Morning Glories Issue 33 Tinychat from October 16, 2013
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

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0013 caseyballvins: well then... that issue happened
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0015 liam: no it didn't
0016 liam: there was no issue
0017 liam: this is a mass hallucination
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0020 caseyballvins: we were all drugged
0021 macey: yes maybe there was no issue
0022 ben1125: I knew it!
0023 macey: it was too painful to handle
0024 tori: yes
0025 caseyballvins: maybe they lied when they said there would be two this month
0026 liam: those evil people
0027 francy entered the room
0028 tori: terrible, terrible people, who hurt us such
0029 haley: no wonder they were glad about the date of the panel
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0031 macey: this issue was sad but not awful until that last page
0032 macey: how the fuck does nick make one single page that game-changing?
0033 haley: and then retroactive major character death WHAT
0034 francy: yeah when i saw everyone freaking out i was like
0035 francy: "Well everyone always freak out at new issues this one can't be worse than usual"
0036 francy: no
0037 alison entered the room
0038 francy: no i was wrong
0039 veronica: i think i got it when we got a warning, you know. like oh crap.
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0041 ben1125: I have no idea how they manage to make every new thing the biggest game changer yet
0042 tori: I've never been that terrible at the end of an issue, i had seen brella's warnings but i
0043 tori: was not nearly prepared for that ending
0044 ashley entered the room
0045 ben1125: By the time they get to Issue 100 the series will have caused mass heart attacks
0046 macey: im actually kind of dreading running this chat with everyone so distraught
0047 macey: i hope theres no breakdowns in here tonight
0048 tori: That was earlier, i think i'm good
0049 veronica: no breakdowns, it's already happened.
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0051 caseyballvins: yeah, that was earlier
0052 haley: been there done that
0053 liam: I'm still kind of in the middle of being not okay, but it's not entirely MG related so
0054 veronica: breakdowns earlier, calm collective conversation now.
0055 guest-135713 changed nickname to ashley
0056 francy: unless someone just read the issue then comes in here immediately after finishing
0057 francy: then possible breakdown
0058 tori: likely breakdown, then
0059 veronica: we'd witness a breakdown about morning glories in real time.
0060 macey: OH MY GOD so emily it catching up with this WHOLE arc tonight
0061 macey: including this issue and she's huge on hisao/guillaume
0062 liam: oh jesus
0063 caseyballvins: oh dear
0064 haley: oh man poor dear
0065 tori: oh no
0066 macey: so when/if she comes in tonight let's all be nice.
0067 caseyballvins: very nice
0068 francy: we'll hold hands
0069 tori: extremely nice
0070 richard_vasseur: were always nice
0071 veronica: peace and love.
0072 macey: nothing sad about this issue
0073 tori: nothing
0074 francy: nope everything was nice and dandy
0075 macey: i like how we're all on the same wavelength tonight. united by sorrow
0076 tori: it's different seeing that much of a mass reaction
0077 haley: the end of that letter was the last page right?
0078 tori: yes
0079 ben1125: A few before, I thought?
0080 susan entered the room
0081 macey: haley if youre serious then no. if we are pretending the end didnt happen
0082 macey: yes.
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0085 susan: I'M HERE
0086 haley: haha no i'm just joining in the imaginary party
0087 ben1125: Ah
0088 macey: who even ALLOWED that letter, by the by
0089 caseyballvins: OKAY
0090 ben1125: Hisao has very nice handwriting
0091 guest-135839 changed nickname to upguntha
0092 caseyballvins: THat letter was not okay
0093 tori: he does, very neat and legible
0094 veronica: it makes me wonder if jun has nice handwriing too. oh wait.
0096 liam: OI OI OI
0097 caseyballvins: i really hope guillaume has already seen it because if he hasn't yet...
0098 upguntha: heyoooo
0099 veronica: yeah i made myself sad again.
0101 macey: i feel like jun would be terribly messy and hisao very neat, haha
0102 tori: oh gosh, i do not even want to imagine that letter getting to guillaume
0103 macey: it isnt sinking into me that hisao may be dead yet
0104 upguntha: well he did destrioy that room
0105 susan: macey he isn't duh
0106 macey: i think its more than possible he's not COMPLETELY dead considering the blue light but
0107 caseyballvins: it'll never sink in that this has happened
0108 macey: ??????
0109 tori: susan's got it
0110 caseyballvins: zoe hasn't sunk in yet
0111 francy: i'm still in denial over zoe
0112 upguntha: whelp
0113 haley: always in denial over zoe
0114 alison: I'm also in denial over Zoe.
0115 tori: let's just rely and look to that blue light for hope
0116 liam: So like maybe it'll turn out to be like a search for spock thing?
0117 ben1125: I think Hisao's still out there. Jun seemed to know a lot more than I thought he would
0118 macey: then again if the samsara thing is correct nobody is really dead
0119 caseyballvins: fingers crossed
0120 francy: hisao and zoe are obviously hanging out together
0121 caseyballvins: obviously
0122 caseyballvins: they're on vacay
0123 upguntha: what if rhey're sharing the body
0124 haley: but jun doesnt know? oooh
0125 macey: i was wondering if jun had some/all of hisao's memories the way he acted
0126 francy: like yugioh
0127 macey: especially around guillaume
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0130 macey: LIKE YUGIOH.....
0131 guest left the room
0132 tori: yeah, that is a good question
0133 nick entered the room
0134 ben1125: They're Junisao!
0135 guest-135950 changed nickname to nick
0136 susan: junisao is canon
0137 tori: oh yes, the true juniaso
0138 haley: its happening!
0139 guest-135962 entered the room
0140 haley: *happened
0141 macey: it's jun in hisaos body its like the alpha fukayama
0142 ben1125: Settled!
0143 upguntha: nowwww
0144 nick: hi everyone
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0146 susan: hi nick
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0148 tori: hi nick
0149 upguntha: hiiiiii
0150 francy: hiii!!
0151 caseyballvins: hi nick
0152 veronica: hi nick, don't mind us we're just crying.
0153 macey: nick you did a good job on this one. nice job. nice job making us all cry
0154 haley: well thats actually really interesting though- is the birthday thing body related or mind
0155 guest-135995 entered the room
0156 haley: like if hisao is the one they wanted but now jun is in his body is it still legit
0157 macey: i actually havent seen people being pissed like you and joe thought, nick
0158 macey: we're all just very sad.
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0160 upguntha: just broken
0161 tori: more just stunned and shocked, not so much anger
0162 francy: and in denial
0163 nick: just crying. lots and lots of crying
0164 caseyballvins: so much crying
0165 veronica: my room is filled with my tears.
0166 macey: yeah, nailed it
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0168 upguntha: you are the G RR Martin of comics
0169 nick: well, this was a funny one, because I killed him months ago, and nobody knew
0170 guest-136025 changed nickname to arran44uk
0171 francy: "funny"
0172 susan: hilarious
0173 caseyballvins: after i read the issue i went back a couple and it just... so interestig to read again
0174 macey: did joe know?
0175 tori: haha
0176 nick: probably the meanest-feeling death I could write in a way
0177 liam left the room
0178 nick: i believe joe did know, yeah
0179 richard_vasseur: why was it mean?
0180 nick: ask him when he gets here, but I'm pretty sure I told him
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0182 haley: who knew that retroactive death would be so much worse
0183 nick: because we didn't really get to do any goodbye at the time
0184 guest-136055 changed nickname to runninglate
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0186 macey: yeah i'll definetely ask. i'd love to know what he thought drawing literal junisao
0187 nick: but that's also what I like about it
0188 richard_vasseur entered the room
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0190 upguntha: 7 months retro
0191 richard_vasseur: is anyone still here?
0192 macey: we're all still here!
0193 upguntha: lol
0194 francy: that reminds me. does anyone want the junisao url
0195 richard_vasseur: it blinked off
0196 francy: cause i have it but idk if i'm ever gonna use it
0197 macey: we're actually disturbingly in sync tonight about opinions....i think we're all in shock
0198 upguntha: it was a moment of silence
0199 upguntha: for our boy
0200 veronica: yeah, i think this is the shock talking. i'm sort of contemplating reading everything
0201 veronica: again with this in mind.
0202 macey: man even after the season finale and future vanessa we weren't like this
0203 tori: I'll take it francy if no one else is feeling it
0204 arran44uk left the room
0205 runninglate: should i tell joe it is safe to come out of his bunker?
0206 macey: tell joe we're not even mad! we're all just crying! a lot!
0207 francy: okie
0208 tori: thanks
0209 veronica: yeah tell joe it's ok, i mean it's just me crying tears into my tears.
0210 tori: lots of tears but no riot or anything
0211 veronica: i can't navigate through my tears to do anything.
0212 macey: if anything we'll praise him for all the emotion in these pages
0213 upguntha: i;m just gonna stick wirh my Yugioh
0214 caseyballvins: i like your yugioh idea
0215 guest-136166 entered the room
0216 veronica: gross sobbing. "let's just yugioh."
0217 upguntha: I almost died looking at Guillaume when he was passing hat note
0218 francy: isn't everyone like dying in yugioh tho
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0220 francy left the room
0221 francy entered the room
0222 veronica: FRANCY
0223 guest-136169 changed nickname to francy
0224 francy: whoops disconnected
0225 macey: okay if we make yugioh jokes about junisao an actual thing i'm gonna
0226 guest-136187 entered the room
0227 susan: we already have madoka jokes
0228 francy: can someone just photoshop everyone dueling
0229 upguntha: lmao
0230 francy: irina shooting zoe with a blue eyes white dragon card
0231 guest-136187 left the room
0232 haley: wow i need that to be a thing
0233 upguntha: well they are playing some sort of game
0234 ben1125: Let's all chip in on a commision for that. Please?
0235 francy: shit i just made myself laugh then want to cry in one sentence
0236 guest entered the room
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0238 joe entered the room
0239 guest-136220 changed nickname to guest
0240 upguntha: Daramount woud def be Pegasus
0241 manolis left the room
0242 guest-136226 changed nickname to joe
0243 upguntha: ph wait Pamela in toon World
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0246 haley: ike can be kaiba
0247 macey: i can't believe we went from crying to yugioh jokes only 13 minutes into the chat
0248 guest left the room
0249 haley: we're resilient like that out of pure necessity
0250 caseyballvins: it's us coping
0251 joe: everybody got their torches?
0252 upguntha: we have to cope
0253 caseyballvins: we're just sad, joe, not angry
0254 caseyballvins: good job though, really captured the emotions.
0255 richard_vasseur: torches for a funeral pyre
0256 tori: yes, very brilliant and good art this issue
0257 upguntha: Guillaume was awesome
0258 upguntha: i felt all his feels
0259 francy: really tho that speech where he's just. I LOOKED AT JUN AND SAW YOU!!!
0260 joe: thanks, tori!
0261 francy: i died
0262 veronica: yeah, i think the dead eyes on jun/hisao at the end really sealed it for me.
