyne: Bye!
1738 mourntheglories1: bye momasey!
1739 whitecat: bye!
1740 supajoe: bye!
1741 telemakhy: bye!!
1742 caseymomasey left the room
1743 telemakhy: also i thought we agreed zoe proved that the friendzone is crap
1744 mourntheglories1: oh
1745 thren: Friend zoning is bs please don't start that or I will cut off my fingers
1746 mourntheglories1: lmao
1747 supajoe: haha
1748 mourntheglories1: im just saying what she said
1749 mourntheglories1: lets just be friends
1750 telemakhy: we can't have finger cutting in this chat
1751 mourntheglories1: thats friend zoned at its finest
1752 telemakhy: that's for the comic only
1753 kiwipie: omg but friend zoning makes it sound like she did something bad to him
1754 kiwipie: she's just not interested
1755 hanselthelost: Hey if you can work it out with Stegman and Nick will you visit Laredo?
1756 damianwheyne: Casey is busy being a badass
1757 mourntheglories1: well I wouldn't want to start anything either @@;
1758 telemakhy: casey is a strong independent woman
1759 kiwipie: she is a lady with priorities
1760 mourntheglories1: shes already lost her parents
1761 supajoe: If I can do it without riding in the car with Nick 'Gassypants' Pitarra!
1762 hanselthelost: Also I have a major crush on that evil nurse. Why? Why do I love her?
1763 mourntheglories1: lmao Nine!
1764 thren: I read that as alreadly lost her penis I'm done omg
1765 mourntheglories1: she is my worst nightmare
1766 mourntheglories1: just put some joker make up on her
1767 telemakhy: NINE my favorite part of 20 was
1768 telemakhy: baby nine
1769 supajoe: Because Nine, while evil, is very seductive. haha
1770 factorycreated: WHO SAYS THEY'RE HER REAL PARENTS
1771 mourntheglories1: and its Heath Ledgers Joker
1772 whitecat: well, she has nice hair.
1773 damianwheyne: Baby Nine was actually the best
1775 hanselthelost: mournrheglories YES! She is twisted
1776 telemakhy: baby nine had a BOW IN HER HAIR???
1777 mattisnotarobot: joe and nick would make such a cute couple.
1778 telemakhy: she was all dressed up for this murde
1779 mourntheglories1: genderswaped on halloween
1780 telemakhy: *murder
1781 udjagaz: I know we talked dead is dead
1782 udjagaz: but how can dead be dead if you can change anything?
1783 mourntheglories1: she would man she would
1784 telemakhy: because whatever happened happened, udjagaz
1785 telemakhy: yall really do need to watch lost
1786 guest-78986 entered the room
1787 udjagaz: ive seen lost
1788 supajoe: That's a good point. I'm thinking certain things, like dying, are inevitable
1789 supajoe: in this universe
1790 damianwheyne: I'm working on it
1791 supajoe: obviously
1792 telemakhy: oh okay haha
1793 udjagaz: but in lost they say you can't change anything it already happened
1794 telemakhy: i was thinking it was like
1795 supajoe: but like if they're fated to die, it'll happen one way or another
1796 udjagaz: but hodge says you can change anything
1797 telemakhy: you were ALREADY in the past
1798 telemakhy: you ALREADY cha
1799 mattisnotarobot: Maybe Casey is a god
1800 telemakhy: nged it
1802 hanselthelost: Will there be more back story for the nurse? Also that's my next commission from you Joe
1803 mourntheglories1: Joker Nine?!
1804 thren: jznhdgshsgskg
1805 damianwheyne: Joe really is one of us ahhh
1806 supajoe: I hope so. I told Nick to write me more pages with her since she's popular
1807 hanselthelost: Just give me more sadistic nurse y'all
1808 telemakhy: i am so certain that nine is gonna get a backstory
1809 udjagaz: i guess that works since caseys dad all of a sudden remembered MGA
1810 joeeismaissohandsome changed nickname to mattisnotarobot
1811 telemakhy: matt finally revealed himself
1812 telemakhy: we solved the mystery joe. we did it.
1813 supajoe: finally
1814 mattisnotarobot: yeah yeah yeah
1815 hanselthelost: haha @ robot matt
1816 telemakhy: we climbed this whole mountain
1817 mattisnotarobot: Look, I just wanted everyone to know how much I love Joe.
1818 supajoe: Everyone here reads his MGA Study Hall column right?
1819 supajoe: He puts a ton of work into that
1820 telemakhy: i do!
1821 uest-78986 left the room
1823 mourntheglories1: please pull some grandmas boy robot for me
1824 telemakhy: that's why i seem like i know way too much about matt
1825 hanselthelost: Matt those interviews are killer!
1826 supajoe: haha
1827 mourntheglories1: yes yes it is upguntha
1828 damianwheyne: Hahaha
1829 udjagaz: are there more places in the MGA area
1830 mattisnotarobot: thanks brosephs
1831 udjagaz: or is it just MGA?
1832 telemakhy: ohh i think it's relevant we're not told where mga is
1833 supajoe: right
1834 supajoe: one thing I'm surprised no one's brought up
1835 supajoe: there's a cheerleading squad and a football field. Who do they play? haha
1836 telemakhy: i still think it's underground
1837 kiwipie: that's a good point
1838 whitecat: i figured they had two teams.
1839 kiwipie: how do they get stuff, are they even allowed off campus?
1840 telemakhy: i think they do intermurals
1841 mattisnotarobot: they don't have time to play. they're too busy trying not to get drowned in detention
1842 supajoe: the underground theory seems to be pretty popular
1843 supajoe: haha
1844 factorycreated: i don't understand american football
1845 damianwheyne: Or they're just brainwashed into thinking they're playing other teams
1846 telemakhy: if the theory is popular then it must be the opposite
1847 damianwheyne: I'd like to see that
1848 telemakhy: they're in the sky
1849 supajoe: hahaaha
1851 upguntha: THE MATRIX
1852 telemakhy: or we could go with the classic "they're all dead in purgatory" theory
1853 uest-79076 entered the room
1854 telemakhy: that was so big with lost
1855 supajoe: Now see, I think that's a cop out, and we don't want to do that!
1856 guest-79076 changed nickname to mourntheglories
1857 telemakhy: that's why you'll do it, nobody will expect it
1858 mourntheglories: ugh
1859 supajoe: haha
1860 mourntheglories: so like I was saying before... its a simulation underground virtual reality thing like
1861 mourntheglories: The Truman Show
1862 factorycreated: the truman show haha
1863 factorycreated: are they on tv
1864 supajoe: nice
1865 mourntheglories: whats with Hodge going underground
1866 telemakhy: oh you know what i was gonna ask
1867 supajoe: they are on camera, but security cameras.
1868 mattisnotarobot: I'll second the undergound theory, but add pauly shore's Biodome as a potential influence
1869 telemakhy: why doesn't anyone recognize ike
1870 mourntheglories: and in the jumpsuits
1871 telemakhy: if we was in the news as a suspect when abraham died
1872 telemakhy: that sounds p big
1873 damianwheyne: Yea
1874 supajoe: they're teenagers, they don't watch the news! ;)
1875 mourntheglories: lmao yes BIODOME
1876 hanselthelost: hahaha Biodome
1877 telemakhy: BIODOME.....
1879 telemakhy: nah ike and abraham look too much alike
1880 missdagney: joined the group whiteboard.
1881 kiwipie: i still want to know what's up with them
1882 thren: joined the group whiteboard.
1883 supajoe: Matt! Miss Dagney's here
1884 telemakhy: joined the group whiteboard.
1885 mattisnotarobot: Miss Dagney! I love you!!!
1886 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: joined the group whiteboard.
1887 telemakhy: MATT THIS IS YOUR CHANCE
1888 telemakhy: joined the group whiteboard.
1889 whitecat: joined the group whiteboard.
1890 mourntheglories: how'd you get the job?
1891 supajoe: Perhaps Abraham as 'Father' is meant in the priest-erly since?
1892 supajoe: sense, I mean
1893 telemakhy: man i want abraham to be his real dad though
1894 hanselthelost: seance?
1895 mourntheglories: Fucking President Clinton!
1896 telemakhy: because i love family storylines
1897 mourntheglories: thats the best right now with election around the corner oh biodome
1898 mattisnotarobot: if only there wasn't a biblical reference for us to make assumptions through
1899 missdagney: Hey, Matt ;)
1900 kiwipie: joined the group whiteboard.
1901 supajoe: I'm not saying he's not his real father, just throwing another possibility out there
1902 udjagaz: it has to be a worm hole
1903 supajoe: haha
1904 telemakhy: joe do you not even know
1905 mourntheglories: ikes really abe's daddy
1906 udjagaz: the morning glory i think is a nice metaphor
1907 telemakhy: nick's secret is going to tear your friendship apart!!
1908 supajoe: I'm not saying!
1909 supajoe:
1910 mattisnotarobot: hahaha, I'm really glad miss dagney is here
1911 mourntheglories: its okay we still like y
1913 mourntheglories: ya*
1914 thren: Aww there aren't any layers on the whiteboard
1915 udjagaz: abraham > Jacob ;)
1916 supajoe: @upguntha. he did! how about that..
1917 factorycreated: well they do call Abraham "our Father" in Islam and Judaism
1918 hanselthelost: My sister has a question
1919 telemakhy: TRUE! abraham does have a creepy cult of children
1920 mourntheglories: and brother hisao
1921 supajoe: i mean she did
1922 supajoe: gah. typing too fast
1923 supajoe: Hansel--oh noooooooooooo
1924 hanselthelost: @factorycreated good point!
1925 telemakhy: didn't you have to tell him zoe spilled all the ketchup...
1926 mourntheglories: what about the twins.... you hinted they were only half and half
1927 upguntha:
1928 udjagaz: will we meet head master in this volume?
1929 supajoe: Those pages are put up while he's up, or if I'm working on my tablet,
1930 telemakhy: i remember that tweet
1931 supajoe: those layers get turned off
1932 supajoe: haha yeah the ketchup--I was mortified
1933 telemakhy: 4kids version of morning glories right there
1934 supajoe: My wife keeps a copy of every issue, and he found her copy of 19 and started looking
1935 mourntheglories: haha nice
1936 upguntha: MOTHER RICHMOMD ......YEAH RIGHT
1937 mourntheglories: OH NO!
1938 mattisnotarobot: that's why you need to make a "kid friendly" version of morning glories
1939 mattisnotarobot: with, like, babies or something. i don't know.
1940 supajoe: I know, right?
1941 telemakhy: in like 15 years he's going to read it properly and be like "THAT'S NOT KETCHUP DAD"
1942 hanselthelost: Hey also congratulations on Higher Earth.
1943 supajoe: The Fukayama twins father is gonna be a fun story
1944 udjagaz: yes!!!!
1945 hanselthelost: Morning Glories Babies needs to happen
1946 upguntha: yayyyyyy
1947 udjagaz: I want a origin story of MGA
1948 factorycreated: I just want to know why their eye colour keeps changing uhgkasdhgapg
1950 upguntha: Will we ever see the yearbook>?
1951 supajoe: Thanks, Hansel! Pretty excited about that one. I think it's out Sept 26th
1952 udjagaz: how did they find it... or make it
1953 damianwheyne: Crying over Fukayamas
1954 supajoe: factory--ugh, yeah that's miscommunication w/ the colorist
1955 hanselthelost: haha
1956 telemakhy: obviously it was made by mole people
1957 factorycreated: OH REALLY
1958 supajoe: OH MY THE YEARBOOK
1959 supajoe: How long do we have? haha
1960 uest-79316 entered the room
1961 factorycreated: okay well problem solved
1962 telemakhy: the yearbook is gonna be like
1963 telemakhy: "most likely to kill people"
1964 uest-79316 left the room
1965 supajoe: Let's just say that will probably never happen
1966 mourntheglories: I wonder what time frame Hodge was last in when she ran into the meeting late
1967 telemakhy: "most likely to be killed"
1968 mourntheglories: I'm just jumping around in my notes
1969 supajoe: That was a case of biting off more than could be chewed
1970 telemakhy: you could do a yearbook when we're near the end
1971 upguntha: sobs in a corner
1972 factorycreated: I was "Most likely" poster things for the truants dkajdg
1973 telemakhy: so you don't have to miss anything
1974 factorycreated: want*
1975 telemakhy: in like 10 years
1976 supajoe: I will say Tim Daniel, our designer, and I tried to bring the Yearbook back
1977 supajoe: We were going to take charge of the whole thing
1978 supajoe: But it just didn't happen
1979 udjagaz: Joe
1980 telemakhy: speaking of tim has anyone read enourmous yet i need to pick it up
1981 udjagaz: you're amazing
1982 udjagaz: im running out
1983 udjagaz: thanks guys
1984 supajoe: Thanks!
1985 damianwheyne: Bye!
1986 supajoe: bye!
1987 telemakhy: bye!!
1988 hanselthelost: bye
1989 whitecat: bye!
1990 mattisnotarobot: Enormous is fantastic.
1991 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: bye!
1992 mourntheglories: bye!
1993 djagaz left the room
1994 supajoe: Enormous is a lot of fun! Definitely recommended
1995 kiwipie: bye!
1996 telemakhy: ah then i must pick it up then!! i know it has a giant sloth
1997 hanselthelost: Enormous was good.
1998 telemakhy: i have a friend who's obsessed with sloths im gonna get her to read it just for that....
1999 supajoe: haha
2000 supajoe: Okay everyone, I've gotta run and start drawing pages. It's been fun!
2001 supajoe: We should do this again
2002 hanselthelost: later joe
2003 telemakhy: i still want to get my friends to read the mg first issue and record reactions
2004 telemakhy: AWW bye joe!! thank you for stopping in
2005 damianwheyne: Bye Joe! You're flawless.
2006 hanselthelost: @telemakhy yes!
2007 thren: See ya, Joe!
2008 whitecat: bye joe!
2009 kiwipie: okay, bye joe!
2010 supajoe: thanks everyone! talk soon
2011 factorycreated: byeeee
2012 upajoe left the room
2013 upguntha: nyeeeee
2014 kiwipie: thanks for talking with us
2015 mattisnotarobot: (he's really going to go talk to nick pitarra about farts)
2016 hanselthelost: yes
2017 damianwheyne: omg
2018 upguntha: prob
2019 hanselthelost: or buttholes
2020 telemakhy: i though nickp only talked about buttholes
2021 mattisnotarobot: nickypoo will talk about any dark corner he can find
2022 uest-79388 entered the room
2023 hanselthelost: He is a sick manchild
2024 mourntheglories: Later Joe!
2025 telemakhy: since we brought up biodome i think this comic needs more birdemic
2026 telemakhy: i could totally see mga having exploding birds
2027 telemakhy: make it bad movie central
2028 hanselthelost: That's Chew.
2029 mourntheglories: hahahaha
2030 hanselthelost: Layman will want a cut
2031 mattisnotarobot: Hahaha, that's totally chew
2032 hanselthelost: of profits
2033 telemakhy: damn, no birdemic then
2034 hanselthelost: sorry dude
2035 mattisnotarobot: we'll always have jack burton driving by
2036 hanselthelost: and Saul
2037 telemakhy: is there anything we haven't said about 21.....
