Morning Glories Issue 37 Tinychat from February 19, 2014
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 guest-123931 changed nickname to julienotrobin
0002 maria: hey guys. thanks for coming. just a reminder that macey isn't here this week so i'm here
0003 julienotrobin: thank you for being her
0004 julienotrobin: here*
0005 guest-123568 changed nickname to brella
0006 maria: least i can do
0007 maria: so, akiko huh? cutest frigging thing.
0008 julienotrobin: so cute
0009 zach entered the room
0010 guest-123985 changed nickname to zach
0011 maria: i think i could easily just read a comic about akiko and only her.
0012 julienotrobin: yesssssss
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0017 haley entered the room
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0022 allen: hello
0023 maria: hey there
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0026 allen: did i miss it?
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0029 guest-124021 changed nickname to darrrrkvengance
0030 maria: miss the chat? no it's just starting
0031 guest-124024 changed nickname to bettercrazy
0032 darrrrkvengance: hey all!
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0034 maria: hey
0035 darrrrkvengance: go go gadget purple!
0036 darrrrkvengance: well, i thought this was maybe my fave issue since 10
0037 darrrrkvengance: soooo worth the wat!
0038 darrrrkvengance: *wait
0039 maria: it was so worth the wait.
0040 brella: fortunato thought god was punishing him because he LET SOMETHING BAD HAPPEN TO AKIKO HAHA
0041 brella: BYE
0042 haley: i actually cried at the last page
0043 brella: also. akiko looking embarrassed to even know ian during the sodom and gomorrah story
0044 maria: RIGHT i just reread that and my heart is in pieces
0045 haley: i don't think i've done that before
0046 brella: everyone giving ian unimpressed looks
0047 maria: only look to give him.
0048 allen left the room
0049 haley: but he looks so proud of himself its great
0050 julienotrobin: who in the series isn't unimpressed by ian?
0051 julienotrobin: (no one)
0052 haley: the av club
0053 julienotrobin: ok yeah
0054 brella: except hunter
0055 darrrrkvengance: awww, poor ian
0056 brella: sorry, i mean "insecure guy"
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0059 maria: i want ian to never call him by his name.
0060 brella: his epithets get increasingly complicated
0061 joe_eisma entered the room
0062 maria: hunter gets more and more confused. and annoyed.
0063 brella: BUT AKIKO... MY SUNSHINE... too many people are locked up in dungeons!!
0064 bettercrazy: am i the only one who just didn't understand anything this issue
0065 darrrrkvengance: there was such a crazy amount going on this issue i don't know where to start
0066 brella: this must stop
0067 brella: YEAH how about that doctor showing up again eh
0068 bettercrazy: like is she really awake now
0069 haley: it was such a trip
0070 bettercrazy: how did she get from her room to fortunato
0071 yuuhy entered the room
0072 bettercrazy: and materialize
0073 brella: no, she isn't, i don't think, i'm pretty sure she's astrally projecting or something
0074 haley: i think that was dream akiko too?
0075 maria: i think fortunato can hear her because he can't see
0076 guest-124081 changed nickname to yuuhy
0077 brella: fortunato might be able to "see" her because he doesn't have any eyes
0078 bettercrazy: but how can she touch him
0079 bettercrazy: she was holding him
0080 julienotrobin: some people reacted to her and some didn't
0081 darrrrkvengance: who was the butler dude who (twice) opens the morning-gloried door?
0082 julienotrobin: and some were definitely her walking through memories
0083 brella: yeeeeah that guy's stache was off the chain
0084 deadthewholetime entered the room
0085 guest-124093 changed nickname to deadthewholetime
0086 brella: BUT i guess we now have even further indications that
0087 julienotrobin: also, it might have something to do with their multples powers?
0088 brella: the academy is a place separate from the plane/time/whatever it is that we know
0089 maria: i guess, yeah.
0090 brella: since hodge had to go through that tunnel to get there after dropping casey off
0091 guest-124066 changed nickname to joe_eisma
0092 maria: that tunnel will always frustrate me
0093 brella: i mean, maybe? if you have to take some special door or passage to get there
0094 darrrrkvengance: i hope a bunch of people applied for that job, and were rejected for unimpressive 'staches
0095 brella: HI JOE
0096 haley: that tunnel was eztra weird
0097 joe_eisma: hello
0098 haley: extra
0099 maria: hey joe
0100 haley: hi joe!
0101 julienotrobin: hi!
0102 darrrrkvengance: hey joe. awesome, awesome issue!
0103 brella: oh my god the art was sssoooo
0105 maria: ok, just wow this issue. the ballet was amazing.
0106 deadthewholetime: ^_^
0107 haley: akiko was gorgeous
0108 upguntha entered the room
0109 joe_eisma: haha thank you thank you
0110 joe_eisma: i'm glad you saw the kawaii in the issue
0111 guest-124120 changed nickname to upguntha.
0112 joe_eisma: haha thank you thank you
0113 joe_eisma: i'm glad you saw the kawaii in the issue
0114 guest-124120 changed nickname to upguntha
0115 brella: her little "yeesh!" was the CUTEST
0116 julienotrobin: soooo cute
0117 guest-124129 entered the room
0118 guest-124129 left the room
0119 upguntha: Hiiiiiiii
0120 julienotrobin: and her and fortunato were cute and sad
0121 joe_eisma: yeah, i think akiko has a quality like hunter
0122 joe_eisma: she can't NOT be cute, no matter the situation
0123 maria: pretty much
0124 joe_eisma: like how he can't help but quote star wars
0125 maria: haha
0126 haley: so precious
0127 brella: part of the natural order of the universe
0128 upguntha: Those ballet scenes were amazing Joe
0129 maria: i can't wait for hunter and akiko to meet (one day)
0130 brella: they really were, wow
0131 joe_eisma: thanks, upguntha!
