MG chat 41

Morning Glories Issue 41 Tinychat from October 1, 2014
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 brella: greetings fellow teen
0002 gingey entered the room
0003 macey: sports
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0008 brella: guillaume not wearing a shirt to bed
0009 brella: gribbs facepalm
0010 macey: i especially enjoyed toby and denise, who i find very relatable
0011 brella: so exciting
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0013 brella: macey i think toby is my new favorite character
0014 macey: also that macey character whoever she is
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0020 brella: ooh yeah that macey character, she was real cool. can't put my finger on why, but
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0023 darrrrkvengance: hey all
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0025 macey: i think it was her skirt
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0029 macey: i also very much enjoyed guillaumes shoujo manga dreams
0030 yuuhy: i feel like death
0031 brella: you ARE death
0032 yuuhy: i am dead
0033 brella: this issue was SUCH A MANGA
0034 brella: the montage of jun falling all over the place was my favorite part
0035 darrrrkvengance: the gribbsy face-paml
0036 darrrrkvengance: palm
0037 macey: i feel so bad for yuuhy. yuuhy support group 2014
0038 brella: SO GOOD
0039 yuuhy: i can't believe it was a whole issue of sports musical choreography
0040 yuuhy: thank you friend i need it
0041 brella: guillaume and jun practiced all that falling, i'll bet
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0044 macey: this issue was actually pretty happy until the end
0045 yuuhy: "here jun i'm just going to run into you" "what" "fall down and i'll fall onto you" "what"
0046 macey: there was also pamela, and andres
0047 hannah: happy in a relative sense
0048 brella: andreS!!!!!!!
0049 brella: what a treat
0050 yuuhy: yeah it was actually wonderful and cute??
0051 brella: and then, you know,
0052 darrrrkvengance: for the first time ever i felt gribbsy and i had a connection.
0053 brella: corpse.
0054 yuuhy: i relate to hunter "what is a sport" huntington
0055 darrrrkvengance: andres and pamela are my faves, so it was pretty great in that respect too
0056 jules: what is le sports
0057 macey: i love exposition andres
0058 brella: i'm glad hunter acknowledges his own failures
0059 brella: andres is so helpful. i want andres to explain everything
0060 darrrrkvengance: i seriously want one of those blue jerseys
0061 jules: guillaume's dream sequence
0062 macey: also we got a panel of jun smiling which was a unique occurence
0063 brella: "hi guillaume" "DIE" what an appropriate response, to hunter
0064 jules: i have sad warm fuzzies
0065 jules: cuddling babies
0066 jules: but only in guillaume's dreams
0067 brella: i never expected little guillaume to be so.... endearing/
0068 yuuhy: HE'S SO UTE
0069 yuuhy: CUTE
0070 jules: adorable
0071 darrrrkvengance: what's on little G's walls? i couldn't make it out.
0072 macey: little guillaume is adorable and i do not just say that because i'm apparently his sister now
0073 yuuhy: his name is hisao and he's the BRAVEST, SMARTEST, KINDEST
0074 darrrrkvengance: lol. that was awesome macey
0075 macey: he is so small. and so gay. i feel you buddy.
0076 yuuhy: how does it feel, macey
0077 jules: you are his cover sister
0078 jules:
0079 yuuhy: besides the power-tripping i mean
0080 macey: it feels like im suddenly french and im not sure how
0081 brella: you and guillaume are bonded now, macey
0082 yuuhy: ok see that's the thing about the truants' last names. we still only know their cover last names.
0083 yuuhy: .......what if..... we haveto change all our tags again
0084 brella: WHAT....
0085 brella: YUUHY, NO
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0088 jules: what if is really was hisao in the dream though? like, some of the characters dreamwalk. can they keep dreamwalking after they die?
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0091 darrrrkvengance: maybe that's what they meant about not being very good at the cover story thing
0092 brella: he-who-must-not-be-named kept his stupid scientist dad's last name, though, so
0093 hannah: he doesn't count
0094 yuuhy: also vanessa
0095 hannah: okay she counts
0096 jules: why couldn't he have been the one tied up at the end instead of jade
0097 brella: same wth vanessa
0098 macey: yeah vanessa and ian kept theirs so at least theres that
0099 macey: god, i HOPE they sacrifice ian.
0100 brella: PLEASE, GOD
0101 macey: then again is he good enough to get hisao back he's not worth shit
0102 yuuhy: i can't think about this
0103 brella: but what deity would ever accept ian
0104 yuuhy: i have to go away
0105 brella: that would accomplish nothing, it's not a fair trade
0106 macey: we need to get yuuhy some hot tea or something
0107 brella: hey yuuhy how many of your faves are in peril now
0108 brella: count them for me
0109 jules: stop
0110 yuuhy: actually not that many because zoe and walid are just hanging out and hisao is already dead
0111 jules: stop brella please
0112 yuuhy: jade i guess
0113 yuuhy: guillaume is fine.
0114 macey: I FEEL SO BAD FOR JADE.
0115 jules: i'm worse at picking faves arent i
0116 brella: i'm sorry julie i didn't mean to upset you
0118 yuuhy: omg julie yeah HAHA i'm sorry
0119 hannah: jade has gone through so much
0120 darrrrkvengance: Ike can come to her rescue though. so there's that.
0121 brella: i was saying this to yuuhy earlier, i don't know how jun managed to grab her without casey's senses immediately tingling
0122 macey: let's add save jade ellsworth 2014 to our list of campaigns
0123 jules: it's okay it's not like i needed my heart anyway
0124 brella: casey is going to wreck jun's shit
0125 macey: admittedly at least i sort of understand jun's feelings. he isnt as bad as ian yet
0127 yuuhy: what if jade talks jun down
0128 brella: i do too. it's ok jun, i can see your redemption arc coming from miles away
0129 macey: like i do not approve of his actions obviously but. i get it. he needs to calm down and look at his life but i get it.
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0132 brella: i'll bet she will
0133 yuuhy: did you read the part in study hall where matt was like "jun can't be himself because jun is not a person"
0134 jules: be wary of anything in morning glories you think you can see coming from miles away
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0137 brella: that's very true julie
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0140 brella: i thought fortunato was going to be ok and look how that turned out
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0143 jules: yuuny is laughing at me because my faves are hisao and akiko
0144 hannah: speaking of faves in peril
0145 macey: yeah i feel like jade will sort of get it too? i mean she will probably be upset but she'll also relate
0146 jules: i make terrible life choices
0147 macey: fortunato? ok? gwen, those things dont compute
0148 darrrrkvengance: lol. the Pamela train looks pretty safe
0149 yuuhy: do you think macey has met fortunato
0150 brella: i know, macey, i was so naïve
0151 jules: did we have a discussion about jade possibly not being in her own body? like, swapping with her mom?
