Morning Glories Issue 31 Tinychat from September 18, 2013
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 caseyballvins: Hello all
0002 macey: HELLO FRIENDS
0003 macey: how did you all like the issue
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0006 caseyballvins: So i read today's issue in public after four hours of sleep, bad move, fought back tears
0007 tristan: Don't know what to think about the AV Club yet, I must confess.
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0009 macey: i want to believe the av club is good but there is that automatic mistrust
0010 brella: i'd like to draw the court's attention to "I'M SORRY I CALLED YOU A SLUT"
0011 caseyballvins: I'm excited about the AV Club but also do not trust at all
0012 brella: what a good. what a good issue i'm all choked up
0014 macey: im so happy he apologized for that because when is the last time you saw a guy apologize
0015 macey: to a girl for that in fiction ever
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0017 susan: k i'm leaving byeee have a good chat
0018 caseyballvins: It was so perfect
0019 macey: hunter is becoming a better person and growing up im so proud of him
0020 tristan: The AV Club seems to be too much convenient, I don't know.
0021 brella: ME TOO MACEY
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0023 caseyballvins: So proud of him
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0025 brella: my position for most of this issue was just. chinhands
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0030 macey: im not sure which av club member is the best yet i like them all too much
0031 caseyballvins: They're all amazing and i want them to be good so bad
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0033 tristan: Best part
0034 tristan: s2
0035 macey: hannah does get a point for just thinking he was a weirdo immediately
0036 macey: like she doesn't even try too long she's just like "fuck he's a loser"
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0038 jukite: LOL I had just finished the stud hall, and laughed a little at UpG's comment of distrust..
0039 jukite: I kinda agree too ~_~
0040 brella: hannah is such a gem
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0043 brella: they are all gems
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0045 richard_vasseur: problems with the chatroom I see hope it stays working
0046 upguntha: I'm glad I'm not the only one
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0048 macey: i haven't had any problems yet tonight thank god
0049 macey: lets hope that lasts
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0052 brella: being friends with maggie
0053 tristan: I could see that coming when it comes to Ian.
0054 upguntha: Maggie was more than just the sweet girl Nick/Joe made her out to be
0055 brella: did you guys see the akira poster in there. did you yell with joy like i did
0056 upguntha: she was a rebel
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0060 richard_vasseur: I liked The Last Man book by Mary Shelley
0061 brella: so that WAS the last man?
0062 brella: noted
0063 macey1: ike reading the last man is kind of mega suspicious
0064 macey: wait wrong thing
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0066 macey: i may have this open in two windows
0067 jukite: It's kinda funny..cause he's doing it so casially
0068 richard_vasseur: it fit with Hunter's dream
0069 brella: there are two maceys here
0070 brella: i mean one can never have too many maceys but
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0073 macey: i can see both ian and akiko being in there, akiko was the one who compared herself to
0074 macey: x-men
0075 jukite: Find which one contains the soul! Kill the other
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0078 macey: KILL YOUR DOUBLE
0079 jukite: 0_0
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0081 tristan: Clone is a plague.
0082 tristan: Kryptonian feelings.
0084 brella: MIGHT EXPLAIN A LOT
0085 tristan: Yeah!
0086 macey: im so happy the samsara got mentioned, it means all the research i did while reading only
0087 macey: revolutions comes in handy
0088 brella: yeeessss
0089 macey: tbh the samsara thing all but confirms the reincarnation theory
0090 brella: i'm interested to see how the orpheus myth comes in though because
0091 macey: if the hunter/descartes thing didn't already
0092 brella: is it going to have to do with the actual afterlife or just
0093 brella: being able to straddle two planes of existence
0094 macey: i didnt think about the orpheus stuff too much but hmmm
0095 brella: everything in this comic is so iNTERESTING
0096 upguntha: that's why it;s the bestest
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0098 tristan: I saw that as an advice too.
0099 macey: so i think we should ask
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0101 macey: how the av club hideout became a science lab in the future
0102 macey: because ??????
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0104 jukite: maybe they switch curriculums?
0105 upguntha: well it was all in Hunter's dream so the AV club wasn't really in that lab
0106 tristan: You must not forget that Hunter was kind of "dreaming".
0107 jukite: like, find out what's going on, and now are building bilogical plant-killers
0108 macey: hmmm. yeah, that could be involved
0109 macey: hmmm. yeah, that could be involved
0110 macey: weren't we speculating that the lab in the future is the same one from #10?
0111 macey: from the beginning of jade's dream, where megan brings her?
0112 brella: we were
0113 upguntha: I always thought that it was too small
0114 macey: it's a similar layout at least
0115 upguntha: besides Jade and Megan were in the school when they accessed it not in the forest
0116 upguntha: then again it's issue 10
0117 macey: jade's dream was a bit abstract so i dont think it has to apply by that rule haha
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0121 brella: the inside of the lab is way bigger than the AV club i think
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0123 brella: if i'm looking at it correctly
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0130 macey: similar layouts could mean they're related but not the same, maybe
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0135 upguntha: Tardis maybe
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0137 macey: AND because it's a dream, perhaps the av club room isn't actually the av club room in the
0138 macey: real world
0139 macey: tbh it being a dream sure explains how hunter could sneak out so easy
0140 tristan: I like this theory.
0141 richard_vasseur: but was it all really a dream
0142 jukite: yeah, cause you'd think they'd be on lockdown, after the whole wood-run debacle
0143 upguntha: How did they know where to find him, the woods are realy large
0144 macey: yeah, esi sure found him quick
0145 macey: though if it's a collective dream that could have helped
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0147 haley: well andres was the one who said the guilt thing. if they were paying enough attention
0148 tristan: Once Guillaume said that, once their eyes are opened, they can do amazing things.
0149 macey: we'd need to know more about whatever gift allowed the collective dream thing to happen
0150 jukite: I feel kinda gyp'ed though, Hunter's apologies to Zoe being in a dream
0151 haley: to him that could have been them manipulating him into somewhere they could find him
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0153 upguntha: that's why I think they are evilllll
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0155 macey: yeah now that i'm thinking about it it's all sinister and i DONT WANT IT TO BE
0156 macey: nick! hello!
0157 nick: hi everybody
0158 richard_vasseur: hi
0159 upguntha: Heyooooooo
0160 tristan: hi, Nick!
