Morning Glories Issue 39 Tinychat from July 2nd 2014

MG chat 39

Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 macey: hooray [throws confetti
0002 silver: thus the party begins
0003 hannah entered the room
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0005 macey: slowly. but it will begin
0006 annaharvelle: it feels like its been 84 years since #38 i feel like ive just been woken from a coma
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0008 silver: yeah, same
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0010 macey: that was a good way to come back though, this issue was v happy
0011 hannah: for morning glories anyway
0012 macey: (brella kept telling me this issue would make me sad about tuna and i was stressed and it was one panel)
0013 hannah: it's all relative
0014 macey: (so i was pleased)
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0016 silver: everyone was adorable
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0018 macey: this issue was very happy, all things considered
0019 darrrrkvengance: hey all
0020 annaharvelle: i like how fortunato is sitting in his prison cell ever so patiently listening to todays announcements
0021 darrrrkvengance: the long, long wait is over!!
0022 macey: hello dv welcome back!!
0023 macey: fortunato is so precious he must be protected
0024 macey: that entire sequence was so good. ian dropping his books
0025 macey: guillaume's gay angst shower
0026 hannah: is everything guillaume does automatically gay and angsty
0027 macey: well at first everything he did was happy but then #33
0028 hannah: is that his gift. making things gay and angsty.
0029 annaharvelle: [how could this happen to me plays in the distance during guillaume's angsty shower routin
0030 macey: i like how nick's just giving us obvious fanservice now w/ guillaume i mean
0031 darrrrkvengance: and Pamela too
0032 macey: THE COLORING ON PAM'S FACE WAS SO BIZARRELY GOOD i mean paul's always p good but like
0033 macey: whaaaaaaAaaaaaAAAAt whoa.
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0035 hannah: so does the school have pamela do the annoucements or does she just head up there and do her thing
0036 macey: casey says she never stops so i assume she is like the offical annoucement person
0037 hannah: because casey says "she never stops with the announcements" so is it just a pamela thing. not a school thing
0038 hannah: oh pamela
0039 macey: god i wouldnt be surprised
0040 darrrrkvengance: she must have won the election for obnoxious announcer!
0041 macey: i'm surprised pam isn't student council president. she's got to be in that group SOMEHOW
0042 darrrrkvengance: speaking of, whose piece is Isabel, if Hodge wants her replaced?
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0045 annaharvelle: seeing david sleepy and in footy pajamas is nice after seeing him be a ghost murderer for so long tbh
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0047 silver: and there's baby pictures of him in the hallway
0048 hannah: with isabel i'm wondering - i mean it looks like hodge was the only teacher at the party which makes me think hodge and isabel were close
0049 macey: tom and danielle have wedding pictures there!!! im happy for them
0050 hannah: so was isabel the last casey in a sense? the last hodge's pet
0051 hannah: that's not very well worded but anyway
0052 macey: hmmm hodge says isabel spent her whole academic career at mga besides being in casey's school
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0054 macey: was she like one of that first group of kids we saw in #20?
0055 darrrrkvengance: it seems Isabel has more understanding of Casey's ability to read psychic paper than Hodge does
0056 joe_eisma: hello
0057 macey: hey joe! how're you
0058 darrrrkvengance: hey Joe. thanks for another awesome issue!!
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0064 joe_eisma: hey everyone! thanks for hanging in there through the major delay
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0066 darrrrkvengance: macey -- there was that kid Jason (whom Gribbs killed) who apparently has also spent his whole live at MGA
0067 macey: ah, yes, poor dear jason
0068 macey: a sacrifice for the greater good
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0070 joe_eisma: fyi, i just noticed a little error in the issue
0071 joe_eisma: on page 22 after casey drops the welcome sign, her tie disappears
0072 joe_eisma: paul will get fifty lashes for that. ;)
0073 francy: poor paul
0074 macey: haha joe i was gonna mention- you all will probably have to fix tamara's coloring for the trade, yes
0075 joe_eisma: oh, deadlines, you make everything wonderful
0076 macey: paul did amazing otherwise this issue. i was just saying those panels of pamela and hunter look great
0077 francy: yeah her coloring bothered me
0078 joe_eisma: well, we would, but apparently rodin thinks vanessa is white, so i dunno
0079 darrrrkvengance: so, i guess the Headmaster's had no students to talk to for the last two years
0080 darrrrkvengance: while Isabel's been gone. do you think he's gotten lonely?
0081 silver: irina went to go visit him i suppose
0082 hannah: well there was one visit from irina
0083 silver: that didn't end well
0084 macey: i was gonna say it seems like isabel left around the time the truants arrived
0085 macey: he must be sad
0086 macey: i love that isabel kept getting voted back in while gone, that's just such a funny detail
0087 hannah: maybe pamela was the alternative
0088 hannah: then again voting against pamela would probably be a bad idea
0089 macey: i'd vote pamela. vote pamela 2014
0090 hannah: cupcakes and stabbing for everyone
0091 francy: also i just want to say that when i did that mg 30 day meme i put isabel for other student and in my tags it was like
0092 francy: "not technically a mga student but w/e this still counts" so after this issue i was just
0093 annaharvelle: nicknames for every one in the student body
0094 francy: ........... hahahahahaha
0095 macey: francy you're psychic
0096 macey: maybe that's how fortunato becomes tuna, thanks to pamela
0097 macey: she'd have such trouble with akiko
0098 hannah: and guillaume
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0100 macey: i like how she hasn't taken zoe's name off their little board
0101 hannah: i was about to mention that haha
0102 joe_eisma: i was wondering if anyone would notice that
0103 silver: are casey and jade just even allowed to write anything on there
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0106 silver: or do they just not care
0107 macey: i would assume they know better than to screw with pam's board
0108 joe_eisma: i'm pretty sure pamela put the fear of god into them should they touch the board
0109 macey: you know what i wanted to mention- i like how gribbs is going to get abe w/o even getting his bandages off
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0112 joe_eisma: haha. i think the only thing stipulated in that scene was him having the cane.
