Morning Glories Issue 36 Tinychat from January 8, 2014
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 maria: hey
0003 maria: CLONES
0004 julienotrobin: HAPPY DAY
0005 macey: how are you all doing
0006 bennettw: Confused!
0007 julienotrobin: i just finished reading the issue 30 seconds ago
0008 julienotrobin: WAT
0009 julienotrobin: IS GOING ON
0010 maria: it's amazing i've been laughing this 3pm when i read it
0011 julienotrobin: also, the url for this chat was put on the back cover
0012 julienotrobin: <3
0013 yuuhy entered the room
0014 hannais2cool4: wiw ddint
0015 kelso entered the room
0016 bennettw: I go into these things trying to think what the most insane, OTT final page would be
0017 guest-447508 changed nickname to yuuhy
0018 guest-447511 changed nickname to kelso
0019 bennettw: And a bunch of Ians was even weirder than anything I expected
0020 yuuhy: hello people i see people i like
0021 macey: i guessed ian clones as a joke when joe posted the promo yesterday
0022 julienotrobin: yuuhy!!!!!
0023 macey: but iT WAS A JOKE
0024 yuuhy: helloooo
0025 maria: you're too smart, macey
0026 yuuhy: haha yeah that teaser totally
0027 kelso: yo what if they aren't clones
0028 yuuhy: hinted MUCH TOO STRONGLY
0029 kelso: what if there were always that many o_O
0030 macey: theyre sextuplets
0031 yuuhy: what if they are different facets of a single Ian
0032 kelso: what if there are more than six
0033 macey: eventually they will combine fukayama style
0034 macey: into the alpha ian
0035 julienotrobin: what if all of the kids can have multiples
0036 kelso: like one grumpy ian, another happy ian, another goofy ian, etc?
0037 maria: alpha ian knows all the x-men facts
0038 julienotrobin: what if ms. clarkson is still out there
0039 kelso: trying to find all of them...
0040 macey: oh my god imagine multiples of mg character
0041 macey: s
0042 kelso: i don't think casey would take it well
0043 kelso: strike that
0044 bennettw: OR, each one is its own facet of him, and we get a spinoff of an Ian-only highschool drama
0046 macey: multiple juns, constantly yelling. multiple hunters constantly spewing sci-fi facts
0047 kelso: ike would take it the worst
0048 kelso: that or he'd hit on himself
0049 kelso: jk
0050 macey: oh my god what if there's a whole nother mga just full of ians
0052 bennettw: I'd read that
0055 macey: or another zoe, our problems are solved
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0057 kelso: i'd still be super sad, though, because they aren't OUR hisao and zoe
0058 hannais2cool4: do any of you guys know what abraham was trying to do with the children?
0059 gingey entered the room
0060 macey: multiples would solve all our shipping problems tbh
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0062 kelso: probs clone them now
0063 maria: it would
0064 macey: hanna
0065 guest-447586 changed nickname to gingey
0066 maria: i just want to know what happened to the other ians
0067 gingey: hello I actually remembered to come for once
0068 hannais2cool4: thanks macey
0069 kelso: is there a possibility that the ians were pulled from multiple universes? with everything
0070 macey: ....MAYBE? who knows
0071 catolyn entered the room
0072 kelso: going on it isn't too crazy
0073 macey: i think anything is possible in this comic now
0074 yuuhy: I don't think we've broached the possibility of multiple universes yet within the text
0075 macey: i can't deny theories anymore they're all likely in this comic
0076 kelso: "crisis on infinite ians"
0077 yuuhy: but I wouldn't be too surprised if it showed up
0078 kelso: made me think of "crisis on infinite earths" from DC
0079 gingey: infinite ians is in itself a crisis
0080 macey: kelso i think that was the reference
0081 maria: "maybe ian is a clone lol joking" all theories are possible
0082 kelso: yep yep
0083 macey: guys now we can all have an ian for our very own
0084 macey: go to the ian shop
0085 macey: pick out an ian
0086 yuuhy: this is the worst shop
0087 gingey: I will take good care of my ian
0088 kelso: dress him up
0089 bennettw: I wonder if there's a warranty for defective Ians
0090 kelso: name him
0091 gingey: but his name is ian
0092 guest-447610 changed nickname to catolyn
0093 kelso: middle name?
0094 macey: god dont mention middle names i wonder those just as much as last names
0095 kelso: mine would be Ian Perry Simon just because
0096 kelso: I feel like Perry fits him
0097 macey: ians middle name is probably something embarassing like clifford or barnabas
0098 kelso: XD
0099 yuuhy: * takes notes *
0100 maria: wilfred
0101 kelso: hamish
0102 macey: I LIKE HAMISH
0103 kelso: harold
0104 kelso: john watson doesn't
0105 macey: wait wait tangent
0106 macey: miss richmond
0107 bennettw: DR!
0108 macey: whats going on there
0109 kelso: is she good or bad???
0110 maria: RIGHT like i'm really happy she's still alive but what?
0111 yuuhy: tbh I don't think anybody can be categorized into good or bad in this comic
0112 yuuhy: "for a better future" and all that
0113 vicky entered the room
0114 yuuhy: has she murdered any innocent people is a different question
0115 yuuhy: especially adolescents
0116 macey: i love how she's the cool one and dr simon is just
0117 guest-447664 changed nickname to vicky
0118 maria: oh dr simon, you truly did make ian
0119 vicky: heyhey
0120 macey: he just fucks robots. how did he become a scientist.
0122 yuuhy: OK THING IS
0123 maria: falling all over the place
0124 yuuhy: is she a robot
0126 vicky: I DUNNNO
0127 bennettw: I got a hypnotized vibe
0128 gingey: at first I was like
0129 gingey: "is he doing the power thing" before you mentioned robots
0130 macey: artificial human maybe? like they created ian they could easily create others
0131 gingey: maybe she was a normal one
0132 yuuhy: I assumed she was a human at first but man anything is possible
0133 gingey: and ian is the first "special" one?
0134 kelso: also i was confused at the beginning because that debbie girl looked like young hodge
0135 yuuhy: *assumed she was a robot
0136 kelso: with the hair
0137 macey: yeah i assumed it was dr simon using the mind control power but then i read study hall
0138 macey: and looking back the way she just stops is a lot different
0139 kelso: she collapsed kinda
0140 maria: like she turned off
0141 kelso: i assumed robot later on
0142 maria: robot does make sense
0143 kelso: mayeb the other ians aren't clones, but ROBOTS based off him?
0144 kelso: if he's trying to recreate ian, that seems ilke the fastest technology to improve upon
0145 catolyn: I somehow doubt that.
0146 kelso: rather than waiting for clones to grow
0147 macey: ...oh that's possible, hm
0148 kelso: gosh i'm just basing all my knowledge off of luthorcorp XD
0149 bennettw: Regardless of whether they're clones or robots, I was angry they dressed them the same
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0151 bennettw: That's just careless
0152 macey1: miss richmond looks so much like vanessa in the panel where she's rolling her eyes
0153 macey1: joe nails the parent-child resemblances in this book so well
0154 maria: i hope miss richmond and vanessa find each other again
0155 maria: but like... what if it's when vanessa is grown up
0156 macey: I WAS GONNA SAY they're both locked up now
0157 catolyn: They're both at the acadamy now, though.