0161 jukite: Hi Nick ^_^ (another great issue award for the trophy case)
0162 jukite: I do agree with UpG though, you WANNA like them, but with all the other weirdo's it's so
0163 jukite: hard to not just distrust them right away
0164 upguntha: After Hodge never again
0165 macey: i feel like we'd need to see more of them to make a proper judgement right now
0166 jukite: LOL but she just lives her daddy
0167 macey: they do seem to be most firmly on hunter's side though- they dislike irina, they dislike
0168 macey: hodge
0169 jukite: issue doesn't a villain make anymore in this series
0170 macey: they're suspicious of the right people if they're being truthful
0171 nick: upguntha so cynical
0172 jukite: oh Nick! Quick ? for you, please?
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0174 macey: upguntha's just broken beyond repair at this point
0175 joe: suuuuuup
0176 richard_vasseur: hi
0177 macey: JOE. joe
0178 joe: told ya!
0179 tristan: Hodge broke his poor heart.
0180 jukite: (If not sploier-ish) How mant students go to this school?
0181 jukite: just wanna get a sense of how close the student community is
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0184 caseyballvins: Nick, Hunter's apologize for calling Zoe a slut was wonderful, by the way
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0186 upguntha: iit's your fault Nick, what do you expect after you play with our feels
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0188 nick: @jukite we haven't said!
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0190 jukite: LOL we don't even get an apporximation? 8D
0191 macey: ten bucks the school has 813 students just to fuck w/ us
0192 jukite: LOL all incanations of the same 20 or so kids
0193 upguntha: I was up for the AV club untill I realized it was a dream and my brain started racing
0194 brella: i'm sorry, i had to go cry some more, what did i miss
0195 brella: oh wait i can just read it up there nvm. carry on
0196 brella: it's 2 AM leave me be
0197 macey: kind of wondering how long esi and andres practiced that "sleep on it" one-liner
0198 upguntha: lol
0199 nick: yeah, hunter's apology was my favorite part to write
0200 upguntha: just cause I think they're evil doesn't mean that I don't like them
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0202 nick: @macey haha!
0203 jukite: I miss Zoe T_T
0204 upguntha: look at Ike i love the bastard
0205 tori: hi guys, so what are we talking about now?
0206 joe: the immediate mistrust of the av club from you guys makes me smile.
0207 brella: how much we miss zoe. pain. the usual things tori
0209 richard_vasseur: I like Ike's reading material
0210 brella: how could a guy with a han shot first shirt ever be evil. ever
0211 jukite: So, were the posters/t-shirts they have in the script? or did Nick say "go nuts"?
0212 tori: oh yes, i just finished about a minute ago and I'm in love with the av kids
0213 joe: haha
0214 brella: i was so thrilled re
0215 joe: han shot first was from me. was sure nick would veto that
0216 upguntha: So those posters are movies that will end up in my netflix queue
0217 brella: does nick not think han shot first
0218 upguntha: except they don't have dark city
0219 jukite: he totally did...
0220 brella: netflix why
0221 joe: have you guys not seen those movies on the wall? you should rectify that!
0222 jukite: henetlix likes to screw with ya sometimes
0223 nick: would've gone with joss is my master now
0224 joe: haha
0226 upguntha: lmao
0227 upguntha: long live Joss
0228 upguntha: I've seen some of them
0229 macey: i feel bad for these kids, locked in a school when they could be seeing all the new marvel
0230 brella: you can't go wrong with han solo really
0231 macey: movies
0232 jukite: LOL
0233 joe: i will cop to the fact that solaris put me to sleep the first time. it's glacially paced.
0234 brella: plus i mean it's in keeping with this comic's amazing propensity for star wars jokes
0235 jukite: I think that and Akira are the two I don't have or have seen ~_~
0236 tristan: All those jokes...
0237 jukite: hey! Han shot first is not a joke
0238 tristan: Well... I'd rather be at MGA, I guess.
0239 brella: i'm pretty sure that the trash compacter line was when i knew there was no going back for
0240 brella: me
0241 upguntha: Somewhere Irina shot first'
0242 upguntha: hehe
0243 brella: irina ain't in it for your revolution she expects to be paid
0244 macey: by the way every time we get another panel of akiko comatose i want to punch something
0245 brella: wait. it's probably the other way around
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0247 brella: same macey
0248 ben1125: Hunter's Leia-pose was a very defining moment for his character, IMO
0249 brella: gOD
0250 brella: THAT PANEL
0251 brella: hunter, i am 5'11"?
0252 brella: sorry. sorry. we are talking about 31 sorry i am getting sidetracked
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0254 upguntha: it's all Hunter related lol
0255 macey: i still can't believe hisao is nearly six feet
0256 jukite: it's all cyclical in MG
0257 macey: these are some tall-ass kids
0258 jukite: well..he's a tall-ass asian dude...prob towers over all the other asian kids backhomr
0259 tristan: When I read wha Ms. Dagney said... I couldn't help remembering of Megan and that Spanish
0260 tristan: girl from issue #04.
0261 tristan: *what
0262 macey: megan first popped in in #3 i think?
0263 deezter entered the room
0264 upguntha: poor Megan
0265 macey: man it's been awhile since we've seen megan. i miss megan
0266 guest-43584 changed nickname to deezter
0267 brella: our pal megan
0268 upguntha: she'll find another way out'
0269 nick: we'll see megan again fairly soon, if briefly
0270 macey: OH GOOD
0271 brella: score
0272 macey: thaks, nick
0273 tristan: bald Megan...
0274 upguntha: she's truant version of Pamela, 1 apperance per atc
0275 upguntha: arc*
0276 brella: god it's almost 3 AM and i have class tomorrow
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0279 brella: BUT THIS WAS A HUNTER ISSUE. i would feel like a traitor
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0282 tristan: Indeed, hahaha!
0283 brella: you raise a good point
0284 macey: how about that hunter. i liked his facial expressions tonight
0285 macey: especially yelling "WHOA" and throwing up his hands at a piece of paper
0286 brella: always good facial expressions
0287 haley: what a cutie
0288 brella: i like that his first thought when he hears a twig crack is that it's zoe
0289 joe: haha thanks. hunter's expressions probably come to me the easiest
0290 jukite: LOL his scene at the very end when he wakes up is hilarious
0291 brella: he turns around. sees a raccoon. ZOE I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD
0292 tristan: I don't know, after all he's gone through, he seemed to be yet too näive. D
0293 upguntha: Does Hnter remember the sequence after he's done floating?
