Mgchat 43

Morning Glories Issue 43 Tinychat from February 11, 2015
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

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0018 kelso: so, idk about you guys, but i actually laughed out loud when i saw the cover for this issue
0019 kelso: it's so very "ike"
0020 knward: I did too. I was really excited.
0021 francy: what a perfect cover
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0024 kelso: i was very pleased
0025 silver: me too
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0043 knward: I didnt think much of him the first arc but since woodrun he's been one of my favorites.
0044 kelso: felt bad when he choked on his own vomit and peed himself tho
0045 brella: congratulate silver for surviving
0046 kelso: i mean, i laughed, but i felt bad XD
0047 brella: i never thought i would be pleased with an excess of ike. but i was
0048 brella: i so was.
0049 kelso: it was the GOOD kind of excess of ike
0050 francy: ike's my second fave so i was just my poor terrible excuse of a human being son </3
0051 kelso: i think it's cuz we started getting some answers? maybe??
0052 knward: I know! I
0053 brella: """answers"""
0054 kelso: """"""answers""""""
0055 kelso: what are these "answers" we speak of
0056 beany: mg plays pretty fast and loose with the definition of answers tbh
0057 francy: ike is very good at gathering people i say that's a good answer??
0058 knward: Agreed,
0059 brella: is ike a giant asshole or just a regular asshole? the answer investigates
0060 kelso: Well I mean, it's better than nothing. We kinda had a glimpse into what abraham did with gribbsy all those years ago
0061 kelso: they played rumplestiltskin
0063 francy: just from that i consider the issue a success
0064 francy: 10/10
0065 brella: that's the ultimate gauge for success
0066 kelso: i LOVE the second panel
0067 knward: ;)
0068 beany: zombie zoe is the true star honestly
0069 kelso: zoe's evil eyes on the silhouette
0070 brella: finally alex's zoembie pun from ages past has come to fruition
0071 francy: foreshadowing
0072 knward: Yeah. We've got the similar issue with Jade. So...
0073 kelso: UGH JADE can ike go find her now?
0074 kelso: cuz i guess he's the key to it?
0075 kelso: that's what i got out of the issue
0076 brella: the ike/jade in this issue was so Real
0077 knward: And what do you guys think of Old Ike saying the whole "One woman you love," and "Watching her die over and over"
0078 kelso: i'll admit, i squeed a bit
0079 kelso: it's like
0080 brella: i'm surprised silver didn't punch a hole in the roof
0081 joe_eisma: hi
0082 kelso: YES IKE/JADE
0083 brella: hey joe!!
0085 francy: hi joe!
0086 silver: who said i didnt
0087 kelso: hi joe!!
0088 knward: Hi Joe!
0089 silver: hi joe!
0090 brella: haha so much for your house. rip
0091 joe_eisma: how did you guys like the issue?
0092 francy: a++++
0095 comicsdude1: really awesome!
0096 joe_eisma: yay!
0097 kelso: it was so awesome!! best way to get back into the mg swing
0098 knward: Amazing beginning to end!
0100 joe_eisma: glad to hear it
0101 francy: still didn't see any jonas brothers, but i'm willing to forgive
0102 brella: best imaginable kickoff for 2015, morning glories-wise
0103 joe_eisma: haha spoiler--no jonas bros next issue either
0104 brella: despite francy's jonas brothers related quibbles
0105 brella: we will endure
0106 joe_eisma: yay
0107 francy: darnit
0108 kelso: i'm so excited to see all these plotlines taking off together
0109 kelso: now that's ike's kinda tied them all together
0110 joe_eisma: next issue is all about ellen and vanessa and features very little else
0111 brella: it was so incredible to see all the stuff that's been building up converge in that last scene
0112 francy: VANESSA
0113 upguntha: heyyyyy
0114 knward: Well I'm looking forward to that!
0115 brella: and the parallels to #4! oh man. will jade ever not need rescuing
0116 joe_eisma: seems to be a consensus that readers like us doing more 'school' type stuff.
0117 kelso: Yes! More vanessa!!
0118 brella: vanessa was ON POINT
0119 silver: YES
0120 silver: everyone was on point
0121 knward: The Parallels were all over the place. I was just constantly going "That's from that issue!"
0122 brella: everyone was on point. but especially dagney
0123 francy: yeah i had to dig up issues and reread stuff for this
0124 brella: matt was probably so happy
0125 kelso: oh yeah dagney was so good
0126 joe_eisma: yeah--you have to admire nick for lining up so many plots
0127 joe_eisma: haha oh matt and his dagney obsession
0128 kelso: i actually have things post-it noted for me to remember to go and look up cuz i didn't have time yet
0129 joe_eisma: nice!
0130 yuuhy: Whoa, a lot of people tonight. Nice.
0131 brella: i was flipping through a bunch of past issues with my friend earlier, lining things up
0132 upguntha: hurray for pucking children
0133 francy: i almost fell off a chair digging up the last ike issue since my comics are on a shelf lmao
0134 brella: francy you're so dedicated
0135 francy: the things i do for ike
0136 joe_eisma: so was there really confusing as to who's dad brett was? or was matt just being a dork?
0137 knward: Dang it ! I should have done that. Newbie mistakes.