0158 yuuhy: my prediction is that they will see each other and be happy and be about to reunite
0159 macey: if something happened in the cells it could totally happen
0160 yuuhy: and then blam
0161 upguntha entered the room
0162 macey: yuuhy no.....why
0163 yuuhy: this arc is supposed to be big for vanessa
0164 guest-447787 changed nickname to upguntha
0165 yuuhy: death is a big
0166 yuuhy:
0167 upguntha: hey guys
0168 bennettw: Hey upguntha
0169 maria: hi
0170 macey: daramount looks so happy to have new prisoners
0171 bennettw: Paul kicked ass with the colors this issue
0172 macey: she is having such a good week
0173 upguntha: who's loving multiple mini Ian
0174 bennettw: Caseymount in the waiting room was pretty
0175 maria: clarkson is such a baaaabe
0176 kelso: i love how he shades with purples it just brightens up everything
0177 macey: paul's been killing it yeah. his best work is still 32 and 35, i think
0178 kelso: makes everything prettier and less gloomy
0179 catolyn: Where do you think the other ians are?
0180 yuuhy: I JUST REALIZED Hunter is a wearing a Guild shirt
0181 kelso: still there?
0182 julienotrobin: you just noticed that?
0183 macey: ok so yeah is there an army of ians somewhere
0184 julienotrobin: i noticed it immediately
0185 kelso: though with oliver captured...hopefully they escaped?
0186 yuuhy: i'm sorry i didn't try to read it
0187 maria: hunter's geek level is amazing this issue
0188 yuuhy: I noticed the Akira poster
0189 macey: imagine an army of ians, infiltrating the school
0190 julienotrobin: i love the geek club
0191 kelso: i love how a whole page was dedicated to doctor who XD
0192 kelso: oh the psychic paper debate
0193 maria: they all trip immediately, letting the academy know they're there
0194 catolyn: But the doctor was sad to have to give up an ian, so it sounds like he won't have the rest
0195 macey: av club is best club
0196 macey: are we gonna talk about esi calling hannah "my dear" i wanna talk about that.
0197 yuuhy: FAVES
0198 upguntha: they redeemed themselves this issue
0199 julienotrobin: YES TALK ABOUT THAT
0200 upguntha: i semi trust them nw
0202 yuuhy: there is not a single lady in this comic who is straight in my head
0203 macey: THAT WAS CUTE....they're all cute
0204 yuuhy: maaaaybe vanessa
0205 yuuhy: maybe akiko
0206 gingey: I heard "my dear" and Iimmediately thought "lesbians?!" tbh
0207 macey: there is not a single person who is straight in this comic in my head
0208 macey: like, to be honest
0209 maria: vanessa/casey sorry yuuhy
0210 yuuhy: i can get behind that
0211 maria: it's easy to get behind
0212 vicky: vanessa/irina tbh yesmm
0213 maria: yes that too
0214 haley entered the room
0215 guest-447877 changed nickname to haley
0216 upguntha: canessa
0217 julienotrobin: LESBIANS
0218 haley: oh looks like i got here at a good time
0219 bennettw: Akiko needs to hurry up and wake up
0220 macey: this fandom's enthusiasm for possible lesbians is one of my favorite things
0221 maria: THERE ARE LESBIANS THAT'S THE THING i want to know who
0222 yuuhy: ok no dude unless it is explicitly contradicted in the text nobody can convince me
0223 joe_eisma entered the room
0224 haley: zoe for sure
0225 yuuhy: that zoe is not lesbian
0226 yuuhy: YES
0227 yuuhy: speaking of zoe
0228 kelso: I feel like hodge would be bisexual. I can see her with girls and guys.
0229 yuuhy: I already brought this up to macey but
0230 yuuhy: Ian is the second-youngest kid we are seeing after Zoe
0231 yuuhy: and Oliver mentions that he used to be more aware of his "situation"
0232 yuuhy: and is gradually forgetting
0233 macey: hodge doesn't look like she gives a fuck yeah. hodge transcends time and also sexuality
0234 yuuhy: when we saw Zoe at age three, she seemed hyperaware of her powers
0235 yuuhy: so I'm wondering if all of the special kids at some point exhibited a sort of
0236 kelso: what about irina?
0237 yuuhy: superawareness / active use of their powers
0238 haley: and tuna
0239 yuuhy: We saw her at age 7, didn't we?
0240 kelso: she doesn't seem as aware, but something was not natural there either
0241 macey: yuuhy do you think that has anything to do with the samsara thing?
0242 kelso: probably forgot by that point
0243 yuuhy: Ian is five here
0244 kelso: ah yeah that's a bit youngers
0245 yuuhy: Probably, like a sort of bleed-over?
0246 macey: remembering they had a past when they're young and forgetting after?
0247 macey: yeah
0248 upguntha: tuna doesn't see gender
0249 macey: hm. yeah, zoe's the youngest we've seen at three
0250 kelso: that's been recorded with lots of young children, actually
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0253 macey: ian was five here. tuna was seven last issue
0254 kelso: saying things they shouldn't know and that don't make sense
0255 haley: i meant tuna was aware of his powers
0256 macey: that's what i was gonna bring up kelso i've heard a lot of stories about that
0257 guest-447895 changed nickname to joe_eisma
0258 macey: haley
0259 kelso: as their new life takes over, they forget the old one
0260 guest-447979 entered the room
0261 macey: also, JOE
0262 kelso: but at that age, parts slip through
0263 upguntha: i think tuna was by accident
0264 joe_eisma: yo
0265 maria: JOE THE IANS
0266 haley: hi joe!
0267 yuuhy: hello!
0268 kelso: Hey, Joe!!
0270 macey: what a diverse group of small ians, joe
0271 haley: the ians were fantastic
0272 joe_eisma: haha. thanks
0273 haley: the grown up ian faces were also gold, as usual
0274 macey: how does nick approach you with these things
0275 maria: i almost spat out my lunch at the first one, i laughed so hard
0276 yuuhy: the guild shirt a+
0277 liv entered the room
0278 guest-448000 changed nickname to liv
0279 upguntha: ian memes 4ever
0280 guest-447979 left the room
0281 macey: does he just give you the script or does he say "yo btw there are ian clones"
0282 joe_eisma: he was real specific that i could only show one ian for most of the issue
0283 joe_eisma: there was mention that there'd be 'other kids' early in the script
0284 kelso: yeah i was caught really offguard on the last panel
0285 joe_eisma: but i was just as surprised by the ending as everyone else
0286 joe_eisma: haha yay someone caught the guild shirt
0287 gingey: JOE
0288 macey: wow nick how secretive
0289 joe_eisma: felicia day has been so good to us, i had to give back
0290 upguntha: other lol
0291 macey: did he do that with the end of 35 too?
0292 gingey: hello I am the one that made that incredibly stupid but surprisingly on point joke
0293 joe_eisma: haha no not on 35
0294 maria: oh is felicia day a fan of mg?
0295 maria: (i was so pleased by the guild shirt)
0296 joe_eisma: yeah--felicia's talked up the book on her blogs and at cons before
0297 maria: that's so cool
0298 joe_eisma: hello gingey!
