Morning Glories Issue 25 Tinychat from March 27, 2013
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

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0013 liam: I just
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0015 liam: Sobbing
0016 liam: so much sobbing
0017 jess: omfg
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0019 jess: hi alex!
0020 wehavetogoback: NICK
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0022 alex_sollazzo: hi
0024 vicky: HI....
0025 krystle: lol god nice job alex
0027 krystle: on that impromtu plane
0029 macey: NICK
0030 alex_sollazzo: why thank you.
0031 krystle: and yes great job, Nick and Alex best issue yet
0032 nick: IT WAS NOT EASY
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0036 macey: they're all monsters, liam
0037 vicky: this issue was BEAUTIFUL
0038 macey: TESSA
0039 tessa: MACEY
0040 liam: TESSA
0041 nick: you all have been pretty amazing the last 24 hours
0042 tessa: hey pals
0043 krystle: we were just saying how awesome the recapping on this issue was
0044 vicky: hey tessta!
0045 macey: awww, nick!
0046 krystle: hey tessa
0047 vicky: tessa**..............
0048 jess: tessla
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0050 tessa: it was so good! I've been begging for a timeline forever!
0051 tessa: hey everyone!
0052 macey: the thing about this issue was it was forced to be rushed, but i feel like it helped with
0053 macey: some of the truants characters and future jade's really well
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0055 macey: i do feel like i know them all better?
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0057 alexhemsley: Nick will you have extra issues of 25 at C2E2 because my LCS sold out of the casey varient
0058 krystle: yeah a lot of characterization on the truants
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0060 tessa: my store only had 1 cover, it was kinda sad
0061 nick: alex- i won't, but joe might
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0063 macey: http
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0065 macey: because like ten people have come in since
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0067 macey: thanks, alex
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0070 dagney: macey that is beautiful
0071 tessa: oh my god
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0073 mylazycat: Spence, will there be a Morning Glories Yearbook or Morning Glories For Dummies?
0074 tessa: oh i stole your cover
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0076 tessa: *color
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0078 macey: JOE
0079 dagney: yea girl
0080 liam: JOOOOOE
0081 tessa: hi joe! also, hi nick!
0082 joe_eisma: link kept timing out on me, sorry
0083 nick: trying to do the yearbook would probably kill rodin given his schedule
0084 krystle: heya joe
0085 joe_eisma: yes, i'll have copies of the variants at c2e2
0086 macey: joe, you're reaching mckelvie levels of layout craziness. it's amazing.
0087 nick: but I do think about some kind of primer/for dummies thing
0088 joe_eisma: thanks, macey!
0089 mylazycat: Because I have no clue anymore.
0090 mylazycat: Still love it, though
0091 nick: there is something small but cool coming in 27, I think, that recaps stuff
0092 nick: haha thanks
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0094 mylazycat: Awesome. Thank you!
0095 macey: yeah how are you guys planning on doing so many double issues
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0097 macey: are you sure you aren't gods of some sort
0098 krystle: tessa my store only had the hunter cover ; ; i was crying over just that
0099 tessa: emily can't come due to not having the issue yet but she says hi
0100 mylazycat: Best wishes you two and keep up the great work!
0101 liam: they're magic
0103 tessa: feel you, krystle!
0104 macey: tell her i can get it for her over comixology tessa
0105 joe_eisma: loved reading you guys' reactions today
0106 tessa: oh my god, don't buy it for her, haha
0107 tessa: she'll live
0108 tessa: WELL
0109 tessa: i reacted STRONGLY
0110 krystle: do i need to get you variants at c2e2 for you tessa?
0111 liam: Tessa I got the Casey cover but I felt guilty after I realised it after I just went 'IAN'
0113 tessa: I KNOW
0114 tessa: I'M SO HAPPY
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0117 krystle: Yaaaaaaaaay
0118 liam: I told you you were going to enjoy the last page tessa
0119 tessa: can't even be fully stressed about akiko etc because i am exploding with joy
0120 macey: so is casey older or no? because she looks older, but she still fits in that gym outfit
0121 vicky: so excited for more casey oh man
0122 nick: i was pretty bummed by how many stores reportedly only stocked one cover
0123 tessa: yeah, not fair! although apparently emily ordered a bunch of variants
0124 krystle: yeah i got the last issue too which never happens -_-
0125 nick: i think they may have shipped that way
0126 krystle: well coming from the picture joe posted it look like it came in stacks of ten
0127 liam: Emily is magic though
0128 macey: i order from tfaw so i have no idea which one i'll get
0129 macey: i want the ike/jade/fortunato/akiko one though!
0130 tessa: also--i was reading it in the hallway, and this girl came up and looked over my shoulder
0131 liam: I got the one with Ian on it and I was so happy ;u;
0132 tessa: and went "what is that and how can i read it"
0133 joe_eisma: that's awesome, tessa
0134 tessa: so. recruiting fans.
0135 krystle: i want all three covers so i can frame them and hang them in my room
0136 macey: tessa i'm SO PROUD
0137 krystle: get it girl
0138 tessa: I got the casey one so I am happy obviously
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0140 liam: Rachel still has ALL OF MY MG STUFF that I got at fandays so I can't let people borrow it
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0142 macey: so. guys. headmaster.
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0144 krystle: here we go
0145 macey: our two biggest opinions are hunter and ike now, right?
0146 liam: I totally think it's Hunter
0147 krystle: hunter.... cracked me the f up today
0148 vicky: yeah hunter
0149 tessa: hunter
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0151 macey: i was totally sold on it being hunter after the issue
0152 tessa: "fuuuuck me"
0153 tessa: killed me
0154 tessa: and lizzie
0155 krystle: "stand here"
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0157 macey: but the study hall makes me think it must be ike!
0158 macey: i want to say "maybe they're BOTH the headmaster" but how does that work
0159 vicky: i still think ike is david somehow
0160 tessa: wait, okay, i'm only halfway through the study hall
0161 krystle: oh man i havent read the study hall yet
0162 joe_eisma: how about that study hall. dagney outdid herself
0163 vicky: ack still need to finish the study hall
0164 macey: DAGNEY IS SUSAN NOT MATT....
0165 krystle: pants
0166 joe_eisma: d'oh
0167 macey: idk where matt is is he lurking
0168 dagney: yes hello i am susan
0169 joe_eisma: sorry susan
0170 dagney: irl susan
0171 dagney: 's okay
0172 tessa: hey susan!
0173 vicky: haha
0174 macey: where is matt, we need to sing his praises. crit's too of course
0175 dagney: hi tessa =o
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0177 joe_eisma: matt's lurking
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0179 dagney: yes i am currently going through the study hall too
0180 macey: alright well you're swell dude
0181 dagney: hence my scarcity
0182 krystle: btw i loved the count down you had this issue joe
0183 dagney: yes!! that was so much fun
0184 joe_eisma: thanks!
0185 krystle: and it made me think a lot about their powers >.>
0186 liam: That countdown was so stressful
0187 macey: the countdown was so rad!
0188 joe_eisma: had to whip you all into a frenzy. haha
0189 pmaybury: Joe, you're so great!
0190 macey: joe, what was your favorite page to draw this issue?
0191 tessa: the countdown was stressing me out, hahah
0192 macey: i'm assuming one of ike's breakdown pages but the entire thing was gorgeous so
0193 joe_eisma: aw, is that Paul Maybury??
0194 tessa: oh man, ike's breakdown pages
0195 joe_eisma: I'm honored.
0196 tessa: were like something out of sandman, it was so great
0197 pmaybury: Yeah, I just wanted to see what it was like to have fans.
0198 krystle: oh god i was cringing the ike and the snake pit >.<
0199 joe_eisma: my favorite page was Ike's trip out scene
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0201 macey: I KNEW IT WOULD BE
0202 krystle: good call macey
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0204 alexhemsley: you mean your new twitter profile?
0205 joe_eisma: Paul you're awesome. We need to hang out again!
0206 pmaybury: coming to Heroes?
0207 joe_eisma: Yep! I will see you there?
0208 krystle: omg and older! jade saying hunter remindered her of ike and how that connected was
0209 krystle: WELL PLAYED SIRS
0210 tessa: YES
0211 macey: OHHHHH YES
0212 tessa: oh gosh so are we all in agreement
0213 joe_eisma: Oh and the chains on the bg of Ike's page--not in script. Just thought they'd be fun
0214 tessa: about hunter as jade and ike's kid
0215 macey: was that lampshading how either ike or hunter could be the headmaster now
0216 pmaybury: Yeah, I just need to figure out where I'm staying.
0218 krystle: lol
0219 joe_eisma: @Paul--awesome!
0220 pmaybury: I will see you there, sir.
0221 joe_eisma: haha thanks Macey
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0223 macey: future jade's babe level doesn't stop from getting higher either
0224 joe_eisma: I'm not even consciously trying to draw old Jade hot
0225 joe_eisma: despite what Nick thinks.
0226 nick: yeah, she's getting ridiculous now
0227 krystle: bamf
0228 liam: Future Jade is a babe joe you keep doin what you doin
0229 joe_eisma: haha. So I keep adding lines to her face. She's going to look like a catcher's mitt soon
0230 krystle: hahaha oh boy
0231 macey: her gift is the ability to gain wrinkles at at alarming pace
0232 krystle: i really dont want to bring it up but twins....
0233 tessa: I like how you guys entirely avoided giving me any peace of mind around akiko
0234 tessa: THANKS
0235 krystle: lol that too
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0244 dagney: still holding out hope for fake hisao
0245 nick: awkiko
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0247 vicky: alive-kiko
0248 macey: that should be the ian/akiko ship name
0249 joe_eisma: haha #awkiko
0250 macey: because ian's....awkward....get it....
0251 dagney: omfg
0252 macey: ba dum tish......
0253 vicky: JADSHKSSL
0254 krystle: hahahahaha
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0257 krystle: you guys are the worst
0258 krystle: in a good way
0259 krystle: i think
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0261 tessa: pffahaha
0262 macey: okay but seriously the ian stuff was really sad
0263 tessa: this is completely self-indulgent
0264 tessa: but i rolled around in bliss when jade called casey the ONLY ONE WHO COULD FIX THINGS
0265 krystle: so closure on brendon yeah?
