Morning Glories Issue 30 Tinychat from August 28, 2013
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 macey entered the room
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0006 caseyballvins: Hi
0007 ashley entered the room
0008 macey: hola amigos
0009 macey: how are you all tonight
0010 kelso entered the room
0011 caseyballvins: Very good
0012 richard_vasseur: good
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0014 caseyballvins: How are you Macey?
0015 macey: i'm good! what did everyone think of that issue
0016 liam entered the room
0017 guest-1452378 changed nickname to ashley
0018 caseyballvins: Shocking, sad, really sad
0019 kelso: I did not like Irina very much before but wow now I kinda like her.
0020 macey: ohh yeah def. wasn't the happiest of issues
0021 guest-1452396 changed nickname to liam
0022 kelso: I'm glad I understand her.
0023 tori entered the room
0024 richard_vasseur: i liked seeing Irina spot lighted and the art showing her as a child looked great nice to
0025 guest-1452411 changed nickname to tori
0026 haley entered the room
0027 caseyballvins: I just love Irina even more, what an amazing character
0028 guest-1452423 changed nickname to haley
0029 kelso: Was not expecting the deal with her mom tho
0030 liam: Okay guys I'm here, but I'm going to be ignoring for a little bit because i JUST GOT IT
0031 caseyballvins: Her and GEORGINA'S MOM YOU MEAN
0033 tessa entered the room
0034 upguntha entered the room
0035 caseyballvins: OH NO I hope i didn't just it
0036 macey: oh my god what's up with kseniya though
0037 guest-1452438 changed nickname to upguntha
0038 macey: and her crazy scars
0039 guest-1452435 changed nickname to tessa
0040 macey: need that backstory right away
0041 tessa: hey buds
0042 macey: FRIENDS, HELLO
0043 upguntha: hellooooo
0044 tessa: macey
0045 macey: yes, tessa
0046 tori: hey
0047 tessa: i was thinking about you this whole issue
0048 macey: TORI HERE
0049 macey: thank you, tessa
0050 darrrrkvengeance entered the room
0051 tessa: laughing and crying
0052 guest-1452444 changed nickname to darrrrkvengeance
0053 kelso: She probs got those crazy scars escaping
0054 tori: yeah, macey the conncection was terrible getting in but i'm here now
0055 macey: luckily, friends, my mother does not have an eyepatch and she has never had people try to
0056 macey: kill me
0057 kelso: Or fighting her way away from that place
0058 macey: TORI IM SO HAPPY
0059 macey: fun fact
0060 macey: so kseniya having one is real ironic to me
0061 caseyballvins: haha
0062 tessa: i thought of you during that bit hahaha
0063 upguntha: that would be cray
0064 guest-1452459 entered the room
0065 kelso: Actually I don't think it's too far off to believe she did gave herself the scars.
0066 tori: i'm thinking most people thought of macey during at least one bit of that issue
0067 macey: i know at least two people who accidentally call irina "macey" often
0068 macey: and vice versa
0069 tori: add me to that list
0070 caseyballvins: Nice to meet a new faculty member
0071 macey: mr. n seems...interesting, yeah
0072 macey: you guys remember tuna mentioned him in #28? in hunter's dream
0073 upguntha: Nebuuuuu
0074 caseyballvins: Oh true, he did
0075 upguntha: that is what i'm calling him
0076 macey: mr.n was the recipient of the friendship melon
0077 kelso: oh my gosh was he really
0078 caseyballvins: I need to reread all of MG again... I say that every issue. Eventually it'll be had to do
0079 macey: haha, upguntha, you think he's nebuchanezzar, right?
0080 upguntha: That means tuna boy is also extra special
0081 macey: i'm definetely jumping onto that theory, it fits in well
0082 upguntha: nope I just like the name so Igave it to him
0083 darrrrkvengeance: wow, good catch on mr n in number 28
0084 upguntha: but when i looked it up I saw that it could fit him well
0085 caseyballvins: And then we got Clarkson at the end
0086 upguntha: can we talk about those crawling scenes, Irina is cray
0087 macey: well, he's been mentioned before. irina talks about nebuchanezzar in 22
0088 macey: we got a baby spidercrawl! the tiniest of crawls!
0089 upguntha: ;D
0090 richard_vasseur: what is irina like 10 in those first scenes
0091 macey: couldn't even handle baby irina. she shouldn't be so cute she's killed people
0092 macey: she named her dog SNOWFLAKE
0093 macey: yeah, she's 10
0094 caseyballvins: Snowflake! That poor dog
0095 kelso: That part killed me. With snowflake.
0096 kelso: I died like Snowflake.
0097 macey: see when i saw him in the preview i KNEW he was gonna die
0098 tessa: my friend lizzie was reading it very quietly
0099 tessa: and she audibly gasped at that part
0100 upguntha: Was i the only one thinking GoT when snowflakes showed up
0101 macey: i just nodded and said "there's no way that dog's making it out of here"
0102 tessa: actually lizzie has a question for the world
0103 kelso: I always have hope for the pet.
0104 kelso: My hope never pulls through
0105 macey: shoot, lizzie through tessa
0106 tessa: she wants to know why casey came back from time travelling as a teen
0107 tessa: and not as an adult
0108 tessa: like future jade
0109 tessa: do we have an answer
0110 macey: my response to her is "haha, who the fuck knows"
0111 tessa: that was mine as well
0112 tessa: okay cool
0113 upguntha: nope
0114 haley: that's usually my answer
0115 macey: okay can we talk about how screwed up the extended headmaster family is getting
0116 kelso: I think it's cuz Casey came back to her own timeline?
0117 kelso: Like, it's not like she turned 6 when she went back in time.
0118 upguntha: the magic of the cave
0119 kelso: So Jade wouldn't age down either?
0120 macey: yeah i was actually thinking what you were saying kels
0121 macey: like she left in the cave and came out of the cave
0122 guest-1452459 changed nickname to supajoe
0123 caseyballvins: Yeah, Headmaster's family is getting pretty screwed up now.
0124 kelso: Everyone is related.
0125 supajoe: hey
0126 kelso: EVERYONE.
0127 richard_vasseur: hey
0128 macey: JOE hey man!
0129 tessa: hi joe!
0130 kelso: Hey there!
0131 tessa: the idea of "her own timeline" confuses me
0132 macey: knockin' it out of the park as usual
0133 supajoe: how's it going?
0134 tessa: isn't everyone always in their timeline
0135 supajoe: thanks, macey!
0136 macey: why'd you have to make baby irina so adorable, though
0137 haley left the room
0138 supajoe: haha
0139 haley entered the room
0140 guest-1452552 changed nickname to haley
0141 caseyballvins: She was so adorable
0142 upguntha: so she can surprose you with the kill
0143 kelso: Snowflake was adorable, too.
0144 macey: it's weird because we first see her killing people and i still found her cute
0145 macey: when she was crying over snowflake i wanted to hug her, even though she would stab me
0146 supajoe: alas, poor snowflake
0147 supajoe: haha
0148 supajoe: this is what we do
0149 kelso: I don't want to think about when all of that started with her, though.
0150 supajoe: we introduce a character you're supposed to hate like irina
0151 kelso: How young she was.
0152 supajoe: then make you emphathize with her.
0153 kelso: I did hate her.
0154 kelso: You succeeded.
0155 supajoe: yay
0156 upguntha: still do, she can die lol no one goes after JIKE
0157 caseyballvins: I never hated her, terrified of her, but never hated. She's far too cool
0158 macey: you did this cool with irina, i can't want until the inevitable daramount issue
0159 tessa: i thought we all loved her am i delusional
0160 tessa: i loved her
0161 tessa: oops
0162 kelso: Well, I guess I didn't HATE her. But I didn't like her very much.
0163 macey: or watch as headmaster has the saddest background
0164 tessa: haha
0165 kelso: oh god no
0166 tessa: probably
0167 kelso: I don't want to feel bad for Headmaster.
0168 tori: don't make me empathise with him b/c that would just be the worst
0169 tori: too conflicted
0170 caseyballvins: I don't know what to think about the headmaster yet though
0171 caseyballvins: Like, he's obviously not the nicest guy... but what else do we really know?
0172 macey: you know what i find odd? a lot of the teachers say headmaster like a name
0173 macey: without the "the". like it's his name
0174 caseyballvins: Right?
0175 macey: mr. n did it here. i can think of a few more times. dagney in 22 i think
0176 caseyballvins: I guess the majority of the staff doesn't know his name at all so it's like The Doctor dw
0177 kelso: Well, I called several of my teachers in high school just by their last names..
