Morning Glories Issue 34 Tinychat from November 6, 2013
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 macey: HELLO
0002 emma entered the room
0003 macey: welcome to the chat, friends. how are you. are you are surviving
0004 macey: *are you all
0005 darrrrkvengeance entered the room
0006 seanaf entered the room
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0009 darrrrkvengeance: hey all
0010 caseyballvins entered the room
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0012 brella: i'm so content. so content with the world, with this issue
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0014 macey: soooo, how about that last panel
0015 kelso: well since last week half of my otp died BUT JADE IS MORE MY FAVORITE CHARATER THAN EVER
0016 caseyballvins: hey all
0017 emma: hello
0018 caseyballvins: UGH THAT LAST PANEL THOUGH
0019 kelso: I was not expecting that at all
0020 brella: haha i had a heart attack, in public, it was noticed
0021 beth entered the room
0022 brella: what is up with joe eisma and being able to draw such POTENT THINGS
0023 macey: so is jade's gift the ability to create zombies or what
0024 haley: yeah that panel is terrifying
0025 brella: it was like she had jerked awake right in front of me
0026 caseyballvins: it was really creepy
0027 macey: what if this is a walking dead prequel. this entire comic has been a plot by image comics
0028 caseyballvins: i shouted
0029 brella: i'm doing stuff, hunter
0030 brella: things
0031 kelso: how do we know she's a zombie, though? or at least, Im not sure she'd be a brainless one.
0032 ashley entered the room
0033 kelso: It made me think of Pushing Daisies.
0034 macey: haha, idk, she just looked kinda like one, right?
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0036 emma: i can't remember - was the funeral open casket?
0037 guest-515548 changed nickname to ashley
0038 kelso: I don't think so.
0039 haley: doesnt look like it
0041 emma: that's what i'm saying!!
0042 veronica: well jade was torn up like there was one. so ... whatever happened freaked her out enough
0043 veronica: to flip at the funeral.
0044 kelso: maybe there's more of a reason as to why she burned the field...?
0045 caseyballvins: maybe that's why jade burnt down the field... like, to deal with her mum's zombie body D
0046 beth_ellingboe changed nickname to beth
0047 kelso: her mom's zombie was in it?
0048 emma: that occurred to me
0049 katie entered the room
0050 veronica: yeah that could all be connected, def.
0051 veronica: (it's spencer, of course it is)
0052 macey1: mom's zombie is a good band name. somebody write that down
0053 darrrrkvengeance: hey
0054 darrrrkvengeance: cause they seem to change around
0055 kelso: pretty sure brown
0056 macey: they were brown when alex colored them
0057 haley: brown yeah
0058 brella: yeah
0059 guest-515569 changed nickname to katie
0060 macey: i think alex's colors are meant to be the canon ones, since paul's new
0061 kelso: I don't want to have to get contacts for my cosplay so i'm gonna stick with brown lol
0062 brella: yeah hunter had brown eyes for one panel and i almost leaped out of my chair
0063 joe_eisma entered the room
0064 caseyballvins: i didn't even notice!
0065 macey: plot twist
0066 beth: i think there are some eye color inconistencies w the first couple issues
0067 darrrrkvengeance: i was just wondering if there was a clue to the last panel there
0068 brella: yeah beth remember when casey's eyes were yellow
0069 darrrrkvengeance: like with Georgia/Clarkson
0070 brella: true alpha casey blevins
0071 macey: jade's mom has always been green-eyed though, she was in 17
0072 kelso: makes me think of aphrodite's kids in the pjo series
0073 macey: though tbh i DO pay attention to eye colors
0074 beth: oooh casey is really the alpha jun dont know what hes talking about
0075 kelso: I always wondered what the deal was with the yellow eyes.
0076 macey: especially green since it's the one thing hodge and daramount share physically. so it's
0077 macey: likely headmaster genes
0078 macey: in other words hunter for headmaster
0079 caseyballvins: UGH NO
0080 brella: stop that
0081 kelso: I laughed out loud at Ike's comment about wanting to see whose is bigger XD
0082 brella: macey pls you know i'm fragile
0083 haley: what color are irina's eyes?
0084 beth: id be pro that
0085 macey: irina's eyes are blue, kseniya's were brown
0086 brella: irina's are... grey i think? grey-blue?
0087 darrrrkvengeance: lol. that was the best line, kelso
0088 brella: macey you are the irina expert
0089 caseyballvins: i mentioned the nose thing and joe said it was coincedence
0090 abetterfuture entered the room
0091 macey: ike was on the top of his game this week
0092 brella: i don't believe him that nose can only be genetic there is no other way
0093 macey: i've missed him
0094 brella: yeah ike was just in A+ form
0095 beth: ike was a true gem bless his heart
0096 guest-515611 changed nickname to abetterfuture
0097 beth: even if he has been sleeping alone
0098 caseyballvins: ike was wonderful
0099 brella: or bless whatever he has instead of a heart
0100 beth: poor guy
0101 haley: ike was excellent i'm glad he can snark withut a book now
0102 fredfredkonfred entered the room
0103 brella: he heard the guys getting up and followed them what a loser
0104 macey: can we talk about how ike thinks irina is sexy despite the fact that she's been trying to
0105 macey: kill him
0106 haley: we knew that was coming
0107 beth: ike's into some kinky shit
0108 darrrrkvengeance: maybe that's why
0109 guest-515620 changed nickname to fredfredkonfred
0110 brella: did he ever even actually see her i thought he was unconscious the whole time
0111 emma: ike/everything that breathes
0112 macey: maybe he saw her being taken away once he woke up?
0113 brella: oh true
0114 beth: yeah i was wondering about that
0115 brella: with her legs. lllllegs
0116 beth: or how he knew she was eastern european
0117 brella: also he knew she was ukrainian. he didn't assume she was russian
0118 caseyballvins: hunter described irina to ike and ike just went with it
0119 macey: yeah he said ukranian how do we know
0120 brella: he has really got his finger on the irina pulse
0121 beth: showing some interest there hmmmm
0122 macey: ike trying to flirt w/ irina, though
0123 macey: imagine.
0124 fredfredkonfred: It's been a while since Woodrun, and clearly the other roomies have been talking about thi
0125 fredfredkonfred: *things
0126 haley: i don't think its actually been a while has it?
0127 veronica: flirting with irina is like dancing with death.
0128 beth: it's been like days i thought
0129 veronica: yeah, i can see ike doing it.
0130 guest-515593 changed nickname to joe_eisma
0131 darrrrkvengeance: and at least Hunter thinks they haven't done much talking
0132 fredfredkonfred: I think at least a week? They said so in 33
0133 fredfredkonfred: lemme check
0134 macey: 33 took place a week after woodrun
0135 haley: a weeks not long though
0136 macey: so at this point it should be about ~10 days
0137 macey: JOE
0138 abetterfuture: Are we going to talk about that cliffhanger?
0139 joe_eisma: hello
0140 brella: well hunter wants to talk like all the time so he may have a skewed perception of this
0141 fredfredkonfred: Enough time for someone to be like "that ukrainian girl irina who tried to kill ike"
0142 darrrrkvengeance: hey joe! congrats on 1000!
0143 joe_eisma: hey, thanks!
0144 brella: YEAH WOW!! 1000!
0145 fredfredkonfred: *applause*
0146 caseyballvins: Go joe!
0147 beth: yeah congrats!!!!!!!!!!
0148 macey: joe amazing job! do you know which page is 1000?
0149 veronica: wow super congrats. that's impressive.
0150 joe_eisma: nobody made a '1000 pages and no answers!' snarky comment
0151 joe_eisma: i have no idea
0152 joe_eisma: haha
0153 brella: i was considering it
0154 emma: congrats on 1000!!
0155 macey: matt claims you are going for 1000 issues now, though
0156 veronica: i think we're all just accepting the fact that we have no answers.
0157 brella: what
0158 joe_eisma: yeah, he's hilarious
0159 fredfredkonfred: oh we have gotten an answer or two
0160 beth: oh god
0161 veronica: BUT WE LOVE IT ANYWAY.
0162 fredfredkonfred: more questions but
0163 brella: who needs answers when you have glories/truants teaming up
0164 veronica: yes but our answers usually lead to more questions.
0165 veronica: yes.
0166 haley: do we even still expect answers?
0167 joe_eisma: haha
0168 brella: who needs answers when ike is conscious
0169 caseyballvins: the greatest team up
0170 beth: exactly casey and vanessa interacted what more do you need
0171 kelso: If we still don't have answers after 1000 issues I'd be upset but as long as we get one
0172 kelso: before then i'm good
0173 veronica: sometimes i'm like YES AN ANSWER oh crap like nine more questions.
0174 brella: i know right veronica
0175 beth: that's like the summation of every issue
0176 fredfredkonfred: I need Casey and Irina omg I'm looking forward to that so much
0177 brella: like as soon as i feel enlightened suddenly everything gets WORSE
0178 darrrrkvengeance: sometimes you just need to put your hand in Joe's and Nick's . . . and learn to take the
0179 macey: like at this point i think i care about a lot of the cast more than i do the answers
0180 darrrrkvengeance: answers when they come
0181 brella: i will never
0182 fredfredkonfred: I CARE A LOT ABOUT ZOE ANSWERS
0183 macey: dv that's beautiful
0184 beth: yeah i'm more invested in characters than anything
0185 brella: same macey same
0186 joe_eisma: haha
0187 beth: except zoe answers
0188 emma: still waiting on my zoe answers
0189 veronica: I ALSO CARE for zoe answers.
0190 beth: zoe is always first
0191 brella: yeah i'm gonna join the zoe chorus here too
0192 macey: zoe answers will always be at the top of everyone's lisr *Please don't spam/flood the chat.*
0193 brella: in a perfect world....
0194 macey: *list
0195 caseyballvins: zoe zoe zoe
0196 veronica: zoe > everything
0197 darrrrkvengeance: i was re-reading issue 7 today, for a different perspective on death
0198 beth: (pouts because there was a funeral for hisao but not zoe)
0199 joe_eisma: that's a good point
0200 fredfredkonfred: at least we got hunter's little eulogy
0201 brella: (same beth same)
0202 darrrrkvengeance: well, Hunter gave her his own special service
0203 darrrrkvengeance: which was one of the best parts of the comic
0204 brella: we don't DISCUSS THAT too PAINFUL
0205 macey: maybe hunter will take people out for a proper zoe funeral someday
0206 beth: oh no
0207 abetterfuture left the room
0208 fredfredkonfred: but brella we like the pain
0209 macey: make her and hisao proper little graves
0210 haley: that would hurt so much
0211 brella: oh noooo
0212 abetterfuture entered the room
0213 beth: nooo
0214 fredfredkonfred: would you be reading this if you did not like the pain
0215 macey: hunter would. what a good bud, hunter is
0216 brella: yes
0217 veronica: hunter is like, guys, we could not be that mystery novel.
0218 guest-515689 changed nickname to abetterfuture
0219 veronica: and then it was ironic because they were anyway.
0220 haley: noone listens to hunter
0221 haley: its like a rule
0222 brella: hunter is so genre savvy he needs to calm down and just let his friends be idiots
0223 fredfredkonfred: i'm like. really really fond of jun now.
0224 fredfredkonfred: even though he spent the issue yeling at people
0225 beth: same jun just jumped to like my top five charactesr
0226 macey: I KNOW who doesnt love jun right now even if hes a brat
0227 fredfredkonfred: especially casey MY QUEEN blevins
0228 brella: YEAH SAME. like congrats on suddenly making jun really fantastic and interesting and
0229 darrrrkvengeance: er, i'm not sold on Jun
0230 guest-515707 entered the room
0231 joe_eisma: haha jun is so angry every time i draw him
0232 guest-515707 left the room
0233 macey: i appreciate jun. jun is so good
0234 abetterfuture: I loved Hunters "mystery" commentary.
0235 macey: joe, will you ever draw a happy jun
0236 brella: yeah joe he probably gives you good practice on furious glowers
0237 darrrrkvengeance: i mean; i like him. but he's nowhere near my top 5
0238 haley: very pro jun now except for all of the missing hisao
0239 joe_eisma: doubtful
0240 beth: like just thinking about him is so fascinating i love it
0241 macey1: i love how intense jun is this week too god
0242 fredfredkonfred: i don't know how many people will get this reference but i imagine smiling jun to be like
0243 veronica: i just want everyone to kiss.
0244 fredfredkonfred: smiling squall at the end of ff8 which was just weird
0245 macey1: "i will take everything they love and BURN IT TO THE GROUND!!!!!!"
0246 beth: i feel ya veronica
0247 veronica: that's my life right there. why can't everyone just kiss?
0248 brella: so much FIRE in this issue goodness
0249 abetterfuture: Can we know yet if Jun is also gay?
0250 darrrrkvengeance: i loved that Jader Paders had the Rocky Horror poster!