2038 mourntheglories: Saaaul
2039 kiwipie: have we mentioned that fortunato's name is amazing
2040 damianwheyne: Hahahah
2041 ourntheglories1 left the room
2042 telemakhy: he has the greatest name i've ever heard in my life ngl
2043 mattisnotarobot: s'all good, man
2044 hanselthelost: Tradd Moore has pinkman in the next Luthor book
2045 mourntheglories: neverf seen or heard it before @@;
2046 mourntheglories: oh did we have predictions for 22?
2047 kiwipie: i just want to yell t all the time
2048 telemakhy: what is fortunato's deal?? he's the only truant we didn't see before this
2049 guest-79388 changed nickname to lacracha_mance
2050 hanselthelost: Akiko is awesome
2051 uest-79430 entered the room
2052 upguntha: someone dies in 22
2053 mourntheglories: besides the david scarificing evil Jun?
2054 guest-79430 changed nickname to idot11
2055 telemakhy: AKIKO OH MY GOSH
2056 telemakhy: I LOVE HER
2057 hanselthelost: yes!
2058 factorycreated: Akiko is great
2059 damianwheyne: Akiko is us.
2060 factorycreated: such*
2061 telemakhy: you mean such, factory
2062 mourntheglories: He doesn't speak
2063 mourntheglories: much
2064 telemakhy: he seems cute though!!
2065 uest-79460 entered the room
2066 mourntheglories: so badass fight scenes soon?
2067 hanselthelost: Hopefully
2068 hanselthelost: I predict that goat dies
2069 factorycreated: I want fight scenes
2070 factorycreated: Ram
2071 guest-79460 changed nickname to hisaos
2072 telemakhy: the poor ram
2074 telemakhy: LEANNE RETURNS
2075 hanselthelost: raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam
2076 hisaos: WHOA
2077 telemakhy: you missed joe!!
2078 damianwheyne: But the ram is my favorite character =(
2079 hisaos: oh nooo ;A;
2080 damianwheyne: Joe is one of us.
2081 factorycreated: The ram is their mascot!
2082 hisaos: the creators of mg are so nice oh my god
2083 mourntheglories: Ram?
2084 telemakhy: the ram to be sacrificed
2085 mourntheglories: omg my notifications are off
2086 hisaos: the ram that keeps getting sacrificed in the like
2087 mourntheglories: so lost x.x
2088 hisaos: intro slideshow
2089 hanselthelost: Hey Hisaos are you behing all the fanart?
2090 telemakhy: oh man i bet rams are david's favorite animal
2091 hisaos: fanart??
2092 factorycreated: Abraham scarificed a ram in place of Isaac dundundunnn
2093 hisaos: the only fanart i did was of a um
2094 upguntha: #sacrificetheram @savethetwins
2095 hisaos: morning glories 21
2096 hisaos: screaming
2097 damianwheyne: That was the best
2099 dot11 left the room
2100 telemakhy: do that for every issue leanne
2101 hanselthelost: oh cool
2102 mourntheglories: both will be sacrificed
2103 hisaos: oh my god
2104 hisaos: oh my god i will
2105 telemakhy: oh man if BOTH die
2106 damianwheyne: Thanks
2107 thren: Where are all the fanartists omg I'm gonna cry if there isn't more eventually
2108 damianwheyne: Nope not allowed
2109 mourntheglories: love live the isnt it a goat?
2110 hanselthelost: later guys got to run
2111 hisaos: goat or a ra
2112 hisaos: ahhh bye hansel!
2113 telemakhy: see you hansel!!
2114 mourntheglories: later hansel
2115 anselthelost left the room
2116 hisaos: also i gotta leave in like twenty
2117 hisaos: so yeah
2118 kiwipie: i'm here jen
2119 mourntheglories: glad you came back!
2120 hisaos: does someone have the full chat log??
2121 telemakhy: everyone is leaving us
2122 telemakhy: i have two fanart wips haha
2123 thren: YES BUT It's like me and you that's not enough fanart ;A;
2125 mourntheglories: i got dissconnected and lost almost all of it x.x
2126 thren: GOOD
2127 kiwipie: sob i know
2128 damianwheyne: I have a screenshot of Joe saying that Gribbs listens to Nickelback.
2129 hisaos: can someone draw ike
2130 factorycreated: I WILL TRY TO GET THE WHOLE CHAT LOG
2131 hisaos: sitting in a th
2132 kiwipie: guys someone needs do help us do fanart and fanfic and stuff
2133 mattisnotarobot: i'm sticking around for a bit in order to put off my work
2134 mattisnotarobot: but i apparently missed all the disco
2135 telemakhy: i have an ike and david wip.....and a vanessa one
2136 hisaos: OH MY GOD GRIBBS
2137 telemakhy: damian im so proud of you
2138 hisaos: i'm working on a really derpy guillaume and hisao thing
2139 hisaos: also tori and i have a coffeeshop au planned for them
2140 kiwipie: i would attempt ike sittinng on a throne
2141 mourntheglories: I have no art skillz
2142 hisaos: because every fandom needs a coffeeshop au
2143 telemakhy: finally this fandom gets a coffeeshop au
2144 hisaos: ike sitting on a throne aw yisss
2145 telemakhy: we are a true fandom now
2146 hisaos: with his legs splayed
2147 hisaos: omg
2148 mourntheglories: and I need a recommendation on some sort of free photoshop
2149 thren: I'm drawing an IkeHunter thing that no one will appreciate but that's it (o(
2150 telemakhy: there's a site called pixlr which is like online photoshop
2151 kiwipie: on the condition that i get to draw him wearing cape, crown, scepter and nothing else
2152 mourntheglories: i use to dabble in graphic arts like years ago
2153 factorycreated: you can't make a high school AU
2154 hisaos: i use photoshop cs4 extended but i got it from some chinese website that my mom gave me
2156 whitecat: you could make a nice-high school au
2157 kiwipie: i will do it
2158 upguntha: @tren i might like it
2159 kiwipie: one day
2160 factorycreated: nice true
2161 hisaos: shoujo edition
2162 hisaos: heheheh
2163 telemakhy: yes we could have an au where the school is normal
2164 mourntheglories: gah
2165 factorycreated: LOL
2166 telemakhy: no the school's still evil in the shoujo edition
2167 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: lmao
2168 hisaos: oh dammit
2169 issdagney left the room
2170 telemakhy: me and tessa decided that...
2171 thren: upguntha may be my new favorite person in this chat then
2172 hisaos: omg what about
2173 upguntha:
2174 upguntha:
2175 kiwipie: omg another ikehunter shipper
2176 hisaos: a kiergarten au
2177 kiwipie: join us
2178 hisaos: *kindergarten
2179 kiwipie: let us love you
2180 hisaos: where instead of death
2181 hisaos: TIMEOUT
2182 telemakhy: kindergaten au would be beautiful
2183 hisaos: DUNDUNDUN
2184 factorycreated: zombie AU
2185 telemakhy: i actually want a normal high school au because then
2186 hisaos: all the aus
2187 thren: "Zoe you're in timeout forever"
2188 kiwipie: ouch
2189 chasesteined: nO StoP
2190 hisaos: OH NOOO ZOE
2191 telemakhy: david would just be ike's weird brother who keeps ripping off his shirt in class
2192 whitecat: I approve of the kindergarden! xD
2193 mourntheglories: #forevertimeoutzoe
2194 hisaos: oh my god
2195 factorycreated: bites heads of barbies
2196 hisaos: NO
2197 incentvangoghfuckyourself: !!!
2198 damianwheyne: crying about David
2199 factorycreated: off
2200 mourntheglories: you've been a bad bad girl!
2201 upguntha: who else is going to nycc
2202 thren: So David would be like Superbot basically from YJ
2203 kiwipie: wait i gotta do hw and stuff please be here in like half an hour this is fun
2204 hisaos: shit i cant stop laughing
2205 hisaos: sdlkfjds
2206 hisaos: SUPERHERO AU
2207 telemakhy: i'm going to sdcc next year but not nycc, despite living in new york, haha
2208 mattisnotarobot: #nyccorbust
2209 hisaos: come to eccc
2210 hisaos: ahhhh
2211 hisaos: it's so far away though
2212 telemakhy: my dad's best friend's mom lives in sd you see
2213 upguntha: i might do eccc next yea
2214 telemakhy: and she's like the nicest person ever she wants us to come over haha
2215 mourntheglories: i think i just hit my shock point
2216 hisaos: you cant spell san diego comic con without fuck i cant
2217 hisaos: go
2218 telemakhy: oh nooo leanne
2219 hisaos: at least i cant
2220 hisaos: LOL
2221 telemakhy: haha mourn you ok
2222 hisaos: -fourteen
2223 mourntheglories: we talked to the creators of our fandom....
2224 hisaos: -lives in washington
2225 hisaos: holy crap
2226 hisaos: wow thats weird
2227 telemakhy: this is actually the second time this happened to me
2228 hisaos: and cool
2229 factorycreated: granted our fandom isnt that big
2230 hisaos: what was the first?
2231 mourntheglories: well considering i had no friends in this fandom before like two weeks ago
2232 telemakhy: tom siddell thanked me for running the gunnerkrigg court fyeah blog once
2233 upguntha: i'll take it
2234 mourntheglories: its like a shock to me @@;
2235 telemakhy: when gunnerkrigg fan art week was going
2236 hisaos: ahh i dont read that
2237 thren: I think I got over that shock when Joe favorited a Hunter/Jun picture I drew on DA
2238 mourntheglories: joe was the first person to add me when I made the tumblr account
2239 hisaos: oh dude is anyone else excited for bedlam??
2240 telemakhy: joe DREW hunter/jun
2241 mourntheglories: YES!
2242 telemakhy: YES BEDLAM!!
2243 hisaos: BEDLAM AH
2244 thren: I SAW AND I WEEPED
2245 hisaos: I'M SO EXCITED OH MY GOD
2246 mourntheglories: I WANT!
2247 hisaos: i'm gonna preorder like ten copies
2248 telemakhy: now we get double the nick
2249 mattisnotarobot: bedlam! man. you guys are gonna be so happy with that book
2250 hisaos: and then when it gets really popular
2251 upguntha: bedlam can not wait
2252 telemakhy: matt did you get it already you lucky duck
2253 hisaos: i mean seriously riley rossmo and nick spencer
2254 mourntheglories: super excitement
2255 hisaos: then i will SELL IT ON EBAY
2256 mattisnotarobot: i've seen a few sneak peeks, and will debut something tomorrow
2257 telemakhy: OH GOOD
2258 mattisnotarobot: everything i've seen, i've loved
2260 mourntheglories: match made in comic book heaven
2261 hisaos: <3
2262 mourntheglories: i think I hear the angels singing now
2263 hisaos: god the match made in comic book hell
2264 hisaos: is liefeld
2265 hisaos: and lobdell
2266 hisaos: sdlkfjsdlkf
2267 thren: idljglsh
2268 thren: NO SKJNDLSF
2269 hisaos: HAHAHA SORRY
2270 telemakhy: yes the exact opposite of nick and riley
2271 mourntheglories: x.x
2272 telemakhy: is them
2273 upguntha: does anyone remember nonpllayer
2274 thren: im lisgitn so hardff
2275 hisaos: YES
2276 hisaos: NON
2277 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: ADAJODAO Someone said the same thing earlier at my LCS lmao
2278 hisaos: NONPLAYER it's so good
2279 hisaos: no idea when issue 2 is coming out thou
2280 mourntheglories: HEAVEN OR HELL! FIGHT!
2281 telemakhy: nonplayer?? tell me of this wonder
2282 hisaos: it's like a crazydetailed comic book
2283 hisaos: about a girl who plays a video game
2284 upguntha: Amahzing
2285 hisaos: like uhh full immersion kind of thing
2286 telemakhy: omg that does sound cool
2287 hisaos: put on headphones, close your eyes, lala land
2288 hisaos: but then it turns out it affects stuff in her real life
2289 hisaos: dundunduuun
2290 telemakhy: and i still have to read mind the gap too!! rodin art on EVERY PAGE
2291 hisaos: but there's only one issue out and it came out over a year ago
2292 mourntheglories: someone needs to put up a rec comic thing for those who like morning glories
2293 whitecat: Mind the gap is amazing!
2294 mattisnotarobot: If you like MG, you should probably check out the Invisibles
2295 upguntha: that too
2296 hisaos: i havent decided if i should follow t
2297 mattisnotarobot: Huge influence on the book
2298 hisaos: *mind the gap
2299 telemakhy: the invisibles too haha
2300 hisaos: oooh invisibles i've heard of it
2301 hisaos: havent seen it yet
2302 telemakhy: hunter's fave, right?
2303 hisaos: does anyone read debris??
2304 mattisnotarobot: Invisibles is great. But, uh... entirely NSFW.
2305 upguntha: did anyone read shuddertown
2306 hisaos: i want to!
2307 hisaos: also existence 2.0/3.0
2308 mourntheglories: and MGA is any better?
2309 hisaos: does anyone read debris and has anyone read wild chil
2310 hisaos: *children
2311 upguntha: i liked existance
2312 telemakhy: omg so i actually brought my mg trade to the stewart's in town for read comics in public d
2313 telemakhy: ay yesterday
2314 telemakhy: and i'm sitting there like
2315 mattisnotarobot: Invisibles has the Marquis de Sade as a character, so I think it wins
2316 telemakhy: this may not have been a good idea
2317 hisaos: LOL
2318 hisaos: "hey what are you rea--
2319 hisaos: is that an organ"
2320 acracha_mance left the room
2321 telemakhy: is that a girl stabbing people
2322 hisaos: "is that gay sex
2323 damianwheyne: omfg
2324 hisaos: oh i had the dumbest idea
2325 hisaos: okay so like
2326 telemakhy: OH MY GOD my friend did a readthrough of mg awhile back and when she got to the gay
2327 telemakhy: she was like
2328 hisaos: what if the "sacrifice" requires a virgin
2329 telemakhy: just two text posts of "HOLY SHIT THEY JUST HAD SEX"
2330 thren: omg no
2331 hisaos: and like hisao tries to replace jun
2332 thren: jdnfsdg
2333 hisaos: and then the people there are like
2334 uest-79649 entered the room
2335 hisaos: "are you a virgin"
2336 thren: HSFOLSHFS
2337 telemakhy: he can't because he just fucked guillaume
2338 hisaos: and guillaume pops out from the shadows
2339 telemakhy: thats
2340 hisaos: "NOPE"
2341 telemakhy: great
2342 guest-79649 changed nickname to lacracha_mance
2343 thren: IMMMMGsdkfng
2344 hisaos: SORRY
2345 thren: sgvhsd i can't stopiy laughinhd
2346 hisaos: well okay not that sorry.
2347 hisaos: (
2348 whitecat: you just killed me hisaos xL
2349 upguntha: i jjust died'
2351 telemakhy: WAIT I JUST REALIZED
2352 damianwheyne: I think the image of him lurking in the shadows and waiting is hilarious
2353 telemakhy: at the end of 20 ike and jade are in the daytime
2354 factorycreated: all you can see are his eyebrows
2355 telemakhy: so either they'll get saved by akiko and fortunato
2356 upguntha: dun dun
2357 telemakhy: or they're fucked
2358 damianwheyne: I was thinking about that
2359 hisaos: akikooooo
2360 damianwheyne: and like
2361 hisaos: plsssss
2362 telemakhy: or both
2363 damianwheyne: Maybe what Hodge and Casey did made them immu
2364 damianwheyne: Immune*
2365 hisaos: i want ike to hit on akiko and then ian to come out of nowhere and whoop his ass
2366 acracha_mance left the room
2367 chasesteined: that.