0178 kelso: It's probably easier to drop the "the"
0179 kelso: Also yes, like the Doctor.
0180 nick entered the room
0181 brella entered the room
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0183 guest-1452591 changed nickname to nick
0184 brella: i am so late; forgive
0185 tessa: hey brella!
0186 liam: There were several times that I called a teacher by a nickname, or just their last name
0187 liam: so I don't think it's all that uncommon
0188 brella: HELLO uvu
0189 caseyballvins: Hey Gwen!
0190 enio_duval entered the room
0191 guest-1452597 changed nickname to enio_duval
0192 brella: maaaariiiaaa
0194 nick: hey everyone
0195 richard_vasseur: hey
0196 caseyballvins: hi nick!
0197 upguntha: heyooo
0198 tori: hey
0199 haley: hey!
0200 macey: good job nick. but that's a given you always rock this book
0201 enio_duval: Hey, guys! Evening.
0202 nick: macey, good catch on mr. n over in the study hall comments
0203 macey: THANK YOU SIR i do my best
0204 nick: i was genuinely wondering if someone was gonna get that one
0205 macey: as the leading authority on fortunato-based things, i was obliged
0206 upguntha: that means nick is slipping
0207 brella: i can confirm that she is indeed a fortunato expert
0208 macey: i think you all look to me for fortunato things at this point
0209 macey: it's gonna be my job to figure him out when the time comes
0210 perrike entered the room
0211 macey: got to pay attentions to all them details
0212 brella: especially
0213 brella: the melon
0214 brella: also there is a lot of red up in here
0215 macey: okay gotta change my color so i dont become brells
0216 caseyballvins: Put that on your resume, Macey. Fortunato Expert
0217 tessa: i have to leave
0218 brella: how did you do that macey
0219 tessa: i'm going to a study group
0220 brella: FORTUNATO MAGIC
0221 tessa: have fun discussing
0222 macey: you go to the little gear thing and then settings, brella
0224 brella: auuugh bye tessa ;;
0225 tessa: i will miss you kisses all round
0227 tessa: LOVE YOU GUYS
0228 tessa: bye
0229 guest-1452612 changed nickname to perrike
0230 tessa left the room
0231 brella: thank you for your guidance macey
0232 richard_vasseur: So Irina and the staff at MG share a common enemy is it Casey
0233 caseyballvins: changed my colour too!
0234 brella: wisdom in both tinychat AND fortunato
0235 caseyballvins: Or not
0236 caseyballvins: there?
0237 kelso: Gosh it's always Casey isn't it? lol
0238 guest-1452624 entered the room
0239 brella: freakin casey needs to sit down and take a break or something damn
0240 macey: now here's the thing
0241 supajoe: casey's just a troublemaker
0242 caseyballvins: She really does poor girl
0243 liam: If casey somehow ends up being the headmaster I am going to scream
0244 enio_duval: Not so sure it's Casey. Maybe who hired her.
0245 liam: I don't know how it would happen
0246 macey: naaah, the headmaster's pretty explicitly a dude
0247 liam: but I will.
0248 brella: mga always knows too much so i would not put it past them
0249 upguntha: I don't think it's casey. I think it's a fake out
0250 macey: ike and hunter are still our best bets right now but
0251 enio_duval: me too, upguntha.
0252 macey: watch as it's ian or something. just watch.
0253 brella: it's pamela
0254 upguntha: I think they did the same thing with Zoe
0255 caseyballvins: Always pamela
0256 brella: SHHHH no hunter is good. hunter is fine
0257 liam: I've been saying that it's either Ian or Hunter ever since I started reading it
0258 enio_duval: exactly.
0259 upguntha: PAmelaaaaaaaaa
0260 perrike left the room
0261 enio_duval: Pamela, HUAHUA!
0262 macey: i like to think pamela is the answer to many questions
0263 enio_duval: Pamela is the headmaster, maybe.
0264 kelso: I don't want it to be Hunter at all.
0265 kelso: Pamela, I'd be fine with.
0266 enio_duval: Pamela = 42
0267 susan entered the room
0268 macey: next issue is a hunter one right? then we have a chance of pamela
0269 guest-1452645 changed nickname to susan
0270 macey: since it's in actual classes
0271 macey: SUSAN
0272 upguntha: Enio is my new fav person
0273 susan: ayoooo
0274 nick: next issue is hunter, yeah
0275 enio_duval: Hunter and Hisao?
0276 brella: whAATA
0277 nick: it's a fun one
0278 kelso: Yes! I've been hoping for more focus on Hunter
0279 guest-1452651 entered the room
0280 haley: yessss
0281 kelso: And it'!
0283 brella: [vibrates with excitement
0284 kelso: As in good happy fun hopefully?
0285 caseyballvins: See Nick, your definition of fun is propably not the same as ours
0286 macey: brella hunter has had like two issues to himself before
0287 macey: its gonna be ok.
0288 nick: guillaume and hisao are in 033
0289 macey: BOTH? oh boy
0290 brella: bad things always happen to him, though
0291 haley: YESSSS
0292 brella: i am worried
0293 brella: OH NO
0295 caseyballvins: Same Gwen
0296 macey: 33 for relationship issues
0297 brella: catchy
0298 abetterfuture entered the room
0299 nick: vanessa gets 032
0300 susan: vanessaaaaa
0301 richard_vasseur: How come the snowflakes lok alike i thought each one was suppost to be different?
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0304 liam entered the room
0305 guest-1452666 changed nickname to liam
0306 upguntha: Will there be any yearbook references
0307 macey: how to make up with your ex after killing his brother, the issue
0308 nick: @upguntha, yes actually
0309 enio_duval: by the way, Vanessa is just gorgeous in the volume 5 cover.
0310 brella: it is a very common situation so
0311 guest-1452651 left the room
0312 upguntha: doing happy dance 5...4..3... dance
0313 caseyballvins: Happens to the best of us
0314 macey: ooooh man does yearbook mean julie. at least a cameo. please
0315 brella: helpful hints from guillaume
0316 caseyballvins: I want more Julie so bad
0317 abetterfuture: Vanessa... I'm looking forward to getting attached before her inevitable tragic death.
0318 enio_duval: oh, god, why?
0319 upguntha: I always wondered why the faculty let Hisao run to the forest
0320 nick: yeah, rodin draws an amazing Vanessa, n v5 and 32 covers
0321 abetterfuture: I am major glutton for punishment.
0322 guest-1452624 left the room
0323 caseyballvins: I'm really worried that in Vanessa's issue we'll see her go travel back in time
0324 enio_duval: I thought Fortunato was more likely to die.
0325 caseyballvins: I'm not ready for that
0326 brella: fortunato is going to be the hero of the series just you wait
0327 tinker entered the room
0328 enio_duval: don't know why
0329 guest-1452678 changed nickname to tinker
0330 brella: suddenly he will blast into the foreground of the story and never leave
0331 enio_duval: huahuahua!
0332 abetterfuture: I'm pretty sure Vanessa won't die until Season 3 or so.
0333 brella: noooo she's fine everyone's fine haha /broken laughter
0334 caseyballvins: See I want to think that about her, but I don't trust this series
0335 upguntha: vanessa band aid mystery
0336 macey: fortunato is expendable, but too mysterious to go...yet
0337 caseyballvins: Rereading the first issue breaks my heart so much now
0338 macey: then again that's what we said about zoe
0339 abetterfuture: Sorry if I missed this at the start of the chat, but...
0340 supajoe: i addressed vanessa's bandage in a study hall podcast
0341 caseyballvins: Mysterious like Zoe... wait...
0342 abetterfuture: Whats the issue order?
0343 abetterfuture: Hunter, Vanessa, ?
0344 macey: hunter, vanessa, hisao & guillaume and...
0345 macey: 34 is jade, right? or no?
0346 enio_duval: Irina's mother... She reminded me of Xenia Onatopp, from 007.
0347 brella: will give up limbs for more jade
0348 supajoe: haha
0349 kelso: I love Jade <3
0350 supajoe: i like that. i'm a bond fan
0351 enio_duval: me too, Joe.
0352 brella: oh man enio now that you mention it that's perfect
0353 macey: headmaster is james bond, we can all go home, mg solved
0354 abetterfuture: I kind of love-hate Irina's mother.
0355 abetterfuture: In just one page, she managed to beat Abraham for Worst MG Parent.
0356 macey: SSSAME she's so intriguing and badass but also, the worst
0357 abetterfuture: Ever.
0358 enio_duval: i hated it when she killed Snowflake, man
0359 guest-1452711 entered the room
0360 abetterfuture:
0361 caseyballvins: Definitely worse than Abraham.