0251 beth: just solve it all with smooches
0252 macey1: so much fire in this entire comic
0253 beth: smooches fore veryone
0254 brella: can i just say
0255 brella: that's it, that's my comment
0256 macey1: ah. yes. pamela.
0257 caseyballvins: good comment
0258 joe_eisma: haha i'm glad you liked the rocky horror poster
0259 beth: oh pamela
0260 tristan entered the room
0261 joe_eisma: seemed fitting
0262 kelso: wait her teddy bear was--- *goes back to tthe issue*
0263 joe_eisma: yeah, pamela's headless teddy bear was nick's idea
0264 brella: what if the headmaster is just dr frank n furter
0265 veronica: is it fitting because OF THE TIME WARP?
0266 haley: i did not notice that hahah fantastic
0267 guest-515722 changed nickname to tristan
0268 beth: oh my g o d
0269 kelso: oh my god that's wonderful
0270 veronica: oh no suddenly the time warp.
0271 beth: that's the secret
0272 veronica: iT'S REALLY THE TIME WARP
0273 upguntha entered the room
0274 beth: we figured out how the time travel works
0275 beth: it's just a jump to the left
0276 macey: morning glories solved. pack it up people. lets go home
0277 guest-515737 changed nickname to upguntha
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0279 emma: they sing and dance and boom
0280 veronica: it's just a jump to the left.
0281 emma: time travel
0282 beth: it's been a good run
0283 tristan: Good evening!
0284 brella: and then a step to the right, and then crippling pain
0285 upguntha: HOLA
0286 haley: good job team
0287 kelso: The crippling pain is the most important part.
0288 upguntha: wait what is this time tral i here off
0289 seanaf left the room
0290 brella: my favorite step
0291 beth: a very essential step
0292 macey: crippling pain is the most important part of this comic
0293 brella: crippling pain and probably existentialism, somewhere
0294 darrrrkvengeance: "don't dream it; be it."
0295 macey: without crippling pain, this comic would have no soul to it
0296 joe_eisma: we figured we need a mourning issue for this one after 33
0297 veronica: mourning glories.
0298 veronica: (i had to i'm so sorry.)
0299 brella: yeah this was a good breather issue. such a good
0300 abetterfuture left the room
0301 beth: yeah this was a really nice break
0302 beth: i mean it still hurt
0303 abetterfuture entered the room
0304 fredfredkonfred: Casey's hair, though.
0305 macey: if this had been as intense as 33 i would have probably kneeled over
0306 fredfredkonfred: So beautiful. <3
0307 emma: are you suggesting 35 is gonna make us all scream again
0308 joe_eisma: i love drawing casey's hair
0309 guest-515743 left the room
0310 haley: so funny that our take of a breaher issue is everyone yelling at each other
0311 guest-515758 changed nickname to abetterfuture
0312 darrrrkvengeance: lol
0313 brella: casey has the best hair what is her secret
0314 caseyballvins: casey has dream harir
0315 upguntha: i'm scared for 35 all that Tuna
0316 joe_eisma: it wasn't initially so curly. i just got out of control wiht it
0317 caseyballvins: *hair
0318 fredfredkonfred: What is her conditioner?
0319 macey: all signs point to 35 being a bit intense, right.....
0320 tristan: Really? I thought it was the revelation that our dear Pamela is quite a snorer.
0321 joe_eisma: haha
0322 emma: i miss zoe's hair
0323 brella: she probably shampoos with the blood of her enemies
0324 brella: no, wait. that's irina
0325 joe_eisma: oh man, 35. man, i actually winced a bit on that one
0326 beth: oh no
0327 caseyballvins: oh no
0328 emma: frick
0329 brella: uh oh macey
0330 fredfredkonfred: no stahp
0331 macey: i think my favorite mg hair might be jade's. so nice and straight
0332 haley: nooo
0333 upguntha: time travel changes your hair
0334 macey: if it makes joe wince we're in for some serious shit, huh
0335 joe_eisma: we will give you the feels for fortunato
0336 brella: eXCELLENT
0337 emma: YES also noooo
0338 beth: o h nooooo
0339 veronica: crap. the feels.
0340 caseyballvins: PERFECT
0341 kelso: Oh my goodness more Fortunato yes!!
0342 tristan: hahahaha!
0343 beth: we dont need more of those
0344 macey: i mean this is joe eisma who drew his friends blown up
0345 macey: this must be very serious
0346 joe_eisma: haha
0347 brella: tuna boy needs more... everything
0348 tristan: I like Georgina's when she let 'em free and natural.
0349 veronica: preparing my gross sobbing face.
0350 brella: and oh god macey thats. a frighteningly good point
0351 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, Georgina definitely wins the hair contest, imo
0352 macey: georgina's a babe too tbh
0353 macey: babeness runs in the family, between her and her sisters
0354 joe_eisma: matt had a great title for the notes from study hall for 35.
0355 upguntha: must Jum always have angry face on?
0356 brella: i think you have to be a babe to attend mga
0357 joe_eisma: but i think it's a spoiler
0358 brella: that's why ike's nudes were so successful
0359 joe_eisma: because jun's just angry
0360 fredfredkonfred: +1
0361 beth: hahah omg
0362 macey: on the application. "are you are babe?"
0363 darrrrkvengeance: that's how we KNOW Ike is HEadmaster!
0364 macey: *are you a
0365 brella: BABE GENES
0366 macey: im thinking i cant think of a single person in this comic who isnt at least a little
0367 softkakumei1 entered the room
0368 guest-515794 changed nickname to softkakumei1
0369 macey: attractive
0370 fredfredkonfred: that kid gribbs strangled in book one? not enough of a babe
0371 kelso: What if the headmaster is some weird hybrid of all the Glories
0372 kelso: The ultimate babe
0373 macey: okay not gribbs. he isnt.
0374 softkakumei1 left the room
0375 guest-515803 entered the room
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0377 darrrrkvengeance: Megan not so much
0378 brella: hey don't knock those gribbs close-ups
0379 fredfredkonfred: no the no-eyebrow thing really does it for me
0380 beth: like even david could probably get it
0381 macey: what, megan's adorable
0382 upguntha: i don't think that any of them are the headmaster
0383 tristan: Besides, he's name was Reginald, hahaha.
0384 joe_eisma: ah, gribbsie. i miss ya
0385 brella: megan's precious
0386 emma: cheerleader amanda was a super babe
0387 beth: megan absolutely is the babest
0388 joe_eisma: megan always gives me trouble since she has no eyebrows. haha
0389 beth: omg amanda my dear
0390 macey: hey guys, gribbs didn't get a funeral either
0391 joe_eisma: so hard to gauge expressions without eyebrows
0392 darrrrkvengeance: though sometimes the hands full of blood is a tip off
0393 brella: poor gribbs. shot through the head and ike's to blame
0394 upguntha: they stole her hair and eyebrowa, the humanity
0395 beth: her expression is just 100% badass
0396 macey: i assume guillaume took the eyesbrows. thats why his are so thick
0397 brella: and spooky
0398 joe_eisma: haha
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0400 darrrrkvengeance: ike gives love a bad name
0401 upguntha: lmao
0402 emma: i have a crush on guillaume's eyebrows i think
0403 upguntha: never trust the frenchie who ateals eyebrowa
0404 beth: he has the cutest eyebrows
0405 brella: i agree upguntha
0406 fredfredkonfred: i am concerned about guillaume
0407 emma: actually i have a crush on all of him
0408 brella: i'm studying abroad in france right now and they're always stealing eyebrows
0409 kelso: The panel where Guillaume was comforting Vanessa killed me
0410 brella: sneaky
0411 brella: ME TOO KELSO
0412 kelso: He's the one who REALLY needs comforting
0413 emma: vanessa&guillaume interactions yes please
0414 tristan: Btw... Joe, you just made it on Jade in this issue. She was just perfect, congrats, man!
0415 beth: yes yes yes yes
0416 brella: right and he totally understands her grief about brendan now ha. ha
0417 joe_eisma: thanks, tristan!
0418 beth: really any truant interactions
0419 fredfredkonfred: no
0420 brella: totally agree with tristan, jade was a stunner
0421 upguntha: how does it feel to be able to sleep Joe?
0422 joe_eisma: haha
0423 joe_eisma: well, we had a rush on 35, so my crazy schedule hasn't let up until recently
0424 joe_eisma: but sleep is nice.
0425 macey: thank god joe, you need rest
0426 upguntha: wow that's cray, I'm sure it will be as amazing as the last 2 months
0427 macey: and the entire page when vanessa was crying was so gut-wrenching ngl
0428 upguntha: great work all around
0429 joe_eisma: yeah, 35 is a really good issue, wincing notwithstanding.
0430 macey: can we give joe the eisner for fastest artist that is still good
0431 joe_eisma: aw
0432 joe_eisma: haha
0433 caseyballvins: i second that, macey
0434 brella: yeah i'd say so
0435 tristan: Fortunato is coming. Oh, man... D
0436 brella: we can swing that
0437 joe_eisma: spoiler--there's a scene of fortunato crying that i thought came out really well
0438 joe_eisma: so see, he has more than one emotion!
0439 beth: yeah all of the most recent issues have been stunning
0440 brella: well macey. there goes your list
0441 macey: oh good. i can check that off my list
0442 brella: HAHA
0443 macey: five truants down one to go
0444 caseyballvins: what's on your list, macey?
0445 brella: macey literally has a checklist of truants who have cried
0446 caseyballvins: oh gosh
0447 brella: on paper. it's beautiful
0448 macey: i made it. there's only ian left
0449 beth: ian will come i'm sure
0450 nick entered the room
0451 joe_eisma: yeah good luck on that one
0452 upguntha: poor Tuna can't wait for his scene with *********
0453 guest-515866 changed nickname to nick
0454 caseyballvins: of course it's ian who's last
0455 brella: freaking IAn
0456 emma: i still want ike to cry oops
0457 macey: of course. ians last at everything
0458 macey: nick! nick hello
0459 brella: we will probably see ian cry and get excited but then he will just be
0460 brella: cutting onions
0461 brella: or something
0462 emma: omg brella
0463 beth: oh god
0464 nick: hey all
0465 upguntha: breaking his glasses
0466 upguntha: hi Nick
0467 beth: hey nick!
0468 brella: "why are they making me cut onions in the dungeon"
0469 brella: hello nick!!
0470 emma: hi nick!
0471 tristan: He will cry out for Akiko.
0472 darrrrkvengeance: hey nick
0473 tristan: Hey, you.
0474 veronica: why are they making me cut onions in the dungeon....
0475 caseyballvins: brilliant issue, nick. perfect balance, not over sad like some issues *cough33cough*
0476 brella: no really nick the writing in this issue was so GOOD
0477 upguntha: 19cough
0478 upguntha: I love this Jade
0479 fastmcquack entered the room
0480 brella: jade's speech was just. i had to read it like six times, so wonderful
0481 caseyballvins: same
0482 nick: aw, thanks everyone
0483 guest-515896 changed nickname to fastmcquack
0484 nick: glad you liked it
0485 kelso: Jade was amazing.
0486 fastmcquack: Hey was there a new colorish today?
0487 emma: jade's interactions with her brother were really good to see
0488 brella: yes!! the return of jimmy ellsworth was a triumphant one
0489 beth: i really loved that scene yea
0490 upguntha: Jimmy 4eva
0491 macey: jade's brother is a stud, alright
0492 brella: i love all these little tidbits of the kids' lives before the academy
0493 brella: i love them so MUCH
0494 caseyballvins: too much love for them
0495 veronica: we were talking about how all the bits of the comic sort of fit in together.
0496 veronica: the burning of the corn field, the zombie mother, the funeral, etc.
0497 veronica: it was really fascinating to try and fit things back into place.
0498 upguntha: Ike saying he loves funreal killed me
0499 guest-515926 entered the room
0500 caseyballvins: OH JOE, the last panel though, actually terrifying, good job.
0501 brella: YES
0502 macey: yeah joe why'd you have to make her stare at us, that's so FREAKY
0503 kelso: Well he definitely had some fun at the LAST one he attended, right?
0504 joe_eisma: thanks.
0505 joe_eisma: haha
0506 upguntha: my jaw dropped
0507 brella: i kind of got bug-eyed and people were actually asking me if i was okay
0508 joe_eisma: that's what i was going for!
0509 macey: like if she hadn't been staring at us i wouldnt be as shocked though so
0510 caseyballvins: i screamed a little
0511 veronica: no more nightmares about aliens and shadow people, all nightmares about JADES MOM.
0512 brella: especially bc i was reading it on the mobile app which is panel by panel
0513 brella: it came out of NOWHERE and i JUMPED
0514 upguntha: exactly
0515 beth: i definitely gasped
0516 joe_eisma: haha yessss
0517 fredfredkonfred: wait question though
0518 fastmcquack left the room
0519 upguntha: i'm glad no one can see me read this book cause they would be concerned
0520 fredfredkonfred: In this issue and the last, Hisao and Jun's last name was Fukuyama, but before, wasn't it
0521 fredfredkonfred: Fukayama?