0138 brella: your trashbag son
0139 joe_eisma: haha
0140 brella: i think matt was just being a dork
0141 brella: in the best, nicest way
0142 joe_eisma: haha
0143 yuuhy: So many things were confirmed!
0144 joe_eisma: i mean, megan is even name checked in the conversation!
0145 knward: I got it! I was like Megan!
0146 joe_eisma: see--yuuhy's got it! we do confirm and answer things.
0147 brella: there was so much going on in this issue i can see how it could be missed
0148 upguntha: i was flipping out when i heard Megan, oh my gawd
0149 brella: yeah, you guys were so generous this issue, i was surprised by how many bones we were thrown
0150 beany: every time megan's mentioned I get so excited tbh
0151 comicsdude1: I liked that Ike's vision had some unexpected similarities to him seeing Abraham in 38. Even down to the same carpet and curtains in the background!
0152 knward: Best two out of three!
0153 joe_eisma: thank you, comicsdude! we do try to pay attention to those details
0154 knward: My brother and I squealed about that.
0155 comicsdude1: I've never looked so closely for minute details in comics before
0156 yuuhy: Which means either older Ike will end up in Morocco or Morocco becomes a kind of dream meeting place?
0157 joe_eisma: hmmmm
0158 kelso: I don't know why, but I squealed when I saw old!Ike holding the dice
0159 upguntha: l loved the callback to snakes
0160 joe_eisma: that's awesome
0161 brella: why did it have to be snakes
0162 joe_eisma: paul hates me for the snakes. i kinda go overboard every time they appear
0163 yuuhy: Ike being called a snake. Hmmmm.
0164 knward: I was actually confused for a second and had to remember Dagney said "skip to the ending"
0165 silver: it was never clear to me whether the old guy we saw during ike's breakdown in 25 was ike or abraham, so i guess now we know it's ike?
0166 kelso: I just missed this comic so much. I squealed at, like, every other page.
0167 francy: same
0168 kelso: it's probably ike is what i was thinking?
0169 joe_eisma: correct, silver
0170 yuuhy: My face was
0172 kelso: i almost had a heart attack
0173 yuuhy: rofl same
0174 upguntha: Joe were Zoe's guts out for a reason or jusf for show?
0175 kelso: i was afraid it was gonna be ike not looking much older at all
0176 beany: i've got to start looking up the mythology of snakes now. first rams now snakes, honestly.
0177 descendo: I never get the issues on the day they're relased (so I'll avoid the spoilers) but I thought I was just jump in and say "thanks", MG is by far my favorite comic. Enjoy
0178 joe_eisma: let me check my script, nix
0179 kelso: they looked to be hanging out the same as Jade's were in that one vision of Ike's
0180 kelso: at least, to me
0181 upguntha: exactly
0182 knward: I was super believed because I've been thinking Ike is gonna die young but he gets to be an old man. Right? ;)
0183 yuuhy: Yeah,that and the guys Zoe disemboweled.
0184 joe_eisma: here's the actual panel description
0185 joe_eisma: Zoe stepping out into the light-- big gaping chest wound, insides spilling out, zombie-ish decaying corpse
0186 yuuhy: That's assuming there's only one timeline.
0187 kelso: yeah, but he's a sad and lonely old man
0188 brella: that's your jam, joe
0189 joe_eisma: haha
0190 francy: even with a gaping chest wound zoe is still the bae <3
0191 yuuhy: I'm not trusting that anybody will survive, not even the ones w'e seen older.
0192 upguntha: So Nick asked for it aka important lo
0193 kelso: her hair was on point in that panel
0194 upguntha: lol
0195 knward: I love ike. He's my son. but I dont see him having a happy end.
0196 joe_eisma: haha
0197 silver: yeah, like, old!ike did say he "wished it worked that way"
0198 silver: maybe it's just some kind of apparition of the path ike's been on
0199 francy: yeah even when we see the older versions i'm just like .... nah. that's too easy.
0200 knward: True dat silver.
0201 silver: not an actual future version
0202 upguntha: Who will take zombie Zoe to prom
0203 francy: ME
0204 brella: francy will
0205 brella: oh wait there it is
0206 francy: or beth. but she's not here so ME.
0207 yuuhy: was about to say
0208 upguntha: lmao
0209 joe_eisma: haha
0210 knward: My brother has been behind on MG and he finally caught up so I can finally stop saying "Oh, yeah. Rest in peace Zoe." knowing very well she's back.
0211 joe_eisma: haha
0212 brella: that's probably one of the hardest spoilers for me to keep down when i get people to read this book
0213 upguntha: I have to dig up my old vomit compilation
0214 brella: they get really upset about zoe's death in 19 and i'm just like, kEEP READING
0215 yuuhy: I think I'm so used to Zoe being dead that I still get emotional about it.
0216 knward: Is it weird I was actually to see not pea soup green vomit.
0217 brella: of course you would have one of those, upguntha
0218 yuuhy: Also I don't trust that she's back.
0219 kelso: speaking of vomit
0220 yuuhy: I trust _nothing_.
0221 kelso: i'd hate to think he wouldn't change after that XD
0222 joe_eisma: haha good catch, kelso!