0263 francy: then that revealed happened and i died again
0264 veronica: he almost looked sort of faceless?
0265 veronica: it was really striking.
0266 runninglate: joe did really great stuff with all the characters in this issue
0267 joe: d'aww
0268 upguntha: Joe did you know of the death before this issue
0269 macey: joe you did amazing. we are the OPPOSITE of rioting
0270 guest entered the room
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0272 macey: by the way, that last page is stunning. your expressions on jun are gutwrenching
0273 caseyballvins: nick you did a wonderful job as well, even if it broke hearts
0274 joe: i sort of did. the 'take me' line was cut out of issue 25. or 27. i can't remember.
0275 abetterfuture entered the room
0276 guest-136370 changed nickname to abetterfuture
0277 francy: oohh
0278 susan: 25
0279 susan: right?
0280 upguntha: i always thought that was Hunter
0281 macey: i thought it was hunter for ages until i realized he had a sleeveless shirt on, haha.
0282 upguntha: details d'hough
0283 susan: why would it be hunter though hah
0284 ben1125: So was the "take me" during Hunter's time-shiftiness in 25, or Casey's Cylinder-ing in 29?
0285 abetterfuture: OH MAN. Just finished the issue 3 minutes ago.
0286 upguntha: cause he was in rhat trance thing white light
0287 abetterfuture: 0.0. Joe, you brilliant bastard.
0288 joe: thanks!
0289 upguntha: Hunter i think
0290 abetterfuture: The contrast between the letter and the various flashbacks was awesome.
0291 abetterfuture: Softened the blow.
0292 macey: i have to ask, though
0293 macey: what the hell was with hisao's flashback jacket?
0294 joe: haha
0295 ben1125: I was curious about Lara's
0296 joe: doesn't anyone remember the 'morning glories fashion' sketches i did?
0297 upguntha: why are Fukayamas always fighthing with flashback
0298 joe: that was jun's jacket
0299 macey: like oh my god is it canon that hisao has no fashion sense now
0300 caseyballvins: you're right joe, lara is quite the fashionista
0301 joe: lara went with bright colors since she was in japan.
0302 macey: i wore an outfit today that basically was a darker-colored version of lara's. freaked me
0303 macey: out when i opened the issue.
0304 veronica: deja vu.
0305 caseyballvins: throw that outfit out, it's evil!
0306 veronica: i actually want to say too, i really loved the whole vonnegut concept tied in.
0307 joe: haha
0308 veronica: and not just the conversation on the sort of existential concepts but also vonnegut and
0309 veronica: time skipping, which was kind of briefly mentioned?
0310 veronica: it intrigued me.
0311 caseyballvins: i need to reread it but i don't want to touch this issue for awhile
0312 macey: i was waiting for slaughterhouse five to be brought up for AGES
0313 veronica: (slaughterhouse-five is my jam as much as sirens of titan.)
0314 macey: happy it finally happened, especially considering its subtitle.
0315 veronica: it totally has a whole vonnegut vibe!
0316 abetterfuture: How many of the original six are going to survive the series as this rate?
0317 francy: i was thinking that
0318 richard_vasseur: maybe they all will
0319 upguntha: So I was right about Hunter having an acciident after his dream cause that mattress is gon
0320 upguntha: e
0321 macey: at this rate i'm thinking just jade
0322 darrrrkvengeance entered the room
0323 veronica: yeaaaah jade.
0324 guest-136517 changed nickname to darrrrkvengeance
0325 caseyballvins: seriously though, it'll just be jade
0326 darrrrkvengeance: hola!
0327 francy: there's irony in that considering her whole "no i must die" thing
0328 darrrrkvengeance: ugh, i got the puke color
0329 veronica: jade is the chronosynclastic infundibulum.
0330 abetterfuture: I'm sharing macey's color. Confusing.
0331 francy: roni i have no idea what that means
0332 darrrrkvengeance: fixed
0333 veronica: i'm stuck on vonnegut, francy, i'm sorry.
0334 ben1125 left the room
0335 francy: i forgive you
0336 veronica: http
0337 macey: there's only a certain amount of colors unfortunately
0338 veronica: *go
0339 upguntha: what is Nick planing for my Jader Spader\
0340 macey: after an ending like this i'm worried for jade in two weeks, yeah!
0341 abetterfuture: I could see Casey dying late season 2 with the mystery shifting to her many guest
0342 susan: are nick and joe still here?
0343 darrrrkvengeance: i bet i missed all the good convo earlier, but can i just say I LOVE YOU HISAO!!!
0344 abetterfuture: appearences as Clarkson.
0345 macey: i thought this would be a low key arc! it's not! it's nooooot!
0346 joe: yes
0347 joe: i'm here
0348 susan: ohh hi
0349 joe: hello
0350 francy: earlier we were just making yugioh jokes you didn't miss much
0351 nick: yep, still here
0352 caseyballvins: will we ever have a low key arc again?
0353 haley: has there been an issue this arc without a giant reveal?
0354 susan: sorry i thought we scared you away
0355 joe: low key is not in our vocabulary
0356 darrrrkvengeance: glad we've got Jader Paders and Desafortunato to come, however
0357 veronica: loki.
0358 guest left the room
0359 nick: this became the downer arc, really
0360 jayjay entered the room
0361 francy: well not entirely down
0362 joe: really did
0363 abetterfuture: Thank you for writing such amazingly affecting characters, Nick.
0364 guest-136598 changed nickname to jayjay
0365 francy: vanessa being not dead was great
0366 veronica: yes! that's true!
0367 richard_vasseur: well bye all
0368 tori: I was expecting a trade off with that grace of vanessa living but not this
0369 upguntha: that brings Clarkson's visit to Japan more confusing
0370 richard_vasseur left the room
0371 macey: bye richard!
0372 darrrrkvengeance: well, i guess it gives Real Jun an opportunity to redeem himself
0373 darrrrkvengeance: interesting to see how he deals w Hunter
0374 darrrrkvengeance: and viceversa
0375 macey: but the grace of vanessa living came with the knowledge she's been locked up for so long
0376 guest-136241 left the room
0377 tori: yes, there is that unfortunate bit too
0378 darrrrkvengeance: any big reveals at NYCC?
0379 macey: dv there was a bleeding cool summary linked on today's study hall
0380 darrrrkvengeance: (i mean, aside from Stephanie Brown)
0381 nick: oh yeah, big thank you to anyone here who made the panel
0382 joe: yes, thank you
0383 runninglate: THANK YOU
0384 joe: and we will have matt's head for not getting that audio. haha
0385 nick: really, really great all around
0386 runninglate: (sorry for messing up the two things)
0387 macey: i don't know i think matt's head is still pretty alright
0388 joe: i know you're out there meylikhov. count your blessings. ;)
0389 upguntha: lmao
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0392 darrrrkvengeance: i feel like Irina would have gotten the recording right. just sayin'. ;)
0393 joe: haha
0394 runninglate: I STARTED the recording. I just didn't notice when it got turned off.
0395 macey: irina probably has a recorder built right in her rifle
0397 caseyballvins: i'm curious on how irina will react to hisao. how much will she care? will she an ally
0398 caseyballvins: you know, when she finds out
0399 veronica: don't mind me, i'm still caught up on the vonnegut references and thinking too much about
0400 veronica: them.
0401 joe: who knew we had so many vonnegut fans!
0402 francy1: mmm
0403 upguntha: She will go Ape shit, it's partly her fault
0404 francy1: yeah i was thinking that, i don't think she'd be
0405 francy1: too happy about it
0406 francy1: at all
0407 veronica: it sort of makes a lot of sense and i'm hanging myself up on it.
0408 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, maybe Guillaume's potentially developing a care for Jun breaks down the wall a bit
0409 darrrrkvengeance: btwn the Truants and the non-"children of Abraham"
0410 macey: i was just thinking about that- you could, in a sense, say the truants killed hisao now
0411 macey: which isn't gonna go over well, especially for poor guillaume
0412 nick: you definitely could, yes.
0413 veronica: ... yeah, you're right.
0414 veronica: crap.
0415 francy1: ..... yeah thank you for not showing us guillaume's reaction to the reveal
0416 francy1: i don't think i could have handled that
0417 nick: we'll be dealing more with this in the very next issue
0418 caseyballvins: i think we were all guillaume in that moment, francy. we didn't need to see his reaction
0419 francy1: cries
0420 macey: http
0421 haley: seriously
0422 caseyballvins: THANKS MACEY
0424 francy1: cries a lot
0425 tori: that pannel, their smiles to see him again
0426 macey: just when their guilt over what happened to akiko was probably bad enough!
0427 francy1: i thought we were pretending nothing bad happened this is the opposite of pretending
0428 caseyballvins: ugh those poor kids
0429 haley: yeah this chat just got devastating
0430 veronica: francy come here let me cry on you.
0431 darrrrkvengeance: Hisao seems to know a lot about the miseries of MGA, even if it's only from Abraham
0432 caseyballvins: hunter when he finds out is going to be awful as well
0433 haley: and the issue was already devastating
0434 francy1: my arms are open
0435 veronica: your face is ripe for crying.
0436 beth entered the room
0437 upguntha: Aisians are not safe in this school
0438 abetterfuture: Will the "non-believers" like Ike even believe that Hisao switch brains with his dead bro?
0439 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, i was thinking that too, upguntha
0440 macey: if this issue taught us anything it's "don't be japanese at morning glory academy"
0441 francy1: as if ike would even care
0442 francy1: or from asia in general, really
0443 macey: or, you know, be a person in general
0444 caseyballvins: that too
0445 abetterfuture: On a lighter note
0446 caseyballvins: being alive at that school is dangerous
0447 macey: you know, just don't be at morning glory academy at all.
0448 francy1: being alive outside the school doesn't seem to help anyone either tbh
0449 caseyballvins: listen to your parents when they say they don't want you to go
0450 macey: luisa and i were joking if we get an ike issue next arc it's just gonna be him reading
0451 macey: the whole time. making snarky comments at the characters
0452 guest-136841 changed nickname to beth
0453 francy1: best issue
0454 francy1: everyone else having a breakdown around him and he just
0455 upguntha: i would pay millions for that
0456 francy1: turns the page
0457 guest-136904 entered the room
0458 caseyballvins: it'll be the low key arc. and ever book will be a clue to solving the series
0459 haley: hahah i need that to happen
0460 guest-136904 left the room
0461 caseyballvins: *low key issue
0462 beth: hello all!