0522 nick: typo
0523 macey: it's fukayama i'm pretty sure?
0524 brella: oh thank god i thought i was crazy
0525 fredfredkonfred: ok so it's still fukayama?
0526 guest-515926 left the room
0527 upguntha: when we switch bodies we are Fukuyama
0528 tristan: Hahaha. You're not alone, Brella. I thought that too.
0529 macey: yes, jun is now The Alpha Fukayama
0530 fredfredkonfred: i like jun so much now that I'm concerned he's going to die
0531 phil_maira entered the room
0532 nick: yep, still the same sp as before, just a typo
0533 tristan: About myself.
0534 brella: alpha twin! alpha twin!
0535 macey: with hisaos body and juns brain, he is.....The Fukayama, hero of mga
0536 kelso: I was really happy for the Freaky Friday reference.
0537 kelso: It was all I could think of regarding the body switching thing
0538 guest-515977 changed nickname to phil_maira
0539 upguntha: so where exactly is this doorway/room located
0540 calfaile entered the room
0541 caseyballvins: ike was just so on the ball this issue
0542 joe_eisma: down lots of stairs
0543 brella: also this is dumb but
0544 brella: i love that ike kept making all of his aside comments in jade's general direction
0545 upguntha: it seems liked they left the school
0546 haley: ME TOO
0547 brella: ALSO, what is up with this school and STAIRS
0548 kelso: The ikeisms tumblr pages is set for life.
0549 brella: their students must be fit as hell
0550 caseyballvins: RGHT BRELLA
0551 caseyballvins: super fit though
0552 brella: except hunter, who can barely run ten steps without tripping
0553 joe_eisma: haha matt's talked about all the stairs before, i think
0554 fredfredkonfred: that's why irina has such nice legs
0555 haley: we already talked about how they're all babes so
0556 brella: i know right. i'm all set to update ikeisms
0557 brella: with more gold
0558 agorcowboy entered the room
0559 nick: some good ike and jade stuff next arc
0560 brella: eek
0561 haley: YAY
0562 caseyballvins: aaaaaaaaaaaaah
0563 guest-516031 changed nickname to agorcowboy
0564 haley: SO EXCITED
0565 guest-516043 entered the room
0566 emma: woohoo!
0567 nick: loving ikeisms btw
0568 macey1: oh, good
0569 nick: and the fic a thon
0570 guest-516010 changed nickname to calfaile
0571 macey1: oh congrats brella nick is enjoying your things
0572 joe_eisma: yes the fic a thon is amazing
0573 brella: OH i'm glad!! thank you
0574 emma: the fic a thon B)
0575 caseyballvins: brella is too wonderful to us
0576 brella: shhush with the ficathon you guys are the ones doing all the work
0577 upguntha: Ikeism is giving me life
0578 fredfredkonfred: omg i've kind of given up on the masterlist because TOO MANY
0579 haley: ikeisms is the best i did not realize it was you though brella
0580 brella: ack i've fallen behind on adding the newest too
0581 brella: yes it was me
0582 macey1: why doesn't mga make kids climb up and down the stairs as torture
0583 brella: it's always me. something dumb happening, probably me
0584 fredfredkonfred: you are everywhere
0585 brella: oh god macey that would be HORRIBLE
0586 brella: I WOULD RATHER DIE
0587 macey1: beatings? pfft. tasers? c'mon. those stairs are the WORST punishment
0588 darrrrkvengeance: that's why Irina learned to float
0589 beth: that's just too far now
0590 fredfredkonfred: it all makes sense
0591 beth: omg
0592 brella: not even daramount's that cruel
0593 veronica: omg what did i come back to.
0594 caseyballvins: every time you trip you have to start over, hunter just cries
0595 joe_eisma: i want nick to write a story where the kids revolt until an escalator is installed
0596 caseyballvins: YES
0597 macey1: think of all the times ian has tripped on those stairs
0598 veronica: jfkld yes nick please write us a story about escalators.
0599 brella: WE WILL BE AS GODS by making an escalator happen
0600 brella: that could be the next morning glory babies, right there
0601 nick: haha, i'll see what i can do
0602 upguntha: morning babie will prb get escalators
0603 haley: the hour of our release FROM STAIRS draws near
0604 macey1: ian forming a plan for revenge against the stairs
0605 veronica: i can bat my eyelashes.
0606 macey1: and the doors
0607 fredfredkonfred: casey and jun fight about floor button arrangment
0608 emma: and then they make you pay a tax to use the escalators
0609 brella: FOR A BETTER FUTURE without strenuous physical activity
0610 nick: all i remember of high school is stairs
0611 veronica: stairs and the people standing in front of them.
0612 brella: seriously, stairs are dangerous for clods like hunter and ian
0613 caseyballvins: my high school had this escalator straight out of a horror film
0614 caseyballvins: only when to the basement
0615 joe_eisma: yeah, i walked a lot of stairs in high school
0616 brella: my high school was one story you guys are weird
0617 upguntha: their falls are hillarious either getting tripped or shot at
0618 fredfredkonfred: (my apartment has an escalator straight out of a horror film. you DON'T GO IN THERE)
0619 caseyballvins: mine was two with a basement
0620 veronica: wait your escalator went ot the basement?
0621 macey: my high school's only two, jeez
0622 veronica: that's terrifying.
0623 emma: it takes seven minutes to get from one building to the other for me. three sets of stairs.
0624 emma: seven times a day.
0625 brella: yeah my college has a haunted elevator, it stops at a ghost floor
0626 caseyballvins: yikes
0627 brella: it seems like a mga elevator
0628 brella: oh my god emma
0629 caseyballvins: oh emma
0630 emma: my school is real life AU mga i think
0631 veronica: i think all our schools are au mga.
0632 emma: that's why we're not allowed in the green house yet
0633 upguntha: so with zombie momie running around does that mean dead is not dead
0634 guest-516142 entered the room
0635 haley: is zombie mom running around?
0636 macey: my middle school had a greenhouse! shit!
0637 upguntha: Zombie Zoe chasing after you (AU)
0638 darrrrkvengeance: well, i think maybe the consciousness is still dead
0639 brella: yes indeed. maybe jade BURNED THE BODY no i'm kidding
0640 brella: but
0641 veronica: oh. crap.
0642 beth: oooooooh
0643 haley: i don't think she is
0644 caseyballvins: my high had a greenhouse! and there was a greenhouse outside my residence last year!
0645 phil_maira: I'm kinda late, but was it discussed why Pamela's Teddy Bear is headless?
0646 darrrrkvengeance: Jade even tells Julie back in 6 that she never got to say goodbye to her parents when they
0647 darrrrkvengeance: died
0648 brella: you guys all had sweet ass high schools i'm mad
0649 veronica: when morning glories ends i'm buying extra copies, cutting them up, and putting them in or
0650 guest-516142 left the room
0651 macey: i think the best explanation for pamela's teddy is "it belongs to pamela"
0652 veronica: ...order.
0653 fredfredkonfred: (doesn't jade know human transmutation is forbidden)
0654 joe_eisma: haha
0655 brella: yeah macey basically
0656 veronica: and THEN IM GOING TO READ IT.
0657 brella: teddy weddy lost his heady
0658 fredfredkonfred: that would be the thing to do
0659 tristan: He probably kept secrets from her.
0660 darrrrkvengeance: i like to think Pamela has a bf who gave her the perfect present
0661 agorcowboy left the room
0662 darrrrkvengeance: a decapitated teddy bear
0663 brella: she had to make an example of him
0664 tristan: And we all know that secrets keep heads apart.
0665 brella: tristan omg
0666 emma: teddy weddy wouldn't LIS-TEN
0667 macey: http
0668 macey: mentioned i have
0669 macey: i do have it. i made it today. i decided it may be useful
0670 brella: TOLD YOU IT WAS REAL
0671 beth: MACEY
0672 brella: "apparently" macey you're great
0673 haley: hahah i love that you taped it up
0674 macey: by the by, ike is the only glory who hasn't cried yet
0675 haley: i need crying ike like i need air
0676 macey: thus confirming my suspicion that ike does not have a soul
0677 nick: ha, is that true?
0678 brella: he doesn't secrete tears, he secretes pheromones
0679 emma: i've been talking about crying ike for weeks now
0680 beth: maybe he's really weepy post-sex or something
0681 caseyballvins: MACEY YOU'RE MY FAVOURITE
0682 emma: omg
0683 veronica: beth i just died.
0684 nick: he did the no tears cry in 24 tho
0685 fredfredkonfred: omg beth
0686 emma: ike cries through sex
0687 tristan: He cried when he was born, I'm pretty sure. [?
0688 veronica: no he did, i think ike is a lot more sincere then he wants people to believe.
0689 calfaile: ...was that really Ike?
0690 macey: it doesn't count unless i see tears nick
0691 brella: macey is very picky you see
0692 emma: macey do your lists of tears come with fine print
0693 macey: no wonder irina believes ike to be destructive to the world
0694 emma: "doesn't count unless i see tears**"
0695 macey: emma i'll add that
0696 brella: emma don't encourage her
0697 upguntha: somehow i feel like thats's Pamela's fav line
0698 macey: oh, pamela
0699 fredfredkonfred: i can't wait to see the av club cry
0700 macey: oh another note hunter's eyes were quite big today
0701 upguntha: How can you have a funeral for zombie momie
0702 macey: haha yes i'll have to make a chart for the av club next
0703 brella: yes hunter was very anime
0704 emma: pamela who has pink flowery pajamas and a matching eye mask
0705 brella: the dokis were strong today
0706 joe_eisma: haha
0707 joe_eisma: they were? i didn't even notice
0708 fredfredkonfred: it will probably be during a movie
0709 tristan: That's because his eyes were opened.
0710 brella: no macey not them!! they are the one glimmer of happiness
0711 joe_eisma: yes, i love pamela's stupid pajamas
0712 upguntha: nick was that the Pamela scene you were referencing
0713 nick: yep, that was the one
0714 macey: it was glorious, in any case
0715 macey: pamela is always a sight to behold
0716 brella: haha, GLORI-ous
0717 brella: [rimshot
0718 beth: oh lord
0719 caseyballvins: bless you brella
0720 brella: wink wonk
0721 upguntha: One apperance per arc and she kills it
0722 upguntha: bow to Pamela
0723 brella: sometimes literally
0724 brella: sometimes she literally kills something
0725 fredfredkonfred: it occurs to me that now that zoe is gone and it's just casey jade and pamela
0726 fredfredkonfred: casey and jade probably spend alllll their time together
0727 fredfredkonfred: this is very important to me.
0728 upguntha: I didn't expect to see Casey for another 20 issues
0729 brella: i have a question, by the way
0730 brella: a dumb question but still a question
0731 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, there's a one knife-wielder per room policy
0732 macey: actually....we've never SEEN pamela kill someone
0733 macey: just attempt it
0734 brella: when hunter has the line "after what happened to me, what happened to you--"
0735 brella: does that mean that he's told the others about what happened to him
0736 katie left the room
0737 brella: with the dreams, the meeting future jade, everything
0738 brella: or no
0739 caseyballvins: maybe he told just casey?
0740 emma: maybe he's just speaking in general
0741 haley: i think not the dreams
0742 fredfredkonfred: I think he and Casey at least talked about it
0743 haley: but just the tower and all that
0744 beth: true pamela hasnt killed yet that we have seen
0745 brella: oh god maria let's just augh
0746 haley: because he seemed really reluctant about the dream older jade and stuff
0747 emma: also hey i'm gonna point something out really quick
0748 emma: jade's soccer number is 23
0749 emma: and that's supposed to be one of the most known psalm's in the bible
0750 caseyballvins: i know, gwen, i know
0751 emma: so,,,..yeah that's all
0752 fredfredkonfred: damn girl
0753 macey1: it's also one of the lost numbers. huh....
0754 macey1: i doubt hunter has spilled about future jade but i'll bet he may have mentioned getting
0755 macey1: shot, or at LEAST meeting the truants
0756 macey1: and the others must certainly know about zoe by now
0757 brella: right right
0758 brella: i was just very intrigued
0759 joe_eisma:
0760 haley: yeah i think the stuff with zoe and the tower would be enough for him to say that
0761 upguntha: Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
0762 haley: and obviously other people in the room already knew about that
0763 beth: yeah i figured zoe was revealed pretty quickly
0764 abetterfuture left the room
0765 abetterfuture entered the room
0766 macey: imagine if he hadn't told and they just assumed zoe was missing
0767 brella: that would be the actual worst, hunter having to tell them
0768 macey: and then during this issue he piped up and said "hey zoe's dead too also"
0769 beth: i just want to have casey's reaction to finding out
0770 brella: aughhh
0771 macey: "did you guys know that? zoe is pretty dead, guys"
0772 guest-516394 changed nickname to abetterfuture
0773 macey: "like, super dead. it's been a week or so"
0774 phil_maira: weird how this hasn't been brought up yet.