2368 hisaos: idk that would be kind of fabulous
2369 chasesteined: yes.
2370 telemakhy: ian cloned himself to always protect akiko
2371 thren: I want Ike and Ian to just talk can you imagine
2372 hisaos: oh my god
2373 telemakhy: there's like 20 ians waiting to save her
2374 chasesteined: OMG
2375 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: I have to log off but I was wondering if there will be another chat like this when the
2376 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: next issue comes out
2377 hisaos: i wane ike and GUILLAUME to talk
2379 hisaos: yes we should we'd better
2380 upguntha: yayyyyyy
2381 telemakhy: man when 22 comes out i'll be in school again
2382 upguntha: to much fun
2383 factorycreated: they'd both try to strut down hallways
2384 thren: Guilaume would punch Ike out
2385 hisaos: idk if ike and guillaume would be bff's or hate each other's guts
2386 hisaos: or both
2387 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: yay!
2388 telemakhy: ike will die when he meets the truants they'll all hate him so much
2389 whitecat: bit of both probably
2390 hisaos: by vincent (
2391 damianwheyne: Bye!
2392 telemakhy: bye vincent!!
2393 chasesteined: bye!!
2394 whitecat: Bye!
2395 thren: Bye!
2396 uest-79688 entered the room
2397 vincentvangoghfuckyourself: joined the group whiteboard.
2398 hisaos: OH MY GOD
2400 hisaos: OH SHIT
2401 damianwheyne: But everyone hates Ike anyways
2402 factorycreated: HAHAHAHA
2403 guest-79688 changed nickname to meowwoofblubstrangerdanger
2404 telemakhy: ike will die
2405 hisaos: OH POOR BOY
2406 telemakhy: actually die
2407 factorycreated: HE'D SHIT HIS PANTS
2408 thren: He'll get certain parts of his anatomy chopped off
2409 hisaos: HAHAHASfslkdjffojai
2410 hisaos: oh my god poor thing
2411 whitecat: he'd be castrated
2412 mourntheglories: lmao what casey did to Ike will be nothing compared to what Irina would do
2413 hisaos: here take uh
2414 damianwheyne: Okay cool, don't kill the Fukayama
2415 hisaos: yeah either of them
2416 damianwheyne: s
2417 telemakhy: i can make no promises
2418 hisaos: but especially not the cute one
2419 hisaos: david do you want a cookie
2420 hisaos: we can give you cookies
2421 uest-79760 entered the room
2422 telemakhy: oh yes i love cookies
2423 chasesteined: (still crying and laughing about zoe in permanent time out)
2424 hisaos: also like two dollars
2425 uest-79760 left the room
2426 hisaos: STOP
2427 hisaos: I CANT
2428 thren: Has Ike even seriously flirted with anyone yet?
2429 damianwheyne: Gribbs.
2430 hisaos: omg ike would peek under the teachers' skirts
2431 telemakhy: ike's default mode is flirting
2432 chasesteined: HAHA
2433 thren: Or were they all backhanded comments?
2434 factorycreated: GRIBSIE
2435 hisaos: gribbsie!
2436 telemakhy: you can't tell if he's flirting or not because he always is
2437 uest-79778 entered the room
2438 guest-79778 changed nickname to mourntheglories1
2439 upguntha: @thern where can i see your ike/hunter piece
2440 factorycreated: you have really nice legs
2441 telemakhy: he would say "yes" and it would be flirting
2442 thren: omg so he's only flirted for real with Gibbs im piss
2443 hisaos: i want ike to hit on hisao
2444 hisaos: and hisao to completely mis the
2445 hisaos: poin
2446 telemakhy: i want ike to go on the intercom and hit on the entire school
2447 hisaos: OH MY GOD
2448 hisaos: while drunk.
2449 thren: @upguntha It's not done, I'm doodling it right now
2450 mourntheglories: i just had a sad thought
2451 factorycreated: well hunters hit on haiso so i think ike needs to as well
2452 whitecat: he wouldn't even need to be drunk
2453 factorycreated: hisao
2454 hisaos: everyone should hit on hisao
2455 mourntheglories: what if we never get to see them in the regular school enviroment again
2456 hisaos: ...NOOO
2457 hisaos: shhhhhHHHH
2458 hisaos: no sad thoughts
2459 upguntha: where would i find it when it's done
2461 damianwheyne: I was thinking about that I won't let it happen
2462 hisaos: only hitting on hisao
2463 hisaos: anyway guys i gotta go
2464 damianwheyne: Okay bye!
2465 upguntha: bye
2466 hisaos: copy this convo down because it is gold >D
2467 hisaos: see you!
2468 mourntheglories: bye awesome hisaos
2469 hisaos: ALL WILL BE FREE
2470 telemakhy: bye leanne!!!!
2471 factorycreated: BYE
2472 isaos left the room
2473 thren: On my Tumblr page I would wonder, under the same username I'm using rn
2474 thren: BYE
2475 telemakhy: you know i was thinking
2476 telemakhy: i was thinking that if it's just ike, jade and maybe fortunato and akiko
2477 telemakhy: in the daytime world
2478 telemakhy: is it just gonna be them in school now
2479 upguntha: ok cool
2480 mourntheglories: well at the end of 19
2481 telemakhy: they're the only students. the only ones.
2482 mourntheglories: its jade and ike running in darkness
2483 factorycreated: man who even knows
2484 damianwheyne: Omg just them chilling with Georgina and Gribbs.
2485 mourntheglories: they just need to meet up with the group
2486 telemakhy: 19 they're not in that issue??
2488 factorycreated: end of 17
2489 mourntheglories: last page i thought?
2490 telemakhy: AWKWARD AS HELL
2491 mourntheglories: er sure 17
2492 telemakhy: last page of 20 is them in daytime
2493 damianwheyne: Faculty bonding time
2494 mourntheglories: wait
2495 mourntheglories: its 20
2496 factorycreated: oh yeah
2497 telemakhy: also brb be good while i'm gone
2498 damianwheyne: Ohh no David
2499 attisnotarobot left the room
2500 factorycreated: we'll party with david
2501 mourntheglories: and it is DAYTIME
2502 mourntheglories: gaaaaaaaaaaah
2503 uest-79850 entered the room
2504 mourntheglories: stupid prayers
2505 chasesteined: wait i'm sorry what is the daytime world
2506 mourntheglories: jade and ike
2507 guest-79850 left the room
2508 uest-79856 entered the room
2509 chasesteined: oh wow there was more discussion since that i hadn't scrolled sorry ignore me
2510 mourntheglories: the daytime world is the school setting i believe
2511 damianwheyne: Guillaume shuts off the lights but at the end of 20 it shows Ike and Jade in daylight
2512 mourntheglories: and the night time is the woods oinly
2513 guest-79856 changed nickname to ambermint
2514 mourntheglories: only*
2515 damianwheyne: Where the faculty supposedly is
2516 mbermint left the room
2517 factorycreated: man hodge dresses like a hippie
2518 chasesteined: ahhh thank you
2519 uest-79880 entered the room
2520 upguntha: well guys it's been fun g2g feel free to follow my shenanigans on twitter
2521 telemakhy: i retuen
2522 telemakhy: *return
2523 damianwheyne: Okay Bye!
2524 guest-79880 changed nickname to jasontoddslover
2525 telemakhy: aw bye upguntha!!
2526 thren: See ya!
2527 whitecat: bye!
2528 mourntheglories: byeeeeeeee
2529 chasesteined: ah bye!
2530 factorycreated: BYE
2531 jasontoddslover: *jumps on bandwagon* fare thee well!
2532 mourntheglories: welcome jason
2533 pguntha left the room
2534 jasontoddslover: Hai
2535 mourntheglories: maybe we can throw zoe in the lazurus pit
2536 damianwheyne: omg
2537 thren: Now there's a Jason and Damian it's a party
2538 telemakhy: HAHA YES
2539 damianwheyne: Is this awkward, I can't tell
2540 jasontoddslover: Partyy
2541 factorycreated: crowbar party
2542 jasontoddslover: NO
2543 telemakhy: now we just need dick tim and steph
2545 mourntheglories: damian you cant sound like Tim
2546 jasontoddslover: No crowbars allowed
2547 thren: omg creiseifcxdg
2548 telemakhy: and carrie for good measure
2549 whitecat: why did you say that factory?!
2550 jasontoddslover: Okay is Zoe dead? Because I couldn't get to a comic book store today,
2551 telemakhy: if zoe is robin who's batman
2552 factorycreated: i'm mean, i apologise
2553 telemakhy: oh yeah she's super dead
2554 jasontoddslover: And my credit card is cut off, so I couldn't get it on Comixology
2555 mourntheglories: lmao
2556 jasontoddslover: Nooo
2557 mourntheglories: whos nightwing
2558 telemakhy: and dude 21 spoilers everywhere in this chat!! you may want to find a dl somehow
2559 damianwheyne: The Headmaster is Batman
2560 telemakhy: and then wait to buy it
2561 mourntheglories: i wish zoe was step
2563 mourntheglories: then she would be fake dead
2564 mourntheglories: steph*
2565 jasontoddslover: Nah, I'm okay with spoilers
2566 telemakhy: but you'll be so lost, so much happened!!
2567 jasontoddslover: I miss Steph
2568 telemakhy: who doesn't miss steph
2569 mourntheglories: yes yes waffles waffles
2570 telemakhy: OH YEAH!! so in this issue
2571 jasontoddslover: Well, they're bringing her back soon! Or so I heard...
2572 telemakhy: if that girl was tiny pamela
2573 telemakhy: why was her hair different
2574 jasontoddslover: Okay, I'm going to buy it tomorrow... So I'll be going now to cry over the Robins
2575 damianwheyne: I dunno perhaps she changed it over the two years.
2576 telemakhy: and why was she rooming with the truant girls rather than ours
2577 jasontoddslover: But what are your URLs? Because I'm cool like that and need more people to follow!
2578 ggplantgalaxy left the room
2579 telemakhy: it just seems odd when everyone else's hair is...exactly the same
2580 telemakhy: mine is my username haha!!
2581 damianwheyne: My url is damianwheyne
2582 thren: Mine's my username, too.
2583 whitecat: mine's whitecatandco
2584 mourntheglories: hunter is totally tim
2585 jasontoddslover: owlofthecourt
2586 thren: Hunter isn't smart enough to be Tim
2587 thren: orgayenough
2588 damianwheyne: It also seems weird that they would go out of their way not to say "Pamela"
2589 mourntheglories: yeah true
2590 mourntheglories: hmmm
2591 telemakhy: ah yes they did!!
2592 factorycreated: Hunter has that crazy brain scan though
2593 mourntheglories: this is difficult
2594 asontoddslover left the room
2595 telemakhy: nick said on mstudy hall though that pamela had a story down the line
2596 mourntheglories: zoe seems more of a cass to me
2597 whitecat: Hisao could be Cassandra Cain
2598 mourntheglories: lmao
2599 whitecat:
2600 factorycreated: Hisao is totally Cass
2601 thren: Casey could be a Tim, she has the brain for it.
2602 damianwheyne: Didn't Nick say that basically anyone with a name would have a backstory?
2603 telemakhy: yeah!!
2604 damianwheyne: Which I hope is true
2605 chasesteined: that would be good
2606 telemakhy: which is CRAZY
2607 whitecat: Casey it definitely Tim
2608 mourntheglories: i think hunter is probably smart but his shock is blocking it
2609 mourntheglories: traumatized one
2610 damianwheyne: Nick must have some superpower to do what he does
2611 telemakhy: hunter seems smart in the not-in-grades way
2612 chasesteined: djkalngwjgane ghunter in this issue
2613 mourntheglories: zoe is jason
2614 telemakhy: as he said his grades were average
2615 mourntheglories: jun is cass
2616 telemakhy: ZOE IS JASON LMAO
2617 thren: Zoe would be Jason cause they're both a little touched in the head
2618 thren: and kill people
2619 mourntheglories: steph is vanessa
2620 whitecat: and they can both come back to life
2621 telemakhy: maybe we should just make abraham bruce and ike damian, so it's simple
2622 whitecat: hopefully
2623 thren: Oh yeah I'm not saying that Hunter is dumb! Just not Tim level.
2624 thren: klsdgnjlsjdkf
2625 mourntheglories: ike damian!
2626 mourntheglories: hah
2627 mourntheglories: love it
2628 damianwheyne: David is Damian
2629 mourntheglories: lmao
2630 factorycreated: HA
2631 mourntheglories: david is hush
2632 factorycreated: how he killed Nobody
2633 whitecat: Hells yeah!
2634 thren: Ohhh
2635 uest-80036 entered the room
2636 telemakhy: oh my god i was gonna say about vanessa
2637 telemakhy: did anyone notice her cheek is bandaged
2638 damianwheyne: Yeaaaa
2639 telemakhy: and it's the same one lara bashed in
2640 factorycreated: yep
2641 thren: o
2642 factorycreated: but like her whole head was bashed in
2643 telemakhy: i think her gift might be healing and revival
2644 supercarmen: that would explain why she's even alive
2645 supercarmen: because i thought baby lara killed her
2646 ourntheglories left the room
2647 mourntheglories: yesh!
2648 factorycreated: or it's time travel
2649 supercarmen: and if dead is dead, she wouldn't have come back, right?
2650 mourntheglories: wtf
2651 thren: I can't believe Lara was all "It's like we know each other" when Vanessa stepped out of
2652 thren: the car
2653 telemakhy: vannessa richmond dies when she wants to bitch
2654 mourntheglories: why is there two of me
2655 telemakhy: OH MY GOD I WAS LIKE
2656 telemakhy: LARA YOU JERK
2657 mourntheglories: fucking bitch
2658 mourntheglories: lara >.<
2659 guest-80036 changed nickname to pandylonelywolf
2660 thren: I was so betrayed by her I trusted heerrrrrr
2661 telemakhy: lara is the best character but as a person im like
2662 pandylonelywolf: hi there
2663 pandylonelywolf:
2664 telemakhy: no you are so decieving
2665 telemakhy: hello!!
2666 mourntheglories: I dont know if I should love or hate her
2667 damianwheyne: I dunno what if something crazy is going on an Lara really doesn't know?
2668 supercarmen: i don't even know who's side she's on though
2669 telemakhy: oh lara knows a lot
2670 supercarmen: but obviously that's the point
2671 telemakhy: but the question is, where was she before 12?
2672 damianwheyne: Yea that's what I mean
2673 pandylonelywolf: guys lara is like that lonely wolfs, she is working by herself and for her
2674 mourntheglories: time traveling
2675 pandylonelywolf: her father is a excuse
2676 factorycreated: doing time travels with other characters?
2677 mourntheglories: issue 12 or age 12?
2678 pandylonelywolf: lol i never trusted lara
2679 telemakhy: issue
2680 damianwheyne: Probably issue 12
2681 factorycreated: because at the end she goes something like "one more"
2682 pandylonelywolf: good people are often not that good
2683 mourntheglories: time traveling
2684 telemakhy: oh yeah i reread 12 after 20 and
2685 telemakhy: i can't believe we all trusted her
2686 thren: Time travel hurts my head
2687 telemakhy: i love time travel stories ngl
2688 whitecat: same
2689 telemakhy: especially sad time travel love stories
2690 pandylonelywolf: she is too good to a place like that and my mind went to
2691 telemakhy: this comic better have at least one of those
2692 mourntheglories: fringe and lost have great time travel stuffz
2693 pandylonelywolf: everyone read issue 21?