0152 yuuhy: nick has said she's definitely not her mom
0153 jules: ok
0154 brella: oh thank god
0155 macey: i think macey is either evil or dead. also, how do we distinguish ME macey from CHARACTER macey
0156 yuuhy: but i have, briefly, entertained the idea that older jade might be hisao
0157 yuuhy: BRIEFLY
0158 brella: macey
0159 macey: truly, the real mystery of morning glories.
0160 brella: since there is a macey
0161 brella: and a macey1 in this chat
0162 brella: does that mean mg macey
0163 brella: has always been here
0164 brella: waiting
0165 macey: no gwen
0166 yuuhy: i've never trusted macey
0167 jules: i'm scared
0168 macey: mg macey is a fictional character.
0169 brella: what if she KNOWS
0170 brella: wait, yuuhy, tell me more about these brief thoughts
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0173 nick entered the room
0174 yuuhy: they bodyswap hisao and jade and then jade is actually hisao and he and ike have a thing HA HA
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0176 brella: yuuhy i love you
0177 macey: yuuhy i worry about you.
0178 yuuhy: i worry about myself
0179 macey: i think this issue is hurting you. it's gonna be okay
0180 brella: the two average responses to yuuhy along with 'yuuhy i pity you" if emma was here
0181 yuuhy: thank you macey
0182 brella: i hope nick is damn happy with himself
0183 brella: for leaving behind this empty shell of a yuuhy
0184 brella: clawing for theories in the darkness, desperate, afraid
0185 joe_eisma entered the room
0186 yuuhy: why, brella, i've been empty since issue 33
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0188 darrrrkvengance: hey joe!
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0190 brella: so what are you now, then, just like
0191 yuuhy: now this fragile shell is crumbling
0192 joe_eisma entered the room
0193 brella: the void
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0195 macey: wow you drove joe away
0196 brella: joe couldn't doit
0197 darrrrkvengance: hey again Joe
0198 brella: not tonight
0199 joe_eisma: hello
0200 darrrrkvengance: another awesome issue!
0201 brella: you were so kind to us this issue, joe
0202 macey: joe i liked the guillaume's shoujo dream
0203 brella: so kind.
0204 joe_eisma: haha
0205 darrrrkvengance: i LOVED how none of the students wanted to make eye contact when Guillaume was picking his team!
0206 joe_eisma: thanks!
0207 brella: joe, denise's face was spot-on
0208 brella: i love her already. just because of her face
0209 brella: toby, too
0210 joe_eisma: hahaha
0211 joe_eisma: those poor kids
0212 macey: denise and toby are obviously the most relatable characters in this book.
0213 jules: i loved when guillaume was dreaming it was so cute and also heartbreaking
0214 darrrrkvengance: also
0215 joe_eisma: haha. that wasn't in the script, but i figured it fit
0216 macey: also that macey character, very strange, very suspicious
0217 brella: yeah that macey character seemed sketchy to me
0218 brella: and not in the literal sense
0219 yuuhy: never trust a person named macey
0220 joe_eisma: clearly macey will be the headmaster
0221 nick: hey all
0222 darrrrkvengance: hey nick!
0223 brella: the maceys of the world are not to be trusted
0224 yuuhy: hi!
0225 macey: hello nick
0226 brella: howdy nick, you killed yuuhy
0227 darrrrkvengance: another great issue, Nick!
0228 yuuhy: this is a life model decoy
0229 joe_eisma: now yuuhy only exists in the comic?
0230 nick: thanks! I liked how this one turned out.
0231 yuuhy: perpetually making a
0232 joe_eisma: haha
0233 jules: i am also a life model decoy now
0234 macey: im so happy i got to be in the same issue as yuuhy
0235 yuuhy: i'm not; i don't trust that macey
0236 macey: plot twist macey murders yuuhy
0237 brella: does it count as a plot twist if we all saw it coming
0238 yuuhy: what's left of me ... haha ...
0239 nick: yeah, lots of cool cameos in this one
0240 brella: macey murders the dust where yuuhy used to be
0241 joe_eisma: i haven't even made it through a third of the cameo requests
0242 nick: and glad you liked your appearance, macy-- you earned it!
0243 joe_eisma: now nick will write crowd scenes for 7 issues
0244 nick: plenty of crowd scenes on the way
0245 brella: oh boy
0246 darrrrkvengance: were all the new named characters in this issue cameos?
0247 joe_eisma: denise wasn't a cameo
0248 macey: [blush
0249 joe_eisma: toby was
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0251 joe_eisma: kelli and anastasia and josh were cameos
0252 nick: yeah, script didn't cast them as cameos, that was joe's discretion
0253 joe_eisma: yeah, i was supposed to send matt a list with all the cameos, but i flaked out on being too busy
0254 joe_eisma: sorry matt!
0255 darrrrkvengance: i need one of those blue team jerseys.
0256 nick: but you will see more of toby and denise, the underdogs
0257 yuuhy: i dunno, macey has really let being a character get to her head
0258 yuuhy: actual thing macey said to me
0259 joe_eisma: haha
0260 nick: ha
0261 darrrrkvengance: lol
0262 yuuhy: rude.
0263 macey: you could still hug guillaume yuuhy, you never know
0264 nick: jerseys would be cool right?
0265 brella: can we have andres be the exposition guy for all things mga
0266 darrrrkvengance: so cool!
0267 yuuhy: i could. we are in the same year.
0268 brella: he was so helpful. i hope he is on the committee that writes info pamphlets
0269 yuuhy: you mean the pamphlets that say the school is in new york and perfectly safe?
0270 darrrrkvengance: actually, for next season of GoT, instead of all the sexposition, Andres will just walk onscreen
0271 macey: this issue delivered on many fronts! pamela, andres, gribbs, two pages of jun flopping around like a fish
0272 joe_eisma: man jerseys would rock. i was pretty proud of how the uniforms turned out
0273 yuuhy: I loved how cute and cheerful the issue was until, you know, it wasn't.
0274 brella: jun's fail montage is so important to me
0275 joe_eisma: lots of sad trombone in jun's montage
0276 macey: and then there was the ending which was a thing i guess.
0277 yuuhy: I was grinning ear to ear until Guilaume called Jun "dummy."
0278 yuuhy: what ending what i didn't notice any ending what
0279 jules: there was no ending
0280 yuuhy: just like there was no issue 33
0281 jules: Guillaume and Jun went and ate ice cream
0282 nick: haha
0283 darrrrkvengance: Hisao must seriously reek at this point
0284 brella: in... the basement
0285 jules: why would you say that
0286 brella: basement ice cream! *throws confetti*
0287 jules: bertie botts every flaor bean - rotting corpse
0288 jules: why did i say that
0289 brella: julie what the hell
0290 joe_eisma: hahaha
0291 yuuhy: julie
0292 macey: poor jade
0293 brella: POOR JADE
0294 jules: i'm sorry i'm distressed
0295 brella: she can never have a moment's peace
0296 buttstuff entered the room
0297 macey: i thought jade's days of being the damsel in distress were over! but here we are.
