Morning Glories Issue 35 Tinychat from November 27, 2013
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 macey: happy thanksgiving, friends
0002 julia: happy thanksgiving (
0003 brella: suffers
0004 guest-1040659: Happy Turkey Day.
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0008 darrrrkvengeance: hey all!
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0011 macey: i think we'll all be giving thanks for our eyes today
0012 brella: tell me about it
0013 darrrrkvengeance: ay, ay, macey!
0014 leanne: noooooo tuna
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0016 guest-1040659: I love that this series keeps pushing the envelope each and very issue.
0017 darrrrkvengeance: can't figure out how to access the settings in this version of tinychat
0018 macey: dv, upper right hand corner, the little bolt...screw thing
0019 brella: they lulled us into a false sense of security with that last one
0020 guest-1040659: Anyone have theories on why Casey takes Daramount's fashion sense?
0021 brella: our kiddos, bein all cute, conspiring, mourning their dead friend
0022 brella: and then this.
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0024 macey: guest- no idea, and idk if SHE even knows completely. it's hodge's plan
0025 darrrrkvengeance: thanks. my screen was just scrolled down too low for me to see it. {me = bashful
0026 leanne: the study hall at the end theorized that casey didnt shoot bc she was attached to daramoun
0027 leanne: but i thought she just didnt want tuna to see that
0028 brella: i mean, she shot the faces off like four guys while fortunato was there, so
0029 leanne: which might even tie into the fact that tuna cant see...anything...ever again...
0030 leanne: oh thats true
0031 darrrrkvengeance: i thought it was notable when Fort was praying and G said, "of course, hold him."
0032 guest-1040659: Interesting. I know this might sound random but I'm reading Vol 1-3 and I noticed
0033 guest-1040659: something
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0036 brella: OOH do tell
0037 darrrrkvengeance: like, she knew to whom Fort was praying
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0040 guest-1040659: Zoe says "David". I guess we might see her again.
0041 macey: OHHH dv maybe...maybe. yes
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0043 brella: oooh i like that dv
0044 macey: honestly those two panels before she Does The Thing are the worst in the issue for me
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0048 macey: only because you can see him realize what's about to happen
0049 brella: i thought she was just saying "of course" because come on it's tuna literally all he does
0050 brella: is pray
0051 brella: but i like your idea better
0052 brella: YEAH, MACEY. YEAH....
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0056 yuuhyfred: what is happening are theories happening
0058 yuuhyfred: HELLO
0059 brella: nah yuuhy we're just bein upset
0060 leanne: is the field of stars thing that tuna saw
0061 brella: standard
0062 leanne: the same as the one that jade saw tho
0063 macey: ...what field of stars?
0064 macey: near the end? nah, he was just on a landing pad.
0065 joe_eisma: hello hello. hope you all like optical puns!
0066 brella: love 'em
0067 leanne: hi joe!!
0068 stitch: hello!
0069 brella: also hello
0070 darrrrkvengeance: ay ay, Joe!
0071 macey: joe, since nick can't come tonight, i'm afraid we'll have to throw our pain onto you
0072 brella: joe, may i just say
0073 brella: what the hell
0074 guest-1040659: Hey Joe. I don't think I want any turkey after this issue.
0075 joe_eisma: haha
0076 joe_eisma: aww
0077 macey: in all seriousness joe! damn! DAMN
0079 joe_eisma: betcha won't say fortunato only has one emotion now.
0080 yuuhyfred: my fave is the guy getting his jaw blown off
0081 yuuhyfred: (how many fish eye jokes are going to follow from this)
0082 joe_eisma: good, i'm glad.
0083 joe_eisma: haha YES
0084 stitch: no we'll just sit here and cry about how he doesn't have any eyes anymore
0085 macey: we still CAN say he cannot feel joy, though. i doubt he will be feeling joy now.
0086 brella: yeah that poor jaw guy
0087 joe_eisma: i'm glad nick let the blown off jaw slip
0088 macey: i also enjoyed harry and barry
0089 leanne: too bad tuna cant cry anymore
0090 brella: harry and ba--yeah macey got it
0091 joe_eisma: yeah, i think you'll see harry and barry again
0092 brella: y-yaaay....
0093 darrrrkvengeance: "keep your eyes open, ALL of you."
0094 joe_eisma: haha
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0096 ridethebox: except those of you that don't have eyes anymore
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0099 ridethebox: keep your eyes open in spirit, though
0100 vicky: HI HI
0101 macey: w/ baby tuna i kept thinking "look at his big ol eyes" and then thinking "wait. wait...."
0102 macey: VICKY
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0104 vicky: i havent been here in so long
0105 brella: macey i love the extremely happy cheerful tuna you posted on fortunasandwich today
0106 joe_eisma: haha
0108 brella: i KNOW, I WAS LAUGHING
0110 brella: brokenly. but laughing nonetheless
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0112 stitch: hollow empty laughter. too much pain to cope.
0113 brella: on the brighter side
0114 joe_eisma: yeah there was a reason tuna had his back to the camera in that promo shot. ;)
0115 brella: were not the morning glory babies especially great today
0116 stitch: hehehe yes that was fabulous
0117 joe_eisma: i'm glad you liked it!
0118 joe_eisma: happy to be back drawing the MGB
0119 darrrrkvengeance: never too much Pammy Wammy
0120 brella: YEAH SEE macey and i just assumed it was somebody else's blood. whoops. whoops
0121 brella: stabbing the pillows and blood on my mittens.
0122 macey: we doubted fortunato and assumed he would be the one commiting violence, haha
0123 joe_eisma: haha
0124 macey: notice how matt seems to stick dagney in mgb often!
0125 stitch: well i mean we've gotten kind of used to the students murdering people
0126 brella: poor fortunato. forgive us tuna friend
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0128 stitch: less used to them overtly being victims to violence
0129 darrrrkvengeance: it will just make the catharsis all the more satisfying when Tuna offs Georgina
0130 ridethebox: you know it's bad when outright murder seems like the kinder option
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0132 macey: i don't know whether i want tuna or casey to off georgina now! maybe both? somehow?
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0135 stitch: i think i want tuna to kill GD & casey to just burn the mga to the ground
0136 stitch: i would be satisfied with that
0137 darrrrkvengeance: reminds me of my favorite episode of a tv show ever, which i won't spoil
0138 darrrrkvengeance: (but the show is the wire)
0139 yuuhyfred: (i want casey to completely lose her way)
0140 brella: (i think she kinda did, during her clarkson run)
0142 stitch: i'm p sure she's on that path already; i just want her to really think about what she's
0143 yuuhyfred: (MORE OF THAT)
0144 macey: can we talk about how great danielle was this week though
0145 stitch: doing, why, for whom, cna hodge be trusted
0147 brella: yes!! multilingual danielle clarkson, gosh
0148 macey: it was like she was having her very first parenting expeirence
0149 ridethebox: best thing, so great
0150 brella: telling fortunato what happened to her parents haha i need a second
0151 darrrrkvengeance: she was pretty ruthless with all the killing
0152 stitch: ugh that moment when she had the gun to georgina's head was beautiful
0153 joe_eisma: i could just imagine everyone shouting 'DO IT!' when she had the gun to Daramount's head
0154 ridethebox: also, how many of the kids has she helped now? how many more will she help?
0155 stitch: her expression in the next panel--that was really heartbreaking, joe
0156 brella: assuming she's helping them at all
0157 joe_eisma: good catch, ride
0158 joe_eisma: yay, thanks.
0159 yuuhyfred: See, here, the dudes could tell right away that she wasn't Daramount, but I feel like
0160 macey: we know she recruited irina and fortunato at least, and met vanessa and jade's mothers
0161 macey: hmmm.
0162 ridethebox: she's turning out like another abraham
0163 ridethebox: showing up in everyone's lives
0164 brella: yeah, all of the expressions were killer. as always
0165 yuuhyfred: there's going to be a day when she won't be able to be separated from Daramount
0166 darrrrkvengeance: helped ike
0167 macey: helped ike! yes!
0168 guest-1041064 changed nickname to emma
0169 darrrrkvengeance: and meybe Hunter w the brain scan
0170 stitch: OH YEAH forgot abt that
0171 philmaira: Joe, why is all the Glory's fathers dead?
0172 yuuhyfred: to counteract Disney
0173 darrrrkvengeance: gave the phone to V's mom
0174 brella: hunter's dad is fine
0175 joe_eisma: good question, phil. the loss of parental figures is something very central to the book
0176 yuuhyfred: oh hey so I am like 90% sure now that Mr N is Fortunato's father
0177 brella: and... idk, could abraham be classified as fine
0178 stitch: he's not dead YET but i mean it's gonna happen
0179 ridethebox: abraham's fine for now, apparently
0180 stitch: he's also been chained up & tortured in a basement for a while
0181 emma: hello i just finished i'm fine not crying i swear
0182 darrrrkvengeance: and killed by ike in the future
0183 macey: ELABORATE, YUUHY (if only upguntha was here to back us up)
0184 macey: EMMA
0185 yuuhyfred: because Casey says "we tried to save him ... it was just too late"
0186 ridethebox: time travel, man, makes everything screwy
0187 joe_eisma: yeah, ike's dad is still alive--so is hunter's and jade's
0188 brella: we know that jade's dad kicks the bucket when she's "young" too so assumedly while she's
0189 yuuhyfred: and Fortunato assumes that means he's dead
0190 brella: at the school
0191 yuuhyfred: but Casey doesn't actually say it
0192 ridethebox: good point, yuuhy
0193 macey: i thought future jade meant that as he doesn't remember her anymore, brella
0194 brella: yeah but the guys at the beginning
0195 brella: said they "shot the old man"
0196 macey: he basically died as a presence in her life
0197 brella: oh that is true macey
0198 macey: this is morning glories. nobody dies unless we see their corpse.