2694 telemakhy: yes!! this is 21 chat after all
2695 telemakhy: what a pretty issue
2696 factorycreated: curious what year do you think they're all born in
2697 damianwheyne: Well they're 16
2698 telemakhy: well let's think
2699 telemakhy: the comic debuted in 2010, but casey has a foster the people poster
2700 factorycreated: first issue came out 2010
2701 telemakhy: and they released their first album in 2011
2702 mourntheglories: did we confirm they are all the same age?
2703 telemakhy: haha, if the pop culture references keep up we may not be able to make a timeline until
2704 telemakhy: the comic's over
2705 mourntheglories1 changed nickname to mourntheglories
2706 damianwheyne: Yea
2707 factorycreated: they're all the same age
2708 telemakhy: YEAH mourn come on that's a plot point! all the students at the academy are 16, born on
2709 telemakhy: may foruth
2710 damianwheyne: Nick had said he was trying not to date it so much so it's probably fluid
2711 telemakhy: *fourth
2712 telemakhy: like you know how in 20 they're getting their first students 13 years in the past
2713 telemakhy: and the kids look about 3
2714 telemakhy: 13 years ago was also the year abraham picked up zoe and guillaume, hm
2715 mourntheglories: yeah
2716 mourntheglories: but the truants came when they were 14 then
2717 mourntheglories: and glories at 16
2718 telemakhy: yeah that's right
2719 whitecat: all the time travel makes it a bit hard to pin down exact years
2720 telemakhy: HAHA I KNOW RIGHT
2721 mourntheglories: and evil sisters/notreallysisters at birth
2722 telemakhy: plus
2723 mourntheglories: first of the students
2724 telemakhy: can't be any more than like 20 years because of the old bartender
2725 thren: What is even up with older Jade I don't
2726 telemakhy: who references the cold war happening when he was a kid
2727 telemakhy: older jade jesus CHRIST
2728 pandylonelywolf: i dont undertsnad anything about older jade
2729 pandylonelywolf: is like
2730 pandylonelywolf: WTF in my mind
2731 mourntheglories: ugh
2732 mourntheglories: cold war
2733 mourntheglories: who was it
2734 telemakhy: actually about older jade isn't it funny how
2735 telemakhy: she keeps trying to die
2736 mourntheglories: im am brain farting
2737 telemakhy: yet it's possible she's the only kid who came out alive
2738 pandylonelywolf: i wonder isçf she is preggy
2739 factorycreated: LOL
2740 telemakhy: SHE DID VOMIT
2741 mourntheglories: its her inception kick to talk to peoples
2742 damianwheyne: Don't say that you'll jinx it. No one can die.
2743 thren: OMG STOP
2744 damianwheyne: Even though they definitely will.
2745 pandylonelywolf: what about jade is the only one left
2746 thren: Everyone is gonna die
2747 mourntheglories: meh i dunno about preggers
2748 pandylonelywolf: abd all will die
2749 mourntheglories: but whats with marcus
2750 whitecat: everyone dies! D
2751 telemakhy: considering we're gearing up for a reicarnation theory being right and julie is casey then
2752 telemakhy: i'm almost certain casey at least is dead in the future
2753 telemakhy: julie looks about ~25 so it's likely not too far down the line the timeline too
2754 pandylonelywolf: if people were trying so hard to set jade and ike apart from casey
2755 telemakhy: if the future scenes are about 25 years ahead
2756 thren: But I thought Julie was the one who made the spinny glowy thing?
2757 mourntheglories: so you know the picture of the two people on the slides
2758 pandylonelywolf: is ebcause she is something big
2759 mourntheglories: from issue 1 and 21
2760 thren: So would that be in the past? Or.
2761 telemakhy: she was! but time travel.
2762 mourntheglories: it looks like older casey
2763 telemakhy: oh hm could be
2764 mourntheglories: >.>
2766 mourntheglories: since she has to wait
2767 mourntheglories: a long tim
2768 telemakhy: i think the images might be staged though
2769 mourntheglories: time*
2770 telemakhy: why would they show those?
2771 pandylonelywolf: for mindfuck us
2772 thren: Everything they're showing us is for a reason
2773 telemakhy: whoa not anice term to use there
2774 pandylonelywolf: sorry
2775 mourntheglories: because she was 3 when she time traveled
2776 mourntheglories: so she would be 29....
2777 telemakhy: but yeah anyway this issue did confirm that everyone gets the killed goat though
2778 telemakhy: i'd thought that could have been put in for ike but nope
2779 pandylonelywolf: ike is isaac
2780 pandylonelywolf: so it made sense
2781 pandylonelywolf: abraham was tested
2782 pandylonelywolf: kill isaac but it was a tets to prove his faith
2783 pandylonelywolf: maybe because of that is that ike
2784 factorycreated: then and angel told him to stop
2785 pandylonelywolf: is in MGA
2786 factorycreated: he looked up saw a ram
2787 factorycreated: and sacrificed it instead
2788 thren: This is another reason I'm going to have trouble guessing stuff I know diddly
2789 thren: when it comes to the Bible and stuff
2790 pandylonelywolf: and thata ngel
2791 pandylonelywolf: not appeared yet
2792 mourntheglories: ugh
2793 telemakhy: thank god for the internet
2794 mourntheglories: its my savior
2795 pandylonelywolf: im a lot conviced
2796 mourntheglories: pun not intended
2797 telemakhy: and thank god for my christian upbringing
2798 pandylonelywolf: taht hisao and jun are esau and jacob
2799 factorycreated: esau had red hair
2800 factorycreated: and became a skilled hunter
2801 telemakhy: oh, hm
2802 pandylonelywolf: yes but maybe is not about the color of hair
2803 pandylonelywolf: i mean
2804 pandylonelywolf: jun actually became a nçmurderer
2805 telemakhy: hunter's was the only name that i could not find too much symbolism for because
2806 pandylonelywolf: a hunte rof students
2807 telemakhy: he's so gentle i cant see him hunting
2808 telemakhy: it could be symbolism for BOTH
2809 factorycreated: i agree though, in the torah it's said the younger of the two
2810 factorycreated: is the stronger one
2811 mourntheglories: yeah I looked up hunter in the bible
2812 pandylonelywolf: now we get to expect the 12 tribes of israel
2813 mourntheglories: it was pretty vauge and used sparingly
2814 pandylonelywolf: you know what about the time travel
2815 pandylonelywolf: what if they are time travels but for differents realitys
2816 pandylonelywolf: i mean vanessa was killed in the past when she returned to lara
2817 pandylonelywolf: and that is not happening yet
2818 pandylonelywolf: or is going to happen
2819 pandylonelywolf: but they showed a piece of future
2820 mourntheglories: or it did happen and thats why she has the bandaid
2821 pandylonelywolf: and that is th Future where the MGA succeded
2822 thren: Yeah, Lara went in to the past right before Casey and them showed up
2823 telemakhy: oh i just realized between the glories and truants there's 12 kids
2824 telemakhy: 12 tribes of israel
2825 pandylonelywolf: Oh god
2826 mourntheglories: yup
2827 factorycreated: i think most of the stuff happens simultaneously in different time periods
2828 mourntheglories: ugh time travel
2829 pandylonelywolf: and they are all different
2830 pandylonelywolf: abraham father of nations
2831 pandylonelywolf: and the guys
2832 pandylonelywolf: all different
2833 pandylonelywolf: *kids
2834 telemakhy: david is jealous that dad loved every kid besides him i bet
2835 damianwheyne: David is misunderstood
2836 pandylonelywolf: david is isamel
2837 pandylonelywolf: *ismael
2838 factorycreated: i still think david is his son from the spanish inquisition time travel thingy
2839 telemakhy: i actually cannot fucking wait for ike to see david
2840 telemakhy: i'm waiting for it to turn out he knows him
2841 damianwheyne: Do you think he'll recognize him?
2842 damianwheyne: Oh
2843 pandylonelywolf: abrahama
2844 pandylonelywolf: the son ismael was going to be the father of a lot of towns
2845 telemakhy: oh my god biblical abraham was kind of a douche
2846 pandylonelywolf: and was the neglected one
2847 mourntheglories: so why did zoe know davids name?
2848 factorycreated: it's actually abrahams wife sarah that was the douche in the
2849 pandylonelywolf: i think that zoe
2850 telemakhy: possibly remembered him from a past life i'm thinking
2851 factorycreated: torah
2852 pandylonelywolf: had that power
2853 mourntheglories: i dont think so i thought it was jade
2854 mourntheglories: and casey
2855 pandylonelywolf: like the tower of babel
2856 factorycreated: well zoe and abraham keep showing up together in time
2857 mourntheglories: hodge
2858 factorycreated: so by extention she knew david?
2859 factorycreated: who is abrahams son
2860 mourntheglories: so confused
2861 telemakhy: WELL LET ME THINK
2862 mourntheglories: i need to really organize this on paper
2863 whitecat: my head hurts
2864 telemakhy: matt asked dave in mg study hall if zoe had met david as a kid through abraham
2865 pandylonelywolf: mine too
2866 telemakhy: and nick laughed for about 20 seconds
2867 damianwheyne: I remember that
2868 mourntheglories: mine too my coffee buzz just ran dry
2869 telemakhy: so i....doubt it
2870 mourntheglories: lol
2871 mourntheglories: oh boy
2872 telemakhy: i'm thinking zoe's psychic thing could give her limited past life knowledge, so
2873 mourntheglories: i need to listen to all those
2874 telemakhy: she could remember david
2875 telemakhy: they're great i suggest it
2876 telemakhy: OH if david was abraham's son from the past like factory suggested
2877 damianwheyne: I didn't listen to Joe's but Nick's are really funny (my thing got cut off here but i'm pretty sure i suggested david was a past ike here)
2878 damianwheyne: Whoaa
2879 pandylonelywolf: WOAH
2880 factorycreated: I actually made a post on tumblr how Zoe knew David
2881 whitecat: woah
2882 mourntheglories: its on my to do list its been bookmarked
2883 mourntheglories: yikes
2884 mourntheglories: i dunno man
2885 telemakhy: i was also toying with the idea that ike is david 100%, via time travel again but
2887 telemakhy: i never wrote it out
2888 thren: I am liking this theory a lot
2889 mourntheglories: i dunno but it was like the inqusition burned at the stake stuff
2890 pandylonelywolf: I think i dig the theory
2891 pandylonelywolf: like a lot
2892 factorycreated: yeah
2893 mourntheglories: must find that post
2894 factorycreated: they burned Jews at the stake during the SI
2895 telemakhy: oh well we've already seen inquisition era jade and megan I THINK
2896 telemakhy: i'm p sure they were the girls at the beginning of 3
2897 factorycreated: Megan?
2898 telemakhy: and megan remembers that somehow
2899 factorycreated: When?
2900 telemakhy: the bald murder girl!
2901 thren: OH OH HER
2902 pandylonelywolf: oh...
2903 factorycreated: I know who she is
2904 factorycreated: but when
2905 pandylonelywolf: yeah who is her
2906 telemakhy: the beginning of 3 that scene in the prison
2907 pandylonelywolf: i mean is megan
2908 factorycreated: The beginning of 3 looks like Vanessa
2909 pandylonelywolf: but i think im missing something with her
2910 telemakhy: i'm pretty sure jade was the one we saw and megan was the one on the other side
2911 telemakhy: since THE HOUR OF OUR RELEASE DRAWS NEAR
2912 pandylonelywolf: LOL i made that as a homework stencil
2913 pandylonelywolf: best homework ever
2914 telemakhy: and when jade met megan she was like "sister is that you?"
2915 telemakhy: omg that is great homework
2916 factorycreated: Past Zoe and Abraham have the same hair colour, and eye colour regarless of gender though
2917 factorycreated: Casey during the salem witch trials in 14
2918 telemakhy: well julie can't be casey if we just stay with that though
2919 factorycreated: who was Mary
2920 telemakhy: and she is pretty certainly casey
2921 factorycreated: True
2922 factorycreated: Casey's father plays a bigger role
2923 pandylonelywolf: yeah
2924 telemakhy: i am not sure who mary is tbh
2925 telemakhy: but if anyone, jade
2926 factorycreated: Mary Warren
2927 telemakhy: because the eyes were opened thing
2928 factorycreated: her story sort of fits
2929 pandylonelywolf: iççguys
2930 pandylonelywolf: i hate time travels
2931 factorycreated: The dude under the rocks..kinda looks like Casey's father?
2932 pandylonelywolf: xD
2933 telemakhy: hmm, i don't think it was ever stated who rockguy was
2934 factorycreated: She said she loved him but like whoa way too old
2935 telemakhy: in relation to mary
2936 factorycreated: It wasn't
2937 whitecat: I gotta go, but it was great talking to you guys!
2938 factorycreated: but a close up of him was shown
2939 pandylonelywolf: rockguy LOL
2940 telemakhy: i was thinking boyfriend/spose but i could have been father, brother, etc
2941 telemakhy: *spouse
2942 telemakhy: AND BYE!! thank you for coming
2943 factorycreated: i think father
2944 factorycreated: BYE
2945 pandylonelywolf: byeee
2946 whitecat: bye!
2947 damianwheyne: Bye!
2948 pandylonelywolf: <3
2949 hitecat left the room
2950 chasesteined: byee!!
2951 pandylonelywolf: I feel like i dont know
2952 factorycreated: Yeah
2953 pandylonelywolf: everyday i think about MGA
2954 chasesteined: oh crap she already left i need to be more with this
2955 damianwheyne: I dunno back then girls married older guys right? Though he was really old
2956 pandylonelywolf: then my head hurts
2957 factorycreated: Sassy looking Ike with mutton chops in 10
2958 chasesteined: hahaha
2959 telemakhy: HAHA YEAH SIDEBURNS IS
2961 telemakhy: I LOVE HIS BURNS
2962 factorycreated: Mutton chops haha
2963 pandylonelywolf: xD
2964 andylonelywolf: hey guys
2965 telemakhy: yes
2966 factorycreated: yah
2967 pandylonelywolf: i have to do some homework
2968 pandylonelywolf: so i need
2969 pandylonelywolf: rrequest
2970 pandylonelywolf: to draw
2971 pandylonelywolf:
2972 uest-81248 entered the room
2973 pandylonelywolf: can u give me some?
2974 telemakhy: draw cuties
2975 guest-81248 changed nickname to p9nshen
2976 telemakhy: i don't care just make it cuties
2977 uest-81263 entered the room
2978 telemakhy: shit if we're all still here
2979 telemakhy: maybe i should just hash out that david is ike theory now
2980 factorycreated: dooooo it
2981 damianwheyne: I love your theories
2982 thren: Dude all of these theories were so good like jfc if they aren't in the legit story
2983 telemakhy: omg im blush
2984 hecomposershow left the room
2985 damianwheyne: Nick and Joe are my favorites
2986 telemakhy: no i'm thinkin like
2987 pandylonelywolf: I just gonna die here
2988 pandylonelywolf: because i missed them
2989 pandylonelywolf: ok?