0113 macey: i asume he wanted a cane so he could hit abraham in the face with it
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0116 joe_eisma: good call
0117 kelso: Hey guys! I made it ^_^ What're we talkin' about?
0118 abetterfuture: Just got here. Any juicy hints from Joe or Nick yet?
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0120 macey: i think we're just hanging, nick isn't here yet
0121 joe_eisma: you'll never get anything from me!
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0123 joe_eisma: ;)
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0125 kelso: I don't know if you can get hints in MG cuz I'm not sure if there are even answers XD
0126 kelso: Just questions!
0127 macey: oh silver you should ask if you're right about where oliver is
0128 abetterfuture: Joe, thank you very much for a fantastic issue. It was great getting to see the whole cast again and pick up threads from at least a
0129 abetterfuture: year ago.
0130 silver: ah yes that
0131 joe_eisma: thanks! glad you enjoyed it
0132 silver: joe did you model the oliver panel after ike's quarters in issue 11
0133 silver: we must know. for SCIENCE
0134 joe_eisma: yes, that's ike's swank suite
0135 abetterfuture: Do we know if issues will start being roughly monthly again? Those breaks were tough.
0136 silver: *victory dance*
0137 abetterfuture: Not complaining.
0138 joe_eisma: that is a good question!
0139 joe_eisma: not my place to answer, though
0140 abetterfuture: I'd rather wait fifteen years for a fantastic series than ten years for a mediocre series.
0141 abetterfuture: Is Nick having trouble with his ten or so current series?
0142 joe_eisma: for my part, i want the book out at a more regular pace. the breaks are tough here too
0143 joe_eisma: that would be for nick to say.
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0146 abetterfuture: Excellent point.
0147 abetterfuture: On that note, what else have you drawn?
0148 abetterfuture: Your style is really unique.
0149 abetterfuture: I like all of the sketches you post on your Tumblr.
0150 joe_eisma: i've done covers for boom, valiant and idw. recently, i drew evil empire #5 from boom
0151 joe_eisma: thanks!
0152 abetterfuture: Have you considered picking up a second ongoing job?
0153 abetterfuture: Drawing-wise.
0154 joe_eisma: i have, and there may be some news in that regard fairly soon
0155 abetterfuture: Awesome!
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0159 macey: oooooh, that'll be something to pick up, then
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0163 macey: joe have you considered running a fashion tumblr to store lara outfits on
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0165 joe_eisma: hahaha
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0167 joe_eisma: that's a great idea
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0170 crazydudex: These breaks are getting rough. You start losing track of what happened in the series if you're a casual reader like myself
0171 joe_eisma: i hear you--the breaks aren't something i'm overly pleased about!
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0175 kelso: At least we know the quality will always be great! ^_^
0176 abetterfuture: I know Nick has said he isn't worried about MG getting canceled, but is there sales numbers at which even Image books get pulled?
0177 joe_eisma: yeah, as soon as it stops making any money for us, then we'd have to stop. we're not at that point, thankfully
0178 abetterfuture: How strong are trade sales? I have to imagine MG plays better for casual readers in that format.
0179 macey: i've always heard mg has real good trade sales.
0180 joe_eisma: yep, our trades do very well
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0182 crazydudex: You going to be at SDCC this year, Joe? Would love to pick up one of your prints if you're attending
0183 joe_eisma: i sadly won't be at sdcc. i always seem to miss the deadline to apply for a table
0184 darrrrkvengance: i was thinking the "WELCOME BACK" banner on the cover was amusing, given the time since last issue
0185 joe_eisma: haha
0186 macey: http
0187 kelso: Tbh, the cover kinda creeped me out but in a good way XD (It reminded me of this room I worked in at a haunted house...)
0188 kelso: (All that was missing was a clown!)
0189 crazydudex: Damn. Hopefully I'll catch you at another con. Love your art, man.
0190 joe_eisma: thanks!
0191 kelso: Oh man Lara gets prettier with every issue.
0192 joe_eisma: lara is my current fave!
0193 macey: she's the only one you get to dress up usually. she is a special case
0194 joe_eisma: haha, that's true
0195 darrrrkvengance: any easter eggs hidden in the Casey party shot, like other artists and stuff?
0196 joe_eisma: i had fun with casey in the scenes in her old school.
0197 macey: georgina restricts herself to those vest! she needs to branch out a little
0198 joe_eisma: no easter eggs there. though nobody seems to have noticed the kid with the angry bird shirt
0199 joe_eisma: haha georgina is a fuddy duddy sometimes.
0200 macey: i just figured that kid was up with the times and all
0201 darrrrkvengance: i definitely noticed it! are those kids anyone in particular?
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0203 kelso: I'm pretty sure my little brother has an angry bird shirt just like that XD
0204 joe_eisma: nah, but i didn't think having that shirt which specifically dates the time period would pass by nick
0205 abetterfuture: Are there any scenes involving Jun or Guillaume coming soon?
0206 joe_eisma: not at the moment.
0207 joe_eisma: the next issue is ian and hunter and av club-centric
0208 darrrrkvengance: YAY!
0209 macey: YESSS THE KIDDOS
0210 kelso: Awesome! More geeky references afoot!
0211 abetterfuture: Is that one on track for a month from now?
0212 joe_eisma: and poor ian just gets uglier and uglier.
0213 macey: oh joe we did discuss guillaume's angst shower before you got here. i think we'd be up for a whole issue of that
0214 joe_eisma: hopefully!
0215 joe_eisma: haha nice
0216 kelso: Oh man poor Ian XD
0217 joe_eisma: guillaume's going to need an outlet to channel those frustrations soon
0218 abetterfuture: Interesting.
0219 abetterfuture: What kind of frusterations are we talking about here.
0220 darrrrkvengance: lol
0221 joe_eisma: haha
0222 kelso: Hopefully that outlet isn't Ike's face...that's suffered enough damage recently
0223 kelso: Gribbs really laid it on him, huh?