0362 enio_duval: but I saw that coming when the dog saved Irina
0363 macey: abraham at least wanted to keep ike safe and cared for his well being and stuff
0364 kelso: I find it funny how everyone keeps saying they hate her for killing Snowflake and not for
0365 macey: i mean he's still terrible but. he CARES
0366 kelso: hiring men to rape and kill Irina
0367 caseyballvins: Technicality Kelso
0368 abetterfuture: ...But he also raised an army of child soldiers to follow his whims.
0369 haley: shh shh its all about the dog
0371 upguntha: I wonder what connections Ab has with Irina's mom
0372 enio_duval: she was training her daughter
0373 macey: when i saw the dog in the preview i expected his name to be "stab" or "murder"
0374 kelso: ...could Abraham be Irina's father?!
0375 macey: but no. irina named him snowflake. dammit.
0376 supajoe: hahaha
0377 enio_duval: besides, I'm a dog enthusiast [?
0378 brella: i know right macey
0379 brella: i juST. "BUT I LOVED HIM"
0380 brella: so unfair
0381 caseyballvins: Irina was just too sweet and adorable
0382 abetterfuture: What if Irina's father is also Jun's?
0383 upguntha: I thought of that then i was nahhhhhh
0384 macey: dang abraham being irina's father is...weirdly plausible
0385 brella: i think irina might have spoken my favorite line in mg so far in this issue
0386 abetterfuture: He's so mysterious and vague/
0387 macey: imagine ike and irina as half-siblings
0388 brella: oh god macey
0389 caseyballvins: Imagine the family dinners
0390 brella: the sibling rivalry that will destroy empires
0391 guest-1452711 left the room
0392 upguntha: they do like stabing parents with same knife
0394 enio_duval: Misterious and vague... are you talking about Mr. N?
0396 macey: WITH
0398 caseyballvins: YES I DID
0399 abetterfuture: I'm talking about Jun's unseen father.
0400 enio_duval: OH MAN!
0401 brella: IS THAT LIKE
0402 macey: what's UP w/ that
0403 brella: A THING
0404 enio_duval: brillliant
0405 darrrrkvengeance: i guess she brought the knife with her to Abe's camp?
0406 tori: though something that i noticed they do tend to like to burn the homes down, hiaso, irina,
0407 brella: a sacrifice is always demanded
0408 enio_duval: he didn't kill yet, but still
0409 tori: the camp
0410 caseyballvins: Maybe Clarkson gives the knife to Abraham? And she brings Irina to Ab?
0411 supajoe: i was afraid i was a little too obvious with that shot of the knife
0412 kelso: Oh my god. I said Abraham was her father as a joke. But now it's plausible?!
0413 abetterfuture: Whoa. Did we just get an Official Answer?
0414 macey: sometimes nick and joe tell us things and when we do it's a godsend
0415 supajoe: i neither confirm nor deny anything
0416 nick: sure does look like the same knife
0417 guest-1452759 entered the room
0418 abetterfuture:
0419 tori: coincidence? i mean it's not like you just buy those at walmart
0420 macey: well after 18 nick said the person in abe's office sure looked like daramount
0421 macey: and it was CLARKSON
0422 enio_duval: talking about mysterious and vague again...
0423 macey: so
0424 darrrrkvengeance: i guess Kseniya must have given Irina the knife originally
0425 nick: heh
0426 upguntha: What's with the knives motif first Pam, then Zoe
0427 macey: with pam i think it's more her being. pam.
0428 caseyballvins: Yeah, pam is her own thing
0429 brella: pam is a universe unto herself
0430 upguntha: I'm just saying these kids like knives
0431 enio_duval: huahuahua!
0432 darrrrkvengeance: i love pamela
0433 macey: i once asked a friend who isn't into mg what she knew about it from tumblr
0434 darrrrkvengeance: i love her refreshing lack of angst
0435 macey: one of the things she said was "this series is TEEMING with murderteens"
0436 macey: it's one of the most accurate statements i've heard about this comic
0437 guest-1452777 entered the room
0438 richard_vasseur: it is klike the school is training them to be killers
0439 haley: they should put that on the cover
0440 guest-1452777 left the room
0441 brella: dang macey your friend knew way more than pre-mg me did
0442 caseyballvins: I think the best thing about the hardcover is it looks like a yearbook w/o the sleeve on
0443 brella: i was like "UH, there's irina"
0444 brella: bc you were the only person i followed who posted morning glories
0445 caseyballvins: but you open it and teens are murdering
0446 macey: fun story brella used to think the girl in my icon was zoe
0447 liam: My girlfriend won't read it because she doesn't want to become attached
0448 brella: SHUSH
0449 brella: it was a case of mistaken identity
0450 macey: speaking of mistaken identity i'm so happy you guys tackled the irina/akiko thing
0451 abetterfuture: How long have you guys been following Morning Glories? I started this march.
0452 macey: best mg babies
0453 brella: just started this summer, abf
0454 brella: in like... june
0455 macey: since last may for me, 19 was my first new issue
0456 tori: same, around 23 came out
0458 richard_vasseur: i have since issue 1
0459 macey: brella read it the day 27 came out i remember this.
0460 caseyballvins: Like a day after brella?
0461 brella: i had excellent timing
0462 supajoe: hee hee
0463 darrrrkvengeance: issue 1. though i did arcs 3 and 4 in trade
0464 supajoe: yeah, the mg babies strip was my idea. they're normally matt's
0465 brella: i liveblogged my whole experience to katelyn
0466 supajoe: this strip, i mean
0467 brella: it was very involved
0469 macey: joe it's my favorite mg babies. akiko is surpsingly cute with long hair
0470 supajoe: thanks!
0471 macey: well what am i saying, akiko is cute 100% of the time
0472 brella: also there's irina and fortunato. together
0473 caseyballvins: It was so cute this issue
0474 upguntha: Akiko can never win
0475 brella: even when she's comatose
0476 enio_duval: Akiko is my fav truant by far
0477 supajoe: fortunato's such an a-hole in the strip. haha
0478 brella: i didn't even know he was capable of laughter
0479 brella: it was very shocking
0480 liam left the room
0481 macey: yeah, what's with that smile. weird
0482 darrrrkvengeance: i guess Irina is my fave truant now, but i don't really love any of them
0483 haley left the room
0484 macey: i can excuse the one in 28 because it was a dream sequence yknow
0485 macey: i can excuse the one in 28 because it was a dream sequence yknow
0486 supajoe: haha
0487 upguntha: it's cause he knows MrN full name
0488 enio_duval: I will never like Irina, I guess. She killed Zoe and that's unforgivable.
0489 tori1 entered the room
0490 guest-1452822 changed nickname to tori1
0491 macey: i have a friend who loved zoe and still hates irina to this day
0492 supajoe: true story
0493 caseyballvins: Well, in Irina's defense, Zoe was about to murder so
0494 enio_duval: actually, I will never love her. I kind of like her now
0495 supajoe: i couldn't help but laugh
0496 brella: MAN BUT
0497 macey: oh noooo your poor wife. i hope she liked the non-violent parts
0498 brella: the first few pages were so stunning
0499 supajoe: i guess i'm just desensitized
0500 brella: there was virtually no dialogue but it was all so intense all on its own
0501 brella: just through the art
0502 macey: yeah joe stop being so good at fight sequences
0503 brella: really
0504 supajoe: aww thanks
0505 macey: nick will have to turn this into a fighting comic
0506 nick: @joe haha, that's awesome
0507 enio_duval: indeed it was
0508 tori left the room
0509 caseyballvins: And you know, good in general Joe.
0510 supajoe: nick originally told me '4 pages of fighting, and it has to end like this
0511 enio_duval: and your dogs are great too
0512 supajoe: my original layouts went on for like 6 pages
0513 enio_duval: you should work on krypto
0514 supajoe: i kept piling on violence. haha
0515 macey: excited for more dogs. didn't jade have a dog
0516 brella: it was.... very effective
0517 supajoe: really? thanks! dogs are more difficult to draw than kids
0518 brella: the shARD OF GLASS IN THE EYEBALL UGH
0519 macey: and ike saw a dog when he snapped in 25! what's with all the DOGS
0520 supajoe: nick has a dog. he's writing what he knows!
0521 darrrrkvengeance: Pamela needs an evil cat
0522 macey: shit i just remembered- you guys better be lucky irina didn't have multiple dogs
0523 brella: does nick's dog have vague symbolic significance
0524 macey: nick would have done what he did in bedlam and killed all of them
0525 caseyballvins: Pam has Roy, she's fine
0526 brella: does it disconcert everyone around it whenever it appears
0527 macey: although in bedlam it was cats. so many cats.