0199 ridethebox: show me a body or i won't believe it
0200 brella: unless they're jade's mom
0201 emma: or their twin brother's corpse
0202 macey: OKAY, YES
0203 ridethebox: (and even then, because time travel...)
0204 ridethebox: (and also powers)
0205 ridethebox: but remember, jade saw her mom after
0206 macey: so yuuhy, if mr n IS tuna's dad, then why isn't he interfering here?
0207 ridethebox: so even then
0208 macey: is he just that shitty of a dad?
0209 yuuhyfred: you mean in the past or the present?
0210 macey: the present
0211 yuuhyfred: i think in the present he's been brainwashed by the academy or something
0212 yuuhyfred: which is why casey talks about saving him
0213 darrrrkvengeance: (so glad this chat was here to distract me from the Islanders game.)
0214 ridethebox: they do like their brainwashing
0215 macey: OH...PERHAPS....maybe. yes.
0216 macey: i like this.
0217 stitch: do we know exactly how jun was able to break out of the brainwashing?
0218 yuuhyfred: DEATH
0219 macey: OH, joe! joe. whose idea was it to put the tinychat on the back cover?
0220 stitch: (is it even confirmed that that's what happened?)
0221 ridethebox: i assumed massive emotion helped
0222 joe_eisma: i'm pretty sure that was tim
0223 brella: david's fingers did kinda scramble his psyche up probably
0224 brella: good old david.
0225 macey: TIM DANIEL....i must thank him. and buy every issue of enourmous
0226 yuuhyfred: such congrats
0227 yuuhyfred: reliable david
0228 joe_eisma: yeah i was actually surprised when i got my comps and saw the back cover.
0229 joe_eisma: really cool idea
0230 brella: yeah you go macey. waves pompoms
0231 stitch: woohoo!
0232 philmaira: I'm confused. Fortunato's last name is Medeiros. That doesn't begin with 'N'
0233 macey: tim continues to be a hell of a guy
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0236 macey: maybe the n part is his first name! or it's fake!
0237 stitch: yeahhh & the study guide section said that was connected to the warrior monks?
0238 joe_eisma: that's true!
0239 macey: i will not let this theory die yet, okay
0240 ridethebox: also, do we have in confrimed anywhere what fortunato's power actually is?
0241 darrrrkvengeance: i can defninitely see Tuna as a warrior monk
0242 ridethebox: i'm assuming he's like casey , that he can make people do what he wants
0243 ridethebox: but do we know for certain?
0244 darrrrkvengeance: i can see mr. n more likely as a future tuna than tuna's dad
0245 brella: okay, does casey's power only work if she looks people in the eye
0246 darrrrkvengeance: (though we'd have to rename tuna, monkfish.)
0247 brella: is this like some geass stuff going down, or no. i have been wondering this for a while
0248 macey: the implication was that tuna's power is mind control- at least one of them
0249 macey: there's also the praying thing and the general implication that he's super duper powerful
0250 joe_eisma: interesting.
0251 yuuhyfred: or the amplification of other people's powers
0252 brella: because if so, and if fortunato's power is similar to hers, thennnnn
0253 yuuhyfred: also i would not be surprised if there will be some blind prophet stuff down the line
0254 brella: he wouldn't be able to do much with it now
0255 macey: yuuhy
0256 brella: haha yeah yuuhy i wouldn't either
0257 macey: things, though
0258 ridethebox: oooh, yuuhy, good thought
0259 macey: i was talking about that on the study hall comments! dv backed me up!
0260 brella: maybe they only have a limited number of times they can use it
0261 stitch: what about tiresias though??
0262 brella: (again. geass. WINK WONK no sorry i'll stop)
0263 stitch: (as far as blind prophet models go)
0264 yuuhyfred: (brella i been making geass jokes at people too high five)
0265 darrrrkvengeance: indeed, stitch, that's judt what macey was posting about
0266 darrrrkvengeance: *just
0267 macey: the bible has an odd lack of blind prophets, did you know? it's more mythology
0268 macey: and tiresias was the straightest example i could find, yeah
0269 stitch: ahh i didn't see that post! it's a really interesting connection though
0270 ridethebox: could be very interesting, too, if he IS a prophet
0271 brella: (high fives)
0272 ridethebox: because we've had a lot of itme travel, but no future-sight thus far
0273 guest entered the room
0274 ridethebox: and that coudl really change who's actually calling the shots
0275 guest-1041343 changed nickname to guest
0276 ridethebox: if you've got someone who already knows what's going to happen
0277 darrrrkvengeance: fwiw, "Amazing Grace" has the same idea
0278 macey: they certainly are setting up fortunato being something some point
0279 stitch: mm yeah i mean that's been hodge's power all along, knowing how to lign everything up
0280 stitch: *line
0281 brella: well in the bible the whole thing about "opened eyes" first shows up in genesis
0282 brella: when eve eats the apple it says like
0283 macey: i mean for now he's georgina's torture pet but. eventually. eventually he will do things.
0284 brella: "if you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be as good, knowing good and ev
0285 brella: evil." tinychat please
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0288 ridethebox: what if his eyes couldn't be opened, he couldn't "see" until his eyes were gone?
0289 ben124: Isaiah 42
0290 philmaira: speaking of apple...where did the grenade go?
0291 brella: hmmm
0292 ben124: release from the dungeon"
0293 stitch: jailbreak time~
0294 macey: it's gonna be some sweet karma if georgina just made fortunato more powerful.
0295 brella: irina goes busting down there to save all of them only to realize they're all already out
0296 ridethebox: oh man, talk about payback
0297 brella: yeah macey. dang
0298 stitch: ...unless that was her intention? i mean headmaster collects all these kids & puts them in
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0300 macey: ALSO
0301 stitch: her charge; so maybe she's trying to provoke the emergence of their powers
0302 macey: or what
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0305 brella: YEAH and so ironic, too, the differences between the two
0306 brella: irina gets pancakes. fortunato gets flagellation. yyyyay?
0307 stitch: & don't forget about vanessa
0308 brella: sorry, not pancakes. eggs
0309 ridethebox: notice, though, both of them have met casey
0310 ridethebox: she's actively helped both of them
0311 macey: i meant older vanessa, actually
0312 ridethebox: maybe there's a connection there
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0314 macey: but yes that's also noteworthy
0315 stitch: she actively recruited them both mmmmmmmm
0316 ridethebox: she brought irina in, she brought fortunato in
0317 ridethebox: possibly on hodge's orders?
0318 brella: aaaand it's almost 3 AM time for me to skedaddle
0319 macey: and there's a difference there too. hodge and older vanessa are like....hate friends?
0320 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, it definitely struck me how Tuna and Irina are treated so differently
0321 haley entered the room
0322 brella: i keep. dozing
0324 guest-1041460 changed nickname to haley
0325 stitch: ahh g'night brella! rest well!
0326 joe_eisma: bye, brella!
0327 yuuhyfred: good night!
0328 brella: ILL MISS YOU TOO FRIEND but i am kind of dying so
0329 darrrrkvengeance: night brella
0331 ridethebox: night!
0332 macey: yes sleep before you really die
0333 macey: NIGHT
0334 haley: hi guys! and bye brella apparently
0335 brella: again joe the art was brilliant i was speechless
0336 brella: thumbs up etc etc
0337 brella left the room
0338 philmaira: Does anyone have a timeline? 9 years ago should be one of the earliest events so far?
0339 ridethebox: i think so, yeah
0340 philmaira: night
0341 macey: pretty early, yeah. fortunato's about seven then
0342 yuuhyfred: besides the hundreds of years ago flashbacks
0343 darrrrkvengeance: abraham recruiting Zoe has to be earlier
0344 stitch: i really liked the silhouetting of casey during her fight scene, btw
0345 ben124: We've seen 10 and 13 years ago
0346 macey: so clarkson is...about 20
0347 yuuhyfred: we've seen casey at age 3 too
0348 macey: abraham got zoe and guillaume when they were three
0349 joe_eisma: thanks, stitch! didn't want to distract from the intensity of the violence
0350 q entered the room
0351 yuuhyfred: i am reeeaaally curious to see guillaume's recruitment and how much agency he actually has
0352 macey: joe i like how you have all those pages of fortunato being tortured up for sale
0353 ridethebox: the art was great, especially the use of negative space
0354 guest-1041505 changed nickname to q
0355 macey: so people can hang photos of a child being brutally maimed in their home
0356 stitch: hahaha yeah how much agency can three year old guillaume actually have??????
0357 joe_eisma: hahaha
0358 ridethebox: right? and doesn't abraham say that guillaume chose to be there?
0359 joe_eisma: splash pages are an automatic sale.
0360 ridethebox: how much choice does a 3 year old really have?
0361 q left the room
0362 haley: maybe he got to choose to stay, later
0363 macey: does abe actually know what "choice" means
0364 darrrrkvengeance: oh, the LAST thing i really needed to know was about MoGlo art for sale (wallet cries)
0365 darrrrkvengeance: are these on your website, joe?
0366 ridethebox: it's a really good think i'm flat broke or i'd be super tempted to buy some art
0367 macey: he tweeted the link, dv!