0266 krystle: well she IS the hero/cover girl bamf
0267 dagney: poor brendan though
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0271 macey: FUCKED UP.
0272 nick: poor dead brendan
0273 krystle: yeah he looked pretty zombied in that bag
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0276 tessa: didn't we confirm he was dead-dead ages ago
0277 krystle: "that b*tch"
0278 krystle: i think we thought he was the last one in the body bag but were not 100 positive
0279 dagney: naw some of us are in denail about every single death
0280 dagney: i.e. me
0281 nick: @tessa tried to confirm that fully here, lotta people didn't buy it
0282 krystle: ZOOOOOEEEE
0284 tessa: huh
0285 tessa: i bought it
0286 macey: i don't want to say a tease but way to make us miss her.
0287 tessa: maybe a little too readily
0288 joe_eisma: Someone asked recently if I missed drawing Zoe, and I was like..
0289 tessa: i know! oh man! i was happy to see her and heartbroken all over again
0290 joe_eisma: i JUST drew her, but can't say that. haha
0291 tessa: haha
0292 krystle: lol
0293 macey: ah you know what i forgot to comment on
0294 macey: does this mean....tuna fish.....ISN'T a robot....?
0295 krystle: HE SPEAKS
0296 vicky: gasp
0298 dagney: what about irina floating did anyone mention that
0299 krystle: zen buddist with the crazy killing spree's
0300 macey: he displayed something similar to the human emotion of "regret"
0301 macey: that's not very robotic
0302 krystle: so FREAKI*NG much to talk about in this issue >.>
0303 nick: i got called a liar for that floating thing
0304 krystle: so every scene with Abe I feel more and more pity for him
0305 joe_eisma: haha matt seemed to relish calling nick a liar
0306 macey: obviously, irina is the spider messiah.
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0308 krystle: haha no one is buying the floating irina?
0309 macey: NO nick said before there were no superpowers and matt just
0310 macey: flew off his handle at floating irina.
0311 nick: if a lawn bag floats, no one cares, irina floats, its a big deal
0312 krystle: but everyone is buying every other power? like time travel, and instant-o-heath in a minut
0313 alexhemsley: that lawn bag really confused me
0314 coconutdreams: flew off my handle?? come onnnn
0316 coconutdreams: i just like teasing nick
0317 macey: and maybe i exaggerated but i could read the venom in that sentence, man.
0318 krystle: owned
0319 tessa: is walid the mysterious blond kid in the photo?
0320 macey: oh yeah! can we talk about future jade claiming mga is a monastery?
0322 tessa: emily had a theory about that!
0323 tessa: man I DON'T KNOW
0325 nick: WALID
0326 macey: and we need more middle eastern characters in comics give me this, tessa
0327 nick: knew you'd catch that
0328 krystle: i dont think they were at mga anymore
0329 macey: yeah nick now we're gonna be playing where's walid
0330 tessa: hahah
0331 krystle: school, temple, but random house with no roof or walls?
0332 nick: haha
0333 tessa: but i still want the kid to be explained! i'm just connecting things random/desperately
0334 tessa: do we have any other mystery characters
0335 macey: i still think if david isn't ike he's the blond kid.
0336 tessa: or are we just assuming he hasn't been introduced
0337 macey: then again ike's breakdown really pointed to him becoming david, i think
0338 dagney: i mean howard
0339 krystle: there was also art and olivia
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0342 nick: no one cares about art or olivia
0343 macey: WOW NICK
0344 nick: no one should
0345 krystle: or megan right?
0346 nick: haha
0347 krystle: they just died for the greater good
0348 tessa: oh man did you guys get excited when abraham talked about megan
0349 macey: MEGAN!!! where's nexicon, he was right!!
0350 macey: he said megan was a camp kid ages ago and i told him that was unlikely
0351 dagney: about what?
0352 dagney: ohhhh
0353 macey: but he was RIGHT!
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0355 joe_eisma: man, nex--he is DEDICATED
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0359 tessa: ohh liam
0360 tessa: do tell
0361 macey: megan's like my favorite minor character, i want a megan issue.
0363 tessa: em almost convinced me to go to bostoncon as megan
0364 krystle: oh shit
0365 krystle: wheres pamela this issue
0366 liam: Wasn't he one of the people who tried to kill Muhammad
0367 macey: wow rude wally
0368 liam: Walid ibn Uqba
0369 coconutdreams: i feel foolish for not researching walid now
0370 macey: can we call him wally, i would like to call him wally.
0371 liam: Why the hell do I know this stuff
0372 joe_eisma: haha--if you went as Megan, I would definitely have to give you some free art
0373 dagney: too soon, macey
0374 tessa: don't tempt me, i've been trying to grow my hair out for ages
0375 tessa: MAN i read the quran years ago but i have no memory of this
0376 krystle: walid is such a random name
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0378 tessa: we have tons of people jump up to talk about the bible! we need a quran expert!
0379 liam: NO I WAS WRONG he was the SON of the guy who tired to kill Muhammad
0380 nick: pamela will get some time soon, I promise
0381 liam: Let me go get my copy I'll be right back
0382 krystle: thanks nick you da best
0383 nick: there will probably be a megan issue at some point
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0385 dagney: but will there be a roy the goat issue?
0386 tessa: good, i miss pamela
0387 krystle: ^this
0388 tessa: a MEGAN ISSUE?
0389 tessa: YES
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0394 macey: haha speaking of minor characters. tessa i was gonna tell you alicia wasn't a
0395 macey: background character
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0398 theilluminerdi: Hello!
0399 joe_eisma: hey you got my tweet!
0401 theilluminerdi: Yeah. Thanks for the invite.
0402 macey: hey!
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0404 tessa: i can't decide who counts as background!
0405 liam entered the room
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0407 joe_eisma: seriously--i can't wait for you to post all the bg characters in #13. muahaha
0408 tessa: i might have to break it into multiple posts, haha
0409 joe_eisma: alex LOVED coloring all those kids.
0410 coconutdreams: do #14
0411 krystle: poor alex lol
0412 nick: i have gone through those bg characters and created loads of back stories
0413 nick: some of them will be back, for sure
0414 krystle: forget the yearbook, bg character issue
0415 coconutdreams: don't tease
0416 tessa: i was considering dividing them by hair color but decided i had too much time on my hands
0417 macey: she has a name and has appeared in multiple issues, tessa!
0418 tessa: okay FINE
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0420 tessa: i'm infatuated with the gossiping girls now
0421 krystle: what color would you describe the one gossip girl
0422 guest-1050927 changed nickname to caleb_bollenbacher
0423 tessa: um in regards to what
0424 krystle: its like purplish grey @@;
0425 krystle: oh i meant hair!
0426 tessa: haha okay
0427 nick: everyone should give matt props for that timeline btw
0428 tessa: yeah! props! i was wating for that!
0429 caleb_bollenbacher: props to nick (where is it? I was just thinking today that I needed one of those haha)
0430 macey: mga must have tons of good gossip. like who killed who
0431 joe_eisma: it's caleb! hey man!
0432 caleb_bollenbacher: i mean matt...but also props to nick. props all round
0433 caleb_bollenbacher: hey joe! nice to finally make one of these!
0434 macey: matt is obviously one of these new
0435 macey: gods
0436 tessa: oh man can we discuss the guillaume/irina relationship a little
0437 nick: haha, i was always too lazy to do the timeline
0438 dagney: yes please
0439 krystle: lol matt for new god!
0440 krystle: another gossip topic
0441 coconutdreams: i'm the guy in the mask doing the "come at me bro" hands
0442 joe_eisma: haha
0443 dagney: hahahahah
0444 krystle: oh god
0445 tessa: i feel like we keep assuming irina just confides in fortunato
0446 krystle: ian was all team irinia switch over
0447 macey: that guy is the best character in this whole comic
0448 krystle: for-tuna-to ?
0449 joe_eisma: i love ian. such a gangly doofy guy.
0450 macey: oh yeah, i was surprised she told somebody besides tuna!
0451 vicky: <3
0452 krystle: he is also a love struck puppy you want to cuddle
0453 dagney: clearly there's an eyes-open/eyes-not-open divide
0454 liam: Macey and I freaked out about how much i'm like ian and I'm cosplaying him at BCC
0455 caleb_bollenbacher: i have such mixed ian feels. he's great...but I also feel like he's somehow gonna knife me
0456 macey: then again, i am just suspicious of fortunato.
0457 nick: joe's ian posture is some of my fave stuff these days
0458 nick: that kid has the worst scholiosis
0459 joe_eisma: hahahahaha
0460 macey: all ian seems to care about is aikiko, so after this...
0461 caleb_bollenbacher: lmao
0462 krystle: lol he does have that lack of self confidence lean going on
0463 caleb_bollenbacher: it's like he's standing there but I can almost hear the "hurrrrr" effort it's taking
0464 joe_eisma: when you described him to me initially, i just KNEW him
0465 joe_eisma: body language, mannerisms
0466 tessa: (young guillaume's posture is my favorite, as long as we're talking about that)
0467 macey: *akiko
0468 nick: i always think of hunter and ian as mg readers
0469 krystle: did you have a friend like that joe or are you like ian?
0470 nick: but ian is the dude that dropped the book and complains about it
0471 caleb_bollenbacher: that would make so much sense. hunter totally is
0472 coconutdreams: hahaha
0473 caleb_bollenbacher: lololol
0474 krystle: lmao yes and hunter is the omg what happens next
0475 tessa: hahaha oh my god
0476 macey: haha, my favorite posture thing this issue was tuna being so straight when everyone
0477 nick: akkiko is all tumblr fandom
0478 wehavetogoback: he would tag you on twitter to make sure you knew
0479 tessa: i bet ian is a highly entitled feeling fan sometimes
0480 caleb_bollenbacher: hunter is the guy who "just doesn't understand" why his other friends aren't reading
0481 macey: else slumps
0482 caleb_bollenbacher: my fave. posture was probably daramount wearing pants. that's a posture, right?
0483 joe_eisma: ian is definitely inspired by dudes at my old comic shop
0484 caleb_bollenbacher: haha there it is!