0299 upguntha: she's a fan which is pretty awesome
0300 macey: imagine ian watching evangelion and crying over how much he relates to rei
0301 brella entered the room
0302 guest-448042 changed nickname to newuser6110
0303 vicky: ogm
0304 joe_eisma: haha
0305 gingey: I can't believe ian simon is a rei ayanami rip off
0306 gingey: (wow I'm so good at bad jokes)
0307 newuser6110 changed nickname to brella
0308 gingey: (I'm not actually calling him a rip off)
0309 joe_eisma: i am glad/sad you guys caught the multiples ruse so soon
0310 bennettw left the room
0311 gingey: I actually thought
0312 gingey: okay
0313 macey: tbh i was making clone ian jokes yesterday but AS A JOKE
0314 gingey: he likes eva
0315 gingey: maybe that was a visual nod
0316 macey: i did not expect it to happen but you guys have defied expectations again
0317 kelso: well it's not as if clone ians is necessarily a BAD thing
0318 gingey: we made clone jokes
0319 upguntha: Simon is Gendo Ikari
0320 gingey: then I read the issue and I was like HOLY SHIT
0321 kelso: if anything, this could be super awesome
0322 catolyn: There's been a lot of. ah. surprising mg issues lately.
0323 macey: ian clones is a good thing, now everyone can have their own ian
0324 kelso: ian clones come in and save the day
0325 atomwhite entered the room
0326 kelso: liek an ian militia
0327 gingey: it's a good thing to us
0328 haley: well if the ian clones are still around that is
0329 joe_eisma: haha
0330 guest-448072 changed nickname to atomwhite
0331 yuuhy: ok we haven't talked yet about the previous mention of oliver simon
0332 macey: OH YEAH THAT
0333 upguntha: lol
0334 brella left the room
0335 upguntha: I wonder what he was right aboit
0336 joe_eisma: yeah, i was so proud of you guys for catching that
0337 guest-448084 entered the room
0338 joe_eisma: particularly macey and upguntha
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0340 yuuhy: which issue was that?
0341 upguntha: 10
0342 yuuhy: damn son
0343 upguntha: I almost flew out of my chair I was like I know that name
0344 macey: it's always me and upguntha at this point
0345 maria: it really is
0346 macey: yuuhy i think i posted the cap....,
0347 yuuhy: yes i am going through your tag
0348 yuuhy: your 40-page tag
0349 macey: but yeah it's probably because i just did a reread while i was off from school
0350 upguntha: i made up for forgetting Mr. N
0351 catolyn left the room
0353 haley: OH WOW
0354 yuuhy: i found
0355 upguntha: 40 pg tag lol
0356 upguntha: I loved the reread bonanza
0357 macey: haha thanks upguntha
0358 haley: me too!
0359 macey: i wonder if jade remembers the name "oliver simon" still
0360 upguntha: that shit was hilarious
0361 macey: jade mentioning it and ian getting weirded out. "why are you having dreams about my dad"
0362 maria: oh god
0363 kelso: maybe there are jade clones, too?
0364 liv left the room
0365 upguntha: Imagine if it's future Jade and Oliver Simon
0366 annaharvelle entered the room
0367 macey: MAYBE FUTURE JADE IS A CLONE? or our jade is
0368 upguntha: Those bodies in issue 10 might be clones
0369 upguntha: failed clones
0371 guest-448156 changed nickname to annaharvelle
0372 macey: oh trust me we have speculated about future jade being a mom
0373 macey: tessa used to say she was hunter's mom
0374 yuuhy: i joke like every other day about everybody being everybody's parent
0375 maria: my sister said that about jade too
0376 kelso: well i mean if casey is david's mom idk what to think
0377 macey: yeah after casey is david's mom nothing is impossible here tbh
0378 yuuhy: especially since people can body swap
0379 upguntha: They should just send the student to Maury at soome point
0380 haley: everyone is everyone else's mom
0381 maria: basically mystique is actually everyone in the comic and is everyone's mom
0382 yuuhy: i LOVE how sarcastic Ian is in this issue
0383 macey: i think my favorite ian moment this issue was his daramount impersonation
0384 yuuhy: 'I'm free! Yaaay...'
0385 julienotrobin: also earlier someone said "tuna doesn't see gender" and.....ahaha "tuna doesn't see"
0386 yuuhy: GOF
0387 yuuhy: d
0388 yuuhy: GOD JULIE
0390 upguntha: finally someone got it
0391 joe_eisma: haha
0392 caleb_bollenbacher entered the room
0393 upguntha: I had to
0394 guest-448198 changed nickname to caleb_bollenbacher
0395 caleb_bollenbacher: guys...this new issue
0396 haley: so does dr simon have the command speechy powers (ala hodge and casey and tuna)?
0397 macey: there's still people making blind fortunato jokes at me im so mad
0398 caleb_bollenbacher: (hello!)
0399 macey: but now we can replace those with clone ian jokes
0400 yuuhy: think happy thoughts
0401 brella entered the room
0402 guest-448222 changed nickname to brella
0403 macey: next time, comatose akiko jokes?
0404 upguntha: I just realized that the av club may have communicated with Akiko via dreams
0406 brella: has anyone figured out who ian is yet
0407 joe_eisma: haha nice
0408 macey: the av club talks about her like ian could visit her??
0410 yuuhy: HUNTINGTON
0411 upguntha: Huntington?
0412 caleb_bollenbacher: i feel like there's a golden Ian/Spartacus joke brewing somewhere
0413 brella: yuuhy!! (i dont have a clever nickname for you yet)
0414 yuuhy: it is brella's last name
0415 yuuhy: officially
0416 macey: hunter's last name is huntington we've decided
0417 joe_eisma: HAHA
0418 upguntha: ohh
0419 julienotrobin: hunter huntington
0420 yuuhy: if andres had a last name i would use that
0421 julienotrobin: hahahaha
0422 upguntha: that's the town i work in lol
0423 caleb_bollenbacher: I want his last name to be Gatherer
0424 haley: hahah
0425 yuuhy: YES
0426 julienotrobin: ahahaha
0427 upguntha: Andres Crustashio
0428 julienotrobin: YES THAT
0429 joe_eisma: you guys are terrible
0430 brella: andres's might as well be huntington since i'm pretty sure he's hunter's biggest fan
0431 macey: caleb no....
0432 joe_eisma: haha
0433 yuuhy: wait ok back to ian could visit akiko
0434 caleb_bollenbacher: lol
0435 brella: amazing. ive been in the chat for five seconds and already distracted everyone with hunter
0436 maria: you have a gift
0437 upguntha: I drunkly got two of my friends to start reading the book
0438 macey: it's ok brella we love you
0439 julienotrobin: good job!
0440 yuuhy: that kiss joe posted, it looked like ian may not be fully aware that akiko is there
0441 haley: i feel like she wouldnt be able to be responsive though
0442 haley: even in the dream
0443 caleb_bollenbacher: how drunkly did you do it?
0444 clagnuts entered the room
0445 upguntha: they are dragging that first volume and it's making me mad
0446 upguntha: lol
0447 brella: yeeeah yuuhy i remember you mentioning that!!
0448 haley: just like hannah couldnt go on the recon hike
0449 yuuhy: so I suspect akiko is dreamwalkin
0450 yuuhy: kissin people
0451 guest-448255 entered the room
0452 yuuhy: in her sleep
0453 macey: what was your blood alcohol level upguntha
0454 guest-448252 changed nickname to clagnuts
0455 joe_eisma: now why would he not know she's there??