0132 julienotrobin: that might be too much cute
0133 julienotrobin: in one place
0134 joe_eisma: haha
0135 maria: very true.
0136 darrrrkvengance: +1 on the ballet panels being awesome
0137 joe_eisma: well isn't she dead? mga study hall said so!
0138 yuuhy: i have super mega doubts about that
0139 julienotrobin: akiko?
0140 julienotrobin: she is not dead
0141 julienotrobin: i think
0142 joe_eisma: hee hee
0143 yuuhy: i am noticing baby guillaume looking at baby hisao
0144 darrrrkvengance: i thought Matt's reading was plausible
0145 julienotrobin: i mean she is still there
0146 joe_eisma: glad you caught that
0147 yuuhy: <3
0148 maria: baby hisao and guillaume killed me
0149 brella: i saw that too yuuhy i was wibbling
0150 haley: that was so cute
0151 brella: everyone looked so embarrassed at ian in that scene, on the whole
0152 haley: what dorks
0153 brella: all of the kids were just like "uuuughhh"
0154 maria: poor ak
0155 joe_eisma: and how about that blonde kid. he keeps showing up!
0157 maria: *akiko
0158 yuuhy: nah he's probably notimportant
0159 brella: DAVID
0161 maria: *KID
0162 joe_eisma: haha
0163 bettercrazy left the room
0164 upguntha: haha i was wondering if that was him again
0165 haley: blonde kis drives me crazy
0166 haley: *kid
0167 brella: oh no yuuhy i'm mixing us up you are even more the nega-me
0168 joe_eisma: and yes, it was megan back there with the ponytail
0169 brella: aaah!!
0170 yuuhy: i am mirrorverse brella
0171 upguntha: can't have Akiko without David
0172 brella: was that ted from #20 in one of the cages
0173 brella: or am i nuts
0174 julienotrobin: anti-brella
0175 deadthewholetime left the room
0176 yuuhy: that was red
0177 yuuhy: ted
0178 yuuhy: goddamn
0179 brella: red.
0180 joe_eisma: it was ted
0181 brella: i can tell you musta had a real ball drawing all those dead people in the theatre seats
0182 yuuhy: ok so "the dude downstairs"– I am thinking oliver simon?
0183 joe_eisma: haha i did!
0184 joe_eisma: dude downstairs.. hmmmmmm
0185 brella: ohhhh i hadn't thought of that!!
0186 upguntha: was that Gribbd at the end in the cage
0187 joe_eisma: nope!
0188 deadthewholetime entered the room
0189 upguntha: Oliver was my firsrt thought too
0190 brella: like the obvious idea would be fortunato but? it wouldn't make sense for them
0191 brella: to know about him
0192 brella: necessarily
0193 guest-124201 changed nickname to deadthewholetime
0194 maria: oooh! i didn't even think of oliver
0195 haley: oliver makes a lot of sense
0196 darrrrkvengance: everytime there's one of these physics references, like Planck in this issue, i feel like
0197 darrrrkvengance: i'm missing half the story
0198 brella: man, if macey was here she'd be crying about fortunato so much
0199 maria: oh i know.
0200 yuuhy: a "nice" fortunato thing
0201 joe_eisma: haha
0202 darrrrkvengance: like i need to know about spinning quarks or something to get it all
0203 maria: i'll cry for her since i'm in her place
0204 brella: planck did a lot of quantum mechanics
0205 brella: (here, i will be macey) MY SON... MY POOR LITTLE TUNA FISH ROBOT BOY....
0206 yuuhy: WAIT I JUST
0207 yuuhy: akiko's dad
0208 yuuhy: akiko has a sister
0209 julienotrobin: wait the Lot reference
0210 yuuhy: THAT TOO
0211 julienotrobin: what with Fortunato meets God sometime
0212 maria: i thought the same as you yuuhy about akiko's sister
0213 brella: planck was actually the founder of quantum theory if i remember correctly
0214 julienotrobin: and doesn't die because he can't see him
0215 guest-124240 entered the room
0216 yuuhy: everything is so possible
0217 brella: hmmmmmMM
0218 guest-124240 left the room
0219 darrrrkvengance: i think the planck distance was also relevant to the Bell's Theorem proof
0220 upguntha: i like that Tuna theory
0221 darrrrkvengance: or quantum entanglement or something. honestly, i have no idea.
0222 maria: quantum mechanics are completely over my head, haha
0223 brella: yeah! he also did planck's constant which basically postulated that
0224 haley: the thing ian is mumbling about is related to planck right?
0225 julienotrobin: Max Planck did start quantum
0226 julienotrobin: mechanics
0227 upguntha: Was Clarkson's outfit your choice or in the scriipt
0228 joe_eisma: that's mine. haha
0229 joe_eisma: most of the time i pick their outfits
0230 brella: oh never mind i'm not even going to try to explain it i'm so bad at explaining science
0231 yuuhy: those boots gurrrrrrrrl
0232 joe_eisma: i think nick only really picked hodge's outfit when she was running through the forest
0233 joe_eisma: hahaha
0234 bobo entered the room
0235 upguntha: those bootsssssss
0236 darrrrkvengance: what about bulter dude's moustache? was that you?
0237 joe_eisma: that was nick, actually!
0238 guest-124279 changed nickname to bobo
0239 joe_eisma: i found it funny that he specified the big mustache
0240 darrrrkvengance: A CLUE!!!!! lol
0241 brella: please note
0242 yuuhy: the moustache is hiding a major plot point
0243 brella: the moustache and the water cooler
0244 brella: hold the key to this WHOLE THING
0245 darrrrkvengance: that, and the fact that everyone is actually killed by Vitamin D
0246 joe_eisma: hahaha
0247 brella: was that ian standing in front of the cylinder?