0463 macey: no no maria i like that. a whole arc of ike reading books
0464 beth: also macey that sounds beautiufl
0465 macey: BETH HELLO
0466 tori: hi beth
0467 upguntha: that Ike tumblr is giving me life
0468 francy1: SAME
0469 caseyballvins: yes, an arc of ike reading. each issue a new book
0470 beth: YES
0471 francy1: every time i see it i smile
0472 francy1: bless you ike i am so glad you are not dead
0473 beth: it's a blessing to my days
0474 caseyballvins: brb
0475 joe: i mentioned this on tumblr, but just in case you guys didn't see it--
0476 beth: ike can't die there'd be so much less snark
0477 abetterfuture: Will the 36-onwards arc still be more single-character issues? Or another continuous story
0478 joe: the exterior signage in japan doesn't make sense b/c it's not supposed to. haha
0479 francy1: oohh
0480 joe: don't want anyone reading into the signs looking for secrets
0481 beth: ooooooooooh
0482 nick: yep, few more character issues to follow
0483 beth: that's kind of you
0484 nick: fortunato-ian-akiko
0485 beth: akikooooooooooooo
0486 abetterfuture: Yes!
0487 macey: YEAH
0488 tori: awesome
0489 francy1: yesss
0490 caseyballvins: IAN YES
0491 caseyballvins: TUNA!
0492 abetterfuture: Where's Jade in there?
0493 darrrrkvengeance: oh, i thought the BC article said we had some Jader Paders coming up
0494 macey: nick, would you say 35 is your......
0495 haley: next issue is jade
0496 nick: jade is next issue
0497 macey: FISHIEST issue yet?
0498 beth:
0499 veronica: yes jade!!!
0500 francy1: i hope vicky can get in here for ian issue
0501 darrrrkvengeance: jade!
0502 abetterfuture: I'm looking forward to all of these.
0503 runninglate: next issue is fun
0504 darrrrkvengeance: i love this comic! thank you, nick, joe!
0505 joe: hey thank you
0506 abetterfuture: Issue 18 was the very first MG issue I ever read, and it has always remained my favorite
0507 susan entered the room
0508 abetterfuture: for its simple, sweet love story.
0509 guest-137042 changed nickname to susan1
0510 susan left the room
0511 susan1 changed nickname to susan
0512 abetterfuture: This issue is now tied with it for best.
0513 veronica: i think i read morning glories 1 - 20 in one swoop and it all blurs together for me.
0514 gerard_guzman entered the room
0515 veronica: what happened when? yeah i dont know.
0516 beth: 18 was the issue i was most looking forward to when i first read them because i had seen
0517 guest-137051 changed nickname to gerard_guzman
0518 beth: panels from it
0519 abetterfuture: DC and Marvel should take tips from you on how to effectively kill off a major character.
0520 francy1: or just tips in general
0521 francy left the room
0522 beth: yes
0523 joe: haha
0524 darrrrkvengeance: contemporaneously, issue 3 might have been my favorite for the way it expanded teh score
0525 darrrrkvengeance: scope
0526 darrrrkvengeance: and also 10.
0527 guest-137069 entered the room
0528 darrrrkvengeance: but i'm loving all the issues this arc
0529 joe: yay i love 10.
0530 francy1: idk what my favorite issue is but it probably involves zoe
0531 abetterfuture: Even if Hisao survived through time travel wierdness, I'd still love this issue for the
0532 guest-137069 left the room
0533 veronica: i think i just love everything. it's hard to love individual issues for me.
0534 abetterfuture: genuine emotions presented in insane scenarios.
0535 macey: 23's still my favorite. 6, 10 and 11 are up there....
0536 veronica: i really got started on the trades, and ever since then i'm like. READING MONTHLY?
0537 veronica: GASP. how will i survive.
0539 nick: yeah, should be totally clear here-- he's dead. 100 percent. I promise.
0540 tori: please
0541 abetterfuture:
0542 francy1: nick that's not helping
0543 nick: SORRY
0544 beth:
0545 caseyballvins: 16 is my favourite, it was well done. but every issue is sooo it's a tie for second place
0546 francy1: let us believe
0547 joe: nick loves sad faces
0548 macey: [frowny face
0549 veronica: nick spencer ultimate helper
0550 abetterfuture: Do we have that same gaurantee for Zoe?
0551 beth: ??
0552 nick: oh yeah
0553 francy1: i'm never leaving my bubble of denial
0554 nick: I've talked about that one at length
0555 upguntha: 2 glories down
0556 abetterfuture: Huh. You know, I'm probably actually happier with that.
0557 haley: wow i leave for five minutes and suddenly everything gets 100 times worse
0558 macey: FOUR TO GO
0559 veronica: francy i will hold you.
0560 abetterfuture: Makes death way more emotional.
0561 nick: http
0562 veronica: i wonder what will happen if all the glories die. (don't say it, me.)
0563 francy1: i honestly don't mind the deaths as long as things get explained
0564 beth: i will die as well probably
0565 macey: it's like a countdown. which glory will die next? find out this week on MORNING GLORIES
0566 haley left the room
0567 veronica: i mean game of thrones.
0568 gerard_guzman: I'm gonna believe you're doing the thing were you lie though your teeth
0569 darrrrkvengeance: well, it seems like death isn't just one thing
0570 francy1: let's make bets on it
0571 darrrrkvengeance: deaths and deaths
0572 gerard_guzman: it's the only thing that's making me not be incredibly pissed right now
0573 veronica: and crying and crying.
0574 darrrrkvengeance: those that resign one to eternal repetition, and those that transcend it, manya
0575 darrrrkvengeance: maybe
0576 macey: tbh i can't see any of the other glories dying soon. a truant's going next
0577 darrrrkvengeance: (which, i realize, isn't much help to the survivors)
0578 joe: this will definitely go down as the cheeriest chat we've had.
0579 francy1: especially since it turned out vanessa is still alive
0580 darrrrkvengeance: lol
0581 veronica: jkldfjslk joe.
0582 francy1: need to even out the numbers
0583 upguntha: Vanesaaaaaaaaaa
0584 francy1: my money's on akiko or ian
0585 veronica: well, i'm thinking about vanessa being alive, and i'm thinking about. prior issues.
0586 joe: matt--you need to post that montage you put together at the beginning of the panel
0587 veronica: this isn't helping me.
0588 macey: ian seems....unfortunately very expendable
0589 beth: yea.....
0590 haley entered the room
0591 guest-137147 changed nickname to haley
0592 macey: i love the little shit but he hasn't done much
0593 gerard_guzman: you make me happy with vanessa surviving and then this
0594 francy1: sob
0595 veronica: gross sobbing.
0596 upguntha: when I read ian i give him Bakura's voice
0597 runninglate: Should I?
0598 francy1: dkgjds
0599 abetterfuture: I bet Ian's got some Zoe-level secrets in his head.
0600 joe: most def
0601 macey: gonna do a count when this chat is done of how many times "sob" was said
0602 darrrrkvengeance: well, at least Hisao chooses to go to MGA, more or less knowing what's in store
0603 abetterfuture: He's been too normal so far.
0605 runninglate: It was *supposed* to be panel exclusive, but I guess since I messed up the recording I can
0606 gerard_guzman: tbf, at least Hisao has someone who's trying to save him
0607 upguntha: plz do
0608 gerard_guzman: just like casey's parents and brandon
0609 darrrrkvengeance: i mean, that's different from the Glories, and their parents
0610 darrrrkvengeance: could Casey choose to do what Hisao did w her parents, btw?
0611 abetterfuture: So if "Dead is dead," is Hodge 100% lying about Casey being able to save her parents?
0612 nick: it's a good question
0613 nick: big part of this season
0614 francy1: oh boy
0615 joe: surely hodge wouldn't be so dishonest
0616 gerard_guzman changed nickname to gerry
0617 caseyballvins: surely, joe, surely
0618 darrrrkvengeance: Hodge also seems to differentiate btwn deaths wrt how Brandon dies
0619 tori: surely
0620 francy1: no of course not, hodge is the most trustworthy character
0621 upguntha: that ---*******
0622 joe: haha
0623 veronica: hodge is just good at getting people to trust her. which makes her scarier.
0624 fredfredkonfred entered the room
0625 abetterfuture: LIke this issue, she seemed genuinely helpful to Hisao.
0626 darrrrkvengeance: well, she wears those excellent dresses!
0627 abetterfuture: But WE KNOW>
0628 joe: YEP
0629 guest-137228 entered the room
0630 caseyballvins: i feel like even everyone who doesn't trust and know not to can be fooled by her
0631 caseyballvins: she's terrifying
0632 caseyballvins: i love it
0633 gerry: she seems genuinely helpful every issue
0634 gerry: that's the problem with her
0635 guest-137228 left the room
0636 joe: i feel like hodge is gallivanting thru time just buying a ton of clothes
0637 guest-137219 changed nickname to fredfredkonfred
0638 joe: she has a problem
0639 darrrrkvengeance: lol
0640 francy1: that's her true objective
0641 upguntha: she just helps herself
0642 macey: hodge is trying to collect all of the world's flower clothing
0643 veronica: she seems genuinely helpful but like. i hate to say this, it reminds me of loki.
0644 veronica: yeah, every time she helps someone, she helps herself.
0645 macey: traveling through time to get limited edition looks
0646 veronica: is she lying? it's hard to tell.
0647 darrrrkvengeance: now that you mention it, i almost wish we'd seen Lara in a kimono
0648 joe: haha
0649 veronica: it's like the line where you tell someone the truth to lie to them.
0650 guest-137270 entered the room
0651 veronica: and that makes her terrifying.
0652 macey: she's making up for georgina and nine's limited wardrobes
0653 guest-137270 left the room
0654 joe: hahaha
0655 darrrrkvengeance: poor nine
0656 abetterfuture: I hope none of the Truants die for another 10 issues or so. They're still a *little* too
0657 macey: i bet nine's entire closet is just 30 copies of that same outfit
0658 abetterfuture: new to have the emotional impact Zoe and Hisao had.
0659 darrrrkvengeance: and 30 copies of a syringe
0660 susan: excuse you georgina looks fine
0661 caseyballvins: i dunno, when we thought jun was dead i was pretty upset
0662 caseyballvins: an dsure he'se been there awhile
0663 caseyballvins: we didn't know him
0664 caseyballvins: i'd be uspet if a truant died
0665 abetterfuture: SHUT UP WE HAVE TO STALL NICK.
0666 caseyballvins: haha
0667 macey: we've gotten really close to the truants super fast yeah. i'd be devastated
0668 abetterfuture: AS LONG AS WE CAN.
0670 philmaira entered the room
0671 caseyballvins: NOTHING TO SEE HERE
0672 guest-137369 changed nickname to philmaira
0673 upguntha: I vote the trollup
0674 philmaira: hey. What I miss?
0675 macey: stay away from my irina omg
0676 abetterfuture: Crying.
0677 abetterfuture: At brilliance.
0678 beth: no truants can die
0679 beth: none
0680 tori: they die in senior centers, at ripe old ages
0681 darrrrkvengeance: well, unless they're making hallucinogenic seeds, dying is prolly what they're there for
0682 abetterfuture: We should get a "Six Feet Under" finale and have everyone die happily and old.
0683 beth: and then are reincarnated into cute lovely futures of sunshine and daisies and snuggles
0684 upguntha: Noooooo i would be on the floor sobing
0685 philmaira: don't spoil. I'mon the 3rd season of 6ft.