0368 macey: speaking of which, joe, way to make baby fortunato adorable
0369 joe_eisma: yup! http
0370 darrrrkvengeance: erm . . . i guess i need to follow joe on twitter
0371 emma: baby tuna fish was just the cutest
0372 ben124: Any word on prints from #29's spread being up for sale?
0373 darrrrkvengeance: (in fairness, i follow like 15 people, a few of whom are personal freinds)
0374 joe_eisma: i haven't gotten those made yet--trying to work out sizing. hoping early 2014 for that!
0375 ben124: Wooh!
0376 philmaira: Why does Daramount speak English when she is searching for Casey/Fortunado?
0377 joe_eisma: she's with the MGA guards. they speak english
0378 macey: guards have no special skills
0379 ben124: I got the Graves print plaqued, and it looks lovely
0380 joe_eisma: hahaha
0381 joe_eisma: that's awesome!
0382 philmaira: gotchya. I didn't know if they were local Brazilians or what
0383 joe_eisma: no prob! casey killed all the brazilians. well, except for fortunato.
0384 guest-1041583 entered the room
0385 darrrrkvengeance: hmmm, i'll have to look at those art pages more closely later. i only have one original
0386 guest-1041583 left the room
0387 q entered the room
0388 darrrrkvengeance: comics page.
0389 joe_eisma: cool.
0390 joe_eisma: okay, got to run and start thanksgiving prep, so here's some #36 teasers
0391 macey: hmm. so, what do we all think of daramount right now
0392 macey: OOOH?
0393 joe_eisma: it's ian's issue
0394 guest-1041586 changed nickname to q
0395 stitch: EEEP
0396 joe_eisma: though i will say you will see the return of.....
0397 joe_eisma: the av club
0398 macey: I KNEW IT
0399 joe_eisma: that's right CRUSTACHE
0400 macey: YES.
0401 emma: BOOYAH
0402 ridethebox: yay!
0403 ben124: Woohoo!
0404 haley: YESSS
0405 stitch: hell yessssss
0406 vicky: ovo
0407 joe_eisma: and on an art related note--we reused a shot alex colored
0408 joe_eisma: and paul matched it flawlessly
0409 joe_eisma: it was amazing. haha
0410 darrrrkvengeance: yay for an Ian issue!
0411 yuuhyfred: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
0412 ridethebox: i'm excited
0413 macey: IM SO EXCITED FOR IAN THINGS....ian, our favorite failure
0414 darrrrkvengeance: and SUPER YAY for more AV club
0415 philmaira: sweet
0416 yuuhyfred: i hope it contains some joy
0417 joe_eisma: oh and considerably less suffering on this one
0418 stitch: ahh fantastic! re
0420 haley: WOW
0421 joe_eisma: haha
0422 macey: WELL THANK GOD
0423 ridethebox: GOOD
0424 haley: thats not surprising but it is excellent
0425 ben124: There's been Alex-panels in the last few, hasn't there?
0426 yuuhyfred: what a way to start an arc though
0427 ridethebox: i don't think i could take another issue of suffering after this one
0428 joe_eisma: yep, a few
0429 joe_eisma: okay, well, thanks everyone for reading! i'll see you next time
0430 macey: see you joe! have a nice thanksgiving
0431 joe_eisma: have a great thanksgiving!
0432 ben124: Bye Joe!
0433 ridethebox: bye!
0434 darrrrkvengeance: later, Joe. happy thanksgiving, and thanks for another great issue
0435 joe_eisma left the room
0436 haley: bye joe! have a great holiday
0437 stitch: bye joe! happy holidays~
0438 philmaira: night
0439 guest left the room
0440 emma: happy thanksgiving!
0441 vicky: bye!
0442 ben124: So where's everyone standing on the Casey's-a-bad-guy theory?
0443 ridethebox: i think there's definitely potential for her to go darkside
0444 stitch: i'm on the casey's on her own side theory idk
0445 stitch: i think she really just wants her parents back & it's getting to the point where she'll
0446 ridethebox: i mean, she's done a lot of killing and lying and manipulating lately
0447 macey: i think she has good intentions but is going down the wrong path.
0448 stitch: sacrifice everything to achieve that
0449 emma: maybe anti-hero
0450 ben124: I'm finding myself behind it less and less
0451 macey: i mean, she does kill those guys very casually- but also really cares for fortunato a lot
0452 ben124: And I think a lot of it's the art
0453 macey: she's not a 100% bad person...but she's not a saint right now
0454 stitch: gosh yes, casey's emotions. and i keep coming back to that moment with GD
0455 stitch: when casey decides not to shoot her
0456 ben124: Right?
0457 haley: yeah that was intense
0458 ben124: Even when she had to mindjack her mom
0459 ridethebox: she had such a clear shot
0460 emma: i was so glad she didn't though tbh
0461 ridethebox: and she didn't
0462 ridethebox: even though she knows what GD turns out to be later
0463 macey: there is good in her yet, yeah
0464 ridethebox: she's not totally gone
0465 q: wasn't that Fortunato making casey not shoot her?
0466 haley: i couldnt tell if it was like "i should but i cant bring myself to"
0467 ridethebox: i guess it's that thing of, "waht are you willing to do?"
0468 haley: or a "i want to but i can't for the plan"
0469 ben124: Oo, fair point
0470 q: she did mention he had powers..
0471 q: and that he did things in there
0472 haley: but he didnt say anything
0473 ridethebox: it's war, and sometimes there are things you do in war that you'd never do before
0474 q: it might not have been up to her
0475 q: he just watched a lot of people die
0476 philmaira: Fortunados seemed tostop her
0477 stitch: i don't think it was casey? but i think it's important to note that she literally could've
0478 q: annnnd...he's a kid
0479 stitch: killed her parents' killer before they were killed
0480 macey: ....i never thought of that, q. that's a good idea
0481 stitch: & she chose not to
0482 ridethebox: it could easily be a timeline thing
0483 darrrrkvengeance: sorry, was on the phone; have a bunch to catch up on
0484 q: also, not all powers are the same
0485 ridethebox: like, if she killed GD then, she never would have ended up where she was in the start
0486 q: so Fortunato theoretically might not need to speak in order to make someone do something
0487 emma: i wasn't really here much, but i gotta head to bed now. happy thanksgiving everyone!
0488 macey: good night emma!!
0489 haley: bye!
0490 stitch: night!
0491 philmaira: night
0492 emma: kisses!
0493 yuuhyfred: good night!
0494 ben124: She did say that it was his words, I think
0495 yuuhyfred: she might not be aware that she was influenced by him
0496 yuuhyfred: jesus if fortunato doesn't need to speak in order to make people do things
0497 macey: at the end she does say they have to pay attention to how they say things
0498 haley: words came up a lot though, but tuna could be more powerful than casey knows i guess
0499 yuuhyfred: then he would be OP
0500 macey: which...explains why fortunato is so quiet growing up
0501 haley: completely. which was really cool
0502 emma left the room
0503 stitch: brings into question prayer a bit, though; i mean i get why he would speak prayer when
0504 darrrrkvengeance: i feel Casey has a lot of drive, but not necessarily the most ariculated moral position
0505 stitch: he's being tortured, but why doesn't it have any effect?
0506 darrrrkvengeance: or mission, other than vengance for her parents
0507 ben124: I don't think she's any less moral than any other key players though
0508 stitch: reminds me of the jade/ike convo about god's existence
0509 macey: by the by clarkson says "what WE were able to do" when the asks him if he's done it before
0510 darrrrkvengeance: as contrasted with a number of other characters who seem more oriented toward a value syst
0511 darrrrkvengeance: em
0512 philmaira: because he's not speaking Portugese, a direvitive of Latin, which is a diivitie of Aramaic
0513 macey: yeah basically everyone in mg has a sort of varied moral scale
0514 macey: the only characters who seem truly inherently good are...vanessa and akiko.
0515 macey: and jade and hunter maybe.
0516 ridethebox: i like the shades of grey in MG so much
0517 ridethebox: good and evil and moral and immoral, and they're not clear-cut
0518 darrrrkvengeance: i mean, maybe Casey is "Neutral Good" or something.
0519 darrrrkvengeance: to bring out the old D&D alignments
0520 ben124: I think that's fair
0521 macey: that sounds about right
0522 ridethebox: makes sense
0523 haley: its so hard to tell what the "good" person even wants in this deal too
0524 ridethebox: and with both sides being so murky and not knowing who's actually working for who, toward
0525 ridethebox: what end, who knows what "good" really means?
0526 philmaira: you don't need the end, you can tell by their motives
0527 stitch: mm & tying into that--neither side claims to be operating for the greater good,
0528 stitch: but for a better future
0529 darrrrkvengeance: well, that's a fair question
0530 q: that's a really good point...not greater good but better future
0531 macey: this comic is complicated. my head hurts
0532 ridethebox: another question
0533 stitch: i think there's a lot to be said for the idea of improvement. everything is awful,
0534 ridethebox: are they both actually working towards the same thing?
0535 stitch: so we'll be the ones to do something
0536 darrrrkvengeance: but in this framework, someone like Jade would be Lawful Good, whereas Irina might be
0537 macey: abraham tells hisao in #18 that they do this for "the place that was promised to us"
0538 stitch: WHO KNOWS
0539 q: i don't think the futures are the same
0540 darrrrkvengeance: Chaotic Netral
0541 macey: ??
0542 darrrrkvengeance: Neutral
0543 stitch: heaven???