0775 brella: "yeah that's just. p.s. she's probably decomposing by now"
0776 upguntha: lmao she never got burried
0777 darrrrkvengeance: though the body is actually in the future, right>
0778 darrrrkvengeance: ?
0779 upguntha: I always wondered why they cared to bury her after they killed her
0780 tori entered the room
0781 abetterfuture: It's impliws
0782 guest-516427 changed nickname to tori
0783 upguntha: Nick, did Casey know that she wwas pregnat before the acccident?
0784 nick: no comment
0785 upguntha: smashes keyboard
0786 caseyballvins: uuuuugh
0787 phil_maira: It seems like all the mothers die? Hunter, Irina,Jade, possible Venessa's
0788 haley: oh
0789 brella: yeah the moms have the disneyest of luck here
0790 darrrrkvengeance: Zoe's
0791 upguntha: did she tarvel back being pregnant
0792 beth: hisao and jun's
0793 nick: zoe's body is in nine's morgue
0794 phil_maira: Fuakyama's
0795 macey: don't be a mom in morning glories
0796 abetterfuture: Who is the next spotlight after Fortunatao?
0797 macey: the only kids with living moms that we know are...ike and possibly vanessa
0798 luj entered the room
0799 nick: hunter said it back in 031
0800 phil_maira: Fortunato silent issue?
0801 macey: abetterfuture
0802 brella: i am so beyond not ready
0803 nick: after Fortunato in 35, it's Ian in 36
0804 joe_eisma: haha fortunato has many lines next issue
0805 abetterfuture: a
0806 tori left the room
0807 abetterfuture: Awesome.
0808 macey: fortunato? many lines? impossible. can't be the real tuna
0809 beth: what would tuna even say
0810 guest-516448 changed nickname to luj
0811 caseyballvins: "have you heard about our lord and savior jesus christ?"
0812 witchweave entered the room
0813 qq entered the room
0814 tristan: In Portuguese?
0815 guest-516460 changed nickname to witchweave
0816 upguntha: sim sim sala beam
0817 haley: fortunato has many lines and none of them are in english
0818 jessica_camacho entered the room
0819 macey: and none of them are in portugese either, just to make it hard for us
0820 phil_maira: He's Brazilian?
0821 guest-516472 changed nickname to jessica_camacho
0822 fredfredkonfred: I don't want to think about Zoe in Nine's morgue
0823 macey: tuna's brazillian yeah
0824 abetterfuture: I love how you've made him so intriguing even though hes the least known character.
0825 beth: exotic
0826 macey: maybe tuna isn't really intriguing and we all think he is because we've got crushes on him
0827 brella: tuna has been a source of great meta
0828 abetterfuture: like, we only know je spurns akiko
0829 brella: http
0830 macey: seriously that kid's cheekbones could cut open cans
0831 macey: BRELLA DONT SHARE THAT.....
0832 brella: HEE HEE
0833 witchweave left the room
0834 haley: hahahah omg amazing
0835 fredfredkonfred: new favorite
0836 joe_eisma: haha
0837 macey: thats an old joke blog i made on a whim
0838 macey: perhaps i shall update it for 35
0839 brella: it's my favorite blog of all time
0840 caseyballvins: i hope so
0841 beth: i cant breathe this is the most beautiful
0842 brella: ISN'T IT
0843 fredfredkonfred: there's a have you accepted jesus christ as your lord and savior one i can't
0844 emma: oh my god.
0845 joe_eisma: ohh ho ho, i cannot wait to see how you'll update after 35.
0846 macey: fortunato has the ability to be hilarious with comic sans, no matter what he does
0847 upguntha: I died
0848 nick: great stuff
0849 emma: shine bright like a diamond
0850 newuser6787 entered the room
0851 guest-516502 changed nickname to newuser6787
0852 macey: the shine bright one was susan's idea though. blame her for that one
0853 upguntha: Party time
0854 joe_eisma: i have so many post-35 mg babies joke ideas for fortunato
0855 brella: "PRAYING IMPORTANT"
0856 brella: macey i forget was the jesus christ one something that spiralled out of a convo we had
0857 macey: praying is important brella. not even for just fortunato
0858 upguntha: so Ike am tuna in one room
0859 macey: jade also finds praying very important
0860 brella: oh no, mg babies!!
0861 macey: i'm so excited for further mg babies. they're my favorite thing
0862 brella: jade is the only one fortunato ever invites to the prayer corner
0863 phil_maira: so during this issue,Ian is w/ Akiko and we'll see what Fortunato is up to?
0864 newuser6787 left the room
0865 noctem63 entered the room
0866 guest-516520 changed nickname to newuser6787
0867 beth: mg babies are the most important
0868 brella: "here is party tuna, ready to party" sorry i'll stop
0869 joe_eisma: glad you guys like that
0870 macey: on the topic of tuna- the "tuna" nickname actually came from "fortunasandwich"
0871 macey: tessa always has trouble spelling his name and just called him that once. i shortened it
0872 nick: speaking of tuna, posting the cover to 035 in a second
0873 brella: oh no
0874 calfaile: did we ever find out what all the references were in the first mg babies?
0875 upguntha: YASSSSSSSSS
0876 macey: nick i heard you really loved that cover!
0877 brella: but also oh boy!!
0878 veronica: YESSSS
0879 beth: ahhhhhhhhhh
0880 caseyballvins: OH MY
0881 brella: but also oh no
0882 tristan: Yeah, great!
0883 veronica: LINK LINK. IT'S BEEN A SECOND.
0884 nick: one of my favorites
0885 guest-516469 changed nickname to qq
0886 brella: yeah nick your time is up
0887 newuser6787 changed nickname to noctem63
0888 noctem63 left the room
0889 upguntha: OMG new art new arc
0890 noctem63 entered the room
0891 macey: man, 35 isn't even out yet and we've talked about him so much already
0892 guest-516553 changed nickname to noctem63
0893 qq left the room
0894 macey: fortunato really is a universal discussion topic
0895 caseyballvins: he is
0896 tristan: Fortunato and Zoe.
0897 beth: everybody loves tuna
0898 tristan: We ALWAYS discuss about tehem.
0899 brella: who couldn't love fortunato
0900 guest-516562 entered the room
0901 tristan: *them
0902 darrrrkvengeance: and Pamela, obvs
0903 guest-516562 left the room
0904 macey: yeah, zoe is the other one. if you don't like zoe you may not have read this comic
0905 guest-516574 entered the room
0906 fredfredkonfred: my local comic bookstore's book club is reading morning glories tpb 1 this month aaaah
0907 noctem63 left the room
0908 fredfredkonfred: MAKE EVERYBODY READ
0909 nick: http
0910 guest-516574 left the room
0911 veronica: SHRIEKS.
0912 haley: OH WOW COLORS
0913 beth: OH GOD
0914 beth: WOW
0915 haley: I LOVE IT
0916 beth: THIS IS JUST WOW
0917 darrrrkvengeance: that's awesome!
0918 fredfredkonfred: COLORS
0919 upguntha: FLOOREDDDDD
0920 brella: HOLY
0921 veronica: w-wow.
0922 phil_maira: that's sick
0923 brella: SACRÉ BLEU
0924 beth: this is definitely my new favorite cover
0925 caseyballvins: HOLY FRICK
0926 veronica: what beautiful perspective.
0927 brella: i'm just
0928 noctem63 entered the room
0929 guest-516583 changed nickname to noctem63
0930 caseyballvins: that's gorgeous
0931 phil_maira: Is that shadow Gribbs?
0932 darrrrkvengeance: he's at the Church of Frank Lloyd Wright ;)
0933 tevin_chunlidavis entered the room
0934 guest-516595 changed nickname to tevin_chunlidavis
0935 noctem63 left the room
0936 fredfredkonfred: I thought the shadow was just Fortunato
0937 phil_maira: too bulky
0938 beth: does the shadow not have a head???
0939 nick: also, new arc title is HONORS, runs 4 issues
0940 brella: it's pamela's bear
0941 beth: oh no
0942 tristan: Maybe is Mr. N.
0943 beth: ooooh
0944 macey: honors is a nice arc name
0945 upguntha: who is his dad lol
0946 nick: 35- fortunato 36- ian 37- akiko 38- ike (subject to change)
0947 darrrrkvengeance: what was this arc called?
0948 beth: ike!
0949 phil_maira: Not sure if it matters, but it fits the 'sits at the right hanf of the father' thing
0950 nick: Demerits
0951 brella: BOUNCES
0952 haley: IKA
0953 haley: IKE*
0954 caseyballvins: so exciting!
0955 brella: do not fill me with this much excitement i will probably die
0956 brella: i will not make it to subject-to-change day
0957 macey: let's just have rodin draw every cover of every comic, forever
0958 upguntha: http
0959 brella: put me next to zoe in nine's morgue, friends
0960 brella: it's been fun
0961 darrrrkvengeance: his covers are amazing (although some of the guest covers have been awesome too)
0962 caseyballvins: we'll miss you, gwen
0963 darrrrkvengeance: that Emma Rios David cover
0964 jessica_camacho left the room
0965 beth: yeah some of the variants have been really neat but this is just
0966 brella: hold more ficathons in my memory.........
0967 emma: omg i just saw the ike has an issue soon thing huzzah
0968 brella: YEAH i'm still not over this fortunato cover it's dynamite
0969 upguntha: So wait is this still coming out at the end of this month?
0970 joe_eisma: yeah, i've had several artist friends ask to do variants since we did those
0971 tevin_chunlidavis left the room
0972 luj left the room
0973 nick: 27th
0974 abetterfuture left the room
0975 brella: oh that's. that's not loin at all
0976 upguntha: Horray
0977 brella: ....far.
0978 brella: far at all
0979 macey: not loin......
0980 macey: brella.....
0981 upguntha: loin lol
0982 abetterfuture entered the room
0983 brella: shuSH
0984 macey: you need to sleep
0985 brella: no no not like FIRE OF MY LOINS like the french word for far
0986 brella: leave me alone
0987 guest-516655 changed nickname to abetterfuture
0988 brella: and i don't need tob sleep it's only 3
0989 phil_maira: ?
0990 fredfredkonfred: you are really impressive as an individual
0991 macey: we may have discussed 35 as much as weve discussed 34 in this chat now....
0992 beth: if not more so
0993 macey: how about that 34
0994 brella: macey do you consider this a personal victory
0995 guest-516448 changed nickname to luj
0996 caseyballvins: "have you heard about our lord and savior jesus christ?"
0997 witchweave entered the room
0998 qq entered the room
0999 tristan: In Portuguese?
1000 guest-516460 changed nickname to witchweave
1001 upguntha: sim sim sala beam
1002 haley: fortunato has many lines and none of them are in english
1003 jessica_camacho entered the room
1004 macey: and none of them are in portugese either, just to make it hard for us
1005 phil_maira: He's Brazilian?
1006 guest-516472 changed nickname to jessica_camacho
1007 fredfredkonfred: I don't want to think about Zoe in Nine's morgue
1008 macey: tuna's brazillian yeah
1009 abetterfuture: I love how you've made him so intriguing even though hes the least known character.
1010 beth: exotic
1011 macey: maybe tuna isn't really intriguing and we all think he is because we've got crushes on him
1012 brella: tuna has been a source of great meta
1013 abetterfuture: like, we only know je spurns akiko
1014 brella: http
1015 macey: seriously that kid's cheekbones could cut open cans
1016 macey: BRELLA DONT SHARE THAT.....
1017 brella: HEE HEE
1018 witchweave left the room
1019 haley: hahahah omg amazing
1020 fredfredkonfred: new favorite
1021 joe_eisma: haha
1022 macey: thats an old joke blog i made on a whim
1023 macey: perhaps i shall update it for 35
1024 brella: it's my favorite blog of all time
1025 caseyballvins: i hope so
1026 beth: i cant breathe this is the most beautiful
1027 brella: ISN'T IT
1028 fredfredkonfred: there's a have you accepted jesus christ as your lord and savior one i can't
1029 emma: oh my god.
1030 joe_eisma: ohh ho ho, i cannot wait to see how you'll update after 35.
1031 macey: fortunato has the ability to be hilarious with comic sans, no matter what he does
1032 upguntha: I died
1033 nick: great stuff
1034 emma: shine bright like a diamond
1035 newuser6787 entered the room
1036 guest-516502 changed nickname to newuser6787
1037 macey: the shine bright one was susan's idea though. blame her for that one
1038 upguntha: Party time
1039 joe_eisma: i have so many post-35 mg babies joke ideas for fortunato
1040 brella: "PRAYING IMPORTANT"
1041 brella: macey i forget was the jesus christ one something that spiralled out of a convo we had
1042 macey: praying is important brella. not even for just fortunato
1043 upguntha: so Ike am tuna in one room
1044 macey: jade also finds praying very important
1045 brella: oh no, mg babies!!