0294 macey1: that last panel may be my favorite last panel yet
0295 caseyballvins: same, macey
0296 ben1125: I loved his hopeful look when he thought Hannah was being serious about the Answer Book
0297 macey: hunter so succintly summarizes what we all think when we finish an issue
0298 joe: he's so naive
0299 brella: he is a glimmer of light and hope in an endless sea of darkness
0300 macey: hannah gets a point for not even trying to recruit him once she decided he was weird
0301 macey: she was just "fuck it, i'm leaving this to andres"
0302 brella: right though. "andres this is all you"
0303 haley: and andres LOVED IT
0304 brella: and speaking of andres WHAT A GUY
0305 tristan: What a mustache, haha!
0306 joe: haha
0307 ben1125: So wispy
0308 macey: i'm kind of pleased andres has a crustache because as someone currently in high school
0309 brella: every single line he spoke was so great
0310 macey: i see way more crustaches than this comic seems to show
0311 brella: crustache.
0312 joe: haha
0313 macey: crustaches are a staple of the high school experience and mga sorely lacked them up till
0314 macey: now
0315 brella: what if all of the main cast got crustaches now
0316 joe: well, it being a private school, i was of the mind that facial hair was a no no
0317 brella: andres is a trendsetter
0318 jukite: yeah...but which of our heroes would look good sportin one? I mean Ian at best...
0319 brella: true true
0320 joe: hence why matt never got to be a student
0321 upguntha: Was I the only one who thought that Hunter had an accident when he woke up
0322 joe: hahaha
0323 tristan: I can tell Hunter envies him because of that.
0324 brella: he accidentally dreamed about weird people saying cryptic things again, ugh
0325 macey: the truants aren't gonna be able to shave while in solitary, of course
0326 tristan: Or maybe Hannah does.
0327 macey: ian seems like he'd be ripe for a crustache tbh
0328 brella: god what if gullaume and fortunato come out with actual beards and ian just has like
0329 macey: he's already reeking "teen in the middle of puberty"
0330 jukite: yep
0331 brella: feeble little hairs
0332 brella: he's a tough guy. so tough.
0333 brella: suck on THAT, fortunato
0334 macey: "akiko's gonna think this is SO HOT"
0335 brella: "if she ever. uh. wakes up"
0336 brella: "details"
0337 jukite: yeah, in her one-panel appearance?
0338 tristan: We're, Brazilian people, have strong and conspicuous beard. [?
0339 tristan: *we
0340 brella: i miss fortunato already. i can't wait to see him not saying anything again someday
0341 macey: i should start a count on how many issues akiko is asleep
0342 tristan: Sim.
0343 brella: you will run out of numbers
0344 brella: (math.)
0345 jukite: well since...what, 25?
0346 upguntha: Nick why did you choose to revisit the hospital scene
0347 macey: six issues so far
0348 macey: how long was casey gone in s1? nine issues? lets see if akiko can beat her
0349 upguntha: hunter seems in trance in it....again
0350 brella: it was re
0351 upguntha: or is it the coloring
0352 brella: that was the impression i got
0353 nick: @upguntha lot of death stuff floating around, natural for hunter to think about his mom
0354 haley left the room
0355 brella: well i mean. his mom just dided. i expect he's gonna look a little dazed
0356 haley entered the room
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0358 macey: you know who we haven't talked about
0359 macey: how about that hisao
0360 brella: noooooo
0361 upguntha: i thought might have had his eyes opened
0362 brella: i already know what my response is and it is noooooo
0363 tristan: Not much to say about him yet, I guess.
0364 brella: to macey
0365 caseyballvins: I'm just so worried about him
0366 tori: oh that poor boy, he was sleeping in the dorm though
0367 macey: i loved how ike could just sit and read while he wrecked the room though
0368 brella: he's a tough cookie casey, he'll probably be fine. he has ike and hisao to protect him
0369 jukite: LOL Ike's line when he stomred out made me LOL
0370 brella: i hadn't realized how much i'd missed ike's acerbic one-liners until now
0371 macey: "ah hmm yes, i am at risk to get hit with a chair. but this book is so engaging"
0372 ben1125: It reminded me of Zoe reading her magazine while Jade cried on the floor
0373 tristan: Me too, Ben.
0374 upguntha: lol
0375 jukite: "it cried"
0376 macey: i should make a photoset of people in top bunks reading
0377 tristan: And Guillaume, of course.
0378 macey: guillaume did it too
0379 macey: you can't be sassy in morning glories unless you do that, i guess
0380 brella: forever heartbroken that we did not get to see zoe and ike become vitriolic best buds
0381 caseyballvins: Jade starts crying on the floor and Ike just steps over her
0382 upguntha: yasssssss jike 4eva
0383 brella: jade trips him. second date
0384 tristan: Brella, same here, haha.
0385 ben1125: We got Zoe comparing them to Reggie and Veronica
0386 macey: i like to think 17 and 24 were their first and second dates
0387 macey: which ended with, uh, a bad breakup
0388 caseyballvins: they'll 'work it out'
0389 upguntha: break up is blasphemy
0390 tristan: At least they kissed.
0391 macey: kind of missed the girls this issue actually!! i cant wait to see them again
0392 brella: on again, off again, just like the safety on the gun
0393 brella: YEAH it will be good to see how casey adjusts now
0394 joe: well, you'll see vanessa again next
0396 brella: REALLY? OH BOY.
0397 macey: matt was tweeting a few weeks ago that 32 is a bit of a humdinger
0398 caseyballvins: Cause that'll be so happy
0399 haley: YESSSS
0400 joe: yeah, 32 is one of my faves from this run
0401 upguntha: that dand bandage
0402 joe: bit of a different kind of issue for us
0403 brella: i'm so stoked
0404 brella: i'm also kind of going cross-eyed i should probably sleep
0405 caseyballvins: And it's next week, right?
0406 nick: week after
0407 caseyballvins: Okay
0408 ben1125: Who's coloring the next one?
0409 brella: every two weeks, maria
0410 joe: paul is coloring the rest of this arc
0411 brella: right?
0412 brella: did he do the coloring for this issue?
0413 nick: every two weeks from here
0414 macey: jason lewis did it this week
0415 caseyballvins: gwen i'm on four hours how sleep, gimme a break <3
0416 brella: IT WAS. SO. PRETTY
0417 joe: no, jason lewis filled in
0418 tristan: I saw some covers.