0544 q: that's why casey/c;arkson reset everything a few issues back
0545 ridethebox: or do they just THINK the futures are different?
0546 macey: i was thinking the land mg is on? like the land promised to biblical abraham?
0547 q: because in one scenario, the better future was the school being destoryed
0548 ridethebox: good point
0549 stitch: mmm well i mean that is a pretty ideal future by my standards
0550 macey: at least in the future we've seen, the school has been through some shit
0551 ridethebox: although one could argue that maybe that wasn't the plan, and things went wrong
0552 q: unless thre school does have some merit
0553 ridethebox: and that wasn't actually the future either of them want
0554 q: it does bring people with "powers" together
0555 macey: but is the future they want a good future? perhaps the one that's best is one neither of
0556 q: so that has to speak for someting
0557 macey: them want. they're all evil in their own way
0558 darrrrkvengeance: there's a difference, it seems, between wanting a better future and avoiding a terrible on
0559 darrrrkvengeance: e
0560 q: if the people with the "super powers" are untied in some sense, something major could be a
0561 philmaira: How are they to build a better future if they do not know what thefuture holds?
0562 susan entered the room
0563 q: accomplished
0564 guest-1041829 changed nickname to susan
0565 susan: hi
0566 darrrrkvengeance: whenever the case is made, it's generally about "saving the world as you know it"
0567 haley: well they might. we've seen a looot of time travel and the like
0568 ridethebox: or is the answer to stop trying for these separate futures, and build one together?
0569 darrrrkvengeance: which is different than making it better
0570 philmaira: Someone can see the future,all's I'm sayin
0571 stitch: (tuna)
0572 macey: SUSAN
0573 susan: i knew this was happening but went to take a shower anyways like an idiot
0574 susan: what have we talked about so far sorry
0575 macey: thats okay susan i love you. susan are you sad for my fish
0576 ben124: I'm just curious as to how Casey expects to save her parents when all the things she's don
0577 susan: is anyone this color
0578 ben124: *done, she's done before
0579 macey: i do not think so susan
0580 macey: YEAH, casey wanted to get her parents back but we have no indication she did
0581 susan: excellent and yes i'm super sad for your little son
0582 susan: tuna does not deserve this
0583 haley: as far as i can tell shes STILL trying to do that
0584 yuuhyfred: yeah. is she blindly doing what hodge tells her, or does she have an endgame she can see
0585 haley: she knows shes done with it ?
0586 q: i think she comes to the realisation that she can't save them when she touches the cylanda
0587 q: r
0588 susan: i'm listening to sad eva music for him
0589 darrrrkvengeance: "blindly"
0590 macey: i feel like this was nick's way of telling us that we were too hard on fortunato, haha
0591 yuuhyfred: goddammit
0592 macey: "you guys can't sympathize with him? guess i'll just HORRIFICALLY MAIM HIM"
0593 q: what was with the eye gouging by the way?
0594 haley: i straight up gasped when i turned to that page
0595 philmaira left the room
0596 haley: got weird looks and everything
0597 ben124: Macey, all I could think of when reading it was how Unfortunato it was
0598 macey: it is! it's very unfortunato!
0599 q: to me it seemed like she knew fortuanto could see the future?
0600 darrrrkvengeance: i didn't even want to turn the page, bc it was clear what was coming
0601 ben124: It softened the pain
0602 macey: it's...gonna be pretty hard to update fortunasandwich after this
0603 q: of was alluding that he might be able to?
0604 q: or* not of
0605 susan: also he talked a lot about his dad but never mentioned his mom right what's up with that
0606 haley: well his eyes were definitely "opened" back when he first got to mga
0607 ben124: I Was wondering about that
0608 yuuhyfred: but baby fortunato has so much fish face
0609 ben124: For a series with so many dead moms
0610 macey: mg is the land of dead moms, perhaps his mom died when he was super little
0611 susan: i mean yea probably but it's still kinda interesting
0612 yuuhyfred: mg is the land of the dead everybody
0613 deathbyvanessa entered the room
0614 q: but mothers seem really important
0615 susan: like adds more mystery to that oooo
0616 guest-1041913 changed nickname to deathbyvanessa
0617 q: which makes me question what happend to jade when she brought hers back to life
0618 macey: i did find it REALLY curious that we didn't see what fortunato's life pre-camp was really
0619 macey: like? just how it fell apart
0620 yuuhyfred: they're probably still hiding something
0621 yuuhyfred: like idk fortunato's dad's identity
0622 q: ok so his famiy was poor right? was he kidnapped or did his father sell him ?
0623 yuuhyfred: *ADAMANT*
0624 haley: well doesnt casey say his dad is dead now? sounds kidnapped
0625 haley: unless she was lying
0626 haley: which she totally could have been
0627 yuuhyfred: she doesn't say explicitly that he's dead
0628 yuuhyfred: she says "we tried to save him ... it was too late"
0629 macey: the implication was daramount hired human traffickers to kidnap him yeah
0630 deathbyvanessa: i'd say from what was written it was kidnapping
0631 macey: which makes one wonder why she didn't just set him up for mga like w/ the twins
0632 q: righ
0633 q: twhich makes me wonder if he was sold
0634 darrrrkvengeance: how relevant is it that they're kids, incidentally?
0635 yuuhyfred: maybe his family wouldn't have believed a school just wanted random poor kid
0636 deathbyvanessa: no applications being filled out?
0637 ridethebox: also, what's the significance of their birthdays?
0638 ridethebox: why does it matter that they're all born the same day?
0639 darrrrkvengeance: i mean, Dark Materials had the sex/virginity thing tied more into the narrative
0640 macey: there's the sort of implication that fortunato is very very powerful which makes one think
0641 darrrrkvengeance: but Ike, at least, is pretty obviously no virgin
0642 susan: well this happened before the fukayamas
0643 yuuhyfred: i'm guessing some kind of ritual was done at 11
0644 macey: and daramount saying he was her favorite and everything
0645 susan: maybe b/c this didn't work out they tried a different approach w them
0646 yuuhyfred: to create gods and therefore the kids
0647 darrrrkvengeance: nor Jun, Future Casey . . .
0648 macey: like there is something very much up with fortunato. very much up.
0649 darrrrkvengeance: er, Hisao, i should say
0650 macey: i always assumed the academy had all the kid's past lives locked up and killed them all on
0651 macey: may 4th so they'd be reincarnated
0652 haley: oooh
0653 yuuhyfred: that is dark
0654 deathbyvanessa: good theory
0655 q: interesting
0656 yuuhyfred: and therefore good
0657 haley: i mentioned this in the 33 chat but with the birthday thing, is jun not the one they want
0658 haley: still, or did the body switch make him the one they want?
0659 macey: RIGHT, the dead twin was the one they wanted
0660 macey: i'm wondering now if he's become special because he's in hisao's body
0661 ridethebox: oh man, the twin-swithc makes everything so much more complicated
0662 haley: yeah exactly
0663 q: extrene teenage identity crisis
0664 deathbyvanessa: but since jun is now in hisoa's body (?) maybe, does it count?
0665 haley: thats the question
0666 stitch: ahh i've got to go, guys. have a wonderful holiday!
0667 ben124: About the bodyswitching, are we thinking the glow was Hunter from 25, or Casey from 29?
0668 deathbyvanessa: so, we're down 2 glories now... i think that's interesting
0669 deathbyvanessa: hunter from 25, from where it seemed to place in the tmeline
0670 yuuhyfred: bye stitch!
0671 stitch: bye!!!!
0672 macey: bye stitch!
0673 guest-1042060 entered the room
0674 darrrrkvengeance: bye s
0675 deathbyvanessa: night night
0676 ben124: Bye Stitch!
0677 macey: i assumed it was just hisao's power activiating.
0678 stitch left the room
0679 guest-1042060 left the room
0680 deathbyvanessa: true, jade did something similar with her mom and white flash
0681 yuuhyfred: was it not david touching akiko
0682 macey: yeah that's why i thought that
0683 yuuhyfred: because that shone bright
0684 yuuhyfred: like a diamond
0685 ben124: Damn kids these days with all their glowing
0686 macey: ah yes....fortunato saw that shine bright. back when he could see.
0687 ridethebox: i've gotta go, but this was fun! i've never done the chat before
0688 deathbyvanessa: right, simmer down mga students!
0689 ridethebox: see you next time, guys!
0690 macey: bye, ridethebox@
0691 macey: !
0692 ben124: Bye ridethebox!
0693 darrrrkvengeance: laters, rtb!
0694 haley: night!
0695 deathbyvanessa: peace
0696 ridethebox left the room
0697 macey: ...yknow, rereading, daramount calling fortunato her star pupil and teacher's pet is
0698 macey: creepy as FUCK
0699 ben124: It reminded me of her trying to seduce Ike
0700 q: that was gross
0701 deathbyvanessa: thing is i don't think he would have been into her
0702 q: ike? he's into power
0703 deathbyvanessa: maybe that's really why she blinded him
0704 q: the person is just a mens to it
0705 haley: super creepy
0706 q: are we talking baout ike or fortunato?
0707 macey: fortunato
0708 haley: tuna
0709 deathbyvanessa: sorry, i was talking about fortunato, ike totally would have fucked daramount
0710 macey: she also said she made sure he won't be let out of his cell....