2990 pandylonelywolf: ok
2991 telemakhy: i am 100% certain ike's gift has to do with killing
2992 telemakhy: how else would abraham get killed and ike remain unbloodied
2993 factorycreated: KILLS WITH A THOUGHT
2994 mourntheglories: I loved how I just went oh nicks here and half the room fangirled
2995 telemakhy: joe was more social, nick lurked more haha
2996 pandylonelywolf: OH GOD ATER IS WAS DOING
2997 factorycreated: nick that creeper
2998 pandylonelywolf: i absoluite love that you related jade gift with inception
2999 pandylonelywolf: i love that movie
3000 mourntheglories: oh man that reminds me of this video game galerians killing with thoughts
3001 mourntheglories: it was so freaky ass shit
3002 telemakhy: and like remember the end of 17
3003 mourntheglories: like HEAD EXPLOSION
3004 factorycreated: i would love to be able to kill with thoughts
3005 pandylonelywolf: i think he can control
3006 mourntheglories: total mga style
3007 pandylonelywolf: body partsd
3008 telemakhy: when gribbs said "he's been dying to see you too" he didn't mean another son
3009 pandylonelywolf: like heart
3010 telemakhy: he meant the same one
3011 mourntheglories: yeah nick was a trolling
3012 telemakhy: would explain older jade's reaction to jade bitching about ike too
3013 mourntheglories: he probably just cant say shit too
3014 mourntheglories: sorry im jumping all over the place @@;
3015 telemakhy: "man ike wasn't a murderghost then"
3016 telemakhy: man is this making any sense guys
3017 pandylonelywolf: i just got my ikejade feels over the place
3018 pandylonelywolf: loveing ya
3019 mourntheglories: it is
3020 mourntheglories: making sense
3021 telemakhy: thank god
3022 mourntheglories: =)
3023 thren: dfnsgn
3024 factorycreated: what if
3025 factorycreated: ike is actually shit in bed
3027 pandylonelywolf: Oh gosd lol
3028 factorycreated: LOL
3029 telemakhy: because remember 10
3030 factorycreated: HAHAH
3031 factorycreated: YES
3032 telemakhy: and older jade was like to jade "if you see him again tell him the sex was awful"
3033 factorycreated: THE MUTTON CHOP IKE
3034 telemakhy: about sideburns
3035 pandylonelywolf: xD
3036 mourntheglories: I got gay feels from him.... like he over does it with the ladies to hide his sexuality
3038 mourntheglories: but ugh thats just me looking into it too much
3039 factorycreated: Yes
3042 telemakhy: THEN....KIND OF
3043 thren: OH okay I need to stay in this window and stop going to tumblr I keep misreading lmao
3044 factorycreated: I don't think Ike is actually gay
3045 pandylonelywolf: he treats girls and useful
3046 pandylonelywolf: *as
3047 telemakhy: ike seems to not give a fuck ngl
3048 pandylonelywolf: things to discvard later
3049 telemakhy: if he can bang it he's down
3050 factorycreated: I just want to know how does he even get all these girls to lay anyway
3051 pandylonelywolf: but i wonder what will happen when someone really caughs him
3052 damianwheyne: Hahahah
3053 factorycreated: like they drop at his feet
3054 factorycreated: like dead flies
3055 thren: But Ike DOES give fucks. At least 3 of them in the comics, haha.
3056 telemakhy: maybe that's his gift
3057 telemakhy: LMAO THREN
3058 factorycreated: LOL
3059 pandylonelywolf: hahahaa
3060 mourntheglories: omg remember the horrible kisser lie
3061 mourntheglories: line*
3062 thren: YES
3063 mourntheglories: from irina
3064 factorycreated: HA
3065 pandylonelywolf: oh god ike can control thoughts
3066 telemakhy: IRINA IS BEAUTIFUL
3067 telemakhy: also scary
3068 factorycreated: Irina is scary
3069 pandylonelywolf: telepathy
3070 factorycreated: as fuck
3071 telemakhy: but beautiful
3072 thren: All of the Glories and Truants are attractive it's actually 0% fair omg
3073 mourntheglories: lmao
3074 telemakhy: y e p
3075 factorycreated: except Ian
3076 factorycreated: SOZ IAN
3077 telemakhy: poor ian omg
3078 pandylonelywolf: i want to marry ike and jun and hunter
3079 thren: I love Ian though
3080 thren: with his sass
3081 telemakhy: rodin made him attractive though
3082 mourntheglories: ian is modeled after SID
3083 pandylonelywolf: a lot of husbands mode on
3084 mourntheglories: he is not UGLY!
3085 mourntheglories: ; ;
3086 mourntheglories: my poor baby
3087 mourntheglories: rodin makes everyone look super attractive and younger
3088 mourntheglories: imo
3089 factorycreated: pretty much
3090 thren: Which I am never going to complain about
3091 mourntheglories: noope
3092 factorycreated: I just couldn't get over how blonde Guillaume is on the cover
3093 pandylonelywolf: yeah
3094 telemakhy: BLOND GUILLAUME YEAH
3095 damianwheyne: Yea
3096 pandylonelywolf: blode just wanna have fun
3097 factorycreated: Apparently he IS meant to be though
3098 telemakhy: it's like the shiny pokemon of guillaume
3099 damianwheyne: omg
3100 pandylonelywolf: wait
3101 telemakhy: haha i can flash in yalls faces i have a shiny in pearl now
3102 telemakhy: i have an excuse
3103 pandylonelywolf: Guillaume
3104 pandylonelywolf: angel
3105 telemakhy: wait what
3106 mourntheglories: his scary eyebrows early on were really dark tho
3107 pandylonelywolf: i didnt think my theory was right
3108 pandylonelywolf: but
3109 pandylonelywolf: gui.llaume means something like protector
3110 mourntheglories: he can protect me anyday
3111 pandylonelywolf: and i related esau and jacob
3112 telemakhy: guillaume's derived from william right
3113 pandylonelywolf: to jun and hisao
3114 factorycreated: guillaume is the french form of william
3115 telemakhy: it's the french version
3116 mourntheglories: oops that sounded like wally west
3117 pandylonelywolf: and jacob foght an angel
3118 pandylonelywolf: *fought
3119 damianwheyne: Yea
3120 telemakhy: oh man jacob was the craziest badass in the bible
3121 telemakhy: fighting fucking angels
3122 pandylonelywolf: and what if guillaum,e
3123 telemakhy: do you KNOW how scary they actually are
3124 pandylonelywolf: is like that angel
3125 mourntheglories: remember to figure in both religion and sciene
3126 factorycreated: jacob dat crazy bitch
3127 pandylonelywolf: he is blonde becausae of that
3128 telemakhy: look at the descriptions in revelations
3129 telemakhy: blond angels i think is just a thing a lot of modern works do
3130 telemakhy: like i said, check out revelations
3131 pandylonelywolf: actually when people show or draw angels they are always blondwe
3132 telemakhy: they're supposed to be giant masses of wings and eyes
3133 thren: that's awesome sounding
3134 pandylonelywolf: i wonder
3135 telemakhy: revelations is a fun read even if you're not religious
3136 telemakhy: it's like tripping acid
3137 thren: So Guill would be a giant mass of wings and eyes and eyebrows
3138 pandylonelywolf: what is guillaume gift
3139 pandylonelywolf: assassin eyebrows
3140 factorycreated: LOL
3141 thren: knifebrows
3142 telemakhy: guillaume's gift is what separated the kids from the teachers
3143 telemakhy: he said so in 18
3144 telemakhy: so he can mass time travel
3145 factorycreated: or world jump
3146 factorycreated: somehow
3147 telemakhy: they said "change in time" in 21
3148 thren: What a boss
3149 pandylonelywolf: i think world jump is mroe plausible
3150 factorycreated: something weird like that
3151 damianwheyne: I am curious; why do we think that all the kids have different gifts?
3152 factorycreated: OMG
3153 factorycreated: CHANGE IN TIME
3154 factorycreated: JADE IN THE FURTURE
3155 pandylonelywolf: you know like lost have different levels
3156 telemakhy: world jump is what i thought but change in time is more into what is now
3157 factorycreated: THE SCHOOL IS RUINED
3159 pandylonelywolf: every time travel goes to a different reality
3160 mourntheglories: guill is like akiko super human brut like collosus
3162 factorycreated: Maybe not that SAME place but something similar
3163 factorycreated: LOL
3164 telemakhy: also the school being ruined i don't think means anything like that because
3165 pandylonelywolf: diferente levels, diferent realitys...
3166 telemakhy: look at the scene in 20 where lara was born
3167 pandylonelywolf: so there is like bçvideogames
3168 factorycreated: I think it's just to differentiate time
3169 telemakhy: it looks ruined and that's the past
3170 pandylonelywolf: when you have a good ending universe, a bad ending universe
3171 pandylonelywolf: and because of too much time travel
3172 telemakhy: oh could the kids be in bad end verse
3173 telemakhy: and older jade in good end verse?
3174 pandylonelywolf: things started to get messy
3175 telemakhy: is there a true end
3176 pandylonelywolf: so when you tiume travel you can mess reality
3177 telemakhy: mg now a visual novel
3178 pandylonelywolf: and that gave us a lot of fake realitys and what if realitys
3179 factorycreated: When you time travel you don't mess with history of anything
3180 thren: I can't wait until the last book comes out and we all have to reread through everything
3181 pandylonelywolf: i think when you change something
3182 telemakhy: well in mg you do
3183 pandylonelywolf: you mess with something
3184 telemakhy: HAHA IN LIKE 10 YEARS
3186 thren: all over again and then we FIALLY FUCKING GET IT
3187 pandylonelywolf: because you like changed what was fate
3188 pandylonelywolf: like the butterfly effect
3189 telemakhy: no i'm pretty certain everything is already fated
3190 mourntheglories: fuck
3191 factorycreated: Nothing changes in time when you travel
3192 telemakhy: like casey told her dad to teach her to protect herself and she did
3193 mourntheglories: everytime i think that there is 104 chapters to go possibly
3194 factorycreated: Hodge said it
3195 mourntheglories: i want to cry
3196 telemakhy: *he did
3197 mourntheglories: its lost times 2
3198 telemakhy: and then her dad remembered it
3199 telemakhy: which means we're going by the lost whatever happened happened
3200 factorycreated: Casey's father is the headmaster
3201 factorycreated: dundundunnnn
3202 telemakhy: in the past you can change things because you ALREADY changed them
3203 telemakhy: omg dun dun dun
3204 pandylonelywolf: yeah but what happened witht he things that she didnt change
3205 thren: omg nO
3206 pandylonelywolf: i mean it never happened
3207 damianwheyne: The flowers are the headmaster
3208 mourntheglories: yeah its on a loop
3209 factorycreated: YES I GET WHAT YOU MEAN
3210 pandylonelywolf: but when in a coputer you delete something and create something new
3211 telemakhy: maybe the headmaster is future hunter
3212 factorycreated: Also you notice how there are a lot of apples
3213 pandylonelywolf: i çt didnt fades away forever
3214 factorycreated: on covers
3215 telemakhy: literally the last person we'd suspect
3216 factorycreated: and stuff
3217 mourntheglories: fucking hunter
3218 thren: I would
3219 thren: I mean
3220 mourntheglories: yes me too
3221 thren: Does he have freckles?
3222 telemakhy: nope! i don't think so at least
3223 factorycreated: not coloured with any
3224 pandylonelywolf: the people where we put our trust at first
3225 mourntheglories: you know i dont think so
3226 telemakhy: he'd be drawn with them like jade
3227 thren: I don't have my books on me and drawing hands need to know
3228 pandylonelywolf: they are traitors
3230 pandylonelywolf: so hunter and jade are bad news
3231 mourntheglories: is what jade have on her face freckles?
3232 telemakhy: yeah jade's got freckles
3233 mourntheglories: has*
3234 thren: Yee
3235 factorycreated: redheads are spawns of the devil
3236 factorycreated: duh
3237 mourntheglories: those are some funky looking frecks
3238 pandylonelywolf: she look cute witht hem
3239 thren: I hope she has them on her shoulders and stuff
3240 mourntheglories: i dunno i get really ugly pages of her and really pretty ones of her
3241 damianwheyne: She does
3242 pandylonelywolf: guys sorry about spelling!
3243 pandylonelywolf: im like bad when im writting fast
3244 mourntheglories: no worries
3245 thren: We can understand you lmao it's okay
3246 telemakhy: jade does on her shoulders!! look at the flashbacks in 17
3247 damianwheyne: And when she gets out of the shower, talking to Casey
3248 thren: omg I know what to revolve my nect CaseyJade fic around then ohoho
3249 mourntheglories: she totally reminds me of this girl i went to high school with to a t
3250 mourntheglories: well looks wise
3251 iwipie left the room
3252 uest-82010 entered the room
3253 guest-82010 changed nickname to kiwipie
3254 pandylonelywolf: this gave me ideas to draw fluffy stuff
3255 pandylonelywolf:
3256 telemakhy: damn i want to theory talk
3257 telemakhy: what are your theories everyone
3258 telemakhy: i give you mine all the time
3259 factorycreated: I'm all burned out of theories
3260 thren: I literally don't have any I'm too absorbed in what we're being shown to think ahead
3261 damianwheyne: Yea
3262 mourntheglories: hmmm
3263 mourntheglories: ive given a lot too
3264 mourntheglories: HEY
3265 mourntheglories: so I could of swore
3266 damianwheyne: I'm more of a let-it-wash-over-me-and-then-read-others'-theories person.
3267 mourntheglories: well I at least found two
3268 thren: I have head canons about Ike, Hunter and Jade as characters but nothing on the actual sto
3269 thren: ry
3270 mourntheglories: but isnt like everytime someone has to carry someone they say "man so and so is heavy"
3271 telemakhy: thren you should headcanon post omg
3272 pandylonelywolf: i wrote mine in my tumblr and i couldnt think of more
3273 mourntheglories: i feel like it happened 4 or 5 times but i only found 2
3274 telemakhy: if i could think out the ike is david idea i'd type it out
3275 pandylonelywolf: and im deep interested 8
3276 thren: kdjnfs I don't like sharing head canons in public it makes me anxious lmao
3277 telemakhy: i should write that "abraham is secretly awful" essay too
3278 mourntheglories: lmao
3279 telemakhy: GUYS THINK ABOUTIT
3280 mourntheglories: anon
3282 mourntheglories: well duh
3285 mourntheglories: maaaakes
3287 telemakhy: that's not good parenting
3288 mourntheglories: abe has to be super powerful if hes all locked up like he is
3289 mourntheglories: and no one but his son can kill him
3290 mourntheglories: fuck
3291 mourntheglories: no that wouldnt work
3292 pandylonelywolf: we are being drived to the childs are right and the teachers a bad news
3293 thren: Is that Ike's power, that he can just kill anyone he tries to kill?
