Morning Glories Issue 38 Tinychat from April 16, 2014
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 macey: HELLO MY FRIENDS
0002 guest-249211 changed nickname to brella
0003 veronica: can i start screaming now.
0004 tori entered the room
0005 brella: yes
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0008 macey: ill allow a bit of screaming tonight
0009 emma: SOOOO
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0011 emma: THAT HAPPENED
0012 brella: macey is so kind
0013 macey: just be nice to nick he has a lot to answer to
0015 macey: mr.
0016 yuuhy entered the room
0018 emma: mostly about w/c cough
0019 darrrrkvengance entered the room
0020 macey: mr "DEAD IS DEAD" right nick
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0022 brella: i mean
0023 guest-249247 changed nickname to darrrrkvengance
0024 alison: NEVER COMING BACK
0025 guest-249169 changed nickname to hannah
0026 emma: the morning glories babies tho
0027 guest-249217 changed nickname to tori
0028 brella: presumably abraham just. traveled through time. and zoe hasnt. died yet
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0031 darrrrkvengance: hey!
0032 darrrrkvengance: that was the most relieving ending ever
0033 macey1: like yeah i assume time travels involved
0034 brella: the morning glories babies was amazing
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0040 yuuhy: HERE'S BRELLA
0041 darrrrkvengance: i was so afraid Ike was gonna go all Anakin and slaughter everyone
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0048 macey: so [chinhands
0049 macey: how about that
0050 hannah: how about ike's scarf?
0051 darrrrkvengance: unless "dead is dead" is a lawyerly answer, bc everyone at MGA is techincally dead
0052 brella: I CHANGED MY MIND
0053 emma: how about that jade/ike
0054 brella: god the jade/ike
0055 yuuhy: Jade looks good in blue.
0056 yuuhy: Jade looks good in hairspray and eyeliner.
0057 macey: the entire page of gribbs coming up behind ike was fucking gold
0058 brella: jade looks good always
0059 yuuhy: Jade looks good.
0060 emma: jade looks good.
0061 brella: i have missed her scowling face
0062 macey: i especially enjoy gribbs's expression in the second panel
0063 hannah: jade looks good in a paper bag
0064 emma: omg macey yes
0066 brella: i have such a wealth of ikeisms i'm so happy
0067 macey: i like to think ike saying jade is his friend is basically his way of saying "I HAVE A BIG
0068 emma: "i have waited my whole coma for this"
0069 yuuhy: I'm opening my physical copy! The panels are so big!
0070 macey: CRUSH ON YOU"
0071 macey: that is probably how he communicates
0072 yuuhy: Ike has a crush on Jade (but Jade has a crush on Caseyyyyyyyy...)
0073 emma: and casey has a thang for not-dead zoe
0074 hannah: everyone has a crush on everyone else
0075 yuuhy: I was so excited for snakes but now I got nothin'
0076 macey: GRIBBS THOUGH. all they had to tell him was that abraham was gone and he wouldve woken up
0077 macey: issues ago
0078 carro entered the room
0079 brella: abraham is so important to gribbs wow
0080 yuuhy: Did he get smuggled by a snake smuggler.
0081 brella: how romantic
0082 guest-249304 changed nickname to carro
0083 darrrrkvengance: gribbs has a crush on abey
0084 macey: he doesnt even GET CHANGED he just gets wheeled right in to get ike and them beats him up
0085 macey: gribbs isnt human. hes a being that runs solely on hatred
0086 carro: eyyyyyyyyyyy
0087 hannah: although he doesn't seem to need the wheelchair he gets right up once they make it
0088 hannah: underground
0089 brella: HE'S BEEN IN A COMA FOR DAYS and is somehow still strong enough to beat the crap out of ik
0090 yuuhy: "macey's mgchat"
0091 brella: ike.
0092 macey: but really.....its EVERYONES tinychat
0093 yuuhy: so proud of you friend
0094 macey: [tv commercial smile
0095 darrrrkvengance: speaking of "being that runs soley on hatred"
0096 upguntha entered the room
0097 yuuhy: you mean like irina's talk show smile
0098 brella: ike has such the hots for irina, speaking of
0099 darrrrkvengance: i wrote a whole long post to MV about morning glories and garmonbozia
0100 darrrrkvengance: and it disappeared
0101 emma left the room
0102 darrrrkvengance: i am sooooo disappointed.
0103 brella: i just imagined them sending him to mr. n to hang out with irina
0104 guest-249316 changed nickname to upguntha
0105 emma entered the room
0106 hannah: so last issue it was gribbs and this issue it's zoe
0107 macey: i like to think irinas smile was genuine bc she was talking about her true love
0108 hannah: (assuming it isn't past!zoe)
0109 guest-249322 changed nickname to emma
0110 macey: the eventual ike/irina showdown is going to be a SPECTACLE
0111 hannah: imagine the ikeisms
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0114 upguntha: Hey guys
0115 bloodylemonade entered the room
0116 brella: hey upguntha!
0117 guest-249328 changed nickname to zoecaseys
0118 macey: upguntha we've made it....we're in a fictional lunchroom
0119 guest-249331 changed nickname to bloodylemonade
0120 yuuhy: congrats on your flyer
0121 upguntha: Yasssssss
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0124 macey: then again didnt you get daramount pinching your cheek too
0125 brella: i like that the dining hall just has a giant poster of an apple
0126 brella: the academy knows how to interior decorate
0127 upguntha: sim
0128 guest-249343 changed nickname to moss
0129 macey: it's not even for the health benefits of apples it's to tell the kids to
0130 hannah: also those sandwiches are super flat
0131 yuuhy: hey so
0132 macey: speculate on the importance of apples
0133 hannah: like the academy sure skimps on the meat
0134 upguntha: imagine the Zoe/Iriina showdow
0135 yuuhy: who else thinks walid is a hottie
0136 macey: THOSE WERE SANDWICHES.....??
0137 moss left the room
0138 hannah: i assume they were sandwiches? or saltine crackers
0139 yuuhy: because until the last page that was the highlight for me
0140 macey: walid is FINE. jesus christ. i expected somebody named walid to be a nerd but NO
0141 hannah: tacos?
0142 hannah: i can't tell.
0143 brella: walid is HELLA FINE i was not expecting that
0144 yuuhy: if zoe is still dead then walid is my new favorite character
0145 ivioss entered the room
0146 emma: walid is like ...
0147 tori: walid is a gem
0148 emma: no wods
0149 brella: can i just say too that when i went back to look more closely at the motorcycle chase
0150 emma: walid and caleb [clutches chest
0151 brella: i couldnt stop laughing at the faces abraham was making
0152 yuuhy: BUT EVEN IF SHE IS we're going to get more of herrrrr
0153 guest-249370 changed nickname to ivioss
0154 macey: best abraham face this issues goes to the very last panel
0155 hannah: you know it looks like ike and jade switched colors this issue
0156 hannah: jade's tie is blue and ike's scarf is red
0157 upguntha: if Abraham is confused how are we supposed to feel
0158 brella: i also would like to point out that gribbs is barely awake for three panels and we already
0159 brella: get a gribbs closeup
0160 macey: abraham was so dad this issue too...stumbling around injured mumbling "IKE..."
0161 brella: SO DAD
0162 brella: "i hope ike.... is eating his vegetables"
0163 macey: hugging walid. saying caleb has grown. this guy REEKS of dad.
0164 emma: GOD
0165 macey: i bet he tells dad jokes like every twenty minutes
0166 darrrrkvengance: posting on Ike's facebook
0167 yuuhy: the first panel is an angelface gribbs closeup
0168 upguntha: If only Ike got that love
0169 emma: yeah the only one he's not a dad to is ike
0170 macey: what if abraham is actually just a physical incarnation of the concept of "dad
0171 macey: "
0173 ivioss: Why only one square of pizza on the plate
0176 macey: WAIT. TRUE. its gonna be canon. caling it now
0177 upguntha: He's gonna be on Ma
0178 upguntha: Maury
0179 brella: thats abraham's ability
0180 ivioss: I now love Ike
0181 brella: dadness
0182 yuuhy: I love how when presented with a mysterious syringe of bright green
0183 brella: abraham is the king of biblical dad jokes too because abraham is the father of everyone
0184 upguntha: He's gonna be on Ma
0185 upguntha: Maury
0186 brella: thats abraham's ability
0187 ivioss: I now love Ike
0188 brella: dadness
0189 yuuhy: I love how when presented with a mysterious syringe of bright green
0190 brella: abraham is the king of biblical dad jokes too because abraham is the father of everyone
0191 yuuhy: Ike's just like "yeah bring it"
0192 upguntha: it's all that NYC par
0193 brella: RIGHT
0194 upguntha: ty
0195 tori left the room
0196 darrrrkvengance: yeah, surprisingly hippie for Ike
0197 hannah: god ike didn't your father teach you better than to let nurses inject you with weird stuff
0198 hannah: oh right
0199 hannah: he didn't
0200 emma: i was really hoping for ike crying now i'm disappointed
0201 upguntha: I feel like he's not as dumb as he pretends to be
0202 brella: "can i just say how much i appreciate your outfit" this punk i missed him so much
0203 macey: look at his face when he compliments nines outfit
0204 macey: he is SO FUCKING PUMPED
0206 brella: he does it HIMSELF
0207 emma left the room
0208 darrrrkvengance: what's that injection made out of (don't say morning glory seeds) and why don't they give
0209 emma entered the room
0210 yuuhy: So are we going to get three more camp survivors
0211 darrrrkvengance: it to everyone
0212 guest-249433 changed nickname to emma
0213 macey: well walid says five escaped and they scattered, him and caleb just must have stuck togeth
0214 macey: er
0215 brella: yeah yuuhy i'm vibrating with excitement over these. other truants
0216 upguntha: Does Miss Richmond count as a survivor
0217 macey: hisao would be third....we have two more
0218 sarcat entered the room
0219 beth: omg more truants
0220 guest-249442 changed nickname to sarcat
0221 yuuhy: is that beth
0222 macey: i THINK the kids in the basement were the captured ones, so megan doesnt count
0223 yuuhy: beth are you okay
0225 macey: yeah beth is that you are you okay
0226 upguntha: poor megan
0227 beth: im breathing steadier now ive stopped crying too
0228 macey: megan needs to come back RIGHT now
0229 beth: MEGAn
0230 macey: and hold hands with jade probably
0231 yuuhy: I approve of this suggestion
0232 brella: OH GOD BETH'S HERE
0233 upguntha: sister follow
0234 macey: by the by
0235 macey: and stuff. thats what twitter thought.
0236 brella: yes
0237 hannah: well yeah
0238 beth: yes
0239 emma: did someone say w/c
0240 emma: i'm here
0241 beth: extremely gay
0242 brella: caleb making a comment about how he's still this arrogant
0243 brella: boyfriends.
0244 emma: so dating
0245 macey: ok good im happy we're in agreement. after esi/hannah i feel anythings possible
0246 emma: EI SIS/ HNA AHAH
0247 upguntha: I didn't catch that one
0248 brella: esi/hanNAH
0249 emma: you've unleased the beast macey
0250 beth: and after the enD OF THIS ISSUE. really. anything is possible.