1046 macey: i'm so excited for further mg babies. they're my favorite thing
1047 brella: jade is the only one fortunato ever invites to the prayer corner
1048 phil_maira: so during this issue,Ian is w/ Akiko and we'll see what Fortunato is up to?
1049 newuser6787 left the room
1050 noctem63 entered the room
1051 guest-516520 changed nickname to newuser6787
1052 beth: mg babies are the most important
1053 brella: "here is party tuna, ready to party" sorry i'll stop
1054 joe_eisma: glad you guys like that
1055 macey: on the topic of tuna- the "tuna" nickname actually came from "fortunasandwich"
1056 macey: tessa always has trouble spelling his name and just called him that once. i shortened it
1057 nick: speaking of tuna, posting the cover to 035 in a second
1058 brella: oh no
1059 calfaile: did we ever find out what all the references were in the first mg babies?
1060 upguntha: YASSSSSSSSS
1061 macey: nick i heard you really loved that cover!
1062 brella: but also oh boy!!
1063 veronica: YESSSS
1064 beth: ahhhhhhhhhh
1065 caseyballvins: OH MY
1066 brella: but also oh no
1067 tristan: Yeah, great!
1068 veronica: LINK LINK. IT'S BEEN A SECOND.
1069 nick: one of my favorites
1070 guest-516469 changed nickname to qq
1071 brella: yeah nick your time is up
1072 newuser6787 changed nickname to noctem63
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1074 upguntha: OMG new art new arc
1075 noctem63 entered the room
1076 macey: man, 35 isn't even out yet and we've talked about him so much already
1077 guest-516553 changed nickname to noctem63
1078 qq left the room
1079 macey: fortunato really is a universal discussion topic
1080 caseyballvins: he is
1081 tristan: Fortunato and Zoe.
1082 beth: everybody loves tuna
1083 tristan: We ALWAYS discuss about tehem.
1084 brella: who couldn't love fortunato
1085 guest-516562 entered the room
1086 tristan: *them
1087 darrrrkvengeance: and Pamela, obvs
1088 guest-516562 left the room
1089 macey: yeah, zoe is the other one. if you don't like zoe you may not have read this comic
1090 guest-516574 entered the room
1091 fredfredkonfred: my local comic bookstore's book club is reading morning glories tpb 1 this month aaaah
1092 noctem63 left the room
1093 fredfredkonfred: MAKE EVERYBODY READ
1094 nick: http
1095 guest-516574 left the room
1096 veronica: SHRIEKS.
1097 haley: OH WOW COLORS
1098 beth: OH GOD
1099 beth: WOW
1100 haley: I LOVE IT
1101 beth: THIS IS JUST WOW
1102 darrrrkvengeance: that's awesome!
1103 fredfredkonfred: COLORS
1104 upguntha: FLOOREDDDDD
1105 brella: HOLY
1106 veronica: w-wow.
1107 phil_maira: that's sick
1108 brella: SACRÉ BLEU
1109 beth: this is definitely my new favorite cover
1110 caseyballvins: HOLY FRICK
1111 veronica: what beautiful perspective.
1112 brella: i'm just
1113 noctem63 entered the room
1114 guest-516583 changed nickname to noctem63
1115 caseyballvins: that's gorgeous
1116 phil_maira: Is that shadow Gribbs?
1117 darrrrkvengeance: he's at the Church of Frank Lloyd Wright ;)
1118 tevin_chunlidavis entered the room
1119 guest-516595 changed nickname to tevin_chunlidavis
1120 noctem63 left the room
1121 fredfredkonfred: I thought the shadow was just Fortunato
1122 phil_maira: too bulky
1123 beth: does the shadow not have a head???
1124 nick: also, new arc title is HONORS, runs 4 issues
1125 brella: it's pamela's bear
1126 beth: oh no
1127 tristan: Maybe is Mr. N.
1128 beth: ooooh
1129 macey: honors is a nice arc name
1130 upguntha: who is his dad lol
1131 nick: 35- fortunato 36- ian 37- akiko 38- ike (subject to change)
1132 darrrrkvengeance: what was this arc called?
1133 beth: ike!
1134 phil_maira: Not sure if it matters, but it fits the 'sits at the right hanf of the father' thing
1135 nick: Demerits
1136 brella: BOUNCES
1137 haley: IKA
1138 haley: IKE*
1139 caseyballvins: so exciting!
1140 brella: do not fill me with this much excitement i will probably die
1141 brella: i will not make it to subject-to-change day
1142 macey: let's just have rodin draw every cover of every comic, forever
1143 upguntha: http
1144 brella: put me next to zoe in nine's morgue, friends
1145 brella: it's been fun
1146 darrrrkvengeance: his covers are amazing (although some of the guest covers have been awesome too)
1147 caseyballvins: we'll miss you, gwen
1148 darrrrkvengeance: that Emma Rios David cover
1149 jessica_camacho left the room
1150 beth: yeah some of the variants have been really neat but this is just
1151 brella: hold more ficathons in my memory.........
1152 emma: omg i just saw the ike has an issue soon thing huzzah
1153 brella: YEAH i'm still not over this fortunato cover it's dynamite
1154 upguntha: So wait is this still coming out at the end of this month?
1155 joe_eisma: yeah, i've had several artist friends ask to do variants since we did those
1156 tevin_chunlidavis left the room
1157 luj left the room
1158 nick: 27th
1159 abetterfuture left the room
1160 brella: oh that's. that's not loin at all
1161 upguntha: Horray
1162 brella: ....far.
1163 brella: far at all
1164 macey: not loin......
1165 macey: brella.....
1166 upguntha: loin lol
1167 abetterfuture entered the room
1168 brella: shuSH
1169 macey: you need to sleep
1170 brella: no no not like FIRE OF MY LOINS like the french word for far
1171 brella: leave me alone
1172 guest-516655 changed nickname to abetterfuture
1173 brella: and i don't need tob sleep it's only 3
1174 phil_maira: ?
1175 fredfredkonfred: you are really impressive as an individual
1176 macey: we may have discussed 35 as much as weve discussed 34 in this chat now....
1177 beth: if not more so
1178 macey: how about that 34
1179 brella: macey do you consider this a personal victory
1180 haley: we do this all the time
1181 caseyballvins: i got it gwen, french woo!
1182 upguntha: french i Loin
1183 joe_eisma: i don't think you guys have any idea at all what you're in for on 35
1184 joe_eisma: nope
1185 joe_eisma: nope nope
1186 brella: stop that
1187 joe_eisma: just sayin.
1188 tristan: Indeed, Haley.
1189 beth: oh no dont do this
1190 brella: no shh
1191 fredfredkonfred: carnage
1192 calfaile: Woah! someone else in my time zone!
1193 nick: with that stuff out, I should probably get back to work
1194 brella: macey maybe our headcanon will come true
1195 fredfredkonfred: I LOVE JADE
1196 nick: any last questions for me?
1197 phil_maira: what's more shocking 33 or 35?
1198 brella: yes, what did you see when your eyes were opened
1199 caseyballvins: favourite part of today's issue?
1200 darrrrkvengeance: when will we see Julie again?
1201 tristan: Me...
1202 beth: what are vanessa and casey going to talk about?
1203 tristan: Back in issue #04, David disappeared in front of Zoe because Casey got close to him?
1204 nick: very different stories, tough to compare
1205 macey: we're gonna ask about julie every chat
1206 beth: as we should
1207 nick: @caseyballvins I liked Hunter makes the best suggestion ever, and Jun shutting it down
1208 guest-516688 entered the room
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1210 cody entered the room
1211 upguntha: Or Alicia who Joe neglected on his cover lol
1212 brella: i liked that too
1213 nick: or pamela's bear
1214 brella: poor hunter, doomed to die alone with his wisdom
1215 haley: haha yeah poor hunter
1216 upguntha: Does the bear have a name
1217 beth: jun doesn't have time for genre savvyness
1218 brella: only arson and revenge!! no feelings
1219 haley: jun just wants to SMASH
1220 guest-516691 changed nickname to cody
1221 nick: @darrrrkvengeance who knows
1222 cody: hey
1223 beth: jun would be the one to suggest splitting up in a horror movie
1224 brella: jun would be the one to run out and take the monsters himself
1225 macey: jun's interests include 1. vengeance, 2. punching and 3. vengeance
1226 brella: and then get eaten
1227 darrrrkvengeance: lol beth
1228 guest-516703 entered the room
1229 brella: macey omg
1230 abetterfuture: Thanks for continuing to produce the best comic book out today, Nick and Joe.
1231 brella: that is his daily sc hedule
1232 abetterfuture left the room
1233 nick: @tristan you mean 05? interesting idea
1234 guest-516703 left the room
1235 tristan: Yeah, sorry.
1236 abetterfuture entered the room
1237 macey: hunter makes him an account on a dating site and he puts that as his interests
1238 macey: he does not find any matches
1239 brella: hunter will always go the extra mile for his friends
1240 guest-516718 changed nickname to abetterfuture
1241 fredfredkonfred: idk i think casey is pretty fond of vengeance and punching
1242 darrrrkvengeance: he needs 4. long vengeant walks on the beach
1243 fredfredkonfred: wait that is like the definition of casey
1244 nick: @bet vanessa/casey meetup will be epic when we get to it
1245 macey: at least casey doesnt do that all the time
1246 emma: you forgot to mention casey's hair
1247 beth: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1248 brella: !!!
1249 macey: OH GOD PLEASE, vanessa and casey being pals made my day
1250 brella: ME TOO
1251 haley: yessssss
1252 macey: thank god for cool girls being cool friends
1253 brella: damn it, jun
1254 brella: let the mama bears talk
1255 abetterfuture: Amazing characters, mysteries, storylines, settings, art, and fan interaction.
1256 beth: vanessa and casey interaction is the most beautiful thing
1257 cody: hi
1258 abetterfuture left the room
1259 nick: aw thanks everyone. glad you dug the issue, see ya end of the month
1260 abetterfuture entered the room
1261 upguntha: g'nite
1262 macey: see you nick! thanks so much for stopping in
1263 veronica: o/
1264 haley: thanks nick!
1265 cody: hi
1266 darrrrkvengeance: see you nick. can't wait!
1267 brella: thank you so much nick!!
1268 beth: goodnight nick! thanks for another great issue!
1269 caseyballvins: bye nick! thank you so much
1270 phil_maira: night
1271 guest-516736 changed nickname to abetterfuture
1272 joe_eisma: @abetterfuture--thank you!!
1273 nick left the room
1274 tristan: Night!
1275 brella: okay it's... it's almost 4 AM and i've got class... and my hand looks like a truck
1276 brella: so good night all
1277 macey: oh my god brella yes sleep
1278 tristan left the room
1279 macey: good night!!!
1280 beth: goodnight!
1281 caseyballvins: night gwen!
1282 darrrrkvengeance: night
1283 calfaile: night!
1284 darrrrkvengeance: or, bon nuit i suppose
1285 brella left the room
1286 macey: you know what if they're misleading us and 35 is really just tuna doing happy things
1287 beth: happy thoughts yes good
1288 macey: eating oatmeal, taking a nap, playing on monkey bars
1289 haley: just a super normal tuna day
1290 beth: wearing a big warm sweater
1291 emma: tuna takes all the truants to a disco
1292 haley: and hugs
1293 beth: enjoying the nice autumn weather
1294 caseyballvins: he's crying because he watched a studio ghibli movie and they just get him every time
1295 fredfredkonfred: wait is it autumn
1296 phil_maira: french?
1297 darrrrkvengeance: it's just all the same panel of tuna praying
1298 joe_eisma: haha if it were that--i'd have finished the issue in a day
1299 beth: tuna prays while events happen in the background
1300 fredfredkonfred: background massacre
1301 macey: i've contemplated the tuna issue being silent before. just him going about his daily
1302 macey: routine
1303 macey: wake up, pray, shower, breakfast, pray, classes, pray, lunch, classes, pray, nap, pray
1304 beth: reread his favorite bible passages, pray
1305 joe_eisma: i will say that his first appearance in the issue should make you laugh a little
1306 caseyballvins: pray, pray, sleep, dream about praying
1307 haley: tuna also has a headless teddybear
1308 joe_eisma: you might not get why it's funny right away
1309 macey: oh thank god it sounds like we'll need a laugh
1310 darrrrkvengeance: tuna has the head
1311 beth: aww laughter i almost never get that outside of ike-context
1312 macey: fortunato's nightmares are the dreams where he is not praying
1313 caseyballvins: yes
1314 upguntha: you forgot melon giving
1315 kelso left the room
1316 phil_maira: Fortunato has a melon?