0224 joe_eisma: ike would probably deserve it
0225 kelso: Eh, true.
0226 darrrrkvengance: awwww, poor Ike.
0227 macey: jun continues to never be happy
0228 joe_eisma: i think the gribbs spotlight issue--whenever that happens--will be pretty interesting
0229 joe_eisma: yeah i draw jun with a permanent scowl, pretty much
0230 kelso: Yeah I wanna know more about his shift from working for Abraham to the Academy.
0231 silver: is it planned? or just something on your wishlist
0232 macey: can it be 50% closeups
0233 joe_eisma: haha
0234 joe_eisma: it's not planned any time soon, as far as i know
0235 macey: SHIT, i just realized i dont think anyones made a photoset of gribbs closeups. gotta do that
0236 darrrrkvengance: lots of great stuff in issue 5; was just re-reading that one.
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0238 darrrrkvengance: evil Gribbsy face
0239 kelso: I should just make a whole fanvid of Gribbs closeups XD All I need is the right song...
0240 joe_eisma: haha
0241 kelso: "You Don't Know You're Beautiful"
0242 joe_eisma: i'm going to do nothing but wide shots of gribbs from now on just to throw you guys
0243 macey: how could you we are heartbroken
0244 joe_eisma: haha
0245 joe_eisma: dang, upguntha's not here--i was going to tell him he's in the next issue
0246 macey: AW MAN I GOTTA LET HIM KNOW. so many people arent here tonight
0247 nick entered the room
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0249 kelso: yeah it feels a little empty
0250 joe_eisma: i'm going to find a way to put him in the book more. he'll be the new gossip girls
0251 nick: hey everyone
0252 abetterfuture: Hey!
0253 kelso: Hi Nick!
0254 abetterfuture:
0255 macey: hey nick!
0256 macey: upgutha revolution
0257 silver: hi, nick!
0258 macey: upguntha for class vice president
0259 joe_eisma: haha
0260 kelso: I am super-excited for this presidential campaign
0261 abetterfuture: Nick, how many ongoing series are you currently writing?
0262 darrrrkvengance: hey nick!
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0265 nick: currently? 5
0266 jayrs entered the room
0267 abetterfuture: Weren't there 3 new Image series announced a month ago?
0268 guest-504070 changed nickname to jayrs
0269 macey: oh that was back in january
0270 nick: yeah, quite a bit of new stuff underway
0271 abetterfuture: Morning Glories, Bedlam, Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Avengers World. What's left?
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0277 macey: aw betterfuture i was worried you drove him away for a second
0278 abetterfuture: Me too.
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0281 nick: haha sorry. internet's a little spotty here
0282 nick: beyond that, can't really divulge my schedule too much. needless to say, busy
0283 abetterfuture: That's okay. I've heard great things about pretty much all of your projects.
0284 macey: nick i appreciated you continuing your penchant for making joe draw hot dudes w/ shower guillaume
0285 abetterfuture: Once a story is complete, it doesn't matter how long it took to be released.
0286 abetterfuture: And seconding Macey.
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0288 nick: always. more guillaume hotness this arc
0289 abetterfuture: ;)
0290 kelso: bless
0291 abetterfuture: Joe has a talent. When I recomended the series to a straight friend of mine, pretty much the first thing he noticed was how
0292 abetterfuture: jaw-droppingly gorgeous all of the girls were.
0293 jayrs: Hey Nick, any news on a Morning Glories TV show? I know you probably get asked this a lot, but had to ask... the series would make a brillaint adaptation!
0294 abetterfuture: And seeing Hisao and Guillaume make out on Tumblr convinced me to try the series.
0295 joe_eisma: aw shucks
0296 nick: no news on that front yet. as always, we're trying to make it happen.
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0298 macey: please make it animated i'm praying to this book's fictional gods
0299 abetterfuture: I feel like the TV show has to wait until the whole comic is out. Otherwise it would overrun it like Game of Thrones.
0300 macey: that or the telltale adaptation you wanted, nick
0301 nick: haha, even begging telltale on twitter has gotten me nowhere
0302 moneybagsmatt: You can play as Casey - "You told hunter you don't want to date. He'll remember that."
0303 jayrs: Thanks! I hope it does happen, animated or live-action. Everything about it is so cinematic, it would be such a perfect fit.
0304 nick: So what did you all think of this issue?
0305 abetterfuture: I loved seeing the whole cast again.
0306 macey: see my worry for live action is terrible cgi. i don't wanna experience terrible cgi david
0307 macey: that opening with the whole cast was probably the best part of the issue, yeah
0308 darrrrkvengance: thought it was great. awesome to have another character (Isabel) whose loyalties to speculate about
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0310 macey: and isabel's a goddess, so
0311 kelso: Yeah, I'd almost forgotten/written off Isabel but she looks like she's gonna be a great character!
0312 abetterfuture: It was nice picking up threads (Isabel, David) that hadn't been mentioned since before the Character Arcs.
0313 francy: i'm so excited for isabel i was really hoping she was going to appear again since i was like
0314 kelso: This campaign is gonna be EPIC
0315 francy: "i feel like he wouldn't introduce this character for no reason but maybe i just like her too much and am imagining this...."
0316 macey: her pose on the welcome back page is killin me it's too perfect
0317 francy: so i'm glad i was right about that
0318 kelso: I'm just hoping for great poster slogans XD
0319 darrrrkvengance: also seems like maybe Isabel knows more about Casey than Hodge -- at least when it comes to reading psychic paper
0320 jayrs: Loved the issue -- it was great seeing each character get his/her own panel re-establishing things. It felt very much, as the title page suggested, like one big "welcome back" for us
0321 darrrrkvengance: also
0322 francy: my only issue was tamara being so...... light skinned, but macey already brought that up to joe earlier
0323 macey: i hope pamela becomes class president, for reals
0324 darrrrkvengance: she's got my vote
0325 kelso: A write-in?