0251 macey: i feel like i could say "esi/hannah" anywhere and across the world emma would start yellin
0252 upguntha: if my calculations are correct this ends the 1st half of season 2
0253 guest-249475 entered the room
0254 yuuhy: yeeeep I think so
0255 nick entered the room
0256 brella: an ant somewhere whispers "esi/hannah" and emma comes barreling over
0257 macey: yeah, with the character issues we're back to PLOT
0258 emma: i can't even argue
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0260 upguntha left the room
0261 macey: oh my god it's been since last august. the plot is back. no one is safe
0262 brella: I'M EXCITED
0263 andr entered the room
0264 guest-249478 changed nickname to nick
0265 brella: but also terrified
0266 brella: the usual mg combo
0267 philmaira entered the room
0268 beth: im not ready
0269 guest-249487 changed nickname to philmaira
0270 emma: ready for more av club nerds doing av club nerdy dangerous things
0271 brella: i hope ike's beautiful face will be okay after all this
0272 brella: how will he hit on the ladies without it
0273 darrrrkvengance: i really thought we'd be mouring someone tonight
0274 darrrrkvengance: not seeing someone back!
0275 brella: yessss i am so here for the av club to start having a bigger role
0276 macey: i hope the second half of s2 is just fun av club adventures
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0278 guest-249484 changed nickname to andr
0279 ivioss: Other than speculating on the relationship of Walid and Caleb. Any thoughts?
0280 nick: hey all
0281 andr: hello?
0282 brella: andres loitering around the library
0283 macey: i think our brains are just shot from zoe
0284 brella: HI NICK
0285 emma: HEY NICK
0286 macey: NICK hello, awesome issue, as usual
0287 tree_with_roots entered the room
0288 camachojess entered the room
0289 darrrrkvengance: hey nick!
0290 guest-249502 changed nickname to camachojess
0291 brella: ivioss, my thoughts are basically "fjakdhfjkgkjsf" and some white noise
0292 alison: hello!
0293 macey: how much crap is matt giving you about you saying "dead is dead" now
0294 guest-249499 changed nickname to tree_with_roots
0295 brella: is it a ton
0296 camachojess left the room
0297 andr left the room
0298 emma: or is she still dead and it's time travel
0299 jess_camacho entered the room
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0301 yuuhy: My bets are on that one.
0302 brella: yeah give it to us straight is abraham in the past before zoe died
0303 macey: yeah im thinking time travel
0304 ivioss: Zoe looks older
0305 darrrrkvengance: or everyone dies when they go to MGA?
0306 guest-249508 changed nickname to jess_camacho
0307 brella: has our suffering not yet ended
0308 macey: "give it to us straight" brella that's hilarious
0309 hannah: our suffering will never end
0310 upguntha entered the room
0311 guest-249520 changed nickname to upguntha
0312 beth: ahh hello nick!! this issue was AMAZING
0313 upguntha: stupid firefox
0314 zoecaseys changed nickname to beth
0315 jess_camacho: Don't kill Ike!!!
0316 upguntha: Nick is here yayyyyyy
0317 beth: yeah zoe looked older to me too
0318 ivioss: Does everyone attend MGA at some point in their lives?
0319 brella: i know macey i can be funny sometimes
0320 yuuhy: Was anybody not screaming and flailing at some point during this issue?
0321 brella: i'll bet nick is just sitting there laughing mysteriously as we speak
0322 yuuhy: zoe looked older to me too but it could be art evolution
0323 alison: i thought zoe looked older, yeah.
0324 yuuhy: it has been 22 months?
0325 brella: well gribbs wasn't but that could be due to the bullet wound in his skull
0326 upguntha: he did it while telling us we'll never see her again
0327 beth: yeah thats my other thought was it was just the art
0328 macey: zoe died(?) in june 2012 if i recall
0329 macey: joe's art has changed a lot
0330 emma: idk she seemed the same age to me, just different clothes
0331 emma: out of uniform so it'll look different
0332 macey: to be fair the truants looked the same age at 14 that they do now, so
0333 brella: is this what you wanted, nick
0334 upguntha: yeah smae to me
0335 brella: you diabolical man
0336 yuuhy: "it's good to _see_ you again, dear friend"
0337 alison: and there's a different colorist, too.
0338 philmaira: upguntha, you had a shiut out in this issue
0339 philmaira: *shout
0340 ike entered the room
0341 yuuhy: I _see_ your emphasis, Zoe.
0342 nick: can confirm
0343 upguntha: the first socail party is to celebrate Zoe
0344 jess_camacho: I hope we don't have to wait long to find out HOW Zoe is alive
0345 guest-249556 changed nickname to ike
0346 macey: zoe is obviously immortal
0347 brella: too hot 2 die
0348 darrrrkvengance: mehbe it's the hologram Tupac version of Zoe.
0349 hannah: zoe is the real ever-being constant life force
0350 upguntha: lmao HoloZow
0351 upguntha: HolowZoe
0352 captainetienne entered the room
0353 ivioss: So, Nick, would you die under torture rather than give anything away?
0354 yuuhy: omg
0355 macey: oh man i just realized joe must have been so excited to draw zoe again
0356 brella: i do wonder if everything we saw in morocco was still through ike's perspective
0357 guest-249568 changed nickname to captainetienne
0358 emma: i'm so excited that he's drawing zoe again
0359 brella: so did he see zoe, too
0360 brella: hmmm
0361 yuuhy: beautiful zoe
0362 upguntha: his most requested comish is back
0363 alison: Yeah, I was wondering if Ike blurted out "Zoe" on his end.
0364 beth: zoe looks so good tho
0365 hannah: zoe always looks good
0366 darrrrkvengance: +1 hannah
0367 brella: she looks EXCELLENT
0368 macey: imagine ike running back to his dorm covered in blood yelling "ZOES ALIVE"
0369 macey: theyd just assume he finally lost it
0370 brella: nothing like a little sun to repair a bullet wound
0371 upguntha: especially when she's gonna murder you
0372 brella: GOD
0373 selfibadnxscom entered the room
0374 yuuhy: hunter would cry
0375 jess_camacho left the room
0376 captainetienne left the room
0378 hannah: oh gosh if zoe's alive and if hunter finds out and. oh gosh.
0379 julienotrobin entered the room
0380 upguntha: this is what happens when you believe
0381 upguntha: you never die
0382 yuuhy: casey and jade would thank the lord because it's just them and pamela right now
0383 ivioss: Hunter would not cry.
0384 brella: don't talk to me about hunter finding out i will dig a hole and bury myself
0385 guest-249595 changed nickname to julienotrobin
0386 darrrrkvengance: maybe Akiko's dance changed teh game?
0387 guest-249607 entered the room
0388 beth: i really need casey to find out but i also havent gotten casey reacting to her death so
0389 guest-249607 left the room
0390 beth: but oh no hunter
0391 alison: I figure that if Zoe was gone because she knew too much, her return is going to mean big
0392 alison: reveals soon.
0393 upguntha: Zoe and Irina i the same rom
0394 beth: trueeee
0395 yuuhy: RIGHT
0396 upguntha: go!!!
0397 yuuhy: I'm so excited
0398 emma: i just need reveals
0399 brella: my assumption is that casey resetting the timeline might have reset zoe's death but
0400 yuuhy: I'm shaking
0401 brella: then why did we see her body
0402 macey: it makes sense that zoe would be back and not anyone else really
0403 brella: SO MANY REVEALS
0404 yuuhy: friends you don't know how much I think about zoe theories
0405 hannah: reveals in morning glories though
0406 macey: like hisao, his stuff is mostly done- what's not can be taken by jun
0407 hannah: that sounds unholy
0408 alison: it wasn't necessarily confirmed to be her.
0409 macey: but zoe has a lot to handle
0410 brella: yeah we'll get reveals in probably
0411 brella: 100 years
0412 beth: im going back to my theory about how her shirt is red in the morgue but white before
0413 upguntha: Nickis Caleb the lond boy from the pciture?
0414 beth: and that could be significant
0415 brella: i just assumed her shirt was red because of all the blood
0416 beth: that was my other thought but its too sad
0417 macey: god if caleb is blond boy all our theories on david go forty steps back
0418 brella: that probably came out of her. exploding chest wound
0419 beth: BRELLA
0420 brella: BETH
0421 guest-249586 changed nickname to selfibadnxscom
0422 upguntha: lol lol
0423 beth: its ok tho shes ALIVE
0424 nick: right-- I thought that was david?
0425 maria entered the room
0426 beth: or something
0427 guest-249628 changed nickname to maria
0428 brella: i'M SO FRUSTRATED our david theory could be shot
0429 macey: groans
0430 alison: what is the david theory
0431 brella: damn you, caleb, and your fashionable sweater vest
0432 yuuhy: he looks so much like the blond kid with his dorky smile
0433 macey: alison
0434 brella: alison
0435 alison: Ohhhh.
0436 brella: to be david
0437 brella: ah yes
0438 brella: just when you think you might have an idea of what's going on in morning glories
0439 brella: ha. ha
0440 selfibadnxscom left the room
0441 ivioss: There is a theory of History that certain figures must appear sooner or later.
0442 hannah: wonder what david's been getting up to lately
0443 danhauge entered the room
0444 upguntha: he did cal Ab father instead of Sir like Walid did
0445 emma: but wasn't clarkson's son named david or do i have that backwards
0446 yuuhy: but we haven't seen baby walid and i refuse to believe they're not permanently attached
0447 guest-249646 changed nickname to danhauge
0448 alison: Clarkson's son is named David yeah
0449 macey: ok most important question
0450 macey: yes he is emma
0451 alison: it was a cliff hanger ending reveal so clearly significant
0452 emma: it was his fly leather jacket
0453 maria1 entered the room
0454 guest-249649 changed nickname to maria1
0455 emma: they just needed to give him a motorcycle to complete the look
0456 macey: walids power is infinite pockets in his sweet leather jacket. mg solved
0457 brella: where did he even get a motorcycle
0458 beth: exactly walid is just swag
0459 maria1 left the room
0460 upguntha: they bought it from that kid
0461 maria1 entered the room
0462 brella: did the universe just give him one because he was so swag
0463 macey: wasn't he just paying that kid to watch it
0464 yuuhy: i assumed the kid was just watching it for him
0465 guest-249655 changed nickname to maria1
0466 maria1 left the room
0467 upguntha: true true
0468 brella: where did he learn to drive it then
0469 nick: yep, the kid is being paid to watch the bike. can confirm
0470 brella: was that part of the curriculum at the camp
0471 yuuhy: the boys need to clean their room
0472 ivioss: Miss Richmond gave Walid money before sending him off
0473 brella: "children you must learn about faith and also how to drive motorcycles"
0474 upguntha: well he can prob own a motorcycle in Moroxco
0475 beth: i cant believe zoe isnt making them clean up around the place
0476 brella: ian would be terrible at driving motorcycles
0477 beth: their beds are so messy
0478 brella: so would fortunato he'd be too scared
0479 yuuhy: "can i show my motorcycle score to father abraham"
0480 macey: walid's gift is the power to be a hot biker
0481 macey: hes been training his whole life for this
0482 brella: zoe is probably making walid and caleb sleep on the floor
0483 brella: so she can have both mattresses
0484 upguntha: lmao ohhh Zoe
0485 emma: hey beth rmr what you said about two mattresses
0486 macey: ian driving a motorcycle is a great mental image thanks brella
0487 emma: wouldn't one of them be zoe's
0488 beth: bUT ok
0489 brella: you're welcome
0490 upguntha: Nick does Mis Richmond count as one of the 5 that escaped?