0711 macey: how long's he gonna be in there
0712 darrrrkvengeance: maybe that's why she needs to dominate Tuna
0714 yuuhyfred: I think he'll be let out soon
0715 yuuhyfred: or else he wouldn't be a very good example
0716 deathbyvanessa: true
0717 ben124: I hope Akiko goes on a rampage
0718 haley: shes in a coma so that might be hard
0719 deathbyvanessa: i hope akiko lives happily ever after
0720 darrrrkvengeance: i think i asked this last issue
0721 darrrrkvengeance: since having touched Akiko?
0722 macey: well, he touched akiko in the future
0723 deathbyvanessa: maybe?
0724 yuuhyfred: I love this line
0725 darrrrkvengeance: true. though Zoe was offed in the future
0726 deathbyvanessa: daramount's a twisted bitch
0728 haley: that whole panel really
0729 haley: (slash whole issue but ..)
0730 deathbyvanessa: yeah, poor fortunato
0731 deathbyvanessa: not very fortunate
0732 yuuhyfred: but it was present zoe who was moved to the future
0733 macey: how ironic of nick to make fortunato purposefully gorgeous and then maim him horribly
0734 yuuhyfred: not sure if david was moved
0735 deathbyvanessa: yeah we don't know how david works in time
0736 q: do you think fortunato knows he one of the "gods"?
0737 deathbyvanessa: he might be present at all times?
0738 q: if he does, then the psalm would be kind of ironic
0739 yuuhyfred: fortunato is also missing a tooth now
0740 q: like...a pep talk to himself while daramount is torturing him
0741 q: while appearing to show little faith
0742 vicky left the room
0743 darrrrkvengeance: if so, anything Jesus says is equally ironic
0744 q: also....casey.clarkson told him to pray in the scene while they were escaping
0745 darrrrkvengeance: forsaken me?"
0746 q: he's praying now
0747 deathbyvanessa: i think fortunato may be one of the characters that knows most about what is happening,
0748 q: when clarkson rescued him, they both acknowledged they were specia
0749 q: l
0750 darrrrkvengeance: (which is, itself, a quote of Psalm 24?)
0751 deathbyvanessa: especially now that we know Clarkson had a big part in his connection to the academy
0752 macey: i think he does know if only because he works so closely w/ irina
0753 macey: who is big on the whole "WE ARE AS GODS" thing
0754 q: so...he could be thinking back to that incident, "praying" and telling himself that he's
0755 q: "a god" and daramount isn't
0756 deathbyvanessa: i actually think irina doesn't have a good picture of what is going on
0757 deathbyvanessa: i think she thinks she knows what's going on
0758 macey: oh deathby, same. i do think she thinks she knows more than she does
0759 haley: well casey was more straight up with him about being special than we've seen anyone be yet
0760 darrrrkvengeance: (gd islanders!)
0761 ben124: I think they were pretty direct with Kid-Zoe
0762 ben124: Who we desperately need to see again, btw
0763 deathbyvanessa: yeah, such a disconnect between kid zoe and teenage soe
0764 deathbyvanessa: god willing
0765 ben124: Can we start wildly speculating about what's gonna be revealed about Ian?
0766 macey: speaking of this all...where exactly does fortunato go from here
0767 macey: like he's blind and sore and probably pernamentally traumitzed. what happens next.
0768 haley: well if hes supposed to be some example, back out i guess
0769 deathbyvanessa: well, maybe he can replace the goat as school mascot
0770 haley: to show the truants what theyve done?
0771 macey: ian is the headmaster obviously
0772 deathbyvanessa: ?
0774 darrrrkvengeance: not so sure he'll be so traumatized. one thing G can't touch is his faith
0775 deathbyvanessa: ian for headmaster, it kind of works
0776 q: his faith in god or his faith in himself?
0777 ben124: I'm thinking a connection with Nine or Gribbs
0778 q: (as a god)?
0779 darrrrkvengeance: same idea, really. hold on a moment while i get P 24 up
0780 q: btw...doesn't nine look a lot like hidge?
0781 q: hodge*
0782 q: just saying..
0783 deathbyvanessa: nine does look like hodge
0784 deathbyvanessa: ive thought similarly
0785 haley: i am so curious about ian. he seems so oddly different from the rest of the truants
0786 darrrrkvengeance: er, 22
0787 ben124: Anyone read Nine with an accent, btw?
0788 deathbyvanessa: no, but i will now
0789 ben124: hah
0790 q: wait. random segue to the irina issue.
0791 macey: i've thougt before nine may be another headmaster kid...just not considering legitimate
0792 macey: for some reason
0793 ben124: She's had a few lines that had me torn between Australian or English
0794 q: irina and gorgina have the same mother right?
0795 macey: q, yes they do
0796 deathbyvanessa: ian is different, he doesn't seem special, but then again, neither did hunter
0797 haley: yes
0798 q: and apparently mothers need to die for their kids to be special?
0799 macey: i don't know if they NEED to. but powers seem to appear once they do.
0800 q: when irina's mom dies does daramount start having powers?
0801 macey: ...that's possible
0802 macey: kseniya only died six years ago
0803 darrrrkvengeance: well, i won't quote it all, esp. with the tiny space "tiny"chat gives us
0804 q: OR, can they only manifest in children?
0805 ben124: Ooo
0806 deathbyvanessa: maybe that was the big deal with 16?
0807 darrrrkvengeance: but Psalm 22 is pretty on point about rising above suffering and torture to reaffirm faith
0808 macey: in #20 when hodge asks dagney if georgina's mom wasn't special
0809 macey: dagney says "no...not in that way"
0810 deathbyvanessa: well i think theres a lot more story with kseniya
0811 macey: yeah though. there seems to be something with her
0812 q: yea
0813 deathbyvanessa: absolutely
0814 macey: i'm wondering if her history w/ the headmaster was personal or just as a mother for his
0815 macey: child, like how hodge's mom was
0816 q: i need to pull the issue up, but i think she said she "escaped"?
0817 deathbyvanessa: i think she may have been the first so it could have been personal
0818 macey: she never says she escaped but it's sort of implied
0819 macey: with her scars and such
0820 macey: one point for it being personal- mr. n says he met her once
0821 q: ok so if it's personal, she knows who the headmaster is.
0822 julia left the room
0823 julia entered the room
0824 guest-1042414 changed nickname to julia
0825 q: that mean irina knows via her mother right?
0826 deathbyvanessa: perhaps
0827 q: soo...she may actually know more than the other kids
0828 macey: irina knows somehow. we don't KNOW how
0829 q: rather than think she knows
0830 macey: one thing i've wondered, personally, is who irina's FATHER is
0831 deathbyvanessa: well, with Hunter in 34, they all seem to have different pertinent info
0832 q: i assumed literally the headmaster
0833 q: but that doesn't men anything
0834 deathbyvanessa: could be headmaster, could be someone else
0835 macey: see if irina's dad was the headmaster i think that would have been mentioned
0836 macey: unless SHE doesn't know it's the headmaster
0837 deathbyvanessa: right
0838 q: not necessarily
0839 deathbyvanessa: hopefully its not abraham
0840 haley: i thought that too
0841 q: the series is kind of secretive..
0842 macey: one point against it being headmaster- georgina and hodge are both green-eyed
0843 macey: and kseniya is browned eyed
0844 macey: but irina is blue-eyed
0845 macey: so irina's dad would have to be blue-eyed....
0846 q: science!
0847 darrrrkvengeance: ergo, Irina's dad is Jon Snow!
0848 deathbyvanessa: yes!
0849 q: hah!
0850 macey: brella and i have wondered if her dad's abraham if only because of that knife
0851 deathbyvanessa: i'd love to see her fight jakita
0852 macey: the one both ike and irina used to kill their respective parents
0853 haley: but she was also in abrahams care since that incident so he could have just had it from he
0854 haley: r
0855 macey: yeah, that IS true
0856 macey: but the academy then has it in #24's present day
0857 haley: but that would make the knife thing more interesting
0858 macey: gribbs tries to give it to ike to kill abe with before ike shoots him
0859 q: the parent killing knife.
0860 q: that would ad a ritualistic flair to it
0861 haley: hm. that actually messes with the "ike hasnt killed abe yet" thing
0862 haley: kind of?
0863 deathbyvanessa: i'm sure it was discuseed, but how does ike remember something that hasn't happened yet?
0864 q: it was in the papers
0865 q: and he was at the funeral
0866 deathbyvanessa: was it when they fell asleep during their ride to the academy?
0867 q: so he must have some context for it happening
0868 darrrrkvengeance: i think Vanessa says something to Hodge when she's introducing her to time trave
0869 darrrrkvengeance: l
0870 darrrrkvengeance: like, all our point in our life sort of coexist, though that's not how we experience them
0871 darrrrkvengeance: i could just be interpolating however
0872 deathbyvanessa: well, better than what i would have guessed
0873 macey: OH, i had a theory about the ike thing
0874 ben124: Oh, Fortunato sleeping in the car creeped me out
0875 darrrrkvengeance: anywho, that could explain how Ike has "memories" of a future event
0876 macey: what if, later in the story, he goes back and enters his younger body in a sort of
0877 macey: clarksony way
0878 haley: without the cylinder?
0879 ben124: With the blurry-visioned Daramount/Casey shot from #1
0880 macey: ben
0881 macey: haley
0882 haley: so when was the funeral that we saw him be a dick at?
0883 haley: is that in his memory or was that in the time the issue says it was?
0884 deathbyvanessa: allegedly a year before
0885 haley: (sorry not remembering the number)
0886 deathbyvanessa: issue 11?