0528 enio_duval: pamela needs a naja or sth like that
0529 brella: NO NOT CATS
0530 nick: ike has to be the cat person of the group
0531 brella: i knew i liked him
0532 caseyballvins: What are you saying about cat people nick?
0533 kelso: I love my cats, and I love Ike. It makes sense.
0534 nick: hey, i'm a cat person too, i get it
0535 darrrrkvengeance: the cat would chew up all those nicely cultivated morning glories
0536 macey: ike villainously stroking a cat in a large chair
0537 kelso: Yes perfect.
0538 abetterfuture: Just checked
0539 brella: ike's cat probably has a super embarrassing name too
0540 brella: like biggles
0541 caseyballvins: Probably
0542 macey: and that begs the question...who's dog is it?!
0543 enio_duval: Huahuahua!
0544 macey: and can any of these dogs live up to pizza dog in my heart?!
0545 macey: wait, shit, let's have an entire issue from the perspective of jade's dog
0546 darrrrkvengeance: lol!
0547 brella: no that has too much potential for happiness
0548 brella: we'll have to go with snowflake
0549 abetterfuture: Random Theory
0550 macey: she looks enough like...julie, uh, actually
0551 nick: to be helpful
0552 macey: but she seems her own person enough
0553 kelso: I wonder if she did that to herself to avoid being found-recognized after escaping?
0554 abetterfuture: K. Thanks, NIck.
0555 kelso: Or if it happened in the process.
0556 macey: haha, nick, how many times have you had to say that lately
0557 enio_duval: she was raped by the Headmaster, so she probably was beautiful [?
0558 macey: wasn't it with tom and abraham last issue?
0559 nick: yup. no connection there. different dudes.
0560 abetterfuture: It's our fault. We're all so excited to figure out the next Caseymount.
0561 nick: yeah, we've invited this stuff, totally understandable
0562 richard_vasseur: Casey needs another spotlight
0563 caseyballvins: I'm still getting over Irina and Daramount being sisters
0564 macey: casey's probably wracking her brain right now
0565 macey: man, when she remembers what happened, it's gonna be hell
0566 macey: especially if she sees david
0567 abetterfuture: I'm actually okay with Casey being on the sidelines for a while.
0568 abetterfuture: She was the main star of the 4-issue premiere/
0569 darrrrkvengeance: i know age is a weird concept in a time-travel book
0570 caseyballvins: I'm so concerned for Casey. We still have to find out what she doesn't remember
0571 darrrrkvengeance: but i'm wondering about the age of teh faculty, and particularly mr. n
0572 abetterfuture: TIme to let others shine.
0573 tori1: same, love the girl to death but i'm very curious with the others
0574 enio_duval: I want to know what she knows by now, just that
0575 brella: WELP it is dinnertime for me so i gotta hop off
0576 macey: have fun doing the eats brella
0577 darrrrkvengeance: is he the same generation as hodge/lara? older? also maybe a headmaster spawn?
0578 brella: BUT THIS ISSUE WAS A STUNNER. they've all been stunners lately
0579 nick: casey won't get a spotlight again for a while, but
0580 upguntha: Did Hunter also forget stuff?
0581 brella: oh god don't mention hunter it will keep me here
0582 supajoe: thanks, brella! see ya
0583 nick: you will get some answers to her current state soon
0584 richard_vasseur: but?
0585 macey: hrrrm. lara is 25, georgina is...roughly ~28 i think?
0586 brella left the room
0587 enio_duval: No, Hunter remembered everything, I guess.
0588 enio_duval: He knew about Zoe, at least
0589 caseyballvins: I think Hunter is fine
0590 abetterfuture: I wonder if he'll try to explain Future Jade to Present Jade.
0591 richard_vasseur: bye
0592 enio_duval: bye, bye!
0593 enio_duval: probably
0594 abetterfuture: Like, does she actually know she's a time-traveler?
0595 nick: i gotta head off in a minute as well- any last questions for me?
0596 abetterfuture: How many more character-based arcs do you expect to do?
0597 enio_duval: Actually a lot, but you won't answer them, so no.
0598 abetterfuture: One? Two? Five?
0599 caseyballvins: Why did you decide to have a character from Canada? Just for fun? (loving it though)
0600 nick: I think this is probably the last time we'll do so many in a row, but couldn't say for sur
0601 nick: but they'll always be in the mix
0602 richard_vasseur: Canada is the best
0603 abetterfuture: How long until another 20-issue megaarc?
0604 darrrrkvengeance: will we see more of Ian soon?
0605 nick: I kinda wanted Hunter to have a little Scott Pilgrim vibe, so Toronto made sense
0606 mornglorschat entered the room
0607 guest-1452939 changed nickname to mornglorschat
0608 macey1 entered the room
0609 guest-1452942 changed nickname to macey1
0610 nick: yep, Ian will get a spotlight issue soon
0611 macey1 left the room
0612 enio_duval: Scott Pilgrim... Great! HAHA!
0613 mornglorschat: dang ok popping in from mobile
0614 macey1 entered the room
0615 guest-1452948 changed nickname to macey1
0616 macey1 left the room
0617 macey1 entered the room
0618 guest-1452954 changed nickname to macey1
0619 nick: one last thing
0620 abetterfuture: Thank you so much for this series, Nick and Joe!
0621 richard_vasseur: I hope Hunter will not say eh
0622 darrrrkvengeance: awesome! i feel like he's one of the characters we've seen the least
0623 macey1 left the room
0624 macey1 entered the room
0625 guest-1452957 changed nickname to macey1
0626 nick: you can draw your conclusions about other stuff from there
0627 caseyballvins: He definitely has that vibe. Again, a+ job capturing how a Torontian is
0628 macey1: WOW OK ITS WORKING
0629 macey1 left the room
0630 macey2 entered the room
0631 guest-1452966 changed nickname to macey1
0632 macey1 changed nickname to macey2
0633 macey2 left the room
0634 supajoe: heh
0635 macey2 entered the room
0636 guest-1452972 changed nickname to macey2
0637 macey2 left the room
0638 susan left the room
0639 mornglorschat: haha ok hoping it stabilizes
0640 macey2 entered the room
0641 guest-1452978 changed nickname to macey2
0642 macey2 left the room
0643 nick: aw poor macey
0644 macey2 entered the room
0645 guest-1452981 changed nickname to macey2
0646 darrrrkvengeance: macey is trying to travel through mornglorchat w/out bringing hunter along
0647 mornglorschat: i have everything up to 9
0648 macey2 left the room
0649 nick: okay all, i'm out- have a good night, glad you dug this one
0650 macey2 entered the room
0651 guest-1452990 changed nickname to macey2
0652 caseyballvins: Bye nick
0653 caseyballvins: Thanks for another great issue
0654 darrrrkvengeance: bye nick. great job, again
0655 macey2 left the room
0656 enio_duval: Good night, Nick!
0657 tori1: bye nick, awesome issue
0658 mornglorschat: thanks nick! it was rad
0659 nick left the room
0660 macey1 entered the room
0661 guest-1452996 changed nickname to macey2
0662 abetterfuture: Bye Nick.
0663 macey2 changed nickname to macey1
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0666 guest-1452999 changed nickname to macey1
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0668 mornglorschat: man usually its pretty alright on the desktop
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0673 guest-1453014 changed nickname to macey1
0674 mornglorschat: bless you all for putting up with me
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0680 guest-1453029 changed nickname to macey1
0681 richard_vasseur: If Hunter is Canadian will he ever be drawn wearing a maple leaf
0682 macey1 left the room
0683 supajoe: you mean like on a shirt, or JUST a maple leaf?
0684 macey1 entered the room
0685 guest-1453035 changed nickname to macey1
0686 richard_vasseur: any way
0687 darrrrkvengeance: lol
0688 mornglorschat: i bet hunter has tons of lovely maple sweatshirts
0689 macey1 left the room
0690 macey2 entered the room
0691 guest-1453041 changed nickname to macey1
0692 caseyballvins: Joe, please draw him one day with just a maple leaf
0693 abetterfuture: Same.