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0302 yuuhy: i hope she kicks jun in the face
0303 buttstuff left the room
0304 gingey: I hope lots of people kick jun in the face
0305 brella: i hope jun kicks himself in the face
0306 macey: like i get it jun but also you need to get kicked in the face
0307 nick: poor jade
0308 brella: what i want to know is why he chose jade when he had an entire school of non-major characters to choose from
0309 yuuhy: but i hope his face is still relatively ok because it is also hisao's face
0310 jules: i hope jun is flexible enough to kick himself in the face?
0311 brella: jeez, jun
0312 yuuhy: fuck. hisao. i need to take a break.
0313 brella: hang on yuuhy i'm coming over
0314 darrrrkvengance: this is how Blue Team gets derailed every year. they finally get a ringer, and he's a human sacrificing sociopath. d'oh!
0315 jules: oh i hope hisao's body is flexible enough to....breaks away crying
0316 brella: i can't leave you like this
0317 yuuhy: yes please come over
0318 brella: we can play brawl and drink to forget
0319 darrrrkvengance: it's just like the Islanders, basically
0320 macey: you all asked to see hisao again and this is what you get when you ask these things
0321 joe_eisma: paul and i had a lot of fun with hisao's corpse... that doesn't sound right.
0322 jules: yuuhy can i come over and cry on your floor?
0323 brella: joe, jesus
0324 yuuhy: yes you can
0325 joe_eisma: haha
0326 gingey: joe no
0328 brella: you got in good decayed corpse drawing practice in 37 and now look where we are
0329 jules: I KNOW
0330 macey: tell paul he nailed the shoujo manga dream page too
0331 joe_eisma: he'll be glad to know that
0332 nick: i didn't actually intend for them to be their younger versions there. But when I saw it, thought it worked beautifully
0333 macey: i cant get over that last panel. look at their hair suddenly blowing in the inexplicable wind. it's so dramatic.
0334 yuuhy: ahh, so it's not a memory then?
0335 joe_eisma: haha. oops!
0336 brella: oh
0337 nick: It's not a memory, it's a dream
0338 jules: i don't get the impression that they cuddled as kids
0339 brella: now i hurt a little, too
0340 jules: that was definitely a fantasy dream....or hisao somehow actually talking to guillaume
0341 brella: hah yuuhy you were like "THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING' but surprise
0342 macey: yeah i figured it was a dream. not enough pushing and punching to be a flashback
0343 jules: exactly
0344 jules: if i get a purple sweater, i could dress up as julie hayes
0345 brella: i was blinded by hope. you know, that thing morning glories should have taken away from me by now
0346 brella: ten times, or so
0347 jules: yes that thing
0348 macey: what's this hope you speak of
0349 darrrrkvengance: this issue was full of hope, guys
0350 macey: what's with the headmaster and his hatred of the color blue
0351 brella: you couldn't hear it but i just snorted skeptically
0352 brella: maybe hunter has bad memories of being blue shelled in mario kart one too many times
0353 jules: morning glories are purple and sometimes a little blue, come on headmaster
0354 jules: i'm so excited for the compendium
0355 nick: Pamela is a big fan of red
0356 brella: i hope guillaume knows how proud i am of his eyebrow game this issue
0357 joe_eisma: haha
0358 darrrrkvengance: lol. Pamela's gonna have to eat crow.
0359 joe_eisma: yeah, how about pamela in this issue? her scene was my favorite to draw
0360 macey: holy shit i just realize we did get an answer to whther or not guillaumes head is in the game (it was NOT)
0361 darrrrkvengance: Pamela was AWESOME
0362 macey: i like how they have guards around to grab pamela.
0363 joe_eisma: and even gribbs is creeped out by her
0364 yuuhy: guillaume's head is in the game; just a different game than they want him to play
0365 darrrrkvengance: i can't wait to see her antics at the actual game
0366 brella: if even gribbs is wary of pamela then we have a Problem
0367 yuuhy: i liked the line about looking into the sun/the face of God because hello that is my jam
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0370 macey: dream hisao is very dramatic for a 12 year old
0371 yuuhy: and also because if you think of the headmaster as God , then challenging God/aspiring to godhood is Guilaume's intent
0372 brella: and that always works out SO GREAT IN THE BIBLE!!
0373 yuuhy: and in the process of working toward that goal he may burn up
0374 ddd: Great issue! When's the next one out?
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0377 yuuhy: so guys why do you think the headmaster did not punish guillaume despite gribbs' insistence
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0379 nick: we're nearing the finish line on the next one-- looks like early November.
0380 macey: i think he's referring to hodge getting half the truants out
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0385 brella: whoops
0386 walk entered the room
0387 darrrrkvengance: awesome, Nick. obviously, take as much time as you need. but i do love when the issues come out more or less monthly.
0388 jules: yeah, maybe hodege vouched for the truants while gribbs wanted them to suffer
0389 jules: *hodge
0390 guest-57367 changed nickname to walk
0391 macey: i can't wait for gribbs and hodge to try to murder each other
0392 jules: and then fortunato got...i'm....
0393 yuuhy: what issue 35?
0394 brella: right, like how is it fair that ian got out to do THIS JUNK and fortunato is still down there
0395 brella: weeping blood
0396 gingey: nothing is fair here
0397 nick: next issue is a lot of fun. nearly everyone is in it.
0398 macey: being fortunato is suffering
0399 nick: which I know Joe loves.
0400 joe_eisma: YES
0401 jules: why didn't daramount get ian
0402 joe_eisma: like i said the other day, i think we're just missing albert
0403 brella: i mean, i guess by mga standards, the goblin child going topside is good, so, whatever
0404 nick: and crowds! plenty of crowds.
0405 yuuhy: (sounds like irinaaaa)
0406 guest-57412 entered the room
0407 macey: poor albert. bring back albert 2014.
0408 brella: SHARP GASP
0409 darrrrkvengance: who's albert?
0410 joe_eisma: haha oh yes the crowds
0411 guest-57412 left the room
0412 jules: crowds yaaaay!
0413 brella: albert is the chauffeur
0414 nick: there is an albert appearance in the works
0415 darrrrkvengance: ah, thanks
0416 yuuhy: only the most crucial character!
0417 brella: and his name is NOT alfred, as i quickly learned recently
0418 macey: irina? i don't remember a character named irina in this comic what are you talking about
0419 gingey: close enough
0420 guest-57427 entered the room
0421 darrrrkvengance: and Debbie the Sex Robot.
0422 yuuhy: yeah man i read the past year's worth of issues and there's no such character as irina
0423 jules: but wait if everyone is in it except albert, what about caleb, walid, and zoe?