0887 macey: all of ike's flashbacks in 11 are a year ago
0888 julia left the room
0889 macey: i mean, just because he was doing mga business...i would not put it past him to
0890 macey: have some fun on the side
0891 julia entered the room
0892 guest-1042657 changed nickname to julia
0893 macey: this is ike we are talking about
0894 macey: ALSO, that explains his behavior when he meets the guy at the bar
0895 deathbyvanessa: right, who he's trying to protect?
0896 deathbyvanessa: thats not very ike-ish
0897 deathbyvanessa: in fact its pretty opposite of ike
0898 haley: oohh so thats clarkson-ike
0899 haley: ok
0900 haley: (i mean in this theory)
0901 deathbyvanessa: its a decent theory
0902 macey: well i assume he would go back way down the line
0903 macey: i guess he's trying to protect....himself? something we dont know about yet?
0904 deathbyvanessa: ike is awful, he's doen shitty things, but the way he was acting at hisao's "memorial" was
0905 deathbyvanessa: just horrible
0906 macey: OH YEAH THOUGH
0907 macey: YEAH. YEAH
0908 julia left the room
0909 deathbyvanessa: like, you can be "our sociopathic asshole" to a degree
0910 haley: he is so intentionally an asshole
0911 ben124: I didn't think Ike really believd what happened
0912 deathbyvanessa: but there are some things that cross the line
0913 haley: like its so deliberate
0914 macey: yeah, ike seems to be in heavy denial right now
0915 macey: about all this supernatural stuff- i think he's shaking off what happened in #25
0916 macey: and failing miserably
0917 deathbyvanessa: yeah, ike needs to man up
0918 darrrrkvengeance: i really appreciated Casey more this issue; too bad this existence more or less disappears
0919 macey: i honestly love clarkson but casey
0920 macey: i mean i don't hate casey. but i don't like her a lot.
0921 haley: that makes snese
0922 haley: sense
0923 q: she is very calculated
0924 macey: clarkson, on the other hand, seems like a much more appealing and interesting character
0925 ben124: That's fair
0926 macey: even though they're basically the same person
0927 deathbyvanessa: well casey is the girl who eventually becomes clarkson
0928 q: i think zoe's early description of her is accurate
0929 darrrrkvengeance: in part, Clarkson is older
0930 q: when's she talking to hunter after they "broke up"
0931 deathbyvanessa: i agree, but i don't think its intentional on caseys part
0932 deathbyvanessa: i think its normal for teenagers to want to be perfect
0933 darrrrkvengeance: i think Zoe's desciption is accurate for teenaged Casey, but not necessaily Clarkson
0934 macey: yeah, i think clarkson definetely grew up in a lot of ways
0935 q: well...there's also a teenage clarkson
0936 deathbyvanessa: wait what?
0937 q: casey...when she first time traveled...
0938 macey: you mean clarkson pre-hair dye?
0939 q: she ended up at her father's base
0940 q: sitched identities
0941 deathbyvanessa: right, i guess ididn't think about it in that way
0942 macey: we actually haven't seen a lot of what casey did before she went clarkson
0943 q: she was clarkson the moment she opened the duffle bag
0944 haley: dinner with abraham .. and ?
0945 deathbyvanessa: how old was she when she had dinner with abraham
0946 deathbyvanessa: ?
0947 q: learning languages?
0948 darrrrkvengeance: i mean, by the time we see teacher/mother/nija-spy Clarkson, she's pretty well along
0949 q: um..19 right?
0950 darrrrkvengeance: *ninja
0951 deathbyvanessa: so 3 years before she became clarkson
0952 q: anyways...teenage casey is teenage casey no matter what her name is
0953 macey: she was 19 at the dinner w/ abe, yes
0954 q: so...ike's description is true for young clarkson as well
0955 macey: so there's a three year period before she went full clarkson
0956 ben124 left the room
0957 haley: which wouldnt have happened if it had been hunter instead of ike right
0958 haley: so those years weren't in the original plan
0959 macey: this issue was just a year after she became clarkson, also. it was very early in her ni
0960 q: which means...she has all that timne for everything ike said to BECOME intentional
0961 macey: super spy life
0962 deathbyvanessa: maybe, that's coming from hodge who is a total liar
0963 deathbyvanessa: she may have known it was going to be ike that showed up to the cave and played it off
0964 q: the bag did contain things in it that kept her occupied for ALLL the years she was clarkso
0965 q: n
0966 deathbyvanessa: for whatever manipulation she was going to put casey through
0967 darrrrkvengeance: she's obviously come to believe in Abraham's mission by this issue
0968 deathbyvanessa: i mean she had the bag at the military base 16 years ago
0969 darrrrkvengeance: which is a lot further then when we saw her in 26
0970 darrrrkvengeance: [much as i love purple, i'm gonna change my color, bc this is confusing me
0971 macey: yeah we have two purple dvs omg
0972 darrrrkvengeance: is this one open?
0973 deathbyvanessa: oh, sorry, i dont know how to change my color
0974 darrrrkvengeance: sweet
0975 deathbyvanessa: you had purple first, i apologize
0976 darrrrkvengeance: no probs
0977 deathbyvanessa: but yeah the d and v in our names in purple confusedme too
0978 macey: you two always have good theories so i did not mind but
0979 deathbyvanessa: thanks
0980 darrrrkvengeance: anywho, all this wondering about Clarkson makes me wonder about the cylinder again
0981 darrrrkvengeance: maybe Julia holds the key to bringing these identities back together
0982 macey: oooh, perhaps
0983 darrrrkvengeance: and giving casey the knowledge and experience Clarkson has acquired
0984 deathbyvanessa: i'm really interested in learning more about julie hayes
0985 macey: i think we oft forget that we know where the cylinder comes from...just not how it ended
0986 macey: up in mga in the present
0987 macey: and, yknow. what exactly it is.
0988 haley: oh wow good points
0989 deathbyvanessa: yeah, i like that hunter has a connection to that now as well as being the only present
0990 deathbyvanessa: day character sort of aware of juulie's existence
0991 macey: YEAH i'm wondering about that
0992 macey: notice
0993 macey: casey said they'd have to be together like a romantic comedy
0994 macey: andres acts like julie is supposed to be hunter's one true love when he tells him about
0995 q: wouldn't the AV club know about hayes? they seem in tune with dreams etc..
0996 macey: her
0997 macey: hmmm.
0998 macey: i don't think they would know unless hunter told them. i don't think they're THAT in tune
0999 macey: so only andres knows
1000 darrrrkvengeance: oh, that's such a good point, DBV
1001 haley: recruiting julie is the only time we've seen future jade in real life right?
1002 deathbyvanessa: we saw her vomit once in 17
1003 deathbyvanessa: but yeah, recruiting julie is the only real time
1004 macey: we've seen future jade in real life in...6, 17, and 27
1005 macey: and 22, and 25
1006 macey: she seems to be real until hunter falls asleep
1007 macey: during woodrun i mean. but those dreams seem to be both real and not
1008 haley: oh right because that was the future right
1009 deathbyvanessa: well, did hunter ever really interact with her?
1010 deathbyvanessa: it was kind of ambiguous
1011 macey: deathby that's....a good question
1012 haley: i keep forgetting that thats what hapened during woodrun
1013 macey: i thought he did until after 27. like, he may have passed out in mga's ruins
1014 deathbyvanessa: same, i thought he did too
1015 darrrrkvengeance: his resetting time works though, right
1016 deathbyvanessa: so did he subconsciously send himself and others back in time after he passed out?
1017 deathbyvanessa: healed himself?
1018 deathbyvanessa: when hunter thinks she healed him, doesnt she sort of brush that off
1019 q: well...his future self set the stage for him to fix everything
1020 darrrrkvengeance: honestly, i love this comic to pieces; but i'm sort of meh about woodrun
1021 deathbyvanessa: that stage/room thing would make more sensenot beinga real location
1022 deathbyvanessa: woodrun still doesn't have much cosure
1023 macey: i always figured hunter himself did not build the stage but his next self did
1024 macey: as it's in the future
1025 deathbyvanessa: i always think its funny when nick mentions arcs, because they aren't really arcs,
1026 deathbyvanessa: they don't really resolve for the most part
1027 deathbyvanessa: its ongoing mystery
1028 deathbyvanessa: macey, i like that idea
1029 haley: that an interesting take yeah
1030 deathbyvanessa: next hunter, that would make sense to jades notion that he doesn't build it because he
1031 deathbyvanessa: knows about it
1032 haley: but if future jade is there wouldn't that mean its not that far into the future?
1033 haley: or does that not follow
1034 darrrrkvengeance: speaking of arc, what's this one called?
1035 macey: well, julie seems to be the next casey
1036 deathbyvanessa: who knows
1037 macey: this arc is called honors- it's 35-38, super short arc
1038 haley: honors right?
1039 darrrrkvengeance: ah, thanky!
1040 deathbyvanessa: next is ian, then akiko issues?
1041 macey: ian, then akiko, then ike
1042 macey: nick said it's subject to change but that was the plan when 34 came out
1043 deathbyvanessa: yeah, so as mentioned before, what are ian's deep dark secrets?
1044 deathbyvanessa: i think maybe, just maybe it will be revealed ian is a secret miley cyrus fan
1045 haley: that will be the last page big reveal
1046 darrrrkvengeance: ian twerking with the cylinder
1047 macey: ian always seemed like a secret justin timberleke fan to me.
1048 macey: i've been thinking myself, since 37 is an akiko issue....