0248 joe_eisma: part of why i dressed clarkson the way i did this issue is to separate her from daramount
0249 joe_eisma: no bun, since her hair's in a wrap
0250 upguntha: gotvcha
0251 maria: i think it was him
0252 brella: ohhhhh
0253 joe_eisma: but they both have a penchant for skirts
0254 brella: i left my glasses at home so i can't. TELL
0255 maria: oh nooo!
0256 joe_eisma: it was ian in front of the cylinder
0257 maria: ugh not stressed by that at all
0258 brella: yep i'm as blind as a tunafish now
0259 maria: nope
0260 haley: yeah i wasn't sure at first
0262 joe_eisma: haha
0263 maria: TOTALLY FINE
0265 brella: akiko kissing.... ian's cheek..... ffmfmmmgnn
0266 maria: not with the cylinder
0267 brella: no, the cylinder is very much docile
0268 maria: it's really there so holiday decorations
0269 joe_eisma: i loved akiko's kiss with ian
0270 joe_eisma: so sweet
0271 brella: so OW
0272 yuuhy: dude all the beds in ian's room are super neat
0273 brella: but yeah that too
0274 yuuhy: who are his roommates
0275 yuuhy: they are not teenage boys
0276 joe_eisma: haha
0277 brella: not guillaume, obviously
0278 maria: the only time she'll kiss him, he doesn't know
0279 joe_eisma: his roommates are very tidy
0280 upguntha: I wander if that army scene had anything to do with the whole China future
0281 maria: obviously
0282 darrrrkvengance: lol, yuuhy!
0283 brella: see there's a table under it with a printer on it, they just use the basement to print
0284 yuuhy: maybe one roommate is fortunato
0285 yuuhy: who can't muss his bed right now
0286 jonojonogray entered the room
0287 brella: oooooh i wondered that too upguntha
0288 brella: wow yuuhy
0289 brella: in macey's stead, i must note that i am hurt by this comment
0290 joe_eisma: it's not a printer. but i don't know if i should say what it is
0291 upguntha: His roomates dont angerly thrpw matteresses
0292 joe_eisma: ask nick when he gets here. haha
0293 guest-124360 changed nickname to jonojonogray
0294 brella: well hey nO GLASSES printer is the best i can do
0295 bobo left the room
0296 joe_eisma: haha well no one's asked before what it was
0297 brella: but noted
0298 brella: it's... a box of chocolates for david. he gets snacky
0299 maria: i thought it was a printer like thing and i do have glasses on
0300 joe_eisma: it does involve paper in some fashion
0301 upguntha: what page
0302 haley: what not-printer are we talking about?
0303 brella: i don't remember the number but it's when ian's standing in front of
0304 brella: the cylinder
0305 yuuhy: SEISOMOGRAPH
0306 yuuhy: no
0307 yuuhy: maybe
0308 jonojonogray: uhm, hello.
0309 maria: its been there a couple times
0310 joe_eisma: hello jono
0311 brella: it's a CHRISTMAS PRESENT
0312 jonojonogray: why did i type "uhm"?
0313 darrrrkvengance: where are we looking?
0314 haley: ooooh that thing
0315 maria: page 13 of issue 1 has a decent shot of it
0316 brella: there's a little table
0317 brella: under the cylinder
0318 brella: with a thing on it
0319 brella: a MYSTERIOUS OBJECT
0320 haley: thats the table that what brendan found was on is that right?
0321 brella: we see it when
0322 brella: brendan's there too
0323 maria: yeah
0324 brella: yes
0325 joe_eisma: yes it was in the first issue with brendan
0326 upguntha: i rhink it showed up in issue6 also
0327 jonojonogray: wow, i've not been in a chat room in years and just found out about this 1 minute ago?
0329 jonojonogray: neat
0330 brella: or a scanner
0331 joe_eisma: and issue 6, correct upguntha
0332 brella: or something
0333 joe_eisma: haha
0334 maria: hmmmm i wish i was more tech savvy
0335 deadthewholetime: i know what it is but joe won't let me say
0336 brella: this is gonna kill me
0337 haley: arrgh
0338 julienotrobin: so
0339 maria: argh
0340 joe_eisma: hahaha
0341 julienotrobin: the physics thing ian was talking about
0342 upguntha: I must come up with something ridiculous for the "printer"
0343 joe_eisma: you guys are gonna pile on nick when he gets here
0344 julienotrobin: was the Planck time unit
0345 brella: what's the thing brendan picks up, even? it looks like a wallet
0346 joe_eisma: it is a wallet
0347 joe_eisma: it belongs to a female that he's familiar with
0348 guest-124447 entered the room
0349 yuuhy: julie i knew we could count on you for science
0350 brella: oh. ohhhhhhHH
0351 yuuhy: real life julie
0352 julienotrobin: thank you
0353 brella: julie you're the best
0354 julienotrobin: thank you
0355 julienotrobin: i'm good at the science i have a degree
0356 guest-124447 left the room
0357 upguntha: was future Jade a bit older or am I cray
0358 julienotrobin: and i'm good at google
0359 maria: thank you julie [applause
0360 nick entered the room
0361 brella: i hope i one day get to use a french degree for comic book analysis
0362 guest-124468 changed nickname to nick
0363 yuuhy: She did look older but I thought it might be the coloring.
0364 joe_eisma: nah, she's the same age as any other time we've seen older jade
0365 julienotrobin: soooo
0366 brella: and as remarkably well-dressed as always
0367 deadthewholetime: hi nick
0368 julienotrobin: why is there so much stuff about light in this issue
0369 darrrrkvengance: isn't it just like a control panel for the cylinder?