0326 emma entered the room
0327 kelso: That'd be a perfect twist
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0330 macey: if i can make a reference i assume mga chooses class presidents like night vale chooses mayors
0331 macey: the votes really dont matter but we pretend they do
0332 jayrs: And I was so intrigued to hear Clarkson mention the captive woman and the stranger in the cell to David. That's been one of my favorite ongoing mysteries.
0333 abetterfuture: It was nice getting the next big catalyst for plot, but I'm really looking forward to when everyone splinters off into little groups. My favorite part of the series was #15-19, when each issue only showed 2-3 main characters in a closed environment.
0334 darrrrkvengance: macey -- hopefully not the way they choose presidents in East of West!
0335 abetterfuture: They're like Bottle Episodes.
0336 abetterfuture: The "The Fly" of MG.
0337 nick: we're definitely setting up plot for the remainder of this season- which will be longer than the last one
0338 macey: dv
0339 silver: how long is it planned?
0340 abetterfuture: The Season Two Finale will not be issue 50?
0341 nick: this is just the start-- pamela's announcements are the big clue there
0342 abetterfuture: A bunch of past students are coming back?
0343 nick: It will be/won't be... gonna try something a little different this time, I think
0344 nick: gotta talk to joe about it
0345 abetterfuture: Interesting.
0346 darrrrkvengance: will towerball have rules?
0347 silver: yeah, what IS towerball
0348 macey: yeah i googled towerball and got nothing is towerball a strange mga game
0349 kelso: Yeah I was about to ask
0350 macey: do they climb the tower in the woods and throw balls down it
0351 nick: haha, last time I said yes to that I led. see
0352 nick: but I'm gonna try
0353 nick: but it will be a big party of the story
0354 francy: i hope pamela wins towerball too
0355 macey: i hope the rest of this season is all parties
0356 abetterfuture: Nick, do you think the series will be able to go back to being *roughly* monthly again soon?
0357 macey: i hope there are parties with party hats, so everyone can wear them
0358 nick: hope so. btw, delay is on me, not Joe. Hasn't been schedule, so much as struggling to make sure the story
0359 nick: is laid out correctly. Been a beast, but I think I have it sorted now.
0360 kelso: The quality is most important! Glad to hear it's working out ^_^
0361 macey: next issue is av club, joe said? so hopefully it will be fun
0362 abetterfuture: That's great. I said this to Joe, but I'd rather wait 15 years for a great series than 10 years for a mediocre series.
0363 nick: yeah, next issue has some good av club/ian/hunter stuff
0364 emma: emma is so here for av club
0365 darrrrkvengance: MOAR AV CLUB!!
0366 nick: As long as 40 comes out next month it'll be 40 issues in 4 years. That's fantastic.
0367 macey: av club for class president
0368 abetterfuture: Next question
0369 nick: especially when you consider that nearly all of them are oversized
0370 abetterfuture: Oh! Congrats!
0371 nick: compendium through 38 gives us more pages than a 50 issue compendium of a normal book
0372 kelso: Congratulations, guys!!
0373 darrrrkvengance: good job on 4/40, Nick and Joe!
0374 francy: wow i cant believe its been four years
0375 macey: most important question in this issue
0376 joe_eisma: five years for us. we started the pitch in june 2009. haha
0377 nick: it's about 100 pages bigger than the walking dead compendium, which is huge
0378 darrrrkvengance: damn! that's a phone book!!
0379 nick: haha true... yeesh
0380 abetterfuture: Cool. The very first comics I tried out were the Walking Dead compendiums, 48 issues for 30 bucks or so. Everything else seemed way too expensive to dive in without prior knowedge, but the Walking Dead absolulely
0381 macey1: that answers it. neither of you are human. you are just machines.
0382 abetterfuture: hooked me by offering eight years of storyline in one week.
0383 joe_eisma: haha
0384 nick: yeah, it's the format I've been most excited to get out there, think it will be good for us especially
0385 abetterfuture: I've been a huge comics nerd ever since.
0386 jayrs: Has the compendium been released? If not, do you know when it will be available?
0387 abetterfuture: Will it be paperback?
0388 nick: I think we're soliciting it in november/december
0389 darrrrkvengance: i definitely know some people i'll be getting compendiums for.
0390 nick: in time for christmas
0391 nick: paperback, yeah
0392 macey: we can get children getting murdered in our stockings this year
0393 abetterfuture: Awesome. I donated my WD books to my school's bookshelf and got a few non-comics people to read and love them. I'll propably donate one MG as well.
0394 darrrrkvengance: Pamela Claus coming down the chimney!!
0395 macey: god, i hope the kids survive school long enough so we can see christmas at mga
0396 kelso: It's only been, what? A month there?
0397 abetterfuture: The whole series has just been summer vacation up to this point, right?
0398 macey: it's like mid-june i think?
0399 nick: it's end of may right now
0400 abetterfuture: What school starts students in Mid-May?
0402 joe_eisma: haha
0403 nick: they're on early entry
0404 kelso: If all of that happened, I certainly PRAY they make it to Christmas!
0405 macey: all these years and it's only been like three weeks for these poor kids i'm stunned
0406 abetterfuture: They'd have to skip finals for a grade they'd been in for 8 months.
0407 joe_eisma: i'm out, folks. thanks for reading! shout out to matt meylikhov whose silver fox love shows up next issue
0408 abetterfuture: Thanks, Joe!
0409 francy: bye joe!! thank you for all the work this issue
0410 macey: matt's hard work has finally paid off
0411 darrrrkvengance: thanks joe!!
0412 joe_eisma: you guys rock. see ya next time!
0413 macey: thanks joe! this issue was great can't wait to see the next '
0414 kelso: Thanks for the great issue, Joe!