0485 caleb_bollenbacher: wait. bankstons??
0486 rawnzilla entered the room
0487 theilluminerdi: I was worried for Hunter while reading this week's issue. Thank you for not harming him...
0488 macey: ian's the fan who thinks nick and joe "betrayed" him
0489 guest-1051074 changed nickname to rawnzilla
0490 joe_eisma: haha it only took 25 issues for daramount to put on pants!
0491 krystle: yes thank you for healing him
0492 caleb_bollenbacher: that's my life basically
0493 joe_eisma: not bankston's, caleb. one up here in dallas
0494 krystle: i am forever in your debt lol
0495 caleb_bollenbacher: makes more sense. dallas has some good ones
0496 rawnzilla: the limo driver is behind it all!
0497 joe_eisma: illuminerdi--i think we'd get crucified for hurting hunter (too much)
0498 caleb_bollenbacher: i gotta be honest. every time Michael J Fox does NOT show up at MGA I'm surprised
0499 joe_eisma: aw hell it's ron cacace!
0500 macey: daramount looked great! but where was her sister today?
0501 theilluminerdi: How many issues will Season 2 be?
0502 nick: most likely 25 again
0503 rawnzilla: it's me
0504 caleb_bollenbacher: i love the 'season' aspect of it. I don't know that I've seen that before but it's perfect
0505 krystle: id prob be most likely to drop mg if hunter dies wait no i wouldnt but i would feel
0506 krystle: betrayed for the rest of the running
0507 nick: if we pulled off zoe, we could pull off hunter
0508 caleb_bollenbacher: no!
0509 nick:
0510 krystle: please dont even joke
0511 tessa: don't you dare
0512 liam: YOU MONSTERS
0513 krystle: i can feel okay with pretty much everyone but casey and hunter
0514 caleb_bollenbacher: i can just see nick somewhere pushing his chair away and proclaiming "challenge accepted!"
0515 joe_eisma: we'd have to introduce another ginger to balance things out
0516 nick: i read walking dead just to see if they finally kill rick
0517 caleb_bollenbacher: same
0518 wehavetogoback: haha
0519 krystle: same
0520 nick: that's the kind of person i am
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0523 caleb_bollenbacher: i keep expecting the tv show to do it just to screw with me
0524 macey: obviously ben is a ginger.
0525 krystle: and pronuce it all just a 'dream'
0526 tessa: can we vote on the most unwelcome possible death
0527 liam: I can only really do two zombie things at a time and Walking Dead bored me
0528 caleb_bollenbacher: i vote jason todd. he's so unwelcome
0529 wehavetogoback: death by spinning
0530 theilluminerdi: By the way, I miss Zoe. Any chance she was clonsed?
0531 tessa: death by spinning sounds great, what are you talking about
0532 caleb_bollenbacher: lol
0533 deezter99 entered the room
0534 nick: no chance
0535 macey: DEATH MY DAVID
0536 guest-1051224 changed nickname to deezter99
0537 joe_eisma: is the mga cylinder up in here? haha
0538 krystle: oh man bring in the clones... i can just imagine the goats in this special place being
0539 macey: BY. NOT MY
0540 krystle: clonded and then bam zoe being cloned all resident evil style
0541 joe_eisma: i really thought it would be funny to 'leak' a version of that last page
0542 joe_eisma: with zoe instead of casey
0543 krystle: death by spinning aka the spinning device?
0544 caleb_bollenbacher: lol that's just wrong
0545 joe_eisma: but i knew i couldn't ask alex to do that extra work for such a crass joke.
0546 tessa: JOE that would be AWFUL
0547 krystle: major TROLL hahaha
0548 tessa: i would have a heart attack
0549 macey: awwww joe you
0550 alex_sollazzo: what, i totally woulda done it
0551 nick: aw joe that would've been awesome
0552 caleb_bollenbacher: alex is on board!
0553 joe_eisma: haha i didn't want to bother you
0554 krystle: yes alex tell me
0555 caleb_bollenbacher: next season
0556 krystle: er him*
0558 joe_eisma: i wanted to do a couple of them
0559 joe_eisma: one with casey's dad
0560 joe_eisma: maybe brendan
0561 joe_eisma: hahaha
0562 tessa: hahahah oh my god
0563 caleb_bollenbacher: one with rick astley
0564 dagney: god
0565 krystle: yeeeeessssss
0566 nick: art and olivia with submachine guns
0567 francy entered the room
0568 krystle: singing "never gonna give you up"
0569 joe_eisma: haha
0570 nick: one with cable, one with stryfe
0571 guest-1051302 changed nickname to francy
0572 caleb_bollenbacher: one with Wolverine probably. That dude is in all books ever.
0573 tessa: oh my god
0574 krystle: itd be like one of those adventure books, now who would you follow and each with a differe
0575 caleb_bollenbacher: haha @ cable/stryfe
0576 coconutdreams: cough wolverine has been in morning glories in issue #11 cough
0577 krystle: nt outcome
0578 nick: joe is the only one who will get my x-tinction agenda jokes
0579 tessa: please insert cable in mg somewhere
0580 wehavetogoback: don't forget nate
0581 coconutdreams: ;)
0582 nick: I HOPE
0583 caleb_bollenbacher: sadly I think I would too...
0584 caleb_bollenbacher: my comic nerdery extends far beyond my youth
0585 joe_eisma: i grew up with x-tinction agenda! vintage claremont and lee
0586 deezter99 left the room
0587 macey: are art and olivia our new roy the goat
0588 macey: like in terms of how we think of them
0589 dagney: no
0590 dagney: no one cares about them
0591 tessa: apparently
0592 krystle: yeah they are nobody's
0593 caleb_bollenbacher: Morning Glories is so ahead of the curve on this whole internet goat phenomenon
0594 joe_eisma: my favorite moments are when you guys notice some detail and i look for it..
0595 joe_eisma: and don't remember drawing it. (not gonna say what)
0596 dagney: like the camera?
0597 tessa: what moments have we recently noticed? i want to know, now.
0598 nick: first person who brings a goat to a show as part of their cosplay
0599 nick: gets all joes art
0600 caleb_bollenbacher: shiz....gotta go find a goat
0601 liam: Would goats be allowed in the cons though
0602 tessa: man, i used to have goats, too
0603 francy: if it's a service goat
0604 macey: roy is like the lil sebastian of the mgverse i swear
0605 caleb_bollenbacher: lmao service goat
0606 tessa: lil roy
0607 liam: because I basically live in Rural DFW area I can find a goat
0608 joe_eisma: HEY NOW
0609 liam: My neighbour has a goat.
0610 nick: free commissions for life
0611 liam: I could borrow his goat
0612 joe_eisma: hahaha macey that's the best comparison
0613 dagney: the goat would just eat all the art
0614 tessa: that's it. we're smuggling a goat in.
0615 dagney: "roy noooo"
0616 caleb_bollenbacher: can I hide in the Trojan goat? guys, please
0617 macey: JOE YOU WATCH PARKS.....
0618 francy: service goats are a thing a friend of mine saw one this is a plan that can happen
0619 macey: I'M SO HAPPY.....
0620 joe_eisma: i did (i'm way way behind on it)
0621 macey: parks is to tv as mg is to comics for me
0622 vicky entered the room
0623 upguntha entered the room
0624 vicky left the room
0625 liam: It's a tiny little goat it's like 2 feet tall
0626 joe_eisma: nice
0627 macey: in terms of my love of them
0628 guest-1051461 changed nickname to vicky
0629 tessa: wait are we talking about parks STAND ASIDE i love parks
0630 liam: Joe when is the next DFW Con you're going to be at
0631 guest-1051464 changed nickname to upguntha
0632 liam: I want goat cosplay
0633 krystle: ill dress my dog up as roy
0634 guest-1051497 entered the room
0635 joe_eisma: i have no idea. maybe not til the fall
0636 tessa: }
0637 macey: NEX YOU MADE IT
0638 upguntha: yes i did
0639 tessa: ...that "}" was accidental
0640 joe_eisma: hey we were just talking about you
0641 upguntha: really?
0642 joe_eisma: yeah. i'm still floored how dedicated you are. haha
0643 upguntha: i hope only nice things
0644 joe_eisma: you even got matt to amend study hall. no one's ever managed that have they?
0645 upguntha: nope i was proud of myself on that
0647 upguntha: he's done it once but it was minor
0648 macey: ABOUT BENJAMIN
0649 joe_eisma: ahh, i see
0650 tessa: am i missing out on a whole mg world by not being on twitter?
0651 upguntha: yes you are
0652 tessa: damn
0653 macey: nick, how much did you have to cut out of this issue? or compress completely?
0654 coconutdreams: i'd update it more frequently if y'all commented on the post more often
0655 upguntha: it's mostly me yelling my theories at Nick and Joe
0656 nick: @macey it was a tight one, even with all the pages
0657 nick: 27 and 28 are even more so
0658 macey: OHHH SHIT so is 26 more like a breather?
0659 guest-1051572 entered the room
0660 nick: not at all, 28 is double-sized, part 3 of S2 premiere
0661 upguntha: who's massaging's Joe and Alex hands after 2 double sizes
0662 caleb_bollenbacher: the whole time I was wondering what issue 100 would be like
0663 caleb_bollenbacher: I feel like I'll need a dozen issues at the end to breathe haha
0664 macey: issue 100 is going to be 100 pages.
0665 nick: 29 is more of an epilogue thing to all that
0666 macey: ahhh dang
0667 tessa: good
0668 tessa: keep 'em coming
0669 alex_sollazzo: i dont have hands anymore, i had to get robot claws
0670 guest-1051572 left the room
0671 upguntha: so was my addemdum about Vanessa correct
0672 dagney: alex is irl fortunato
0673 tessa: in fact, let's make them get progressively bigger
0674 upguntha: lol
0675 macey: so would 26-29 be an arc or not
0676 tessa: oh, hey, alex!
0677 nick: yeah, v5 will be 26-29
0679 dagney: i can't believe we finished season 1 and we're still on the woodrun day
0680 macey: HE'S ACTUALLY ALEX.