0456 guest-448255 left the room
0457 macey: akiko going around kissing everyone
0458 upguntha: 8.13
0459 brella: [inception music playing in the distance
0460 macey: having the time of her life
0461 caleb_bollenbacher: JOE YOU KNOW
0462 macey: kisses for everyone
0463 brella: maybe because david turned her into an angry ghost like him
0464 brella: an angry ghost who
0465 brella: kisses people
0466 brella: shshhh
0467 joe_eisma: you guys are just going to die from the akiko cuteness
0468 yuuhy: akiko and david hanging out
0469 macey: david and akiko as ghost buds
0470 gingey: oh my god
0471 maria: don't tease joe
0472 macey: IM EXCITED
0473 yuuhy: playing checkers
0474 haley: CUTENESS?
0475 yuuhy: playing ddr
0476 gingey: I've been waiting
0477 upguntha: .maybe she's having a Mind the Gap moment
0478 brella: i always die of the akiko cuteness
0479 yuuhy: macey our swanky au is missing david
0480 gingey: I have been having AKIKO WITHDRAWL
0481 joe_eisma: you haven't seen anything yet
0482 macey: it's been too long we haven't seen akiko all season
0483 brella: god, yuuhy. david keeps swinging his limbs too far and accidentally killing people
0484 vicky left the room
0486 joe_eisma: yeah, well she just been lying around
0487 yuuhy: DANCE
0488 upguntha: will she be cute with a gas mask on
0489 brella: i hope akiko's year will be better than fortunato's
0490 clagnuts left the room
0491 yuuhy: i have been dead since issue 1 akiko face
0492 maria: i think a lot of people will have better years than tuna
0493 macey: brella fortunato has had a wonderful year full of fabulous adventures!
0494 atomwhite left the room
0495 macey: like failing a mission and losing his eyesight
0496 upguntha: that remains to be seen
0497 macey: how eventuful
0498 macey: eventful
0499 newuser2409 entered the room
0500 guest-448282 changed nickname to newuser2409
0501 julienotrobin: more akiko yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
0502 annaharvelle left the room
0503 macey: but yes im very curious of the context of ian/akikoi smooches
0504 yuuhy: ok i don't think oliver simon said anything in this issue that he could be right about
0505 yuuhy: so we'll have to wait and see
0506 annaharvelle entered the room
0507 guest-448294 changed nickname to annaharvelle
0508 macey: what situation would cause akiko to smooch an ian
0509 annaharvelle left the room
0510 yuuhy: maybe she was only interested in fortunato for his eyeballs
0511 yuuhy: ian wears glasses. that's like. EXTRA eyeball.
0512 guest-448300 entered the room
0513 joe_eisma: haha
0514 macey: being fortunato is suffering........
0515 upguntha: poor tuna he can never win
0516 macey: what if the other ian clones come to mga and all of them have crushes on akiko
0517 brella: i hope he's doing okay
0518 upguntha: at least he had mellons
0519 brella: i hope he isn't getting gangrene or anything
0520 yuuhy: ohh my god macey
0521 brella: haha god that is the opposite of a problem
0522 macey: well we did see daramount and she seemed rather jolly this week
0523 upguntha: he can use melon seed to cover the eye holes
0524 brella: DIDN'T SHE MACEY
0525 yuuhy: he wears half a melon over his head
0526 macey: gouging out a kid's eyeballs really improved her mood
0527 brella: probably still riding on the high of gouging a student's eyes out
0528 kelso: what if the other ians have all of our ian's memories and the ian they released ISN'T IAN?
0529 upguntha: She got her groove back during 29
0530 kelso: crazy theory^
0531 brella: how many blasted ians can there BE
0532 macey: i was gonna say which is the original ian
0533 yuuhy: anythinG IS POSSIBLE
0534 macey: IS there an original ian
0535 kelso: exactly!
0536 macey: what if clarkson took the wrong one
0537 upguntha: nothing like a whiping session to cheer an girl up
0538 haley: also if hes a clone was he still born on may 4
0539 haley: cloned on may 4
0540 haley: does that even count?
0541 kelso: he said he was dealing with the supernatural so maybe he captured hte spirit and put it in
0542 gingey: oh that's
0543 kelso: an ian body?
0544 brella: i want to know why oliver simon got the same clothes for all of them
0545 gingey: a good point
0546 gingey: but I'm
0547 brella: isn't that a little confusing
0548 gingey: assuming
0549 upguntha: what if they're sixtuplets
0550 gingey: the guy he was cloned from
0551 gingey: was born on may 4th...
0552 kelso: if they're clones
0553 kelso: it's all so confusing
0554 kelso: obviously, it's morning glories
0555 upguntha: that;s why Clarkson only wanted one
0556 upguntha: like Junsao
0557 brella: well of course. more than one ian is way too much work
0558 brella: all that snark
0559 newuser2409: what if they aren't clones?
0560 kelso: well one of them wasn't born on the date
0561 macey: they refer to them as one person though before the end? as "he"
0562 gingey: one ian is already too much work
0563 macey: what if they're a HIVEMIND
0564 haley: semi related questions did all of the students at mga turn 16 this may 4 ?
0565 brella: what if ian's power is to duplicate himself
0566 macey: haley i think so
0567 haley: or are there different ages all still from may 4
0568 gingey: can you imagine
0569 guest-448300 left the room
0570 gingey: a hivemind of ians pining after akiko
0571 haley: ok thats what i thought
0572 yuuhy: i think everybody at mga is 16
0573 yuuhy: regardless of when they arrived
0574 macey: an army of ians breaking into the nurses's office saying "AKIKO AKIKO AKIKO" in unison
0575 upguntha: Simon never said they were all named Ian
0576 kelso: i tried looking up supernatural beings and things relating to what we learned about ian
0577 yuuhy: because when we have "___ years ago" and get the kid's age
0578 yuuhy: it always adds up to 16
0579 kelso: and all i got was castiel and lucfer supernatural google results
0580 kelso: this is going to be difficult...
0581 macey: goddamn the supernatural monopoly
0582 kelso: prevents any REAL research
0583 kelso: for another fandom XD
0584 newuser2409 left the room
0585 brella: macey don't you mean the supernatural momofolly
0586 upguntha: what if each Ian sees a different thing when it's eyes are open
0587 macey: they must compile their information
0588 upguntha: prob different states of Akiko cuteness
0589 macey: combine into one alpha ian
0590 macey: the god ian
0591 yuuhy: the hindu god murugan has six faces
0592 kelso: what does ANYONE see when their eyes are opened?
0593 yuuhy: not sure if that's at all helpful or relevant
0594 macey: imagine the ians fighting over akiko. imagine them all telling akiko they are the BEST ian
0595 gingey: they did say they made their own gods
0596 gingey: and they made ia
0597 gingey: n
0598 kelso: it's worth looking into!