0686 abetterfuture: Sorry.
0687 gerry: and then we have an epilogue when everything starts again
0688 darrrrkvengeance: DON'T SPOIL 6FU!!!!
0689 darrrrkvengeance: (though the final 6 minutes are the best in tv)
0690 upguntha: i still can't watch that finale without crying
0691 upguntha: so much beauty
0692 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, i rewatch that ending over and over
0693 fredfredkonfred: Okay, so while I am very upset about Hisao, I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT JUN.
0694 abetterfuture: The final scene was the first I ever say of 6FU. I cried.
0695 caseyballvins: it'll be like the lost finale, they all find each other again
0696 fredfredkonfred: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENTTT.
0697 darrrrkvengeance: and obviously, i can't hear [that song
0698 tori: yes, the trade off is terribly bittersweet
0699 abetterfuture: What's everyone's guess for the final scene of MG?
0700 darrrrkvengeance: last episode of 6FU and second to last, third season of The Wire. best ever.
0701 beth: oh god
0702 gerry: a lot of lights
0703 beth: a morning glory flower should be in it somewhere
0704 haley: "for a better future"
0705 caseyballvins: ike asks if anything weird was happening at that school
0706 philmaira: WIRE
0707 beth: like just a field of morning glories or something
0708 beth: growing out of the ruins of the academy
0709 nick: okay, all, gotta run- any last questions?
0710 gerry: baby david appearing in space ala space odyssey
0711 philmaira: what's in the box?
0712 fredfredkonfred: When is cover with Zoe happening?
0713 nick: no zoe cover, she's dead
0714 abetterfuture: Nope. But thanks for making a series where I can be happy with my favorite character dying
0715 fredfredkonfred: WITH THE GRAVES.
0716 darrrrkvengeance: how long before we see how David becomes Davidy
0717 macey: is the next arc as focused on ripping our hearts out as this one?
0718 nick: there will be a lot more david stuff this season
0719 beth: ooooh
0720 tori: exciting
0721 beth: that's super excting
0722 abetterfuture: Happy with that!
0723 nick: and I THINK next arc is slightly less depressing!
0724 caseyballvins: how long will the season be? do you know?
0725 francy1 changed nickname to francy
0726 beth: yay!
0727 beth: i think
0728 nick: 25 issues, through 50
0729 philmaira: did hisao give up Ms.Richmond?
0730 darrrrkvengeance: oh, and can you use your influence w Congress to end the shutdown, PLEASE
0731 macey: oh my god, thank the LORD
0732 gerry: did anyone else though the girls hisao gave up was zoe?
0733 nick: he certainly gave up someone
0734 beth: i definitely did at first
0735 upguntha: Zoeee
0736 nick: but hodge was very clear on her intentions being nonviolent
0737 macey: oh i thought it was zoe
0738 francy: i did too
0739 francy: but i'm also biased
0740 philmaira: more new characters?
0741 macey: hey, just because hodge's intentions were nonviolent doesn't mean things didn't change
0742 macey: when zoe know killing students
0743 nick: there are more new characters coming this season, for sure
0744 upguntha: Hodge never lies
0745 francy: that should be a tshirt
0746 francy: "hodge never lies"
0747 gerry: with fowers
0748 darrrrkvengeance: more Hannah!!!
0749 francy: yes
0750 abetterfuture: I'm all little conflicted cause we have so many great ongoing storylines already.
0751 abetterfuture: But I'm sure I'll love the newbies just as much.
0752 beth: now i'll just have to get more attached to characters who also can't die
0753 francy: same
0754 nick: more hannah/av club this season, definitely
0755 darrrrkvengeance: YAY!
0756 darrrrkvengeance:
0757 macey: i honestly really like mr n and the av club a lot already. give me ALL the new characters
0758 philmaira: What's the dealwith Walt,I mean Fortunado
0759 abetterfuture: Were the new characters always part of the plan or are they part of the 30-ish issue
0760 nick: lots more coming-- we're approaching GoT cast size
0761 abetterfuture: extension.
0762 guest-137540 entered the room
0763 abetterfuture: Excited and scared to hear that.
0764 upguntha: someone at the panel wanted to ask if the girls are allowed to wear pant uniforms
0765 francy: please don't kill off the cast as much as got does
0766 gerry: needs more gay
0767 beth: oh boy
0768 joe: haha i wish they had asked that
0769 fredfredkonfred: I concur.
0770 macey: PLEASE. more gay is always acceptable. more than acceptable.
0771 upguntha: i dont know why she didn't
0772 abetterfuture: Yeah, more LGBT characters would always be appreaciated.
0773 beth: yes please please please
0774 francy: LESBIANS
0775 haley: yessss
0776 gerry: yey
0777 beth: yesss
0778 fredfredkonfred: I ship Jade and Casey.
0779 darrrrkvengeance: less killing asian characters too
0780 caseyballvins: yes too all that
0781 gerry: oh yeah, don't kill akiko
0782 nick: there's already a plan there, and I'm AMAZED no one has picked up on it
0783 julienotrobin entered the room
0784 philmaira: gayness plan?
0785 upguntha: lol
0786 upguntha: or pants
0787 fredfredkonfred: A Jade and Casey riding off into the sunset together plan?
0788 darrrrkvengeance: maybe everyone dies according to their particular faith?
0789 guest-137555 changed nickname to julienotrobin
0790 nick: and yes, i didn't like killing both asian members of the original cast first
0791 nick: wait, did I say first?
0792 macey: strokes chin. need to pay more attention to possible lesbians.
0793 abetterfuture: Thanks for the hint.
0794 susan: should've gone with hunter then lol
0795 beth: tru
0796 joe: if we'd killed hunter and jade, you'd all accuse us of being anti ginger!
0797 beth: but yes lesbians back to important things
0798 gerry: murder Ike already
0799 francy: ike isn't allowed to die
0800 beth: no not ike
0801 julienotrobin: I'm excited to see what Jun will be like now that he remembers things.
0802 philmaira: I'mlost. Is that plan rampant homosexuality or asian genocide?
0803 julienotrobin: and lesbians yes please
0804 abetterfuture: As cheesy as it is, it's always nice to see "people like myself" represented in the story
0805 abetterfuture: worlds I love.
0806 upguntha: so no pants plans
0807 francy: nah that's not cheesy
0808 nick: the cast will continue to get more diverse
0809 beth: yay!!
0810 julienotrobin: yay!
0811 darrrrkvengeance: wasn't trying to be provocative
0812 veronica: double yay!
0813 gerry:
0814 upguntha: that person wanted to ask about a trans character
0815 darrrrkvengeance: just
0816 upguntha: i told her there might be one already
0817 fredfredkonfred: Akiko hasn't died has she?
0818 ashley left the room
0819 darrrrkvengeance: well, she's in a coma, right
0820 abetterfuture: Neither has Vanessa.
0821 gerry: comma
0822 nick: akiko is alive, yes. in a coma.
0823 darrrrkvengeance: she's been locked up for years
0824 upguntha: Zoe is Asian
0825 fredfredkonfred: Ah true.
0826 joe: okay i've got to run too. thanks, everyone, for sharing your thoughts!
0827 gerry: looking forward to Akiko waing up
0828 joe: about next issue--emotions continue to run high
0829 beth: oh no
0830 francy: oh god
0831 gerry: I imagine she's gonna have some important things to say
0832 joe: so-'til next time!
0833 haley: always
0834 veronica: thanks jooooe!!
0835 caseyballvins: brilliant issue, even though tears
0836 tori: thank you for breaking our hearts joe, good job!
0837 upguntha: Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
0838 beth: thank you!!
0839 veronica: fjdkls that's a lot of y's.
0840 francy: thank you <3
0841 beth: even if i was a complete wreck
0842 francy: you are the best
0843 darrrrkvengeance: loving the comic you guys! thanks so much!!!
0844 nick: night all
0845 joe left the room
0846 francy: <333
0847 upguntha: night
0848 veronica: niiiight!
0849 tori: bye nick
0850 haley: night!!
0851 gerry: g'night
0852 veronica: by bros.
0853 macey: bye guys!
0854 caseyballvins: good night!
0855 macey: thanks for coming, once again, you're great
0856 nick: thanks for reading, sorry for the sadness
0857 macey: it's okay nick we forgive you
0858 guest-137540 left the room
0859 philmaira: night
0860 abetterfuture: Night.
0861 nick left the room
0862 tori: we are all too devoted to quit the comic
0863 francy: we were all prepared for a possible death at any given moment
0864 francy: zoe taught us that
0865 beth: it's too late now to turn back
0866 darrrrkvengeance: the future will be better
0867 macey: now im curious about the lesbians. where are they. how could i have missed them
0868 francy: ME TOO
0869 gerry: and if not, Casey can always change it
0870 susan: is it nine and hodge
0871 philmaira: Hodge?
0872 julienotrobin: maybe Julie Hayes is a lesbian
0873 beth: oooh yes please
0874 julienotrobin: though she was only in the one issue, but i would like a lesbian physicist
0875 gerry: Julie&Jade
0876 julienotrobin: yes i like that
0877 caseyballvins: i'm liking the idea of julie/jade
0878 susan: isn't julie a lot younger than her
0879 francy: hmmm i will have to reread for this
0880 macey: i'm just up with everything being gay forever.
0881 beth: have hodge or daramount had male love interests though??
0882 upguntha: Jade's mom with the flannel?
0883 beth: yes macey i concur
0884 francy: since he made it sound like the signs were pretty out there since he was surprised none
0885 francy: of us noticed
0886 beth: nobody's straight
0887 veronica: well jade is married to ike in the future, but that doesn't mean she isn't bisexual.
0888 veronica: yeah.
0889 ashley entered the room
0890 beth: everyone in it is queer that's why they're chosen
0891 abetterfuture: Is jade confirmed to be married?
0892 darrrrkvengeance: for what it's worth, "WOW-MO," rotated 180 degrees, is "Ow, Mom!"
0893 veronica: yeah i think she mentions it.
0894 beth: really??
0895 susan: i don't think so?
0896 macey: bi/pan people exist too. if people in this comic look straight theyre probably not
0897 gerry: no, I don't think so
0898 darrrrkvengeance: maybe it's an Irina reference!
0899 upguntha: Nick refused to answer that one
0900 macey: no i don't think so? hmmm.
0901 abetterfuture: Which issue?
0902 macey: BUT
0903 veronica: does she not? weird selective memory. i'd have to go get my trades. hold on.
0904 francy: i think it's implied that she has something with ike but it isn't said what
0905 macey: so if future jade IS married then it was a good way to hide it
0906 haley: thats so good
0907 susan: she could also be married and have kept her name
0908 macey: she gets sentimental when jade talks ike in 10, but no confirmation
0909 abetterfuture: She chuckles when her past self mentions Ike.
0910 macey: yeah susan's also right
0911 beth: right
0912 susan: but they never reference her being married
0913 upguntha: Jike
0914 francy: yeah
0915 abetterfuture: That's the only hint.