1049 macey: maybe he does something that wakes akiko up? a deal with the staff, maybe
1050 darrrrkvengeance: he's brit brit all the way
1051 deathbyvanessa: ian and twerking, never again in the same sentence. EVER
1052 deathbyvanessa left the room
1053 haley: you think the staff could just make her wake up if they wanted? thats interesting
1054 deathbyvanessa entered the room
1055 guest-1043194 changed nickname to deathbyvanessa
1056 deathbyvanessa: that was going to be my next point. how interesting will present day akiko be in a coma?
1057 darrrrkvengeance: wake up miley? no, i think that's beyond evern their powers
1058 macey: hodge says in 32 they're giving her the best care they can
1059 q: ok so....when abraham is being held captive and david is brought in
1060 macey: it all depends on what exactly was done to her. looking back at 23, david's fingers did go
1061 macey: through her head- there just wasn't any gore.
1062 q: it's said that david can't do anything because some rukes can't be broken
1063 deathbyvanessa: right, and she may have funky dreams like jade, ive held they mirror eachother quite well
1064 q: david wouldn't be able to kill abraham
1065 macey: the academy doesn't seem to be able to kill abraham- hence why they keep trying to get ike
1066 q: what if the same rules applied to akiko?
1067 macey: i guess david counts as part of the academy
1068 macey: oh, perhaps.....?
1069 q: he wsn't able to kill her
1070 darrrrkvengeance: i'd have to look, but i didn't think his fingers went THROUGH akiko
1071 haley: the academy not being able to kill abraham might be the time thing again
1072 macey: i figured the reason david's reaction to her was different was because akiko was special
1073 deathbyvanessa: have we met other students, beyond the truants and glories who have been confirmed as
1074 haley: ike always kills abraham
1075 deathbyvanessa: special?
1076 darrrrkvengeance: just touched the head
1077 haley: and they cant do anything about it
1078 macey: and david's other victims weren't
1079 haley: but they could speed it up
1080 macey: deathby
1081 deathbyvanessa: macey, you keep answering my questions, i like you
1082 macey: oh, thank you
1083 q: or someone else kills skiko and so no one buit that person can kill her
1084 deathbyvanessa: oh, thats a good theory too
1085 deathbyvanessa: she destined to die at some other point?
1086 q: perhaps in a future we haven't seen her visit yet
1087 deathbyvanessa: on an aside, does anyone think any of the characters will have a happy ending?
1088 macey: i feel like it wouldnt make sense for anyone to end up 100% happy
1089 darrrrkvengeance: Pamela
1090 macey: we know jade gets to LIVE, at least
1091 macey: there are certain characters i can't see living, like irina and ike
1092 q: or a projection of her
1093 deathbyvanessa: right but future jade could buy it at any second
1094 deathbyvanessa: right?
1095 macey: i feel like julie's existence means casey'll die.
1096 macey: yes, THAT is true
1097 darrrrkvengeance: i could see ike living, though changed
1098 haley: macey can you explain the julie casey thing?
1099 deathbyvanessa: oh, F ike!
1100 macey: i feel like it would be too cruel for (older) vanessa and fortunato to die now
1101 q: i kind of want ike and abraham to be the same peson. though that would be ver very mesed u
1102 q: p
1103 deathbyvanessa: but, yeah, of course nick would have ike end of happy
1104 macey: haley
1105 macey: that she's casey's reincarnation....
1106 haley: ooooh
1107 deathbyvanessa: right, i agree with that vanessa and fortunato really get the shit end of the stick
1108 haley: huh.
1109 macey: most of the rest of the cast is toss-up right now
1110 deathbyvanessa: maybe julie is teenaged clarkson (i kid)
1111 haley: when do we figure julie was born? do we have an age or a year when she's recruited?
1112 q: she's in the same year as hunter in that yearbook
1113 deathbyvanessa: well if what we see of future jade is real, she's not much younger than the glories
1114 deathbyvanessa: she may even be their age
1115 darrrrkvengeance: "shit end of the stick" is a pretty graphic image if you think about it
1116 deathbyvanessa: true, funny, i didn't think about the expression literally
1117 deathbyvanessa: i guess i deserve that, being the one who typed it
1118 q: does anyone else think zoe is stil aive?
1119 deathbyvanessa: i WANT her to be
1120 darrrrkvengeance: alive in our minds
1121 haley: i super doubt it
1122 darrrrkvengeance: butin the MoGlo world, not so much
1123 q: she wasn't shown in the school's funeral
1124 deathbyvanessa: i have a theory with that random New Mutants cover homage
1125 haley: well she killed like 3 of the people they were talking about
1126 haley: so they probably didnt want to draw attention
1127 q: but the general school population dosn't know that
1128 deathbyvanessa: when it was released, zoe was the only glory dead, and in the cover she is the only one
1129 macey: deathby i think that was just for fun, nothing big to it
1130 deathbyvanessa: fully out of her grave
1131 darrrrkvengeance: i sort of asked how her body got back to the present from the future
1132 deathbyvanessa: i know, but i want it to mean something
1133 darrrrkvengeance: and was sort of told not to think too hard about it
1134 macey: q
1135 q: right.
1136 macey: i think the whole school population has sort of inferred she was the killer
1137 q: but that doesn't mean anything.
1138 q: rumors can spread about anyone and about anything
1139 q: it doesn't mean they're true
1140 q: in another MG bathroom, someone else might have been rumored to be the killer
1141 deathbyvanessa: right we still don't technically have confirmation that zoe killed chad and steve or sarah
1142 darrrrkvengeance: seemed pretty clear that she killed Amanda in, was it 7?
1143 deathbyvanessa: yeah and maggie
1144 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, Mags fer sure
1145 deathbyvanessa: those two we have confirmation on, or at least seems like it
1146 q: so two of them we absolutely know about
1147 macey: i know everyone speculates there's this "other" zoe who's the killer but
1148 macey: i remember nick said his goal with #19 was to show people that ZOE was the killer
1149 q: i don't doubt that zoe killed people
1150 deathbyvanessa: yeah, again though, the zoe character is so SCHIZOPHRENIC
1151 q: but when she was introduced as a child she was shown as CLEARLY gifted
1152 q: and able to read the future
1153 haley: she had this mission (that we still don't really know) and thats what it was
1154 q: so...what she was doing made sense in her mind
1155 deathbyvanessa: as a child she's super enlightened
1156 darrrrkvengeance: i think it's more that death maybe is what might not be the same amongst all the decedents
1157 q: she's also very logical
1158 q: as shown in how she deals with her friend and the teacher affir
1159 deathbyvanessa: then next earliest she's a shy freshman?
1160 deathbyvanessa: then she transforms into a killer and a slut?
1161 q: strategic moves
1162 deathbyvanessa: kind of
1163 q: she's shown to be very logical can maniulative
1164 q: and* not can
1165 macey: well- i think a lot of her nature centered around her gift
1166 deathbyvanessa: its just weird, because she had super powers as a child and we didn't see the as a teenage
1167 deathbyvanessa: r
1168 q: whatever she was doing she did for a reason
1169 macey: i think her natural personality was her schoolgirl one. but she also knew she would have
1170 darrrrkvengeance: i wonder whether, like the Truants, she came to MGA with a plan in mind
1171 macey: to do that killing, it was something she always saw
1172 darrrrkvengeance: or whether, as it were, cirucmstances found her
1173 macey: i've always wondered about how much zoe knows, since she never seemed to go to
1174 deathbyvanessa: thats a good question
1175 macey: abe's camp- right to a foster home
1176 deathbyvanessa: i really hope we get a zoe issue just focusing on her past (and if it ends with her coming
1177 deathbyvanessa: back so be it)
1178 darrrrkvengeance: she certainly seemed apathetic about the bday thing
1179 haley: and also why abe didnt want her at camp
1180 darrrrkvengeance: good point, haley
1181 deathbyvanessa: yeah, was she working for abraham in her actions?
1182 deathbyvanessa: or did she part ways at some point?
1183 macey: i'm inclined to wonder if she ever saw abraham after he dropped her off with her new
1184 macey: family, and just lived normally until mga
1185 q: she was able to learn infer the meaning of a language she never heard before and then
1186 haley: i think it seems like she did
1187 q: speak it back fluently as a child
1188 deathbyvanessa: that is a possibility
1189 darrrrkvengeance: she knows David somehow though
1190 haley: (i meant live normally sorry)
1191 q: i would say she could have had any type of communication easily
1192 deathbyvanessa: right maybe she knows david from dreams?
1193 haley: q did you mean that in reference to the david thing?
1194 q: i meant it in reference to anyone
1195 q: mostly abraham
1196 q: but david works too
1197 darrrrkvengeance: speaking of
1198 darrrrkvengeance: why do they have Amanda asking Zoe about it?
1199 deathbyvanessa: the faculty know everything? or at least hodge does
1200 macey: i think hodge may know he's casey's son
1201 deathbyvanessa: there seems to be evidence they know a lot about the truants, that they didn't let on
1202 macey: but idk about the rest of the staff
1203 deathbyvanessa: hodge may
1204 darrrrkvengeance: it seems georgina charges amanda to find out about david
1205 darrrrkvengeance: and as a result, zoe offs amanda
1206 q: and then zoe kills her for asking
1207 q: yep
1208 deathbyvanessa: hmmm, maybe zoe is just super shy about her boyfriends
1209 q: his identity seems to be worth killing over to defend
1210 q: haha
1211 darrrrkvengeance: or is a trigger
1212 q: legit did have a moment where i thought david could have been a past boyfiend
1213 haley: i think i might have too actually
1214 darrrrkvengeance: maybe those three images of him are like a 6-armed god
1215 darrrrkvengeance: shiva
1216 deathbyvanessa: have we had the david may be hodge and daramount's father conversation yet?