3294 pandylonelywolf: but never trust a first impression
3295 mourntheglories: manifesting ike into david
3296 telemakhy: if only his son can kill him and they unleash david on him
3297 pandylonelywolf: maybe is backwards
3298 factorycreated: there are so many abes you can't kill him
3299 telemakhy: what if ike and jade actually get to jim
3300 telemakhy: *him
3301 telemakhy: and open the door
3302 telemakhy: and he's dead
3303 mourntheglories: but that wouldnt explain brendon
3304 factorycreated: I mean he must be fucking ANCIENT
3305 mourntheglories: it happened before he got there
3306 pandylonelywolf: but release
3307 pandylonelywolf: david to kill abraham
3308 pandylonelywolf: but the childrena re lost and abraham knows were they went
3309 pandylonelywolf: that would not be intelligent
3310 pandylonelywolf: to kill the one who knows
3311 mourntheglories: what about when david doesnt attack casey and daramount when casey first gets there
3312 telemakhy: i'm actually not sure if abraham knows
3313 mourntheglories: daramount just gives him this glare down
3314 telemakhy: i mean he's cut off from the kids
3315 pandylonelywolf: but he knows the plan
3316 pandylonelywolf: that is alreadys trating
3317 uest-82169 entered the room
3318 pandylonelywolf: acordidng to irina
3319 guest-82169 changed nickname to unknown
3320 telemakhy: oh hm
3321 unknown: HIIIIIIIIIIII
3322 telemakhy: hello
3323 thren: I wonder if he's less a thinking creature and more of a "does what he's told" thing
3324 telemakhy: i see david as a cute puppy in terms of thinking
3325 factorycreated: someones controlling him?
3326 mourntheglories: because what about gribbs
3327 unknown: HI
3328 nknown left the room
3329 pandylonelywolf: he has his eyes covered?
3330 mourntheglories: daramount really tells him to stop killing brendon
3331 telemakhy: "go kill the intruder, boy!! we'll give you a treat!!"
3332 mourntheglories: but just says fuck it
3333 telemakhy: one of the sketches in the back of the deluxe edtion of david has eyes
3334 telemakhy: but i think it's concept art
3335 telemakhy: rather than the final
3336 pandylonelywolf: but his eyes are not opened
3337 pandylonelywolf: yet
3338 mourntheglories: but then david protects zoe out of nowhere
3339 damianwheyne: Lineart of David is really scary
3340 pandylonelywolf: whata did you see when your eyes were opened
3341 mourntheglories: @@;; yes
3342 telemakhy: is david protecting zoe or just killing?
3343 telemakhy: he reached up to her before he faded out, he couldve been going in for the kill
3344 mourntheglories: and obviously there is more to zoes motives then staying with the glories
3345 telemakhy: oh yeah WHY DID HE FADE OUT
3346 damianwheyne: Perhaps Zoe did it hmmmm
3347 damianwheyne: subconsciously
3348 pandylonelywolf: he was maybe coerced or the power of zoe
3349 pandylonelywolf: coerced him to fade
3350 mourntheglories: hmmm
3351 mourntheglories: okay name all of zoes powers
3352 mourntheglories: she is smart as hell
3353 mourntheglories: knows langs shes never spoken
3354 thren: Was him fading out near her connected to her having red eyes and killing everything?
3355 telemakhy: she can sense things about people, like hunter's mom dying
3356 damianwheyne: And Ike
3357 telemakhy: zoe doesn't have special eyes it was something alex added for effect
3358 mourntheglories: but not casey
3359 telemakhy: which threw a lot of people off
3360 mourntheglories: yup so that isnt really a power
3361 telemakhy: umm she kills people
3362 pandylonelywolf: maybe she can "see" in the deepest meaning of the word
3363 telemakhy: for reasons we do not know
3364 telemakhy: i don't think she wants to but she has to
3365 telemakhy: much like jade and dying
3366 telemakhy: and probably ike killing abraham considering after he was totally in shock
3367 mourntheglories: maybe a bit of both
3368 pandylonelywolf: if a sacrifice is always demanded and jade wanted to i mean she needed to die
3369 pandylonelywolf: why is she alive in the future
3370 mourntheglories: okay im making post it notes for each character
3371 thren: (On a random note I'm listening to Closer by Nine Inch Nails and it reminds me of Ike)
3372 mourntheglories: anything else on zoe
3373 uest-82328 entered the room
3374 telemakhy: i think we got zoe covered for confirmed powers
3375 telemakhy: since no clue what the deal with fading david was
3376 mourntheglories: lol nice thren love NIN
3377 thren: I try
3378 thren: Actually I don't I lied
3379 mourntheglories: even better
3380 mourntheglories: okay whos next
3381 mourntheglories: Jade?
3382 telemakhy: jade's eyes were opened
3383 thren: I thought Jade's power was dreaming things and not dying?
3384 telemakhy: she lied to say they weren't because her older self told her to
3385 telemakhy: that triggered her gift in full force- she has psychic dreams about her past lives
3386 factorycreated: dreaming and not dying, nice
3387 telemakhy: and knows she has to die
3388 telemakhy: also in 17 she sees that ghost of her mom or whatever
3389 mourntheglories: okay so psyhic dreams of past lives only?
3390 thren: I wish I had my books to flip through pfft
3391 pandylonelywolf: maybe she can see thing that she desire tooi much
3392 pandylonelywolf: intil she developed
3393 mourntheglories: would we consider her intelligent
3394 pandylonelywolf: the powers
3395 pandylonelywolf: and now she can see
3396 mourntheglories: she sucks at poetry
3397 factorycreated: Jade is intelligent
3398 pandylonelywolf: more deeply
3399 thren: She stalked one of her teachers
3400 mourntheglories: thats what her bro and dad said tho
3401 mourntheglories: who called her fucking jane by accident
3402 thren: No, her name was Jane and then she wanted to go by Jade when she went emo, I thought?
3403 mourntheglories: that just killed me right there so sad
3404 telemakhy: i'm betting her mom's name was jane and he messed up
3405 telemakhy: which is creepy as my mom's named jane and is also a redhead haha
3406 mourntheglories: oh maybe i missed this
3407 mourntheglories: okay
3408 mourntheglories: so would you say shes smarter than zoe
3409 pandylonelywolf: yeah i thought the same
3410 upercarmen left the room
3411 pandylonelywolf: that thren
3412 thren: They're all really good at one subject, it seemed
3413 mourntheglories: and jades is?
3414 telemakhy: english i bet
3415 uest-82481 entered the room
3416 guest-82481 changed nickname to supercarmen
3417 thren: I assumed Lit or English
3418 mourntheglories: i havent read her story arc as many times as the others
3419 mourntheglories: maky
3420 mourntheglories: mkay*
3421 upercarmen left the room
3422 uest-82499 entered the room
3423 mourntheglories: not atheltic?
3424 guest-82499 changed nickname to supercarmen
3425 factorycreated: I doubt english
3426 thren: Has she shown any athletic abilites?
3427 factorycreated: football
3428 kiwipie: she played soccer
3429 pandylonelywolf: she said she hated PE
3430 factorycreated: soccor
3431 factorycreated: soccer*
3432 thren: Oh right
3433 factorycreated: oops
3434 kiwipie: i figured she gave it up after her mom died though
3435 pandylonelywolf: but she is good at soccer
3436 uest-82532 entered the room
3437 guest-82532 changed nickname to mourntheglories1
3438 telemakhy: yeah jade completely changed when her mom died
3439 pandylonelywolf: i mean she can caugh very we
3440 pandylonelywolf: *well
3441 telemakhy: it's actually very sad
3442 factorycreated: older jade seemed to be persuasive
3443 telemakhy: older jade was a lot improved
3444 factorycreated: or sneaky either one
3445 pandylonelywolf: she maybe has a gift with words
3446 thren: She seemed a little like a therapist?
3447 thren: AND she got an actual conversation out of Ike
3448 telemakhy: older jade- i want to trust her but she's very hodegish haha
3449 factorycreated: something to do with commerce? its kinda like she runs a program to find the what the
3450 uest-82574 entered the room
3451 factorycreated: spinny thing is
3452 guest-82574 changed nickname to ireywestwayne
3453 ireywestwayne: ...hello?
3454 kiwipie: or something with communication maybe? idk
3455 factorycreated: or therapist is good
3456 mourntheglories: lit or even history.... her speech with ike and religion was pretty awesome
3457 mourntheglories: psychology?
3458 factorycreated: haha thats an irony
3459 thren: That's what I was thinking but couldn't think of the word
3460 thren: jdfsgh
3461 mourntheglories: tell me about it
3462 pandylonelywolf: psycoanalist
3463 mourntheglories: but it sort of fits
3464 pandylonelywolf: LOL
3465 telemakhy: hello!!
3466 pandylonelywolf: im still wondering
3467 ireywestwayne: halo! it's annatazel
3468 pandylonelywolf: abouttt why she told the young jade about not saying a thing about the eyes
3469 mourntheglories: yay hello~
3470 uest-82604 entered the room
3471 thren: Oh hey!
3472 pandylonelywolf: hiiii
3473 factorycreated: heyhey!
3474 guest-82604 changed nickname to queensinhighgarden
3475 mourntheglories: okay ill go with psych/history?
3476 telemakhy: TRISHA OH MY GOD
3477 thren: Can I just appreciate that almost everyone here likes at least one of the Robins
3478 ireywestwayne: vat
3479 telemakhy: omg yeah we're all dc fans
3480 pandylonelywolf: jasoooooooooooooooooooooon
3481 pandylonelywolf: <3
3482 guest-82328 changed nickname to tessa
3483 telemakhy: and i am just happy you are here
3484 tessa: HEY GUYS
3485 telemakhy: TESSA
3486 tessa: I DIDN'T MISS IT
3487 telemakhy: YOU MADE IT
3488 telemakhy: you missed nick and joe actually
3489 queensinhighgarden: i'm really impressed that there are people still here
3490 factorycreated: woo
3491 tessa: WHAT
3492 telemakhy: but im gonna save this after
3493 ireywestwayne: D
3494 tessa: goddamit
3495 factorycreated: almost 4 hours..haha
3496 mourntheglories: we are totally going to crazy town on theories
3497 tessa: good!
3498 telemakhy: nick and joe both popped in they were wonderful
3499 mourntheglories: it was pretty epic
3500 tessa: man! that's so cool! I wish I was here but I was BUSY.
3501 telemakhy: what did all the newbies think of 21
3502 queensinhighgarden: okay i've only read it once so far but i missed who irina's brother is
3503 mourntheglories: well
3504 pandylonelywolf: i wish i was here too
3505 mourntheglories: her brothers and sisters are the truants
3506 mourntheglories: from abes cult
3507 mourntheglories: lmao
3508 thren: So just a closeness of the unit?
3509 queensinhighgarden: ohhh i thought she meant actual brother??
3510 factorycreated: No
3511 mourntheglories: i had the same thought at first
3512 damianwheyne: No she meant Jun
3513 mourntheglories: I think she means as a unit
3514 telemakhy: yeah they're all brothers and sisters under abraham
3515 tessa: i kind of loved irina
3516 queensinhighgarden: that would be one badass family
3517 telemakhy: oh man ike has all these siblings he doesnt know about
3518 tessa: one terrifying family
3519 mourntheglories: like father abe brother jun etc
3520 tessa: haha
3521 queensinhighgarden: irina's a star
3522 telemakhy: IRINA IS TERRIFYING
3523 telemakhy: I LOVE HER
3524 queensinhighgarden: BUT A STAR
3525 factorycreated: Irina creeps me outttt
3526 telemakhy: irina laughs when people die
3527 mourntheglories: lol zoe was much more creepy
3528 queensinhighgarden: i need her to fill my zoe-void
3529 mourntheglories: imo
3530 tessa: me too! but in a good way! in a zoe way!
3531 tessa: yeah
3532 mourntheglories: oh god
3533 mourntheglories: we must tell them
3534 queensinhighgarden: oh and since irina just grazed hunter to stop him
3535 mourntheglories: #forevertimeoutzoe
3536 queensinhighgarden: why couldn't she just shoot zoe in the leg?
3537 thren: lkjfsl
3538 queensinhighgarden: i mean she didn't have a gun
3539 mourntheglories: #savethetwins
3540 damianwheyne: #save the twins all day every day
3541 tessa: did we get any good ideas about what the hell was going on with the twins?
3542 mourntheglories: yeah that was very unfortunate but i dont think she was compromised or something...
3543 telemakhy: nick actually asked who we thought was the next to die
3544 telemakhy: he's such a troll
3545 mourntheglories: but I think*
3546 tessa: that is a horrible question
3547 mourntheglories: lmao yup
3548 pandylonelywolf: they are going down one by one
3549 pandylonelywolf: ...
3550 telemakhy: we're all pretty sure it's hisao who is really jun though
3551 mourntheglories: and who our fav truants were
3552 tessa: NOOOO
3553 damianwheyne: Which I reject
3554 telemakhy: between the ending of this and 22's cover
3555 mourntheglories: so everyone went crazy and shouted the names of who not to kill
3556 tessa: EVERYONE
3557 ireywestwayne: omg
3558 pandylonelywolf: omg
3559 pandylonelywolf: the one who you most said
3560 pandylonelywolf: that one is going to die
3561 mourntheglories: lol someone asked if he was keeping a tally
3562 telemakhy: i think we all said hisao except somebody thought ike
3563 thren: Ike /sobs
3564 telemakhy: and he was like "nearly unanimous!
3565 pandylonelywolf: Not my ike
3566 supercarmen: ike's going to hit on irina, then she's going to kill him
3567 supercarmen: right?
3568 tessa: if hisao dies i will die too
3569 telemakhy: yes obviously
3570 queensinhighgarden: why does anyone have to die cfan we have like a twenty issue break
3571 thren: I'm not joking my favorites always die and Ike is my favorite fucking thing EVER so
3572 mourntheglories: yup
3573 damianwheyne: if Hisao dies I'm out
3574 pandylonelywolf: if ike or jade dies im going with them for sure
3575 ireywestwayne: same
3576 telemakhy: big family storyline
3577 tessa: honestly, if ANY of them die i am going to pull my teeth out
3578 mourntheglories: jade is old she makes it
3579 factorycreated: How will I live without sleeveless arm groping between Hisao and Guillaume
3580 tessa: jade is important!
3581 mourntheglories: yup very
3582 queensinhighgarden: but so was zoe imo
3583 mourntheglories: we were talking about her when you all came in actually
3584 tessa: casey is sort of important because she's the normal one, the sympathetic character
3585 pandylonelywolf: the most little is the one who mades the change
3586 thren: What if Ike redeems himself and is finally being less of an ass
3587 thren: and THEN he dies
3588 telemakhy: im starting to think jade is the ONLY one who will survive this ngl
3589 mourntheglories: that will happen
3590 mourntheglories: now that you said it out loud
3591 pandylonelywolf: OH GOD NO
3592 factorycreated: Jade is like an enigma in this story
3593 mourntheglories: way to go thren ; ;
3594 ireywestwayne: oIDNLSKM,
3595 thren: sdjglskjr
3596 queensinhighgarden: she'll be the only one left and it'll just end w her talking to her past self
3597 telemakhy: ike can redeem himself because nick said he finds it lame when characters do that
3598 thren: oOPS
3599 supercarmen: didn't joe say something was going to make us feel bad for hunter
3600 tessa: but jade hasn't been explained at all, only teased at-
3601 supercarmen: in 22?