0370 brella: this nick-nick or another mysterious nick
0371 yuuhy: hello!
0372 julienotrobin: planck
0373 brella: vitamin d
0374 julienotrobin: planck time
0375 brella: akiko being a little ray of sunshine
0376 julienotrobin: vitamin d and sunshine in the desert
0377 nick: hey everyone
0378 maria: hey nick
0379 julienotrobin: hi!
0380 brella: hello!!
0381 haley: hi nick
0382 upguntha: hey Nick
0383 darrrrkvengance: hey nick! awesome issue!
0384 yuuhy: the best i can come up with is that it's just related to akiko's ascendance
0385 julienotrobin: is akiko now light?
0386 yuuhy: i think she's a bit closer to "god" than perhaps the others are
0387 julienotrobin: does she travel faster than the speed of light and that is how people time travel?
0388 maria: have angels been mentioned before this issue?
0389 brella: i don't... think so?
0390 julienotrobin: (you would go back in time if you someone travelled faster than light)
0391 brella: re
0392 julienotrobin: (physicists think)
0393 maria: cause maybe she's becoming a messenger for 'god' then? (thanks gwen)
0394 maria: yeah i didn't think so
0395 darrrrkvengance: or they're all quantumly linked?
0396 yuuhy: see that's part of my problem with the angel theory
0397 yuuhy: "we created our own gods"
0398 guest-124501 entered the room
0399 yuuhy: so unless we conflate the two ideas it seems like akiko turning into an angel brings in
0400 upguntha: Angel serve god
0401 yuuhy: a whole other step in the hierarchy?
0402 julienotrobin: oh my
0403 jonojonogray left the room
0404 maria: perhaps? it could be she would be the equivalent of an angel, but she's just her own thing
0405 yuuhy: her own super cute thing
0406 upguntha: is it a coincidence that the doorman's outfit the same color as the robes
0407 maria: own kawaii thing.
0408 brella: akiko is an ANGELLLL but also perhaps a /literal angel/ dun dun dunn
0409 bookwyrm entered the room
0410 guest-124537 changed nickname to bookwyrm
0411 maria: gwen calling it how it is!!!!
0412 guest-124540 entered the room
0413 yuuhy: shit she's totally doing an angel pose on the cylinder page tho
0414 julienotrobin: ooooo
0415 upguntha: who;s gwen
0416 maria: oh, brella is. sorry i'll stick to her name she has here
0417 maria: my bad
0418 brella: MY OWN FAULT i have too many names
0419 joe_eisma: didn't you all want to ask nick about the thing under the cylinder?
0420 brella: oh so nick!!
0421 brella: wow joe good timing
0422 nick: haha yes?
0423 brella: what is that not-printer object on the table under the cylinder
0424 brella: we were tearing our hair out over it earlier
0425 nick: what is it? something we haven't revealed yet
0426 joe_eisma: i wouldn't tell them what it is
0427 brella: oh thank you
0428 yuuhy: thanks
0429 joe_eisma: i told them to ask you
0430 haley: great problem solved
0431 brella: i feel much more enlightened
0432 maria: thank you nick, always so full of answers
0433 upguntha: as bold as megan
0434 joe_eisma: i'm surprised you all haven't figured it out yet
0435 brella: oh my GOD
0436 maria: though i guess that's the problem, full of answers but won't share
0437 joe_eisma: you're so enterprising
0439 nick: here's a hint- it is something you could figure out... it's something that actually exists
0440 upguntha: i thoght gweb was a refe to a show or something oopps
0441 yuuhy: gweb
0442 nick: and is fairly common, or certainly used to be not too long ago
0443 brella: gweb.
0444 yuuhy: bewg
0445 darrrrkvengance: a phone booth! j/k
0446 brella: a scanner?!?!
0447 enio_duval entered the room
0448 guest-124540 changed nickname to guest
0449 haley: fax machine?
0450 haley: what?
0451 guest-124585 changed nickname to enio_duval
0452 brella: oh
0453 julienotrobin: it involves paper
0454 upguntha: fax machine
0455 brella: why does it have an air vent on the side, does it get hot
0456 julienotrobin: we know that
0457 brella: is that why the glass of water is there
0458 maria: fax machine would fit. with the whole paper is involved.
0459 brella: it's the gutenberg printing press.
0460 brella: OBVIOUSLY.
0461 maria: OF COURSE
0462 haley: brilliant!
0463 maria: how silly of us
0464 enio_duval: Hey, guys!
0465 deadthewholetime: nick was akiko dead the whole time
0466 upguntha: are we faxing China
0467 yuuhy: it's so shiny and i do not see buttons
0468 maria: the water and wallet are gone in the latest issue
0469 brella: i swear to god i've seen something like it before at staples
0470 haley: joe is it buttonless or is that a simplifying thing for the sake of art?
0471 nick: @dead nope. but remains to be seen if she is now, right?
0472 brella: wait
0473 brella: is it a 3D printer
0474 darrrrkvengance: in 6, in the future, there's nothing on the table
0475 brella: no never mind
0476 deadthewholetime: rip akiko (????)
0477 brella: somebody must've gotten thirsty
0478 julienotrobin: why is planck mentioned twice in this issue?
0479 brella: akiko is fine everyone is fine lalala
0480 maria: well david probably got thristy and took the wallet to try and get new pants
0481 maria: obviously
0482 guest-124501 left the room
0483 joe_eisma: haha is the thing under the printer buttonless?