0681 dagney: these poor kids
0682 macey: woodrun day is the entire rest of the comic i bet
0683 dagney: we just never leave woodrun day
0684 dagney: they'll be in the middle of a fight or something and someone will finally go
0685 krystle: god... all i can think of is alex as the terminator now
0686 dagney: "okay time-out, let's all take a nap"
0687 nick: i thought about burning down all the woods at the end of this
0688 caleb_bollenbacher: turns out woodrun is are just sorta lengthy
0689 macey: everyone just falls over in exhaustion
0690 liam left the room
0691 liam entered the room
0692 guest-1051629 changed nickname to liam
0694 krystle: so poor alex wouldnt ahve to color any more forest?
0696 upguntha: Irina did say there is no end
0697 macey: then again, where would irina go
0698 tessa: hey let's take a poll
0699 macey: i love polls
0700 tessa: who thinks jade is gonna pop up and rescue ike somehow
0701 krystle: undersground buncker
0702 krystle: bunker*
0703 dagney: which jade?
0704 tessa: either jade
0705 tessa: that's what lizzie thinks
0706 macey: goood, what if jade took the bullet?
0707 dagney: future future jade
0708 joe_eisma: i think alex thought about burning down all the trees several times.
0709 caleb_bollenbacher: i think there's probably like twenty jades
0710 caleb_bollenbacher: it's like this week's How I Met Your Mother
0711 macey: i mean, she says she has to die. there is her chance.
0712 tessa: a jade for every month of her life
0713 pml_wil entered the room
0714 guest-1050744 left the room
0715 upguntha: Jade=Rei Ayanami
0716 guest-1051674 entered the room
0717 tessa: you mean in a simon and alisha kind of way?
0719 dagney: omfg
0720 coconutdreams: i hope morning glories ends with all the kids singing "the longest time" a capella
0721 guest-1051668 changed nickname to pml_wil
0722 francy: don't say simon and alisha no omg
0723 wehavetogoback: poor simon and alisha
0724 wehavetogoback:
0725 francy: i'm still not over that
0726 macey: there's a giant vat of jades in the basement
0727 tessa: dying so someone else can live~
0728 guest-1051686 entered the room
0729 guest-1051686 left the room
0730 nick: are we gonna talk about misfits now?
0731 macey: i still haven't watched misfits!! shhhhh
0732 wehavetogoback: SO GOOD
0733 krystle: that show
0734 upguntha: Misfittssssss
0735 krystle: was so awesome for two seasons
0736 krystle: shit started to go downhill after that
0737 dagney: abe
0738 nick: i don't think about mgs tv show stuff too much
0739 tessa: oh my gosh sorry macey that was a really big spoiler, haha
0740 nick: but i want that wholecreative team
0742 tessa: that would be so beautiful
0743 coconutdreams: speaking of TV shows - the wire reference, on purpose or happy coincidence?
0744 macey: JESUS CHRIST is hodge misato
0745 liam: I could totally see Ike as Shinji omfg
0746 dagney: obviously
0747 tessa: *I* think about mgs tv show stuff a LOT
0748 vicky: i come back and suddenly neon genesis misfits?
0749 nick: i listen to vince pope scores for this book all the time
0750 nick: misfits and black mirror both
0751 macey: joe help us out you're the nge fan
0752 upguntha: Hunter is Shinji with all his running away
0753 dagney: irina shows up w/ "anta baka"
0754 joe_eisma: yeah i could see misato/hodge parallels
0755 nick: this one constantly
0756 guest-1051497 left the room
0757 guest-1051674 left the room
0758 alexander_hemsley entered the room
0759 vicky left the room
0760 caleb_bollenbacher: i pretty much do nothing but think about mgs tv show
0761 tessa: high five
0762 rawnzilla left the room
0763 guest-1051740 entered the room
0764 macey: i hope this convinces nick to watch nge someday
0765 guest-1051740 left the room
0766 guest-1051731 changed nickname to alexander_hemsley
0767 vicky entered the room
0768 nick: yeah, i need to
0769 guest-1051752 changed nickname to vicky
0770 liam: Any time something happens in MG the LIfe and Death theme from lost plays in my head
0771 caleb_bollenbacher: i hope that by the time i'm firmly rooted in the tv world someone is making an mgs show
0772 macey: nick it's an Experience
0773 macey: like none you've ever seen i swear to god
0774 dagney: someone make a video of MGs to cruel angel's thesis
0775 alexander_hemsley: So are we going back to "school" now? or is it woodrun4Lyfe?
0776 upguntha: nick you made a comment about Utopia the other day were you talking about the tv show
0777 nick: oh yeah
0778 nick: utopia is amazing
0779 wehavetogoback: I can't wait to throw my trades at people when MG is a TV show
0780 caleb_bollenbacher: yeah, I was wondering that. School seems like the last thing possible. But it IS a school.
0781 wehavetogoback: make it rain mg trades
0782 nick: beautifully shot, just gorgeous to look at
0783 upguntha: i'm surprised we're getting series
0784 upguntha: 2
0785 nick: british tv is starting to crush US stuff on cinematography
0786 upguntha: Beautifull....after MG
0787 macey: thing is, who CAN go back to school?
0788 nick: which would've been unthinkable like, 5 years ago
0789 caleb_bollenbacher: agreed
0790 vicky: not irina
0791 macey: the kids are all implicated in this big thing, now.
0792 macey: irina for sure. not ike.
0793 caleb_bollenbacher: it's getting to the point where I regret the declaration of independence
0794 macey: or vanessa, or akiko.
0795 vicky: guillaume maybe?
0796 krystle: the question is... is ike dead
0797 francy: not jade considering the whole "we only kept her for casey" thing
0798 caleb_bollenbacher: ike is eternal
0799 vicky: HEY FRANCY
0800 macey: ian would want to stay with akiko...and guillaume might go wherever junisao does
0801 francy: VICKY I CAME
0802 vicky: HI HI YAY
0803 caleb_bollenbacher: he's more of a universal being...
0805 macey: so fortunato and hunter for sure. but that's it.
0806 pml_wil: But in the original time ilne, maybe this hasn't happened yet (unless Hunter succeeded )
0807 macey: i'm sure hunter did- how else would irina have gotten to abe and ike
0808 caleb_bollenbacher: except maybe she didn't?
0809 dagney: also i'm sure more Stuff Will Go Down before woodrun day is over
0810 caleb_bollenbacher: i dunno, there was definitely a SHOOM thing going on with irina in that hallway. blue
0811 caleb_bollenbacher: lights even
0812 dagney: so it's hard to judge who can and can't go back
0813 guest-1051875 entered the room
0814 pml_wil: Hunter probably did succeed, or else how did Casey get back at the end?
0815 guest-1051875 left the room
0816 macey: i want to believe hunter can do something right in his life
0817 macey: y'know
0818 coconutdreams: he did a pretty good job of missing his mom's funeral...
0819 tessa: LOW
0820 joe_eisma: hahaha
0821 macey: MATT WE DON'T GO THERE
0822 krystle: whoa macey
0823 wehavetogoback: MATT
0824 upguntha: Cassey vrought herself back
0825 tessa: haha
0826 francy: what are you talking about, his date with casey went great
0827 wehavetogoback: haha
0828 francy: didn't screw that up at all
0829 alexander_hemsley: I hope they all get back to the present and everyone is, dont be late for class 2morrow
0830 macey: this chat just turned into dissing hunter
0831 caleb_bollenbacher: hey, he got to the date
0832 dagney: hey whoa he blew up that ethanol okay
0833 caleb_bollenbacher: let's focus on small victories
0834 liam left the room
0835 macey: OH THAT'S TRUE
0836 tessa: like, what, he manages to dress himself daily
0837 dagney: and he was good in the water situation
0838 vicky: he BUILDS SOMETHING in the future, aim forward hunter
0839 dagney: yea it could be something evil though
0840 pml_wil: he builds a giant jekkyfish out of a garbage sack, that floats in te air. Useful!
0841 dagney: but still
0842 francy: he also ran away from zoe pretty well, so he has a lot of stamina
0843 francy: you go hunter
0844 macey: he built a door that just stands there? you can get doors ANYWHERE
0845 macey: he probably just went to the local home depot
0846 pml_wil: Looks like a Salvador Dali painting
0847 upguntha: Who else that Ike is the one unding the school in the future
0848 caleb_bollenbacher: i wondered about that
0849 macey: oh yes i'm sure ike is jade's generous benefactor
0850 caleb_bollenbacher: or maybe it's hunter
0851 macey: in some form or another- he could be dead and put her in his will after all
0852 pml_wil: Well, Ike inherits nothing. So maybe Hunter is the ricj one, in the future.
0853 caleb_bollenbacher: he found a way to monetize watches that only display one time and he uses the money 4 good
0855 macey: when he broke down i mean
0856 macey: that seems sort of important
0857 joe_eisma: i love it when i get a chance to draw gore
0858 vicky: what abou that whole we created our own gods thing too im really interested in that
0859 krystle: the trippin out scene the snakes did me in
0860 joe_eisma: ever since i was denied drawing jade's mom severed in half. haha
0861 dagney: what about that dog
0862 dagney: who is the dog why is it ther
0863 dagney: e
0864 macey: that dog is very cute
0865 pml_wil: I like the way so much of the scene with Ike and Abraham was illuminated from below
0866 krystle: i want to cosplay the evil looking gods
0867 caleb_bollenbacher: what if someone comissioned you to draw jade's mom severed in half?
0868 caleb_bollenbacher: too soon?
0869 krystle: those masks are wicked
0870 macey: DUDE
0871 krystle: forget casey
0872 joe_eisma: i would totally drawt hat
0873 caleb_bollenbacher: never
0874 krystle: lol jk im still doing casey i ordered shoes and all
0875 caleb_bollenbacher: haha great. filing that away for future use
0876 joe_eisma: i think the whole casey's shoes thing is hilarious and awesome
0877 macey: speaking of ike's breakdown
0878 joe_eisma: i had no idea at the time it would set off such a firestorm
0879 macey: you know i was not expecting him to be the first one to lose it at all
0880 tessa: some of us really like shoes and casey
0881 krystle: well casey is getting the van slip ons sorry im not wearing high heels all day at con
0882 joe_eisma: haha
0883 upguntha: Joe when will you draw my Zoe drag queen fantasy
0884 krystle: but she wears them a lot so it works
0885 coconutdreams: is there going to be a whole group of MG cosplayers at bcc?