0419 joe: man, macey's quick
0420 brella: macey is inhuman
0421 macey: [cracks knuckles
0422 brella: anyway bedtime for me sorry i couldn't stay longer!
0423 tristan: They were kind of unexpected, indeed.
0425 brella: but it was great to talk as always
0426 caseyballvins: night hon
0427 ben1125: Night Brella
0428 jukite: night Brella
0429 macey: night!
0430 brella: YOU'RE NOT MY MOM, MACEY
0431 nick: any last questions for me this week?
0432 haley: goodnight!
0433 brella left the room
0434 macey: nick, if it's not a spoiler, who's 33/34 about?
0435 tristan: And the flowers?
0436 nick: 33 is about hisao & guillaume
0437 ben1125: Huzzah
0438 nick: 34 is jade
0439 macey: that's what i thought for both! still awesome
0440 ben1125: Yusss!
0441 haley: awesome!
0442 tristan: Cover for #34 is really beautiful.
0443 jukite: where can I buy poster-sized art? and how much money can I throw at you guys or it?
0444 macey: always up for my girl jade. rodin killed it on the #34 cover yeah
0445 upguntha: Jader Spader
0446 macey: rodin's been killing it on all the covers for this arc actually
0447 macey: and mind the gap, and everything else he does, as usual
0448 upguntha: will we be seeing Julie any time soon
0449 ben1125: Yeah, a poster of the two page spread in 29 is something we all need
0450 jukite: totally
0451 nick: not soon, but eventually, sure
0452 joe: that migth be arranged.
0453 joe: might
0454 jukite: sweet
0455 macey: claps
0456 haley: how long is this every two weeks thing lasting? is this permanent?
0457 macey: just for this arc haley
0458 macey: so up to 34
0459 tristan: I always thought that'd be nice the "Most likely to..." covers for the truants.
0460 nick: joe has crushed it
0461 macey: tbh joe is the inhuman one around here
0462 joe: haha, well i don't know how i've made it through
0463 nick: we're actually AHEAD of schedule right now
0464 joe: but i'm terribly excited to be drawing the last one of this run
0465 caseyballvins: wow
0466 jukite: nice
0467 tristan: Not really, no... Joe is a mutant.
0468 tristan: Way better. You can ask Akiko.
0469 macey: you two are nuts and i like it
0470 joe: haha
0471 upguntha: how did the school explain Branden and Zoe's death
0472 nick: @upguntha, i think you see in this issue, the school highlights certain deaths and
0473 nick: downplays others. definitely a propaganda thing
0474 tristan: Wow. D
0475 macey: well thats not really depressing or anything
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0478 upguntha: They need to be taken down
0479 jukite: poor sweet (appearing) Dagney has to deal with the PR of all that, too
0480 macey: it was nice to see dagney though
0481 richard_vasseur: so which cover was liked more?
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0483 richard_vasseur: everyone stopped talking
0484 macey: yeah we hit a brick wall there
0485 tori: the issue cover?
0486 richard_vasseur: 31
0487 macey: well this issue had only one cover right?
0488 nick: well, i gotta run for tonight
0489 caseyballvins: Bye nick
0490 ben1125: I didn't know there were any variants, I bought the Comixology one
0491 upguntha: g'nite
0492 tori: bye nick
0493 ben1125: Bye Nick
0494 nick: thanks for all the nice words-- really glad you dug this one
0495 tristan: Night, Nick!
0496 nick: bye all
0497 macey: bye nick! thanks for stopping by again, always really great
0498 nick left the room
0499 joe: pages headed your way in a little while!
0500 jukite: bye Nick ^_^/
0501 richard_vasseur: I saw two online the couple together and than Hunter with the boks
0502 richard_vasseur: books
0503 richard_vasseur: bye
0504 macey: ohhh thats 32's cover richard they messed it up on the image site
0505 joe: ah yeah, that's the cover to 32. it's vanessa and brendan
0506 macey: image get it together
0507 upguntha: that was a placement cover
0508 tori: yes, there was the stand in cover i believe and then there was rodin's
0509 richard_vasseur: ok i saw it listed on about 6 sites as 31
0510 tristan: That one with the couple was indeed a cover for this issue? D
0511 macey: it was released with the 31/32 solicit
0512 tristan: Ah, okay. Thanks, Joe.
0513 caseyballvins: I'm gonna head out now. I'm too tired to actually add anything to the convo
0514 macey: does that mean we get brendan next issue?? haha well that sounds like it's gonna be happy
0515 macey: see you casey!
0516 tori: bye casey
0517 joe: yup, there will be brendan
0518 caseyballvins left the room
0519 richard_vasseur: i searhed online for the book cover and could not find it
0520 richard_vasseur: for my review i had to print it off the PDF and scan it in
0521 joe: kind of what makes it a different issue for us. there's a romantic element to the ish
0522 richard_vasseur: have you read The Last Man
0523 joe: but there's some mythology in there too so it's not too mushy.
0524 macey: i'm excited for romance and not excited for the inevitable sadness
0525 upguntha: yay mythos
0526 tori: yes, romance in mg does not ever turn out well
0527 jukite: Y is one of the best comics ever
0528 ios7: fun fact
0529 upguntha: it all revolve around her bandage
0530 jukite: we all know how Brendan eats it, and the literal hands of David
0531 joe: hahaha
0532 tristan: Any time soon your son my become a four-dimensional ghost and stuff.
0533 joe: who knew that bandage would be so confounding to upguntha
0534 richard_vasseur: well bye
0535 joe: see ya richard!
0536 macey: matt, is that you?
0537 upguntha: bye rich
0538 richard_vasseur left the room
0539 jukite: bye
0540 macey: oh bye!
0541 jukite: arg, off by 1sec every time >_<
0542 ios7: shhh
0543 joe: tempest in a teapot
0544 macey: haha i remember you tweeting 32's kind of immense
0545 macey: i'm excited for it
0546 upguntha: speaking of bandages i need to read vol 6 of 20th century
0547 joe: oh man, yeah, you need to read more of that series
0548 joe: btw
0549 joe: i wanted to thank you all for helping us get the panel reinstated
0550 upguntha: yay
0551 jukite: yes, congrats on that
0552 upguntha: panellll
0553 joe: it was denied, but i think you guys' tweeting them reversed their decision
0554 macey: congrats on it! wish i could make it
0555 jukite: yeah
0556 joe: well, we're going to try and record it somehow.