0415 joe_eisma left the room
0416 nick: haha lots of dagney soon! bye joe-- sending you something tonight btw
0417 moneybagsmatt: daggggnnneyyyyyyyyy
0418 nick: dagney + a student to be named has become my new favorite pairing
0419 macey: she's like 60 though that's weird
0420 moneybagsmatt: i think we all know what that student's name should be, nick
0421 moneybagsmatt: did you know matthew means "gift from god?" just sayin
0422 nick: not a romantic pairing, I promise!
0423 kelso: Partners in crime?
0424 nick: study buddies
0425 macey: so nick. what's irina up to
0426 nick: when you see them together, you will think it's the most obvious pairing ever
0427 nick: irina's with Mr. N right now... it was just a matter of panel space
0428 macey: i sure hope so if she is hurt i will be Upset.
0429 macey: maybe mr n is like the witch from hansel and gretel, and he is going to fatten her up to throw in the stove
0430 silver: if he tried to eat her she'd probably just poison him
0431 kelso: He's gonna fatten her up with all that delicious breakfast
0432 nick: haha who knows? she might look a little different next time you see her
0433 nick: any questions about this one before I get back to work?
0434 macey: brella and i were joking mr n was just a lunch cook who got his eyes opened so the faculty was like
0435 francy: hopefully she's not wearing a blindfold too
0436 macey: 'uh fuck give him irina'
0437 macey: will gribbs ever calm down
0438 darrrrkvengance: does Clarkson remember anything when Casey mentions she was accepted to MGA?
0439 silver: was isabel's animosity towards casey all real or partly an act
0440 emma: will we see more interactions between clarkson and casey
0441 nick: clarkson definitely remembers, yes
0442 darrrrkvengance: who made the cake? was that also mr. n?
0443 nick: memory loss occurs when she interects with the cylinder in 29
0444 silver: did casey run to tell clarkson about getting into mga before her dad said she can't go or after he allowed it again
0445 nick: think we can go with after he allowed it again.
0446 nick: i love the idea that Mr. N made the cake. let's go with that.
0447 macey: mr n is the guy who cooks burgers for all the super serious faculty meetings
0448 kelso: Can we say Irina helped? Or is that too OOC? I'd like to think she's good at cake decorating.
0449 kelso: Delicate handiwork and whatnot
0450 nick: haha no comment
0451 macey: irina ate the batter from the bowl
0452 silver: will we see the rec room again
0453 nick: definitely. rec room will be the spot
0454 silver: are clarkson and tom married ('cause there's wedding photos on the wall)
0455 nick: can't say
0456 silver: figured as much
0457 kelso: *serious MGA take-down strategies discussed over games of pool*
0458 macey: using pool metaphors
0459 nick: that and the treehouse were about non-basement/hallway/woods settings
0460 nick: there will be mor
0461 nick: e
0462 darrrrkvengance: Hunter sinks the 8 ball every time he shoots for the 13
0463 kelso: HA
0464 kelso: poor boy
0465 macey: nick, what did poor tuna ever do to you
0466 nick: haha
0467 nick: sorry tuna
0468 nick: any theories on isabel?
0469 macey: my theory is she is the best character
0470 francy: same
0471 silver: same
0472 darrrrkvengance: i'm curious about why Hodge wants her out
0473 kelso: i hope she hangs out with pamela regularly
0474 kelso: Or Pamela is the one who will help her run her campaign
0475 macey1: ah yes isabel/pamela otp
0476 francy: what i'm really curious about is did casey actually cheat then
0477 abetterfuture left the room
0478 darrrrkvengance: i wonder whether Isabel has allegiances with any of the other faculty, like Georgina
0479 kelso: Isabel/Pamela = all I got XD
0480 kelso: It sounds like she did based on Hodge's words at the end there?
0481 kelso: I wanna know what the project was--not sure if I missed it
0482 francy: yeah that's what i was thinking
0483 nick: my goal with isabel was to create a character who is smarter and more capable than Casey
0484 silver: was the science fair previously cancelled because of akiko's explosive shenanigans
0485 nick: yup
0486 macey: i hope ghost akiko is throwing a fit about missing the fair
0487 emma: damn i am so ready for more isabel
0488 darrrrkvengance: glad to see Georgina doesn't have PTSD about using chalk on the blackboard!
0489 nick: we haven't shown their old school's science fair yet.
0490 francy: i was ready for more isabel since the issue she was introduced i'm excited
0491 francy: i knew you wouldn't let me down nick
0492 kelso: It'd be great if Casey's topic was really Time Travel like in the "Babies" comic
0493 macey: casey's time travel project contains hidden messages full of disses at hodge
0494 kelso: because like, what 14 year old could properly theorize time travel but Casey Blevins?
0495 emma: julie hayes mayhaps
0496 nick: well, i gotta run, everybody
0497 macey: awww thanks nick! good to hear from you as always
0498 darrrrkvengance: thanks for another great issue, Nick, and for chatting with us!
0499 nick: thanks for coming by, glad you liked the issue
0500 kelso: Great talking with you, Nick!! Thanks for a fantabulous issue!!
0501 francy: thank you nick!!
0502 nick: next issue will have a bunch of your favorites
0503 francy: yay
0504 kelso: Yay!
0505 macey: i'm excited for crustache
0506 nick: and the issue after that is full of guillaume being sexy
0507 macey: YEAH
0508 francy: you know us so well and what we want
0509 kelso: oh HECK yeah!
0510 kelso: XD
0511 emma: woot
0512 nick: night
0513 macey: night nick!
0514 kelso: Night!!
0515 nick left the room
0516 macey: i'm takin nick's statement that irina may look different as confirmation of my greatest dream
0517 kelso: with an undercut?
0518 kelso: I've always liked the idea of irina with an undercut
0519 kelso: +cyborg would be hella cool
0520 silver: joe already has the design down and everything
0521 silver: (for the undercut)
0522 macey: haha yessss
0523 darrrrkvengance: hippie, granola-munching Phish fan Irina
0524 guest-504439 entered the room
0525 kelso: omg
0526 macey: oh no, you can never take away irina's taste for raw meat
0527 guest-504439 left the room
0528 darrrrkvengance: so she would have thought herself, before trying mr. n's vegan cooking!