0491 beth: there is a dresser behind her. so couldnt there also be a bed there. that is nicer.
0492 yuuhy: zoe pbably has a proper king size bed in the other room
0493 ivioss: too bad Walid cannot time or location travel on his bike
0494 nick: should point out zoe's entourage is two good looking dudes, because of course
0495 beth: i want to believe that walid and caleb are sharing a mattress but
0496 brella: of course
0497 beth: some things never change
0498 yuuhy: i admit i screencapped almost every panel with walid
0499 macey: zoe knows where its AT
0500 beth: do they buy her things
0501 brella: she knows what she's doing
0502 emma: oh ofc
0503 beth: #lifespo
0504 upguntha: if they ere shang mattresss the room wouldn't be that ms
0505 brella: yuuhy you have such a giant crush on walid oh my god
0506 macey: i was expecting a kid named "walid" to be a nerd but NOPE. he's FINE
0507 beth: FINE AS HELL
0508 philmaira: So is Morrocco where Abrham's camp is? Quick wiki look says Morrocco was a savana in BCs
0509 brella: ssssssssMOKIN
0510 macey: he may even beat fortunato for hottest teen in this book
0511 brella: impossible
0512 yuuhy: hey before i got to the last page my two faves were dead i was desperate
0513 emma: i've never been in love before but there is this comic character named walid
0514 beth: zoe > walid > tuna
0515 macey: okay wait yeah. zoe probably wins. teen BOYS
0516 macey: but zoe wins all
0517 beth: exactly their hygiene is likely questionable
0518 nick: the dude we ref'ed for Walid is a stunner, i spent hours on that
0519 brella: walid is yuuhy's only light in this life
0520 emma: this is ike's issue and we're all walid-ing
0521 macey: nick didnt you do that for guillaume and tuna much time have you spent looking
0522 macey: at models for this book
0523 brella: choosing to give him a leather jacket was dangerous
0524 beth: thats bc ike had a disastrous scarf and walid was on his gaME
0525 guest-249496 left the room
0526 hannah: oh yeah ike's being tortured in a dungeon
0527 nick: yep.... half my research time on this book is finding hot dudes for joe to draw
0528 brella: he'll be fine
0529 ivioss: what is the other half?
0530 brella: he's got his charm and fashion sense
0531 beth: thats a brave mission nick
0532 macey: godspeed mr spencer
0533 darrrrkvengance: lol, other half is hot women
0534 hannah: at least the red scarf will hide the blood
0535 upguntha: the other alf is ways to confuse s
0536 emma: we appreciate it
0537 brella: how many scarves did ike pack, that's my question
0538 macey: but yeah i can't believe this is the ike issue and we are caring about literally
0539 yuuhy: ah shoot i was counting on this issue to clarify for me an ike breadcanon
0540 nick: at least this ref the guy was clothed. Tuna's ref is all underwear model-y
0541 macey: everything else
0542 brella: was half of his suitcase just scarves because i'm starting to suspect it was
0543 ivioss: @upguntha Needed that
0544 emma: what if ike knits his own scarves
0545 beth: thats beautiful
0546 brella: amazing.
0547 macey: poor fortunato would be so scandalized
0548 emma: macey you make it sound like tuna's never seen himself naked
0549 brella: he probably looks away from the mirror every time
0550 macey: he's fortunato he probably hasn't
0551 ivioss: Tuna is prissy just cause he prays
0552 yuuhy: tuna can't stop posing in his underwear
0553 guest-249739 entered the room
0554 danhauge left the room
0555 guest-249739 left the room
0556 beth: tuna the never nude
0557 nick: well he's never going to again
0558 yuuhy: he tries not to
0559 brella: NICK
0560 beth: NICK
0561 hannah: oof.
0562 yuuhy: ow
0563 beth: well.
0564 brella: IM LAUGHING
0565 emma: OH MAN
0566 hannah: the surge of little bloopy notifications there was wonderful
0567 macey: OH, NICK, thank you for more nine screentime, i missed her
0568 brella: notice how macey expertly evades the sad tuna comment
0569 emma: i, too, appreciated her outfit
0570 brella: nine getting on gribbs's case was amazing
0571 upguntha: He can't see n the miror
0572 himatt entered the room
0573 emma: the mga staff just nag each other all the time it's wonderful
0574 brella: theyre too busy nagging each other to teach anything
0575 guest-249766 changed nickname to himatt
0576 beth: does anyone in this school ever actually learn things
0577 upguntha: no wonder the fail their prvious task
0578 darrrrkvengance: yeah, when they retire from the "better future" think, i want to see
0579 emma: i think they learned about kurt vonnegut once or something
0580 brella: also, nick, thank you for all of the glorious ikeisms
0581 brella: this issue was so rich with new material i don't even know where to start
0582 darrrrkvengance: a Three's Company remake with Hodge, Georgina, and Briggs
0583 ivioss: I think Nine just likes injecting because she knows Headmaster has not approved & does it
0584 brella: yeah emma and i think bell was involved... somewhere. slightly
0585 macey: georgina and gribbs are gonna be so happy to talk about torturing teen boys in basements
0586 sarcat left the room
0587 brella: trying to outdo each other
0588 macey: i'm actually really excited for the return of georgina and gribbs banter. that was fun.
0589 beth: the best bonding
0590 guest-249790 entered the room
0591 brella: "well i gouged his eyes out" "well i gave him drugs" "gribbs you're doing this wrong"
0592 upguntha: One has a whip, te other has a fist
0593 yuuhy: lara has vanessa
0594 ivioss: How does Ike know how much time they spend in basements>
0595 macey: "god gribbs the drugs LESSEN the pain. you IDIOT"
0596 upguntha: For somene just out a coma he has a lt of strenght
0597 macey: at least hodge, like, talks to vanessa like a person
0598 macey: she has that going for her
0599 yuuhy: doing it entirely wrong
0600 emma: lara's like the mom from mean girls compared to the rest of the staff
0601 ivioss: Drugs can increase pain!
0602 brella: casey's out looking for hodge. probably to punch her again
0603 beth: i mean she did nearly kill her though
0604 yuuhy left the room
0605 lily entered the room
0606 macey: TRUE BETH but as an adult, i mean.
0607 yuuhy entered the room
0608 guest-249790 left the room
0609 guest-249817 changed nickname to yuuhy
0610 ivioss: Maybe casey is looking for Hodge cause casey secretly loves her
0611 beth: yes thats true but that just means she had her muderous impulses even earlier
0612 beth: oh god casey/hodge
0613 macey: oh yeah, ten bucks casey looking for hodge leads into next week
0614 macey: next month what am i saying
0616 nick: you would be...
0617 guest-249808 changed nickname to lily
0618 nick: CORRECT.
0619 macey: we need another issue of the casey blevins power hour, stat
0620 beth: !!!!!!!!!
0621 nick: 039 is a Casey issue
0624 lily: yaaaas
0625 yuuhy: AHHH
0626 brella: yes macey you get two whole dollars!!!
0627 yuuhy: it's been so longgg
0628 brella: YESSSSSSS
0630 emma: eggcelent
0632 yuuhy: My love with the perfect hair
0633 brella: my cat just left because. i made noises
0634 henrian entered the room
0635 hannah: it's been 84 years...
0636 julienotrobin: i really enjoyed ike talking about casey/jade
0637 emma: omg hannah
0639 brella: yes julie me too
0640 lily: prayin for some casey/jade interaction
0641 macey: oh yeah ike's a hardcore casey/jade shipper it's amazing
0642 emma: i approved, ike
0643 lily: yes omg
0644 beth: i just want to know what casey remembers
0645 beth: how is she doing
0646 maria left the room
0647 beth: is she sleeping
0648 brella: ike is the biggest fan of casey/jade and hunter/hisao
0649 guest-249835 changed nickname to henrian
0650 brella: probably not beth
0651 upguntha: Is the next arc gong to bea year long thng like Woodrun
0652 alison: she says she forgot it all! didn't she?
0653 emma: his making out with boys totally wasn't a phase
0654 brella: she is too busy keeping vigilant watch over the innocent
0655 emma: beth would agree
0656 yuuhy: I was rereading old issues and all the caseyjade handholding made me crumple
0657 beth: dont say that i need her to be healthy and safe
0658 macey: i think joe would boycott if we went back to the woods so
0659 julienotrobin: I LOVE IKE SHIPPING THINGS
0660 lily: i love ike in general
0661 lily: t b h
0662 brella: thats what this comic needs, MORE TREES
0663 nick: We are definitely moving into the biggest story since woodrun very soon
0664 brella: oh no
0665 lily: omg
0666 beth: oh nO
0667 emma: oooh
0668 brella: batten down the hatches
0669 alison: yay!
0670 nick: but it's structured pretty differently
0671 macey: no matter how good it was to see woodrun end i've missed the plot
0672 emma: is it going to be per-character or
0673 upguntha: oh my my
0674 beth: oooooh
0675 yuuhy: waleb
0676 brella: if i die of heart failure before i turn 22 thanks to this comic i swear to god
0677 beth: im surprised i havent already
0678 yuuhy: no brella
0679 ivioss: this comic is a reason to live
0680 brella: yuuhy i just said waleb out loud and it sounded so cute
0681 yuuhy: i need you to read it at 6 am with me
0682 beth: its possible i still might after todays issue
0683 darrrrkvengance: Nick's even gonna start killing off Game of Thrones characters. that's just how he rolls.
0684 macey: i bet you guys just brought back zoe to get on our good side before killing everyone
0685 lily: im not gunna make it to 18
0686 brella: okay yuuhy you can use your death-reversing powers to keep me around
0687 brella: PROBABLY, MACEY
0688 beth: if that was their plan it worked for me
0689 henrian: I kinda agree.
0690 yuuhy: hisao didn't make it to 17 so
0691 yuuhy: you're already ahead of the game
0692 julienotrobin: (unnecessary aside, i'm giggling at my computer and my roommate just waltzed in said very
0693 ivioss: I like killing of Game of Thrones characters do it
0694 julienotrobin: dryly, "i think you need to cheer up")
0695 brella: that's cold, yuuhy
0696 brella: why do i talk to you
0697 julienotrobin: yep laughing about dead teenagers in stories, this fandom
0698 macey: it's our process
0699 yuuhy: cold like my heart between issues 33 and this one
0700 hannah: dead teenagers
0701 yuuhy: but no more!
0702 yuuhy: maybe
0703 emma: if anyone touches esi or hannah, you know i'll revolt
0704 lily: cute dead teenagers
0705 upguntha: blind teenagers
0706 emma: esp esi
0707 yuuhy: temporarily
0708 lily: i miss hunter
0709 brella: ive somehow managed to avoid any harm coming to my faves but i have a feeling
0710 brella: my luck is going to run out soon
0711 julienotrobin: HANNAH AND ESI
0712 lily: same
0713 macey: brella i think hunter's good for a long while yet
0714 brella: don't worry lily, i am sure he is probably running late for his class somewhere
0715 julienotrobin: hisao was my fav
0716 julienotrobin: *weeps*
0717 macey: HANNAH AND ESI....I HAVE FAITH....they are together so andres is the disposable one
0718 lily: and trippin over himself trying to find casey
0719 emma: omg macey
0720 brella: I DON'T MACEY
0721 darrrrkvengance: i'm not even gonna mention whom i don't want Nick to kill WHILE HE'S HERE
0724 beth: but then no andres/hunter
0726 darrrrkvengance: that's like ASKING FOR IT
0727 lily left the room
0728 brella: dont say that beth
0729 brella: dont even think it
0730 macey: but yes in an ideal world all the av club kids grow old and have many grandkids
0731 ivioss: Do you have to kill a character every time a new one enters the story?