1217 deathbyvanessa: which effectively makes casey their grandmother?
1218 q: weird.
1219 deathbyvanessa: i dont know much about shiva
1220 deathbyvanessa: is that the destroyer god?
1221 q: also, according to wikipedia, shiva means "the Destroyer" or "the Transformer"
1222 deathbyvanessa: also, didn't liek the player in mk3
1223 darrrrkvengeance: i have this personal theory that Zoe is like Kali
1224 darrrrkvengeance: who is Shiva's consort
1225 deathbyvanessa: that is interesting
1226 macey: we haven't brought up hinduism a lot when speculating, have we?
1227 darrrrkvengeance: http
1228 deathbyvanessa: im not well versed
1229 macey: but the samsara is part of it
1230 darrrrkvengeance: well, we have in the Samsara context
1231 deathbyvanessa: right, it seems the religious aspects in the book are pulled from various belief systems
1232 deathbyvanessa: which is super cool
1233 q: well, if were creating those parallels, david as shiva would be the ctalyst for zoe
1234 q: to become kali
1235 q: but she recognized david
1236 q: which means if the hindu parallel is correct, she knew what she had to do
1237 q: as in facilitate change
1238 darrrrkvengeance: yeah, maybe that was the trigger for her new personality, or a pre-set one
1239 deathbyvanessa: which she seemed to ascribe too when she talked with hunter
1240 q: in her case, chamge was death
1241 deathbyvanessa: right before her heart exploded
1242 q: she did mention that she could have killed him a while ago but was keeping him alive
1243 darrrrkvengeance: well, Kali is the warrior's god; she transcends the fear of death
1244 q: yes, and then her heart exploded
1245 deathbyvanessa: zoe did not seem to fear death
1246 darrrrkvengeance: i used to have a great book of poetry by the poet Ramprasad, who was a votive of Kali
1247 deathbyvanessa: and i think that is part of the samsara
1248 darrrrkvengeance: but i left it in a house i abandonded, alas.
1249 yuuhyfred left the room
1250 deathbyvanessa: that seems like an interesting storu
1251 deathbyvanessa: story
1252 darrrrkvengeance: lol. i wish.
1253 deathbyvanessa: who knows it could be the focus of a future mg issue
1254 darrrrkvengeance: well, it was interesting insofar a crazy person was trying to kill one of my cats
1255 darrrrkvengeance: but that really is off topic
1256 deathbyvanessa: true, but still, i'm sure its a great party story
1257 darrrrkvengeance: i'll tell it at the MoGlo party
1258 deathbyvanessa: speaking of, anything planned for 5/4/14?
1259 macey: last year for 5/4 i held a special chat and literally four people came.
1260 macey: so i didn't have anything planned, no
1261 haley: haha aw
1262 deathbyvanessa: well this year, i'll be # 5
1263 darrrrkvengeance: this was the book
1264 darrrrkvengeance: lol. i looked at my calender to see if i had anything scheduled for 5/4
1265 darrrrkvengeance: and i kid you not, my calendar said
1266 darrrrkvengeance: "MoGloFest"
1267 deathbyvanessa: that sounds dirty
1268 macey: mg party day
1269 deathbyvanessa left the room
1270 deathbyvanessa entered the room
1271 guest-1043701 changed nickname to deathbyvanessa
1272 macey: like in all honestly, if i ran mga, i would not make it admissions day
1273 macey: i'd hold a school-wide birthday party
1274 haley: and this is why you don't run mga. no fun allowed
1275 haley: unless its a beatings and parents-killing kind of party
1276 deathbyvanessa: who deosnt want their parents bled out hanging ona wall on teir birthday?
1277 deathbyvanessa: am i right?
1278 macey: fifteen minutes left for this chat!!
1279 deathbyvanessa: debbie downer!
1280 darrrrkvengeance: (well, the link doesn't work; but the book was "Mother of the Universe" by Lex Hixon
1281 darrrrkvengeance: translations of Ramprasad's poetry about Kali)
1282 macey: anyway. any last thoughts on 35?
1283 deathbyvanessa: i tried to look, but it messed with my chat connection
1284 deathbyvanessa: i don't think fortunator is a bad guy anymore
1285 deathbyvanessa: ha, my typo is like govenator
1286 darrrrkvengeance: i like Hodge more
1287 deathbyvanessa: fortunator
1288 deathbyvanessa: yeah daramount is fully evil again
1289 darrrrkvengeance: i feel like insofar Clarkson is doing Hodge's will, Clarkson is doing good stuff
1290 deathbyvanessa: though, i never got over her ordering mari's death
1291 darrrrkvengeance: though it makes the cylinder scene between the two more tragic
1292 macey: i feel like this issue was nick saying that fortunato's a good person, haha
1293 deathbyvanessa: yeah, he looked really scared when he first saw him nine years ago
1294 haley left the room
1295 haley entered the room
1296 guest-1043761 changed nickname to haley
1297 macey: man! tiny fortunato. what a good kiddo.
1298 darrrrkvengeance: not to be argumentative, bc i agree
1299 deathbyvanessa: i feel like we still don't know anything about him though, other than he's special, but we
1300 deathbyvanessa: already knew that
1301 darrrrkvengeance: but do we feel that way just bc he had his eyes gouged out
1302 darrrrkvengeance: Irina was forced to kill her mom, and rapists, and saw her dog killed
1303 haley: i wonder how much/what for he's used his power since back then
1304 deathbyvanessa: well he prays and as we've seen so far hasn't hurt anyone
1305 deathbyvanessa: true, but irina channels her (very well deserved) rage while fortunato seems pretty zen
1306 darrrrkvengeance: just being devil's advocate; it's hard not to love desafortunato
1307 deathbyvanessa: its good advocating'hidge was very likable when we met her
1308 darrrrkvengeance: we haven't really seen Tuna as an agent
1309 darrrrkvengeance: just as the subject of others' plans
1310 darrrrkvengeance: but i doubt that will always be the case
1311 darrrrkvengeance: *er, the OBJECT of others' plans
1312 macey: fortunato's the passive type- he sort of ends up a pawn
1313 deathbyvanessa: i kind of feel like the truants are more important to the story than the glories at this
1314 deathbyvanessa: point
1315 deathbyvanessa: its weird
1316 macey: hence why he's irina's most loyal subject and why georgina could mess with him
1317 darrrrkvengeance: they certainly seem to have more knowledge
1318 darrrrkvengeance: about the central struggle
1319 macey: but to be honest if what we're saying with him getting more power is right it would be
1320 macey: interesting to see his place change
1321 haley: and theyre organized
1322 macey: i think the glories are more important, but the truants know more and seem more central
1323 macey: when really they're agents to the glories's eventual rise....?
1324 deathbyvanessa: i would concur on that
1325 darrrrkvengeance: notwithstanding being a truant, and that knowledge, Tuna strongly has faith
1326 deathbyvanessa: the book is called morning glories
1327 darrrrkvengeance: and G even seems to acknowledge that
1328 deathbyvanessa: it would be funny for a spin off moring truants
1329 q: was quickly reading up on bibical king david
1330 darrrrkvengeance: he seems to think there's a divine, or at least eithical reality beyond MGA
1331 q: sorry..realized there was a lot i hadn't read after typing that
1332 darrrrkvengeance: maybe that's the real threat to Georgina
1333 q: but david was the king that cheated on his wife, impregnated the woman, sent her husband
1334 q: into battle
1335 q: he died there
1336 q: then god cursed him
1337 darrrrkvengeance: Bathsheba
1338 q: yep
1339 macey: yeaaah david was pretty weird later in life
1340 q: could be something there
1341 macey: people just remember the goliath stuff but he's not a perfect dude by far, haha
1342 q: right...after the killing of goliath thing
1343 macey: (TWO MINUTES)
1344 darrrrkvengeance: Malcolm Gladwell has a pretty new take on David v Golliath as well
1345 q: he was also tiny and unimportant and went away and ran another country for a while
1346 q: becuse saul was jealous
1347 q: no time to kind of bring this all together
1348 macey: still surprised we havent met a saul/paul yet i think
1349 darrrrkvengeance: okay, we're getting to the end. happy thanksgiving all
1350 q: but. i have a feeling it's related
1351 darrrrkvengeance: it's not what you eat, it's whom you eat it with!
1352 macey: yeah guys, have a nice thanksgiving if you're celebrating!!
1353 deathbyvanessa: right a saul or paul would make sense
1354 macey: or just a nice day, otherwise
1355 q: happy thanksgiving
1356 deathbyvanessa: happy thanksgiving
1357 deathbyvanessa: gobble gobble
1358 macey: everyone sleep well and dream of happy, non eye-gounging things
1359 deathbyvanessa: i think pamela enjoys dreaming of eye gouging
1361 deathbyvanessa: can you be sure macey wacey ?
1362 darrrrkvengeance: (and for the vegans amongst us
1363 deathbyvanessa: bubbling tofu!
1364 darrrrkvengeance: purrrrrrr
1365 darrrrkvengeance:
1366 macey: haha, alright
1367 deathbyvanessa: night yalls
1368 deathbyvanessa left the room
1369 macey: well, i got to save this chat now. night everyone!
1370 haley: goodnight everyone!
1371 darrrrkvengeance: night
1372 darrrrkvengeance left the room
1373 haley: thanks for hosting macey
1374 macey: not a problem!

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