0223 joe_eisma: MAGIC
0224 francy: drycleaners
0225 kelso: ike has 'em on-call
0226 upguntha: Someone knows how to do laundry fast
0227 brella: that's the power of ike, baby
0228 yuuhy: NOTABLY, Megan's dad speaks English.
0229 francy: maybe he found someone who had the same outfit and jumped them
0230 joe_eisma: in the description for that last time he wakes up, nick called for him to have 'pissed, shit and puked'
0231 knward: Yep. Please Ike's fist know no rage.
0232 joe_eisma: so ike had a pretty rough issue.
0233 yuuhy: ALSO NOTABLY, Megan was probably a baby when she was taken by Abraham & co.
0234 francy: omg my baby... he pooped...
0235 brella: when has ike NOT had a rough issue
0236 upguntha: that was a amsaterpiece of mess
0237 kelso: yeah i laughed but also pitied the poor boy
0238 upguntha: brava brava
0239 kelso: at least no one was around to see
0240 brella: except dagney
0241 knward: I was gonna ask did he poop and pee his pants? Poor baby.
0242 upguntha: thats what happens when you lose the one you love
0243 upguntha: whoops
0244 joe_eisma: haha
0245 francy: don't volunteer at libraries or else you'll shit yourself i guess
0246 brella: dagney was so chill about the fact that ike was passed out under the table
0247 brella: i pity whatever janitor works at this place, honestly
0248 yuuhy: What is Dagney going to do with the information about Ike seeing Jade things omg
0249 joe_eisma: hahaha
0250 joe_eisma: if you follow me on twitter, you know that rob guillory from chew is the MGA janitor
0251 knward: Yeah. Hadnt thought about that, How did Ike get back to his room without being noticed in that condition?
0252 brella: oh, if he's from chew it's probably not a problem then
0253 upguntha: te mess that he has to clean
0254 francy: maybe dagney has like, a change of clothes in the library for these occasions
0255 francy: she seemed really used to it
0256 upguntha: Pissy ouky student is a regular scene at this scholl no one questioned it
0257 nick: hi all
0258 brella: hi nick!
0259 francy: hi!!
0260 upguntha: heyooooo
0261 guest: hi!
0262 knward: What up?
0263 yuuhy: Hello! Phenomenal issue!
0264 francy: yes it was amazing!
0265 brella: this issue was OFF THE CHAIN AMAZING
0266 nick: ha thanks
0267 kelso: hi nick!! fantastic work on the issue!!
0268 nick: and no, ike had to walk back to the dorm with bathroom pants
0269 francy: omg
0270 kelso: oH NO
0271 brella: i'd say "poor ike" but. nah
0272 knward: My poor baby!
0273 kelso: well at least jade wasn't around to see it
0274 joe_eisma: haha
0275 francy: there's a pun to be made there but i will keep it to myself
0276 yuuhy: god I hope Hunter or Guillaume was there to see it
0277 yuuhy: or Jun
0278 knward: True. She probably would have been really nice actually and walked her to his room.
0279 knward: Yes!
0280 brella: now THERE'S a deleted scene i'm sad we missed out on
0281 upguntha: I wonder if the gossoping girls will be spreading piss/puke Ike stories
0282 brella: "i'll convince you to support casey after i change"
0283 kelso: XDDD
0284 francy: he probably burnt the clothes honestly
0285 kelso: "support casey or i'll never change"
0286 brella: "oh yes, hunter, keep laughing, don't mind me"
0287 yuuhy: I'm so excited about this arc, wow
0288 yuuhy: Campaigning!! Unsanctioned party!!
0289 brella: same, yuuhy; i can't contain it
0290 guest: I know!
0292 kelso: YES i can't wait for the party!
0293 kelso: IT'S SHADY AS HECK
0294 brella: unsanctioned party planned by IKE! we're all doomed
0295 brella: this is it, the end
0296 upguntha: Parties are awesome
0297 kelso: but like
0298 knward: I just realized Vanessa Science Fair project is big so her and Ian aren't gonna be rivals?
0299 kelso: mg + typ high school party = something i'd like to see
0300 francy: someone is gonna end up dead
0301 guest: ssshh shhh
0302 nick: the party will happen end of this arc
0303 kelso: at the science fair or the party?
0304 francy: both probably
0305 kelso: who am i kidding, probably both
0306 yuuhy: I
0307 yuuhy: 'm clutching my chest
0308 brella: i'm placing my bet for party crasher on irina
0309 upguntha: will Ike spike the punch
0310 yuuhy: too excitement
0311 francy: yes
0312 francy: i still like the irina pouring pigs blood on everyone thing
0313 kelso: o_o
0314 brella: oh my god
0315 upguntha: OMG Pamela needs to be at this party
0316 guest: ike will spike the punch and they'll all share some sort of wacky shared dream or something
0317 kelso: it's a while to go, any of these people could be dead by then tbh
0318 knward: Lets hope Hunter doesnt get drunk and say dumb stuff.
0319 kelso: too early to speculate
0320 brella: hunter doesn't need to be drunk to say dumb stuff
0321 kelso: ^^^
0322 francy: hunter would probably be one of those drunks who instantly fall asleep tbh
0323 yuuhy: Yeah where are they gonna get the booze
0324 kelso: it's ike
0325 knward: Ike.