1317 phil_maira: damnit beat me to it
1318 macey: speaking of melons, i await the day where he meets hunter and hunter identifies him as
1319 macey: "that guy who gave me a melon in my dreams once"
1320 emma: when life gives you melons, make melonade
1321 darrrrkvengeance: lol
1322 caseyballvins: @macey i wait everyday of my life for that moment
1323 beth: it takes him awhile to place it to so he always gives tuna weird looks
1324 upguntha: lol
1325 beth: and poor tuna has no idea why
1326 kelso entered the room
1327 haley: haha yesss
1328 joe_eisma: i really wish you guys could see the awful jokes matt and i are making about fortunato
1329 joe_eisma: via text
1330 guest-516817 changed nickname to kelso
1331 macey: are they fish puns
1332 haley: joe youre being such a tease
1333 joe_eisma: haha no, it has to do with what happens in 35
1334 beth: ahhhh
1335 veronica: i know ahhhh.
1336 joe_eisma: haha i can't help it. i'm awful
1337 macey: are you saying fortunato really isn't a tuna fish
1338 emma: are the jokes a coping mechanism
1339 darrrrkvengeance: actually, you know, you could LET us see them, joe . . .
1340 caseyballvins: will you share after the issue comes out, joe?
1341 upguntha: enetring time machine now
1342 joe_eisma: hmm. here's an out of context line from matt
1343 joe_eisma: 'maybe if he didn't always smell like fish.'
1344 macey: see, those are fish puns
1345 beth: oh tuna
1346 joe_eisma: @caseyballvins--maybe--but i'm saving some of these for MG babies
1347 stitch entered the room
1348 caseyballvins: well i guess we can wait for that
1349 macey: mg babies just involves lots of making fun of fortunato from now on
1350 guest-516838 changed nickname to stitch
1351 macey: i cant believe we're talking about fortunato so much in the jade chat
1352 joe_eisma: yeah, sorry, jade
1353 caseyballvins: well like, we covered she's a bamf and that she has a zombie mome
1354 caseyballvins: *mom
1355 caseyballvins: what else is there to say?
1356 upguntha: Does her motrher have a name
1357 macey: i'd like to remind you all that jade ellsworth is lovely and important
1358 fredfredkonfred: THE COVER FOR THIS ISSUE
1359 fredfredkonfred: IS SO GORGEOUS
1360 emma: i'm still thinking about the fact that jade was the only one to wear black for hisao's fun
1361 emma: funeral
1362 joe_eisma: haha yeah, i just didn't imagine most of those kids owned a lot of black
1363 caseyballvins: zoe made casey throw her black out, it's depressing, emo girl wears enough for all of us
1364 emma: "it's soooo not your color."
1365 beth: omg
1366 beth: omg omg omg
1367 phil_maira: It seems Hunter is always wearing something with the MGA flower
1368 haley: hes got a lot of school spirit obviously
1369 macey: or is it....FORESHADOWING
1370 fredfredkonfred: I am really concerned about Guillaume. Because he used to be kind of a dick,
1371 macey: (hunter for headmaster 2013)
1372 beth: macEY
1373 fredfredkonfred: and idk if he's too sad to be a dick now
1374 fredfredkonfred: and I don't know which I prefer.
1375 caseyballvins: MACEY STOP
1376 haley: nooo
1377 emma: he's so quiet i just want guillaume to talk more
1378 caseyballvins: guillaume had a school shirt on too
1379 joe_eisma: hunter does seem to like that flower
1380 upguntha: Joe so at the funeral was that chair left empty on purpose
1381 caseyballvins: joe no
1382 caseyballvins: stop
1383 beth: ike just needs to bug guillaume enough
1384 emma: beth omg
1385 beth: bring that snark back out of his shell
1386 joe_eisma: guillaume is sad guillaume for now
1387 stitch: oh nooooooo
1388 stitch: (hi)
1389 fredfredkonfred: FOR NOW
1390 beth:
1391 emma: at least you said "FOR NOW"
1392 beth: aww stitch! hi!
1393 stitch: hi beth!
1394 fredfredkonfred: HELLO STITCH
1395 stitch: HELLO FRED
1396 joe_eisma: it was in the respect that i didn't want to draw someone there. haha
1397 upguntha: lol
1398 beth: haha
1399 stitch: idk if this has been said already (just got out of class) but the differences
1400 caseyballvins: joe, what was your favourite part to draw this issue?
1401 macey: speaking of sad guillaume, those panels of him and vanessa crying, damn
1402 stitch: in jun's physicality vs hisao's was really impressiv
1403 cody1 entered the room
1404 guest-516913 changed nickname to cody1
1405 stitch: *impressive
1406 beth: when he hugged vanessa and i just
1407 caseyballvins: ugh, painful panels
1408 joe_eisma: any scene with yelling was my favorite. haha
1409 fredfredkonfred: dude I think this must be so weird for jun
1410 caseyballvins: mg panels should be called pain-els
1411 beth: omg
1412 caseyballvins: haha, they were good scenes
1413 haley: i think thats all of them
1414 joe_eisma: thanks, stitch!
1415 fredfredkonfred: because it isn't like their bodies are perfect duplicates
1416 caseyballvins: i liked the panel with jun, casey, and jade all yelling
1417 joe_eisma: haha yeah, that was one of my faves
1418 cody1: hey
1419 fredfredkonfred: also he went to hisao's classes, so i am wondering if
1420 joe_eisma: i kept thinking they were just yelling LOUD NOISES like anchorman
1421 caseyballvins: omg
1422 fredfredkonfred: he's making the faculty think he's dead?
1423 stitch: from a strategic standpt it makes sense
1424 fredfredkonfred: it would make sense strategically
1425 haley: it seems like it yeah
1426 caseyballvins: it would be in his benefit, he probably know a lot of secrets and such
1427 upguntha: where did Jun "read" all about Casey?
1428 beth: the faculty announced him dead so i think so
1429 stitch: he can operate as a glory/truant wo suspicion/double life
1430 macey: jun DOES know all about the inner workings of mga
1431 phil_maira: how did Jun "read" all about Casey?
1432 fredfredkonfred: he's was like gribbs' second in command so he probably had access to a lot of files on
1433 fredfredkonfred: the glories
1434 joe_eisma: obviously he found the answer key in the library.
1435 macey: he used to be gribbs's cronie after all
1436 beth: is jun completely un-brainwashed now? or would any of that still remain
1437 upguntha: that answer key
1438 beth: like i feel like this would be a really jarring experience
1439 macey: i love how jun's personality is the same even w/o the brainwashing now too
1440 macey: like he's still agressive and rude and wants to lead
1441 caseyballvins: he's just so angry it's great
1442 fredfredkonfred: oh vanessa did the hand on head thing again
1443 caseyballvins: what a jock
1444 kelso: Except what isn't great is WHY he's angry
1445 calfaile left the room
1446 phil_maira: the answer key isn't the comic book itself? Meta?
1447 joe_eisma: haha she did
1448 upguntha: guys what if Casey is lying and she actually remembers everything
1449 macey: vanessa with her hand on her head is her version of hunter's hand on neck
1450 fredfredkonfred: still trying to figure out if it's just habit or something worse
1451 joe_eisma: i'm finding little 'tics' like that for each character
1452 macey: i love how so many of the cast members have something like that they they do
1453 emma: side note vanessa's sweater is really cute
1454 beth: i love those little details
1455 kelso: If Casey remembers everything I don't want to imagine the kind of pain she's going through
1456 beth: it's weird seeing everyone out of uniform
1457 fredfredkonfred: ok so it's not indicative of, like, a brain tumor?
1458 joe_eisma: yeah, it was kind of nice not to draw them in their uniforms
1459 cody left the room
1460 haley: yeah if she remembers she must feel terrible on so many levels
1461 fredfredkonfred: I am very concerned about everybody all the time.
1462 joe_eisma: i imagine they get tired of being in them
1463 caseyballvins: and not in woodrun clothes
1464 joe_eisma: though they were in their PE uniforms for a few years. haha
1465 joe_eisma: haha
1466 upguntha: lol
1467 slakat entered the room
1468 kelso: Has Hunter gotten to wear a Canadian leaf yet?
1469 deftera entered the room
1470 kelso: I don't recall.
1471 caseyballvins: no
1472 guest-516985 changed nickname to slakat
1473 caseyballvins: he hasn't
1474 joe_eisma: i don't think so
1475 macey: hunter must have one canadian shirt around somewhere
1476 upguntha: Are the girls allowed to wear pant uniforms
1477 julia entered the room
1478 stitch: & shoes w/o heels?
1479 joe_eisma: yeah, i suppose so. i'll probably throw some of those in in the next few issues
1480 caseyballvins: JOE can you please put him in a Toronto Maple Leaf's jersey at some point?
1481 joe_eisma: haha
1482 guest-516997 changed nickname to beyonce
1483 joe_eisma: i'll see what i can do
1484 caseyballvins: but he would support our sucky team
1485 fredfredkonfred: I love every time Jade rages.
1486 guest-516988 changed nickname to deftera
1487 darrrrkvengeance: i thought you were a Hawks fan
1488 macey: god, i feel bad that hunter left home before he could make jokes about his current mayor
1489 phil_maira: woooo Hawks
1490 joe_eisma: haha
1491 upguntha: Ike prob sold it to him
1492 stitch: jade is pretty fabulous, every time she says something you know she's thought it out
1493 jayjay entered the room
1494 guest-517018 changed nickname to jayjay
1495 caseyballvins: UGH ROB FORD IS THE WORST
1496 kelso: Would Casey would be a Hawks fan?
1497 caseyballvins: i'm embarrassed to be from toronto
1498 kelso: Because she's from Schaumburg, IL?
1499 darrrrkvengeance: i just seem to have recalled it coming up
1500 darrrrkvengeance: in a prior chat
1501 caseyballvins: i was thinking about hunter missing out on ford though
1502 joe_eisma: okay all, i'm outta here. thanks for reading and being awesome!
1503 joe_eisma: next chat should be fun
1504 joe_eisma: remember--blame nick.
1505 caseyballvins: like the only bullet he dodged was that by going to MGA
1506 macey: night joe! yes, we will all sit here paranoid
1507 guest-516043 left the room
1508 upguntha: bye Joe
1509 haley: bye joe
1510 beth: hhaha thanks! good night!
1511 phil_maira: night
1512 joe_eisma: byyyyeee
1513 darrrrkvengeance: see ya Jow
1514 kelso: Thanks, Joe! Great issue
1515 darrrrkvengeance: Joe
1516 joe_eisma left the room
1517 caseyballvins: Bye joe!
1518 stitch: bye!
1519 emma: Thanks, Joe!
1520 jayjay left the room
1521 kelso left the room
1522 caseyballvins: but seriously, zombie mom
1523 caseyballvins: whaaaaat
1525 beth: seriously
1526 beth: lik e
1527 stitch: & jade's seen her mom after death before!
1528 caseyballvins: my best friend just it best
1529 darrrrkvengeance: maybe that's why Jade freaks out when she thinks she sees her mom come back
1530 darrrrkvengeance: in whichever issue that was
1531 beyonce changed nickname to julia
1532 darrrrkvengeance: when they're in the diner after her brother bails her out
1533 macey: god, imagine hisao coming back like that
1534 beth: oh whoa
1535 stitch: n o
1536 fredfredkonfred: zombie hisao
1537 beth: zombie hisao nooooooo
1538 phil_maira: Hawks scored again
1539 stitch: yay?
1540 macey: thatd be hella awkward. "brother! you're back!" "brrraaaaainnnnns" "i love you too brother
1541 macey: "
1542 upguntha: maybe zombie momie isn't the one getting buried
1543 haley: multiple bodies?
1544 stitch: has the cornfield fire symbol thing been discussed?
1545 beth: it's been discussed jade could be burning the body which like
1546 upguntha: maybe it's someoene else's funeral, they never said it was the mom
1547 haley: but its definitely a symbol
1548 stitch: ahh ok thanks D
1549 veronica left the room
1550 haley: i thought we'd get to see it from above but we didnt
1551 macey: looking back....looks sort of like a cross?
1552 haley: it makes me think of a question mark except its backwards
1553 emma: i was gonna say a crook maybe
1554 stitch: truuuuuue it made me think of a keyhole or something?
1555 emma: like a shepherd's staff
1556 stitch: but yeah the crook is very cool
1557 emma: whispers if it is a crook then it goes along with the thing about jade's soccer number
1558 abetterfuture left the room
1559 emma: being 23 aka psalm 23 aka the shepherd's psalm
1560 cody1 left the room
1561 phil_maira: which page/panel? I'm not seeing it.
1562 stitch: wHOA
1563 caseyballvins: @emma well dang
1564 haley: oh wow
1565 beth: oooooo
1566 stitch: which has all kinds of interesting resonances re jade
1567 macey: ahhh, that's interesting
1568 stitch: bc obvs the funeral, losing faith in god/heaven (moment of revelation)
1569 macey: nick's mentioned being a huge psalms fan hence why they're in the comic so much
1570 stitch: but also idk as ellsworth in the future she's kind of herding everyone to their places?