0916 macey: also she's DR ellsworth, no miss/mrs so that hid it too
0917 veronica: maybe that's it, just my insane imagination. sorry for the misleading.
0918 macey: nah veronica it's okay everybody does that w/ this comic at least once i think lmao
0919 francy: yeah it's really easy to mix up details
0920 veronica: lol this comic.
0921 gerry: shipping goggles
0922 julienotrobin: poor veronica gets locked up forever
0923 guest-137675 changed nickname to ashley
0924 francy: you have to like constantly reread it to remember everything and even then
0925 francy: you forget stuff
0926 veronica: i actually don't ship it as much as i like thought it was mentioned.
0927 veronica: now i'm going to go look for why i thought that.
0928 veronica: (i'm totally jade/casey so. yeah me.)
0929 francy: older jade talks about ike rather fondly so that's
0930 francy: probably why
0931 julienotrobin: i love jade/casey
0932 francy: like present jade was all UGH IKE and older jade was like
0933 francy: ha ha
0934 macey: tbh the first arc was really hunter/hisao and jade/casey. it really was.
0935 macey: whenever i reread i end up in shock neither happened
0936 julienotrobin: it was
0937 francy: IT SERIOUSLY WAS
0938 darrrrkvengeance: i love Jader Paders; i'm on the fence about Casey
0939 gerry: casey/irina
0940 veronica: YES FIRST ARC YES.
0941 beth: casey/irina/zoe
0942 francy: what beth said
0943 julienotrobin: beth i like how you think
0944 beth: and vanessa/irina
0945 beth: thank you
0946 caseyballvins: OH YEAH VANESSA
0947 macey: i'm generally up for a big glories/truants ot12 is solves every shipping problem
0948 caseyballvins: actually i totally ship vanessa/irina
0949 beth: that works for me really
0950 gerry: well... OT10
0951 francy: true macey
0952 francy: no ot12
0953 macey: vanessa and irina's relationship is really important. really. important.
0954 beth: vanessa/irina would be so beautiful though
0955 beth: so so so important
0956 haley: yes agreed
0957 macey: we can include jun and make it an ot11! close!
0958 beth: i would be so here for bi/pan akiko
0959 philmaira: this is getting weird
0960 francy: i refuse to leave out the dead people ok
0961 gerry: lol
0962 macey: yeah once nick and joe left we went all shipping
0963 francy: ot13
0964 beth: the important things
0965 francy: at least it's not crying
0966 beth: im trying to forget i have something to cry over
0967 julienotrobin: shhh....don't cry
0968 macey: i always headcanoned akiko was just into anybody she thought could be there for her so.
0969 macey: queer as heck. yeah.
0970 caseyballvins: crying, what crying? what issue 33?
0971 beth: awwww yes
0972 beth: as i remember this issue ended w guillaume and hisao boxing and then making out
0973 beth: that's what happened ok
0974 macey: yes, kissboxing
0975 macey: a variant of kickboxing
0976 gerry: the fun variant
0977 philmaira: lol
0978 francy: yes that is definitely what happened
0979 beth: such a beautiful sport
0980 veronica: that's the best end.
0981 veronica: that's what happened.
0982 caseyballvins: such a happy moment
0983 gerry: fanfiction time!
0984 susan: has anyone actually theorized anything about this issue tonight
0985 beth: the looks on their faces were glorious
0986 julienotrobin: fanfiction!
0987 darrrrkvengeance: i actually had to look up "shipping" on urban dictionary. i'm so uncool
0988 beth: theirs the "who did hisao turn in" stuff
0989 beth: *theres
0990 beth: oh god
0991 haley: well not theorized but i was wondering if jun was useful to the academy or not
0992 haley: like with the birthday thing
0993 julienotrobin: who is "she"?
0994 philmaira: I arrived sorta late. What were the theories on who Hisao gave up to Hodge?
0995 macey: matt thinks it's miss richmond
0996 macey: my first thought was zoe
0997 upguntha: Zoe i think
0998 beth: i think zoe
0999 francy: yeah most of us thought zoe
1000 beth: but im biased
1001 haley: zoe makes sense
1002 gerry: same here
1003 susan: what if it's casey or something
1004 upguntha: but it might be a new character
1005 darrrrkvengeance: i thought Zoe at the time, but i see the argument for Richmod
1006 caseyballvins: zoe would make sense
1007 darrrrkvengeance: *Richmond
1008 beth: i mean casey turned in herself really
1009 francy: i'm also biased and i cling to any tiny mention of zoe but
1010 susan: i don't even think that i just threw it out there
1011 francy: yeah
1012 caseyballvins: well casey was sent by... herself so
1013 beth: yeah i can see richmond too though
1014 macey: maybe it's clarkson? did hisao know clarkson? i bet he couldve
1015 susan: yea that's what i'd meant
1016 beth: ooh ok
1017 upguntha: weird question
1018 francy: clarkson knew everyone
1019 darrrrkvengeance: like, in arranging the car crash?
1020 beth: she really did
1021 macey: this wouldve been right before david was born.....
1022 upguntha: is Richmond black or brown
1023 philmaira: which car crash? Clarckson's or Jade's mom?
1024 julienotrobin: clarkson
1025 darrrrkvengeance: i figured she was south-Asian Indian
1026 macey: well neither could work, this was six months ago and the crash was a year ago, right...?
1027 francy: yeah
1028 julienotrobin: also, what force was it that switched hisao and jun?
1029 julienotrobin: what was that thing?
1030 philmaira: the cylinder
1031 abetterfuture: Sidebar
1032 darrrrkvengeance: the spencer
1033 gerry: I think it was hunter placing everyone where they should have been
1034 francy: i love the cover
1035 beth: ughhh it was so great
1036 beth: also their shorts seemed a lil too short
1037 gerry: so it would have been hisao who should have died
1038 caseyballvins: beautiful cover
1039 francy: ohhh yeah since he should have been the one to go to the school in the first place?
1040 macey: rodin always draws short shorts
1041 tori: oh gosh, that makes so much sense all the sudden
1042 beth: it's wonderful
1043 macey: did you see fortunato's shorts on 25's cover. jeez.
1044 upguntha: so I'm missreading the whole coloring thing
1045 julienotrobin left the room
1046 beth: the zoe cover
1047 julienotrobin entered the room
1048 guest-137834 changed nickname to julienotrobin
1049 caseyballvins: just gonna fan myself a little
1050 francy: bless that cover
1051 tori: i am no joke gonna admit rodin's covers made me refer to tuna as booty shorts guy
1052 macey: tbh woodrun would have been way better if everyone had short shorts.
1053 philmaira: color scheme?
1054 tori: for the longest time and that's sort of embarrassing
1055 deathbyvanessa entered the room
1056 darrrrkvengeance: Mss Richmond could certainly be African, however
1057 jayjay left the room
1058 guest-137843 changed nickname to deathbyvanessa
1059 abetterfuture: Night, you guys!
1060 susan: i think vanessa and her mom are Ambiguourly Black
1061 francy: niiight
1062 beth: goodnight!
1063 upguntha: that;s whay asked about Vanessa's race and Nick said it was complicated
1064 caseyballvins: night
1065 philmaira: night
1066 gerry: yeah, she seems closer to African features than Indian
1067 tori: night
1068 macey: kind of hoping 35 is all tuna in booty shorts now
1069 susan: *ambiguously
1070 macey: night!
1071 upguntha: nighrt
1072 philmaira: he said she was english
1073 gerry: g'night
1074 beth: they should have booty short covers for all characters
1075 macey: english but it's "complicated" yeah
1076 beth: david wearing booty shorts
1077 upguntha: yup
1078 julienotrobin left the room
1079 macey: god, poor david needs MORE clothing! the child must be so cold!
1080 macey: knit that boy a sweater
1081 guest-137876 entered the room
1082 upguntha: so i was thinking thar Richmond might not be her bio mom
1083 abetterfuture left the room
1084 caseyballvins: Casey really needs to make sure her son has a proper shirt
1085 tori: a nice large one for all three of him
1086 caseyballvins: definitely not up to uniform code
1087 darrrrkvengeance: a shirt with 6 arm holes
1088 tori: lack of the fashion police at mg is becoming a problem
1089 darrrrkvengeance: ah, tori beat me to it
1090 beth: he could have a snuggie
1091 philmaira: I think we mentioned that last time and that's when Nick said "it's complicated"
1092 guest-137876 left the room
1093 macey: imagining mg characters in snuggies is. a thing.
1094 caseyballvins: yes
1095 caseyballvins: i want that
1096 beth: i support this
1097 tori: lame, flower snuggies that all match
1098 caseyballvins: ike's is made of silk
1099 beth: ian has a hogwarts robe snuggie
1100 macey: ian thinks it's GREAT thank you very much guillaume. stop laughing at him
1101 caseyballvins: yes
1102 macey: stop giving him a noogie it's just a snuggie oh my god
1103 francy: an au where everything is exactly the same except everyone wears snuggies 24/7
1104 philmaira: who's the next issue focused on?
1105 susan: jade
1106 darrrrkvengeance: Jader Paders!
1107 macey: next issue is jade!
1108 philmaira: bought time
1109 deathbyvanessa: i heart future jade
1110 upguntha: Jadeeeeeeeee
1111 tori: wait, then tuna, ian, ?
1112 deathbyvanessa: now jade is growing on me too
1113 gerry: gothic jade
1114 beth: akiko!
1115 beth: after ian
1116 gerry: yey!
1117 tori: thank you
1118 francy: i just want pamela issue
1119 beth: i'm so excited for those three issues
1120 beth: pamela or nine
1121 darrrrkvengeance: oh, i thought Desafortunato was after Jader Paders
1122 runninglate left the room
1123 macey: he is dv!
1124 macey: it's jade-tuna-ian-akiko
1125 francy: wait crap just remembered that he said next issue is gonna be soul crushing too
1126 darrrrkvengeance: ah, excellent!
1127 darrrrkvengeance: best arc ever
1128 macey: nick said we're dealing with how the truants basically killed hisao next time
1129 macey: ha...hahahaha (
1130 tori: gosh
1131 beth:
1132 francy: ha............
1133 beth: oh go d
1134 susan: fuck this book
1135 deathbyvanessa: those silly truants
1136 beth: i didnt actually even think about that oh no
1137 upguntha: it's Tuna boy due to chat demands
1138 francy: oh god i'm sad
1139 beth: fuck
1141 philmaira: wait wat?
1142 darrrrkvengeance: is Abraham still locked up, btw?
1143 deathbyvanessa: yeah, the whole hisao is gone thing, im a little numb
1144 philmaira: when did he say the Truants killed Hisao?
1145 deathbyvanessa: i think he was my fav?