0886 krystle: just sometimes she wears those cute grey heel ones
0887 joe_eisma: matt is already cosplaying as himself
0888 dagney: macey do you think something was affecting ike?
0889 dagney: or that he had just had it?
0890 coconutdreams: joe i am going to sit at your table and eat cookies all day while you draw
0891 joe_eisma: ok by me
0892 macey: ike's normally very rational, and stable, for this place.
0893 macey: either he's hidden it well, or he's being affected by this timey wimey stuff
0894 tessa: you should know that when kate met you she literally wanted to follow you around all day
0895 macey: i think it's a combination of both but mainly the latter
0896 joe_eisma: haha well i hardly ever leave my table at shows
0897 dagney: yes that's what i had assumed
0898 pml_wil: There's a William Blake character to that room with the door attached to nothing
0899 krystle: and what about the gangster "best two out of three"
0900 dagney: mostly because of what you said
0901 dagney: kind of goes back to what hunter was talking about earlier, too
0902 joe_eisma: yeah how about that dude's fedora?
0903 dagney: about not knowing how you're going to react until you're in that situation etc
0904 vicky: the gangster dude looks like old ike????????????? im looking at it now
0905 wehavetogoback: i'll bet he's on okcupid
0906 krystle: he was rocking that tie
0907 vicky: not to mention the purple on the hat
0908 pml_wil: Looks like he wandered in from "Fatale"
0909 francy: wasn't that zoe or did hunter mention that too and i forgot
0910 krystle: yeah curiouser and curiouser
0911 macey: maaaaybe that's the headmaster! WHO KNOWS
0912 macey: hell, or ben.
0913 dagney: what are we looking at right now??
0914 macey: the ganstery dude when ike lost it
0915 krystle: props on the bloody face ike tho. new favorite pic of him
0916 macey: *gangstery
0917 dagney: ohh yeaaaa
0918 macey: i think that jade panel with her guts sticking out is one of my new favorites too
0919 krystle: that ties not stylish enough for ike the hat yeah
0920 joe_eisma: you're all so morbid
0921 macey: it's weird to say but there's something really nice looking about it
0922 tessa: i LOVED that panel
0923 tessa: that whole page
0924 joe_eisma: thanks!
0925 dagney: o
0926 nick: if that was hunter with his guts out i bet they'd have a problem
0927 joe_eisma: probably
0929 dagney: except irina?
0930 nick: we went the full prisoner on that page
0931 dagney: or especially irina?
0932 macey: gore's also my favorite thing.
0933 krystle: i like it because hes tripping and its not real
0934 krystle: OR IS IT!
0935 wehavetogoback: IT IS
0936 macey: espcially irina. i love her, so i want her to suffer.
0937 pml_wil: Maybe Hunter is hollow. At least his skull is, according to that MRI he took.
0938 tessa: yeah, see, if i thought jade was legitimately spilling her guts i would have an issue
0939 tessa: i'm good with this
0940 macey: YEAH I DON'T WANT....JADE TO DIE YET.....
0941 krystle: oh man
0942 macey: i mean, yknow, future jade's a thing
0943 tessa: exactly
0944 tessa: hey so
0945 tessa: if ike DID die, that would make a huge mess
0946 joe_eisma: nobody is safe in this book
0947 joe_eisma: except maybe beard teacher
0948 coconutdreams: and dagney
0949 nick: one of the jades has their best moment yet in 027, I think
0950 dagney: yes
0951 macey: ONE OF THE JADES
0952 krystle: good to know ike is scared of dogs, snakes, gore of girls hes secertly into and gambling
0953 macey: there's just an insane amount of jades walking around
0954 upguntha: is the guy playing dice the same old guy from the orientation video
0955 macey: i bet fortunato's actually a jade in disguise.
0956 caleb_bollenbacher: what was everyone's favorite moment in this one?
0957 pml_wil: Crisis on Infinite Jades
0958 wehavetogoback: everything is jade prime's fault
0959 macey: it's like the oppenheimers in mp.....
0960 caleb_bollenbacher: i LOVED the page where Jade answers Hunter with "You did" and then time travel
0961 macey: there's gonna be a war of the jades
0962 krystle: favorite panel ike holding his bloody face screaming "WHATS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!"
0963 nick: i messed that page up btw
0964 tessa: ike tripping was probably my favorite
0965 nick: not a huge deal, but you should have numbers there from hunter
0966 dagney: fukayamas
0967 nick: may add for the trade
0968 pml_wil: Everett's Many Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, how it relates to bells theorem
0969 francy: agreed with the ike stuff although sad twins comes in second
0970 wehavetogoback: FIX IT IN POST
0971 caleb_bollenbacher: numbrs on what page?
0972 caleb_bollenbacher: WE'LL DO IT LIVE
0973 tessa: like, spewing numbers again?
0974 nick: yep
0975 krystle: and casey looking like a bamf on last page is favorite page this issue
0976 caleb_bollenbacher: in the time travel bit?
0977 nick: very annoyed with myself about that
0978 macey: shit, really? that's good to know
0979 caleb_bollenbacher: man, it all makes so much sense
0980 caleb_bollenbacher: we'll forgive you, nick
0981 wehavetogoback: that's okay, i can cut out a bubble and paste it in
0982 caleb_bollenbacher: in exchange for hunter's life
0983 tessa: YES that last page was lovely
0984 nick: haha
0985 macey: NICK actually! is it significant you played hisun's death against hunter's time travel?
0986 caleb_bollenbacher: gotta love a full casey page
0987 tessa: i did love the fukayama moment
0988 nick: all those things are connected
0989 caleb_bollenbacher: i love how cinematic this one seemed
0990 nick: that's my favorite bit of the issue
0991 macey: ahhhh i can hope the twins make it then
0992 krystle: hunter doing his magic page
0993 joe_eisma: glad you all liked the casey page! really wanted that one to rock.
0994 wehavetogoback: Hey so does hunter compress his own timeline every time he gets the spins?
0995 nick: joe killed that page
0996 tessa: i yelped and lizzie said "if you make that noise again i'll kill you"
0997 nick: the brothers page, i mean
0998 wehavetogoback: like he's sacrificing moments in his life FOR A BETTER FUTURE
0999 joe_eisma: yeah i was pretty proud of that one too
1000 krystle: and the hunter magic page running up for second fav this issue
1001 macey: the fukayamas broke my heart, i really wanted hisun to make it
1002 tessa: the brothers page was gorgeous but MISERABLE
1003 caleb_bollenbacher: since it's MGs, Joe probably LITERALLY KILLED IT
1004 joe_eisma: hahaha
1005 dagney: ='(
1006 macey: there's a lot of potential with an un-brainwashed hisun! he could infiltrate the academy
1007 dagney: un-brainwashed fake hisao was all i ever wanted
1008 dagney: *cue 'rolling in the deep'
1009 caleb_bollenbacher: what if the whole hisao/jun thing is just another jade thing?
1010 pml_wil: Good to know from Vanessa that Brendan was an "outsider". MGA's first red-shirt!
1011 nick: well, you got him for like 30 seconds
1012 joe_eisma: how about that panel of the brothers as kids playing? nick is a genius
1013 tessa: "another jade thing" in what capacity?
1014 joe_eisma: he knew just when to really pull on your heartstrings. haha
1015 caleb_bollenbacher: like instead of hisao and jun being two people they are one
1016 macey: seeing junisao cry was honestly one of the saddest bits
1017 caleb_bollenbacher: just separate version
1018 psyphichic entered the room
1019 macey: since he's always been sort of closed up
1020 caleb_bollenbacher: (no i'm not saying all asians look alike)
1021 dagney: whines
1022 macey: today has just been insane for him! he lost his virginity and his brother in ONE DAY
1023 tessa: yeah, susan, how'd you hold up?
1024 guest-1052256 changed nickname to psyphichic
1025 wehavetogoback: lol
1026 dagney: surprisingly well, actually
1027 nick: haha
1028 dagney: if it had to happen that's exactly how i wanted it to happen
1029 macey: yeah susan i thought you'd be dead by
1030 macey: now
1031 dagney: and y'know it had to happen SO
1032 macey: by the way if this is all a game
1033 macey: should we call it
1034 dagney: "woodrun"
1035 macey: the most dangerous game???
1036 dagney: ohh okay that too
1037 macey: because, y'know, people are dying.
1038 pml_wil: But Irina says the game has no end
1039 coconutdreams: i'm still waiting for nick to respond about whether that was a wire reference or not
1040 vicky: school life of mutual killings
1041 dagney: omfg
1042 alex_sollazzo: there was a wire ref ?
1043 macey: VICKY OH MY GOD
1044 nick: haha totally unintentional
1045 dagney: super high school level time travelers
1046 macey: oh my god that reminds me
1047 francy: glory high school murder club
1048 macey: nick, will we ever find out what the truant's most likelys were?
1049 upguntha: you shoud have said yes
1050 nick: i do love the idea that irina is watching the wire while she's all camped out in the woods
1051 nick: irina is a huge stringer bell fan
1052 coconutdreams: hahaha
1053 nick: "he is good man, drugs for money."
1054 pml_wil: Irina levitates in the woods, naybe she rise up to get better reception
1055 upguntha: Irina needs to go she's a treath to Jike
1056 psyphichic left the room
1057 macey: the thing with irina is that so much of this leads back to her
1058 darladanberry entered the room
1059 macey: and what she did two years ago
1060 macey: and the stuff she's been doing since
1061 guest-1052346 changed nickname to darladanberry
1062 upguntha: watched the wire again and again
1063 macey: i'm certain her eventual demise (which seems inevitable) would come from all that
1064 macey: catching up to her
1065 pml_wil: Where did she hook up with those phoney parents after she left the desert?
1066 tessa: I am curious about that!