0424 yuuhy: you really love debbie, dan
0425 darrrrkvengance: i do.
0426 macey: yuuhy, what if walid
0427 yuuhy: don't get my hopes up
0428 brella: yuuhy. yuuhy
0429 yuuhy: stop
0430 darrrrkvengance: i bet Debbie and Pamera are a thing
0431 darrrrkvengance: Pamela
0432 guest-57466 entered the room
0433 macey: walid has a very certain charm to him in that he is a 16 year old boy inexplicably in possession of a motorcycle
0434 brella: yuuhy. leather jackets
0435 macey: while on the run in another country
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0437 macey: walid is the most hardcore teen in this comic
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0440 brella: ah yes, the classic "16 year old boy inexplicably in possession of a motorcycle while on the run in another country' archetype
0441 yuuhy: assuming what we've seen of morocco is concurrent with everything else
0442 brella: a classic
0443 macey: flashback issue about how he got a motorcycle
0444 yuuhy: (zoeeeeee)
0445 brella: (wait'll we tell beth)
0446 macey: haha actually now the caps joe'sposted of 42 make sense
0447 jules: 16 year olds can ride motorcycles by themselves in the u.s. with a permit
0448 macey: i was wondering how jade in pjs and guillaume angry could possibly be connected
0449 yuuhy: guillaume yelling at jun??
0450 macey: I ASSUME? jun needs some yelling at right now.
0451 yuuhy: do you think hisao will be revived? discuss while i remove myself.
0452 hannah left the room
0453 darrrrkvengance: if he is revived, will he have more knowledge about what David is?
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0456 macey: i feel like...we already got zoe back so maybe hisao also being back would be a bit much.
0457 guest-57562 entered the room
0458 brella: he's gonna be so pissed off if they revive him
0460 gingey: with zoe we still had a lot of loose ends
0461 gingey: hisao's arc felt a lot more final
0462 nick: okay, all, I gotta run soon- any last questions for me?
0463 jules: but what if guillaume becomes the sacrifice and guillaume, hisao, and jun go through a circular sacrifce/resurrection repetition
0464 gingey: oh god
0465 macey: jules
0466 yuuhy: will macey appear again?
0467 darrrrkvengance: is Kelli the first female captain of the red team?
0468 yuuhy: and how old is macey?
0469 macey: nick, when will jade stop getting kidnapped? when will fortunato stop getting kidnapped? they are both so nice and do not deserve this.
0470 nick: Macey might appear again, who knows?
0471 macey: yuuhy why do you want to know everything about me what are you planning
0472 nick: Jade in trouble is at this point too good a running joke to stop
0473 jules: who will have a dream sequence next?
0474 yuuhy: i'm not planning anything macey. i would have to not be an empty shell of a human being to have plans.
0475 brella: nick, on a scale of 1 to 10, how angry would casey be if she knew what jun was doing with her buddy
0476 brella: (that's not a serious question)
0477 nick: Towerball is co-ed, so I don't think Kelli would be the first, but she is a star player
0478 brella: (obviously we all know the answer is 20)
0479 yuuhy: (i hope casey kicks jun in the face)
0480 nick: Casey's 11-level anger will be on full display in 42
0481 macey: (with her high heels)
0482 jules: but it's hisao's face
0483 yuuhy: (but preserves hisao's beautiful features)
0485 jules: casey will be angry that is soooo satsfying
0486 nick: There is a dream sequence in 42 as well
0487 jules: yessssssssssss
0488 yuuhy: you guys realize that after two guillaume covers, we _still_ have no guillaume origin story? must be pretty important.
0489 hannah entered the room
0490 macey: yessss i love this comic's bizarre inexplicable dream sequences full of foreshadowing for matt to pick apart
0491 guest-57643 changed nickname to hannah
0492 ddd: So, does Akiko love Ian or Fortunato?
0493 nick: we know guillaume was taken when he was very young
0494 yuuhy: does akiko rip ian apart with her bare hands
0495 yuuhy: yeah what we do know about guillaume is why i'm so curious!
0496 jules: does akiko come in on an AV club meeting and tell ian to stop
0497 nick: Akiko loves both of them, just in different ways
0498 macey: i want akiko to destroy ian. just absolutely destroy.
0499 ddd: ohhh poor Ian
0500 guest-57658 entered the room
0501 brella: i want akiko to break ian's face
0502 jules: i think you mean poor fortunato
0503 macey: poor ian more like destroy ian simon forever
0504 guest-57658 left the room
0505 darrrrkvengance: y'all are so mean to ian!
0506 macey: why are there multiple ians?? that just makes him so much harder to destroy
0507 gingey: maybe the other ians are less trashy
0508 brella: that's because ian is mean to the universe
0509 gingey: (probably not)
0510 brella: what if the other ians are pleasant and well-mannered
0511 nick: okay all, thanks for coming by, glad you liked this issue. next one ends the arc!
0512 brella: (SLAPS KNEE) HAH
0513 darrrrkvengance: thanks again, Nick!
0514 yuuhy: wow!
0515 brella: oh man is it that time already. arc-ending time
0516 jules: thank you for chatting!
0517 yuuhy: thanks for coming!
0518 brella: bye nick!!
0519 brella: thanks for coming as always
0520 macey: EXCITING thank you lots nick!
0521 nick left the room
0522 joe_eisma: you guys got a lot of answers out of him.
0523 jules:
0524 brella: i know
0525 brella: what did you do with the real nick spencer
0526 darrrrkvengance: lol
0527 joe_eisma: haha
0528 macey: i dont trust that smiley face with those words
0529 brella: "answers"
0530 darrrrkvengance: this is just a cameo Nick that Joe drew
0531 joe_eisma: hahaha
0532 jules: maybe we got a lot of answers because we were asking the wrong questions.....
0533 yuuhy: i'm so excited for 42 because i think a couple of our friends have cameos!
0534 brella: i'm surprised nick chose to name the newspaper the answer, i didn't even think he knew what that word meant
0535 jules: i'm scared
0536 joe_eisma: it's funny, i have yet to actually draw any of the creative team in the book
0537 yuuhy: also because allllll the characters
0538 joe_eisma: well, matt, but he doesn't count
0539 darrrrkvengance: poor matt
0540 yuuhy: the Handsome Teacher
0541 joe_eisma: he wasn't kidding about 42 having EVERYONE
0542 macey: matt, the handsomest character
0543 joe_eisma: that's why i'm still not done with it!
0544 brella: oh boy
0545 macey: what if julie
0546 jules: wow
0547 jules: julie
0548 jules: julie hayes
0549 yuuhy: WHAT IF JULIE
0550 yuuhy: is it a regular-sized issue?
0551 jules: is julie hayes
0552 brella: JULIE HAYES.......
0553 macey: we're falling down all these characters
0554 ddd: Bring Irina back1
0555 walk: ....snowflake?