0599 gingey: god ian
0600 yuuhy: I assume the past and future
0601 kelso: i was looking for stuff like that ty
0602 macey: they made their own god and all they got was a whiny brat with bad teeth
0603 brella: that
0604 joe_eisma: haha
0605 brella: 's my kind of god
0606 brella: i don't know about you
0607 guest-448435 entered the room
0608 sarcat entered the room
0609 haley: hes so rodenty i love it
0610 macey: also
0611 macey: like one of them was all angry and another was crying
0612 guest-448435 left the room
0613 guest-448447 changed nickname to sarcat
0614 joe_eisma: i'm curious as to you guys' reaction to the hunter/hannah fireworks
0615 joe_eisma: clearly they're going to end up together
0616 gingey: they are all only capable of experiencing one emotion
0617 gingey: except our ian
0618 joe_eisma: their little sparring scene was my favorite thing to draw
0619 macey: we were thinking esi/hannah, personally
0620 gingey: yeah we want lesbian
0621 haley: always a good choice
0622 maria: actually hunter is perfect to me. dream boy i will argue dw with him
0623 yuuhy: no matter what you write or draw
0624 joe_eisma: haha
0625 kelso: reminds me of the teen titans episode where raven's personality was split
0626 gingey: plus esi was pretttty affectionate
0627 yuuhy: we will always go lesbian
0628 maria: but yeah, esi/hannah all the way
0629 joe_eisma: i just love how hannah just hates hunter and can barely contain it
0630 upguntha: sounds like an episode of Jerry Springer
0631 brella: I DO TOO
0632 gingey: me too
0633 brella: and the av club totally knows it too
0634 brella: "you'll get him one day" CUTIES
0635 upguntha: we want lesbinas we want lesbian
0636 maria: hannah is amazing
0637 macey: andres on the other hand is hunters biggest fan
0638 brella: yeah joe her angry faces in that scene were spot on
0639 haley: sooo much
0640 yuuhy: i want a hannah of my very own
0641 yuuhy: i will argue with you about all the things, hannah
0642 brella: i think we all do
0643 yuuhy: pet pet
0644 joe_eisma: haha
0645 brella: "you do dumb things sometimes." still the best
0646 macey: see if everyone has clones then we can just all have a character of our very own
0647 macey: but for now we will have to settle for ian
0648 brella: uuugh
0649 maria: there are enough ians for all the truants
0650 brella: i'm sending mine back
0651 macey: oh my god the other truants interacting with the ian clones
0652 yuuhy: i want an adopt-an-ian flash game
0653 macey: vanessa corrals them all up. need to control all these whiners
0654 macey: they annoy guillaume enough that he thinks about jumping off something
0655 maria: fortunato would sit down with each one, asking about their day
0656 brella: irina would probably shoot at least one of them in the foot
0657 upguntha: this might explain hoe Megan ended up in Jade's dream. she as dream powers
0658 macey: oh my god no fortunato would be so confused
0659 macey: he can't see them so he doesnt know why ian's voice is in so many different places
0660 maria: SO CONFUSED "brother, how are more than one of you talking?"
0661 yuuhy: "brother please do not say so many things at once. my english..."
0662 upguntha: lmao
0663 brella: imagine akiko like, purposefully getting some pop culture reference wrong
0664 brella: just to piss all of hem off
0665 brella: until they're all ranting at the same time
0666 haley: thats beautiful
0667 upguntha: in Bakura's voice
0668 macey: akiko has to make a trivia game to figure out which ian is her ian
0669 maria: "what are your views on girls carrying your bags?"
0670 brella: "that time at the camp did i steal all your right or left socks"
0671 macey: maria
0672 joe_eisma: ok folks, i'm about to head out! glad you enjoyed the issue. some next issue stuff
0673 joe_eisma: you know the akiko=cute thing
0674 joe_eisma: in her former life, she was into ballet. ballet is a pain in the ass to draw.
0675 bennettw entered the room
0676 macey: BALLET......
0677 guest-448573 changed nickname to bennettw
0678 haley: ooooooh!
0679 upguntha: cuteeeeee
0680 maria: BALLET!
0681 maria left the room
0682 joe_eisma: and the next issue is more our usual length--28 all new pages
0683 maria entered the room
0684 guest-448585 changed nickname to maria
0685 macey: aw dang that's awesome
0686 kelso: Sounds awesome, Joe!!
0687 maria: i'm so excited
0688 haley: yayy!! i'm psyched
0689 kelso: Can't wait <3
0690 joe_eisma: that's all for now. thanks everyone for reading!
0691 upguntha: Akikoooo
0692 maria: bye joe
0693 macey: bye joe! thanks for coming!!
0694 haley: bye joe
0695 joe_eisma: i will see you next time
0696 upguntha: g'nite joe
0697 gingey: thank you joe!
0698 kelso: thanks, joe!!
0699 joe_eisma left the room
0700 brella: night joe!!
0701 brella: so many great faces in this issue, well done
0702 bennettw: Night Joe!
0703 macey: aw i forgot to say
0704 macey: the truants crying checklist is finally complete
0705 macey: all the truants have cried now
0706 maria: IT IS isn't
0707 haley: OH HEY
0708 macey: they actually beat the glories in that regard, ike still hasnt cried
0709 maria: you should make a graphic with your checklist in the middle
0710 yuuhy: I can't wait for the av club to cry
0711 macey: i feel like we finally need to get ike to cry first
0712 macey: come oooon, #38, come ooooon
0713 haley: maybe in the next next issue
0714 upguntha: ike has crocodile tears
0715 maria: ike cries ghibli tears
0716 kelso: ugly crying
0717 haley: we havent seen him deal with any of what went on during woodrun yet so
0718 brella: macey how is your list going
0719 kelso: the reason ike doesn't cry is because he knows he's an ugly cryer
0720 brella: oh you just said it never mind
0721 haley: he had a psychotic break and almost died, so that could be a start
0722 macey: ike mentioned sleeping badly right? probably because of that breakdown he had
0723 kelso: he can't have that
0724 kelso: it's coming. he's gonna break down.
0725 kelso: by himself, though?
0726 macey: break down and stab some people
0727 kelso: or who else would be there?
0728 maria: i'm still so in love with the fact that ike followed jun and hunter that night
0729 maria: jaaaaaade
0730 kelso: it'd be really unfortunate if he broke down in front of daramount or something
0731 haley: haha all of those looks
0732 macey: gotta stop reading "unfortunate" as "unfortunato"
0733 bennettw: I disagree
0734 bennettw: NEVER stop reading "unfortunate" as "unfortunato"
0735 macey: tbh this seems to be more daramount's arc, right? and last arc was more hodge's
0736 kelso: i'm gonna start writing unfortunate as unfortunato
0737 macey: and ike still DOES want that blowjob
0738 kelso: XD
0739 kelso: he'll start crying ghibli tears during the blowjob....
0740 upguntha: lmao
0741 haley: hahaha
0742 macey: daramount introduces ike to fortunato
0743 macey: ike realizes he may NOT want that blowjob
0744 upguntha: she might gouge a different eye out
0745 caleb_bollenbacher left the room
0746 kelso: o_______________o
0747 macey: oh georgina
0748 macey: OKAY SO how much do you want to bet vanessa and ian met earlier than the camp
0749 macey: because their parents worked together
0750 kelso: what if vanessa knows what ian is and ian doesn't?
0752 maria: it totally did
0753 kelso: and she's sworn to secrecy?
0754 haley: when did dr richmond switch to working for abraham anyway
0755 kelso: probably shortly after that?
0756 haley: OH also is the benefactorthat simon and clarkson talk about mga or abraham?
0757 emma entered the room
0758 guest-448750 changed nickname to emma
0759 kelso: casey took ian away so
0760 maria: maybe when ian was taken? so she took vanessa too so he wouldn't be alone
0761 haley: because that would say a lot about richmond maybe
0762 macey: see this brings up the idea that vanessa was an experiment baby too
0763 haley: ooh interesting
0764 maria: maybe it was just bring your daugther to work day
0765 macey: tiny vanessa corralling all the ians
0766 sarcat left the room
0767 kelso: all the truants are, maybe?