1067 macey: i'm pretty sure all the truants got fake foster parents? so they could slip into mga
1068 tessa: none of the students seem to have a parents that are entirely intact
1069 upguntha: Is morning glories set an alternate universe is that why the parents don't "remember" the
1070 upguntha: kids
1071 upguntha: is that why Irina said those are not her real parents
1072 dagney: teddy's mom got to them
1073 krystle: lol
1074 vicky: omg
1075 macey: OH MY GOD
1076 tessa: omg
1077 nick: ike has pointed out the school could pull that bit off pretty easily
1078 krystle: its all making sense now!
1079 upguntha:
1080 macey: it turns out the mg kids are gonna form the new young avenegers
1081 dagney: i would read that
1082 macey: AVENGERS i can type.
1083 macey: that's why we're getting a mckelvie variant
1084 nick: this is what everyone thought the book was after 03
1085 upguntha: nick is prob laughing cause i'm wrong
1086 tessa: what, young avengers academy?
1087 macey: yeah tbh ya isn't nearly as complicated as this
1088 nick: yeah, pretty much
1089 dagney: ya isn't complicated at all hahah
1090 krystle: Morning Glory Avengers... I like
1091 nick: i love YA btw. in my top 5 right now
1092 upguntha: or alternate timeline since people can go back and chage things
1093 francy: there's certainly enough death in mg to fit into marvel
1094 tessa: that is a) something i would read the hell out of, b) really really wrong
1095 wehavetogoback: that GOT page was brilliant
1096 krystle: hahahaha
1097 nick: okay, I should go soon, Joe needs pages
1098 coconutdreams: nick, team up with dennis hopeless for morning glories arena
1099 upguntha: Are the blurs thinks being affected by Bell's theorum
1100 macey: this is already morning glories arena you kidding
1101 joe_eisma: mike magtanong already mashed up avengers academy and MG
1102 coconutdreams: throw the glories and truants into murder world
1103 joe_eisma: http
1104 nick: couple q's before I go-
1105 wehavetogoback: nick really has to go work on runaways ;)
1106 dagney: ohh god what
1107 nick: who did irina shoot?
1108 upguntha: Are the blurs things being affected by Bell's theorum
1109 krystle: the world may never know
1110 macey: my bet is jade or abraham jumped in front of the bullet meant for ike.
1111 alexander_hemsley: aimed for whoever, gonna hit jade
1112 krystle: ike could have shot irina for all we know
1113 darladanberry: But Jade is alive ... later.
1114 joe_eisma: ike's conked out on the floor.
1115 tessa: i still feel like jade might've taken that bullet somehow
1116 darladanberry: Or rather an older version of Jade is present. So not Jade.
1117 krystle: jade picks up the gun ftw
1118 wehavetogoback: infinite jades
1119 caleb_bollenbacher: trick question. she shot no one. or herself
1120 macey: she can survive a gunshot!
1121 krystle: BLAM inteads a shot
1122 pml_wil: How did Hunter's wound heal, but his T-shirt stayed bloody?
1123 wehavetogoback: magnets
1124 krystle: lmao
1125 tessa: i will be basically okay if she shoots literally anyone aside from herself
1126 francy: well his body can heal but it'll have no effect on the clothes
1127 nick: awkiko, dead or alive?
1128 macey: that's the answer to everything in mg. magnet.
1129 darladanberry: And it could have been Abraham ... because why would Irena do Daramount's bidding?
1130 caleb_bollenbacher: alive
1131 krystle: the thriller
1132 tessa: ALIVE
1133 francy: alive
1134 tessa: or else
1135 darladanberry: Or why would Irenea do Headmaster's bidding?
1136 macey: alive but currently comatose.
1137 vicky: alive
1138 wehavetogoback: alive
1139 dagney: idk
1140 caleb_bollenbacher: "Nobody dies in Morning Glories" - Nick, probably
1141 krystle: lol caleb
1143 upguntha: Did the line Casey spout before time traveline part of a PSmal
1144 pml_wil: exceot Zoe
1145 caleb_bollenbacher: PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN
1146 francy: i'm still not over zoe
1147 caleb_bollenbacher: (ok it happened)
1148 nick: last one- what will be the first scene of 26?
1149 francy: umm
1150 macey: casey doing something in the past!
1151 caleb_bollenbacher: hunter doing time stuff
1152 macey: perhaps eating, since joe keeps talking about food.
1153 krystle: Hodge
1154 dagney: i was thikning it would pick up from the end of 16 a bit, perhaps
1155 krystle: def hodge
1156 alexander_hemsley: casey resueing zoe before she dies
1157 upguntha: Someone we never met
1158 joe_eisma: maybe i was just really hungry while drawing it
1159 francy: i wish
1160 pml_wil: somebody knocking at the unhinged door
1161 tessa: ian trimming his toenails
1162 vicky: casey, where/when ever she is?
1163 wehavetogoback: driving miss dagney
1164 vicky: tESSA
1165 joe_eisma: i do work crazy hours after all
1166 macey: TESSA COME ON
1167 francy: casey showing up to woodrun 15 minutes late with starbucks
1168 krystle: miss dagney ftw
1169 caleb_bollenbacher: i know that road
1170 macey: francy oh my god
1171 dagney: ahahhahah
1172 vicky: ksajfksaf
1173 upguntha: PAMELAAAAAA
1174 tessa: well! it could be past casey, hunter time stuff, irina backstory
1175 joe_eisma: francy spoiled the issue
1176 macey: i want irina backstory more than anything else on the planet
1177 nick: cool. 026 is maybe my favorite issue yet, I really love it. tons of answers imho
1178 krystle: way to be
1179 francy: whoops sorry guys
1180 macey: ANSWERS??? whoa
1181 nick: mileage varies
1182 pml_wil: Vaness still has to die, in the past
1183 caleb_bollenbacher: I'M SO EXCITED
1184 joe_eisma: yes answers!
1185 macey: haha i kid, we get those often
1186 dagney: answers!!!! ! ! ! !!!!!!!! !
1187 tessa: aaaaaa
1188 alexander_hemsley: Lost like answers or fan answers?
1189 macey: i'm excited for the new girl joe posted
1190 caleb_bollenbacher: "Answers? What are those?" - Morning Glories fans everywhere
1191 nick: we're gonna do some cool stuff this month, too
1192 nick: big push to get people to share the book with friends
1193 upguntha: "answers... you silly children"---Nick Spencer
1194 tessa: oh yes! when does the new girl show up?
1195 macey: ahhh nick how exciting
1196 caleb_bollenbacher: i'm TRYING but my friends are LAME
1197 krystle: shes with the new gods
1198 dagney: all my friends are into MGs
1199 dagney: hair swish
1200 tessa: mine mostly are at this point
1201 caleb_bollenbacher: is the big push a crossover with the New 52? oh God, it is, isn't it?
1202 tessa: well done, haha
1203 wehavetogoback: D
1204 francy: i forced mg on some irl people so i hope they will be addicted
1205 upguntha: Stay away from 52
1206 caleb_bollenbacher: i mean, i have five cool friends who read now. but i need MOAR
1207 tessa: mg is the only comic my family knows exists
1208 darladanberry: Can we have more of Hunter figuring shit out with movie references? Please.
1209 upguntha: unless it's batwoman
1210 francy: new 52 doesn't exist i refuse to believe
1211 krystle: i really loved batman and robin
1212 nick: and let's see- looks like V2 hc AND V5 trade will ship in august
1213 caleb_bollenbacher: DC doesn't exist i refuse to believe
1214 darladanberry: Several panels of that would great. Mmmmm K.
1215 krystle: until they ruined everything
1216 francy: ha ha robin ha
1217 tessa: yes to batwoman
1218 wehavetogoback: YES HC
1219 upguntha: I just realized how good Nick would be on Batwoman
1220 pml_wil: Hunter is Kaptain Kaballa
1221 dagney: V2 HC AAAAAHHHH
1222 macey: AAAAH THAT'S GREAT
1223 wehavetogoback: The last one is so great
1224 francy: eeee
1225 macey: i'm excited! to know we'll be done with another arc already by then
1226 caleb_bollenbacher: books Nick would be good on
1227 wehavetogoback: Supergirl
1228 wehavetogoback: Oh wait
1229 darladanberry: Ha
1230 nick: haha
1231 darladanberry: Funny
1232 macey: aww, come on now
1233 francy: i'm still sad that the plan for supergirl never happened
1234 wehavetogoback: your post made me so sad
1235 nick: WHOA screen name darladanberry
1236 alexander_hemsley: Nick serious question which character in old DC do you wish they would bring back in N52?
1237 upguntha: I would have love to se your Damian
1238 macey: that supergirl plan sounded absolutely legendary
1239 francy: she's like my favorite character it broke my kokoro
1240 upguntha: RIP
1241 darladanberry: HI NICK!
1242 krystle: superfan 52 makes me want to slit my wrists
1243 macey: but then again, then the new 52 would've ruined it, so
1244 darladanberry:
1245 nick: That's a fantastic choice
1246 krystle: superfam*
1247 darladanberry: She's a fantastic character
1248 francy: superman is my favorite fam so i just cry a lot over new 52 in general
1249 nick: okay all, i'm back to work
1250 nick: thank you for being so awesome
1251 upguntha: bye nick
1252 francy: GOOD LUCK
1253 krystle: i feel ya
1254 dagney: thanks nick \o/
1255 wehavetogoback: Thanks Nick!
1256 vicky: no thank YOU nick
1257 macey: no problem nick, it's the least we can do
1258 nick: name of the new arc, and spotify playlist for it, tomorrow
1259 pml_wil: Great job on 25!
1260 krystle: thanks nick see ya next month at c2e2
1261 macey: AWESOME can't wait!
1262 tessa: thank you so much nick!
1263 caleb_bollenbacher: bye nick!
1264 caleb_bollenbacher: and than
1265 francy: <3
1266 caleb_bollenbacher: *thanks
1267 nick: aw right, and spotlight panel at c2e2, with MG Days Keil hosting!
1268 nick: night
1269 krystle: which day?
1270 nick: friday, 7pm
1271 krystle: yes thanks!
1272 dagney: bye nick!
1273 coconutdreams: nick, joe, come to NYCC and we'll do a MGASH Live panel
1274 nick: BYE
1275 caleb_bollenbacher: i gotta go write too, Glories...."For A Better Future"'s been fun!