0326 yuuhy: but MGA
0327 brella: ike will probably make toilet booze or something
0328 yuuhy: eh, Gribbs probably has a stash
0329 upguntha: he'll fall asleep and have a sleepwalk moment
0330 yuuhy: and he's in Morocco
0331 kelso: ike is drunk all the time anyway
0332 brella: of course. GRIBBS
0333 knward: I bet Daramount will allow just to see what happens.
0334 kelso: he's got his ways
0335 yuuhy: So, a question-
0336 upguntha: was the "you wrote this" referring to Ike or a global "YOU"
0337 yuuhy: The knife used by Abraham. Same knife as the one we've seen with Ike and Irina before?
0338 brella: !!! i second upguntha's question
0339 guest: same
0340 brella: i assumed it meant specifically ike since that would parallel hunter's "you did" in #25 nicely, but
0341 guest: I got the feeling when dagney said it she meant ike specifically but it could just as easily be the whole student body
0342 kelso: "being stabby might be hereditary"
0343 kelso: one of my fave lines
0344 knward: me too kelso.
0345 upguntha: Dagney is also Stabby
0346 nick: couldn't say one the 'you' question
0347 guest: hmmm
0348 nick: ON the
0349 upguntha: gumble grumble
0350 brella: and why am i not surprised
0351 nick: and we have definitely seen that knife in more than one place
0352 francy: oohh
0353 knward: Great to know. Time to go back through every issue.
0354 upguntha: well this "YOU" most likely wrote the Answer book
0355 yuuhy: Could be different books in the library were written by different students.
0356 knward: Wait. Why has no one suspected the Zoe used the same knife?
0357 yuuhy: I think hers was a different shape.
0358 nick: yeah, useful to note dagney takes Ike to the same pll
0359 upguntha: it looked different from what I remembered
0360 nick: ace Jade takes Hunter
0361 francy: yeah hers were all more... butchery?
0362 francy: like hers looked more like the kind of knife you'd use in a kitchen
0363 francy: and the other one looked more like...ritual sacrifice knives...
0364 francy: if that makes sense
0365 francy: (it probably doesn't)
0366 brella: that library, man.
0367 kelso: nah it makes sense
0368 knward: She's very stabby but yeah just looked back at issue 7. Different knife.
0369 yuuhy: It's distinctively slender and curved. It's just a bit ambiguous because the coloring changes.
0370 brella: and we can't see the handle, which is normally another identifying factor
0371 nick: zoe's knife was a different one
0372 yuuhy: hm, well I'd been associating that dagger with patricide/matricide but brett sure ain't abraham's dad
0373 kelso: there are too many knives
0374 upguntha: just to clarify Casey's army scene took place before Guillaume choose his team
0375 yuuhy: Guillaume hasn't chosen his whole team yet though
0376 knward: Oh.
0377 guest: that's his weapon for helping casey though
0378 knward: i was wondering about the whole team thing.
0379 nick: Guillaume has selected his captains, but not his team
0380 upguntha: Ahhh
0381 knward: Ahhhh....
0382 kelso: how big are the teams?
0383 upguntha: So he knows where Jade is and he's in the army?
0384 francy: shady
0385 guest: I can't wait for all these towerball/science fair/newspaper stories to converge as they're starting to
0386 brella: yeah, INTERESTING that guillaume's keeping his mouth shut about what's going on with jade
0387 knward: Yeah. I guess he read the file.
0388 brella: if this takes place after 42, chronologically
0389 upguntha: Brella i back on my suspicions
0390 nick: lots of Guillaume and Jade in 45
0391 upguntha: nothng in MG takes place chronologically
0392 francy: yay
0393 yuuhy: yesssSSSSSSSSSSSS
0394 guest: nICE
0395 knward: Yay!
0396 brella: oh BOY
0397 guest: they are the stars
0398 yuuhy: HEY MACEY'S HERE
0399 upguntha: I feel like someone will die soon, this issue was too happy
0400 francy: omg don't jinx it
0401 brella: "happy"
0402 francy: the cover was happy
0403 brella: have we ever had a happy issue. like literally ever
0404 guest: doomed to misery
0405 kelso: happy = ike being told he's going to watch the only person he'll ever love die over and over again
0406 joe_eisma: haha
0407 silver: i generally think of 8 as a happy issue tbh
0408 brella: we've had issues that tried to trick us into thinking they were going to be happy,
0409 silver: it's so LIGHT-COLORED
0410 upguntha: like this one
0411 brella: but then suddenly hunter missed his mom's funeral haha eviscerated bodies so much for #8
0412 macey: i don't know it's kind of uplifting to know ike will die cold and alone
0413 brella: specifically the cold part
0414 kelso: it's not
0415 guest: no!
0416 guest: so harsh
0417 yuuhy: I am starting to like Ike and it feels uncomfortable.
0418 brella: i don't want him to EVER be warm
0419 upguntha: Everythin will explode and it will be glorious
0420 francy: everyone is so mean to my trash baby son
0421 macey: HAHA NO BUT SERIOUSLY im surprised, is ike actually becoming a better person, i never thought
0422 knward: That's how I felt a few months ago. I've accepted it and now he's one of my favorite characters.