1146 gerry: no, pretty sure he scaped
1147 francy: well it's the truants fault that he died, basically
1148 beth: that's our truants should be a sitcom
1149 beth: abraham is mia i believe
1150 deathbyvanessa: i would watch that
1151 macey: phil
1152 tori: Living life with Irina
1153 macey: dv
1154 gerry: Guillame vs Irina
1155 gerry: O.O
1156 francy: oh man
1157 upguntha: Abraham dissaperaed
1158 macey: i feel like irina's current life with super nice mr. n would make a fairly normal sitcom
1159 susan: i've been watiting for guillaume v irina
1160 susan: but this is not what i wanted
1161 tori: i don't think anyone wanted hiaso to go
1162 tori: and i had so much hope with that blue light till nick confirmed it
1163 francy: remember when we were so sad at hisao crying over jun's dead body
1164 francy: and how heartbroken we were
1165 francy: ha
1166 francy: hahahaha
1167 tori: haha remember
1168 caseyballvins: hahaha
1169 deathbyvanessa: im interested in jun, now that hes not brainwashed, but still hisao...
1170 caseyballvins: we were such sweet summer children
1171 macey: okay tbh really hoping 35 is just a series of scenes of fortunato doing normal things
1172 susan: i think i'm gonna go, bye
1173 susan left the room
1174 tori: bye susan
1175 francy: bye bye!
1176 philmaira: cya
1177 deathbyvanessa: bye
1178 macey: eating oatmeal, napping, doing his daily prayers, taking a shower
1180 darrrrkvengeance: bye susan
1181 beth: awww tuna
1182 tori: oh yes, i think you need more prayers in there
1183 caseyballvins: that would be such a good issue
1184 gerry: g'night susan
1185 gerry: oh, the shower scene would be nice
1186 tori: oh gosh, someone was going to say it
1187 francy: can the issue just be a very long shower scene we don't really
1188 francy: need the rest
1189 macey: fortunato is based off a model. shower scene would be actual purposeful fanservice
1190 darrrrkvengeance: just having an ordinary day, whilst people are killed all around him.
1191 philmaira: Back track a bit, Nick said he was extremely surprised we didn't pick up on something..
1192 beth: that sounds v nice
1193 francy: i think it was referring to lesbians
1194 beth: im hoping it was lesbians
1195 francy: or something queer related
1196 macey: we were saying we wanted lesbians and nick said it then
1197 francy: hopefully
1198 philmaira: The topics were either homosexuality or character deaths
1199 tori: what a mix
1200 haley: but then he said something about the deaths as a different thought
1201 francy: yeah let's go with lesbians
1202 haley: so i'm p sure its lesbains
1203 deathbyvanessa: yeah we got both this issue
1204 macey: i feel tuna would keep a straight face while people were dying around him yeah
1205 philmaira: basically the same 2 that we always talk about
1206 beth: as long as it isnt dead lesbians
1207 haley: lesbians
1208 gerry: maybe hannah and the other girl on the av club are a couple
1209 macey: oh, someone has gotten stabbed in the hall. hm. better do my lunchtime prayer
1210 beth: a crying broken tuna would be so awful
1211 macey: hannah/esi would be......really cute........
1212 upguntha: i thought it was pants
1213 beth: really really cute
1214 caseyballvins: hannah/esi would be soooo cute
1215 deathbyvanessa: hodge strikes me as a possible lesbian
1216 francy: i prefer the lesbians
1217 francy: yeah i was thinking that
1218 macey: hey, don't talk about sad tuna. that's my least favorite thought.
1219 macey: hodge has always been queer as hell in my head ngl
1220 darrrrkvengeance: hodge and casey/clarkson
1221 upguntha: lesbians in pants
1222 francy: same
1223 beth: i hc like every character as queer tho so
1224 francy: ... same
1225 beth: like if zoe wasnt in love with sarah then idek anymore
1226 haley: oh definitely
1227 macey: she won't care who you are if you're hot and also if she can use you for her nefarious plan
1228 upguntha: maybe it's Daramount
1229 beth: she can use me i m ean
1230 philmaira: You think Hunter is the only hedero character? Ike's just been faking it?
1231 gerry: that totally reminded me of Irina
1232 deathbyvanessa: nothing says i love you like gutting a girl
1233 beth: daramount having just like a nice stable relationship with some lady this whole time
1234 beth: i would dig that
1235 beth: ike is so overcompensating pls
1236 beth: ike/guillaume
1237 francy: otp
1238 macey: ike literally canonly thinks guillaume is hot. that's canon this issue.
1239 tori: otp
1240 francy: i'm not gonna lie during that scene i was like "i can ship this"
1241 beth: what a wonderful world
1242 deathbyvanessa: true and he used to make out with boys
1243 darrrrkvengeance: well, guillaume IS hot
1244 beth: they would have such good snarky comments
1245 beth: and then make outs
1246 haley: ike/everyone
1247 francy: ^
1248 beth: ike/everyone otp always
1249 macey: nick said once they purposefully made guillaume and fortunato super hot
1250 beth: hhhhhhhh
1251 francy: well that plan worked
1252 beth: yes
1253 tori: i think it was 'beautiful men' to quote
1254 caseyballvins: yup that worked
1255 gerry: ... and there was nothing left for Ian
1256 beth: ian's qt tho
1257 macey: guillaume and tuna are shining rays of gorgeousness and ian is
1258 macey: ian is a fulgy lump.
1259 francy: dkgjdsG
1260 tori: poor boy
1261 darrrrkvengeance: poor ian
1262 francy: fugly lump omfg
1263 darrrrkvengeance: (he prolly has bad teeth tho)
1264 francy: somewhere out there vicky is crying
1265 beth: growing up in that camp mustve been so rough
1266 macey: we need an issue of the truant boys hanging out
1267 beth: w guillaume tuna and hisao like
1268 macey: people oogling at guillaume and tuna while ian slowly slithers behind them, alone
1269 caseyballvins: YES
1270 beth: yes
1271 tori: perfect
1272 haley: ah even the hotness is kind of sad now
1273 macey: ian's taller than both of them though which is HILARIOUS
1274 macey: he's a literal beanpole
1275 darrrrkvengeance: Ian will end up with Casey
1276 tori: just sort of stumbling through life
1277 beth: nooooo
1278 francy: ian can go with hunter
1279 francy: they can romance each other with references
1280 caseyballvins: talking to my friend about guillaume/ike and she said they would just piss each other off
1281 caseyballvins: um angry sex duh
1282 darrrrkvengeance: it works, though, cause Casey is a top and Ian's a botto
1283 darrrrkvengeance: m
1284 beth: exactly
1285 beth: it would be such good hatesex
1286 francy: YES
1287 caseyballvins: such good hatesex
1288 francy: on bunk beds
1289 beth: but also just like yea youre way hot why not sex
1290 beth: poor hunter and jun
1291 francy: ike would do it on their beds just to be a dick
1292 beth: omgf
1293 macey: the general group of boys in that dorm now is the WORST combination
1294 beth: i love it
1295 caseyballvins: it's going to be great
1296 francy: i think you mean best
1297 deathbyvanessa: yeah, they all sorta hate each other
1298 darrrrkvengeance: well, it depends on how you consider any dormroom with my gf, Pamela
1299 beth: so much testosterone in so litle space
1300 macey: http
1301 tori: i thought it was bad enough in the preview but man, now
1302 gerry: I wonder where's vanessa staying
1303 deathbyvanessa: if vanessa is going in with jade and casey, thats a pretty good combo
1304 macey: vanessa is staying with the glory girls i think- she used to be roomies w/ pam so
1305 haley: hes so lanky wow
1306 beth: i am very much fond of vanessa rooming w jade and casey
1307 macey: btw guillaume is about the same height as hisao who is/was 5'11"
1308 macey: ian is taller than guillaume. ian may be 6+ feet.
1309 beth: jesus ian
1310 gerry: pamela's new playmate
1311 philmaira: anyone go to the panel at the NYCC?
1312 deathbyvanessa: that would be fantastic, ian and pamela
1313 francy: that would end with ian dying
1314 deathbyvanessa: i know
1315 darrrrkvengeance: but he would LOVE it
1316 philmaira: or at least know what was discussed?
1317 beth: maybe not dead just missing some limbs
1318 tori: there's a link in the study hall
1319 deathbyvanessa: unfortunately did not go
1320 darrrrkvengeance: didn't upguntha go?
1321 upguntha left the room
1322 upguntha entered the room
1323 guest-138233 changed nickname to upguntha
1324 deathbyvanessa: i wonder if nick was able to evade every question?
1325 tori: to some info on what was said though matt was going to say something
1326 upguntha: yeah my chat crashed
1327 tori: that he seemed to be asking joe if he could share but i don't know if he did
1328 haley: yeah i was waiting on that but he didnt say anything
1329 macey: ok on the other end of the height spectrum
1330 macey: http
1331 upguntha: there were 2 questions he semi evaded
1332 caseyballvins: so tiny
1333 caseyballvins: cause she's probably in heels too
1334 darrrrkvengeance: OT
1335 deathbyvanessa: any good reveals?
1336 gerry: Tuny people are the best
1337 gerry: Tiny
1338 upguntha: just Tuna is issue 35
1339 beth: little baby akiko is the greatest
1340 upguntha: i hope Matt posts the video up
1341 macey: i think akiko's like a foot shorter than ian
1342 beth: height! difference!!
1343 caseyballvins: cuuuute
1344 beth: even cuter is the fact that he follows her around everywhere awww
1345 beth: those kids
1346 haley: so cute yesss
1347 tori: terribly cute
1348 caseyballvins: and they're in the av club together
1349 macey: terribly cute until you remember akiko is comatose and ian is stuck in a cell
1350 beth: i want so much more of that
1351 gerry: she follow tuna, Ian follows her, nobody follows Iarn...
1352 beth: thanks macey (
1353 tori: thanks for reminding me macey
1354 caseyballvins: hahahahaha thanks macey
1355 tori: wouldn't want to forget those details
1356 beth: we can always count on you
1357 macey: ten bucks ian is gonna make a deal with hodge or somebody else to help akiko
1358 beth: she'd get so mad
1359 deathbyvanessa: maybe hannah follows ian?
1360 caseyballvins: i agree with you macey
1361 beth: and slap him but then like they'd just hug
1362 darrrrkvengeance: she won't even remember who he is
1363 tori: the worst part is what would ian have to offer, save for possible secrets
1364 beth: dont say that no
1365 francy: omg no
1366 francy: don't say that what if it happens
1367 tori: but she might already know most of the important stuff possibly
1368 gerry: he'll give up the av club
1369 beth: uh oh
1370 caseyballvins: oh man but he would
1371 darrrrkvengeance: he'd sell out desafortunato
1372 gerry: and then when she finds out
1373 macey: ha, i'm sure ian hates tuna right now for not stopping akiko from touching david
1374 macey: he'd sell fortunato out in a heartbeat
1375 caseyballvins: he definitely does hate him
1376 caseyballvins: ian's so angry
1377 beth: absolutely
1378 upguntha: alright g'night
1379 tori: okay guys I think I'm gonna leave now, but it was fun crying and talking with you guys
1380 beth: goodnight!
1381 francy: niiight!