0529 macey: irina is really just a big baby, she is probably eating ice cream every night
0530 kelso: waffles, too
0531 kelso: "Hey Mr. N, make me waffles for dinner."
0532 kelso: "Irina, what do we say?"
0533 kelso: "Ugh. PLEASE?"
0534 macey: "irina that is not sufficient to a healthy diet-" "[barking noise
0535 macey: i genuinely hope irina and mr n just spend their time making cakes and watching happy days reruns
0536 kelso: seriously
0537 darrrrkvengance: Irina needs to get her powers back so she can make waffles with her MIND.
0538 kelso: cake decorating irina is my new fave headcanon
0539 kelso: Oh that'd be freaking awesome
0540 kelso: incredibly helpful in the kitchen
0541 darrrrkvengance: that's really what everyone is talking about when they mention "a better future"
0542 darrrrkvengance: mind waffles
0543 moneybagsmatt left the room
0544 macey: i hope #41 is just guillaume in the shower all issue
0545 darrrrkvengance: naked towerball
0546 jayrs left the room
0547 silver: towerBALL
0548 emma: strip towerball?
0549 macey: IM DOWN W/ THIS
0550 macey: i hope it's just the athletes and they dont force, like, ian to play
0551 kelso: WITH WAFFLES
0552 darrrrkvengance: actually, due to an error in Pamela's enunciation, it will actually be towelball
0553 emma: ian can serve the waffles
0554 kelso: strip towerball in the showers with waffles
0555 emma: sign me up for mga
0556 kelso: "pick your teams wisely"
0557 kelso: aka please stick all the hot guys on the same team ty
0558 macey: there are so many groups we can split off into now
0559 macey: perhaps jade will bug ike about his screwed up face
0560 kelso: imagine tuna tryin to play "strip towerball in the shower with waffles" in his condition
0561 kelso: i'm sorry but i'd laugh a lot
0562 kelso: i'm an awful human being
0563 kelso: i hope jade bugs ike
0564 macey: the sad part is he would try his hardest
0565 kelso: that's true....poor tuna
0566 macey: tuna issue of his adventures. in the cell. all alone. in complete silence.
0567 kelso: but like the prompt on the ficathon about jade bugging ike about his face
0568 kelso: that ws great
0569 kelso: walking into walls
0570 emma: tuna befriends the bug in his cell. spin-off series
0571 macey: daramount steps on the bug
0572 darrrrkvengance: oh, is there a new ficathon?
0573 kelso: names it "fish"
0574 kelso: the tales of tuna and fish
0575 macey: dv
0576 darrrrkvengance: awesome, thanks!
0577 kelso: I WANNA WRITE STUFF but i haven't really written creatively in a few years and i haven't really written fanfiction in like...7.
0578 macey: and god zoe's gang is still in morocco hanging
0579 kelso: it's like i really really want to but i can't get it out X(
0580 kelso: i'm so confused with zoe rn
0581 kelso: like
0582 kelso: time travel?
0583 kelso: special power?
0584 francy: it could be a hologram and i wouldn't even care as long as i get to see zoe's face
0585 macey: zoe 4ever
0586 francy: i missed her so much
0587 yuuhy entered the room
0588 guest-504580 changed nickname to yuuhy
0589 kelso: i wanna know more about her cuz she's hella smart
0590 yuuhy: FRIENDS
0591 yuuhy: are we talkin' isabel
0592 kelso: also hella smart
0593 emma: YUUHY
0594 yuuhy: who was the first hella smart? there are so many to choose from
0597 yuuhy: <3 <3
0598 macey: yuuhy apparently next issue is av club and the one after it has lots of "guillaume being sexy"
0599 emma: its like it was made for me
0600 yuuhy: AHHH
0601 yuuhy: AHHHH
0602 yuuhy: AHHHHHHH
0603 yuuhy: my sad angry child
0604 yuuhy: omg what i'm so excited omg
0605 yuuhy: av club omg
0606 macey: yes yes i know it is BEAUTIFUL
0607 kelso: i just wanna know what nerd jokes make it in next
0608 darrrrkvengance: moar hannah!
0609 macey: HANNAH/ESI 4EVER
0610 emma: you guys. that panel with esi
0611 silver left the room
0612 silver entered the room
0613 guest-504631 changed nickname to silver
0614 yuuhy: sitting
0615 yuuhy: so beautifully, right emma
0616 emma: AV CLUB MAMA
0617 emma: i'm so
0618 emma: how can someone sit with such skill
0619 macey: i could say "esi" in a very soft voice and emma would jump over oceans to reach me
0620 emma: i would teleport back in time to the moment before you said it
0621 emma: just so i could be there
0622 macey: yuuhy what was your favorite part of the issue
0623 francy: ok i'm lagging a lot so i'm gonna close some tabs including this one
0624 francy: good night everyone it was a fun chat like always
0625 francy: i hope i actually catch the next one
0626 yuuhy: bye!
0627 francy: bye bye!
0628 francy left the room
0629 yuuhy: MY FAVORITE PART
0630 macey: bye francy!!!
0631 yuuhy: was when Lara told Casey to carry the box and Casey asked why and Lara was like I'M HOLDING CAKE GOD CASEY
0632 yuuhy: sooo inconsiderate.
0634 kelso: Night!!
0635 macey: lara's outfits are off the charts
0636 macey: also yuuhy someone suggested mr n made the cake and nick said "i like it yes now it is canon"
0637 kelso: i suggested a prompt on the ficathon for Irina&Mr.N | Cake-decorating business
0638 kelso: I hope to God someone fills it
0639 kelso: otherwise i might go and fill my own prompt myself XD
0640 yuuhy: AWESOME
0641 yuuhy: I wonder if Isabel and Pamela are buds.
0642 darrrrkvengance: the cake was the most important part of the issue.