0423 macey: twists upon turns in this comic book
0424 yuuhy: Either he's having character growth or he's being manipulated by Dagney??
0425 upguntha: that dog barked for the snake
0426 yuuhy: "manipulated by". Generous.
0427 kelso: i feel so out of it Ike has been on of my faves since the beginning
0428 brella: i'm stubbornly trying to hold out on it. the liking ike thing. but i felt it this morning. it's there
0429 kelso: but everyone seems to hate him XD
0430 upguntha: just like he barked for Abraham
0431 guest: pretty sure he'll abuse his power as campaign manager though
0432 francy: kelso like i said he's my second favorite so high five
0433 yuuhy: I think Ike has been most people's faves, lawl.
0434 joe_eisma: campaign manager is the perfect role for him
0435 silver: i held out for months before i finally succumbed to admitting ike's my fave
0436 joe_eisma: he'll put karl rove to shame
0437 macey: ike was my original favorite, which was in such a different time
0438 kelso: *high five francy*
0439 macey: perhaps he will rise again.............
0440 kelso: "nobody likes ike" I LIKE IKE
0441 comicsdude1: ike's always been my favorite admittedly
0442 kelso: seriously tho, the cover killed me
0443 yuuhy: the confetti on the ifc
0444 brella: ike is probably one of those characters that most people say they hate to try to save face but actually
0445 knward: I was so mad, yet happy at the same time with the cover.
0446 yuuhy: lol yeah i've always thought i was the only one who didn't like ike
0447 kelso: ike, campaign manager, playboy, baby on a weird altar pedistal in the center of a cult circle thing
0448 macey: gotta be honest though the wrinkle in time reference was more thrilling than any other important plot development in this issue. sorry for my biases
0449 guest: ike is difficult not to like because hes so snarky like thats hard to resent
0450 francy: i have a thing for assholes it's really horrible
0451 guest: ^^
0452 yuuhy: macey I've been saving theories talk for you but my notes are so vague that I don't remember what theories talk I was saving
0453 upguntha: i nver heard of it until i goggle teceract
0454 kelso: haha XD yuuhy, i feel like that when i read mg
0455 kelso: i think of all these things while reading
0456 kelso: and then by the end they all vanish like POOF
0457 kelso: like waking from a dream
0458 macey: i kind of want to see those notes anyway
0459 yuuhy: We learned SO MANY THINGS.
0460 guest: I always notice things and forget to note them down and then ugh
0461 brella: damn it yuuhy most of the theories you sent me were theories on what terrible 2010 songs ike would put on a party playlist
0462 yuuhy: Confirmation that Wow-Mo was a front for pre-Academy activities.
0463 upguntha: How is WOW-MO pronouced
0464 nick: who caught that it was wrinkle in time first here?
0465 yuuhy: The song theories were my best theories tbh.
0466 yuuhy: I think macey was the first one to say it in the chat?
0467 macey: i recognized it the moment oliver saw it, but i read the issue way later than most of these people
0468 brella: probably macey she really likes wrinkle in time
0469 comicsdude1: I missed that and just thought of tesseracts in general
0470 macey: *said
0471 upguntha: I googled teceract and it came up
0472 nick: plenty of advance readers didn't catch the reference, so I was worried
0473 macey: listen, a wrinkle in time is very important to me, and i won't let oliver simon ruin it for me
0474 brella: i hadn't even thought of that. oh, MAN
0475 nick: more on that next issue
0476 yuuhy: Tesseracts as a time/space thing are from A Wrinkle in Time originally.
0477 knward: Yeah. I dont know anything about wrinkle in time. But I know a vaguely about the teseract.
0478 upguntha: i googled teceract and time travel thats what it was
0479 comicsdude1: I wonder if the school is a tesseract. Could explain the weird geography and composition of it
0480 comicsdude1: or maybe the cylinder?
0481 kelso: ohh yeah
0482 kelso: that would be really cool
0483 knward: Yeah.
0484 brella: yo dude when you said the school might be it on the phone today i had to sit down
0486 comicsdude1: haha, you heard me freaking out when I thought of that Brella
0487 upguntha: In terms of wrkle in timwe its used to time travel in time and space
0488 macey: yeah in wrinkle it's not...what a tesseract actually is
0489 macey: it's a thing you do. it is a verb. you tesseact around space and time.
0490 upguntha: ahhhh, i shouldnt be reaading sparknotes at work ;0
0491 yuuhy: I haven't read that book since like. 2001 yeesh.
0492 nick: on list of influences/shared dna, it's a good one
0493 knward: They're remaking it actually.
0494 brella: i remember that book screwing me up in 4th grade, good times
0495 macey: happy we all read that in 4th grade, the prime screw up time
0496 yuuhy: On the topic of book references, the Animal Farm one is so appropriate.
0497 comicsdude1: loved that book and whole series then
0498 macey: i say as i sit there with my time quintet box set right next to me
0499 comicsdude1: I was surprised to see Ike quote literature and then work at a library
0500 comicsdude1: Ike reads literature?