0556 jules: IS ME
0557 joe_eisma: and it's back to our normal page count of about 28 pages
0558 joe_eisma: hahaha okay no snowflake
0559 walk:
0560 macey: nooooo i miss snowflake
0561 darrrrkvengance:
0562 macey: he was a good dog
0563 brella: snowflake lives on in our hearts, macey
0564 macey: rip snowflake.
0565 jules: JULIE HAYES
0566 darrrrkvengance: we should sacrifice Jade and bring back Snowflake
0567 yuuhy: man, i can't even imagine
0568 jules: no
0569 yuuhy: YOOO. NO.
0570 jules: NOOOO
0571 macey: we could sacrifice ian and bring back snowflake.
0572 guest-57691 entered the room
0573 jules: yessssssssssssssssssssss
0574 yuuhy: yeah okay
0575 brella: even the dog is worth more than ian
0576 brella: it wouldn't work
0577 jules: yes
0578 guest-57691 left the room
0579 darrrrkvengance: it would just be a very slow dog
0580 yuuhy: it's ok we have multiple ians
0581 yuuhy: even if it takes all six
0582 macey: actually damn then wtf is happening in 42.
0583 jules: i never thought there would be a character as trash as ike, and then ian happened
0584 darrrrkvengance: maybe Ian touches the cylinder and shit happens
0585 macey: it has to be more than just "we have to stop jun from sacrificing jade to revive his dead twin brother!"
0586 yuuhy: i imagine it might just be a montage of where each character is, like in 39
0587 joe_eisma: the ending is a pretty big one, and we get a little more with poor jade
0588 yuuhy: OR a big party
0589 jules: JADE
0590 yuuhy: invite irina and the morocco gang
0591 macey: it's roy the goat's birthday party and everyone is invited.
0592 yuuhy: heck invite the basement dwellers
0593 yuuhy: invite the dead too yeah
0594 macey: yay jade! i'm always up for more jade we havent seen much of her lately
0595 yuuhy: come on, brendan
0596 darrrrkvengance: lol MG German Sparkle Party
0597 hannah left the room
0598 joe_eisma: haha
0599 jules: asdkfhasdjfh
0600 joe_eisma: one thing you cannot deny about nick is he writes some fantastic endings
0601 jules: ike would rock German Sparkle Party
0602 jules: ike has probably been to German Sparkle Parties
0603 macey: i love how we can pretty much predict what will happen in most of an issue, but the endings are so left field
0604 jules: he dooeeeeees
0605 darrrrkvengance: Andres rocking his party pants
0606 macey: like i think we knew in advance this issue was "guillaume angst, jun angry, sports" but that ending!! ?????
0607 jules: i never know what's going to happen i love it
0608 yuuhy: we sort of predicted this one macey!
0609 yuuhy: just not how it happened.
0610 joe_eisma: i loved those pics of the kids you did brella
0611 philmaira entered the room
0612 joe_eisma: i was really looking forward to andres' crustache
0613 brella left the room
0614 guest-57751 changed nickname to philmaira
0615 philmaira left the room
0616 darrrrkvengance: woohooo.
0617 macey: i'm happy andres was in this issue
0618 philmaira entered the room
0619 guest-57757 changed nickname to philmaira
0620 macey: andres forever
0621 yuuhy: where did brella go?
0622 joe_eisma: andres is so jolly
0623 jules: all i know will happen in most issues is dream sequence
0624 joe_eisma: aw, i scared her off
0625 yuuhy: anyway i think those were actually by brella's friend
0626 darrrrkvengance: speaking of crustache, i was thinking of sending you a cameo photo Joe, but then i saw your beard tweet
0627 joe_eisma: haha really it's not a big deal
0628 joe_eisma: there's always security guards.
0629 joe_eisma: ohhh okay, i didn't know that yuuhy
0630 darrrrkvengance: lol. cool. i'll send a pic along
0631 yuuhy: but yeah they were nice!
0632 macey: i feel like andres is the mg character i would like to hang out with the most. he is so pleasant.
0633 darrrrkvengance: i love Andres
0634 yuuhy: i wanna play video games with hannah and esi
0635 darrrrkvengance: Andres is completely my MG best friend
0636 yuuhy: who are going to hold hands when??
0637 joe_eisma: i think you'll be pleased with the hannah and esi scene in 42
0638 macey: yuuhy lives for two things
0639 macey: OH THANK GOD
0640 yuuhy: !!!!
0641 macey: i like how you informed us hannah's hair would be down in 42. you know what we want joe
0642 yuuhy: this is a beautiful world we live in
0643 joe_eisma: and it is hannah--i drew her with her hair down. got tired of drawing the ponytail. haha
0644 jules: i just pretend Julie Hayes is me except not because negligent homicide. but also yes because physicist/engineer
0645 philmaira: joe, did Jade have some lacerations in the final panel? I don't recall what she was doing last.
0646 joe_eisma: yes
0647 joe_eisma: good catch, phil!
0648 yuuhy: that is a good headcanon julie
0649 joe_eisma: she was a bit banged up
0650 macey: jade looked pretty beat up! rude, jun. very rude.
0651 philmaira: se see the headmaster then?
0652 philmaira: *she
0653 joe_eisma: haha no, just a mean fukayama brother
0654 yuuhy: KICK HIM IN HE FACE
0655 macey: i hope half the issue is just jun getting kicked in the face.
0656 macey: by every character.
0657 jules: but it's hisao's face
0658 ddd left the room
0659 joe_eisma: haha
0660 macey: hisao would agree that this is a case where his face can get beat up
0661 yuuhy: dammit it always comes back to that
0662 jules: hannah/esi eeeeeeeeee
0663 guest-57427 left the room
0664 yuuhy: remember when brella and emma thought i was calling the spoiler cute? good times.
0665 joe_eisma: there's a great callback to issue 2 in the next issue too, btw
0666 philmaira: did I miss anythingfot his chat? I got here late
0667 joe_eisma: nick answered all the questions!
0668 yuuhy: everybody is in 42!
0669 joe_eisma: j/k
0670 macey: this time the detention room is struck by lightning
0671 yuuhy: except snowflake and albert the chaffeu
0672 yuuhy: r
0673 jules: mmmm....callback to issue 2
0674 macey: are harry and barry in 42
0675 yuuhy: my favorite duo
0676 danhauge entered the room
0677 guest-57898 changed nickname to danhauge
0678 danhauge left the room
0679 danhauge entered the room
0680 guest-57910 changed nickname to danhauge
0681 joe_eisma: no harry and barry. okay let's just say there's A LOT of people in 42
0682 joe_eisma: to me and paul, it feels like everyone. ;)
0683 macey: drowning in color palettes
0684 danhauge left the room
0685 joe_eisma: he's already informed me he detests coloring stone bricks.