0694 supajoe: haha
0695 macey1 changed nickname to macey2
0696 macey2 left the room
0697 richard_vasseur: t-shirt or hat
0698 macey2 entered the room
0699 guest-1453044 changed nickname to macey2
0700 macey2 left the room
0701 caseyballvins: Or draw him in a maple leaf jersey because he totally is a fan even though we suck
0702 supajoe: there is a 'han shot first' t-shirt in the next issue. won't confirm if hunter wears it
0703 macey1 entered the room
0704 mornglorschat: draw it and make it a print
0705 guest-1453062 changed nickname to macey1
0706 richard_vasseur: and i hope he never saying eh worst steriotype of Canadians ever
0707 macey1: hissss okay let's see if it's stable on chrome
0708 caseyballvins: fingers crossed
0709 upguntha: normal clothes ftw
0710 mornglorschat left the room
0711 supajoe: yeah--next issue hunter gets to wear a couple of different outfits
0712 caseyballvins: That's exciting
0713 supajoe: i think i drew him and the others in their gym uniforms for over a year
0714 macey1: anybody mind getting the chat from 9
0715 macey1: from me
0716 caseyballvins: I have it
0717 upguntha: does he try them i front of a mirror
0718 macey1: yeah, just put it on pastebin
0719 macey1: ohh my god, i missed the school uniforms
0720 caseyballvins: So from where to where exactly?
0721 guest-1452759 left the room
0722 darrrrkvengeance: hmmm. should i wear the green maple leaf, or the red?
0723 macey1: it's been awhile
0724 richard_vasseur: RED
0725 guest-1453089 entered the room
0726 richard_vasseur: what green one?
0727 enio_duval: red is way better
0728 guest-1453092 entered the room
0729 macey1: caseyballvins
0730 macey1: uence yknow" from me
0731 caseyballvins: All right
0732 richard_vasseur: never heard of a green one
0733 guest-1453092 left the room
0734 upguntha: Will it be a reg issue or trippy one
0735 darrrrkvengeance: i meant Hunter trying out his outfits in the mirror
0736 macey1: up to me coming back as this screename
0737 macey1: put it in pastebin, it's a website
0738 darrrrkvengeance: the maple leaves are green before they turn red, no?
0739 supajoe: it's hunter--what do you think?
0740 upguntha: lol
0741 macey1: i don't know hunter's had normal issues! 8 was pretty normal
0742 tori1: yeah, as far as i know, maple leaves start green
0743 upguntha: 2 weeks squilllll
0744 richard_vasseur: oh ok I was not talking about the living leafs but the drawings representing Cabada
0745 richard_vasseur: Canada
0746 caseyballvins: Yes maple leaves start green
0747 macey1: dang, we'll be done with this arc by the end of october
0748 macey1: that's weird to think about
0749 enio_duval: hey, joe. The MG-NewMutants cover is awesome, man. Congrats!
0750 supajoe: fingers crossed
0751 supajoe: thanks!
0752 supajoe: i'm planning on doing a series of prints like that--homages to classic covers
0753 enio_duval: But that's disturbing too. HUAHA!
0754 supajoe: any suggestions?
0755 supajoe: no youngblood
0756 richard_vasseur: FF # 1
0757 upguntha: green arrow drug cover
0758 supajoe: haha
0759 macey1: i don't have much knowledge of older comics so
0760 macey1: HAHA DO UPGUNTHA'S. YES.
0761 guest-1453089 changed nickname to iinono6
0762 darrrrkvengeance: a Dave McKean Sandman-esque cover parody would be cool
0763 abetterfuture: X-Men #1
0764 abetterfuture: !"
0765 iinono6 left the room
0766 supajoe: nice
0767 caseyballvins: Sorry, about paste bin, I just post it there? Just willy nilly?
0768 macey1: yeah!
0769 caseyballvins: Okay
0770 macey left the room
0771 macey1: dont worry im still her
0772 upguntha: not classic but anything from Y the last man
0773 macey1: here. i can still type as well
0774 tinker: Joe, do the MG kids as the Community cast and/or vice versa
0775 upguntha: Last Supper MG style
0776 supajoe: haha
0777 abetterfuture: Star Trek
0778 supajoe: okay, a couple of things and then i have to run
0779 macey1: lost did last supper, though!
0780 supajoe: like nick said, he'll be at nycc, and so will i. so...yeah.
0781 supajoe: and no MG Babies next issue. the biweekly schedule killed it for that one
0782 supajoe: but i finished one for 32
0783 upguntha: Wait i thought Nicj cancelled
0784 abetterfuture:
0785 supajoe: he mentioned he was going right before he signed off. change of plans
0786 macey1: it's okay, we can't always have babies
0787 guest-1453158 entered the room
0788 caseyballvins: Okay posted it (hopefully it's got it all)
0789 supajoe: some new faces in issue 31, and i promise you won't confuse them with others
0790 caseyballvins: (there's probably too much)
0791 guest-1453158 left the room
0792 macey1: ooooh! exciting
0793 supajoe: at least, i really hope you don't. you're weird if you do. haha
0794 darrrrkvengeance: because they'll be dog and cat faces! ;)
0795 richard_vasseur: More of Mr. N than to?
0796 macey1: i'm hoping for more weird library guy
0797 macey1: curious about that dude
0798 supajoe: haha we'll see
0799 supajoe: anyway, thanks everyone! glad you enjoyed the issue
0800 macey1: cb, that's fine! just put the link down in here
0801 supajoe: we'll see ya next time!
0802 macey1: thanks joe! great to hear from you
0803 richard_vasseur: bye Joe
0804 caseyballvins: http
0805 supajoe left the room
0806 darrrrkvengeance: bye joe. thanks for another great issue
0807 caseyballvins: Thanks Joe!
0808 macey1: cb you are a wonderful saint
0809 richard_vasseur left the room
0810 tori1: bye, awesome issue too
0811 caseyballvins: No problem.
0812 abetterfuture: Thanks Joe!
0813 enio_duval left the room
0814 macey1: alright now they're both gone so feel free to go wild with the theories
0815 macey1: and the ships and what not
0816 caseyballvins: So, who think Hodge knows about Irina and Daramount?
0817 abetterfuture: As always, I would like to bemoan the lack of Jun and Guillaume making out.
0818 upguntha: Nebu = Tuna boy's dad
0819 macey1: serious lack of hisao/guillaume makeouts lately, yeah
0820 macey1: DANG upguntha was i the only one who noticed those weird identical hairstyles, yeah?
0821 macey1: mr. n aludes to not knowing if georgina knows irina is her sister. i don't think she does
0822 darrrrkvengeance: i think Hodge knows though
0823 abetterfuture:
0824 macey1: hodge, on the other hand...probably does because she's hodge.
0825 caseyballvins: Oh Hodge, you are the least trustful character
0826 tori1: the trickiest bit about hodge is i'm not sure how much she says is the truth and how much
0827 tori1: is just a bunch of lies
0828 tori1: b/c with morning glories the truth can sometimes be pretty wacked up but at the same time
0829 upguntha: everything she says is true especially the lies
0830 darrrrkvengeance: i forgot whether we ever found out/were told whether Nine is also a headmaster child
0831 tori1: that woman is not at the top of the turstworthy people list
0832 tori1: i don't recall that they ever said nine was one of the headmaster's kids
0833 macey1: nine's parentage is unknown
0834 upguntha: nope she just shows up
0835 tori1: i could see her being pamela's mom though
0836 macey1: but she WAS in mga as a baby. the thought has crossed my mind that
0837 macey1: dagney could be her mom, though
0838 caseyballvins: I thought the same, macey
0839 tinker left the room
0840 tori1: good point macey, i didn't even think about that but i could see that making sense
0841 kelso left the room
0842 kelso entered the room
0843 guest-1453218 changed nickname to kelso
0844 kelso left the room
0845 darrrrkvengeance: we've been thinking about Kseniya escaping MGA, but maybe she's never there.
0846 ashley left the room
0847 darrrrkvengeance: she could have borne Georgina elsewhere
0848 darrrrkvengeance: otherwise, i'm interested how someone gets away from MGA
0849 guest-1453236 entered the room
0850 macey1: oh yeah, what if georgina happened in ukraine
0851 macey1: didn't think of that possibility
0852 guest-1453236 left the room
0853 macey1: because you don't really picture the headmaster...leaving the greenhouse and such
0854 caseyballvins: Yeah
0855 upguntha: She could have been down there with Ted
0856 darrrrkvengeance: i wasn't really around earlier, so can i just add an amen to the Kseniya is seriously
0857 darrrrkvengeance: f'ed up sentiment
0858 caseyballvins: Yeah, she's great mom.