0484 yuuhy: all that sticking fingers through people's brains is really dehydrating
0485 haley: yeah the not-printer
0486 newuser5011 entered the room
0487 brella: you know, maybe it's just like that fishbowl on the table in hunter's little
0488 guest-124660 changed nickname to newuser5011
0489 brella: forest stage
0491 hannah entered the room
0492 yuuhy: guess who's not fine ZOE AND HISAO HAHA [cries
0494 yuuhy: guess who's alive GRIBBS
0495 guest-124669 changed nickname to hannah
0496 brella: silence yuuhy
0497 joe_eisma: there may or may not be really small buttons on it
0498 yuuhy: OF ALL
0499 yuuhy: THE CHARACTERS
0500 newuser5011 left the room
0501 guest-124681 entered the room
0502 maria: GRIBBS
0503 brella: gribbs!!!!!! GRIBBS....
0504 julienotrobin: i really want to know more about how they time travel
0505 maria: god damn it gribbs
0506 newuser5011 entered the room
0507 guest-124687 changed nickname to newuser5011
0508 julienotrobin: and where their powers come from
0509 haley: man ike cant do anything right huh
0510 yuuhy: julie were you the one i was talking to about rearrangement of particles
0511 yuuhy: no
0512 joe_eisma: c'mon, we couldn't deprive you all of more gribbs closeups
0513 julienotrobin: they say they made their own gods, but all the kids
0514 newuser5011 left the room
0515 newuser5011 entered the room
0516 philmaira entered the room
0517 julienotrobin: seem to have always had special powers
0518 guest-124696 changed nickname to newuser5011
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0520 guest-124699 changed nickname to philmaira
0521 nick: joe can confirm gribbs surviving was planned, I think
0522 maria: to be fair, gribbs is most definitely everyone's actual fav
0523 julienotrobin: what if becoming Gods made time all the same to them?
0524 brella: at least yuuhy and i can do more gribbs selfies
0525 nick: we did not change our minds there
0526 joe_eisma: yup. as far back as 24
0527 julienotrobin: so becoming Gods meant they were always Gods?
0528 newuser5011 left the room
0529 yuuhy: our gribbs selfies were a+
0530 brella: man, ike is gonna be so pissed.
0531 maria: so pissed
0532 brella: nobody he kills ever just STAYS DEAD
0533 darrrrkvengance: lol
0534 maria: 'damn, that's the only reason jade liked me!"
0535 yuuhy: i can buy that julie
0536 brella: MARIA
0537 nick: ha, yeah, Ike sucks as a murderer
0538 yuuhy: it would explain why casey's previous incarnation also had powers
0539 nick: 1 for 3
0540 hannah left the room
0541 maria: poor ike
0542 hannah entered the room
0543 guest-124723 changed nickname to hannah
0544 maria: but julie! i like that idea a lot
0545 brella: i mean, maybe having their eyes opened is what ~awakens the god in them or whatever
0546 guest-124747 entered the room
0547 brella: like in the bible, how having your eyes opened after eating the apple
0548 guest-124756 entered the room
0549 nick: vanessa gives a speech in 020 with a lot of time-related stuff, as a hint
0550 guest-124747 left the room
0551 brella: makes you ~like god~
0552 yuuhy: good one brella
0553 maria: i like this idea
0554 guest-124762 entered the room
0555 julienotrobin: i need to reread everything more times
0556 yuuhy: wow i
0557 yuuhy: lent that out
0558 yuuhy: no
0559 darrrrkvengance: i guess the line that intrugues me is "in this, the story of creation"
0560 guest-124756 left the room
0561 haley: oooh
0562 darrrrkvengance: as though maybe the glories are like the quarks or particles of some future physics
0563 guest-124762 left the room
0564 yuuhy: i just want to know what wow-mo means
0565 brella: oh yuuhy no
0566 yuuhy: more wow
0567 deadthewholetime: wow mo answers, wow mo problems
0568 upguntha: must reread noww
0569 brella: mo' wow, mo' problems
0570 yuuhy: "mo" in japanese looks like a nose
0571 yuuhy: more nose
0572 haley: ow, mom upsidedown
0573 yuuhy: wow nose
0574 nick: if we had a budget there would definitely be a wow-mo viral site
0575 joe_eisma: haha
0576 maria: nose, so hunter's nose. more about that amazing nose
0577 julienotrobin: yuuhy i want a wow-mo site
0578 maria: that would be the best website
0579 yuuhy: i will make a wow-mo site and it will have nothing on it
0580 yuuhy: except a giant question mark
0581 yuuhy: and noses
0582 upguntha: wan't there secret to wow moo
0583 julienotrobin: who is the doctor in the all white body suit? whooooooo
0584 darrrrkvengance: and some homicidal Vitamin D
0585 brella: wow-mo needs its own tumblr or something
0586 julienotrobin: yesssss
0587 brella: YEAH that doctor has sprung up again
0588 yuuhy: god that guy and his team frustrate me so much
0589 haley: he is one of my fdavorite annoying things i dont understand
0590 philmaira: Was rereadin the other day, there's a random panel in 15 of a guy given an autograph.
0591 brella: he continues to look as disappointed as he did in #29
0592 yuuhy: because we haven't seen their logo anywhere else yet
0593 brella: (or was it 28, those two always bleed together for me)
0594 philmaira: Was this brough up anywhere else?
0595 haley: i always associate doctor dude with the room where zoe saved hunter during woodrun
0596 haley: but i dont think i have any basis for that?
0597 yuuhy: philmaira do you mean library guy?
0598 brella: yeah he popped up in the lab
0599 joe_eisma: yep, phil--he showed up with hunter and older jade in the ruined library
0600 brella: and then again in hunter's dream in 28
0601 philmaira: yeah. I don't have it on me, but it jumps to a silent panel.
0602 yuuhy: whoa i didn't even realize he was giving an autograph but there's definitely someone else
0603 yuuhy: there receiving it
0604 brella: yeah
0605 brella: i wasn't sure, is he giving an autograph or signing off on something?