0686 macey: those are like his trees
0687 joe_eisma: haha yep
0688 macey: remember when this comic was just trees for thirty pages
0689 joe_eisma: don't remind me!
0690 joe_eisma: i half-jokingly wrote james tynion iv that i should do a cover for the woods and i ended up doing one
0692 yuuhy: and it was gorgeous!
0693 joe_eisma: haha
0694 yuuhy: your cover i mean; haven't seen the new issue
0695 macey: and i wonder if poor dialynas will ever get tired of those trees. that comic has a monopoly on tree
0696 joe_eisma: thank you, yuuhy
0697 joe_eisma: he can have them! ;)
0698 macey: it was good. please read the woods.
0699 yuuhy: haha i own the first four issues. i just. haven't. >___>
0700 philmaira: what's the wood about?
0701 joe_eisma: okay, i'm about ot head off--got to get 42 done! thanks everyone again for reading!
0702 macey: it is about a high school that gets sent to an alien planet with lots of trees
0703 joe_eisma: you're the best
0704 macey: bye joe! thanks for the cameo and for coming over here
0705 jules: thank you for chatting with us!
0706 darrrrkvengance: thanks again, Joe
0707 yuuhy: no! you are the best!
0708 jules: you're awesome!
0709 jules: we're the best!
0710 joe_eisma: aw shucks
0711 joe_eisma: haha
0712 joe_eisma: see you all next time!
0713 yuuhy: thank you for chatting and thanks for the cameos!
0714 joe_eisma left the room
0715 philmaira: thanks joe
0716 yuuhy: i keep imagining that dream scene with the boys 16 now and i
0717 yuuhy: my face is in my hands
0718 macey: i just remembered
0719 macey: we got a rare glimpse of jun doing that thing called smiling
0720 yuuhy: guillaume was so happy in this issue
0721 macey: http
0722 darrrrkvengance: i was thinking, MGA does a really crappy job of closing private areas off
0723 yuuhy: like where they keep their dead students
0724 darrrrkvengance: or the cylinder last issue too
0725 yuuhy: man mga. you've got a real administration problem.
0726 jules: i really like it with them as kids in the dream
0727 macey: remember in 31 when hunter just walked past a yawning guard
0728 macey: these guards have horrible training
0729 jules: that was the last place/time that they were happy and safe
0730 yuuhy: i like that but i also like the idea of them being the age guillaume is now because that's what guillaume has been wanting/waiting for
0731 yuuhy: hahahaha fuck this series
0732 macey: i feel like them being kids works because guillaume only knew hisao as a 16 year old for like two hours
0733 yuuhy: what a tumultuous 2 hours
0734 yuuhy: so!!! guillaume and jun knew each other and played towerball with and/or against each other! how about that!
0735 guest-57562 left the room
0736 darrrrkvengance: that's a good point. maybe that was a distraction for G; or maybe an impetus to compete harder
0737 macey: they were on the same team at least one year! wild!
0738 macey: i did like that bit in that panel of guillaume staring at him all sweaty.
0739 jules: does guillaume continue to look at jun and pretend he's hisao?
0740 jules: even if he can't completely lie to himself, does he try?
0741 jules: am i crying on my floor?
0742 darrrrkvengance: well, their personalities are so different. when you see how G describes Hisao to "Macey" and then think of Jun
0743 jules: yeah, but they look the same
0744 yuuhy: and he called jun "dummy"
0745 yuuhy: which is what he called hisao is issue 18
0746 jules: ow
0747 jules: ow
0748 philmaira left the room
0749 macey: sorry guillaume your boyfriend is dead and his brother is weird and murderous
0750 yuuhy: but at least you have a sister somewhere
0751 yuuhy: she seems pretty cool and not evil maybe
0752 macey: other things i enjoyed this issue
0753 macey: hunter very enthusiastically wanting to be pals with guillaume
0754 yuuhy: LOVED THAT
0755 yuuhy: hey guillaume! we're roomies! and i was buds with your dead boyfriend! love me!
0756 macey: those panels of jun and guilaume dramatically staring at each other while guillaume is on the floor
0757 gingey: I was hoping hunter would
0758 yuuhy: guilaume
0759 macey: hunter is just too good of a kid.
0760 darrrrkvengance: it will be nice to have Ike back next issue. i'm having Ike withdrawal
0761 macey: it's been so long since we've seen ike
0762 macey: a thing i did not enjoy
0763 macey: but a thing i DID enjoy
0764 yuuhy: yeah whoa there gribbs very disappointing
0765 guest-58207 entered the room
0766 yuuhy: every time someone says we haven't seen ___ in so long, i compare to irina
0767 yuuhy: whoops! gotta go!
0768 macey: ahhhh bye yuuhy i will talk to you late r
0769 yuuhy: <3
0770 yuuhy left the room
0771 macey: wow the chat is small tonight
0772 guest-58231 entered the room
0773 darrrrkvengance: "tiny" even. *rimshot*
0774 guest-58231 left the room
0775 nine entered the room
0776 guest-58234 changed nickname to nine
0777 macey: 0/10 no stars
0778 gingey: why is nine here. should we be worried.
0779 darrrrkvengance: what is this arc called?
0780 nine: don't be worried
0781 macey: i believe this arc is rivals
0782 macey: it was assembly at first but i think nick renamed it....
0783 darrrrkvengance: ah, that makes sense. i was thinking the various issues seemed rather disconnected
0784 darrrrkvengance: so 3/7ths of the AV Club are dead or comatose or evil goblins, eh? and yet they're still the happiest at the school
0785 gingey: to be fair they do not seem to be aware of ian's status as an evil goblin
0786 darrrrkvengance: that's true
0787 macey: i think hunter is onto him
0788 macey: he seemed pretty worried about fortunato, you feel like he'd check in on the situation
0789 gingey: I HOPE so
0790 jules: byyyye folks
0791 jules: good night
0792 macey: night jules! thanks for coming!!
0793 darrrrkvengance: night jules
0794 macey: also i mean i we count the melon scene as foreshadowing hunter and tuna are fated pals
0795 gingey: will he recognize him as melon guy, I hope so
0796 darrrrkvengance: i wonder if he'll recognize Julie Hayes if she in fact is in 42
0797 macey: i dont think he even realizes tuna = melon guy yet unless he's checked a yearbook
0798 jules left the room
0799 gingey: well I mean I hope he does eventually
0800 guest-58207 changed nickname to gerard_guzman
0801 gerard_guzman changed nickname to gerry
0802 darrrrkvengance: i mean, i haven't re-read the issue in a while, but it's his memories of Julie that brings him to the library, right
0803 darrrrkvengance: when he first meets Andres and Hannah
0804 gingey: he was looking for the books he read in his dream
0805 guest-58354 entered the room
0806 macey: yeah, he was looking for julie in the yearbook.