1276 nick left the room
1277 joe_eisma: you should invite alex too, matt. jerk.
1278 macey: nick's so great.
1279 joe_eisma: later caleb!
1280 caleb_bollenbacher: bye!
1282 krystle: bye caleb!
1283 tessa: yes! please!
1284 coconutdreams: alex, come to NYCC and we'll do The Wire Appreciation Club panel
1285 pml_wil: Hunter seems to be workin on "For a Better Present"
1286 caleb_bollenbacher left the room
1287 alex_sollazzo: ill goto more cons when they stop costing me $5000
1288 joe_eisma: can i just say every time i get a scene with trees, i instantly feel bad for alex
1289 krystle: i love how all three of them are on different contients
1290 caleb_bollenbacher entered the room
1291 upguntha: NYCC is always fun untill Joe cancells and i die on the inside
1292 guest-1052967 changed nickname to caleb_bollenbacher
1293 joe_eisma: i canceled one time!
1294 macey: alex i just want to say i appreciate you greatly
1295 alex_sollazzo: thats nice to know, thanks macey
1296 theilluminerdi left the room
1297 alex_sollazzo left the room
1298 francy left the room
1299 caleb_bollenbacher left the room
1300 vicky left the room
1301 macey left the room
1302 coconutdreams left the room
1303 upguntha left the room
1304 tessa left the room
1305 krystle left the room
1306 pml_wil left the room
1307 guest-1050102 left the room
1308 wehavetogoback left the room
1309 dagney left the room
1310 darladanberry left the room
1311 alexander_hemsley left the room
1312 joe_eisma left the room
1313 alex_sollazzo entered the room
1314 krystle entered the room
1315 joe_eisma entered the room
1316 tessa entered the room
1317 guest-1053123 changed nickname to alex_sollazzo
1318 upguntha entered the room
1319 guest-1053144 changed nickname to upguntha
1320 joe_eisma: time jump!
1321 alex_sollazzo: did the chatroom just die ?
1322 macey entered the room
1323 guest-1053186 changed nickname to macey
1324 tessa: yep
1325 marandysavage entered the room
1326 vicky entered the room
1327 guest-1053249 changed nickname to vicky
1328 macey: wait the chat died on me a second what did i miss
1329 guest-1053207 changed nickname to marandysavage
1330 dagney entered the room
1331 guest-1053339 changed nickname to dagney
1332 joe_eisma: i just revealed who the headmaster is
1333 tessa: guess you'll never know macey
1334 macey: damn it, joe! why'd you have to do that, man!
1335 dagney: what just happened
1336 joe_eisma:
1337 upguntha: it's Matt's beard
1338 joe_eisma: SHH
1339 macey: the chat cut out on me for a second and now they're teasing me about it
1340 macey: curse you, matt's beard. you've caused these kids so much suffering.
1341 krystle left the room
1342 upguntha: it's so powerfull it threw Irina out a window
1343 macey: whatever! should we discuss irina, actually?
1344 tessa: yes! let's!
1345 coconutdreams entered the room
1346 tessa: what on earth is going on in her brain
1347 vicky: the floating spider queen
1348 guest-1053570 changed nickname to coconutdreams
1349 tessa: she threw me for a loop this issue
1350 francy entered the room
1351 macey: irina seems more desperate then anything this time
1352 upguntha: how did she eat for those 2 years
1353 guest-1053600 changed nickname to francy
1354 dagney: squirrels
1355 joe_eisma: she's very crafty
1356 macey: especially when she promised vanessa they'll all be happy and together when this ends
1357 joe_eisma: and she probably watched a lot of man vs. wild
1359 upguntha: why didn't she leave the area is cause it's impossible
1360 tessa: she does that thing where you cut two small trees and make a noose between them
1361 joe_eisma: i don't think i've ever told anyone her forest outfit is basically a gi joe costume
1362 joe_eisma: if you look at the old gi joe figures from the '80s, she has a similar pants design
1363 tessa: that's fantastic
1364 joe_eisma: haha
1365 joe_eisma: and honestly, i have no idea why vanessa has a bandage on her face
1366 joe_eisma: just thought it would be good to give her a kind of 'look.'
1367 alex_sollazzo: shes a fan of nelly ?
1368 joe_eisma: haha
1369 upguntha: but she's not a real american hero
1370 upguntha: lmao
1371 joe_eisma: and let me say that remembering to draw that damn bandage is a pain
1372 joe_eisma: i totally regret it now
1373 upguntha: was the bandage part of the script
1374 joe_eisma: she's oktober guard of course!
1375 joe_eisma: nope
1376 joe_eisma: prison outfit was
1377 upguntha: so it has nothibg to do with being hit with a rock
1378 joe_eisma: nah
1379 coconutdreams: be honest joe -- how much of the MG scripts are just nick writing "mwahaha"
1380 macey: ohhh, that's interesting
1381 marandysavage: hahah
1382 joe_eisma: 67%
1383 upguntha: wow i thought it was 85%
1384 joe_eisma:
1385 tessa: macey, do you have irina theories?
1386 macey: people were hitching on that bandages for a theory
1387 dagney: does anyone have anything they've been dying to discuss/point out?
1388 dagney: i have to leave to shower and sleep
1389 joe_eisma: haha
1390 dagney: and study oops
1391 upguntha: Did Irena shower in the woods
1392 dagney: and by "people" she means herself
1393 joe_eisma: yeah, i have to run too. got pages coming, apparently. thanks, everyone!
1394 coconutdreams: where did irina get a tv in the woods to watch the wire?
1395 dagney: okay thanks joe!
1396 tessa: I have to read all of american psycho tonight, i should go at some point
1397 dagney: great job on fukayamas today =')
1398 francy: thank you joe!!
1399 francy: the issue was lovely
1400 marandysavage: THank you, Joe
1401 krystle entered the room
1402 tessa: thanks joe! bye!
1403 francy: i mean i screamed at it a lot but it was still lovely
1404 joe_eisma: thank you all for being awesome fans. see you on the tumblrs
1405 upguntha: No one like my blurrs theory
1406 vicky: great job on everything it was a beautful issue
1407 upguntha: bye joe
1408 joe_eisma: bye!
1409 joe_eisma left the room
1410 dagney: swoons
1411 tessa: siiiiiiiiigh
1412 guest-1054005 changed nickname to krystle
1413 macey: ohhh seee you joe! you did amazing
1414 tessa: hahaha
1415 guest entered the room
1416 krystle: Dang it
1417 guest-1054068 changed nickname to guest
1418 upguntha: that bandage is pissing me off now lo
1419 upguntha: lol
1420 krystle: this is what i get for my dog chewing up my laptop cord
1421 coconutdreams: your timeline theory is still pretty strong
1422 krystle: my desktop is a mess that crash messed up everything lol had to reboot
1423 enio_duval entered the room
1424 guest-1054152 changed nickname to enio_duval
1425 macey: i was gonna ask joe how hard it was to give tuna facial expressions
1426 guest left the room
1427 krystle: lol
1428 upguntha: it's not like they would ever tell if we were right
1429 enio_duval: Hey, guys! Good evening!
1430 tessa: i'm gonna take off
1431 tessa: macey, thank you, you are a gem
1432 tessa: you are all gems
1433 upguntha: night tessa
1434 vicky: bye tessa!!
1435 dagney: thanks tessa
1436 francy: gnight
1437 dagney: you are the brightest gem
1438 tessa: susan, boston in 3 WEEKS
1439 tessa: awwwww
1440 dagney: ohh damn that's close
1441 tessa: i love you guys
1442 tessa: goodnight!
1443 dagney: gotta prepare myself
1444 tessa: same
1445 dagney: good night!! have a good week
1446 tessa: you too
1447 upguntha: laterz
1448 tessa left the room
1449 dagney: okay yes awkward but i should depart as well
1450 upguntha: now the question is will Alex teases again
1451 marandysavage left the room
1452 dagney: floats away whispering "fukayamas" into the wind...
1453 vicky: bye susan!!!!
1454 dagney: (thanks for the chat, macey!)
1455 dagney: goodbye vicky =')
1456 dagney left the room
1457 krystle: and then there were 8
1458 upguntha: i guess that's a no
1459 francy: yes
1460 alex_sollazzo: im here lol
1461 upguntha: Who's your fav character Alex
1462 alex_sollazzo: hunter
1463 alex_sollazzo: or maybe ike
1464 upguntha: Ike yayyyy
1465 enio_duval: And what about the girls?
1466 francy: yay ike
1467 krystle: alex still thinks girls are gross
1468 alex_sollazzo: jade/irina
1469 upguntha: Jadeeeeee
1470 coconutdreams: should've said dagney.
1471 alex_sollazzo: wait wait not them
1472 enio_duval: Oh, c'mon!
1473 alex_sollazzo: pamela
1474 upguntha: Irina already knows how I feel about her
1475 enio_duval: Jade is okay, but Irina?
1476 upguntha: Alex just became my fav
1477 upguntha: Have you finished 26 yet
1478 alex_sollazzo: ya
1479 upguntha: will tere be Pamela?
1480 alex_sollazzo: maybe
1481 guest entered the room
1482 upguntha: partial bacflip
1483 guest-1054698 changed nickname to guest
1484 enio_duval: I'm still frightened about her, haha!
1485 macey left the room
1486 macey entered the room
1487 guest-1054737 changed nickname to macey
1488 guest left the room
1489 upguntha: there's no need to be scared she will keep ypu safe
1490 macey: OKAY UH
1491 francy: pamela is the final boss lbr
1492 macey: problem
1493 macey: the chat froze for me in my other window
1494 macey: which means i won't be able to save it
1495 macey: have any of you been in since the chat began?
1496 upguntha: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
1497 enio_duval: Still, it's nice to know I'm not her roomie.
1498 macey: or at least for the majority of it?
1499 vicky: aw man
1500 vicky: i wasnt i had to reload the chat like 5 times
1501 francy: oh that happened to me too so i don't have it )
1502 enio_duval: I just came in.