1571 emma: omg
1572 caseyballvins: i should read psalms probably...
1573 stitch: (a large stretch i guess)
1574 macey: ALSO HMM I JUST REALIZED this arc was called "demerits" and the next arc is called "honors
1575 macey: "
1576 beth: whoaaaaaaaaa
1577 caseyballvins: aaaaah
1578 macey: those are sort of twin things right? so how to they relate to the characters focused on i
1579 haley: so only good things happen forever i'm sure
1580 macey: wonder
1581 beth: does that mean this arc is just everyone getting punished and being sad
1582 beth: so honors will be all happy and fluffy
1583 beth: i want it to mean that
1584 haley: yes because thats how this comic works
1585 stitch: either that or murder everywhere? what does mga consider 'honors'
1586 haley: happy is a thing for sure
1587 stitch: so much happy
1588 darrrrkvengeance: joe didn't exactly leave that impression about 35
1589 beth: not murder everywhere
1590 darrrrkvengeance: "blame Nick"
1591 beth: or zoe wouldn't be dead
1592 stitch: D
1593 haley: is 35 part of the new arc?
1594 phil_maira left the room
1595 beth: yeah it starts w 35
1596 upguntha: maybe Tuna cries tears of joy
1597 deftera: Him and Ian.
1598 beth: his eyes are opened and he sees a beautiful meadow with prancing animals
1599 fredfredkonfred: or an aquarium
1600 upguntha: or everyone praying
1601 beth: omg
1602 macey: ah yes, the aquarium where he was born with his fishy family
1603 darrrrkvengeance: we'll prolly learn how Tuna's mother died
1604 beth: we still have so little sad truant backstories
1605 emma: she got sucked into the filter of the aquarium
1606 macey: plot twist it's his dad who dies, we are all stunned
1607 beth: his mom is casey
1608 macey: casey is everyones mom
1609 beth: i actually tried to figure out if casey could be zoe's adopted mom
1610 stitch: (wait late-to-party question, who is tuna?)
1611 beth: but no
1613 beth: (fortunato)
1614 macey: (it's fortunato!)
1615 beth: (forTUNAto)
1616 stitch: (ahh ok thank you! OH)
1617 emma: casey as the smart aunt you go to for advice. zoe as the aunt who sneaks you money.
1618 macey: perfect
1619 emma: money and miniskirts.
1620 beth: yes yes yes
1621 macey: in all seriousness though i've seen joe tweet about 35. he had to make a chart of people
1622 macey: dying on one page
1623 beth: whAT
1624 stitch: what the hell
1625 beth: no
1626 haley: wait what
1627 caseyballvins: a chart?
1628 caseyballvins: shit
1629 haley: how does that even
1630 beth: this is just no
1631 macey: he also said something about it "redefining suffering"
1632 macey: which is odd, because uh, 33 happened
1633 haley: nooo
1634 beth: i dont even have words anymore
1635 caseyballvins: oh joe
1636 beth: like
1637 haley: how can
1638 haley: no
1639 beth: 33 /WAS/ suffering
1640 fredfredkonfred: RIGHT
1641 macey: no matter how sad a backstory tuna may have...hisao is kind of DEAD
1642 stitch: forever dead
1643 beth: in like the worst manner possible
1644 caseyballvins: i wonder how his wife will handle 35, 30 didn't sit well with her
1645 macey: https
1646 beth: OH MY G OD
1647 haley: what does that even meeeeaaan
1648 fredfredkonfred: i hate him forever
1649 emma: shit
1650 beth: is something going to just hit the school
1651 macey: joe's so horrible sometimes haha
1652 julia: hi kids
1653 beth: hey!
1654 haley: "tee hee"
1655 stitch: WOW NO
1656 macey: a meteor. tunas gift is summoning meteors
1657 stitch: is this the part where the school blows up
1658 haley: through prayer
1659 beth: omg
1660 beth: what if though
1661 stitch: & vengeful teenagers
1662 fredfredkonfred: wait RIGHT NOW
1663 haley: jun successfully burns the school down
1664 haley: the end
1665 fredfredkonfred: JOE
1666 stitch: ALSO CASEY
1667 fredfredkonfred: JOOOEE
1668 macey: fortunato stepping over dead bodies. "sorry- sorry. sorry, sorry"
1669 beth: he prays over every body
1670 caseyballvins: omg macey
1671 deftera: Melon bombs
1672 darrrrkvengeance: tuna goes gallagher with the melon
1673 macey: would being hit with a melon hurt. hmmmm
1674 fredfredkonfred: Y E S
1675 beth: melons are pretty hard
1676 beth: they could do some damage
1677 julia: wait does the melon have significance. like have melons come up again besides that one tim
1678 julia: e
1679 stitch: hi julia
1680 macey: not yet but we can dream
1681 julia: hello
1682 emma: the melon was a reference to a philosophical school of thought i think
1683 julia: oh interesting
1684 julia: how so
1685 beth: wasn't it just bc descartes dreamed he had been handed a melon
1686 stitch: to descartes i think ellsworth said
1687 emma: yeah
1688 stitch: yes
1689 julia: OHHHHHH
1690 emma: so it was literally just a replica of descartes dream
1691 julia: yes I forgot about that
1692 haley: but with tuna
1693 beth: yeah like i think they were explicit about it being descartes' three dreams
1694 upguntha: the answer to the universe is Melon
1695 stitch: (so hunter is descartes??)
1696 macey: yeah, it's descartes's
1697 macey: implication is hunter is reincarnated descartes basically
1698 fredfredkonfred: you know if you squint at the cornfield fire
1699 beth: descartes was a pretty freaky dude wasn't he
1700 fredfredkonfred: it kind of looks like mickey mouse ears
1701 emma: boom mystery solved
1702 emma: dead mothers? it's because it's disney
1703 darrrrkvengeance: Jade the goth mousketeer
1704 macey: jade brings out a tape player w/ the mousketeer song
1705 macey: listens to it as she commits arson
1706 darrrrkvengeance: she's reincarnated Brit Brit
1707 kc entered the room
1708 guest-517276 changed nickname to kc
1709 macey: have we discussed that jades brother jimmy is a total stud though.
1710 emma: yes
1711 emma: but it needs saying again
1712 julia: Do you guys have any ideas for how the AV club might interact with the glories/truants
1713 julia: in the future
1714 darrrrkvengeance: they'll probably all get killed in the next issue
1715 fredfredkonfred: i bet the av club will be totally on top of their shit
1716 julia: because i keep wondering where that's gonna go
1717 fredfredkonfred: and the glories nad truants will try to accomplish things
1718 fredfredkonfred: and the av club will be like "what up bruhs we already did it"
1719 beth: they'll just single-handedly take everything down while the glories and truants fight
1720 julia: hahahha
1721 macey: ian was part of the av club, so....i expect them in 36
1722 fredfredkonfred: "through ESPIONAGE and movies"
1723 macey: trying to get ian to come back to club maybe
1724 stitch: and also nonviolence
1725 beth: yeah i'm thinking they'll come in with more ian and akiko
1726 upguntha: g'nigt guys
1727 julia: good night!
1728 beth: goodnight!
1729 fredfredkonfred: good night
1730 haley: night!
1731 darrrrkvengeance: night
1732 upguntha left the room
1733 emma: the av club seems pretty genre savvy
1734 macey: night!
1735 emma: night!
1736 julia: aw aw aw i woul dlove that though i miss akiko
1737 macey: god though, i can't wait to see how ian's doing
1738 beth: i miss akiko so much
1739 macey: because he must be SO BITTER right now, without akiko
1740 beth: i need my girl back
1741 haley: they dont seem as directed as the glories and truants though
1742 kc left the room
1743 haley: is ian still in mga jail?
1744 beth: what does ian even do without akiko
1745 emma: akiko is like <33333 eep.
1746 beth: does he function
1747 stitch: maybe he pines
1748 emma: he just thinks about her
1749 stitch: dramatically monologues to himself
1750 darrrrkvengeance: speaking of which, have we seen David since he touched Akiko?
1751 stitch: how did it come to this
1752 emma: subtly references her in school work
1753 beth: well we saw baby david
1754 emma: wait when
1755 darrrrkvengeance: i mean, multiDavid
1756 stitch: casey's kid is baby david
1757 stitch: we assume
1758 beth: i think it's basically been confirmed
1759 stitch: ok
1760 julia: i'm so INTRIGUED
1761 emma: ahhh right okay
1762 beth: otherwise that'd just be cruel
1763 ashley left the room
1765 julia: NO
1766 haley: nope never
1767 beth: NO
1768 emma: nope
1769 stitch: arghaahrhg
1770 darrrrkvengeance: maybe David stops existing as multiDavid when he touches Akiko
1771 emma: zoe's mysteries ugh
1773 darrrrkvengeance: and is reborn as baby David
1774 beth: my theory is that he kills sarah but idk
1775 julia: i think like there is a lot of pieces to zoe's story left
1776 julia: *there are
1777 beth: SO MANY
1778 stitch: but if she's 100% dead how do we answer them
1779 julia: well
1780 emma: time travel?
1781 beth: they've mentioned having a flashback issue
1782 caseyballvins: there's are so many thing left about her
1783 julia: i think he's said flashbacks
1784 julia: yeah
1785 beth: so whenever that happens
1786 julia: I'm sure tehey'll come up they're Big points
1787 stitch: cries (sooon)
1788 stitch: (i think i'm going to duck out too, but it was lovely to say hi!
1789 beth: i mean ike's isn't set in stone so maybe then
1790 haley: the waiting is painful
1791 stitch: g'night everyone!)
1792 macey: (bye! have a nice night!!)
1793 beth: goodnight!!
1794 darrrrkvengeance: night
1795 julia: good night!
1796 julia: !!!!
1797 caseyballvins: night!
1798 emma: night <3
1799 haley: bye!
1800 stitch left the room
1801 emma: ok i just need more gullaume backstory in my life pls
1802 julia: can I freak out for like ten seconds that we finally get to see casey and vanessa interact
1803 macey: http
1804 julia: i have been waiting so long
1806 julia: OMG MACEY
1807 julia: A+
1809 emma: MACEY
1811 haley: thats always ian i thought
1812 deftera left the room
1813 beth: macey omg
1814 emma: vanessa and casey as bffs with awesome hair
1815 deftera entered the room
1816 beth: but seriously where did they even hear about the other already
1817 guest-517405 changed nickname to deftera
1818 beth: did they ask around
1819 macey: i know they were very. interested. in each other
1820 beth: so who was that one girl you know the really cute one
1821 julia: hehehee
1822 haley: they just know that theyre the ones to know
1823 macey: beth are you on that. i know youre on the femslash all the time
1824 emma: omg
1825 haley: yessss
1826 beth: im so on that
1827 caseyballvins: vanessa and casey will have sleepovers and plot together
1828 emma: beth the patron saint of mg femslash
1829 beth: i prompted already on the fic a thon
1830 deftera: Wait how does Ike know Irina is sexy?
1831 beth: but there will probably be more than one
1832 julia: Im so excited because like Casey is like the bold clear leader
1833 julia: and Vanessa is like a quiet guiding leader
1834 julia: and I'm just
1835 julia: dont know
1836 beth: casey/vanessa power couple
1837 julia: excited
1838 julia: about life
1839 macey: and jun is the loud angry mean leader who should not lead. poor jun
1840 julia: Yes
1841 beth: they'd be unstoppable
1842 julia: yes
1843 haley: what a team
1844 julia: Jun was really precious and sad in this issue i cannot
1845 macey: i assume ike saw irina once he got up as he was being taken away
1846 macey: i love how intense jun is he's just such a brat
1847 julia: yesssSSssSss
1849 julia: baby boo baby boo baby boo
1850 macey: when he started saying A FUKAYANA MUST BE LEADER i was just. honey. calm down.
1851 julia: i'm excited to see where his character will go
1852 julia: YEAH
1853 caseyballvins: oh jun
1854 macey: *fukayama
1855 haley: so good
1856 beth: yeah like jun honey take a breath
1857 macey: gonna be okay, jun. lie down. have some warm milk. shhhh.