0732 emma: mama esi as actual mama
0733 emma: weeps
0734 brella: oh my god, andres would be the most ridiculous grandpa
0735 yuuhy: it seems like we usually get a death around the same time as an influx of characters
0736 upguntha: pretty boys are still alive
0738 macey: we just got really sad to really happy in a split second
0739 emma: andres making his grand kids watch sci fi movies
0740 lily entered the room
0741 yuuhy: but we are getting waleb for free??
0742 brella: nothing is for free in this comic
0743 emma: waleb's secret power
0744 himatt left the room
0745 nick: @ivioss nope, cast keeps bigger, but that's what makes them nervous
0746 guest-249898 changed nickname to lily
0747 brella: mrrrrgh
0748 yuuhy: i am SO nervous
0749 brella: i am always nervous
0750 macey: cmon people. all will be free. thought you knew that
0751 yuuhy: no it's ok i just have to never love again
0752 upguntha: this story is gonna end with a different cast i feel
0753 henrian: Zoe is back (or in back, or anything else) to kill everyone.
0754 beth: i open every new issue filled with terror in general
0755 brella: yeah upguntha watch all of the characters we know now die halfway through
0756 ivioss: I forgot about being free
0757 brella: and then get reincarnated into a new cast
0758 macey: i'm waiting for everyone to die at like #75 and for julie to take over as protag
0759 macey: calling it now
0760 yuuhy: YEEE
0761 beth: zoe lives forever though
0762 emma: JULIE
0763 darrrrkvengance: this issue, no one died and we got TWO characters back
0764 upguntha: JUlieeeeee
0765 emma: i need here back asap
0766 brella: JULIIIIIE
0767 beth: but yeS JULIE
0768 yuuhy: hi julie
0769 darrrrkvengance: Julie for sure
0770 macey: dv that means 4 characters die next month
0771 julienotrobin: JULIE
0772 upguntha: and that bloody yearbook
0773 julienotrobin: I LIKE JULIE
0774 emma: she was so precious to me bc father/daughter relationships
0775 emma: my fave
0776 brella: yeah emma and look how that worked out for her
0777 hannah: ouch
0778 julienotrobin: ooowwwww
0779 emma: im blocking u hang on
0780 darrrrkvengance: i wonder if Julie is even in teh same universe
0781 brella: lol bye
0782 macey: best route in mg is don't ever know your parents. dont even MEET them
0783 macey: live as a forest child raised by wolves
0784 darrrrkvengance: or how she's gonna get into this story
0785 brella: dont even HAVE them
0786 ivioss: Julie is probably one of the future events which can be changed and no Julie
0787 macey: that is the only way to remain unharmed
0788 emma: dont have parents. be a clone. looks at ian
0789 beth: iM
0790 beth: oh ian
0791 yuuhy: everyone should just be ian
0792 beth: maybe everyone /is/ ian
0793 yuuhy: the solution to life's problems
0794 brella: everyone in the cast is just replaced w/ the ians
0795 upguntha: I don't think Ian is a clone
0796 macey: plot twist in issue #100, everyones skin peels off to reveal theyre all ians
0797 yuuhy: last page of 38
0798 beth: oh god picturing a world of ians is terrifying
0799 brella: maybe THATS the answer to the "who is ian" question
0800 brella: it's EVERYONE
0801 upguntha: I think he can multiply himself
0802 emma: wait no i didnt want to start this i take the ian comment back
0803 darrrrkvengance: i thought ian was obtained by Oliver Simon at some point, not necessarily cloned
0804 lily: even headmaster is ian
0805 darrrrkvengance: but maybe i missed an update
0806 hannah: you're ian, he's ian, i'm ian, are there any other ians i should know about
0807 upguntha: divided into different personalities
0808 brella: nice job emma
0809 henrian: don't fertilize the ovule.
0810 macey: i keep picturing ians gonna get the other ians to help him with akiko so that when she
0811 macey: wakes up shes just surrounded by ians.
0812 macey: it's her worst nightmare
0813 emma: but then akiko is also ian
0814 beth: oh god
0815 beth: OH GOD
0816 yuuhy: i'm crying please stop
0817 brella: i just keep imagining the ians as sounding like the seagulls from finding nemo
0818 emma: no escape from the storm inside
0819 brella: i'll be honest
0820 brella: just more sarcastic
0821 nick: have to run soon-- who has questions? try to answer as many as I can
0822 brella: SURROUNDED BY IANS. the meaning of terror
0823 nick: then a couple for you
0824 darrrrkvengance: Nick -- is Julie currently alive? in the same world as, say, Jade's brother?
0825 lily: is hunter gunna be in the next issue?
0826 yuuhy: oh! can you tell us what accents the faculty have?
0827 beth: will there be more zoe backstory soon?
0828 brella: whose idea was it to have the cover match 24's?
0829 emma: will we see more of the kids who escape with walid and caleb?
0830 ivioss: I asked already. Why only one piece of pizza. No way would I go to that school
0831 macey: why are their so many grown adults beating up minors in basements
0832 beth: will zoe go back to the academy?
0833 nick: @dark no easy answer there
0834 darrrrkvengance: lol, ivioss!
0835 yuuhy: then ivioss you are safe. congratulations.
0836 nick: @lily very briefly
0837 brella: (yessssssss)
0838 macey: gonna assume that's a one-panel closeup of his nose until it comes out
0839 beth: macey omg
0840 emma: hopefully attached to his face
0841 yuuhy: brella is going to make that nose panel her phone background
0842 beth: EMMA
0843 emma: not just lying around
0844 nick: @yuuhy lara is the only american-sounding one, lotta faux british going around
0845 darrrrkvengance: thanks for another amazing issue, Nick!
0846 lily: gribbs faking a british accent
0847 nick: @beth sure seems like we opened the door for that to happen again
0848 hannah: yes thank you!
0849 lily: while beating up ike
0850 macey: ...that's actually kind of hilarious
0851 yuuhy: _faux_ british wow
0852 beth:
0853 julienotrobin: i missed the beginning so i don't know what questions were already asked mmmm
0854 darrrrkvengance: and please pass my regards along to Joe!
0855 macey: did lara just decide everyone was too pretencious
0856 henrian: YAY!
0857 brella: noses are very important to me yuuhy thank you
0858 nick: @brella that was me
0859 brella: niiiiiiiice
0860 macey: that was a good move. rodin killed it
0861 emma: as always
0862 brella: that was GREAT
0863 nick: @emma lot more with those kids, someday
0864 emma: somedayyyy
0865 lily: omg yes
0866 yuuhy: walebbb
0867 upguntha: no wonder they kept saying bloody in the begining of the series
0868 hannah: it's ironic because people at mga are literally bloody on a regular basis
0869 beth: ha. ha ha
0870 brella: they probably think they're being so funny
0871 lily: its a new fashion trend
0872 macey: so ike STILL is the most fashionable one of all
0873 yuuhy: WALID
0874 macey: walid is unfortunately not fashionable
0875 yuuhy: NO HE IS
0876 nick: now- HOW do you think Zoe is back?
0877 julienotrobin: is jade in the next issue? or zoe?
0878 emma: beth wished really hard
0879 yuuhy: abraham traveled back in time to before she died
0880 brella: i think abraham's either in the past and she hasn't died yet
0881 macey: my bet's on time travel.
0882 alison: I personally think that she was going to "kill" Hunter, something about death releases
0883 alison: them.
0884 hannah: yeah i'm going with time travel but really i have no idea
0885 yuuhy: or yeah it just takes place before she died
0886 beth: yeah i'm thinking some wonky time thing
0887 macey: not from abraham, but from zoe
0888 emma: but yah time travel
0889 alison: And her going after Hunter wasn't a bad thing
0890 brella: or casey's cylinder encounter reset her death
0891 hannah: i never know what's going on
0892 beth: similar to how abraham was killed but also alive
0893 hannah: ooh yeah
0894 julienotrobin: mmmm...maybe zoe time traveled. maybe there are multiple zoes like ians
0895 beth: but i also did wish really hard so
0896 philmaira: This might be a stretch, but was Gribs' head wrap supposed paralllel a Taqiyah?
0897 yuuhy: alison, i think so too but i don't think it equates to immortality or anything that would
0898 beth: how long was her return planned?
0899 yuuhy: have brought her back
0900 brella: i also wonder if the arc "fatih" idea had something to do with it
0901 alison: no, but I do think there's some kind of power enacted by dying.
0902 brella: since it was faith that enabled david to touch akiko
0903 darrrrkvengance: maybe she was killed in the future, so hasn't died yet?
0904 alison: that we just don't know yet.
0905 yuuhy: yeah, some kind of ascendance
0906 nick: @beth from the start, sorry for lying
0907 brella: when it should have just killed her right away
0908 brella: hmm
0909 henrian: Was she indeed dead?
0910 upguntha: Just line the no "powers"
0911 brella: oh my god
0912 beth: haha
0913 darrrrkvengance: maybe everyone at MGA is outside of time and death
0914 darrrrkvengance: in some way
0915 brella: maybe MGA is the island
0916 ike left the room
0917 brella: dun dun DUNNNN
0918 macey: brella you can't make lost jokes until youve watched it
0919 upguntha: Is the best 2 out of 3 the new reccuring phrase
0920 brella: i know...... i know
0921 emma: they fall asleep when travelling there so.,,,
0922 nick: haha, okay... gotta get back to work, all. very happy to have zoe back, glad you are, too.
0923 macey: hands you my complete series boxset
0924 beth: or theyre actually all dead the whole time so you cant actually die
0925 brella: but there's an island in lost, right, i didn't mishear that
0926 yuuhy: thanks nick!
0927 emma: thank you nick!!
0928 brella: we're SO HAPPY
0929 henrian: Because, assuming that dead is dead, it'd be unlikely for her to be really back.
0930 philmaira: @darkk 4th dimensional consicousness?
0931 macey: yes it's why they're lost
0932 henrian: Bah. )
0933 beth: thank you so much!!! this issue was incredible i'm so unbelievably happy!!
0934 brella: thanks for everything nick
0935 brella: you've made beth
0936 brella: so happy
0937 lily left the room
0938 brella: thank you for that
0939 macey: YES NICK THIS WAS SO HAPPY we needed that happy. we are thrilled for life
0940 emma: it was incredible to see beth's reaction
0941 yuuhy: beth like. died earlier today.
0942 emma: those tweets will fuel me for months
0943 lily entered the room
0944 macey: beth was like reborn
0945 brella: beth's reaction was half the fun
0946 macey: i am 100% serious
0947 beth: i'm a whole new being now
0948 nick: haha awesome. night everyone
0949 guest-250042 changed nickname to lily
0950 henrian: And yes! It was a good surprise to see her again. My fav.
0951 yuuhy: i love that she read it last
0952 nick left the room
0953 macey: bye nick!!