0501 kelso: these are all books i was not required to read
0502 kelso: i must read them now
0503 nick: yeah, this issue was all about my public education reading list
0504 upguntha: He writes books
0505 brella: ike reads literature if it contributes to being a contrarian i guess
0506 knward: I know Disney did this terrible movie of wrinkle in time. I guess I need to read the copy at my cafe.
0507 yuuhy: Ike wasreading The Last Man in a previous issue.
0508 brella: how appropriate that ike would write books. like just listening to him talk i'm like, yep
0509 nick: yeah, movie is awful
0510 macey: ike seems to be big on classic lit, i would love to hear his deep frankenstein opinions
0511 knward: Yeah I noticed the Last Man.
0512 francy: he probably likes reading that kind of stuff so he can later flaunt his advanced knowledge to people
0513 yuuhy: Confirmation that there was some Rumplestiltskin shit going on with acquiring children
0514 brella: ike is such a secret nerd
0515 yuuhy: unless we knew that already.
0516 brella: i'll bet his major is english
0517 upguntha: Last man all alone with a dog
0518 macey: really a big fan of crazed knife wielding abraham tbh
0519 kelso: YES i was only thinking of rumplestiltskin
0520 yuuhy: god I have "THEORY CONFIRMED" written her but I cannot remember what it's referring to
0521 brella: wondering what all of the kids' majors are occupies a large portion of my time
0522 knward: Yeah. That was great actually.
0523 brella: yeah abraham was actually scary for a second there
0524 kelso: i wonder what changed him
0525 macey: i've spent a decent amount of time over the last few hours thinking of the drunk call that must have lead to that first flashback
0526 yuuhy: probably the stuff brett was saying about growing attached to the children
0527 knward: Yeah. Maybe taking care of some other people's kids.
0528 kelso: ahh
0529 upguntha: Was that the headmaster at the ceremony?
0530 nick: this issue would've been great for December because it's Christmas Carol in structure
0531 kelso: idk, nobody really gets to see the headmaster
0532 yuuhy: HEY that it is
0533 kelso: seems like he'd be above the actual cult activities
0534 kelso: AH YES
0535 kelso: would've been perf for christmas
0536 upguntha: the guy that was in charge of it ould be the headmaster
0537 brella: wow this issue really IS the classic literature hour
0538 kelso: i love it
0539 macey: alright, next christmas, christmas carol au
0540 yuuhy: OH the stuff oliver simon was saying in 36(?) about the kids forgetting as they get older
0541 yuuhy: brought up again by abraham
0542 kelso: makes sense for the reincarnation thing
0543 francy: what month is this happening in again. i know that only very little time has passed since they first arrived in the school but
0544 knward: Yeah that was what I was trying to think of.
0545 yuuhy: So for some reason they need the kids to remember their past lives?
0546 kelso: i'm so confused tho like, how many of the kids at mga are reincarnations
0547 kelso: just the ones we read about?
0548 kelso: all of them???
0549 yuuhy: probably all the "special" ones
0550 kelso: they don't want to take the ones that aren't usually it seems
0551 yuuhy: so not the kid Gribbs killed at the beginning
0552 brella: rip jason
0553 kelso: ah
0554 kelso: jason's one and only life
0555 kelso: cut short
0556 comicsdude1: Well, unless Gribbs killed that one knowing that reincarnation would happen
0557 kelso: .....
0558 nick: sadly, gotta run soon- any last questions for me?
0559 kelso: freaking reincarnation
0560 yuuhy: He said that Jason didn't pass the "test"
0561 comicsdude1: oh ya
0562 knward: My brother brought up jason and I was like "Who is jason?"
0563 brella: it was so good to see casey and ike fighting for the ot3 this issue, i'm just throwing that out there
0564 yuuhy: kids, they're all the same. they're all dead.
0565 francy: brella you make me proud
0566 upguntha: Was that ceremony the cration of their own gods
0567 knward: Jade apparently isn't passing tests either but we know she is.
0568 brella: nick, was the story dagney told about the imprisoned girl intentionally similar to the one clarkson was telling in 39?
0569 yuuhy: They think she didn't pass because older Jade told her what to say when she was asked what she saw
0570 brella: or did i read into that too much
0571 nick: yes, story seems to be the same as Clarkson's, and as we saw in 3 possibly
0572 knward: Yeah I know yuuhy.
0573 brella: oooh boy
0574 nick: and that Jade saw reference to in her dreams
0575 brella: right. oh mannnn. thank you!
0576 upguntha: Did Dagney smmon Ike the same way she summoned jade to thelibrary
0577 macey: how the hell did ike get that button made so quick
0578 silver: did jade somehow mindmeld with ike in 42 to dream about the things dagney was saying in this issue
0579 yuuhy: Will the party playlist be made up of Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Far East Movement, Flo Rida, and Beyonce? The answer is yes I already know.
0580 nick: Dagney just sent for Ike, nothing too clever there
0581 nick: who will dj the party?!!
0582 macey: i think andres would make a good dj.
0583 knward: Andres for DJ!
0584 yuuhy: I had assumed Ike but ohh boy
0585 upguntha: Dj crustachio
0586 yuuhy: Andres as Duke Silver au
0587 macey: akiko would be even better but she is currently unavailable, unless we want a ghost dj
0588 brella: YUUHY
0589 knward: She would make a good DJ.