0859 caseyballvins: Oh, Macey, totally loved the LOST scene you posted on tumblr
0860 macey1: haha, my dad LOVES that scene
0861 macey1: his top favorite lost scene. keamy with the eggs
0862 caseyballvins: haha, it is a good scene
0863 macey1: that episode is mostly serious but i laugh whenever i see it. keamy killed a bunch of
0864 macey1: favorites but it's so damn hilarious
0865 caseyballvins: hahaha oh LOST (I need to rewatch it)
0866 macey1: is there anyone here who hasn't seen lost? we need to remedy this
0867 tori1: me
0868 darrrrkvengeance: i haven't seen lost either
0869 macey1: not really for mg purposes as much as that it's an amazing show
0870 caseyballvins: Get on that, it's a great show
0871 macey1: tori! dv! i am ASHAMED lost is real good. i have the complete edtion boxset
0872 macey1: *edition. it's one of my prized possessions
0873 tori1: i'm on episode three just need to get back into it
0874 caseyballvins: Like that sort of pyramid base one? With all the cool stuff?
0875 darrrrkvengeance: oh, i just joined tumblr -- though my page is presently pretty lame
0876 darrrrkvengeance: what are your blogs. i'll add you all.
0877 tori1: lunielovegood
0878 caseyballvins: same as my name here
0879 upguntha: I would watch Lost nut I don't want to be pissed off at the end
0880 caseyballvins: I loved the end so don't judge it till you see it
0881 macey1: cb
0882 caseyballvins: I have it too!
0883 caseyballvins: It's soooo nice
0884 macey1: the end's not for everyone- it delivers on the characters but not the mysteries as much
0885 tori1: I remember when the end came out and i'm trying to forget it so i can properly enjoy the
0886 tori1: seires
0887 macey1: i adored it, but whatev
0888 macey1: tori there were a lot of misconceptions post-series that people posted so you may be
0889 macey1: unspoiled
0890 caseyballvins: THANK YOU MACEY, I get so happy finding people who loved the end
0891 upguntha: I loved the BSG ending and ppl hated it
0892 darrrrkvengeance: bsg?
0893 darrrrkvengeance: oh, battlestar
0894 darrrrkvengeance: another one i didn't see
0895 macey1: nick's a battlestar fan i think
0896 upguntha: get off this chat and watch nowwwwwww
0897 darrrrkvengeance: lol
0898 caseyballvins: I wasn't a huge fan of the show, tbh. Not my thing. So that's why I didn't like the end
0899 caseyballvins: I didn't care about the show much
0900 darrrrkvengeance: i almost never watch tv except in huge 12 hour chunks on dvd
0901 upguntha: BSG
0902 francy entered the room
0903 tori1: same, though i tend to marathon a show through netflix then not watch much for months
0904 macey1: shit there's something i wanted to mention about this issue that i forgot
0905 guest-1453359 changed nickname to francy
0906 upguntha: it's like Six Feet under you press play then 9 hrs of your life goes by
0907 macey1: trying to figure out what it was
0908 caseyballvins: I'm on the same boat
0909 francy: so what did you guys talk about
0910 macey1: irina's mom, the poor dog, tiny baby irina
0911 macey1: somehow hunter wearing only a maple leaf came up
0912 darrrrkvengeance left the room
0913 darrrrkvengeance entered the room
0914 guest-1453380 changed nickname to darrrrkvengeance
0915 francy: ksdhfsf
0916 francy: of course it did
0917 tori1: yes, then nick's going to NYCC if you need to know that
0918 macey1: nick and joe both are!
0919 upguntha: knives
0920 francy: oohhh
0921 tori1: oh yes, maybe irina and ike being half siblings??? same knives?
0922 tori1: ike being a cat person
0923 upguntha: who here is going to nycc'
0924 tori1: not me but i'd really love to
0925 francy: sadly not me
0926 macey1: i would! but i didn't get tickets unfortunately
0927 macey1: it's pretty close to me compared to sdcc which i WAS gonna go to
0928 macey1: but i didn't get tickets for that either
0929 francy: yeah if i had a choice i would prefer to go to sdcc
0930 caseyballvins: I would if I wasn't broke and not in a different country
0931 darrrrkvengeance: i'm probably going to lame out and skip everything this year
0932 upguntha: I got Friday ticket. i plan too geek out
0933 darrrrkvengeance: but baltimore is still a possibility in a week and ahlf
0934 macey1: i've never been to a con and i don't usually like large gatherings but i would
0935 macey1: do anything for mg things
0936 francy: aha yeah if you are really against big groups of people in one place then cons might
0937 francy: not be that fun for you
0938 caseyballvins: I stopped going to cons three ish years ago. Now I want to go again but I have no money
0939 francy: especially something as large as nycc
0940 upguntha: I wasn't planning on going this year untill Jo said that he would show up
0941 upguntha: Joe*
0942 caseyballvins: be right back, my contact lense is acting up
0943 upguntha: It's Irina with the shard of glass
0944 macey1: ghost irina and her ghost glass
0945 macey1: first spider irina, now ghost irina. she's evolving
0946 upguntha: she's a pokemon
0947 upguntha: she knows Levitathe
0948 francy: what's her evolved form
0949 tori1: wait until she starts breathing fire or shooting bubbles at you
0950 macey1: i think she'd prefer fire
0951 upguntha: That is what Nebu is teaching her
0952 macey1: water is a more tuna thing, being a fish and all
0953 francy left the room
0954 tori1: tuna breaks out of his cell and comes in screeching 'bubble blast' which is suprisingly
0955 tori1: affective
0956 upguntha: she needs fire to burn down monastaries
0957 tori1: oh yes that reminds me of something that i've been thinking about
0958 tori1: it seems like fire is a it of a theme
0959 macey1: mmm, definetely
0960 tori1: haiso/jun, irina, the camp
0961 darrrrkvengeance: plus, sort of fire being opposed to plant-life
0962 macey1: well, fire is a very good way to destroy things- and the academy has lots of crimes to
0963 macey1: cover
0964 tori1: yes, also completely destroying your old life and going into the new one
0965 tori1: like you know changing your life, going to the camp or school or wherever clarksons going
0966 tori1: with irina
0967 caseyballvins: fun fact ripped contacts in your eyes suck
0968 tori1: oh no, are you ok now?
0969 caseyballvins: yeah, switched to glasses
0970 tori1: i could never live with contacts, glasses are very easy
0971 vinceblah entered the room
0972 abetterfuture left the room
0973 guest-1453518 changed nickname to vinceblah
0974 vinceblah: Hello?
0975 tori1: hi
0976 caseyballvins: I love contacts normally but sometimes nope
0977 darrrrkvengeance: hey vince
0978 vinceblah: Hi! Did I totally miss everything?
0979 macey1: haha, most of it! i'll have a transcript up later though once we're done
0980 darrrrkvengeance: pretty much. Nick came by and told us ALL THE ANSWERS.
0981 vinceblah: NooOoOoooo
0982 vinceblah: I was in class and we got out late.
0983 darrrrkvengeance: lol j/k
0984 macey1: don't worry we got some useless stuff do
0985 upguntha: i'm gonna head out
0986 vinceblah: I just started reading Morning Glories a week ago guys and I'm all caught up and totally
0987 vinceblah: obsessed
0988 macey1: we talked about hunter wearing only a maple leaf for a significant amount of time
0989 upguntha: l8rz
0990 tori1: bye
0991 macey1: bye upguntha!
0992 upguntha left the room
0993 caseyballvins: bye
0994 macey1: wow, congrats vince. i'm happy you survived
0995 vinceblah: You guys it's so good I can't even
0996 vinceblah: Obviously you know that
0997 vinceblah: But I'm like all new and stuff and it's freaking me out
0998 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, each time a new issue comes out i want to reread them all
0999 vinceblah: You pretty much have to to stay in-tune I'd imagine!
1000 tori1: it is, very life ruining, but in a good way
1001 vinceblah: And I don't know anybody that reads it,
1002 vinceblah: I'm like running to my brother and trying to explain it to him, I'm telling my friends, et
1003 vinceblah: But they don't understaaand
1004 tori1: oh it is so easy to get people to read it
1005 macey1: if you have any questions we can probably answer them, if there ARE answers
1006 macey1: this series is so much better if you can discuss it with peopl
1007 macey1: e
1008 vinceblah: I know and I missed the discussion !! fml
1009 vinceblah: Do you guys gather on any other sites to continue the discussion on weeks when there
1010 vinceblah: isn't a new issue?
1011 macey1: the tumblr tag, often
1012 caseyballvins: Yeah, mostly there
1013 tori1: skype occasionally but that's normally more personal
1014 macey1: and the comments on multiversity's study hall are often still popping up weeks later
1015 vinceblah: Okay cool!
1016 macey1: i remember the post for one issue had like 80 comments
1017 vinceblah: Yeah I just started reading the multiversity stuff, I've gotta jump into this community
1018 tori1: me too, still working my way through the study halls for earlier issues
1019 tori1: though read 23's even if you don't read any other
1020 tori1: that is a blessing from above
1021 vinceblah: I so will!