3602 telemakhy: YES he did
3603 tessa: i feel like zoe was so out of the blue, it was okay
3604 telemakhy: he said hunter goes through the wringer
3605 factorycreated: Next issue, yeah bad for Hunter
3606 telemakhy: and we were all like "literally or"
3607 queensinhighgarden: jfc
3608 mourntheglories: yeah he said he was going to get shit on left and right
3609 factorycreated: Poor Hunter
3610 supercarmen: poor hunter
3611 telemakhy: nick also said on twitter 22 is the trippest one since 10
3612 queensinhighgarden: i was pretty impressed with him when he was pissed @ irina for killing zoe
3613 telemakhy: oh yeah after GETTING SHOT
3614 telemakhy: poor hunter
3615 mourntheglories: yeah and being completely lost and confused and wtf
3616 tessa: hunter could probably die without intense ramifications
3617 thren: omg shut UP
3618 tessa: hisao could die, because we understand him well enough now
3619 thren: THAT'S MY ANGEL BABY
3620 supercarmen: if hunter dies, i'm going to die
3621 thren: jksnfakjbg
3622 telemakhy: hunter needs to do something with 8
3623 supercarmen: FACT
3624 tessa: haha
3625 mourntheglories: but also saying changes in time like he knew something more.... fucking time and 813
3626 telemakhy: then he can die
3627 supercarmen: and yeah there's the 8
3628 factorycreated: And his freaky brain scans
3629 mourntheglories: im out
3630 telemakhy: out of the four glories the next one to die has to be one of the boys
3631 pandylonelywolf: maybe when he dies is because of the 8
3632 queensinhighgarden: i don't think hunter's gonna die anytime soon
3633 mourntheglories: i will be left with no pop culture
3634 thren: Is he going to die ON 8
3635 tessa: OHHH
3636 tessa: WHAT IF
3637 tessa: that would be great
3638 pandylonelywolf: or something to do with that number
3640 queensinhighgarden: well he almost got killed when he saw 8
3641 telemakhy: that the glories were early entrants
3642 tessa: and then his death would say more than his prolonged life
3643 tessa: oh
3644 factorycreated: in may?
3645 tessa: huh
3646 telemakhy: and the proper school year starts in august
3647 tessa: hmm
3648 pandylonelywolf: oh god no
3649 pandylonelywolf: not my babies
3650 mourntheglories: yeah he did
3651 pandylonelywolf: im going to die
3652 telemakhy: so does hunter die when the proper year starts?
3653 damianwheyne: Was that the same for the truants? I don't remember
3654 queensinhighgarden: does that mean more students bc that'd be pretty awesome
3655 telemakhy: yes it was the same
3656 mourntheglories: but its been weeks into the school year
3657 mourntheglories: way past 813
3658 pandylonelywolf: Maybe when all that mission and the tower and everything goes just wrong
3659 queensinhighgarden: oh nevermind oops
3660 mourntheglories: oh
3661 damianwheyne: Because there were more than 6 people in that orientation room.
3662 telemakhy: those guys guillaume roomed with were freaking out over having the same birthday
3663 ourntheglories left the room
3664 tessa: right
3665 factorycreated: yes, yes, crazy
3666 damianwheyne: favorite
3667 mourntheglories1 changed nickname to mourntheglories
3668 pandylonelywolf: august 13
3669 telemakhy: so the truants came exactly two years before the glories
3670 pandylonelywolf: that die hunter dies?
3671 factorycreated: no nonsense guillaume
3672 mourntheglories: and may 4th bdays
3673 factorycreated: except with hisao
3674 telemakhy: yes i was gonna say, august 13 is probably the beginning of the new years
3675 mourntheglories: it has nothing to do with the may the fourth be with you star wars day
3676 thren: Guill was so pissed omg he was like "no1 curr shut up"
3677 damianwheyne: Literally my favorite page
3678 telemakhy: guill was great this issue omg
3679 tessa: haha
3680 factorycreated: struts down the hallway
3681 thren: The Truants are all so sassy I love all of them
3682 mourntheglories: yes that face he gave hunter when jun was talking to him
3683 telemakhy: ah yes did you guys notice the guy in sunglasses following the truants
3684 tessa: i love them all! it was so unexpected!
3685 telemakhy: we've named him mr creeps
3686 pandylonelywolf: if the glories are early entrants
3687 mourntheglories: yeah joe said we meet that guy later
3688 pandylonelywolf: what is the big deal then
3689 tessa: this issue was sort of sad for hunter, though
3690 pandylonelywolf: the truants fail the mission and almost everyone gets killed
3691 telemakhy: oh my god poor hunter
3692 damianwheyne: Yea i know
3693 pandylonelywolf: like irina say it could happen
3694 telemakhy: he got grazed by a bullet and is pernamently traumitized
3695 mourntheglories: i think the shock since his moms death is going to finally break
3696 thren: bb
3697 telemakhy: hunter's gonna have to blow up down the line
3698 mourntheglories: and thats why hes gonna get shit on left and right next issue
3699 telemakhy: and i don't mean like how he blew up at zoe i mean like
3700 telemakhy: nervous breakdown
3701 mourntheglories: yes exactly
3702 mourntheglories: full force
3703 pandylonelywolf: the issue are monthly?
3704 mourntheglories: yes
3705 pandylonelywolf: *issues
3706 damianwheyne: I'm waiting to figure out what he was mumbling about in issue 15
3707 damianwheyne: in the lab
3708 thren: Yes good give me the angst
3709 telemakhy: yes! next one is set for september 26
3710 tessa: a month is way too goddamn long
3711 mourntheglories: yeah i posted a theory on that
3712 telemakhy: btw 9/26 was originally the date for 23 which is an abraham issue
3713 tessa: this really rekindled my hunter love
3714 telemakhy: and it's yom kippur
3715 telemakhy: so
3716 mourntheglories: i was trying to find pop culture in each line but meh
3717 mourntheglories: i got super troopers for caaaaaandy baaaar
3718 mourntheglories: but then fell real short on the rest
3719 telemakhy: ngl i think i'm more excited for 23 than 22 because abraham issue
3720 factorycreated: YOM KIPPUR SAVE ME
3721 mourntheglories: lmao
3722 pandylonelywolf: abraham...this is going to get messy
3723 pandylonelywolf: and confusing
3724 mourntheglories: plan is f'ed now
3725 pandylonelywolf: more than it already is
3726 mourntheglories: i am excited for everything
3727 telemakhy: if anyone's fucked it's ike and jade really
3728 pandylonelywolf: i actually want to know where and why did they capture abraham
3729 mourntheglories: yeah in the daylight
3730 telemakhy: all alone with the teachers
3731 mourntheglories: with the teachers
3732 tessa: maybe it was intentional?
3733 telemakhy: unless akiko and fortunato are there too but guill said they were gonna meet up with them
3734 thren: To get in to the acedemy with the Truants?
3735 tessa: yeah
3736 mourntheglories: but hopefully they meet up with fortunato and akiko
3737 pandylonelywolf: maybe not so fortunately
3738 thren: wtf even happened to Akiko
3739 mourntheglories: guill she they were waiting for those two at the hall
3740 damianwheyne: valid question
3741 thren: She blew up the chalk board and then you never hear a hint about her again
3742 factorycreated: i think that they were gonna meet them was a lie
3743 mourntheglories: where evil jun and his friends were
3744 tessa: did you guys talk about the whole rhetoric of the truants? with the "brother"s and stuff?
3745 mourntheglories: but left to find irina the leader to inform
3746 factorycreated: i think they just waited until they saw his brother
3747 telemakhy: it's like cult lingo
3748 telemakhy: abraham runs a cult of children
3749 telemakhy: he is so fucked up man
3750 tessa: yeah, but i want to know what that means for ike
3751 pandylonelywolf: yeah
3752 telemakhy: it means he has a ton of siblings dad never told him about
3753 mourntheglories: when did evil Jun get to MGA?
3754 telemakhy: oh my god hes gonna be SO PISSED
3755 tessa: are we just assuming he's biologically related?
3756 telemakhy: no but
3757 telemakhy: who knows
3758 tessa: are we just assuming he doesn't know about the truants, then?
3759 thren: We thought it might have been like "TThe Truants are my family so he is my brother"
3760 thren: type thing
3761 telemakhy: hisao-who-is-really-jun came to the academy 5 years ago i think
3762 telemakhy: tessa yeah
3763 damianwheyne: 5 years ago they came for him yea
3764 telemakhy: if ike DOES
3765 thren: o wait I need to go do a thing brb
3766 damianwheyne: but who knows when he actually got to the academt?
3767 damianwheyne: *academy
3768 factorycreated: I think there is more than one Abe in present time
3769 factorycreated: the one locked up..and the one at the camp..?
3770 pandylonelywolf: oh damn...
3771 mourntheglories: dead one that ike killed, one locked up, and ????
3772 pandylonelywolf: this si getting more confusing
3773 chasesteined: guys sorry to interupt, I know I haven't been speaking but I just wanted to say bye!
3774 damianwheyne: Bye julia
3775 telemakhy: oh bye!!
3776 factorycreated: BYE
3777 chasesteined: it was really interesting/wonderful hearing your thoughts (
3778 mourntheglories: byeee
3779 telemakhy: thank yooou
3780 chasesteined: peace out! please save this convo and upload it somewhere!
3781 chasesteined: bye
3782 telemakhy: i will be saving it
3783 hasesteined left the room
3784 telemakhy: anyway my theory on the one ike killed was
3785 telemakhy: that it was future abraham?? because then he'd have that mind control power
3786 telemakhy: which explains why ike did it
3787 pandylonelywolf: guys was really nice to meet all of your here
3788 pandylonelywolf: but i have to go know
3789 pandylonelywolf: <3
3790 telemakhy: bye pandy!!
3791 damianwheyne: Bye!
3792 factorycreated: BYE
3793 mourntheglories: bye!
3794 pandylonelywolf: bye honeys
3795 andylonelywolf left the room
3796 tessa: but why shouldn't ike know about the truants? he COULD.
3797 factorycreated: we have way too many theories to even write them down to make any sense
3798 tessa: (sorry, i keep looking at other things and then i'm way behind)
3799 telemakhy: ike def could but they don't know about him
3800 mourntheglories: wasnt his dad supposedly super rich and gone all the time
3801 mourntheglories: but maybe he was at the camp
3802 telemakhy: because then i don't think jun-who-is-really-hisao would push him against the wall
3803 telemakhy: like in 11
3804 damianwheyne: Well Irina knew Hunter so it's possible either way
3805 telemakhy: and oh yeah abraham was definetely raising child soldiers rather than his own son it seems
3806 mourntheglories: and his reincarnations left lots of money over the 100s of years
3807 damianwheyne: Like maybe Hunter was important in a different way and that's why she knows him
3808 queensinhighgarden: well didn't he also have a whole company?
3809 telemakhy: yes he did! one ike's apparently going to inheirit when he turns 18
3810 telemakhy: in other words
3811 factorycreated: I think there were two Abes there one as his father, one at the camp
3812 supercarmen: what is future ike is actually one of the abrahams?
3813 supercarmen: would that be too weird?
3814 tessa: AAA
3815 telemakhy: no that'd be awesome
3816 tessa: that's good
3817 supercarmen: i just feel like there's a lot of abrahams
3818 supercarmen: haha
3819 mourntheglories: am i the only one who thinks irina talked to hunter through the teley when his mom died
3820 telemakhy: oh she did
3821 factorycreated: well gribbs DID called him OLD MAN
3822 damianwheyne: Yea
3823 telemakhy: i bet that's her gift
3824 factorycreated: when chained up and they looked the same age..
3825 telemakhy: abraham could easily be immortal
3826 queensinhighgarden: so when did irina find time to start an actin gcareer
3827 factorycreated: he's like The Doctor
3828 factorycreated: but not as good
3829 telemakhy: i think irina's gift allows her to replace herself with someone
3830 telemakhy: in the eyes of someone else
3831 queensinhighgarden: ooooh
3832 telemakhy: she appeared to hunter as an actress on tv
3833 factorycreated: thats cool
3834 telemakhy: that's why she was talking about having a dog and shit
3835 telemakhy: and then went to time to stop running
3836 telemakhy: the dog stuff was the actual actress, and then real irina broke through just for hunter
3837 telemakhy: which is also why the guy interviewing her kept talking
3838 factorycreated: true
3839 factorycreated: hmm
3840 mourntheglories: she tells people what to do and think
3841 damianwheyne: If I'm ever on a talk show I'm going to suddenly look into the camera and say
3842 mourntheglories: thats how irina did it
3843 factorycreated: whose abilities haven't we talked about
3844 damianwheyne: "it's time to stop running
3845 damianwheyne: "
3846 queensinhighgarden: but why would she need to tell him to stop running at that point? to get him to apply?
3847 factorycreated: could be..
3848 mourntheglories: lmao please do that
3849 mourntheglories: it was the entire quote before that too maybe
3850 tessa: I have to go to bed before I get any more sick, but I'm glad I dropped by!
3851 tessa: We should do this more often
3852 telemakhy: the quote before that we can't source yeah
3853 mourntheglories: or she hypnotized him
3854 damianwheyne: Feel better!
3855 telemakhy: BYE TESSA!!
3856 mourntheglories: into doing it
3857 tessa: thanks for setting it up!
3858 tessa: thanks!
3859 mourntheglories: byeeee
3860 telemakhy: no prob!
3861 factorycreated: byebye!
3862 mourntheglories: feel better
3863 tessa: thanks! bye!
3864 essa left the room
3865 reywestwayne left the room
3866 mourntheglories: like tricked him into it
3867 mourntheglories: or shocked him since that point
3868 telemakhy: irina IS the truant's leader
3869 mourntheglories: like a zombie not caring
3870 telemakhy: she obviously has leading abilities
3871 mourntheglories: he keeps bringing that up
3872 mourntheglories: that he should start feeling different
3873 mourntheglories: anything
3874 mourntheglories: but doesnt
3875 mourntheglories: so what if irina finally releases that next issue and bam fucking crazied hunter
3876 factorycreated: maybe they can't disobey her orders..
3877 telemakhy: HAHA OH SHIT
3878 factorycreated: control powers
3879 telemakhy: poor hunter jesus
3880 mourntheglories: yeah omg i love this
3881 mourntheglories: fuck
3882 thren: Well they have to be able to disobey orders cause Guill did
3883 telemakhy: ah that's true
3884 thren: and then got rifle whipped
3885 factorycreated: No he didn't
3886 telemakhy: guill baby
3887 factorycreated: That WAS her orders
3888 iwipie left the room
3889 telemakhy: but did she tell him to fuck jun
3890 thren: omg
3891 telemakhy: "you need to get down with hisao" "irina what"
3892 factorycreated: No I think that was just to pass time until they see his brother
3893 thren: Irina ships it
3894 iwipie left the room
3895 telemakhy: akiko does too
3896 mourntheglories: lmao
3897 uest-83309 entered the room
3898 guest-83309 changed nickname to kiwipie
3900 mourntheglories: yeah it was planned
3901 factorycreated: the original hisao/guillaume shipper
3902 telemakhy: it's the truants otp i believe
3903 thren: But she missed the kiss aww
3904 mourntheglories: to 'disobey' orders
3906 mourntheglories: not the sexy time tho
3907 telemakhy: VANESSA
3908 iwipie left the room
3909 telemakhy: AS THE TEAM MOM!!