0644 yuuhy: also every time Jade puts on her thick eyeliner I'm like yes girl you and I be soul sisters
0645 darrrrkvengance: it seemed like Casey was wearing some weird eye makeup in the scenes in the past
0646 yuuhy: WAIT ACTUALLY my favorite part was the first few pages because like structurally it's just such a great way to start an arc
0647 yuuhy: simultaneously reviewing where each member of the cast is while pamela describes what we can look forward to
0648 macey: yes i loved seeing everyone
0649 macey: brella was saying i would be sad about the tuna panel? but he is sitting up and has clean clothes
0650 yuuhy: i know! i told her that he is doing better!
0651 macey: and i mean the pain is soothed by av club and dramatic guillaume showers
0652 kelso: clean clothes = +
0653 kelso: clean guilaume = +++++
0654 darrrrkvengance: i bet the reason hunter had to bring mr. n a melon is so mr. n could make melon cake!
0655 yuuhy: he's clearly not dying of infected eye wounds
0656 kelso: Delicious!
0657 yuuhy: hey why is hunter still in bed when everyone else is up
0658 yuuhy: lazy butt
0659 macey: the av club partied too hard last night
0660 yuuhy: he's not used to that kind of partying
0661 yuuhy: rest of the av club is like "ahh back to the library"
0662 emma: idk they looked pretty hungover. doing nothing. sitting. (beautifully in esi's case)
0663 darrrrkvengance: and they do their partying when they're actually dreaming
0664 macey: ian dropped his books because the partying made him tired
0665 kelso: maybe they dreamt up some butterbeer or somethin
0666 kelso: i mean, dreams, right?
0667 kelso: they can do whateva they want
0668 macey: ian ruined the party by getting drunk and crying about akiko so it ended pretty badly
0669 emma: is andres a poetic drunk
0670 kelso: HA. no wonder the rest look depressed
0671 kelso: you know i bet he is
0672 darrrrkvengance: lol @ Andres drunk
0673 emma: "what light through summer's day" "um" "pretty sure thats shakespeare"
0674 kelso: good at karaoke, too
0675 emma: av club karaoke night
0676 macey: now i wanna party with the av club
0677 macey: hannah and hunter drunk fighting over lost plot points
0678 kelso: im adding another prompt
0679 kelso: hey sound like a great time tbh
0680 macey: i hope ghost akiko visits the av club sometimes and makes fun of them
0681 kelso: bt8uhynjmklkiou
0682 kelso: '[
0683 yuuhy: omg emma you asked for heathers au
0684 kelso: ^my mom is awful
0685 darrrrkvengance: sorry to be such a noob, but what does "au" mean in the prompts?
0686 yuuhy: alternate universe
0687 kelso: alternate universe
0688 yuuhy: PAMELAS
0689 darrrrkvengance: ah, okay. thanks.
0690 kelso: aka - the key to happiness
0691 kelso: AU | Everyone is Pamela
0692 macey: au where everyone is sad
0693 kelso: actually that could be canon
0694 macey: au where everyone is the headmaster
0695 kelso: considering this whole reincarnation thing
0697 darrrrkvengance: au where Ian is godly at towerball
0698 kelso: omg what if he is
0699 yuuhy: haha i wonder which of our faves will kill each other through deadly sports hahaha
0700 kelso: not an au, but canon
0701 macey: penalties in towerball mean death
0702 kelso: ike being forced to play and ian kicking his ass
0703 yuuhy: woodrun was surprisingly tame until zoe
0704 kelso: dammit zoe
0705 yuuhy: hey remember maggie? heyyyyy
0706 kelso: i still don't get why she went crazy
0707 kelso: i love maggie
0708 darrrrkvengance: poor maggie. i loved her
0709 kelso: i wanted more maggie
0710 yuuhy: i have a theory
0712 yuuhy: that zoe kills people in order to save them
0713 macey: my irl friends who read mg often dont remember more important chars but ALWAYS bring up maggie
0714 macey: maggie forever
0715 kelso: that actually makes sense
0716 yuuhy: so it was less her going crazy and more her realizing what she had to do
0717 darrrrkvengance: what zoe calls "saving" is what hunter calls "cockblocking"
0718 yuuhy: esp since before irina shoots her, she tells hunter to "close his eyes," i.e., opposite of opening eyes
0719 kelso: kill hunter so he gets reincarnated and gets out of this hellhole as well
0720 yuuhy: i.e., opposite of what got adam and eve expelled from the garden
0721 kelso: eyyyy
0722 kelso: biblical references
0723 macey: yuuhy is so good at bible
0724 macey: (also hey remember this ends at 11
0725 yuuhy: i'm good at google
0726 yuuhy: and i reread the beginning of genesis for mg lol
0727 kelso: i've been meaning to brush up on my old testament
0728 kelso: you got it macey!
0729 darrrrkvengance: God to Guillaume
0730 macey: fortunato would be so proud of you
0731 kelso: i prefer the new testament irl but you know FOR MG
0732 kelso: i shall read more old testament
0733 kelso: every time we mention ghost david i think of king david and then i try to think about who goliath would be and i really want it to be gribbs
0734 macey: i like it. perf
0735 kelso: a shot to the head
0736 kelso: knocked him down
0737 kelso: hence
0738 kelso: ike is david
0739 kelso: BAM
0740 yuuhy: every ficathon fill is casey
0741 macey: casey forever
0742 kelso: casey is the best i stg
0743 kelso: the fics
0744 yuuhy: this fandom is such a good
0745 macey: brella's wicdiv au in that meme is p killer
0746 yuuhy: so harmonious and creative and full of morbid jokes
0747 kelso: we are sweet and we are tiny and we are excellent at fics and edits and playlists and everything right with tumblr fandoms
0749 kelso: sometimes i think she hosts the ficathons just so she has more prompts to write for and i think "bless this woman"
0750 yuuhy: was when akiko was still a relevant character and "recovering"
0751 macey: I HOPE SHE IS
0752 kelso: she's recovering
0753 kelso: she can't not be recovering
0754 yuuhy: she'll be back
0755 macey: i hope ghost akiko is whining to fortunato about missing the science fair
0756 macey: i hope when he gets out she makes him build her project
0757 kelso: i wanna see her dance for tuna---
0758 kelso: FUCK
0759 kelso: i realized ONLY NOW THAT CAN'T WORK
0760 kelso: fuck daramount
0761 yuuhy: WOW
0762 yuuhy: WOW
0763 kelso: I'M SORRY
0764 yuuhy: OW
0766 macey: fortunatocrying.png
0767 kelso: I AM VERY SORRY
0768 yuuhy: ow
0769 darrrrkvengance: she can dance WITH tuna
0770 kelso: awwwwww <3
0771 macey: fortunato just happens to small on some pegs that happen to go into his eyeholes
0772 yuuhy: mACEY
0773 kelso: bbut
0774 kelso: wait
0775 kelso: not pegs
0776 kelso: LEGOS
0777 macey: AH YES I LIKE IT
0778 yuuhy: whyyyyy
0779 kelso: different colored ones too
0780 macey: fortunato has legos stuck in his eyes he's so hardcore everyone is scared of him
0781 kelso: like one red one blue
0782 macey: (9 minutes left!)