0954 beth: i cant believe all of you
0955 bookwyrm left the room
0957 lily: i keep havin technical probs sob
0958 beth: i was so convinced there was just gonna be gay stuff in this issue
0959 philmaira left the room
0960 beth: i was like there are only two things associated with me and thats zoe and gay
0961 emma: walid/caleb is real beth
0962 beth: but no it cant be zoe
0963 lily: there was tho (whispers w/c)
0964 emma: accept it
0965 yuuhy: I can't believe brella said i was sitting on a throne of lies
0966 beth: WALID/CALEB THO
0967 beth: but
0969 ivioss: You remember how Jade took the noose in class and how zoe says have faith?
0970 yuuhy: when nick fucking spencer KING OF LIES
0971 beth: but yes they are far guiltier of lying
0972 macey: beth i can think of a third
0973 macey: gay zoe
0974 beth: i'd be upset but i can't be bc zoe is alive
0975 beth: i just finger gunned
0976 lily: i almost cried i was so happy
0977 beth: sOON
0978 beth: it will be real. hopefully. maybe.
0979 yuuhy: hmm i'm starting to think zoe might _actually_ be bak
0980 ivioss: There may be a parallel between Jade and Zoe
0981 yuuhy: i'm starting to hope
0982 beth: there are so many possibilities
0983 hannah left the room
0984 upguntha: I was trying not to scream in the middle of Starbucks
0985 lily: i dont wanna get my hopes up but i rlly hope shes back
0986 yuuhy: because nick seemed to be implying that
0987 beth: oh dang we can know what's in the photo now
0988 ivioss: Jade ended up dream walking instead of dying
0989 yuuhy: but i've learned not to hope
0990 yuuhy: so oop there it goes
0991 darrrrkvengance: i haven't watched LOST either. is it worth it? i've heard mixed things
0992 upguntha: that photooooo
0993 beth: unless zoe doesn't remember the things she knew before?
0994 upguntha: maybe casey will see it when she goes looking for Hodge
0995 beth: or everything?
0996 brella: by the way has anyone gotten any new intel on the not-printer object
0997 beth: if some time replacement is involved idk
0998 henrian: It is interesting that Future Jade never mentioned Zoe.
0999 julienotrobin left the room
1000 emma: not printer object?
1001 ivioss: We never saw what happened to Jade in the classroom after she hung herself
1002 yuuhy: i'm pretty sure i know what the not-printer is
1003 upguntha: dishhhhh
1004 lily: imagine zoe trying to come back to school and everyone freaking out
1005 beth: i'm assuming that she goes unconscious or something and then they take her to nine?
1006 henrian: She asked about Ike, Hunter and Casey. But never mentioned Zoe and Jun.
1007 lily: and shes like wtf guys
1008 yuuhy: but i don't want to share in chat in case people want to figure it out themselves
1009 beth: (i just reread this issue quickly to warn someone about it)
1010 beth: well. jade and zoe were never very close.
1011 emma: yuuhy can you tweet me
1013 brella: damn it yuuhy can you text me
1014 upguntha: twwet me too
1015 darrrrkvengance: i want to know
1016 brella: it has been eating away at me for two months
1017 brella: i am going to die soon if i don't know
1019 beth: is there anyone who doesnt want to know thats the real question
1020 henrian: Zoe saved her life.
1021 brella: and if you say it's a bread box i swear to god i'll punch you
1022 ivioss: non printer object I missed that what do I look at?
1023 macey: aldo dv
1024 lily: what is a not printer im stupid
1025 brella: ivioss
1026 macey: theres a weird thing under the cylinder that looks kinda like a printer
1027 darrrrkvengance: thanks, macey. i'll put it my my list. though i have some series ahead of it
1028 brella: you can also see it in #37 when ian's standing in front of it
1029 macey: it's in #1 and #6
1030 lily: ohhhh
1031 emma: ahh thanks
1032 ivioss: ty
1033 yuuhy: ok fine
1034 beth: !!!!
1035 emma: it kinda looks like a take-out food container
1036 emma: ngl
1037 yuuhy: i am like 65% sure it's a spectrophotometer
1038 henrian: You guys know what would be great?
1039 emma: ok rocket scientist explain
1040 yuuhy: which is high for mg tbh
1041 macey: yuuhy im trying to pronouce that
1042 brella: OHHHHHHH
1043 brella: why did i not
1044 brella: think of that
1045 brella: jesus
1046 henrian: Another 2-weeks issue session.
1047 yuuhy: it measures light emitted or absorbed by an object
1048 emma: oh it does look like one of those
1049 darrrrkvengance: wow, yuuhy!!!! it looks just lieke that!!!!
1050 macey1: >electromagnetic spectra
1051 macey1: shit this REALLY IS LOST
1052 guest-250153 entered the room
1053 darrrrkvengance: you are THE MAN or THE WOMAN!
1054 yuuhy: credits to my dad
1055 beth: oooooooooooooooooooh
1056 henrian: Should've said that when Nick was still here.
1057 emma: nic cage. your father
1058 yuuhy: my dad, demon christian rocket scientist
1059 emma: married to bob saget
1060 macey: yuuhys family is a wonder
1061 brella: oh by the WAY while everyone is here y'all should come to the ficathon
1062 ivioss: So is Gribbs going to answer of running off on Ike without permission?
1063 brella: it's gonna be a paaaaaarty
1064 brella: but yeah got yuuhy your dad
1065 yuuhy: it's hella old, so it fits with what that guy andrew said about it in #6
1066 emma: i've been posting prompts during the chat oops
1067 beth: i have the ficathon open in a tab i havent had time to think of gay things yet though
1068 darrrrkvengance: oh, so i don't follow Tumblr, where i gather a lot of stuff goes down
1069 ivioss: Daramont has to whip herself
1070 darrrrkvengance: but is anything happening for May 4?
1071 ivioss: Will Gribbs punch himself in the face?
1072 lily: do you guys think we'll ever see that scientist girl again
1073 lily: what was her name
1074 upguntha: social partyyyy
1075 emma: julia
1076 yuuhy: JULIE??
1077 beth: JULIE
1078 emma: julie**
1079 brella: JULIE
1080 upguntha: what about Alcia
1081 lily: wow i feel so shitty i can't remember anything
1082 macey: i don't have anything planned for may 4th yet....but....
1083 macey: we should have a party
1084 ivioss: Have we seen Julie since Casey reset events?
1085 brella: oh my gosh yes please
1086 yuuhy: on may 4th lets sacrifice our children
1087 macey: julie is the science girl and alicia is the secretary girl
1088 brella: YUUHY NO
1089 macey: alicia is my FAVORITE
1090 yuuhy: we've seen julie in one panel since #6
1091 henrian: Guys, maybe Gribbs is punching the Headmaster. D
1092 emma: yuuhy what the hell
1093 macey: she was in the yearbook hunter finds in #28
1094 beth: gribbs has a weird way of showing his love for abraham god
1095 guest-250153 left the room
1096 emma: true love can''t be understood by mere mortals
1097 emma: or someting
1098 lily: kinda off topic but that whole thing with hunter and his 3 dreams was so cool to me
1099 beth: what if he wants to kill abraham TO SAVE HIM THOUGh
1100 henrian: He has a gay crush on him. [?
1101 beth: and so now he's upset bc he failed
1102 darrrrkvengance: turn him into a pillar of salt?
1103 k entered the room
1104 beth: and abraham can still get hurt
1106 brella: when i realized what was happening i flipped. out.
1107 brella: i was like deSCARTES
1108 guest-250195 changed nickname to k
1109 macey: most of this issue could have been avoided if gribbs had taken anger management
1110 yuuhy: he's giving me a melon.
1111 macey: i have the he's giving me a melon panel on my wall
1112 macey: it's very important to me
1113 emma: ahhh lily that was awesome
1114 ivioss: I love Gribbs and anger management
1115 beth: thats beautiful macey
1116 darrrrkvengance: that's true of most comics, actually, macey
1117 emma: it turned into me researching descartes and not doing homeworks
1118 k left the room
1119 yuuhy: my dad gets really happy about me reading the bible for mg
1120 lily: i totally asked my history teacher about it
1121 lily: and he didnt even know
1122 henrian left the room
1123 lily: i dont even own a bible tbh
1124 darrrrkvengance: about Descartes, or anger management?
1125 lily: descartes
1126 ivioss: Who does Gribbs hate more? Lara or Abraham?
1127 macey: well just the mention of abraham being gone wakes him from a coma so
1128 lily: i think abraham
1129 beth: lara bc he's in looooooooooooooooooooove w abraham
1130 macey: going with abraham
1131 ivioss: Important question here !!!!! What is Abrahams last name?
1132 lily: its a love hate relationship
1133 macey: however, i do like beths style
1134 macey: WE DONT KNOW
1135 beth: i dont think we know! since we dont know ikes?
1137 macey: it is VERY frusturating
1138 lily: oh god it makes me crazy
1139 beth: i had hopes we'd learn ikes today but. alas.
1140 yuuhy: abrahamians
1141 lily: we literally only know like 2 last names
1142 beth: ike isaacson
1143 yuuhy: no but he's abrahamsson
1144 lily: hunter huntington
1145 ivioss: If we do not know Abraham's last name it must be important.
1146 beth: true yuuhy
1147 abetterfuture entered the room
1148 macey: thats what it is for everyone who doesnt have a last name
1149 beth: so we need to know abrahams fathers name
1150 guest-250249 changed nickname to abetterfuture
1151 macey: zoe zoeith
1152 macey: irina irinawitz
1153 ivioss: i wish I had thought of the question while Nick was here
1154 lily: ike ikeson
1155 yuuhy: like he'd spill
1156 lily: i mEANT to say ian ianson
1157 macey: akiko akikoith
1158 lily: my
1159 abetterfuture: Just got here. What did Nick and Joe have to say?
1160 lily: my b*
1161 emma: i passed a blevins fruit farm the other day. that was cute
1162 lily: omg
1163 macey: abetterfuture
1164 yuuhy: joe is partying in vegas
1165 darrrrkvengance: Casey Blevins; Ian Simon; Jun and Hisao Fukayama; Jaders Paders. ;)
1166 macey: mostly that 39's a casey issue and we're back to the plot
1167 macey: JADERS PADERS
1168 emma: jaders paders omg
1169 lily: omG
1170 emma: he was all "how do you think zoe's alive"
1171 yuuhy: waleb
1172 emma: and we were all "THEORIES"
1173 lily: wow i couldnt even remember ians last name im trash
1174 emma: and he was all "lol bye"
1175 macey: to be fair nick did give us all the names for the truant boys....thanks nick
1176 lily: lmAOO
1177 macey: SIMON
1178 macey: nick also said they were ALWAYS gonna bring zoe back. and admitted to lying
1179 yuuhy: hey how many gates are there around mga
1180 macey: yuuhy
1181 emma: walid caleb & caleb walid. thats their names
1182 brella: nailed it, emma
1183 lily: actual soulmates their names prove it
1184 brella: it's up there with hunter huntington
1185 beth: yes emma exactly
1186 abetterfuture:
1187 lily: what if ike and jade got married and he took her last name. imagine
1188 emma: but secretly everyone is ian simon ofc
1190 beth: i think the "dead is dead" is still true?
1192 beth: and zoe is alive in some way that possibly doesnt still override her death idk
1193 macey: abetterfuture
1194 abetterfuture: Was is confirmed this is a post-death appearance>
1195 beth: not to my knowledge
1196 macey: he didn't confirm anything he's nick spencer
1197 beth: he didn't really give much
1198 upguntha: JIKEEEE
1199 abetterfuture: Or is it possible this is her alive self time traveling?