0606 julienotrobin: why are doctor dude and ian both mentioning planck?
0607 brella: oh wait. yep. autograph. multiple books. nvm
0608 enio_duval left the room
0609 brella: oh my god planck
0610 mr_comicbook entered the room
0611 yuuhy: what if
0612 yuuhy: door guy is plank
0613 yuuhy: planck
0614 guest-124861 changed nickname to mr_comicbook
0615 yuuhy: do they not look alike
0616 brella: i wonder if door guy and albert hang out ever
0617 haley: and the stache was in the script
0618 maria left the room
0619 maria2 left the room
0620 guest-124912 entered the room
0621 maria2 entered the room
0622 guest-124912 left the room
0623 guest-124918 changed nickname to maria2
0624 julienotrobin: who’s choice was it for doctor dude to be wearing a white one piece body suit?
0625 brella: hodge’s speech in 29 makes me so nervous
0626 brella: how are they planning on getting creative with the av club
0627 brella: i am worried
0628 joe_eisma: i don’t think there was a specific directive on his clothing. it just seemed functional
0629 guest-124927 entered the room
0630 darrrrkvengance: do i need to dig out 29, or can someone remind me of the gist?[9
0631 brella: hodge's speech in 29 makes me so nervous
0632 brella: how are they planning on getting creative with the av club
0633 brella: i am worried
0634 joe_eisma: i don't think there was a specific directive on his clothing. it just seemed functional
0635 darrrrkvengance: do i need to dig out 29, or can someone remind me of the gist?
0636 maria2: hey guys, sorry i disappeared. had to change where i was sitting for my cat.
0637 brella: you accommodate your cat so much
0638 maria2: she had surgery today i'm trying to get her to sit with me and calm down
0639 brella: the gist was (if i'm looking at the right one)
0640 yuuhy: hodge makes a recording to her father saying he was right and she was wrong
0641 brella: father you were right about everything
0642 darrrrkvengance: awww. good vibes to maria's cat.
0643 brella: this was a heavy price to pay for trying to catch a killer
0644 brella: i don't see how things can ever get back to normal
0645 brella: i wish there was another way
0646 brella: continued proposed stratagems for manipulating students
0647 brella: the usual
0648 upguntha: I though she was leaving a message for someone in th future
0649 maria2: would someone be able to post into pastbin from 9
0650 darrrrkvengance: thanks, yeah
0651 brella: i got it, maria
0652 maria: thanks hon
0653 yuuhy: anyone else have flashbacks to #19 from this issue?
0654 brella: ah yes, the issue that destroyed me as a person
0655 brella: what specifically, yuuhy?
0656 yuuhy: zoe's "close your eyes and have faith" speech to hunter
0657 yuuhy: made me think something would have happened had she successfully killed hunter
0658 julienotrobin: i'm just wondering if he's been working in a clean since that is usually where you see
0659 upguntha: or dead gir
0660 yuuhy: after jade's death = transformation speech, i wonder if it meant hunter would have
0661 upguntha: What's with Jade and piles of dead bodies
0662 yuuhy: transformed/ascended
0663 maria: oh, i wonder. yuuhy you have stupid great thoughts about this series
0664 yuuhy: and now akiko with all this discussion of faith
0665 yuuhy: thank you <3
0666 brella: i always wonder, though
0667 brella: when she says "i'm willing to accept what i have to do"
0668 brella: if she's supposedly so oracular
0669 brella: does she mean she's willing to accept she has to DIE?
0670 maria: i wonder if irina knows about what would happen when these kids 'die' like jade.
0671 brella: or is it just she's accepting that she has to kill
0672 haley: brella i've thought that too
0673 brella: that is probaly. the more likely option
0674 haley: but i think even if she was accepting that she wasnt ready
0675 haley: she definitely had a mission (somehow)
0676 brella: uh huh
0677 yuuhy: in my imagination zoe was also working for a better future somehow
0678 brella: ah shoot i have to go to boxing
0679 brella: BUT THIS WAS GREAT
0680 brella: a great issue, as usual
0681 maria: i think everyone just needs to sit down and say what their 'better future' is
0682 maria: have fun boxing!
0684 brella: and on behalf of macey please imagine someone
0685 brella: crying about fortunato
0686 brella: for the remainder of the chat
0687 joe_eisma: haha. bye, brella!
0689 yuuhy: byyye
0690 brella: bye!!
0691 haley: bye!
0692 maria: bye
0693 darrrrkvengance: just thinking how this love v. punishment dichotomy sort of mimics L and G
0694 darrrrkvengance: bye brella
0695 upguntha: bye
0696 philmaira: cya
0697 yuuhy: good point
0698 nick: I gotta run soon, too-- any last questions for me?
0699 yuuhy: can we have any hints about what kind of business wow-mo is?
0700 darrrrkvengance: is that theater going to show up again w other kids, or is it Akiko-specific?
0701 philmaira: any info on the Infinite Horizon esque project you announced at ImageCon?
0702 upguntha: I can;t wait for that one
0703 yuuhy: I am so eager for all of them, gosh.
0704 nick: wow-mo stuff will be around for a while, all through s2 and s3 especially
0705 nick: no more news on the new books, yet, but pretty soon
0706 nick: I'll save some stuff to show here, first
0707 yuuhy: <3
0708 upguntha: is Wow-mo funding the school
0709 nick: somebody has to be paying for all those guards, right?
0710 nick: as for the theater, you never know... definitely possible.
0711 upguntha: generous benefactor
0712 joe_eisma: you can tell from the theater scene nick is a battlestar galactica fan
0713 nick: haha, true
0714 deadthewholetime: and the angels
0715 upguntha: the secret of the dead bodies
0716 maria: it definitely had a battlestar galactica feel to it
0717 nick: 38 is nuts. End of the arc. I've given Joe crazy stuff to draw.