0768 kelso: tho it seems unlikely
0769 macey: at least with fortunato's backstory it didn't seem like it
0770 haley: and irinas
0771 macey: with irina i'd say it's possible only because of kseniya
0772 haley: we dont know like anything about guillaume though
0773 macey: the others quite possibly
0774 haley: even walid
0775 maria: all we know about guillaume is that he's french, gay, hot, and smug as hell
0776 macey: guillaume is a jerkface
0777 maria: it's amazing
0778 kelso: he's a french, gay, hot, smug as hell jerkface
0779 maria: that's all there is to guillaume
0780 kelso: yeah he's been kinda douchey
0781 kelso: but i feel like his feelings for hisao were real
0782 maria: oh they definitely were
0783 kelso: he was just being really dumb when he took advantage of hisao's feelings ugh
0784 kelso: and hisao probably died thinking his first love was a douchebag
0785 kelso: which freaking kills me
0786 bennettw: To be fair, standing up to Irina's probably not the safest thing to do
0787 kelso: also true yes
0788 kelso: i just feel bad for everyone who isn't irina in that situation
0789 upguntha1 entered the room
0790 guest-448831 changed nickname to upguntha1
0791 maria: i feel bad for irina in that situation
0792 haley: agreed
0793 brella: i wonder how irina's doing
0794 brella: i hope she's getting lots of eggs
0795 haley: the special classes are really just lots of breakfast
0796 maria: all the eggs. mr n makes the best eggs
0797 macey: i wonder what other students mr n has
0798 macey: he sort of alludes to it
0799 bennettw: Maybe he has the Angry Ian
0800 upguntha1: she would prib egg hi, first
0801 maria: a bunch of like town houses, goes to each one, makes their fav foods
0802 macey: there's just an entire complex of houses for all mr ns students
0803 brella: YEAH i wonder if he ever had fortunato
0804 brella: oh gosh imagine them slowly socializing irina with other students
0805 brella: she just sits in a corner hissing
0806 maria: made melon salad for fortunato
0807 macey: i figured he had fortunato before 35? but 35 sort of implied he was more daramount's
0808 macey: (which is hilarious because daramount interacting with fortunato like she does w/ ike)
0809 haley: mr n is really specialized though so mabe there are things daramount couldnt do
0810 macey: "irina this is-" "[loud hiss
0811 maria: "irina what did i say about hissing at the table"
0812 kelso: XD
0813 maria: she climbs onto the ceiling, hisses from there
0814 kelso: yeah i do hope she's doing better tho
0815 haley: etiquette amiright
0816 kelso: no more spidey powers
0817 upguntha1: those scenes of clarkson and simon broughr me back to the gribbs daramunt days
0818 bennettw: Speaking of that,
0819 bennettw: Is it possible the multiple Ians were just a big attempt to get the right time of birth?
0820 macey: rereading 11 was such a trip because i was realizing georgina probably tried all that
0821 macey: stuff on poor fortunato
0822 macey: GOD, remember when gribbs was alive
0823 maria: poor fortunato
0824 macey: gribbs didnt even get a funeral. poor gribbs
0825 maria: poor, poor gribbs
0827 haley: i thought that was really weird actually
0828 kelso: have an ian born each day around this time
0829 kelso: and hopefully an almighty god will be born into one of them
0830 haley: like it seems like it would be super conspicious that hes gone but they dont mention it
0831 haley: conspicuous
0832 kelso: yeah i actually felt a little bad they didn't acknowledge it
0833 nat entered the room
0834 kelso: he still worked there
0835 kelso: taught students
0836 macey: i wonder how jun's old friends are doing
0837 macey: they worked with gribbs right
0838 guest-448933 changed nickname to nat
0839 macey: who is leading their group now (is it howard)
0840 maria: two of them are dead though, right?
0841 macey: what do you mean maria?
0842 gingey left the room
0843 haley: zoe killed a couple of them
0844 maria: like, the two that helped jun take hunter to the green house
0845 maria: chad and... the other one
0846 bennettw: Chad and Steve v1
0847 haley: but there were still plenty when jun went to try to undo woodrun
0848 maria: truuuue jun collected the jocks of mga
0849 macey: OH yeah forgot those guys
0850 macey: the cult jocks have suffered such great losses
0851 maria: so many loses
0852 macey: what a tragic tale
0853 maria: the jocks and cheerleaders just aren't safe
0854 emma left the room
0855 brella left the room
0856 kelso: i was rereading the zoe issue today where she inquires about the cheerleading squad
0857 upguntha1: I want Ian roomate stories
0858 macey: AH YES
0859 kelso: makes me wonder what would've happened if she fully joined
0860 macey: one of ian's roomies looks EXACTLY like a dude i went to middle school with
0861 macey: it's freaky
0862 kelso: that's weird o_O
0863 kelso: roomie stories would be hilarious tho
0864 bennettw: After that one kid bumped into Ian, I was wondering about the MGA policy on bullying
0865 macey: he actually left the school district after 8th grade
0866 macey: maybe he went to morning glory academy
0867 kelso: most likely
0868 macey: haha i bet they have no policy. just whatever works to their advantage
0869 macey: tbh i wont be surprised if the truants get beat up on a lot- some of these students are
0870 macey: very loyal to mga, and they saw who the truants were at woodrun
0871 bennettw: Some kids were still helping Guillaume pass notes
0872 upguntha left the room
0873 bennettw: That was brave of them
0874 yuuhy: he looked too sad
0875 bennettw: Fair point
0876 yuuhy: alternatively, "quick pass the note he might shoot us"
0877 bennettw left the room
0878 bennettw entered the room
0879 haley: always a risk with truants
0880 guest-449017 changed nickname to bennettw
0881 bennettw: Offtopic, but anyone read the Locke and Key finale?
0882 macey: sad thought
0883 nat: oh my god
0884 haley: alpha or soemthign else?
0885 bennettw: Alpha 2, yeah
0886 haley: yep!
0887 upguntha1: I'm still on Vol4 on that book
0888 bennettw: HURRY UP UPGUNTHA
0889 upguntha1: i need to catch up si badly
0890 upguntha1: it's been over a year since I read it i think
0891 bennettw: Yeah? Volume 4 ended on such a bastard of a cliffhanger too
0892 upguntha1: it's like 20th century boys still on vol6
0893 upguntha1: whatttt
0894 upguntha1: so it's like MG
0895 macey: actually like. really curious on how the truants are treated now
0896 macey: do the teachers give them detentions for fun
0898 yuuhy: I READ IT SO FAST
0899 macey: when are they gonna realize fortunato isnt coming out
0900 macey: will they try to save akiko
0901 haley: we havent really seen detention besides THE detentions
0902 yuuhy: we know akiko had blackboard cleaning once
0903 maria: i'm waiting for ian to do something rash to save her
0904 nat: yes.
0905 macey: i'm surprised he hasn't yet
0906 macey: i keep expecting him to sell out the av club for her
0907 nat: I'm thinking akiko is going to be having coma dreams
0908 yuuhy: yes please
0909 yuuhy: betrayal <3
0910 maria: i'm just waiting
0911 haley: after this one that seems less likely i think.