0557 tori: same, i would love to go but can't
0558 joe: matt will work his beard magic
0559 upguntha: and it' end15 minutes before Eva screening
0560 macey: pull a recorder out of his beard
0561 jukite: Are ther plans for it to be rcorded/available online?
0562 joe: oh man, it does?
0563 upguntha: lmao
0564 upguntha: yup
0565 joe: yeah--if we can record it, we'll post it
0566 jukite: shiny, thank you ^_^
0567 joe: got somewhere to be after the panel, so i'll miss the screening
0568 upguntha: boooooo
0569 upguntha: that line will prob be intense doubt we would get in anyways
0570 joe: true
0571 joe: okay, before i head out, i'll offer some tidbits for stuff coming up
0572 joe: already talked about vanessa's issue
0573 tristan: Guys, I'm leaving now.
0574 joe: then hisao/guillaume are after that. intense issue
0575 tristan: Congrats, Joe.
0576 joe: thanks!
0577 tristan: G'night to you all!
0578 macey: i would imagine an issue about those two would be rife with relationship issues
0579 jukite: night Tristan
0580 macey: good night tristan!
0581 joe: night
0582 tristan left the room
0583 tori: night tristan
0584 joe: haha @macey--you would be correct
0585 upguntha: night
0586 deezter left the room
0587 joe: the ending of that issue will make the chat pretty interesting
0588 ben1125: Uh oh
0589 upguntha: oh nooo me scared
0590 jukite: Hisao kisses hunter?
0591 macey: i saw you saying it was a sad one!
0592 joe: haha
0593 joe: and in the jade issue, she wears all black like a true goth would
0594 macey: i think nick knows we all shipped it, so he decided "well, got to rip that apart"
0595 jukite: OMG yes
0596 joe: haha
0597 macey: so pumped for a jade issue
0598 upguntha: Jike ship will never sink
0599 joe: okay, well that's it for me. thank you all again! it's been fun.
0600 macey: night joe!
0601 tori: bye joe
0602 ben1125: Night Joe
0603 joe: we'll do this again soon for 32
0604 upguntha: night joe'
0605 joe left the room
0606 jukite: Night Joe ^_^ thanks for playing
0607 jukite: arg
0608 macey: man it's gonna be weird having only two weeks between chats
0609 upguntha: now I'm worried about 32
0610 upguntha: mean 33
0611 tori: me too, it's usually pretty sad but them going out of their way to say it makes me worry
0612 macey: i assume 33 is gonna be about a very very rough breakup
0613 ben1125: Predictions? Death or betrayal?
0614 jukite: yeah...sounds like rough waters for the Guisao boat
0615 ios7 left the room
0616 jukite: break-up
0617 macey: kind of hard to date a guy that helped kill your twin brother, yknow
0618 haley: yeah the betrayal part already happened
0619 tori: well i'd say their pretty broken up right now, you know after that whole thing
0620 tori: *they're
0621 macey: if it's an issue about the both of them i assume they get to interact in the present...
0622 macey: hmm, i wonder how that happens
0623 haley: probably with a lot of angry hisao
0624 tori: there are endless possibilities really, though hiaso being angry is probably a definite
0625 ben1125: At least he was only throwing stuff around this issue
0626 tori: that poor boy and his anger
0627 ben1125: The glowering at the end of 29 was more worrisome
0628 rj left the room
0629 jukite: yeah
0630 macey: idk i think throwing stuff around was a bit worse to see for me
0631 tori: that kid is seriously giving off the revenge vibe i'd say
0632 macey: i mean this is hisao we're talking about here. he used to be so calm and collected
0633 macey: and now he's literally spontaneously throwing chairs
0634 tori: yes, he was so reliable to be relaxed and now he's just not
0635 ben1125: At least he picked them up again?
0636 upguntha: he will throw a chair at Guillaume
0637 macey: last panel of 33 is just guillaume getting hit in the face with a chair
0638 ben1125: He should probably just carry a chair around just in case someone crosses him again
0639 macey: actually, the entire last PAGE
0640 ben1125: Chair beats smirk?
0641 upguntha: lmao
0642 tori: no, two page spread
0643 upguntha: chair beats ritual knife
0644 jukite: or a flip-book inserted at the end
0645 jukite: Hiaso just beating Guillaume over and over
0646 macey: four-page chair-hitting sequence
0647 macey: wow we're all terrible people
0648 ben1125: I like Guillaume
0649 upguntha: i blame Pamela
0650 tori: that boy gives me mixed feelings
0651 macey: i like guillaume as a character but as an actual person i have no clue what to make of him
0652 tori: exactly
0653 ben1125: DC's launching a new Harley Quinn series. I feel that Pamela could out-crazy her
0654 upguntha: twin killa is so much fun
0655 tori: i'm curious but at the same time that kid is in no way a good person but i wouldn't say he
0656 tori: 's the worst on the planet
0657 upguntha: Pamela is EVERYTHING
0658 tori: that girl has got something going on that i don't even think the best psychiatrist could
0659 tori: help with
0660 macey: i hope pamela pops up soon
0661 upguntha: it's cause she doesnt need help
0662 macey: in 34 maybe
0663 macey: polishing her woodrun trophy
0664 ben1125: Anyone reading Locke and Key?
0665 tori: unfortuantely no, is it any good?
0666 upguntha: i'm still stuck in vol4
0667 ben1125: 'Cause the Head Key on Pamela would probably be the most amazing thing ever
0668 upguntha: so goood
0669 ben1125: It's amazing. And only one issue left
0670 jukite: just think, we'll be like that with MG in like, 4 years
0671 ben1125: Anyone know if Alex is done for good on MG?