0718 nick: and by crazy I mean annoying
0719 darrrrkvengance: made me think of Club Silencio in Mulholland Dr
0720 joe_eisma: haha
0721 haley: oh man
0722 joe_eisma: i like the, well, i don't want to spoil anything
0723 upguntha: trees
0724 yuuhy: gym clothes
0725 upguntha: Pamelaaaaa
0726 nick: pamela issue is on the calendar! won't say when yet, though
0727 maria: oh!
0728 maria: that's very exciting
0729 darrrrkvengance: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
0730 yuuhy: Next issue is Ike?
0731 upguntha: Do you have a se set number for the ians
0732 philmaira: please tellme Pamela is Southern Baptist
0733 haley: NO WAY
0734 nick: yeah, next issue is ike
0735 darrrrkvengance: also
0736 upguntha: Pamela believes in the academy
0737 nick: okay, gotta get back to work-- thanks for picking this one up, everyone
0738 darrrrkvengance: thanks, nick!
0739 haley: bye nick!
0740 yuuhy: thank you for coming!
0741 upguntha: night nick
0742 philmaira: bye
0743 maria: see you nick
0744 maria: thank you for coming
0745 nick left the room
0746 maria: so, akiko has a sister
0747 joe_eisma: okay, i guess i'll run too. thank you everyone for reading. was real proud of this one
0748 joe_eisma: about 38, i'll say this
0749 yuuhy: if akiko will not turn to the darkside then perhaps she will
0750 haley: bye joe!
0751 joe_eisma: though if you follow me on tumblr you know that
0752 haley: SNAKES
0753 upguntha: love the cutenes
0754 yuuhy: bye!
0755 maria: ooooh! true the snakes!
0756 maria: bye joe! thank you for coming
0757 darrrrkvengance: thanks, joe. truly one of the best issues yet!
0758 joe_eisma: have a good evening/afternoon/whatever time it is where you are!
0759 joe_eisma left the room
0760 deadthewholetime left the room
0761 maria: but yeah, akiko's sister could definitely show up with the academy perhaps
0762 darrrrkvengance: hmmm. snakes makes me think of the serpent in Eden, which might make sense with Ike
0763 julienotrobin left the room
0764 haley: there were snakes during his mental break in 24 (25?) too
0765 darrrrkvengance: (though also could maybe be Ouroborus, the snake that eats its tail)
0766 philmaira: Found the post
0767 zach: I don't see why the academy would be interested in Akiko's sister
0768 zach: They didn't even want Jun when they realized he was born at a slightly different time
0769 zach: than Hisao
0770 darrrrkvengance: ah, oh thanks philmaira. i haven't been on tumblr since i got this new computer in Decembe
0771 maria: they could use her for something? i mean, for all we know, she's the one that died
0772 hannah entered the room
0773 guest-125317 changed nickname to hannah
0774 hannah left the room
0775 philmaira: I missed the first 45 min. Did they confirm it was a sister?
0776 darrrrkvengance: i bet ian's all, "whoa, Akiko's got a SISTER!"
0777 philmaira: I thought the dad was referring to Akiko before makin te plummet
0778 yuuhy: akiko says she has a sister
0779 yuuhy: the dad could be referring to either one
0780 maria: he just said he killed his daughter
0781 yuuhy: ok the confusing thing is
0782 yuuhy: when clarkson takes akiko, akiko says "my parents" which means she has more than one livin
0783 yuuhy: which means she either went with clarkson before her father died
0784 yuuhy: or has a stepparent, which is not helpful
0785 haley: the former would fit with her fathers "i killed my daughter" thing of course
0786 yuuhy: but if she went with clarkson before her father died then she couldn't have witnessed his
0787 yuuhy: death irl
0788 yuuhy: true
0789 haley: do we think that she did ? i could go either way
0790 yuuhy: yeah it could be either
0791 zach: it's hard to say where the line was between memory and not
0792 yuuhy: i tried to use panel borders to decipher because sometimes they get wonky when it's not
0793 yuuhy: real but it's also not consistent
0794 maria: + if she went with clarkson before her dad died then neither her or her sis would be dead
0795 maria: because she wanted to say goodbye to her sister
0796 haley: what do we think the deal is with her conversation with clarkson?
0797 haley: like how theyre not having the same conversation
0798 maria: i thought it was just akiko remembering how she felt in that situation
0799 yuuhy: i think it's just a narrative device
0800 haley: hm ok i see it now
0801 haley: i wonder why clarkson was scared though
0802 maria: right?
0803 zach: i was wondering that too
0804 maria: i'm wondering that too
0805 zach: maybe the academy was also coming for her?
0806 jt_adkins entered the room
0807 guest-125455 changed nickname to jt_adkins
0808 maria: perhaps, clarkson was looking around a lot
0809 yuuhy: how old do you think akiko is in the flashback?
0810 darrrrkvengance: i think the "you" is one Akiko talking to herself
0811 darrrrkvengance: i don't think Clarkson is the "you" who's scared
0812 haley: but then she says "i was scared too"
0813 haley: so the you should be someone else?
0814 zach: also, she said "you're taking me to the desert" before that
0815 zach: which is definitely to clarkson
0816 darrrrkvengance: i think what she's acknowledging is that she was scared
0817 philmaira: So is Akiko's sister a twin? Dad says a sister died and at the end she says God sent her.