1503 upguntha: i have from when i came in at 9
1504 macey: dude that's actually great
1505 macey: if you copy+ paste everything and put it into notepad and then pastebin it formats itself
1506 macey: does anybody have stuff from before 9
1507 francy: if not maybe someone who left saved it
1508 upguntha: what's pastebin
1509 macey: it's a website just google pastebin
1510 macey: free to use
1511 francy: yeah you can copy paste stuff to it it's like
1512 macey: people usually rely on me to save it
1513 francy: basically the site where people pastes themes that people use on tumblr and stuff
1514 francy: oooh sob
1515 macey: BUT when this is over in 20 minutes if nex got the majority of it it'd be amazing
1516 francy: don't feel bad it's not your fault tinychat was mean tonight
1517 macey: either way, can we make a list of hints and stuff we got tonight from nick and joe?
1518 upguntha: yeah that would be great cause i missed them
1519 alex_sollazzo: ive probably got most of the chat
1520 macey: ALEX REALLY
1521 macey: YOU'RE THE BOMB
1522 alex_sollazzo: i think i joined around same time as nick
1523 alex_sollazzo: so from then on
1524 macey: yeah you did like the exact same moment
1525 macey: that's more than enough
1526 upguntha: yayyy
1527 vicky: \o/
1528 enio_duval: Or we can invite everyone who was here and ask them to discuss everything again. [?
1529 macey: since this didn't really pick up until you guys walked in
1530 francy: crisis averted ty alex
1531 vicky: haha re-do the chat
1532 francy: if they can time travel in the book i am sure we can do it here
1533 macey: yeah alex you basically just have to copy it and put it in pastebin
1534 krystle: alex saves the day
1535 enio_duval: That's it! The one-million question is
1536 alex_sollazzo: now ?
1537 macey: IF YOU WANT then i could get the rest when it ends
1538 macey: which is in 20 minutes anyway.
1539 alex_sollazzo: casey dies next
1540 francy: lmaodsf
1541 enio_duval: Oh, not her.
1542 macey: LAME my bet is oooon.....
1543 macey: akiko. if anyone.
1544 macey: or guillaume, for some reason.
1545 francy: not the eyebrows
1546 enio_duval: More likely.
1547 upguntha: As long as she takes Irina with her
1548 krystle: yeah not cool on the heart beat question not being answered
1549 upguntha: Well just like Zoe sh knows too much so Nick kills them
1550 enio_duval: Irina seems to know better.
1551 macey: irina needs a little backstory before she goes
1552 macey: i won't say it's possible until she gets one pre-mga flashback
1553 francy: although if that's the criteria then hunter will never die
1554 vicky: for some reason when daramount called irina a trollop it made me giggle
1555 upguntha: she needs to go back and the woods ald leave Jike alone
1557 enio_duval: HAHAHA! Indeed.
1558 krystle: LOL YES
1559 enio_duval: Or maybe no...
1561 francy: well she lived in the woods
1562 enio_duval: I don't like her. She killed Zoe. )
1563 francy: zoe was my favorite character i'm still in mourning
1564 enio_duval: Me too, Francy.
1565 macey: i loved zoe but irina hits all my buttons
1566 macey: she's the best
1567 francy: and ike is my second favorite so if it turns out that irina killed him too i am just going
1568 francy: to bury myself alive
1569 francy: or just stop having favorites cause irina likes to get them
1570 macey: ahh you know who we haven't talked of? PRESENT jade
1571 macey: i felt so bad for her
1572 francy: dude me too
1573 vicky: yeah omg
1574 enio_duval: Bah! When it comes to the Truants, Akiko is the best and my favorite one.
1575 macey: that bit where ike was getting her to say the last question was pretty heartbreaking
1576 vicky: (ian)
1577 francy: i had no idea you liked ian, vicky
1578 francy: this is a shock
1579 macey: i kind of wonder how she'll react to him now if both of them get out alive like
1580 macey: he had a gun pointed at her but then he HAD A MENTAL BREAKDOWN
1581 vicky: i know right im just full of suprises
1582 upguntha: Jader Paders
1583 macey: and jade's kind of a softie
1584 francy: well she probably won't want to be alone in a room with him for a while
1585 enio_duval: And I kinda like Fortunato too.
1586 upguntha: look at future Jade's reaction whenever he comes up
1587 upguntha: she's fine
1589 krystle: ike has done nothing but horrible things but ii cant help but love him and his sassy self
1590 francy: it made me happy
1591 macey: fortunato's all weird, i don't even know his deal anymore
1592 francy: i love ike so much he's such a dick
1593 francy: pets him fondly
1594 francy: love you ike
1595 macey: i'm waiting for the moment it turns out he has all the cards up his sleeve
1596 vicky: MAN THOUGH ike's face when he was asking why abe was still alive
1597 macey: HA i think this was the first time i didn't feel bad about feeling bad for ike
1598 vicky: i felt that right in the chest
1599 macey: because he's just totally shattered now
1600 krystle: yeah need a lot more insight on fortunato
1601 francy: yeah
1602 enio_duval: In the middle of the Woodrun arc, I thought Hunter was the most important male character.
1603 krystle: but besides that i felt we got a lot of characterziation from the other truants
1604 macey: probably gonna be blubbering for a couple weeks
1605 alex_sollazzo: k heres the paste thingie http
1606 enio_duval: Now, that we're knowing Ike deeper, I'm not so sure.
1607 macey: ALEX YOU HERO
1608 francy: yay thank you
1609 upguntha: yay
1610 alex_sollazzo: pretty sure i did it right
1611 macey: i'll get the rest when this is done, alex, you are the bomb
1612 krystle: three cheers
1613 upguntha: 11
1614 alex_sollazzo: yeah its probably got my time there
1615 enio_duval: I'm Brazilian, that's why I sympathise with the Tuna head. [?
1616 krystle: silly aussie
1617 macey: oh man it's morning for you, alex
1618 macey: well afternoon now
1619 alex_sollazzo: yeah 2pm now
1620 macey: but yeah i like fortunato an awful lot, but i can't get over how odd he is in terms of
1621 alex_sollazzo: on thursday, im from the future
1622 macey: screentime and development
1623 upguntha: I always wondered what Alex looks like
1624 macey: he's got something to hide but who knows what the hell it could be
1625 francy: yeah
1626 macey: before this issue i though it might have to do with his relationship with irina, but
1627 macey: it looks like she trusts guillaume just as much as him
1628 macey: and that puts a dent in that.
1629 krystle: yeah nothing makes sense with him yet
1630 krystle: hopefully we will get something sometime
1631 krystle: crosses my fingers for this year tho lol
1632 francy: maybe more personality stuff or something that
1633 francy: might take us by surprise
1634 macey: i always figured there was somethign to all the parallels with jade but we haven't
1635 macey: gotten follow up there
1636 macey: though maybe i'm expecting that too soon
1637 krystle: yeah this will span years to come still haha
1638 macey: like, what, i think our estimate was a decade?
1639 macey: counting delays and the likelihood of going over 100 issues?
1640 vicky: measure your life in morning glories
1641 macey: you know there's the potential of
1642 krystle: HEY
1643 macey: a teen getting into mg just as it ends
1644 enio_duval: He (Fortunato) seems to be more comprehensive and an easier to deal with.
1645 krystle: we are a quater of the way there!
1646 coconutdreams left the room
1647 macey: and realizing their entire life has been in mg
1648 upguntha: we never get what we want
1649 vicky: imagine being able to just read though every issus one after the other though
1650 upguntha: except great issue
1651 macey: maybe less than a quarter! nick said maybe 125 issues once!
1652 guest-1056015 entered the room
1653 krystle: sadness of life right there
1654 guest-1056015 left the room
1655 richv1 entered the room
1656 krystle: shit macey if i have children now
1657 macey: enio
1658 enio_duval: 125? Really? D
1659 krystle: they would be like 16 by then @@;
1660 macey: POSSIBLY the plan is 100 but who knows, man
1661 macey: when the comic started he said 75-100 issues but nope
1662 francy: yeah plans change especially over years
1663 krystle: yeah 100 at least
1664 guest-1056021 changed nickname to richv1
1665 krystle: lets not even joke with the possibility that it gets canceled before getting finished
1667 richv1: Hi
1668 upguntha: nevahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
1669 francy: no don't ever say that i'd cry
1670 macey: yes we need our conclusion
1671 krystle: I try every chance I get
1672 macey: especially when you can tell there is a plan here
1673 richv1: Is Joe here
1674 enio_duval: But, just like Jade, I think he knows better than he seems.
1675 francy: no joe left )
1676 richv1: aw
1677 macey: alex is here alex is also cool
1678 macey: you have one minute to ask alex ANYTHING
1679 richv1: wish this had been advertised before it was over
1680 krystle: lmao
1681 alex_sollazzo: lol
1682 enio_duval: Pamela left too. [?
1683 krystle: we also had a time skip
1684 macey: god who doesn't miss pamela
1685 francy: the only people who don't miss pamela haven't read mg yet
1686 macey: true!
1687 macey: but haha, looks like it's time to close out the chat now
1688 krystle: and anyone who is in our fandom need to know, day of the comic released we will be in this
1689 upguntha: Preach
1690 krystle: chat room
1691 krystle: at 813 eastern
1692 vicky: awh
1693 macey: YES come next time!! we'll have one on the weekend in two weeks too
1694 francy: okay
1695 macey: so april 13th i think
1696 francy: it was nice to meet you all btw!! except vicky i already know you
1697 richv1: how do we know when it is
1698 krystle: we love you all be there
1699 macey: unless 26 gets delayed then i'll put it on the 20th
1700 vicky: hehe
1701 richv1: what time
1702 macey: NICE TO MEET YOU TOO we always welcome nw people
1703 theilluminerdi entered the room
1704 guest-1056276 changed nickname to theilluminerdi
1705 macey: richv
1706 enio_duval: Even them. Unconsciously, they miss Pamela
1707 richv1: will anyone from the comic book be here
1708 krystle: to 1113
1709 macey: ANYWAY thanks guys!! it was so nice to talk to you
1710 macey: rich
1711 vicky: thanks for another great chat!!
1712 macey: but -only in the new issue chats
1713 francy: bye guys good night/day/whatever time it is for you

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