0590 macey: wait yes we do want a ghost dj that would be amazing
0591 brella: hunter DOES have that iphone
0592 upguntha: He lost it in issue 2
0593 macey: i'll accept hunter suggestions for yeasayer but i feel like he'd also maybe not think nickelback is that bad? knowing hunter
0594 brella: i like that after everything that went down in this issue the most important thing is who will dj the party
0595 kelso: hunter as dj aLL THE CANADIAN ARTISTS
0596 brella: nah upguntha he had it in 8 i thought?
0597 upguntha: they'll be playing all the hits from 2010
0598 brella: ^ macey i'm 99% sure that's canon
0599 macey: he's playing it in 8 yeah! i think it can still play it's just busted
0600 upguntha: oh yeah
0601 brella: yeah the screen's just cracked
0602 kelso: we'll get some nickelback, justin bieber, avril lavigne, celine dion
0603 nick: okay, gotta run-- 44 will be out next month, for sure
0604 brella: ultimate teen tragedy
0605 yuuhy: yessssssss
0606 yuuhy: Thank you for coming!
0607 upguntha: yayyyyy
0608 kelso: awesome!! thanks, nick!
0609 brella: aww, bye nick! this issue was INCRED
0610 comicsdude1: yay! Thanks!
0611 nick: bye all
0612 macey: thanks nick! good to have you.
0613 knward: Bye!
0614 brella: thanks for coming as always
0615 brella: so, yeah, how about that ike, huh
0616 upguntha: Anyone else thinkst tha the headmaster was heading the ceremony
0617 macey: does this mean ikes last name was wow-mo this whole time
0618 yuuhy: I thought it was Abraham?
0619 brella: yeah, i thought it was abraham too
0620 joe_eisma: haha.
0621 macey: abraham was IN it but he didnt seem to be wearing that white collar thing? wait
0622 kelso: ike wow-mo
0623 kelso: my canon
0624 joe_eisma: i'm gonna run too, but i have one tidbit to share
0625 joe_eisma: it's bittersweet
0626 upguntha: the had a triangle piece and abraham didnt
0627 kelso: oh no
0628 silver: oh no
0629 joe_eisma: today's mga study hall was the last to be on multiversity
0630 upguntha: noooooooooo
0631 yuuhy: Oh no!
0632 brella: whaaaat
0633 joe_eisma: matt's still planning on doing the column, and he'll have news on that soon!
0634 macey: ah i was wondering about study hall! i await whatever plans matt has in the future
0635 knward: Okay then.
0636 joe_eisma: it's a long story, but basically, matt is no longer EIC of multiversity
0637 kelso: ohh okay.
0638 upguntha: ahhhh
0639 brella: well it will still be great to see where it goes and what's in store!
0640 joe_eisma: anyway, he wanted me to make sure everyone knew!
0641 kelso: thanks for telling us!!
0642 brella: thanks for the heads-up
0643 joe_eisma: and yes, 44 should be out next month
0644 macey: i hope matt was happy to have an issue with so much of dagney
0645 upguntha: thanks Joe
0646 joe_eisma: see you guys then! thanks again for reading!
0647 knward: Thanks!
0648 kelso: and thanks for coming!!
0649 knward: Bye!
0650 brella: thanks for coming joe!! amazing issue!
0651 macey: thanks for coming joe! have a good night
0652 comicsdude1: thanks!
0653 brella: aaaaand wow good timing it's dinnertime for me. adios you guys
0654 upguntha: night Joe
0655 kelso: yeah me, too! i haven't eaten anything in like...8 hours. I hunger.
0656 kelso: night, dudes!
0657 macey: oh my god all you people eat. that is more healthy than comic books
0658 upguntha: now back to triangle on hood
0659 macey: have a good night!
0660 brella: what if i eat comic books macey
0661 brella: then what would you tell me
0662 macey: don't do that
0663 macey: nobody do that
0664 brella: do it. j o i n m e
0665 yuuhy: brella do what makes you happy
0666 brella: thank you yuuhy
0667 brella: see macey, yuuhy understands me
0668 macey: really unhealthy habits being promoted in this morning glories chat tonight
0669 yuuhy: which shoulder is for the bad conscience
0670 upguntha: you also saw the person's arm, when Ab undressed he was wearing long sleeved
0671 brella: that's what i'm here for
0672 brella: bye guys!
0673 yuuhy: good point. hmmm.
0674 macey: this cult boyband is getting a bit big
0675 macey: it's a supergroup
0676 knward: Getting sleepy. I'm so glad I got to exprience this though! Hope to talk to you guys again next month.
0677 upguntha: night guys
0678 silver1: whoa where did everybody go
0679 macey: that's what happens in the After Times
0680 yuuhy: I'm back!
0681 yuuhy: silver you're such a trooper for being in the chat from the land of the night times
0682 silver1: well how could i refuse for an Ike Issue
0684 silver1: i had a bit of a technical issue and i was still reading the issue when the chat started tbh
0685 yuuhy: OKAY i admit characters sobbing about something being wrong about their existence is like MY WEAK SPOT
0686 yuuhy: so that happened and i was just like. shit.