1200 yuuhy: nick has said that he would lie if he thought it would serve the story
1201 macey: (emma, nick spencer is two letters away from rick spender)
1202 emma: he explicitly said he couldn't confirm if she was older/younger but thats it
1203 beth: he teased about more backstory for her OR her going to the academy
1204 yuuhy: in one of the podcasts. 10 i think
1205 beth: but idk which question he answered
1206 emma: omg macey
1207 alison: i assumed he meant both but i'm an optimist
1208 yuuhy: so i have a theory
1209 macey: YES YUUHY
1210 beth: that's my hope as well
1211 yuuhy: or an inkling
1212 beth: YUUHY
1213 brella: ok go for it yuuhy
1214 brella: wait sorry
1215 yuuhy: that at the end of the series, seven of the kids will still be aliv
1216 yuuhy: OR
1217 darrrrkvengance: so i had a long post i tried to send to multiversity that never got there
1218 yuuhy: seven of them will have died
1219 beth:
1220 yuuhy: OR seven will have ascended in some way
1221 brella: never mind. un-go for it
1222 yuuhy: akiko being the first
1223 emma: ascended i like that
1224 darrrrkvengance: but it was about the conversion of pain and suffering into physical energy
1225 beth: no
1226 abetterfuture: I think now is the time to start hoping Hisao comes back.
1227 yuuhy: yeah i'mma go with that third one
1228 abetterfuture left the room
1229 yuuhy: one of them will be hunter
1230 abetterfuture entered the room
1231 upguntha: I think t might hve to approve it firt
1232 emma: omg like ike's pain letting him see abraham?
1233 guest-250324 changed nickname to abetterfuture
1234 beth: im not asking for anything more i dont want to jinx zoes return
1235 darrrrkvengance: sort of like the concept of garmonbozia in Twin Peaks
1236 guest-250333 entered the room
1237 francy entered the room
1238 yuuhy: or madoka magica
1239 guest-250333 left the room
1240 macey: hunter seems like a good ascencion option
1241 guest-250336 changed nickname to francy
1242 macey: zoe does, too
1243 macey: if she's actually really back
1244 abetterfuture: How did last names come up in the discussion?
1245 darrrrkvengance: Abraham's charges certainly believe a sacrifice is always demanded
1246 guest-250339 entered the room
1247 macey: somebody asked what abrahams last name was
1248 emma: or she's already ascended but can travel? somehow. what am i saying
1249 abetterfuture: There's like, a lot of talk about them.
1250 yuuhy: revelation 8
1251 emma: i don't know how we didn't talk about the symbolism of the snakes in this issue
1252 darrrrkvengance: and i was thinking about how certain beings may be able to convert suffering into
1253 emma: snakes/serpent
1254 darrrrkvengance: spiritual energy
1255 yuuhy: i was really excited about that but there wasn't much to go on
1256 yuuhy: like he just hangs out with the snakes and leaves?
1257 macey: are there SERIOUSLY 13 chapters in revelation 8
1258 darrrrkvengance: like bodhisattvas in Buddhism or, obviously, Jesus.
1259 lily left the room
1260 haley entered the room
1261 guest-250351 changed nickname to haley
1262 abetterfuture: 8 verses.
1263 ivioss: Remember that Salem'ish scene about telling the truths from the decptions?
1264 lily entered the room
1265 guest-250354 changed nickname to lily
1266 abetterfuture: I mean 13 verses.
1267 brella: right like abraham was so underwhelmed
1268 lily: im so bad at theories i kinda just read it and hope im not too damaged for the rest of my
1269 brella: to wake up in a room full of snakes
1270 lily: lif
1271 lily: e
1272 brella: like "hmm, this is kind of annoying. oh a gun. i have no shoes"
1274 haley: a day in the life for ol abe
1275 beth: how did he even get there what happened he just goes w it
1277 lily: hes a wizard he turned one of the snakes into a shirt
1278 macey: if he teleports with a shirt on does he wake up wearing two shirts
1279 yuuhy: is this even after woodrun
1280 lily: does anything in this comic ever make sense tho
1281 beth: shiT
1283 emma: existential crisis. thanks yuuhy
1284 brella: i assume, since the first word he says is "ike"
1285 yuuhy: but he thinks about ike a lot
1286 brella: if we was worried about irina killing him
1287 lily: "god dammit my son tried to kill me again"
1288 ivioss: Issue #14, Mary? NIck is parallel'ing his comic in forcing us to tell the difference.
1289 lily: another day in the life
1290 brella: TRUE
1291 yuuhy: doesn't do anything about it but, yknow, thinks
1292 macey: sometimes abraham is just napping and then he wakes up and says "IKE"
1293 abetterfuture: I love this series, but the two month break did chill my excitement a little. Did Joe have
1294 beth: well if its before woodrun then zoe's still dead
1295 macey: abraham is having a lovely conversation with some business partners and suddenly
1296 lily: IKE i had a dream you tried to kill me again
1297 macey: whispers "IKE"
1298 abetterfuture: anything to say aobut how soon 39 comes out?
1299 macey: joe wasn't here, nick didn't say
1300 macey: nick is kind of working on 7 series ssssooooo
1301 darrrrkvengance: i literally bought the same comic twice.
1302 yuuhy: same
1303 brella: his ike senses are tingling
1304 ivioss: 39 scheduled for may
1305 darrrrkvengance: i had been so long since the last MG that i forgot what i had already bought
1306 alison: yeah I think Nick is busy and MG doesn't sell like his Marvel books
1307 haley: i had been waiting for this one for like 6 months AND IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT
1308 brella: where's beth
1309 macey: so how about ike getting beaten up
1310 beth: HERE
1311 francy: ive been waiting for this one since issue 19
1312 brella: i'm listening to "human" and getting emotional about zoe 10x more than usual
1313 macey: that was really the main event for him this week
1314 lily: oMG
1317 brella: TO BE HUMAN
1318 darrrrkvengance: if anyone wants an extra East of West # 10 lemme know
1319 lily: zoe feels all day erry day
1321 beth: IM SH A KING
1322 abetterfuture: Yeah, but I like that this is clearly a series he's telling for the story, not the money.
1323 yuuhy: i shou finish that zoeirina thing
1324 abetterfuture: Labor of love.
1325 macey: yuuhy DO THAT
1326 lily: i wish more people would read it i keep trying to recommend it to people
1328 beth: i support that 10000000000000%
1329 macey: in other news how often does zoe listen to that song+how tired are walid and caleb of it
1330 brella: YES YUUHY DO
1331 haley: YES
1332 ivioss: So I wonder if Nick will ever lie within in the comic itself and say next issue
1333 yuuhy: my store people started reading it~
1334 lily: my friends all laughed at the title they were like " lol morning glories"
1335 ivioss: that was a lie
1336 yuuhy: they're not caught up though
1337 brella: so often, so tired
1338 beth: i've made so many people read this series its absurd
1339 abetterfuture: I've found the year-long hardcovers are good for loaning and getting people hooked.
1340 brella: I HAVE TOO
1341 beth: its my reason to live
1342 francy: i force it on people
1343 macey: YES the hardcovers are so useful
1344 macey: omg...and this is the end of the first omnibus
1345 roya entered the room
1346 brella: i do too i'm just like. READ A COMIC CALLED MORNING GLORIES OR
1347 abetterfuture: When will Year 3 HC come out?
1349 yuuhy: OMG
1350 macey: now you can lend people a 1000+ page omnibus
1351 yuuhy: omnibussss
1352 guest-250411 changed nickname to roya
1353 lily: maybe people at my college will be more accepting
1355 yuuhy: just take my bank login morning glories
1356 lily: ill force it on
1357 lily: them
1358 upguntha: OMNIGLORY
1359 yuuhy: just take my debit card
1360 haley: this comic takes so much of my money goddamn
1361 abetterfuture: Omnibus?
1362 macey: nick mentioned it briefly on twitter yeah. hasnt been solicited yet
1363 abetterfuture: With all of season one and only half of season two?
1364 macey: but it'll be the first 38 issues apparently so. thats. like 1100 pages
1365 upguntha: when?
1366 yuuhy: yeah the book breaks are weird
1367 macey: YEAH i thought that was weird, you'd expect it to be every 25 for the seasons
1368 lily: like a giant book of all of them in one?
1369 roya left the room
1370 yuuhy: whenever they can get it together i guess
1371 macey: hasnt been solicited so idk when its out...probably same month as hc 3?
1372 ivioss: Omnibus had better come out just before Winter Soltice so I can get it as a present
1373 macey: since this is the end of hc 3 too
1374 beth: jesus christ thats huge
1375 lily: i want one
1376 francy: i read that as winter solider and was momentarily confused
1377 abetterfuture: HC or SC?
1378 yuuhy: unless there's extra content. then it might take longer.
1379 upguntha: I want it nowwwwww
1380 emma: i'm heading offline for a while - it was a fun chat!!
1381 macey: for the omnibus? i'd guess hc
1382 macey: AHHH BYE EMMA
1383 yuuhy: how is walid not fashionable
1384 yuuhy: bye emma!
1385 macey: walid has no blood on him
1386 yuuhy: oh
1387 yuuhy: is that our criterion
1388 emma left the room
1389 abetterfuture: Image Omnibuses (Walking Dead, Invincible) are usually SC.
1390 yuuhy: is that it macey
1391 lily: bye emma!
1392 macey: i mainly say this bc it makes my son the fish the most fashionable boy of all
1393 macey: oh really? then maybe sc!
1394 beth: aww bye emma!!
1395 yuuhy: but what kind of bread is ike
1396 macey: one that tastes good at first and then gets stale in your mouth
1397 abetterfuture: Did someone say 39 will be Casey-focused?
1398 darrrrkvengance: presently, matzot
1399 macey: abetter
1400 ivioss: Nick said
1401 brella: YESSS
1402 francy: by casey focused did he mean zoe and casey are going to make out in it
1403 beth: im so excited for 39 w OW
1404 beth: SAME FRANCY
1405 beth: god i hope so
1406 abetterfuture: Will there be one more solo-focused arc?
1407 beth: zoe's just like ok enough playing around i want some smooches already
1408 abetterfuture: Or is this the transition to the next big storyline?
1409 alison: zoe coming back and a casey issue, p much all I need
1410 yuuhy: do you think i said "waleb" enough times that it will be canon
1411 haley: i hope so
1412 ivioss: They could get new readers by having makeout scenes - but would they be readers?
1413 francy: id buy like five copies of that issue if it happens so it'll be like getting new readers
1414 francy: kinda
1415 macey: this is the end of the character issues i think- next may be a casey issue but i think
1416 macey: it's plot
1417 macey: so i think the rest of the season is back to plot
1418 beth: i will buy every single issue as well
1419 lily: casey uwu
1420 macey: his name is walid waleb, obviously
1421 darrrrkvengance: if i were shipping, which i'm not, it would be Hannah and Pamela
1422 ivioss: Donate a copy TPB 1 to your local library
1423 alison: well casey's had issues, but she's better imo when she's driving plot
1424 yuuhy: walid waleb and caleb waleb
1425 macey: casey issues are USUALLY plot actually
1426 brella: casey does indeed have a lot of issues
1427 alison: yeah, the last couple have been clarkson stuff
1428 brella: dead parents, time travel trauma, amnesia... lotsa stuff
1429 brella: [rimshot
1430 brella: ok i need to do ficathon things, must dash
1431 ivioss: I would like to see Casey realize she can be who she wants
1432 yuuhy: i just caught that hannah and pamela comment
1434 ivioss: and not who her parents want
1436 ivioss: She can be evil.