0807 guest-58354 left the room
0808 macey: and the test answers book.
0809 guest-58357 entered the room
0810 guest-58357 left the room
0811 darrrrkvengance: i still love the look Hannah gives him when he asks for the Test Answers book. lol!
0812 macey: my favorite part of that sequence is that hannah initially goes up to him
0813 macey: and then when he says that she's just like "fuck it" and leaves him to andres.
0814 gerry: andres is a wonderful source of exposition, he could handle him
0815 macey: thank god for andres
0816 macey: so helpful
0817 darrrrkvengance: Andres will probably turn out to be the HM, just so Nick can fuck with us furtehr
0818 maria entered the room
0819 guest-58423 changed nickname to maria
0820 maria left the room
0821 maria entered the room
0822 guest-58435 changed nickname to maria
0823 macey: MARIA'S HERE
0824 maria: YES HI HELLO
0825 macey: HOW DO YOU FEEL
0826 maria: frustrated about shakespeare. sad about losing jade/jun as a ship
0827 maria: what's being discussed atm?
0828 darrrrkvengance: not much. pretty quiet.
0829 darrrrkvengance: wondering whom Hunter might remember from his dream sequence with Future Jade
0830 maria: ooooh i wonder. hmmmm
0831 darrrrkvengance: since there's a chance he'll run into some of those people in next issue, which presumably has EVERYONE
0832 darrrrkvengance: incl. Julie Hayes
0833 maria: aaaaaaah JULIE!?
0834 maria: my heart is soring
0835 maria: *soaring
0836 darrrrkvengance: did Nick confirm that Julie would be in the next issue. i feel he sort of did insofar as only Albert not being there.
0837 maria: i don't know, but it would be very exciting if she is there.
0838 darrrrkvengance: definitely!
0839 nine: it really would awesome
0840 macey: joe said only albert and snowflake were not present
0841 darrrrkvengance: i wonder if that means Tom Reed also
0842 maria: macey that means your girl will be back
0844 maria: I WANT HER BACK SO BAD.
0845 nine: i hope she's okay tho
0846 macey: yeah im. hoping shes not brainwashed
0847 nine: sometimes i get scared that we might see her again but it will be her dead body or sothing like D
0848 macey: god do not even make me think of that
0849 nine: ikr i try to block it outta my mind most of the time
0850 darrrrkvengance: can't wait until Zoe and Irina have their reunion. i'm sure that will be cordial.
0851 macey: lot of zoe/irina in this fandom latel
0852 macey: y. i like it
0853 maria: i'm still waiting for casey and irina to meet (as casey, not danielle)
0854 darrrrkvengance: oh good. i haven't gotten a chance to check out the ficathon for a while since i've been working like a dog these past several weeks
0855 gingey: ok chat slows down my computer so I think I'm gonna slip now, seeya next month if I can make it even though I never talk much when I do hahaha
0856 darrrrkvengance: (in fact, i'll probably be up all night working tonight)
0857 gingey: ...split not slip
0858 darrrrkvengance: but i'm looking forward to catching up next week
0859 macey: ahhhh bye gingey!!
0860 darrrrkvengance: see ya gingey
0861 macey: the ficathon basically ended already now but i'm sure we'll have another when 42 comes around
0862 maria: bye gingey
0863 gingey left the room
0864 darrrrkvengance: gwen just tweeted that ficathon 40 is for 41 as well
0865 macey: ahhhh yay
0866 macey: more fic
0867 darrrrkvengance: but i've probably got a lot to read from 40 in any event
0868 maria: i wonder where 42 will pick up from. there's so many story lines happening atm
0869 nine left the room
0870 macey: i think 42 may pick up right there...joe did post shots of jade in pjs and angry guillaume
0871 maria: good, honestly i don't want to see anything else atm. i need to know if jade will be okay
0872 macey: i can't wait until jade inevitably kicks some as
0873 macey: *ass.
0874 gerry: I want to know if she cuts herself or if that was jun
0875 darrrrkvengance: i think Joe confirmed it was Jun
0876 gerry: oh, thanks
0877 macey: jade has good taste in pajamas. very fashionable
0878 guest-58648 entered the room
0879 guest-58648 left the room
0880 yuuhy entered the room
0881 guest-58657 changed nickname to yuuhy
0882 maria: i love that she sleeps in a giant tee. the best pjs
0883 macey: exactly! i feel you, jade.
0884 macey: yuuhy is back how exciting
0885 yuuhy: blows noisemakers
0886 yuuhy: maria! you are in 42 right?
0887 maria: no! i haven't sent joe my photo yet. my twin and i were going to do it together but forgot
0888 yuuhy: ohhh someone said they were in a panel with casey, and i guess i associate you with casey
0889 yuuhy: might have been beth
0890 darrrrkvengance: you were in 41, yuuhy?
0891 macey: i hope beth is making her happy face in her cameo
0892 maria: well i hope that when i do get my ass into gear, joe will put me in a panel with casey. that would be a dream come true
0893 macey: yuuhy was the very shocked girl with glasses behind jun in the page where guillaume picks him
0894 maria: amazing
0895 yuuhy: i was the girl thinking, "literally what the fuck guilaume"
0896 darrrrkvengance: oh, awesome
0897 yuuhy: an accurate depiction of me always
0898 darrrrkvengance: lol
0899 macey: yuuhy what do you think of the "we're not to see god" bit being in guillaume's dream
0900 yuuhy: i think acts of hubris will burn your eyes out is the idea
0901 yuuhy: or, from the icarusian angle, melt your wings and hurl you to your death
0902 macey: do you think it means guillaume is going too far
0903 macey: will guillaume have to see jun is going too far to realize HE is going too far? IS guillaume going too far?
0904 yuuhy: WELL, LOGICALLY, i think guillaume's game is tame compared to jun's
0905 yuuhy: but both of them are kind of playing god
0906 yuuhy: if guillaume only because the headmaster is effectively god of mga and guillaume means to challenge that
0907 darrrrkvengance: yeah, trying to win Towerball for the blue team hardly seems on a par with what Jun wants to do
0908 yuuhy: of course the phrase "face of god" was brought up in 30 in reference to irina
0909 darrrrkvengance: (not to mention Ian Casey Irina)
0910 yuuhy: and i'm not sure whether there's a connection here besides the overall godhood themes
0911 yuuhy: though i think it's significant that kseniya only talks about seeing the face of god as she dies
0912 gerry: huh, I thought it was just a callback from the time were akiko said Abraham's (?) wife was turned to salt when he saw god's face
0913 gerry: *she
0914 yuuhy: lot's wife but ooh good call
0915 darrrrkvengance: Lot's wife. Good connection.
0916 macey: yeah 37 brought up lot's wife in relation to seeing the face of god and why you shouldn't do it.