3910 mourntheglories: VANESSSAAAA
3911 uest-83345 entered the room
3912 guest-83345 changed nickname to kiwipie
3913 telemakhy: helping hunter up and eyeing ian when he was rude
3914 mourntheglories: and poor Brendon
3915 factorycreated: the sexy time was guillaume going on hormones
3916 telemakhy: oh my god what's brendan's deal
3917 iwipie left the room
3918 uest-83363 entered the room
3919 guest-83363 changed nickname to kiwipie
3920 mourntheglories: its strange
3921 ueensinhighgarden left the room
3922 iwipie left the room
3923 telemakhy: haha okay what topics should we end on, the chat's dyin here
3924 mourntheglories: because every synario has been practically on both sides glories vs truants
3925 thren: Does that mean one of Guill's roomates snerked "brokeback bunk beds" at him
3926 factorycreated: LOL
3927 damianwheyne: hahahah
3928 mourntheglories: lmao
3929 telemakhy: his roomies seem more clueless
3930 telemakhy: no snark to em
3931 factorycreated: how are they meant to know he's gay?
3932 telemakhy: one of his roomies is secretly an ike clone obviously
3933 factorycreated: LOL
3934 mourntheglories: well i dunno the truants and the glories don't line up person to person but group to group
3935 mourntheglories: with different combinations
3936 mourntheglories: and some out comes are different
3937 thren: Speaking of, Guill didn't room with any other truants, did he?
3938 mourntheglories: like brendon and vanessa actually talk and oopen their eyes
3939 factorycreated: Nope
3940 mourntheglories: while casey and hunter dont
3941 telemakhy: guillaume didn't no! i thought that was interesting
3942 mourntheglories: or caseys parents die
3943 telemakhy: since all the girls did
3944 mourntheglories: the same as irinas
3945 thren: wow he must be pissed like 100% of the time at their shit
3946 telemakhy: but the boys are separated apparently
3947 mourntheglories: but they arent her parents
3948 factorycreated: there is no 4th dude in hunter/ikes/hisaos room either
3949 mourntheglories: and even guills freaking laying on the bed reading listening to all the drama
3950 mourntheglories: like zoe did at the beginning
3951 telemakhy: i think the boys might have a fourth dude he's just never around
3952 thren: I just got really confused cause with those slashes I thought you were talking ships
3953 telemakhy: there's a kid in #1 in front of them when they're walking to their room
3954 factorycreated: SORRY haha
3955 mourntheglories: lmao
3956 thren: I was like hey
3957 thren: I wrote that
3958 thren: lmao
3959 thren: No but seriously I really loved all the paralles
3960 thren: Like whoa
3961 mourntheglories: we started to see it before this with the vanessa and casey dialouge
3962 mourntheglories: and the apples
3963 telemakhy: oh what was up with hodge saying she was the liason
3964 telemakhy: when daramount said she was in #1
3965 damianwheyne: Yea I thought that was most interesting
3966 telemakhy: was it just because lara was absent when #1 happened?
3967 mourntheglories: she was 2 years ago and switched it up?
3968 telemakhy: something's happened in the past couple years at mga
3969 thren: Maybe when Lara recognized Venssa she stepped down to become councilor
3970 mourntheglories: wel these kids the truants are mia
3971 damianwheyne: Yea or like ~change in time~ I dunno
3972 thren: to get closer to Venessa and her friends to gain their trust
3973 telemakhy: gribbs says something about not interacting with the kids as much as she used to
3974 mourntheglories: and lara is suppose to get them back for daramount
3975 telemakhy: *he
3976 thren: so she could send them back and then make sure she brained vanessa
3977 telemakhy: and when the glories come to mga there's only the 6 of them but in this issue there's
3978 telemakhy: many more
3979 factorycreated: shes helping the glories to gain their trust?
3980 thren: Joe said that the Glories got early access?
3981 factorycreated: Yes
3982 telemakhy: yes but the truants entered the academy on may 4th too
3983 thren: To the school, like they were let in earlier
3984 factorycreated: in May
3985 mourntheglories: why do you think hisao made such a big deal about burying zoe
3986 mourntheglories: then irina is like we dont have time now
3987 mourntheglories: like she was going to do it
3988 telemakhy: because the kids in guillaume's room were like "hey it's my birthday too!"
3989 mourntheglories: that was strange to add with everything going on i thought
3990 thren: o whoa wait that's right they DID get to school on May 4th
3991 telemakhy: i think hisao may just be nice
3992 thren: So that means August 13th hasn't happened yet??
3993 mourntheglories: because there is the whole thing with you came from the ground
3994 telemakhy: and irina was putting on a front
3995 mourntheglories: yeah prob
3996 factorycreated: probably not
3997 mourntheglories: they did...
3998 factorycreated: wait
3999 factorycreated: idk
4000 mourntheglories: ugh
4001 factorycreated: ugh
4002 thren: I mean depending on where they are they wouldn't be running around Woodrun in
4003 thren: short PE uniforms
4004 thren: so it can't be very late in the year yet
4005 telemakhy: it has to be may 4th yeah
4006 telemakhy: also
4007 factorycreated: northern hemisphere school years confuse me
4008 mourntheglories: i remember hunter saying its been weeks
4009 thren: I mean mine started in September, and provate schools where I live start in August
4010 thren: private*
4011 mourntheglories: WELL DONT WORRY WE ONLY HAVE LIKE 79 to 104 ISSUES TO GO GUYS!
4012 thren: YEAH ONLY
4013 telemakhy: the twins met up again ten days before #8, we know that
4014 telemakhy: and that was the night before #2, which was their second day i think?
4015 mourntheglories: why did nick tell us th
4016 mourntheglories: its prep school
4017 thren: I just am not ready for anyone to die no one else can die but they're all going to /sob
4018 mourntheglories: not summer camp
4019 mourntheglories: wtf
4020 mourntheglories: plese dont say that ; ;
4021 damianwheyne: Okay I'm headed out. Thanks again for putting this together, Macey!
4022 thren: lskdhglsg
4023 thren: Bye!
4024 mourntheglories: bye!
4025 telemakhy: bye damian!
4026 telemakhy: you're welcome heh
4027 supercarmen: okay and i have to leave too, but this chat has been really awesome,
4028 amianwheyne left the room
4029 supercarmen: considering i just started MG yesterday and finished all of them this morning,
4030 factorycreated: aren't pret schools to prepare you for college/uni?
4031 telemakhy: bye carmen!
4032 factorycreated: prep*
4034 supercarmen: seriously. thank you! and byeeee
4035 thren: BYE AGAIN!
4036 mourntheglories: we can go on for days....
4037 factorycreated: bye!
4038 upercarmen left the room
4039 mourntheglories: and it will be at least 8 years of this lmao
4040 telemakhy: prep schools are special private schools that are specially prepared to help the students
4041 telemakhy: get into higher ef
4042 telemakhy: *ed yeah
4043 factorycreated: Oh okay
4045 factorycreated: We don't have them in Australia so..
4046 telemakhy: i'm looking now and
4047 mourntheglories: yeah usually 11 and 12 grade or 10th and 11th year in europe
4048 telemakhy: they came in #1. #2 was the next day
4049 telemakhy: #8 is ten days after #1
4050 thren: I just wanna know if 813 has significance outside of a clock
4051 telemakhy: and woodrun must be the next day because hunter goes to talk to casey
4052 factorycreated: Of course it would
4053 telemakhy: they've been there for 11 days then
4054 mourntheglories: well i did a post about all the 813 versus in the bible
4055 mourntheglories: lots of feels in there
4056 thren: fffffffffff
4057 mourntheglories: nice math
4058 mourntheglories: howd you know that x.x
4059 telemakhy: 8
4060 telemakhy: the one that's right in the middle of the binding of isaac right?
4061 thren: ????
4062 factorycreated: no
4063 telemakhy: oh
4064 mourntheglories: was it revalations?
4065 telemakhy: ;_;
4066 factorycreated: Any mention of Abraham started in Genesis 11
4067 mourntheglories: hold on
4068 telemakhy: oh wait i think the one in the binding was 81
4069 factorycreated: no
4070 telemakhy: oh
4071 telemakhy: ;_;
4072 factorycreated: the binding happened in Genesis
4073 factorycreated: and Isasc comes wayyyyy after chapter 11
4074 thren: I have no idea what you guys are talking about lmao I'll sit. Quietly.
4075 factorycreated: The Torah
4076 factorycreated: or bible
4077 telemakhy: oh you're right
4078 telemakhy: http
4079 telemakhy: this may be handy
4080 factorycreated: I have a Torah
4081 factorycreated: but for those who have never lread a bible
4082 thren: Oh yeah I know the book you're talking about, just nothing about specifics in it
4083 mourntheglories: i wasn't really going based off mans
4084 mourntheglories: but what the 813 versus said
4085 mourntheglories: For if you live according to the sinful nature, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put
4086 mourntheglories: to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live.
4087 telemakhy: wooo mysterious wooo
4088 factorycreated: I was thinking that "for a better future" kind of sounds like the coming of the messiah
4089 mourntheglories: By calling this covenant “new,” he has made the first one obsolete; and what is obsolete
4090 telemakhy: oh yeah tbh all these phrases are pretty religious sounding
4091 mourntheglories: and what is obsolete and aging will soon disappear.
4092 telemakhy: definetely sounds "a better future"y there
4093 uest-84383 entered the room
4094 factorycreated: for those who're christian, they believe jesus was the messiah, in judaism the messiah
4095 factorycreated: hasnt come yet
4096 telemakhy: and abraham is jewish so....
4097 telemakhy: shit
4098 factorycreated: when a person dies their soul lays 'dormant' until the age of the messiah
4099 factorycreated: or when the messiah comes
4100 factorycreated: if they lied without sin, they're resurrected
4101 factorycreated: and they live forever in peace, and no poverty, war, etc
4102 factorycreated: a better future
4103 thren: oOH
4104 factorycreated: lived without sin*
4105 telemakhy: aw shit factory you are a big help
4106 telemakhy: because that's
4107 telemakhy: pretty mg
4108 factorycreated: I know
4109 guest-84383 changed nickname to mourntheglories1
4110 mourntheglories1: UGH
4111 thren: (I read that as pretty mpreg I think it's time for me to go the fuck to sleep)
4112 factorycreated: Not ALL Jews believe the coming of the messiah
4113 mourntheglories1: Yet because the wicked do not fear God, it will not go well with them, and their days will
4114 telemakhy: THREN
4115 mourntheglories1: not lengthen like a shadow.
4116 mourntheglories1: omg that one sounds like the caaave >><
4117 telemakhy: haha omg
4118 telemakhy: i just realized i could figure out the shadows in general but
4119 telemakhy: not why ike and jade's matched up when they held hands
4120 mourntheglories1: wow factory thats epic
4121 mourntheglories1: lol
4122 mourntheglories1: ikes the sinner
4123 mourntheglories1: but jade doesnt
4124 mourntheglories1: oh well mine are just looking those versus up for fun
4125 mourntheglories1: i haven't read any of the bible since well at least ten years ago
4126 factorycreated: Jews are pretty forgiving in general, least Reform Jews are
4127 thren: WHAT ARE YOU CAPS LOCKING AT ME FOR but hey whoever saves this conversation
4128 telemakhy: haha i still think it's hilarious that abraham made ike go to temple all the time
4129 thren: I would appreciate a copy at some point
4130 thren: Night!
4131 telemakhy: i will be saving it! night
4132 mourntheglories1: Night!
4133 factorycreated: synagogue
4134 factorycreated: is jewish church
4135 mourntheglories1: I will never be able too i get logged out once every 30 mins
4136 thren: this convo that I have incriminated myself to revealing I write fics oops haha /ollies out
4137 mourntheglories1: oh what did we say about daniel?
4138 hren left the room
4139 mourntheglories1: lmao be proud!
4140 telemakhy: daniel was mentioned by the girls at the beginning of #3
4141 telemakhy: casey's dad is named dan also
4142 mourntheglories1: daniel 8
4143 factorycreated: you know the robed dudes
4144 factorycreated: "so we made our own gods"
4145 mourntheglories1: Then I heard a holy one speaking, and another holy one said to him, “How long will it take
4146 mourntheglories1: for the vision to be fulfilled—the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, the rebellion
4147 factorycreated: AHHHH CREEPY
4148 mourntheglories1: that causes desolation, and the surrender of the sanctuary and of the host
4149 telemakhy: aw shit why didn't we go to that one in the first place
4150 mourntheglories1: that will be trampled underfoot?”
4151 mourntheglories1: sorry I saved the best for last Bwahahahaha
4152 mourntheglories1: now that right there has MGA written all over it
4153 mourntheglories1: im not saying im just saying
4154 factorycreated: knowing us though, we'll find connections with everything haha
4155 telemakhy: haha i can find something in everything when i'm obsessed
4156 telemakhy: should we close up this shop? i need to save all of this after all
4157 mourntheglories1: yeah but its saying bam for the vision the daily sacrifice and a rebellion that causes
4158 mourntheglories1: the downfall
4159 mourntheglories1: i mean thats the truants
4160 mourntheglories1: and the talk of sacrifice
4161 telemakhy: yes yes yes
4162 factorycreated: the angel demands sacrifice
4163 mourntheglories1: then bam we havent got to the desolation and surrender and host tho
4164 factorycreated: maybe they hadn't given sacrifices for ages.....
4165 factorycreated: in deep shit
4166 telemakhy: the ceremony kept getting interupted
4167 mourntheglories1: so we will jsut have to keep coming back to this daniel 8
4168 telemakhy: first by ike and hunter and then the twins
4169 mourntheglories1: time
4170 telemakhy: yes! that is what we'll do
4171 factorycreated: SO GOOD
4172 factorycreated: ah
4173 mourntheglories1: we are awesome
4174 factorycreated: also gotta say
4175 mourntheglories1: *HIGH FIVE MGA CREW LOVE*
4176 factorycreated: when the robed dudes say "so we made our own gods"
4177 factorycreated: it says in Jeremiah 16
4178 telemakhy: oh yes good
4179 telemakhy: very nice thing to notice there
4180 factorycreated: SO MAYBE
4181 factorycreated: at MGA they're not really ~worpshipping~ god
4182 factorycreated: the real god
4183 uest-84746 entered the room
4184 factorycreated: but then who is really evil
4185 mourntheglories1: cult cult cult happy murderous!
4186 factorycreated: neither?
4187 mourntheglories1: CULT!
4188 uest-84746 left the room
4189 mourntheglories1: everyone is wrong
4190 mourntheglories1: and no one is right
4191 mourntheglories1: its life
4192 factorycreated: they're all in purgatory
4193 mourntheglories1: OKAY LOST
4194 telemakhy: LMAO IT'S ALL LOST
4195 mourntheglories1: i would be so angry if that was true
4196 telemakhy: but seriously, we ready to close up shop here?
4197 mourntheglories1: id be so dissappointed
4198 factorycreated: Never watched lost agh
4199 mourntheglories1: dont it will ruin your life
4200 mourntheglories1: but do because it wont
4201 telemakhy: lost is great i highly suggest it
4202 mourntheglories1: its a love hate
4203 factorycreated: yeah I wasn't going to haha
4204 mourntheglories1: well after 5 hours yeah shop should close
4205 factorycreated: too many loose ends?
4206 telemakhy: well yeah, but it didn't ruin it for me
4207 telemakhy: anyway yeah! i'm copying and saving now, so good night
4208 ourntheglories left the room
4209 factorycreated: GOODNIGHT
4210 mourntheglories1: and my twin leaves for the 20th time
4211 factorycreated: although its 1pm here
4212 telemakhy: it's 1 am here
4213 mourntheglories1: its 12am here
4214 telemakhy: we did it we climbed this whole mountain

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