0672 upguntha: it might be more
0673 ben1125: I'm like that now... "Just read this, then this, then all of these"
0674 ben1125: I usually use #3 to get people hooked
0675 ben1125: 'Cause in addition to being awesome it stands on its own very well
0676 upguntha: did you see th trailer for the filed pilot\
0677 ben1125: Yeah, apparently they're doing a movie series now. I'm not sure how that'll go
0678 macey1: ohh mg will be here longer than 4 years
0679 macey: WRONG BROWSER but nick has said we'll probably get about 125 issues now
0680 tori: i'm exited to see what it'll be like then
0681 macey: we have a decade or so to go
0682 macey: haha yeah, the comic feels so much different from where it was 10 issues ago already
0683 jukite: wow..that's way more than ~100 he originally said
0684 jukite: damn
0685 jukite: it's kinda nice to know it'll be a long ride, but a little unnerving too
0686 tori: that's quite a few though honestly i think anyone's guess is as good as mine on where it's
0687 tori: going
0688 jukite: that's a whole arc or two
0689 tori: that is quite an aweful lot of room for cliffhangers, backstories, new arcs and characters
0690 upguntha: dunno if i can survive all the backstabing
0691 tori: imagine the change in pace when less than half the character's we know now aren't there
0692 tori: i mean they probably aren't all gonna be here 100 issues from now, not that that is good
0693 upguntha: they will all leave early ala Zoe
0694 macey: i mean we just met andres, hannah and esi
0695 macey: and they all seem to be pretty important
0696 macey: plus we didn't meet mr. n until 30 and he seems important too
0697 jukite: mr N....
0698 macey: who knows what special characters we will meet in 20, 40 issues
0699 jukite: yeah
0700 tori: yes, we are only 30 issues in and we've already come so far
0701 ben1125: I don't think anyone predicted a time travel storyline when they started the series
0702 jukite: by that time, we'll all be like, "remeber when we were guessing who/what the headmaster
0703 macey: i'm still all for upguntha's idea that mr. n is tuna's dad haha
0704 jukite: was?"
0705 tori: yes, i went into this thinking it was a fun teenage drama and did not see anything coming
0706 ben1125: Have you been using Unfortunato to describe sad things?
0707 macey: that's already happening!! remember when we thought david was abraham's kid?
0708 macey: good times
0709 upguntha: lol
0710 jukite: LOL and THAT was only what....6 issues apart?
0711 macey: thinking david was abe's was 17
0712 macey: and then we found out he was casey's in 29....
0713 macey: that theory had a good run
0714 jukite: wow
0715 tori: it's lasted quite longer than most of the other things in mg
0716 macey: ben
0717 macey: it's unfortunato that fortunato is in solitary
0718 ben1125: I still think Abe's Casey's baby daddy
0719 ben1125: Or some ancestor of Tom
0720 tori: that's something
0721 jukite: LOL could be. Gribbs does imply familial connction
0722 tori: what if tom was related to abraham?
0723 macey: see i don't want to believe casey cheated on tom!
0724 tori: like cousins or something?
0725 macey: i could see tom being related to abraham though, is the thing
0726 ben1125: Gribbs straight up pointed out the "family resemblance"
0727 macey: man, remember when gribbs was alive
0728 jukite: LOL yeah. But he got what he deserved
0729 macey: rip gribbs we barely knew ye
0730 tori: that guy and his creepy zoom ups that we miss so dearly
0731 ben1125: Anyone read him with an accent?
0732 macey: gonna miss gribbs's amazing faces
0733 abetterfuture entered the room
0734 guest-43980 changed nickname to abetterfuture
0735 macey: i read most of the mga staff with these weird light southern-y accents
0736 macey: just from the way they talk
0737 macey: all nine's "darling"s and stuff
0738 ben1125: He says a few things that made me think English or possibly Scottish
0739 ben1125: I figured Nine was Australian
0740 macey: somebody should ask where gribbs and/or dagney are from and see what answer we get
0741 abetterfuture: Just got here. Did Nick and Joe already come and leave?
0742 macey: yeah, they're usually here within the first hour!
0743 ben1125: I always forget. Bring up Gribbs sooner next time!
0744 abetterfuture:
0745 haley left the room
0746 macey: they pop in around 8
0747 macey: UNFORTUNATO
0748 macey: MISSED MY CHANCE
0749 ben1125: *
0750 abetterfuture: Ike's taunting made me think
0751 abetterfuture: Do Ike and Hunter actually know that Jun is gay?
0752 tori: that is a good question
0753 ben1125: I don't think so, but Ike's been teasing them about it since the first issue
0754 macey: in 22 there's a panel where guillaume has his hand on hisao's shoulder
0755 macey: and hunter is looking at them all "wait what huh"
0756 tori: hunter does a bit of a double take there
0757 macey: it's one of my favorites bc vanessa is looking at them too but she's looking more like
0758 macey: "yeah get it boys"
0759 ben1125: hahah
0760 tori: akiko never got to see it happen i realize
0761 jukite: Ike's probably just got great hay-dar
0762 macey: awww, akiko would have been so happy for them
0763 jukite: gaydar*
0764 abetterfuture: I don't think Jun's closeted, but there's no good time for him to mention his secret agent
0765 tori: ike seems like the type who would just say anything to antagonise people
0766 ben1125: He did admit he went through a phase himself
0767 abetterfuture: boyfriend to the Glories
0768 macey: kind of hard to explain you banged your childhood friend who also killed your brother
0769 macey: yknow
0770 susan entered the room
0771 guest-44049 changed nickname to susan
0772 macey: SUSAN
0773 jess entered the room
0774 susan: it's me again
0775 macey: oh no we're the same now
0776 susan: it's okay i'm only going to be here for a second
0777 macey: ok better now
0778 susan: ohh
0779 macey: susan did you like it
0780 susan: how were nick & joe?
0781 susan: i haven't reaaaad itttt
0782 ben1125 left the room
0783 macey: OH they were lovely as per the usual
0784 susan: i'm doing my homework about MGs right now heh heh heh
0785 ashley left the room
0786 macey: we're talking about your boy hisao and his relationship issues
0787 macey: care to share your opinion on this matter
0788 susan: delighful
0789 susan: he's got a lot going on
0790 susan: in that dept.
0791 guest-44052 changed nickname to jess
0792 jess: hi friends!
0793 tori: that boy and his struggles with life and relationships
0794 macey: hello hess!
0795 macey: JESS
0796 susan: i have not read this issue past the preview but i see he's not dealing in a particularly
0797 susan: healthy way
0798 susan: hi jess uvu
0799 macey: yes he needs to cool his jets
0800 tori: better ways to express his emotions
0801 tori: they all do
0802 susan: i will adopt him eventually
0803 macey: lie down, drink some cocoa
0804 jess: deep breaths
0805 tori: maybe a self expressive art class for the school
0806 abetterfuture: Sadly, the preview is all we see of Jun this issue.