1437 darrrrkvengance: you know it, yuuhy!
1438 haley: byeee brella
1439 yuuhy: i love you brella
1440 francy: adios
1441 abetterfuture: Who has theories on the direction of the next 12 issues pre-season finale?
1442 beth: morally ambigues casey ayyyyyyyy
1444 yuuhy: big things for vanessa apparently
1445 upguntha: byeeeeee
1446 brella left the room
1447 lily: byeee
1448 francy: yay vanessa
1449 yuuhy: i'm hoping for more development of the faith/eye-opening stuff
1450 beth: vanessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
1451 macey: i'm thinking vanessa going to the past might be part of our endgame for this season yeah
1452 lily: im gunna head out too bye guys! this was my first ever chat it was fun
1453 beth: now that zoes back i want lots of faith stuff
1454 macey: if not early season 3
1455 francy: beth i really feel u
1456 macey: and then OLDER VANESSA
1457 macey: bye lily!!!
1458 yuuhy: lily hang out with us all on tumblr and twitter
1459 ivioss: Great meeting you guys. thanks for the laughs
1460 abetterfuture: Bye, Lily! Hope you had fun!
1461 lily: i'm @rbaratheons and jessaminelovelace on tumblr
1462 macey: YEAH EVERYONE WHO'S NEW you could find us all through the tumblr tag and twitter
1463 ivioss: Next time be serious, bye
1464 yuuhy: I'VE SEEN YOU
1465 macey: we are a small fandom so thankfully we are nice to join
1466 beth: aww bye lily!!
1467 haley: bye new people!
1468 darrrrkvengance: nice meeting all the new folks!!!
1469 macey: bye!!
1470 guest-250339 left the room
1471 beth: the mg fandom is absolutely the cutest fandom
1472 lily: adios!
1473 yuuhy: we are akiko
1474 ivioss left the room
1475 macey: i know i'm so worried what if we get big and mean
1476 lily left the room
1478 francy: never
1479 macey: CLAPS
1480 yuuhy: or like
1481 yuuhy: an issue 38 graphic
1482 yuuhy: with walid on it
1483 beth: yuuh
1484 beth: y
1485 yuuhy: oh man i have such a crush
1486 haley: i freaked out when walid happened
1487 macey: yuuhy you know who i miss...your OTHER son, jun
1488 darrrrkvengance: we can't get big and mean. because our fave characters will be killed off
1489 haley: and then had to put the issue down for a while
1490 haley: and then came back and ZOE
1491 haley: and i still havent recovered
1492 yuuhy: screw jun he was just a replacement
1493 beth: me neither haley me neither
1494 yuuhy: waliiiiiiid
1495 upguntha: he reminds me of the brother from Mind the Gap
1496 abetterfuture: Mind the Gap!
1497 yuuhy: no yeah i want more jun too
1498 abetterfuture: I read the First Act and loved it.
1499 abetterfuture: How much of Act Two is out?
1500 macey: jun is my precious child
1501 macey: but i miss IRINA most of all
1502 yuuhy: annaharvelle OF COURSE that's why it's so pretty
1503 macey: better
1504 darrrrkvengance: i started MtG but dropped it.
1505 darrrrkvengance: maybe i should look back into it
1506 abetterfuture: It gets much more interesting.
1507 macey: mtg's gotten better, tbh. or more intriguing at least
1508 abetterfuture: By the end of Act One, pretty much all the mysteries have been solved.
1509 darrrrkvengance: i'm mostly just Glories and East of West now, and Saga in trade
1510 abetterfuture: But by that point you're so invested in the characters that you don't care.
1511 darrrrkvengance: and some other (mostly, Image) stuff as it grabs me
1512 macey: speaking of other comics
1513 upguntha: exactly
1514 francy: i keep seeing that when i go to the comic store macey
1515 upguntha: I got a bit of isomnia a couple of days ago and started reading YA
1516 francy: and i always consider getting it
1517 abetterfuture: I read the first trade and was a little overwhelmed.
1518 guest-250576 entered the room
1519 darrrrkvengance: well, if you get up to issue 10 and need a copy, just message me when this chat rolls arou
1520 darrrrkvengance: nd
1521 beth: i think i downloaded that to check it out but i havent had time
1522 darrrrkvengance: since i stupidly bought 2
1523 abetterfuture: is it the kind of MG madness where the more you know the more you love it?
1524 guest-250576 left the room
1525 macey: eow's so good please read it
1526 macey: better
1527 veronica left the room
1528 abetterfuture: The only series I follow monthly are MG and the Walking Dead.
1529 darrrrkvengance: i don't love the characters as much as MG, but EoW has such an awesome world
1530 abetterfuture: My usual policy is that if I'm willing to wait until the series is all out, I'll enjoy it
1531 abetterfuture: more at once.
1532 abetterfuture: And it will be cheaper.
1533 abetterfuture: But mysteries are my exception.
1534 abetterfuture: Becuase theories are half the fun.
1535 macey: yeah mg i wouldn'tt be able to tradewait
1536 macey: i don't know how people do it
1537 upguntha: I don't know how peoaple tradewait this boook
1538 darrrrkvengance: you could definitly read EoW in trade, imo. though floppies is better for teh creators
1539 upguntha: I can barely deal when the issues get push back
1540 upguntha left the room
1541 haley: i cant even imagine
1542 francy: i could never wait for mg
1543 abetterfuture: Yeah, the deays on this issue were really frusterating.
1544 francy: since it's one of those series where i get actually sad if i'm spoiled for it
1545 upguntha entered the room
1546 guest-250624 changed nickname to upguntha
1547 francy: and i know i'd be spoiled if i.... wait.....
1548 alison: francy you're not allowed to wait, who will i frantically text about things
1549 alison: especially now that zoe is back
1550 darrrrkvengance: though it's prolly been good for my LCS
1551 alison: waiting four hours for you today was painful
1552 francy: ZOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee
1553 darrrrkvengance: since every time i go down there, and the new MG isn't out yet, i buy something else anywa
1554 abetterfuture: At least we've gotten all 13 issues of HC 3 in 13 months.
1555 francy: lmao when i got to that page i squealed really loudly and my dad was like "did someone die
1557 abetterfuture: It's just wierd that it double-shipped some months and then delayed others.
1558 macey: everyone on twitter this morning was FLIPPING OUT and i thought i was gonna be sad
1559 macey: brella had to make sure i knew it was happy
1560 darrrrkvengance: me too, Macey!
1561 yuuhy: i lie how you thought people were going to be on fire
1562 macey: it's mostly nick's schedule; he did double shipping right before he started on his new
1563 macey: books i think
1564 abetterfuture: K.
1565 darrrrkvengance: i twitted Joe to thank him for spoiling me only enough to avoid the internet today
1566 macey: joe is a fairly speedy artist
1567 abetterfuture: How many series is he writing right now?
1568 macey: SEVEN
1569 darrrrkvengance: i was so sure Ike was gonna kill everyone
1570 macey: five for image and two for marvel. he is a machine
1571 macey: i expected more violence on ike's part but once gribbs showed up in 37
1572 macey: i knew he was gonna beat ike up
1573 abetterfuture: MG, that Joker one, Avengers World, Superior Foes...
1574 darrrrkvengance: Bedlam
1575 abetterfuture: What are the other three?
1576 yuuhy: cerulean, great beyond
1577 macey: his three new ones that havent started yet
1578 yuuhy: paradigms
1579 macey: cerulean, great beyond, paradigms
1580 macey: great beyond's a mini though
1581 upguntha: the other 3 have no dates on them
1582 yuuhy: I'M SO EXCITED
1583 yuuhy: i want to read great beyond so much
1584 abetterfuture: Any odds on the run length of Avengers World and SS?
1585 abetterfuture: I meant SF?
1586 yuuhy: supfoes is an ongoing
1587 macey: supfoes is going as long as people buy it, it's nick's dream book
1588 yuuhy: it'll go as long as it sells well
1589 abetterfuture: I've read the first few on Marvel Unlimited.
1590 macey: avengers world idk. but i think that's more of a book that nick could do a storyline on
1591 abetterfuture: It's pretty great.
1592 yuuhy: avengers world is limited series? not sure.
1593 macey: and them pass to someone else?
1594 macey: i think he may be doing the start....i think it's meant to be ongoing
1595 darrrrkvengance: i'm ashamed to admit i haven't done Subfoes yet. Secret 6 got me back into comics after a
1596 macey: but this is marvel it could totally end at #15 and then reboot
1597 yuuhy: friends. friends. i love infinite vacation.
1598 yuuhy: great beyond is gonna be so great.
1599 yuuhy: SO GREAT.
1600 darrrrkvengance: long layoff. and i'm wary that i'm just going to be comparing it
1601 macey: superior foes is a GODSEND
1602 yuuhy: friends if you haven't read infinite vacation
1603 yuuhy: PLEASE
1604 yuuhy: it has art by christian ward who is doing ody-c
1605 macey: it's a lot different than s6. like s6 had an emotional backbone right? they all cared
1606 macey: for each other
1607 darrrrkvengance: i read the first three or four, until the anal rape scene, which was too much
1608 yuuhy: oh yeah there is that
1609 yuuhy: and oral castration
1610 macey: supfoes is a comedy comic about a bunch of assholes who just want cash
1611 yuuhy: it is a lot
1612 abetterfuture: SF is about lovable loser villains who all hate each other.
1613 yuuhy: but it's only for like two ages
1614 upguntha: Ifinite Vaca is every dann thing
1615 yuuhy: pags
1616 yuuhy: PAGES
1617 darrrrkvengance: i loved, LOVED nick's arc on THUNDER Agents
1618 yuuhy: SAAAAAME
1619 yuuhy: i can't find the second volume though
1620 abetterfuture: How was Nick's 14-issue run on Secret Avengers?
1621 darrrrkvengance: Secret Six just broke my heart. i love that comic to pieces
1622 abetterfuture: Satisfying?
1623 darrrrkvengance: i have an original page on my wall
1624 yuuhy: i hear secret avengers was really good
1625 macey: no idea about secret avengers. ales kot's current run is GREAT though
1626 yuuhy: haven't read it yet
1627 macey: i had friends who hated nick's secret avengers for the concept
1628 upguntha: I only read the 1st issue of SA it was cool
1629 upguntha: is anyone reading the Bunker by Fialkow
1630 upguntha: Fialkov*
1631 darrrrkvengance: i was big into DC before they burned it all down
1632 macey: yuuhy you're a fialkov fan
1633 abetterfuture: I read the free first issue.
1634 darrrrkvengance: but the ends of 'Tec, Batgirl (!!!), and Secret Six (SIGH!) were so, so great
1635 yuuhy: i've read the first issue and bought the second one, haven't gotten around to reading it
1636 upguntha: it's so goof
1637 darrrrkvengance: almost worth them KILLING MY THREE FAVE COMICS
1638 upguntha: good
1639 yuuhy: oh fialkov said he and joe aren't doing that thing joe was drawing concept art for anymore
1640 macey: so happy i got into comics just as it became known dc was terrible
1641 beth: hey i'm probably going to head out now but tonights chat was great!! i love you all
1642 upguntha: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
1643 yuuhy: but they want to do something together. just not that idea.