1382 caseyballvins: and he'll definitely blame tuna for hisao as well just cause
1383 caseyballvins: night!
1384 gerry: g'night
1385 darrrrkvengeance: nite tori!
1386 macey: night tori!
1387 upguntha left the room
1388 deathbyvanessa: bye
1389 tori left the room
1390 macey: ian would blame both tuna and irina, i think. maybe guillaume
1391 macey: but he'd feel bad for guillaume after hisao
1392 francy: yeah
1393 caseyballvins: he'll probably try and get guillaume to join him
1394 beth: i just want to give guillaume a hug so badly
1395 macey: he'd blame fortunato for akiko but irina too for the general shit.
1396 deathbyvanessa: do we know if guillaume knew the entire plan, did he KNOW jun was to be killed
1397 francy: god i just do not want to see guillaume's reaction
1398 deathbyvanessa: it seemed like he did
1399 gerry: I'm thinking Vanessa is the only thing holding toguether the Truants rightnow
1400 gerry: ot at least trying to
1401 macey: guillaume seemed to know at least most of it. he knew irina wanted to kill ike
1402 macey: fortunato knew for longer and possibly knows more than he does, though
1403 veronica left the room
1404 darrrrkvengeance: though who knows how much they "know" is really what Abraham is feeding them?
1405 macey: after all, fortunato's quiet enough that he'd seem more trustworthy........or is he
1406 gerry: oh, no another hodge
1407 deathbyvanessa: yeah he's definitely shady
1408 francy: the less floral hodge
1409 macey: nick's flat out said fortunato is shady!
1410 caseyballvins: booty short hodge
1411 deathbyvanessa: maybe tuna's snuggie is floral?
1412 beth: oh no
1413 darrrrkvengeance: what's clear from this issue is how much Hodge hates Abraham
1414 macey: hodge as a fish
1415 darrrrkvengeance: the way she buckles at the "children of Abraham" comment
1416 macey: he's hodge's prodigy, that's why daramount was curious about him w/ the truants
1417 caseyballvins: ooooh yes
1418 deathbyvanessa: that makes sense
1419 macey: tbh i think it's a little creepy too i agree w/ hodge lmao
1420 deathbyvanessa: and he passed whatever test nine gave him after his eyes were opened
1421 beth: yeaaa like it's not the greatest of methods
1422 beth: training little infants to kill
1423 philmaira: Children of Abaham? That gives me an idea. To the Old Testament!
1424 darrrrkvengeance: not for nothing, Hodge DOES know how to dress.
1425 darrrrkvengeance:
1426 ashley left the room
1427 philmaira: Or Torah, depending on religion
1428 darrrrkvengeance: well, if they're not Ike, they're Ishmael
1429 fredfredkonfred left the room
1430 francy: okay i am heading out
1431 francy: good night guys
1432 beth: night!
1433 darrrrkvengeance: night!
1434 gerry: g'night
1435 francy: this was such a great issue with no one dying at all
1436 deathbyvanessa: ZOE
1437 darrrrkvengeance: lol
1438 beth: yes exactly
1439 beth: that's the spirit
1440 macey: night francy!
1441 francy left the room
1442 deathbyvanessa: night
1443 darrrrkvengeance: Zoe needs her own comic
1444 caseyballvins: yes
1445 darrrrkvengeance: 4 serious
1446 deathbyvanessa: seconded
1447 beth: yes yes yes
1448 macey: hodge adventures
1449 macey: in every issue she wears a new outfit
1450 gerry: and "helps" a new kid
1451 caseyballvins: ike adventure
1452 macey: the recurring cast is the rest of the mga staff
1453 caseyballvins: every issue a new book
1454 alison left the room
1455 macey: ike's comic is just him doing commentary on books
1456 macey: ike reading twilight
1457 beth: ike&zoe team up of my dreams
1458 beth: where they just both are on top bunks
1459 haley: being snarky
1460 beth: reading and rolling their eyes at everyone else
1461 gerry: you're missing guillaume
1462 beth: yes guillaume can join too
1463 caseyballvins: him too
1464 beth: ot3
1465 darrrrkvengeance: Zoe and Pamela and Misfit (after her rights are liberated from DC)
1466 macey: snark ot3
1467 beth: zoe would just kill pamela
1468 darrrrkvengeance: you can't kill Pamela. the universe could not exist w/out a Pamela
1469 macey: pamela is the constant
1470 deathbyvanessa: i wonder if pamela started out like casey?
1471 beth: ooooh
1472 macey: i wanna see pamela meeting everyone. pamela with vanessa. pamela with hodge. pamela w/ tuna
1473 darrrrkvengeance: PAMELA w/IKE
1474 philmaira: I'm trying to see if the 'Children of Abraham comment has anything to do with
1475 caseyballvins: i wonder how important pamela is going to turn out in the end
1476 philmaira: the 12 tribes of Israel?
1477 gerry: I want to see Pamela's group
1478 deathbyvanessa: Pamela for headmaster!
1479 macey: nick said he had plans for pamela down the road and liking her would pay off
1480 beth: excellent
1481 darrrrkvengeance: liking her pays off already.
1482 beth: at least that's one character
1483 macey: i really hope we see her in 34
1484 gerry: She'll be showing her roomies her new ear
1485 beth: polishing her woodrun trophy
1486 deathbyvanessa: did she keep the ear?
1487 darrrrkvengeance: OT
1488 deathbyvanessa: i hate politics
1489 darrrrkvengeance: some of our livelihoods depend on getting paid for our work
1490 deathbyvanessa: absoluet;y true
1492 caseyballvins: CANADA
1493 deathbyvanessa: yes CANADA!
1494 beth: sighs
1495 darrrrkvengeance: they should all die in a fire. but AFTER they pay us for our work.
1496 caseyballvins: yeah... we're not great though so
1497 caseyballvins: we've got tons of issues too don't worry
1498 philmaira: anyone outside the US in this chat?
1499 macey: you know on the topic of hisao and the truants-
1500 gerry: Mexico
1501 macey: i'm curious to know what irina will think when she finds out
1502 caseyballvins: I'm from canada
1503 beth: im really curious about that
1504 caseyballvins: I feel like irina will try to blame the school
1505 darrrrkvengeance: hence the hockey!
1506 haley: she'll be pissed
1507 beth: how will she find out though? since she's on her lonesome
1508 caseyballvins: and be upset about losing an ally
1509 beth: they're all separate
1510 gerry: I'm curious to know if she can even comunicate with the others
1511 beth: which makes it worse
1512 deathbyvanessa: she will, because for as crazy and fucked up as she is, she really did seem to care for hi
1513 deathbyvanessa: sao
1514 macey: i doubt the academy will let her see anyone who isn't staff
1515 beth: like presumably vanessa and guillaume can chat
1516 gerry: yeah, she was really happy to see him
1517 gerry: probably guilt
1518 caseyballvins: i'm sure they'll find a way to let irina know
1519 macey: irina is the type who would try to keep herself together a look like a strong leader
1520 beth: does the staff know??
1521 darrrrkvengeance: does anyone besides Guillaume know
1522 macey: she'd blame the academy
1523 macey: i think guillaume was the first one jun told
1524 gerry: well, I'm pretty sure none of the truants are exactly happy with her
1525 gerry: except maybe tuna
1526 beth: and idk if jun is planning on telling many people for safety reasons
1527 caseyballvins: maybe hunter and guillaume will become friends now?
1528 macey: fortunato is too nice to hate anybody. he probably likes everyone.
1529 deathbyvanessa: yeah, are they even a unit anymore?
1530 deathbyvanessa: will they aways be?
1531 macey: i feel like we're seeing the slow crumble of the truants right now
1532 beth: i know and it's so painful
1533 beth: i think vanessa is really the key link
1534 deathbyvanessa: tuna and pamea?
1535 darrrrkvengeance: well, it's gotta come to a head soon
1536 macey: vanessa didn't like irina's plan in the first place. ian will blame tuna and irina for akik
1537 gerry: Vanessa is probably trying to keep them as a group
1538 darrrrkvengeance: and others than he's Hisao
1539 macey: guillaume is definetely gonna be rethinking his place now that hisao is gone
1540 darrrrkvengeance: *that
1541 macey: irina is too stubborn to move from her place
1542 gerry: but she's not gonna be there forever
1543 gerry:
1544 macey: YEAH vanessa would try to keep them together but she's gonna be gone, fairly soon
1545 macey: so there's that
1546 philmaira left the room
1547 caseyballvins: vanessa
1548 deathbyvanessa: yeah, i think vanessa will take akiko, ian and guillame to casey and co
1549 macey: akiko was also sort of a "heart" morally and she's COMATOSE
1550 beth: so the moral of the story is casey/irina will solve all problems
1551 macey: fortunato seems like a good sweet boy, but all signs also point to him being loyal to irina
1552 macey: so who knows where he's at
1553 deathbyvanessa: or ruin everybody's lives....
1554 beth: bc vanessa and casey will be bff (hopefully)
1555 beth: ian and akiko are/were in av club so theyre connected to hunter
1556 deathbyvanessa: i really hope they become besties
1557 caseyballvins: vanessa/casey is something i could get behind to
1558 caseyballvins: *too
1559 macey: hunter and ian hit it off well for a bit. i think hunter'll try to be his friend when he
1560 beth: and if guillaume becomes disillusioned and then buds w ike and hunter
1561 macey: gets out
1562 macey: he'd be a little wary but he'd also feel bad if he heard about akiko.....
1563 beth: yea i can see that
1564 beth: like they would be lunch buddies at least
1565 gerry: does Hodge knows that Hisao is dead?
1566 macey: plus i feel like the rest of the av club would want to have ian back
1567 darrrrkvengeance: why would Ike bond w Guillaume?
1568 deathbyvanessa: she seems to know everything
1569 beth: bc we need our ike/guillaume snark otp
1570 macey: gerry who knows its HODGE
1571 gerry: I just realized her "and some of them we might have lost forever" sounds a lot more intere
1572 deathbyvanessa: which brings me to a theory of the files she has on the students
1573 macey: im surprised guillaume didnt seem to hate ike immediately
1574 gerry: interesting
1575 deathbyvanessa: she says it has everything they're going to do
1576 deathbyvanessa: maybe because the students started the whole thing, they are the senior staff
1577 caseyballvins: guillaume apperciated his snark probably
1578 darrrrkvengeance: hey, has anyone read Dune? i'm like 20 pages in. which is nothing.
1579 deathbyvanessa: haven't read it
1580 macey: are we talking truant/glory interactions now because i NEED THIS will ALL MY BEING
1581 darrrrkvengeance: but from what i gatther, the theme of transcending death is a core concern
1582 beth: truant/glory interaction is everything
1584 beth: SRSLY
1585 macey: I KNOOW
1586 macey: casey with vanessa. casey with IAN.