0818 upguntha: maybe her dad died while she was away
0819 philmaira: Akiko mentions angles in the beginning
0820 darrrrkvengance: i don't think the "you're taking me to the desert" it to clarkson
0821 darrrrkvengance: i think that's also one Akiko refering to her other self as you
0822 yuuhy: he dad only says he killed his daughter
0823 philmaira: That's what I think too since doc evil and Fortunado refer her to Akiko
0824 maria: i means, there's to possibility that akiko died before she was taken
0825 maria: and was somehow already an 'angel'
0826 maria: but it's a stretch
0827 maria: like a big one
0828 yuuhy left the room
0829 maria: so dead people in the theatre
0830 maria: probably just me, but the ones next to jade
0831 maria: they looked a lot like hunter and casey
0832 haley: oh hey
0833 haley: they do
0834 darrrrkvengance: or casey's parents?
0835 haley: that fits the nose better
0836 maria: casey's mom's hair was pretty straight though
0837 maria: i mean, obviously hair can be curled
0838 maria: but yeah, the nose isn't quite right for hunter
0839 maria: i just don't know why casey's folks would be with jade
0840 maria: but casey and hunter would make sense
0841 zach: perhaps hunter gets a nose job later in life
0842 haley: andres would be so sad
0843 maria: hunter would get a nose job, and all the glories and truants and av club would cry
0844 maria: hunter had the nose of legends
0845 upguntha: Nick liked dead ppl in theathers look at bedlam
0846 maria: oh, did he do that in bedlam too?
0847 upguntha: yesh i thinlk so in issue 1
0848 maria: neat
0849 maria: oh nick, so pleasant
0850 upguntha: but they were kids
0851 maria: oh
0852 maria:
0853 upguntha left the room
0854 upguntha entered the room
0855 guest-125626 changed nickname to upguntha
0856 upguntha: ughhh fireox crash
0857 maria: oh firefox
0858 nat entered the room
0859 guest-125632 changed nickname to nat
0860 upguntha: is anyone reading bunker
0861 jt_adkins: yeah he did that in bedlam. thts a messed up comic
0862 stickyreadin entered the room
0863 guest-125647 changed nickname to stickyreadin
0864 jt_adkins: did you guys already cover Gribbs being alive??
0865 jt_adkins: whats up with that!?!
0866 haley: ike cant kill anyone hes cursed
0867 maria: yeah we did a bit. we said that ike is going to be pissed
0868 stickyreadin left the room
0869 jt_adkins: lol fair enough
0870 maria: poor guy, no one stays dead
0871 darrrrkvengance: joe confirmed it was in the plans all along to keep Gribbs alive.
0872 maria: yeah, since 24 they knew he was going to live through that bit of the story
0873 nat: I wonder if he'll team up with Daramount again
0874 nat: probably
0875 maria: probably
0876 upguntha: whaf if Ab works for wow mo
0877 maria: hm that would be interesting
0878 nat: wow mo is definitly is another big factor now
0879 haley: i wonder how long wow mo has been around for
0880 maria: yeah. nick said they'll continue to be around for s2 and they'll be around s3
0881 upguntha: it's like the iluminatti
0882 zach: what if it is?
0883 zach: like what if its an archetypal organization?
0884 zach: transcends time?
0885 zach: like the academy
0886 jt_adkins: since 24 really?
0887 jt_adkins: wow
0888 nat: *dramatic music plays*
0889 maria: ooooh that would be cool! like, the name changes but is similar always
0890 nat left the room
0891 maria: hmmm what else can we talk about...
0892 maria: i wonder who abraham is running from and when that takes place.
0893 darrrrkvengance: well, i've got to go
0894 darrrrkvengance: good night all!
0895 maria: thanks for coming
0896 maria: night
0897 darrrrkvengance: til next time
0898 maria: sunblock, guys, be safe!
0899 darrrrkvengance left the room
0900 upguntha: night guys
0901 upguntha left the room
0902 maria: so yeah, abraham running
0903 maria: i mostly wonder when it takes place
0904 zach: could be before he's captured and taken to the academy
0905 maria: that did cross my mind
0906 haley: the coloring makes it hard to tell where he is
0907 maria: i knooow
0908 zach: it looks very generically alley-ish
0909 maria: damn it abrahama, run done a cooler alley
0910 guest-125830 entered the room
0911 guest-125830 left the room
0912 zach: i'm really curious about whats up with the bald army
0913 zach: any thoughts?
0914 maria: oh someone thought it might be a link the to chinese army, cause they have been mentioned
0915 maria: lemme see if i can find what was said
0916 jt_adkins: maybe it has something to do with megan
0917 haley: not the chinese army, just "the chinese"
0918 haley: when jade is recruiting julie
0919 maria: thank you haley, i couldn't remember
0920 haley: no problem
0921 maria: but yes, that was one thought.
0922 maria: so, it's getting a bit slow. and while it's earlier than usual
0923 maria: do we want to call it a night?
0924 jt_adkins: what time do you guys usually start this ?
0925 maria: it starts at 8
0926 jt_adkins: 813...eastern time? becasue i live in portland
0927 maria: Yes, EST
0928 jt_adkins: gotcha
0929 maria: yeah, so shall I call it? i think we've really managed to talk about everything
0930 jt_adkins: i think so
0931 maria: Alright, well, thank you guys all for coming. macey will be back next month.
0932 maria: thanks for allowing me to fill in for her
0933 jt_adkins left the room
0934 emily_simmons entered the room
0935 guest-126034 changed nickname to emily_simmons
0936 zach: thank you
0937 emily_simmons left the room
0938 maria: aw no thank you for coming!
0939 zach: it was good times
0940 zach: now i can obsess over that printer thing forever
0941 maria: right! it's going to be bothering me.
0942 maria: and with that, adieu to all of you.
0943 maria: have a good night.
0944 zach: goodnight
0945 maria: i'll be posting the transcript for this before midnight.
0946 zach left the room

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