0912 haley: the way he interacted with them was different than i expected
0913 nat: I really want to know more on the av club, on what they have to bring to the table
0914 haley: it would be extra sad now though because they all clearly adore him
0916 macey: you could also see how much they all ship ian/akiko wow
0917 maria: the av club is basically the fandom
0918 upguntha1: but she doesnt want to ride that shii[
0919 bennettw: I want more Hunter/Jade interaction
0920 macey: OH MY GOSH YEAH i wanna see how he interacts with her now
0921 bennettw: They've only had like three scenes in the whole series
0922 macey: knowing who she becomes
0923 bennettw: (minus the Old-Jade stuff)
0924 macey: i feel like that relationship should be important now
0925 haley: yeah seriously
0926 maria: i need more of the ginger harem
0927 upguntha1: Wow Jade only had scenes with Ike and Casey
0928 upguntha1: this needs to rectified
0929 bennettw: Yeah, that's why I never really thought of the Glories as a team after the first volume
0930 bennettw: Like, on-page, Casey only ever spoke to Hisao once, and even then she was talking to two o
0931 bennettw: *other people
0932 macey: YEAH i wish casey and hisao had some sort of relationship
0933 macey: but it looks like jun and casey will interact a lot now
0934 nat: yeah other than hunter can you get jun on board?
0935 maria: angry casey/jun make outs
0936 upguntha1: dear lord
0937 bennettw: Also, I think this volume is the most vague it's ever been as far as the events' timing
0938 haley: which events
0939 upguntha1: true
0940 bennettw: Any of them
0941 zach entered the room
0942 bennettw: I don't think we've had any references to exactly how long it's been since Woodrun
0943 upguntha1: cause we can't tell when ppl are being released in relationship to another
0944 guest-449179 changed nickname to zach
0945 upguntha1: days wise
0946 haley: we did at the funeral didnt we?
0947 haley: that was like a week?
0948 haley: since then who knows though
0949 bennettw: Was it a week?
0950 nat: maybe more, like maybe it's a weekend
0951 nat: right now
0952 bennettw: Oh, nope, you're right, "one week"
0953 bennettw left the room
0954 macey: 33 was a week after woodrun i think
0955 bennettw entered the room
0956 mercury entered the room
0957 macey: and 34 took place a day or two aft
0958 guest-449218 changed nickname to bennettw
0959 macey: *after
0960 guest-449221 changed nickname to mercury
0961 macey: we're likely in early june now
0962 nat: wow, and when did they get there? May?
0963 macey: may 4th
0964 haley: yep
0965 bennettw: Zergrinch has a really thorough list of events on the Wiki but it gets uncertain after #29
0966 bennettw: #33 is apparently May 22-ish
0967 macey: i kind of want to see winter at mga but the way this series moves we'll never get there
0968 haley: ian and tuna are still in their woodrun uniforms ew
0970 bennettw: Ian looked like he smells
0971 k entered the room
0972 nat: what happens when they have to go to the bathroom?
0973 guest-449242 changed nickname to k
0974 upguntha1: they get a can in the corner
0975 macey: yeah probably
0976 macey: i love ian's terrible choice of fashion in this issue too
0977 macey: so much green
0978 k left the room
0979 nat: so fabulous
0980 bennettw: There's been a lot of green lately
0981 macey: long sleeves and shorts
0982 maria: at least no orange this time
0983 macey: world's biggest baby ian simon, basically
0984 haley: dr simon dressed him better
0985 nat: btw, what happened to the woman with dr. simon?
0986 nat left the room
0987 bennettw: Maybe the multi-Ians was this Ender's Game thing where they were trying to get one with th
0988 bennettw: *the right personality
0989 nat entered the room
0990 macey: perhaps....? hmmm
0991 guest-449266 changed nickname to nat
0992 macey: well our ian certainly turned out
0993 macey: lovely
0994 bennettw: Right?
0995 bennettw: Like they made six and only one took to the toy lightsaber
0996 upguntha1: I love he always knocks into ppl
0997 upguntha1: watch out on my way to be brainwashed
0998 nat: maybe it well end up like orphan black
0999 macey: i keep feeling like someday ian is gonna get thirsty for revenge
1000 macey: turn out to be super dangerous
1001 nat left the room
1002 haley: which ian do we think is ours ? based on the last panel ians
1003 maria: SAME MACEY
1004 macey: i was kind of hoping it was the crybaby one
1005 maria: also same macey
1006 macey: but the one who went up to the window seemed interesting, like he knew someone was there
1007 haley: yeah i was leaning towards him
1008 haley: the angry one being ours would be funnier though
1009 bennettw: My one complaint about the issue is that in the second page with the AV club,
1010 bennettw: Andres moustache was too full and not gross enough
1011 macey: ah yes, the crustache
1012 macey: just as important a member of the av club as andres himself
1013 bennettw: Exactly
1014 macey: the angry one amused me
1015 macey: im kind of curious about the ians interacting
1016 upguntha1: omg gotta finish Orphan Black too
1017 upguntha1:
1018 macey: are some of them friends? do they pick on the crybaby one??
1019 bennettw: L&K first, Upguntha
1020 upguntha1: but Tatiana
1021 bennettw: I wanna know what they call each other
1022 upguntha1: did they change th ary on vol 4
1023 macey: i bet they fought over who was ian 1 and such
1024 haley: no the art is all the same
1025 haley: ^(to upguntha)
1026 bennettw: Sort of, it's the same artist/colourist, but the characters started looking less cartoony
1027 macey: "i wanna be four" "no I'M four"
1028 upguntha1: ok
1029 bennettw: I think they said it was to reflect them growing up
1030 upguntha1: i remember it looking different
1031 mercury left the room
1032 mercury entered the room
1033 guest-449371 changed nickname to mercury
1034 upguntha1: ps? y'all should read Elephantmen
1035 macey: oh god are we throwing around recs now
1036 bennettw: $20 a volume? good gravy
1037 macey: i guess since young avengers ended today my top rec is sex criminals now
1038 haley: i'm loving sex criminals. havent read todays yet though
1039 macey: OH and mind the gap. y'all gotta read mind the gap
1040 macey: rodin esquejo art!!! all the time!!!
1041 bennettw: Yeah?
1042 haley: i need to catch up on that one
1043 maria: i need to read mind the gap and i read the first of sex criminals
1044 bennettw: Rodin art is insane
1045 macey: rodin's art has gotten really good in mtg too
1046 upguntha1: I love mind the gap
1047 macey: it was sort of bland at first in terms of expressions- like the characters didnt seem real
1048 macey: but he's gotten SO MUCH BETTER at it
1049 bennettw: 32's cover was fantastic when they showed the unfinished version,
1050 bennettw: then the final one just blew me away
1051 upguntha1: that was brilliant
1052 macey: yeah rodin's covers have been amazing lately
1053 macey: i think 34 and 35 are my two favorites in the series
1054 maria: same tbh
1055 macey: i love how we've gotten all these pretty intense covers but this cover was jus
1056 maria: 35 is just... wow
1057 macey: ian looking uncomfortable
1058 haley: so much furrow
1059 bennettw: I had the interlocked 25 covers as my desktop for ages
1060 macey: ian looks so silly on 25's cover too
1061 bennettw: The faces in L&K ruin me. I'm genuinely saddened to see those characters cry
1062 macey: rodin decided he's not gonna draw ian cool it seems
1063 bennettw: There was one variant cover where Ian was a twig
1064 macey: bennett was that mehdi cheggour's?
1065 haley: joe drew this cover though
1066 bennettw: Probably?