1587 deathbyvanessa: i think hunter and akiko would be a good pairing
1588 gerry: I want to see Casey and Irina clash
1589 beth: casey missed out on the party she needs to interact w them already
1590 caseyballvins: Casey with tuna, it would be great
1591 macey: hunter and akiko in the same room would be a cute explosion
1592 caseyballvins: so cute
1593 beth: casey/vanessa/irina i neeeed
1594 deathbyvanessa: right?
1595 beth: casey and guillaume too
1596 macey: ian would be jealous though
1597 macey: wait. ian/akiko/hunter ot3. comics ot3
1598 beth: yes yes yes
1599 gerry: and the Ike would be like "oh, come on!"
1600 beth: i was just going to say that macey
1601 beth: like yes
1602 caseyballvins: casey walks into the room issue 50 finally meeting the truants, season ends
1603 beth: she's all of their mothers
1604 macey: FUCK
1605 deathbyvanessa: prolly
1606 caseyballvins: haha probably
1607 darrrrkvengeance: lol
1608 macey: waiting to see what time travely chaos jade and fortunato praying together would cause
1609 caseyballvins: YES
1610 beth: ooooh
1611 deathbyvanessa: yeah, future jade needs to come to the past and kick some ass, in heels of course
1612 macey: im just waiting for jade and tuna to get assigned as partners in theology and hit it off
1613 darrrrkvengeance: speaking of mothers, my best friend's wife is being induced today.
1614 macey: or somethin
1615 darrrrkvengeance: for those of you who pray, perhaps you could spare a thought for her
1617 caseyballvins: yikes, i hope that goes well!
1618 deathbyvanessa: yeah, happy birthing
1619 gerry: good luck to her and the baby
1620 macey: you know who i need to have proper conversation too? ike and irina
1621 beth: absolutely, thinking happy thoughts!
1622 beth: oh boy
1623 gerry: yeah, no guns involved
1624 beth: a nice friendly chat
1625 caseyballvins: ike doesn't even realize who irina is, just tries to flirt with her
1626 deathbyvanessa: maybe they could kill the parents they haven't yet
1627 darrrrkvengeance: thanks, guys!
1628 macey: irina probably needs vanessa and tuna to hold her back from killing him right there
1629 caseyballvins: YES
1630 macey: "how DARE this MONSTER speak to me in such a VILE tone. i must DESTROY HIM"
1631 gerry: they keep her rifle under lock
1632 deathbyvanessa: yeah, if she believes he's the headmaster a.k.a. "the man who raped your whore mother" she
1633 deathbyvanessa: will come for him
1634 macey: vanessa and tuna giving guillaume and ian irina's rifle to hide
1635 macey: them desperately running around the school w/ it
1636 deathbyvanessa: that would just upset her
1637 beth: ofmg
1638 deathbyvanessa: that rifle is prolly her best friend
1639 gerry: Ian would be wetting his pants
1640 caseyballvins: and jade just starts yelling about how that girl tried to kill them
1641 macey: her rifles name is snowflake jr
1642 gerry: she calles it Snowflake
1643 deathbyvanessa: that is gold
1644 beth: this is beautiful
1645 gerry: ninja'd
1646 deathbyvanessa: a little pee just came out, im laughing so hard
1647 macey: my single favorite thing about irina is that she keeps saying I AM NOT A CHILD ANY LONGER
1648 macey: and yet when she's caught in 29 she basically throws a tantrum
1649 caseyballvins: oh irina
1650 macey: and in 30 she literally shoves food into her mouth w/ her hands
1651 deathbyvanessa: yeah, irina's got a journey ahead of her. shes becoming a young lady
1652 beth: that's really what the special attention is for
1653 beth: charm school
1654 deathbyvanessa: yep, she offed her mom before she could give her the talk
1655 macey: irina literally has no manners. get somebody to tutor her
1656 beth: someone having to teach her please and thank you
1657 darrrrkvengeance: poor Irina. she's basically a child soldier
1658 deathbyvanessa: maybe mr. n will?
1659 gerry: everyone's basicaly a child soldier at that school
1660 deathbyvanessa: what if next we see irina she's all domesticated
1661 macey: mr. n making a chart showing irina normal manners
1662 macey: like "no elbows on the table" or "please dont stab me w/ a fork again seriously"
1663 darrrrkvengeance: true, gerry. but not all of them had to kill their mom
1664 gerry: Irina walking with books over her head
1665 haley: teaching her "we don't greet people by pointing guns at them"
1666 deathbyvanessa: right fork manners, its a big deal
1667 gerry: we don't use the fork to stab people
1668 macey: the fork is for EATING, irina
1669 macey: the fork is not a weapon
1670 caseyballvins: NOT killing
1671 deathbyvanessa: "shooting someone in the back is unpolite, shoot them in the face"
1672 darrrrkvengeance: certainly not the SALAD ford
1673 darrrrkvengeance: fork
1674 caseyballvins: Irina, students are our friends, not to be killed
1675 macey: (psst the chat ends in 10 min, PREPARE)
1676 deathbyvanessa: i object
1677 caseyballvins: it has been a wonderful chat given the circumstances
1678 macey: irina needs some pointers from tuna aka mr. polite
1679 beth: it really has
1680 darrrrkvengeance: and if you DO kill them, it's proper to pair morning glory with a RED wine
1681 beth: a lot more cheerful than expected
1682 beth: not that theres any reason at all to be sad
1683 macey: yeah somehow we managed to talk yugioh after that
1684 beth: nope none
1685 caseyballvins: thank you yugioh for bringing us out of despair (for now)
1686 deathbyvanessa: i don't feel like it's real yet, they might be sharing the body?
1687 macey: I KIND OF HOPE SO
1688 haley: well nick kind of put us back
1689 macey: i was thinking jun might have some of hisao's memories? if not all of them
1690 caseyballvins: 100% dead now doesn't mean 100% dead later
1691 caseyballvins: just saying
1692 macey: the way he acted around guillaume it seemed sort of like he knew the deal
1693 caseyballvins: HOLDING ON TO HOPE
1694 caseyballvins: oh, interesting theory
1695 beth: oh god that would be so painfully messed up
1696 haley: yeah he seems pretty aware of who hes supposed to be
1697 darrrrkvengeance: at least this suggests Jun doesn't have the powers, or potential for them ("eyes opening")
1698 darrrrkvengeance: that some of the others do
1699 haley: is it a body thing or a mind thing though
1700 gerry: remember
1701 gerry: Nick always lies
1702 gerry: did anyone else though the girls hisao gave up was zoe?
1703 deathbyvanessa: true
1704 beth: yep
1705 gerry: ignore the last part
1706 macey: it would be p awkward for him to have hisaos memories around guillaume though
1707 darrrrkvengeance: interesting to see someone at MGA who KNOWS he shouldn't be there
1708 darrrrkvengeance: though maybe no one but he knows
1709 macey: "my dead brother fucked this guy and i know EVERY DETAIL"
1710 deathbyvanessa: hit
1711 deathbyvanessa: hot
1712 beth: v hot
1713 beth: but what if there's still emotions lingering too
1714 macey: i honestly feel so bad for jun now too
1715 macey: like holy hell he just spent years of his life brainwashed and confused
1716 deathbyvanessa: yeah, i'm excited for the fury
1717 macey: and now he's lost his brother and had that brainwashing abruptly shattered
1718 darrrrkvengeance: do we know whether he's into boys or girls, or both or neither?
1719 caseyballvins: ugh those brothers
1720 caseyballvins: the death of me
1721 beth: no idea on his sexuality
1722 macey: no wonder he's so mad. his entire life has shattered. he's scared and confused
1723 deathbyvanessa: we don't know, i don't think
1724 gerry: he's lost every connection he ever had
1725 beth: jun
1726 gerry: I'm very interested on what's gonna be of him
1727 macey: that last page, looking at his face, is gutwrenching
1728 caseyballvins: oh god he got the memory of his mom being murder back too
1729 macey: ohhh god
1730 beth: nooooo
1731 caseyballvins: juuuuuun
1732 deathbyvanessa: mari seemed like a nice lady
1733 darrrrkvengeance: but now he himself has basically been returned from the dead
1734 caseyballvins: no the chat's almost over, let's and on a happy note!
1735 darrrrkvengeance: that's not nothing
1736 macey: (three minutes!)
1737 darrrrkvengeance: maybe he comes away with a new perspective
1738 gerry: what did you see when your eyes oppened?
1739 caseyballvins: i'm excited for what will happen to jun though
1740 macey: http
1741 caseyballvins: like, will he join up with the truants? the glories?
1742 beth: like in terms of plot and character this is such a great twist
1743 deathbyvanessa: happy note
1744 beth: but it still hurts
1745 beth: so mch
1746 darrrrkvengeance: i mean, who else has had David's hand in his brain and lived to tell the tale
1747 macey: in all seriousness- jun had all that insider knowledge from working w/ the cloaks
1748 macey: he's gonna be useful
1749 caseyballvins: MACEY
1750 beth: seriously
1751 caseyballvins: NO
1752 caseyballvins: THAT PICTURE
1753 caseyballvins: not cool
1754 haley: rude
1755 macey1: that MIGHT be the worst panel in mg.
1756 caseyballvins: but yeah, jun is going to be soooo useful
1757 beth: quite possibly
1758 macey: wrong browser
1759 beth: like it was bad before
1760 haley: if he wants to be
1761 caseyballvins: It definitely might be
1762 macey: but yeah. worst.
1763 beth: but now
1764 caseyballvins: definitely
1765 beth: jesus
1766 beth: why
1767 macey: the very last panel too. he just looks so terrified
1768 gerry: guys, thanks for making me feel happy after being put literally in shock by this issue
1769 caseyballvins: and just saying "brother"
1770 caseyballvins: ugh
1771 beth: weeps
1772 macey: thank YOU gerry
1773 gerry: so not clickling that picture
1774 caseyballvins: I'm glad we got through this trying time together
1775 macey: thank you all of you you're all the best
1776 beth: im really glad for this
1777 macey: this chat was no fun when it should not have been tbh
1778 macey: *SO
1779 darrrrkvengeance: just 100 more issues of suffering. lol
1781 haley: a+ team
1782 macey: woohoo come in for high fives
1783 caseyballvins: these are great chats
1784 caseyballvins: HIGH FIVE
1785 deathbyvanessa: cybe five!
1786 caseyballvins: and group hugs
1787 beth: YEAA!!
1788 macey: but yeah it is closing time and stuff now! thank you all for coming!
1789 gerry: *H5*
1790 beth: thanks macey!!
1791 caseyballvins: will all need hugs
1792 deathbyvanessa: bye
1793 beth: hugs for all
1794 caseyballvins: Thank you macey
1795 macey: thank YOU PEOPLE for stopping in
1796 haley: byee thanks macey
1797 caseyballvins: bye all
1798 gerry: Hugs everybody
1799 gerry: G'night all
1800 beth: goodnight!
1801 macey: there is not a chat without y'all
1802 macey: night guys!
1803 darrrrkvengeance: next time! hugs to everyone, and yay for Jader Paders

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