0687 silver1: that's fun to watch tbh
0688 macey: ike really went through the wringer this week tbh
0689 yuuhy: this issue was so good and had so much i'm still like wow
0690 silver1: im probably gonna reread it like five times today
0691 yuuhy: So, we've learned that Casey and Ike have contributed to the academy in some way
0692 yuuhy: Hunter has an office
0693 macey: hunter's nerd office in the woods
0694 yuuhy: Jade, idk what's up with her, but she's wearing suits and walking the school grounds
0695 silver1: (i just. i keep staring at the "jade..." among a sea of vomit and like. this is real. this is happening
0696 yuuhy: What about Zoe and Hisao?
0697 macey: hunter is such a loser he has to work in the woods
0698 macey: RIGHT THOUGH? esp hisao
0699 silver1: how has casey contributed to the academy. OH, you mean with clarkson?
0700 yuuhy: Yep
0701 macey: zoe is back after all. unless jun is taking hisaos place on that front?
0702 yuuhy: I think he htbe
0703 yuuhy: might
0704 yuuhy: But he also doesn't have a faculty-like connection yet.
0705 macey: why are we letting known kidnapper jun fukayama contribute to things
0706 macey: speaking of which WHERE is jade if guillaume is out doing stuff by now
0707 yuuhy: WHERE IS JADE
0708 yuuhy: i don't think they knocked jun out and talked about their feelings macey
0709 yuuhy: if they had, jade would have said, "I feel that I want to be back in Casey's loving arms," and she would be there now
0710 silver1: we were actually talking about that being the plot for 45 like yesterday
0711 silver1: knocking jun out and talking about feelings
0712 yuuhy: lol wait now that twitter can dm multiple people maybe we should take advantage of that for mg discussions
0713 silver1: omg i didn't know that
0714 macey: TRUE
0715 silver1: im game
0717 macey: but yeah 45 sounds wild
0718 macey: i dont think megan was ever a native spanish speaker until nine broke her mind.
0719 yuuhy: i don't think so either
0720 silver1: so megan is from charleston?
0721 yuuhy: so she is now channeling imprisoned girl?
0722 macey1: that's what i've always thought
0723 yuuhy: there was also a parallel between dagney's story and what's going on with jade
0724 yuuhy: so jade/megan connection reinforced
0725 francy: dang i had to go do something and now chat is tiny
0726 macey1: we're in the spooky chat after hours
0727 yuuhy: I'm also gonna have to take off within the next ten minutes.
0728 macey1: dang! we are losing the yuuhy
0729 macey1: we do sometimes have people come in late thoug
0730 yuuhy: I feel less bad about just rattling off observations and theories in the spooky after hours.
0731 francy: yes
0732 yuuhy: ...although I do plenty of that during the not after hours too
0733 francy: i want to go make edits now for the issue
0734 yuuhy: thinking about snakes and the serpent in the garden of eden condemning humanity to mortality hmm
0735 yuuhy: i dunno all the snakes on abraham might just be like. MUCH SIN. ALL OVER.
0736 silver: my connection is SO SHIT, jesus
0737 silver: what did i miss
0738 yuuhy: not much. it's so quiet.
0739 silver: anyway i was gonna say before that i always thought the girl we saw in #3 was casey bc of julie's existence and the hairstyle
0740 silver: im really bad on picking up symbolism and nuanced things like that
0741 silver: who do we think dagney's baby is
0742 yuuhy: My top guess is the headmaster
0743 yuuhy: My second guess is Abraham
0744 yuuhy: But mostly the headmaster
0745 silver: in the context of the issue it seemed like she was talking about ike
0746 silver: but that would be ridic
0747 silver: OOOH ABRAHAM. i like that
0748 macey: im thinking the headmaster but i also thought abraham worked too
0749 yuuhy: I think the headmaster because she talks like she's still a prisoner
0750 silver: my read on the "you're a mistake. an aberration" thing was that it's literal, not just ike's self-hatred or something
0751 silver: so abraham would work with that
0752 silver: if abraham was supposed to be killed as a baby, then ike wouldn't have been born
0753 macey: TRUE
0754 macey: and like...this issue implied abraham was picking babies that were meant to be born on may 4th from random unknowing people
0755 macey: but if he wanted a special kid on may 4th he'd have to time everything for his own kid
0756 macey: there is a chance ike was not created normally
0757 yuuhy: oh no i have to go
0758 silver: yeah
0759 yuuhy: we'll talk more! twitter! ciao!
0760 macey: dang it yuuhy i will miss you! have a good night.
0761 silver: maybe he's as much of a freak of nature as ian?
0762 silver: i still find it interesting that ike's the only may 4 kid we've seen as a baby
0763 silver: and the only other baby we've seen is lara
0764 silver: ok byeeeeeeee
0765 macey: yeah we've seen multiple baby ikes now
0766 silver: have we?
0767 silver: we've seen the baby in dagney's arms
0768 silver: but we dont know who that is
0769 silver: when did we see ike again
0770 macey: 24 i believe
0771 silver: that's the first time we saw baby ike tho
0772 francy: ok imma go i need to wake up early tomorrow
0773 francy: have a nice night you guys!
0774 macey: night francy!

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