0783 kelso: "3D lego glasses"
0784 kelso: imagine cyborg tuna with cyborg irina
0785 macey: i'm happy cyborg irina has caught on i should prompt it
0786 darrrrkvengance: he'll wear the Geordi LaForge doohickey
0787 macey: i will prompt it and finally fill something tomorrow morning (CAKE FIC?)
0788 kelso: cyborg irina shoots cake frosting out of her wrists like spiderman
0789 kelso: tuna shoots legos out his eyeballs
0790 emma: cybort irina feat undercut
0791 kelso: and spatula!
0792 kelso: jk
0793 darrrrkvengance: lol @ cake frosting, kelso!
0794 emma: TRU
0795 macey: mr n's ideal cyborg bff
0796 kelso: her mechanical arm can switch to different cooking untensils
0797 kelso: i wanna fanart
0798 kelso: i wanna do all these things
0799 macey: everyone as cyborgs
0800 darrrrkvengance: i don't know if any of you are frank zappa fans, but cyborg baker Irina makes me think of "Joe's Garage"
0801 silver: why do we have so little fanart th
0802 kelso: but dashcon is next weekend and i need to finish up my camp halfblood cosplays first and my summer class assignments and youtube video parts i'm gonna die before i get to anything MG-related
0803 silver: *tho
0804 macey: maybe hunter can do the number thing bc he is a cyborg
0805 darrrrkvengance: and the little green rosetta
0806 silver: we need to get some artists into the fandom
0807 macey: hunter opens a flap in his chest and finds machine parts. "huh when did these get here"
0808 kelso: I AM AN ARTIST
0810 silver: OOOH
0811 kelso: i'm sorry i've been meaning to do fanart for ages
0812 silver: i think most of us are lazy about whatever we do
0813 kelso: tru
0814 silver: it's a consequence of the 21st century
0816 yuuhy: for now, http
0817 silver: (GOTTA MAKE THEM COUNT)
0818 macey: what do you think the av club issue next time will involve
0819 macey: i think oliver and richmond
0820 silver: HOPEFULLY
0821 yuuhy: HANNAH/ESI CUDDLES???
0822 darrrrkvengance: making the underground paper to endorse a presidential candidate
0823 silver: nerd jokes, obviously
0824 silver: (backstory on the new kids??? maybe??? i'm so desperate)
0825 kelso: i like these fanarts
0826 silver: (they've all got dead parents and i am sad)
0827 macey: i hope andres turns out to be the best character in morning glories
0828 macey: andres for headmaster 2014
0829 kelso: andres for class president 2014
0830 silver: omg yes esi/hannah being explicitly canon would be amazing
0831 kelso: write-in votes on psychic paper only
0832 silver: do you guys think pamela's eyes are open
0833 darrrrkvengance: a poem in every pot
0834 emma left the room
0835 macey: akiko finally wakes up. she runs to the clubhouse, thrilled, only to walk in on hannah/esi makeouts
0836 darrrrkvengance: i thought nick confirmed esi/hannah
0837 kelso: i think her eyes were opened and something went wrong and her eyelids peeled back a little too far
0838 macey: "no gross why"
0839 silver: he did but it was ambiguous in the actual book
0840 macey: dv
0841 silver: OH MY GOD KELSO
0842 kelso: BUT LIKE
0845 kelso: * fanart *
0846 silver: or something
0847 macey: nick said we will get a pamela issue one day
0848 silver: he did. when
0849 kelso: omg yessssssss
0851 silver: i want it
0852 macey: last chat i think
0853 kelso: whyyyyy
0854 kelso: why closing time
0855 kelso: whyyyy
0856 macey: guess what now i have to all give you the BOOT
0857 macey: [puts on a boot, kicks computer screen
0858 kelso: we're just getting to crazy idead hour!
0859 kelso: ah well
0860 darrrrkvengance: thanks for hosting this macey. see you next time!
0861 yuuhy: do we actually get booted
0862 yuuhy: i've never stayed this long
0863 kelso: nice talking to you guys! glad i could make it this time 'round ^_^
0864 yuuhy: (or have i)
0865 kelso: yes thank you for hosting, macey!!
0866 macey: you do because i have to be here all the time and i am tired
0867 silver: yeah, me too (although i was silent for the most part)
0868 yuuhy: ok good night
0869 macey: also bc you do not want to be here an unsolicited times, yuuhy, GOSH (i kid)
0870 silver: thank you macey for organizing these things
0871 macey: but yes friends it is closing time. thank you for this lovely chat
0872 macey: hugs and high fives and whatever you are comfy with
0873 yuuhy left the room
0874 kelso: Goodnight!!! <3
0875 silver left the room
0876 macey: night everyone!
0877 darrrrkvengance left the room
0878 kelso left the room

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