0807 susan: ohh
0808 abetterfuture: But there's a bunch of other cool stuff!
0809 macey: oh we see him doing other things! just not...actively
0810 tori: he was sleeping on the bottom bunk i think in that one pannel
0811 abetterfuture: Well, two panels.
0812 abetterfuture: (At the end)
0813 tori: two lovely panels featuring and sometimes cameoing our lovely and beloved hiaso
0814 macey: i'm looking at that panel and can we talk about how ike and hisao apparently have the
0815 susan: didn't ike used to be on bottom bunk what happened
0816 macey: exact same sleeping position
0817 macey: that's weird.
0818 jukite: Ike has acended
0819 susan: hahahah
0820 tori: i forget was there another bunk or just another single in the room
0821 upguntha: Hisao likes the top bunk lol
0822 susan: i was p sure it was two bunk beds for the three guys
0823 susan: leaving a curiously empty bed
0824 tori: thanks, room for a roommate maybe?
0825 macey: perhaps one of the truant boys will get to leave solitary and move in with them
0826 macey: awkward
0827 susan: this is the panel i'm doing for my HW lololol hapPIER TIMES http
0828 jukite: yeah..I was thinking about that maybe someone got left out
0829 abetterfuture: Oh man, if Guillaume got to move in with Jun.
0830 macey: maybe their roomie was gonna be brendan?
0831 jukite: LOL reality show, here we come
0832 abetterfuture: I'm imagining Ike's one-liners already.
0833 tori: that would be quite the trip
0834 upguntha: Real world Morning glories
0835 macey: ike's thrilled to know his gaydar is at LEAST 50% accurate
0836 susan: okay i should go byyeeeeee i hope the rest of the chat is good too
0837 macey: bye susan have a good time!!
0838 susan: talk about hisao talk about nothing but him he is the important one
0839 abetterfuture: Bye!
0840 tori: bye susan, have a good time with homework
0841 susan: tori are you from tumblr?
0842 tori: hiaso is very important i will have to chat him with you some time
0843 tori: lunielovegood
0844 susan: ahh yes okay cool i know you!
0845 jukite: bye Susan
0846 susan: bye everyone!!
0847 susan left the room
0848 upguntha: bye
0849 macey: i dont know which of the truant boys would be the worst in that room wow
0850 macey: guillaume has the Issues with hisao and i'm sure he would loathe ike
0851 jukite: LOL Ian seems kinda he'd prob be the least inflammatory
0852 abetterfuture: Is the next issue really coming out in 7 days?
0853 tori: two weeks
0854 upguntha: door opens to new roomate Unfortunado he nevver speaks
0855 jukite: yeah..that's really october
0856 abetterfuture: Image site says Sep 25?
0857 abetterfuture:
0858 tori: i think image has something going on
0859 macey: image site is wrong! image site is ALWAYS WRONG
0860 macey: never trust the image site unless it says the issue is out in a few days
0861 macey: then it's probably right
0862 tori: but nick or joe said that it was two weeks from now
0863 macey: yeah 32 is out 10/2
0864 abetterfuture: Ok.
0865 macey: ian would complain about being with ike incessantly
0866 macey: ike would make fun of him until kingdom come
0867 abetterfuture: What about 33 and 34?
0868 macey: at least he would have hunter though
0869 jukite: yeah..Ike proba would tear him down..make him carry his stuff like a man-servant
0870 tori: he'd offer the top bunk to him just to have him fall off in the morning
0871 macey: 33 is out 10/16 and 24 out 10/30 until further notice
0872 upguntha: this issue was supposed to come out last week
0873 macey: #34
0874 macey: i mean
0875 tori: so everything is two weeks after each other from now on hopefully
0876 upguntha: so the delay prob pushed all the subsequent issues
0877 macey: fortunato would be the most corteous polite roomie but ike and hunter would have no idea
0878 macey: what to make of him
0879 abetterfuture: Yeah, I got excited about buying 31 seven days ago, but then it didn't show up in the
0880 abetterfuture: digital shop.
0881 tori: ike especially about tuna just not getting really flustered at any insult he can come up
0882 tori: with
0883 tori: nothing get's that guy all upset and angry
0884 macey: ike gets extremely fursturated about knowing nothing about fortunato because he has no
0885 macey: insult material
0886 tori: he tries teasing him about praying so much and tuna just starts saying a prayer for him to
0887 tori: see god, and man does that get on ike
0888 tori: not even a pause
0889 jess left the room
0890 tori: oops it got awefully quiet very fast is everyone okay?
0891 jukite: loota people left
0893 macey: hmm. speculations on 32?
0894 jukite: He dictates in all caps, like a god
0895 tori: oh no i hope they have good nights, we didn't even say goodbye
0896 upguntha: bandage powerr
0897 tori: oh that mysterious bandade of her
0898 tori: *hers
0899 jukite: I'm hoping we'll see what's in the book Brendan found in the cylinder room
0900 macey: oooooh! we still do need to see that!
0901 upguntha: it prob controls the cilynder
0902 upguntha: Vanessa is prob a clone
0903 tori: yes, we have a severe lack of clones though that would certainly spice things up
0904 jukite: of who?
0905 macey: of....her mom??
0906 abetterfuture: What do we really know about Vanessa so far?
0907 macey: idk we need to see more of her mom
0908 macey: all we know of vanessa is that...
0909 abetterfuture: She loves her mom and Brandon.
0910 macey: her mom was at the camp- the only parent we know of there
0911 macey: and brendan was her bf
0912 abetterfuture: She'll get murdered by Hodge after time-traveling.
0913 macey: she's the truant most against what irina does, but she's into the mission itself
0914 macey: which is why she's tried forming her own seperate plans
0915 tori: she seems the most compassionate towards people as a whole, at least out of the truants
0916 abetterfuture: She's currently imprisoned, so this issue might be flashbacks?
0917 jukite: yeah..and Irina did hate she brought Bren-bren into the fold
0918 macey: yeah she's the generally nicest truant
0919 macey: definetely seems like a flashback issue is at hand for her
0920 tori: yes, then there was that bit with her by the wall from that unlettered page joe posted
0921 abetterfuture: The "say goodbye" solicitation is for her, right?