1067 bennettw: Trying to find what issue
1068 maria: drawing ian cool would be impossible soooo
1069 bennettw: Yea, that was it
1070 bennettw: I'm excited to see Ian wear socks with his sandles. You know it's coming.
1071 haley: YESSSS
1072 bennettw: If his feet are ever off-panel, I just assume that's what's going on down there
1073 upguntha1: I just realized that Joe is credited for the last 2 covers
1074 bennettw: Dayum, really?
1075 bennettw: The lighting in the Fortunato one was stunning
1076 macey: I KNOW rodin killed it with tuna
1077 macey: at least fortunato got a pretty cover in exchange for his constant pain
1078 bennettw: Apparently it was Joe
1079 macey: no it was rodin nick posted it with rodin's credit
1080 macey: they just screwed up in the issue
1081 haley: this one too then?
1082 upguntha1: yeah that's what thought
1083 bennettw: Ohhh
1084 macey: yeah- rodin posted a preview for this cover on his instagram months ago
1085 upguntha1: cause those covers are on Rodin's instagram
1086 kelso left the room
1087 macey: curses! why, credits errors, why
1088 macey: it's funny how we all made fun of ian and in this issue they keep talking about how he's
1090 maria: psssssh ian
1091 upguntha1: righttttttttt
1092 upguntha1: let's see him try to raise the drad
1093 bennettw: I think it's awesome how even ignoring context, we can generally tell Clarkson and Daramou
1094 upguntha1: dead*
1095 bennettw: *Daramount apart just on the way they carry themselves
1096 macey: OH YEAH
1097 bennettw: All in the shoulders
1098 macey: joe's gotten so good at that
1099 macey: joe in general. dang. joe eisma
1100 macey: an artistic god
1101 mercury left the room
1102 maria: joe is amazing
1103 bennettw: Also why I'm going to be mad if Casey's ultimately a bad guy, because her face
1104 bennettw: is way too sympathetic for me to believe it
1105 julienotrobin left the room
1106 macey: yeah! casey's just so nice. facewise.
1107 macey: like even if casey ends up an antagonist as clarkson we'll always know she tried to be
1108 macey: good- like w/ that end scene with little tuna in 35
1109 maria: she is *___* casey
1110 macey: i expect she may end up being a good person influenced to do bad things
1111 maria: that's what i think
1112 maria: god she's already killed so many people
1113 bennettw: Oh, so in the Casey montage in 26
1114 bennettw: Are we still thinking it's Jade's mom she's talking to, or Jade?
1115 upguntha1: remember what Zoe said about her
1116 bennettw: Yeah, but consider the source for that
1117 bennettw: Ike, too
1118 upguntha1: Zoe was just misunderstood
1119 macey: i do think the divide in casey opinions is interesting
1120 haley: yeah i still buy whats she said honestly
1121 macey: because it's extended from the glories now- vanessa likes her, jun doesn't
1122 macey: it seems to be as constant a thing in-series is it is out of series, with casey
1123 bennettw: In 26, the montage thing seems to be in order
1124 bennettw: If Oliver was 11 years ago and Tuna was 9
1125 maria: okay, i'm going to head off. had a long day and i'm zooning out too much haha
1126 macey: nick said the montage was out of order before i think
1127 maria: make fun of ian more for me
1128 macey: that must just be coincidence
1130 bennettw: Yeah? Dang
1131 maria: THANK YOU MACEY
1132 maria: night y'all
1133 macey: night!!
1134 maria left the room
1135 upguntha1: night
1136 bennettw: Night!
1137 macey: ok so what do we think about miss richmond right now
1138 upguntha1: no opinions on her yet
1139 macey: i'm sort of curious about how she and simon were working together
1140 bennettw: I wanna know what that radio was
1141 macey: and both of their kids ended up special, at the camp, and then at mga
1142 haley: yesss. i want to know when she went to abe
1143 bennettw: And why she wasn't at the Camp when Daramount attacked
1144 macey: do we know she wasn't? she could have escaped like hisao
1145 upguntha1: she was prob was with simon
1146 bennettw: Fair point
1147 macey: maybe she goes between the camp and the lab ian's from
1148 haley: if abraham is the benefactor than that makes a lot of sense
1149 bennettw: Or maybe she bailed after Vanessa left
1150 haley: but if its mga then maybe not
1151 macey: well her and simon got caught together it seems so she was probably back at the lab...
1152 macey: how were they caught, i wonder
1153 bennettw: Time to walk the dog. See you guys next month!
1154 haley: and what do they want them to do now
1155 bennettw left the room
1156 upguntha1: night
1157 macey: see you!
1158 macey: i mean if they're in the cells there's the risk they'd run into older vanessa
1159 macey: or fortunato
1160 upguntha1: well the cells are solitary i don't think they get out much
1161 upguntha1: unless to time travel
1162 haley: do people in cells really run into anyone
1163 macey: perhaps a bomb will go off!! or another hole will appear in the walls! YOU NEVER KNOW
1164 haley: can you imagine though. dr richmond and old vanessa
1165 macey: yeah, the saddest thing in the world
1166 zach left the room
1167 upguntha1: maybe that's why they brought her
1168 zach entered the room
1169 upguntha1: to torture her with her mother
1170 guest-449716 changed nickname to zach
1171 haley: vanessa is kind of hodge's pet prisoner though
1172 haley: it seems like daramount wouldnt care enough to bring her in for that
1173 macey: yeah i feel like hodge wouldn't want older vanessa to know
1174 macey: and if hodge wants a grip on any of the truants, it's vanessa
1175 upguntha1: ps
1176 macey: oh man upguntha i didnt notice that
1177 macey: AMAZING
1178 upguntha1: i just noticed it
1179 macey: yet another thing we must thank joe for
1180 upguntha1: yup since i kept bringing it up
1181 upguntha1: lol
1182 macey: he certainly delivers
1183 upguntha1: hope the girl from the panel who was afraid to ask is happy
1184 upguntha1: that's why i love them
1185 zach entered the room
1186 zach left the room
1187 guest-449791 changed nickname to zach
1188 macey1: they did good
1189 macey1: but they always do
1190 upguntha1: i love how angry ian is sittinfg in front of a cave
1191 macey: angry ian is my favorite thing
1192 macey: i liked the angry baby ian today
1193 macey: smashing the truck
1194 upguntha1: and taj mahal
1195 macey: i hope that isn't some sort of foreshadowing
1196 upguntha1: google "Murugan and spear" and look at Vanessa time travel flahback panel 2
1197 upguntha1: am i overthinking this
1198 macey1: ....hmmmm
1199 macey1: idk. maybe you should put it on the study hall
1201 yuuhy left the room
1202 upguntha1: yeah i'll do that tomorrow
1203 macey: wow i think everyone fell asleep tonight
1204 upguntha1: yup
1205 upguntha1: i guess i'll call it a night too
1206 upguntha1: can't wait to see what they annouce at the expo tomorrpw
1207 macey: i THINK there's been implications nick has a new series to announce
1208 macey: so there's that
1209 upguntha1: i'm rxcited
1210 macey: image expo is always the best thing
1211 macey: i know people who are going and im JEALOUS
1212 upguntha1: ughhh
1213 upguntha1: they need an east coast version
1214 macey1: THEY DO i'd go to that
1215 macey1: but anyway. looks like it's about time to close up
1216 upguntha1: all right nite Mace
1217 macey1: you too! and good night to....anyone who is still present

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