1644 macey: ahhh, i see
1645 yuuhy: bye beth!
1646 francy: night beth!!! smooches
1647 macey: I HOPE THEY DO SOMETHING they sound like a cool team
1648 haley left the room
1649 upguntha: bye
1651 yuuhy: i love fialkov he's such a fuckin troll
1652 haley entered the room
1653 beth: THANK YOU MACEY I WILL DO <33
1654 guest-250786 changed nickname to haley
1655 beth left the room
1656 upguntha: Orphan Black this weekend
1657 abetterfuture: I'm relatively new to MG. I only started following monthly with #26. How do the long-time
1659 abetterfuture: fans cope with delays?
1660 francy: mostly cry a lot
1661 alison: read other comics
1662 upguntha: a lot of hand holding
1663 upguntha: remember the wait between 24 and 25
1664 francy: i tend to spam mg graphics a lot when there's long waits
1665 macey: tbh delays aren't horribly uncommon in any image comic, so
1666 macey: i just read the other comics. haha
1667 abetterfuture: Like, Issues 22-25 took seven months to come out.
1668 yuuhy: AHH fialkov's ultimate ff today ahhh
1669 darrrrkvengance: we were spoiled recently by the double shipping
1670 alison: yeah. because most of the authors have the freedom to put more work into issues.
1671 macey: it's a lot easier with mg now that the fandom's big. bc people will always be talking
1672 yuuhy: i haven't read it yet omg i forgot about it
1673 francy: yeah
1674 darrrrkvengance: i did floppies on MG from 1-12. but the third arc was sooooo delayed
1675 haley: watching the fandom grow has been really cool
1676 alison: which leads to delays -- like Kelly Sue is making sure each arc of Pretty Deadly is done
1677 alison: before they solicit it
1678 darrrrkvengance: so i switched to trades for chapters 3 and 4
1679 darrrrkvengance: went back to floppies on 26
1680 macey: YEAH a lot of independent comics are doing what pretty deadly and saga are doing
1681 abetterfuture: Sales are shrinking slowly but surely. How low does and Image series have to go before
1682 abetterfuture: it's canceled?
1683 macey: huge hiatuses between arcs to get issues out on time
1684 upguntha: with Image i think it's up to the creative team
1685 macey: better
1686 macey: sales went UP
1687 yuuhy: image takes a flat rate no matter what the sales are
1688 macey: also
1689 alison: yeah Image is pretty understanding
1690 alison: MG's sales would get it canceled with Marvel, sure, but it's fine with Image.
1691 macey: image is pretty good even with very low selling books. they're not dc.
1692 abetterfuture: Cool. That makes me worry less.
1693 macey: also
1694 alison: I don't think Spencer would have such a long game if he thought it'd be canceled.
1695 darrrrkvengance: Image produces awesome books people want to read. they're not dc
1696 macey: image is pretty connected to the internet; i think they could have noticed
1697 yuuhy: i dont think we ever have to worry about mg being canceled
1698 yuuhy: as long as nick and joe are able to do the book and there are people reading it
1699 macey: plus with mg we do have fandom growth- people are reading it still
1700 macey: even as it gets longer, in today's era of binge could still grow
1701 upguntha: the trades for MG sel pretty good too
1702 francy: i think it helps that nick and joe are so active with interacting with the fandom too
1703 alison: yeah and Spencer is going to get attention because he's writing big Marvel books.
1704 alison: which will lead to more readership on his indies.
1705 abetterfuture: Yeah, I think it's going to help that new fans can read three big hardcovers right away,
1706 darrrrkvengance: also, i feel this is a story Nick really wants to tell
1707 macey: i hear mg's trade sales are really, really high and always have been- not top 10 but high
1708 abetterfuture: and know that answers do come, even if they take a while.
1709 yuuhy: i bought so many trades of mg the first week i started reading it...
1710 darrrrkvengance: though it def supports Nick, Joe, and the LCSs when we buy in floppies
1711 darrrrkvengance: which i'm glad to do for such a great story
1712 darrrrkvengance: and a great community
1713 yuuhy: if you preorder!
1714 macey: I PREORDER [JUMPS
1715 yuuhy: buying singles off the shelves doesn't count as a sale!
1716 alison: yeah unfortunately singles are "just what the store thought they'd get in."
1717 alison: or need.
1718 abetterfuture: How much does digital contribute?
1719 haley: having a pull list is the same as preordering right?
1720 darrrrkvengance: yes
1721 alison: yep!
1722 macey: digital i think contributes but a little less than print
1723 macey: bc digital costs less
1724 alison: yeah, I haven't seen any solid numbers on how digital works yet.
1725 yuuhy: pretty sure for image digital sales don't count in their initial sales figures...
1726 yuuhy: ...but they factor it in after
1727 alison: but anything you read on comics beat, for instance, doesn't include digital numbers.
1728 yuuhy: image loves their digital stuff but the industry hasn't adapted to it
1729 alison: so it's hard to say. that said, it does explain why some books are allowed to continue
1730 macey: yeah image sells drm-free issues. they're the best for digital right now
1731 alison: even with super low numbers -- see
1732 upguntha: alright y'all Im'm gonna head out
1733 upguntha: night
1734 abetterfuture: Bye!
1735 macey: captain marvel also has the carol corps going for it
1736 yuuhy: goodnight!
1737 macey: bye!!
1738 upguntha left the room
1739 darrrrkvengance: night, abf!
1740 abetterfuture: Just saw The Manhattan Projects is having a 99cent sale. Is it good?
1741 macey1: manhattan projects is good yeah
1742 alison: i heard about it at an image panel at eccc and it sounds amazing.
1743 macey1: like don't expect a emotionally involved story or anything
1744 macey1: i mean the story is good but. its mostly fun
1745 darrrrkvengance: er, meant to say bye to upgutha, oh well.
1746 abetterfuture: I heard there were mysteries?
1747 macey: east of west and saga are on the sale too right? AND SEXCRIMS?
1748 macey: nothing like mg, no
1749 alison: yep! all the eisner nominees
1750 macey1: all of you buy eow and sexcrims
1751 haley: whats east of west about?
1752 darrrrkvengance: i read the first 6 or so of Man Projs. it was okay. but not great enogh
1753 alison: it's kind of like good omens
1754 alison: if you've ever read that
1755 macey1: eow is so hard to explain ah
1756 yuuhy: i was at eccc too!!
1757 darrrrkvengance: i got the first Sex Criminals. will prolly read the rest in trade
1758 haley: ha i am actually in the middle of good omens
1759 yuuhy: you are east coast?
1760 macey1: so it's in a world where the civil war lasted way longer and the country split further
1761 abetterfuture: How do I get Sex Criminals if Comixology doesn't sell it?
1762 darrrrkvengance: i have such a ludicrous backlog
1763 macey1: so theres a nation for african americans, for chinese americans,etc
1764 macey1: and it's about death going around on a quest
1765 yuuhy: order it online fro tfaw or midtown?
1766 macey1: it is very hard to explain more
1767 haley: no thats fine it sounds pretty up my alley
1768 macey: comixology sells sexcrims just not on ios
1769 darrrrkvengance: EoW is like a SF Western.
1770 macey: you'd have to use your computer
1771 macey: doesn't it....?
1772 darrrrkvengance: the world gets fractured after the Civil War
1773 alison: also everyone should read pretty deadly too
1774 francy: whats that
1775 macey: pretty deadly just ended its first arc yeah. great place to catch up
1776 darrrrkvengance: and is in thrall to an apocolyptic prophecy
1777 haley left the room
1778 haley entered the room
1779 guest-251059 changed nickname to haley
1780 macey: it's kelly sue deconnick and emma rios's book about death's daughter in the old west
1781 francy: oohhh
1782 macey: why does image have so many westerns about death lately
1783 darrrrkvengance: i might need to check that out. i love emma rios
1784 macey: rios is a goddess
1785 darrrrkvengance: i saw the add for Pretty Deadly in today's MG
1786 darrrrkvengance: *ad
1787 alison: it's a great book and kelly sue is the best ever.
1788 abetterfuture: Pretty Deadly is Horror Fantasy Western aobut the daughter of Death and those who cross
1789 abetterfuture: her path (as narrated by a dead bunny and butterfly).
1790 francy: i may check it out
1791 abetterfuture: How long does this Eisner sale last?
1792 macey: a couple says i assume?
1793 macey: *days
1794 alison: until midnight on 4/21/2014
1795 macey: -oh man we got ot from mg but rereading and
1796 macey: i like how nine's reaction to gribbs waking up isn't "you're awake" it's
1797 macey: "get back in bed you asshole"
1798 abetterfuture: Thanks. This might be the week where I break my "Only 2 Monthly Comics" rule.
1799 francy: nine didnt have time to deal with his bullshit
1800 darrrrkvengance: yeah, what's up with Nine? why doesn't she pull the strings more?
1801 macey: nine's certainly something
1802 darrrrkvengance: i feel she's so much more badass than Gribbsy
1803 haley: i want to see more nine
1804 macey: especially since she's been working at mga since she was a literal toddler
1805 macey: was nice to see her get screentime though
1806 darrrrkvengance: i guess we'll see more Zoe-Irina action if Zoe returns to MGA
1807 abetterfuture: Alright, I've got to go to bed. Hopefully I'll see you all in a month!
1808 haley: we;d better
1809 darrrrkvengance: night, abf
1810 macey: night!
1811 haley: bye!
1812 macey: zoe-irina showdown would be amazing
1813 darrrrkvengance: Zoe will be like, "i just took your Crimea"
1814 francy left the room
1815 haley: especially if zoe knows irina killed/kills her
1816 abetterfuture left the room
1817 macey: i MISS irina. it's been eight issues! since august!
1818 haley: she would not be having any of that
1819 haley: thats a travesty
1820 darrrrkvengance: Irina's getting her eggs cooked by Mr. N. gotta give her some time alone
1821 macey: obviously he's fattening her up to cook her in a stove. the n stands for....nhannibal
1822 darrrrkvengance: lol
1823 macey: you can tell im tired
1824 darrrrkvengance: was Mr. N. the one getting the melon
1825 darrrrkvengance: maybe that's part of the meal
1826 darrrrkvengance: IN THE FUTURE!
1827 macey: HE WAS THE ONE
1828 macey: i hope it isn't poisoned
1829 yuuhy left the room
1830 darrrrkvengance: before = Irina
1831 macey: b-but she'd be cute chubby
1832 macey: and could probably still kick ass
1833 darrrrkvengance: oh, for sure.
1834 darrrrkvengance: she and Pamela (like, honestly, anyone and Pamela) would be hot together
1835 darrrrkvengance: in the "i like you, but i'm gonna kick your ass, or stab you" way
1836 macey: irina likes a challenge
1837 macey: no pam this arc! next arc i HOPE
1838 darrrrkvengance: when pam isn't in an arc, i like to think it's cuz what she's up to
1839 darrrrkvengance: is just too gruesome. or too cute.
1840 darrrrkvengance: well, i should roll myself
1841 darrrrkvengance: thank you, yet again, for hosting an aweosme chat
1842 darrrrkvengance: see you next time
1843 macey: alright! good night
1844 darrrrkvengance left the room

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