0922 macey: nah i'm fairly certain that was for hunter
0923 jukite: big gap between her break-out attempt (or whatevs) and the wood run
0924 macey: 32's is "stories we tell"
0925 abetterfuture:
0926 tori: just assume if it's off of image, unless verified by someone else it's wrong
0927 tori: they're very mixed up on the issues and covers for this arc
0928 abetterfuture: Yeah.
0929 macey: yeah because i don't think rodin was done with covers in time for solicits
0930 macey: i don't blame him- mind the gap is doing double shipping right now too!
0931 abetterfuture: They're using stock images a lot too.
0932 abetterfuture: Really milking 25's triple cover.
0933 macey: having those subsitutes in the solicits just makes me more excited for the upcoming covers
0934 macey: because rodin really has reeled out some amazing ones lately
0935 tori: rodin has just been rocking his covers
0936 abetterfuture: Yeah, his art finally convinced me to check out the AMAZING Mind the Gap a week ago.
0937 abetterfuture: Any other readers?
0938 tori: i accidentally zoomed in on it when i was looking at the preview and man it's very nice
0939 tori: i'm thinking about reading it, do you recommend it?
0940 jukite: mind the gap is great
0941 abetterfuture: YES.
0942 abetterfuture: It's a lot like Morning Glories, but in a completely different way.
0943 macey: PLEASE READ MIND THE GAP, i actually haven't gotten to the new one tonight yet
0944 jukite: I'm behind by about..4 issues >_<
0945 macey: tons and tons of non-white characters and lgbtq characters
0946 macey: really really cool plot involving....well we're not sure yet
0947 macey: it's easier to follow than mg is but still very layered
0948 jukite: It's like Morning Glories meets Tru Calling
0949 macey: one of its recent issues had a musical number
0950 abetterfuture: Great characters, great art, great pacing, great mysteries with satisfying and extremely
0951 abetterfuture: unexpected answers.
0952 upguntha: i need to catch up with that book
0953 jukite: aand they did the silent issue too
0954 upguntha: so far behind
0955 macey: all the guest artists it's had are good too, along with rodin
0956 macey: YEAH they did an entire issue w/o dialouge
0957 macey: it was really stellar
0958 abetterfuture: The "FIrst Act" wraps up with Issue 15 next month.
0959 tori: i will definitely check it out then
0960 abetterfuture: Re-reading the series makes whole issues play out in a different light.
0961 jukite: yeah, much like MG, go back and learn new things
0962 macey: AH DANG i just remembered something about this issue i wanted to bring up
0963 jukite: ?
0964 macey: anybody else think it was interesting that andres assumed julie was hunter's true love
0965 macey: since he saw her in a dream, and julie is so much like casey?
0966 jukite: I thoguht he was just being poetic, but I saw the comment in Study Hall about Julie/Casey
0967 tori: that is a good point macey, i didn't even think about it that much
0968 abetterfuture: I dunno. I feel like Casey/Hunter are endgame no matter what.
0969 abetterfuture: But Julie could be a subversion.
0970 abetterfuture: She is like... 10 years older than Hunter though?
0971 abetterfuture: But I guess time travel fixes all of that.
0972 tori: with the time travel stuff i don't think that'll be much of an issue
0973 upguntha: well she shows up in teir yearbook
0974 jukite: who knows...could be she's a deriviative from Casey Calrkson
0975 macey: this issue did bring up the reincarnation stuff again w/ the samsara
0976 macey: i've always assumed casey would die at the end and the next "her" was julie
0977 abetterfuture: Maybe "her" universe is the second universe from the Samsara speech.
0978 macey: of course have we ever been sure future jade is in OUR future and not in another timeline
0979 upguntha: exactly
0980 abetterfuture: LIke, the Main Glories and Future Jade are in two similar but different universes.
0981 tori: yes, the time travel not being explicit on details leaves a lot of doors and possibilities
0982 tori: open
0983 abetterfuture: ONE LAST THING
0984 tori: yes
0985 macey1: hisao and guillaume are 33 together
0986 macey1: jade is 34
0987 macey: got to remember to stay on one browser dang
0988 tessa entered the room
0989 guest-44340 changed nickname to tessa
0990 macey: TESSA
0991 macey: DID YOU READ IT
0993 abetterfuture: Oh. That's great for shipping, but I was kind of hoping to learn about Guillaume on his ow
0994 abetterfuture: n.
0996 tori: yes, i want to hear more about that kid
0997 tessa: i just wanted to say hi i'm sad i miss you guys xoxo sorry for being pointless
0998 tessa: BYE
0999 tessa: NOPE
1000 macey: yeah it's kind of curious he's not getting his own issue yet
1001 tessa: i'll skype you later ADIOS
1003 tessa left the room
1004 macey: you can always count on tessa to be the best
1005 abetterfuture: Gotta go!
1006 tori: bye
1007 macey: aw dang! bye
1008 jukite: bye
1009 tori: with that I think I'm gonna leave too, bye guys it was lovely chatting
1010 abetterfuture left the room
1011 upguntha: bye guys
1012 jukite: aww everyones leaving
1013 macey1: good night tori! have great dreams
1014 jukite: g'night
1015 upguntha left the room
1016 macey1: haha yeah maybe i should think about setting an earlier end time for the chat next time
1017 tori: you too macey and everyone else, have good nights and all that
1018 jukite: I can stand to do an hour or two earlier
1019 tori: i literally did not understand why it started at the weird time of 8
1020 tori: weeks ago
1021 jukite: LOL ir's so awesome
1022 tori: but yes if it was earlier that would be awesome for me but this still works fairly well
1023 macey1: haha i was very exact about it
1024 macey1: most people seem to be able to make it at this time too thank goodness
1025 tori: yes, okay i'm gonna kick myself off now but have a good time you guys
1026 tori left the room
1027 jukite: oh...just me and the boss
1028 jukite: 8
1029 macey: bye tori!
1030 jukite: lag
1031 macey: i am obliged to stay until 11
1032 macey: usually a few people are still here by the end! odd
1033 jukite: yeah..weird
1034 jukite: it's all good. I'm gonna go kill stuff in Star Wars
1035 jukite: thanks for creating/hosting/moderating, etc ^_^
1036 jukite: and the studyhalls
1037 macey: no problem! i just comment on the study halls though it's matt who does that
1038 jukite: oh yeah
1039 jukite: sorry, confusion sometimes
1040 jukite: Good ngiht!
1041 jukite left the room
1042 macey: no problem again! have a nice night

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