1858 fredfredkonfred: i like how he gives 100% credit to hisao for the jade rescue
1859 julia: also also also
1860 julia: also
1861 julia: vanessa and guillaume being precious family
1863 fredfredkonfred: wow i'm so sad
1864 macey: god i know vanessa and guillaume
1865 beth: vanessa and guillaume i just
1866 macey: yo, 4/6 of the truants dont know hisaos dead yet
1867 julia: UGH
1868 beth: MACEY NO
1869 emma: MACEY
1870 haley: STOP
1871 caseyballvins: UGH NO
1872 macey: also akiko never got to see hisao again after she left camp
1873 julia: omg wait i just keep thinking of that panel of irina
1874 julia: where she runs and hugs him
1875 beth: oh go d
1876 emma: oh god
1877 haley: noo stop
1878 julia: even though that was maybe just manipulative emotions
1879 julia: still
1880 fredfredkonfred: NOOO
1881 emma: f ri i ck
1882 fredfredkonfred: they are all so fambly
1883 guest-517444 entered the room
1884 julia: UGh
1885 beth: when irina finds out i'll probably just break
1886 julia: yeeesss
1887 guest-517444 left the room
1888 macey: irina is gonna be so pissed and sad at onc
1889 fredfredkonfred: i reread baby hisao issues like once a week
1890 macey: e
1891 julia: YeeSsss
1892 haley: mr n will have a lot on his plate
1893 macey: i mean it was her mission and he is her brother
1894 emma: the truants as family just ,,,.. hurts
1895 darrrrkvengeance: hmmm . . . so just skimming through, i think multiDavid touching Akiko
1896 macey: GOD. poor mr n. irina will throw a fit
1897 darrrrkvengeance: is his final chronological appearance
1898 julia: YEAH
1899 julia: it seems like it
1900 darrrrkvengeance: (though he appears in flashback a couple of times)
1901 macey: YEAH, since it's in the future
1902 julia: Interesting !!!
1903 macey: maybe in the future what akiko did has restored david to normal
1904 beth: awwwww
1905 julia: that would be so cool wow
1906 macey: suddenly future jade as a shirtless teen to deal with
1907 emma: aw
1908 darrrrkvengeance: but even after time is put back, i don't think we see him again
1909 fredfredkonfred: i don't think that much time has actually passed since then
1910 julia: im so lost with time in this series i need to like make a chart but i havent had tme
1911 fredfredkonfred: just ... a lot of isues
1912 julia: ha ha
1913 fredfredkonfred: in fact i think this entire series, sans time travel, has only been a month or two
1914 macey: oh yeah it's like. it's probably mid-june now. the comid started on may 4th
1915 julia: are they gonna have a summer break
1916 emma: oh yeah
1917 macey: its mga summer break is probably literal on the "break" part
1918 julia: go to the beach
1919 beth: truants go tanning
1920 julia: LOl
1921 haley: oh man can you imagine
1922 haley: sending everyone home to their dead families
1923 darrrrkvengeance: see, there are those long vengeant walks on the beach!
1924 macey: a normal mga student walking into their ruined home with the corpses of their parents
1925 macey: "ah....summer is finally here"
1926 julia: OMG
1927 emma: "zombie mom, zombie dad! i'm hooome!"
1928 fredfredkonfred: casey can go home with jade and hang out with stud brother
1929 emma: pamela coming home though
1930 julia: but jade's fam is alive but doesn't remember her
1931 julia: omg pamela
1932 fredfredkonfred: oh shit
1933 julia: oop oop i have to go bye all!
1934 haley: yeah exactly
1935 fredfredkonfred: bye bye
1936 macey: bye julia!
1937 caseyballvins: bye julia
1938 haley: bye!
1939 darrrrkvengeance: bye
1940 julia left the room
1941 macey: they send irina home to the ashes of her cottage
1942 emma: bye julia!
1943 macey: by the end of summer she has rebuilt it and adopted a snowflake jr
1944 emma: she goes snowboarding sometimes
1945 fredfredkonfred: i want to know about the truants' cover families
1946 haley: and then they expect everyone to come back at the end of the break. a+ planning for mga
1947 fredfredkonfred: they spend two years with them
1949 emma: oh no
1950 macey: especially fortunato and irina's cover families
1951 macey: being so confused about these kids
1952 fredfredkonfred: ESPECIALLY IRINA'S
1953 macey: "why is our daughter on the ceiling"
1954 emma: and then irina's are dead i'm so
1955 macey: "daughter you do not have to kill to get your breakfast"
1956 fredfredkonfred: "oh no daughter there's a mouse in our home" "i've got it mother * THROWS KNIFE * "
1957 macey: fortunatos parents are very concerned he never invites anyone home
1958 macey: in fact he just stays in his room and prays. is that normal? hmmm
1959 fredfredkonfred: akiko's and ian's are confused because they thought they were taking in child soldiers
1960 emma: do his cover parents call him tuna
1961 fredfredkonfred: but they just read comics
1962 emma: omg
1963 fredfredkonfred: "abraham i think you made a mistake"
1964 emma: that's really cute actually
1965 haley: i love it
1966 macey: imagine tunas cover parents being really jolly and social people
1967 beth: awwww
1968 macey: ian and akiko probably broke the rules a little and stayed in touch over the two years
1969 fredfredkonfred: "fortunato would you like to join us for trivia night?"
1970 beth: late night phone calls
1971 haley: probably internet
1972 fredfredkonfred: shit so sorel is probably not even guillaume's real last name
1973 fredfredkonfred: it's probably his cover last name
1974 emma: oh man
1975 macey: oh hmmm. maybe you're right
1976 beth: oh no
1977 fredfredkonfred: heck he went to abraham at age three so he might not even HAVE a last name
1978 haley: oh nooo
1979 beth: so many last names we don't know
1980 fredfredkonfred: tagging so hard
1981 beth: i just want to be able to go to a tag and cry over a character
1982 beth: but alas
1983 macey: wasnt it mentioned vanessa's cover mom died?
1984 fredfredkonfred: it sounds familiar
1985 haley: vanessa had a cover mom?
1986 macey: it was in 21 yeah!
1987 haley: oh they all did
1988 haley: wow i'm dumb
1989 beth: awwww
1990 slakat left the room
1991 macey: http
1992 macey: hmmmm. thats interesting
1993 emma: i assumed she never actually knew the cover mom so it was just part of her cover story
1994 haley: yeah if it was supposedly when she was young then she wouldn't have met her
1995 beth: like if the family just only had one parent when they took her in
1996 macey: hmmm true
1997 caseyballvins: i wonder how abraham convinced these people to be cover parents
1998 macey: GOD I JUST REALIZED this issue was meant to come out last week
1999 macey: the day before halloween
2000 caseyballvins: like, they must have known the dangers
2001 macey: we were gonna get zombie mom for halloween
2002 caseyballvins: THE ZOMBIE THO RIGHT
2003 caseyballvins: i was totally think this would be the perfect halloween issue
2004 beth: omg
2005 macey: jade's zombie mom w/ those blingee additions saying "happy halloween"
2006 haley: oh man
2007 emma: young jade going trick or treating with her family and mom dressed up as a zombie
2008 beth: OH NO
2009 caseyballvins: nooooo
2010 macey: OH NO
2011 emma: but wait now i'm imagining everyone in a happy au 'verse
2012 emma: where they go trick or treating together
2013 emma: ian and akiko as their favorite xmen omg
2014 deftera: Wait that was about Vanessa's cover mom?
2015 macey: jess drew me akiko and ian as batman and robin for halloween last year!
2016 macey: i have it hanging on my wall
2017 deftera: I thought it was Lara being a bitch about Daramount burning down Abraham's camp.
2018 macey: deftera
2019 beth: omg that's the actual cutest thing
2020 haley: i love that wow
2021 macey: http
2022 macey: by the way the chat ends in 20 min! get your wackiest theories out now
2023 darrrrkvengeance: i thought it was Lara telling Vanessa, "i know your secret," essentially,
2024 darrrrkvengeance: by repeating Vanessa's line about "at least i got to say goodbye" in 20
2025 emma: i think i'm going to bed now, so, night everyone! it was fun.
2026 darrrrkvengeance: oh, also 21
2027 macey: ohhhh hmmm
2028 macey: yeah lara does have that "feels like we know each other already" line
2029 macey: night emma!
2030 beth: goodnight!!
2031 caseyballvins: night!
2032 haley: night
2033 darrrrkvengeance: i feel like that's why Vanessa isn't meeting Lara's eye in that panel
2034 darrrrkvengeance: night!
2035 macey: oh, dv, that is a good idea
2036 emma left the room
2037 darrrrkvengeance: though "say goodbye" comes up so often in the comic it may as well be FABF
2038 fredfredkonfred: but the panels right before that seem to imply that vanessa's mother died very recently
2039 fredfredkonfred: because lara's still acting like she doesn't know vanessa and says "after all you've been
2040 darrrrkvengeance: well, her cover story is that she's this optimist who has overcome hardship
2041 fredfredkonfred: through" before bringing up her mother
2042 macey: yeah, the implication i got was the entrance essay vanessa wrote was about it
2043 darrrrkvengeance: but she's actually been at Abraham's camp
2044 haley: oh right
2045 macey: speaking of which. entrance essays. what did the others write about
2046 fredfredkonfred: their kickin' bods
2047 darrrrkvengeance: Marcus
2048 haley: checking the babe box wasnt enough
2049 haley: the whole application had to be about hotness
2050 deftera: Didn't Ike send nudes with his application?
2051 beth: zoe took the elle woods route and sent a video
2052 macey: IKE DID. THANKS, IKE
2053 macey: ians is on comic books. about the different uses of time travel across decades of comics
2054 darrrrkvengeance: Pamela's rhymed
2055 macey: irina's is on all the different ways one can kill a man
2056 macey: fortunatos is a long all-portugese rant on the importance of prayer
2057 fredfredkonfred: remember when Ian said to Akiko "I hope they lock you in the basement when we get there"
2058 fredfredkonfred: HA. HAHA. HAHAHAHAHA.
2059 darrrrkvengeance: Megan's is an all-spanish rant on the importance of hair
2060 macey: YUUHY NO
2061 fredfredkonfred: \o/
2062 macey: ian and akiko, more like "im not crying are you crying im not at all"
2063 macey: (chat ends in 10 minutes!)
2064 deftera: Andres' was about love and passion.
2065 fredfredkonfred: very purple prose-y
2066 fredfredkonfred: but in the best of ways
2067 macey: andres is a gift to us all, to be honest
2068 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, i hope he survives
2069 darrrrkvengeance: now i'm all worried
2070 macey1: haha, doubtful
2071 deftera: Next issue, everyone dies and gets reborn in some Samsara-y shitstorm.
2072 macey1: that would explain the carnage
2073 macey1: fortunato is the only survivor and must raise all these new reincarnated babies
2074 haley: thats quite the spinoff idea
2075 caseyballvins: omg
2076 beth: omg
2077 macey: literal mg babies
2078 darrrrkvengeance: which May 4 kids have seen the Cylinder besides Hunter, Casey, and Zoe?
2079 darrrrkvengeance: any of the Truants?
2080 deftera: Brendan and Jade?
2081 haley: brendan
2082 darrrrkvengeance: oh, wasn't thinking of Brendan. has Jade seen it?
2083 fredfredkonfred: Jade only as an adult, right?
2084 darrrrkvengeance: oh, yeah, as an adult obvs
2085 macey1: future jade, zoe, hunter, casey, brendan
2086 haley: yeah current jade hasnt seen it yet i think
2087 macey1: hmmmm. do the truants know about the cylinder?
2088 macey1: (four minutes!)
2089 darrrrkvengeance: i'd guess Irina doesn't, since the Cylinder messes up her plan
2090 caseyballvins: this countdown is getting intense
2091 macey1: and if irina doesn't guillaume and fortunato likely don't either, theyre in cahoots w/ her
2092 beth: and we don't know how much jun knows
2093 macey1: ohhh, jun could definetely know!
2094 deftera: And what reports he's read.
2095 haley: jun could know so many things we want to know
2096 macey1: he said he read the report for the glories rescuing jade. that's pretty deep in
2097 fredfredkonfred: and not share any of them
2099 haley: but hes so angry and yelly and actiony and we're never going to ffind out
2100 beth: maybe
2101 fredfredkonfred: but hey he vouched for guillaume and vanessa
2102 fredfredkonfred: and wanted them at hisao's memorial thingy
2103 macey1: jun acknowledging that guillaume and vanessa were also hisaos family made me emotional shi
2104 macey1: t
2105 darrrrkvengeance: well, he knew they were his friends
2106 darrrrkvengeance: Hisao's i mean
2107 haley: yeah that was rough
2108 macey1: AWW OK its ending time!!!
2109 beth: awwwww ok
2110 haley: aah ok
2111 macey1: i dont want to end it but i must unfortunately
2112 fredfredkonfred: byyyye everybody
2113 darrrrkvengeance: ok. another fun chat
2114 macey1: or should i say...unfortunato
2115 haley: goodnight everyone!
2116 caseyballvins: thank you for hosting macey! wonderful as per usual
2117 darrrrkvengeance: see y'all next time
2118 caseyballvins: night everyone!
2119 darrrrkvengeance: night
2120 macey1: i all seriousness, night everyone! thanks for coming, sleep well
2121 fredfredkonfred left the room
2122 beth: thanks again macey! goodnight!
2123 beth left the room
2124 haley left the room
2125 darrrrkvengeance left the room
2126 deftera left the room

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