1022 vinceblah: Did Nick or Joe come by?
1023 macey1: yes, both of them!
1024 vinceblah: That's so rad of them
1025 tori1: it is
1026 macey1: you mean 22 tori? 22 has a translation of that tower scene
1027 macey1: if you were wondering what was going on there
1028 tori1: oh yes, i am very confused some times
1029 vinceblah: "wondering what was going on there" = me at every page
1030 tori1: same vince
1031 vinceblah: Haha
1032 tori1: i am so lost half the time but macey guides me and helps
1033 vinceblah: Are you guys all chicks? Do a lot of guys read this too? I wondered about that, not that
1034 vinceblah: it really matter
1035 vinceblah: s
1036 darrrrkvengeance: guy
1037 vinceblah: Badabing! I'm not alone
1038 tori1: my brother reads this but he's not a discussing type and not half as passionite about it
1039 vinceblah: I was watching a review for the 26th issue on youtube, done by a girl who'd never read it
1040 vinceblah: before,
1041 vinceblah: and she assumed it was a pre-teen girl drama that would be like a TeenNick TV show.
1042 vinceblah: I laughed so hard at how wrong that is
1043 darrrrkvengeance: lol.
1044 tori1: i was misled into thinking it would be a fun teen drama
1045 vinceblah: And then, you know
1046 vinceblah: David
1047 vinceblah: etc
1048 tori1: it didn't even last 3 pages
1049 darrrrkvengeance: though Pamela probably hosted a show on Nick once, which would explain why she is how she
1050 darrrrkvengeance: is now
1051 macey1: yeah, most of the tumblr group is chicks but we get a mixed group here in the chat
1052 vinceblah: Pamela's twerkin' all over the damn place
1053 macey1: and there's dudes on tumblr too of course
1054 tori1: wait question i think more guys have died in mg than woman
1055 vinceblah: Hmmm
1056 darrrrkvengeance: certainly a lot of guy redshirts
1057 macey1: well our only main character to die so far is a girl- zoe
1058 tori1: though most of the security guards are guys
1059 macey1: and possibly vanessa
1060 darrrrkvengeance: Casey's parents
1061 tori1: yes so major character wise more girls but overall i think it's guys
1062 macey1: guys definetely have died the most though. so many red shirt dudes.
1063 vinceblah: Aww Casey's effing parenttts
1064 vinceblah: You guys!! You know how they talk about Schaumburg a lot? And live in Chicago?
1065 vinceblah: I live in Schaumburg wooo
1066 macey1: love the blevinses. really nice to see well-developed parents in stories like this
1067 macey1: OH MAN you live near casey!
1068 vinceblah: I got really stoked about that!
1069 vinceblah: I know right?!
1070 macey1: you lucky people in your cities, getting mentioned
1071 vinceblah: I was like running to everybody in my family and showing them when they first mentioned it
1072 vinceblah: They really cared, I'm sure
1073 caseyballvins1 entered the room
1074 darrrrkvengeance: lol
1075 macey1: i love in a town with ~1700 people. i'll never get mentioned
1076 tori1: jade is my iowa homegirl even though i don't really live in iowa but my grandma does
1077 vinceblah: Hahaha, that counts
1078 macey1: SHIT TORI my grandma is from iowa! though she lives here in ny now
1079 guest-1453692 changed nickname to caseyballvins1
1080 vinceblah: You guys maybe you have the same Grandmother ....
1081 tori1: cool macey
1082 tori1: i doubt it
1083 vinceblah: ~~plot twist~~
1084 macey1: i think i know all my cousins...or do i
1085 caseyballvins1: Ugh internet pooped out
1086 tori1: plot twist macey is my long lost cousin
1087 tori1: but what if?
1088 macey1: i can see it, tori and i share many mg preferences
1089 caseyballvins1: What are we chatting about now?
1090 vinceblah: It's like they talk about in MG, the way we think the world works is like ... not the way
1091 vinceblah: and stuff
1092 vinceblah: We're talking about stupid stuff.
1093 tori1: macey is my long lost cousin
1094 vinceblah: ^
1095 tori1: possibly
1096 macey1: i like to think the cast members talk about weird stuff off-screen
1097 macey1: hunter has probably explained the entire plot of star wars in detail to hisao by now
1098 vinceblah: I can't even imagine some of the Pamela conversations
1099 darrrrkvengeance: lol
1100 vinceblah: Do you guys trust Hodge?
1101 vinceblah: Have we talked about this already?
1102 vinceblah: What even is that lady about
1103 caseyballvins1: I don't think anyone trusts her
1104 darrrrkvengeance: no one really trusts Hodge
1105 tori1: no clue and i do not trust her at all
1106 vinceblah: Okay good
1107 vinceblah: Like I said I've talked to nooobody about this so I don't know if my opinions are the
1108 vinceblah: majority or not
1109 tori1: just say them and you won't get shot down, we don't bite and
1110 macey1: we all sort of like and dislike hodge
1111 macey1: but nobody's been sure what to make of her yet
1112 tori1: macey isn't as mean as irina even though we refer to her as irina sometimes
1113 vinceblah: Yikes
1114 darrrrkvengeance: plus, we've all come up with some pretty wacky theories
1115 tori1: seriously i doubt you could beat my brother in crackpots
1116 vinceblah: Crackpots?
1117 tori1: if you want to say something just say it
1118 vinceblah: Whaaa?
1119 tori1: i'm not gonna share those on the internet where it's being recorded
1120 macey1: tori has shared some of her brother's theories and they're....interesting
1121 vinceblah: And they can't be shared on the interweb?
1122 macey1: like, to say the least
1123 tori1: oh gosh he was on pain meds when he came up with them
1124 vinceblah: Oh boy
1125 vinceblah: Hey, that might be the way to figure this damn thing out
1126 vinceblah: Pain-meds
1127 tori1: i had to cut out half of them though
1128 darrrrkvengeance: was just listening to "Hate My Way" last night for the first time in a while, and thinking
1129 tori1: the world is just not ready for most of that
1130 macey1: turns out nine's needles just hold tons of morphine
1131 darrrrkvengeance: 'i bet Jade digs this song.'
1132 vinceblah: Is it a super sad song?
1133 tori1: listening
1134 darrrrkvengeance: it's just sort of a brilliant, intense, and yeah sad song
1135 darrrrkvengeance: the first 48 seconds are harsh and awkward
1136 darrrrkvengeance: then it gets better
1137 macey1: jade digs all the geeky boy bands
1138 darrrrkvengeance: http
1139 macey1: like, my chemical romance and green day
1140 macey1: teen angst at its finest
1141 vinceblah: The poor girl
1142 tori1: will definitely look back at this song if i need some lyrics for a jade drawing
1143 darrrrkvengeance: "So I sit up late in the morningAnd ask myself againHow do they kill children?"
1144 caseyballvins1: Tori, your drawings are wonderful, btw
1145 tori1: thank you
1146 vinceblah: Tori let me see some drawings!
1147 vinceblah: I'm like a wanna-be artist!
1148 macey1: tori posts them on the tumblr tag when she does them!
1149 macey1: admittedly the tag is more character stuff than theory stuff but we do share theories
1150 tori1: http
1151 iinono6 entered the room
1152 tori1: but yes i draw morning glories and that is the best
1153 vinceblah: Did you draw this one with the hugging??
1154 tori1: yes
1155 vinceblah: How old are you?
1156 guest-1453839 changed nickname to iinono6
1157 tori1: quick question how old does anyone think i am? i am truly curious
1158 vinceblah: If you're like my age and you're that good I'm gonna hate myself
1159 macey1: haha, oh boy tori i am excited for answers to this
1160 iinono6 left the room
1161 darrrrkvengeance: i need to figure out how to use tumblr
1162 vinceblah: Twen...ty....o..ooonne...?
1163 macey1: fun story i'm still in high school and everyone i have met online thinks i'm like 20??
1164 caseyballvins left the room
1165 caseyballvins1: Shoot macey, I though you were around 20 too
1166 macey1: SEE, SEE IT'S RIGHT HERE
1167 caseyballvins1: I guess I was projecting my age?
1168 vinceblah: How old is everybody on here?
1169 vinceblah: I'm gonna' be 20 on the 19th of next month
1170 macey1: the fandom seems to vary, at least the people i see the most
1171 caseyballvins1: I'm 20 since July
1172 macey1: youngest person i know is 14, but there's lots of people in their 20s
1173 vinceblah: Are you a senior in highschool?
1174 macey1: gonna be a junior! i'm one of the youngest in my grade actually
1175 vinceblah: Wow and just from our brief encounter you seem so mature!