0917 macey: i definitely think we should start connecting those pieces- kseniya in 30, abraham and akiko in 37, this here
0918 macey: any other times too that i can't remember
0919 macey: and i also think we could probably ask what that means in relation to "what did you SEE when your eyes were opened"
0920 darrrrkvengance: versus Tuna's blindness
0921 darrrrkvengance: being the character with the most faith
0922 yuuhy: i think it all ties to the academy exceeding man's reach
0923 yuuhy: probably by trying to gain immortality
0924 gerry: well, everyone is defying "god" r the academy in their own way right now, the newspaper, the insurrection, the game, the elections, the necromance
0925 macey: tuna being blind definitely means something in the grand scheme but who knows what.
0926 yuuhy: which seems contradictory to the idea that nobody can see the face of god and not die
0927 macey: yuuhy you should talk more about the immortality thing bc you often bring that up but you're really the only one ive seen do it.
0928 gerry: so it could foreshadow the demise of many people
0929 yuuhy: wait really
0930 yuuhy: i feel like it's one of the more obvious parts of mg??
0931 yuuhy: there are a few references to abraham not aging and so much about reincarnation
0932 yuuhy: and it seemed like a logical thing that a bunch of people would get together and try to do
0933 darrrrkvengance: what does Zoe say with Abraham in issue . . . was it 7? . . . when they first meet, about faith
0934 yuuhy: speaking of people getting together and trying to do things and aspiring to godhood
0935 yuuhy: putting your hand in someone else's and learning to take the bad with the good
0936 yuuhy: something like that
0937 gerry: immortality also goes against nature, so it seems logical than looking for immortality goes against god's wishes
0938 yuuhy: (bye the way the movie Sunshine is 1000% about people looking into the sun/the face of god and burning up because of it)
0939 gerry: and would more likely lead to your dead for defying him
0940 yuuhy: (IT'S AMAZING but also goes very suddenly from calm scifi to thriller scifi)
0941 walk left the room
0942 macey: (19 minutes ahhhhhhh fuck)
0943 yuuhy: ok like my overall theory right now is that some people, probably these wow-mo people, got together with the beginnings of the academy, maybe abraham himself, and were promised immortality
0944 darrrrkvengance: i'm not being facetious when i say i'm going to be sad if the blue team loses again
0945 yuuhy: and they had these children who they knew had powers and were being reincarnated
0946 yuuhy: and funded a plan to figure out how to harness that power
0948 yuuhy: it's the one that i'm sort of attaching every new bit of information to
0949 maria: oooh i like this theory
0950 macey: no that works even better with the existence of people like ellen and oliver
0951 macey: and when you consider the stuff akiko's dad was blubbering about in 37
0952 yuuhy: then all this multiverse stuff was introduced and i don't know anymore
0953 darrrrkvengance: i think that's a good theory.
0954 yuuhy: now i think the academy might have changes goals from when it first started
0955 macey: maybe they're trying to use other universes to find a solution....?
0956 macey: maybe there are multiple groups looking for solutions? like whatever oliver and ellen do, they have a different
0957 macey: goal than mga does? and abraham's goal is different too? and so on and so forth?
0958 yuuhy: abraham tells hisao they do what they do because of "the promise that was made to us"
0959 macey: whenever i reread that i just mumble "what promise"
0960 yuuhy: sounds a lot like a biblical covenant, but there are a bunch of those
0961 macey: i don't think it's been mentioned again since
0962 darrrrkvengance: i thought Abraham and Gribbs talk about it also
0963 darrrrkvengance: about why Gribbs can't attack Abraham directly
0964 gerry: on first sight, the promised land, could be the place where the academy is located and thus expulsed abraham and it's children from
0965 macey: yeah abraham and mga seem to have these really weird rules between them
0966 yuuhy: http
0967 macey: there's also apparently a rule set in place that mga can't kill the special kids
0968 macey: yes, yuuhy. yes.
0969 yuuhy: are they fighting over a promised land? is abraham trying to take mga for it's ... land?
0970 yuuhy: i admit i'm not up on the promised land stuff but it's just a homeland for god's chosen people, right?
0971 darrrrkvengance: the land goes with the plants/greenhouse/glories thing.
0972 macey: jun does say in this issue he was taught the basement there was holy, and abraham also believed that
0973 yuuhy: the abrahamic covenant in the bible is just that abraham will have a bunch of kids and be the father of a great nation
0974 macey: and mga also has the temple, the pond, the cave
0975 darrrrkvengance: and what's his name? the dude who confronts Baby Hodge, about the people under the ground or something
0976 macey: mga IS full of holy places.
0977 yuuhy: aw yeah that dude
0978 macey: ted! i can't believe i remember that
0979 yuuhy: YEAH THOSE DUDES
0980 darrrrkvengance: Ted!
0981 maria: i'm going to head off now. it was nice to get to come for a bit, even if i was too tired to talk much
0982 macey: (eight minutes)
0983 yuuhy: human sacrifices, i assume
0984 yuuhy: bye maria!
0985 darrrrkvengance: by
0986 darrrrkvengance: bye
0987 maria: night guys.
0988 maria left the room
0989 macey: i sort of assumed they were previous versions of our special kids....but human sacrifices, hm
0990 macey: that could work too. i like that.
0991 macey: night maria <3
0992 gerry: I tought they were the most dangerous cases, the ones that couldn't be controled by any means
0993 yuuhy: ted didn't seem to have much power
0994 gerry: or the ones the school didn't want to see reincarnated
0995 yuuhy: hmmmm!
0996 yuuhy: there are so many covenants
0997 macey: ted wasn't special, hodge said so, hence why dagney let him get shot
0998 yuuhy: and it means that they thought he _might_ be special
0999 macey: right! we know that's happened at mga too
1000 macey: they had kids like jason who turned out to be nothing
1001 yuuhy: so there was another set of birthdays probably
1002 macey: maybe...
1003 macey: we should probably be paying attention to the abrahamic covenant hu
1004 macey: h
1005 darrrrkvengance: or maybe they just didn't know about the birthday thing yet
1006 macey: davidic too
1007 macey: ahhh three minutes
1008 darrrrkvengance: well, it's been another fun chat -- and probably the most fun issue in a long time
1009 yuuhy: mga used to be a monasteryyyyy hmmmmm
1010 macey: future jade says it's STILL a monastery.
1011 macey: i know! this issue was so intense!
1012 yuuhy: and cute and fun!!
1013 darrrrkvengance: plus, your awesome cameos!
1014 yuuhy:
1015 macey: it was cute and fun until the end admittedly
1016 yuuhy: this was a good chat
1017 macey: but yes this one was fun. so happy to have talked about it. i liked this chat.
1018 macey: but now [wipes a single tear
1019 yuuhy: good night everybody!
1020 darrrrkvengance: okay, until next time. good night!
1021 macey: night everyone! thanks for coming

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