1176 caseyballvins1: Oh no, someone 14 is reading MG? Oh dear that poor child
1177 vinceblah: ^^^^
1178 macey1: HAH, i was 14 when i first read it!! i've turned out a-ok
1179 vinceblah: Maybe it's like a way to make people super mature
1180 caseyballvins1: Of course Iria, I mean Macey
1181 caseyballvins1: *irina
1182 vinceblah: By the time you've ran your brain through everything it offers, it probably makes you 10X
1183 vinceblah: smarter
1184 darrrrkvengeance: or at least uses up your brain 10 x faster
1185 macey1: thanks to this comic i know more about sumerian mythology than i ever expected
1186 vinceblah: Hahaha
1187 caseyballvins1: Anyway, I'm going to have to say goodnight cause I'm pretty tired
1188 vinceblah: Had you known about the allegory of the cave prior to reading?
1189 tori1: i'm just gonna leave this up to your guises imaginations
1190 vinceblah: Goodnight casey!
1191 caseyballvins1: and my bed is covered in stuff
1192 caseyballvins1: Night all
1193 tori1: goodnight casey
1194 caseyballvins1 left the room
1195 vinceblah: Tori I have to know how old you are!! Are you older or younger than me?
1196 vinceblah: Because you're freaking great with color
1197 tori1: younger
1198 vinceblah: Fml
1199 tori1: macey do you know how old i am?
1200 vinceblah: These morning glories boots I'm looking at on tumblr right now - hot damn
1201 macey1: actually no tori
1202 macey1: i know liam is putting those boots together! i'm jealous
1203 macey1: night cb!
1204 tori1: i want liam's boots so badly
1205 darrrrkvengeance: night casey
1206 darrrrkvengeance: i should roll soon myself. i've literally averaged about 3 hrs of sleep/night the past 5
1207 darrrrkvengeance: nights
1208 vinceblah: That is unhealthy sir!
1209 darrrrkvengeance: where are the bootses?
1210 macey1: oh man dv you should get some rest!
1211 tori1: tumblr tag
1212 macey1: on the tumblr tag
1213 darrrrkvengeance: i'm so shot. part of it was good
1214 darrrrkvengeance: working
1215 macey1: hawaii? ooh, jealous
1216 darrrrkvengeance: i'll need to re-read issue 30 tomorrow when i'm more clear-headed
1217 tori1: same, i always have such different opinions rereading them than reading them first time
1218 macey1: ive probably reread it three times already just going through it for this chat
1219 darrrrkvengeance: macey -- your catch on mr. n in issue 28 was awesome
1220 vinceblah: I've gotta start my first re-read still D
1221 tori1: do it, it is like having your eyes opened
1222 darrrrkvengeance: you really make a lot of new connections on re-reading
1223 tori1: you notice so much yo didn't the first time
1224 tori1: *you
1225 darrrrkvengeance: then Nurse Nine gets in your face and asks you vreepy questions
1226 darrrrkvengeance: *creepy
1227 vinceblah: Sheeiit
1228 tori1: also adding if mg ever gets a tv show it's gonna need a million creepy zoom ups
1229 tori1: to justify the comics
1230 tori1: especially on gribbs
1231 vinceblah: Fuckin' Reginald!
1232 vinceblah: I don't even know if a TV show could ever be as good, but I've been thinking about that
1233 darrrrkvengeance: actually, one of my favorite scenes is when Hodge mimicks the Nurse Nine face
1234 macey1: dv, thanks! like i said, i'm the resident fortunato expert
1235 darrrrkvengeance: i think it was issue 13 or 14. at the start of woodrun
1236 macey1: i must pay attention to every single thing he says
1237 tori1: yes, during mentoring with ja
1238 tori1: de
1239 macey1: it's in 12 dv! it's also my favorite
1240 macey1: i would only like a show if it was animated tbh, bc nobody wants cgi david
1241 darrrrkvengeance: oh, that's right! good call.
1242 tori1: definitely
1243 macey1: plus it would be good if it came out after the comic was done, so it could be faithful...
1244 tori1: oh yes, b/c some things might be better in television format if you changed up the
1245 tori1: ordering slightly to make a bit more sense but not too mcu
1246 tori1: much, it is mg after all
1247 darrrrkvengeance: and avoid the Game of Thrones overtaking the books problem
1248 macey1: i'm a huge sucker for faithful adaptions
1249 tori1: same, i was actually just talking how wacked up it could get if they messed up a tv
1250 tori1: adaption with my brother
1251 guest-1454073 entered the room
1252 tori1: also macey your song from the mix 'suspended from class' has taken over my heart
1253 guest-1454073 left the room
1254 macey1: aww thanks
1255 macey1: got to post that mix on the main tag soon, remind me
1256 tori1: will do
1257 darrrrkvengeance: well, my cats are telling me it's bedtime; and i'm about to pass out anyway
1258 darrrrkvengeance: good chatting with y'all
1259 vinceblah: Later friend!
1260 darrrrkvengeance: and i'll see you in two wks
1261 darrrrkvengeance: (if Pamela doesn't see me first)
1262 macey1: see you!!
1263 tori1: bye dv and yes two weeks
1264 darrrrkvengeance left the room
1265 macey1: sooo excited for double shipping
1266 tori1: it's gonna kill me but i'm excited
1267 macey1: it takes so long to recover from every issue though, this will be trying
1268 macey1: at least i have tons of mg to guide me through school starting though
1269 tori1: yes, whenever feeling troubled by school just look to mg for guidance
1270 tori1: so vince, i don't think we've gotten a favorite character out of you yet
1271 vinceblah: Oh boy
1272 vinceblah: Casey's Dad is probably my favorite character.
1273 vinceblah: But I also definitely have a major crush on Casey
1274 macey1: casey's dad is a very good choice
1275 vinceblah: So she's like ... 2nd favorite
1276 macey1: probably the overall nicest dude in the comic
1277 vinceblah: Right??
1278 macey1: like is there anything wrong with that guy? i doubt it
1279 tori1: by far
1280 tori1: especially in parent terms
1281 vinceblah: The scene where he was talking to her while she was out on the swings,
1282 vinceblah: Something about it, I don't even know
1283 tori1: though mrs. fukayama was a very nice mom
1284 vinceblah: Irina's mom's pretty nice too you guys.
1285 vinceblah: loljk
1286 tori1: fukayama's are my weekness
1287 macey1: the poor fukayamas
1288 macey1: what
1289 tori1: issue 33 will kill me if we get more of his tragic past
1290 macey1: 's up with hisao now? are they just letting him hang out in the forest?
1291 vinceblah: He's gonna be a dominating force in this thing
1292 tori1: he's doing an independent biology class
1293 tori1: being man vs wild
1294 macey1: going around doing biology experiments
1295 tori1: fighting some bears and eating squirrels
1296 macey1: he calls hunter out to tell him the soil is good for planting
1297 tori1: 'gotta test this water'
1298 macey1: hisao testing a bear is weirdly easy to see
1299 macey1: *wrestling
1300 tori1: he seams very angry right now
1301 macey1: where did testing come from....
1302 tori1: biology experiments on nature
1303 tori1: water is nature
1304 vinceblah: Hisao TESTING a bear is weirdly easy to see too, if you really think about it.
1305 tori1: therefore testing it
1306 macey1: "wonder what happens if i pour acid on this bear"
1307 richard_vasseur entered the room
1308 vinceblah: We've all gotta test a few bears every now and then.
1309 guest-1454232 changed nickname to richard_vasseur
1310 tori1: idk let's just try it
1311 tori1: i wonder if he is a very fast runner
1312 macey1: hisao's pretty buff, i can see it
1313 tori1: side comment before 33 comes out if guillaume is raise by wolves
1314 macey1: of course we all know irina is the buffest
1315 tori1: i wouldn't be suprised one bit
1316 tori1: i'm just calling it before it happens
1317 richard_vasseur left the room
1318 vinceblah: I have to head out you guys, but find me on tumblr or twitter or something and talk to me!
1319 vinceblah: nostalgiadust on tumblr
1320 vinceblah: @VinceBlah on twitter
1321 macey1: awesome! we'll see you, great to have you
1322 tori1: will follow and bye vince chattng is awesome
1323 vinceblah: It was super nice meeting you!
1324 vinceblah: Later gang!
1325 macey1: good night!
1326 vinceblah left the room
1327 macey1: well tori if it's just us we might as well close up
1328 tori1: okay, awesome chat macey, really nice of you hosting it
1329 tori1: bye friend
1330 macey1: bye! night

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