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Morning Glories Issue 44 Tinychat from March 25, 2015
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 joe_eisma: yoooooo
0002 upguntha: hey guys
0003 joe_eisma: so many absences tonight!
0004 joe_eisma: but i'm grateful you guys are here. what'd you guys think of the issue?
0005 upguntha: or tardies
0006 upguntha: lol
0007 joe_eisma: haha
0008 upguntha: It was a nice one with a lot of set ups and clues
0009 joe_eisma: well thank you
0010 joe_eisma: did anyone notice that vanessa is a my little pony fan? haha
0011 upguntha: I just giggled abour bronnies freaking out
0012 joe_eisma: haha
0013 upguntha: it's been awhile since we saw dead bodies that was fun
0014 joe_eisma: well, dead bodies are our bread and butter, after all
0015 joe_eisma: i'll also say that with this issue, i really regretted giving ellen dreadlocks
0016 joe_eisma: drawing those over and over killed me
0017 upguntha: Poor Tuna is going to get punished for other people's crap
0018 upguntha: haha
0019 upguntha: That radio thing still has me baffled
0020 joe_eisma: haha
0021 upguntha: prob some otjer timey wimwey thing
0022 upguntha: Congrats on new book Joe
0023 joe_eisma: thanks! i'm a big nerd for big trouble in little china
0024 upguntha: is it an ongoing or a mini
0025 joe_eisma: it's an arc of the ongoing series
0026 upguntha: ah ok
0027 upguntha: it must be nice not drawing devious children
0028 joe_eisma: haha changing it up is always good
0029 joe_eisma: but i'm sure to sneak some MG things in the book
0030 upguntha: easter egg hunt
0031 theirastra: well now we all need to buy it as well, then
0032 joe_eisma: yup!
0033 joe_eisma: i know the focus is really on the students in this book
0034 joe_eisma: but i think this issue really spotlighted the adults really effectively
0035 joe_eisma: i mean, how creepy was oliver?
0036 mairelon: i wanted to throw a book at Oliver
0037 joe_eisma: haha
0038 upguntha: I really want to know what hid deal is
0039 macey: vanessa shut him down so quick that was great
0040 joe_eisma: haha
0041 upguntha: Him and his proximity effect tests
0042 upguntha: I wonder why he's allowed to talk to Ian but Ellen is under supervision
0043 joe_eisma: good question
0044 upguntha: I don;t buy Hodge's logic
0045 macey: i figured it's just because he's a horrible father
0046 nick: hey all
0047 upguntha: lol
0048 oreoguy55: hi
0049 upguntha: heyyyy
0050 philmaira: hey
0051 macey: good evening
0052 upguntha: Wonder why the guards couldn;t follow them to Egypt
0053 mairelon: I'm just glad to know what country they are in there.
0054 macey: i got the impression that was one of the weird ambiguous rules of the game
0055 upguntha: That's prob why Daramount was proud of herself when she found the camp in 25
0056 philmaira: nick, I was wondering about 4th dimensional objects. What size would something that exists simultanously within 4 dimensions be?
0057 philmaira: A story like, the cylander? A plank since it does not need to follow the conventions as described by the 2 Simons.
0058 philmaira: Or the sizes a galaxy or cluster of galaxies since an object that can bend time may be in proporation to it's effect on space?
0059 upguntha: I miss Study Hall
0060 joe_eisma: yeah, matt said he's sorry he didn't post it.
0061 joe_eisma: this was his exact text to me
0062 joe_eisma: if anyone asks in the chat tonight will you tell them it’s because i’m super depressed lately?like, up all night crying depressed
0063 philmaira: Or should it be taken as literal that characters within the 2nd dimenional are discussing the 4th
0064 macey: yeah i'm not going to hold it against matt, it's not like a comic book should be his first priority
0065 upguntha: oh wow. sorry to hear that, hope he's ok
0066 joe_eisma: haha--i just told him what you guys said
0067 joe_eisma: he says 'ugh. fine. i'll write it.'
0068 joe_eisma: he's just been busy on the job hunt lately, i think.
0069 nick: Phil- yeah, it would very much depend! You see a bit in both directions here
0070 yuuhy: So Egypt! Camp has a physical location! That is exciting!
0071 upguntha: Are we to assume that Accra was a reference to Esi?
0072 nick: You can safely assume that's a reference to Esi, yes
0073 macey: i was just excited about accra because yay cities but- huh
0074 nick: And yeah, everybody send Matt good thoughts
0075 macey: nick, are you implying esi was a camp kid this whole time
0076 upguntha: How many people did Clarkson talk to?
0077 nick: nope
0078 upguntha: Are those army guys from arc 5, where Clarkson got that radio??
0079 McFiznu: hello
0080 nick: As far as Clarkson goes, we're still filling in the blanks of what we saw in 26
0081 nick: that's actually a big focus of the next two issues as well
0082 philmaira: casino?
0083 upguntha: Can't wait to se how they all connect espcially that scene with Jade's mom
0084 nick: Casino is a bit farther out- that's a big one
0085 joe_eisma: i'm surprised no one on tumblr has posted those montage pages from 26 and ticked off the ones we expanded on
0086 upguntha: yet
0087 joe_eisma: haha
0088 macey: you're just tempting upguntha
0089 mairelon: ive been sitting here planning to do that actually
0090 nick: By the time we get to season 3 you'll have most of them
0091 theirastra: and tomorrow everyone posts one!
0092 joe_eisma: haha
0093 macey: ah i was wondering that, there was a time when i thought you might tick them all off by the end of the season
0094 upguntha: I was thinking about today but got lazy
0095 macey: my favorite part in this issue was that clarkson was just sitting in the dark for some period of time before ellen walks in
0096 nick: haha
0097 upguntha: major creeper
0098 theirastra: you've got to set the mood~
0099 upguntha: that one second
0100 upguntha: was bad ass
0101 theirastra: got your wifi back, Beth?
0102 macey: clarkson is absolutely killing it this entire issue, yeah
0103 mairelon: I'm actually on a bus so signal is a bit all over the place, but I'm back for now!
0104 yuuhy: So what does everybody think is going on with the phone?
0105 macey: beth you are going all out to be here i appreciate it
0106 joe_eisma: we gave you the answer in MG Babies, yuuhy!
0107 macey: i think the radio is a construct powered by belief and if you want to get especially wrinkle in time, love
0108 macey: but mostly belief
0109 nick: interesting theory
0110 upguntha: It came to here right when she needed it
0111 macey: http
0112 upguntha: i loved Ellen faces when she found out about Brendan
0113 nick: ha, macey, that is awesome
0114 nick: perfect summary
0115 yuuhy: "Boy???"
0116 macey: the toast is doing a series of discussions on the time quartet too that are really good...but that is the most important
0117 upguntha: that was hillarious
0118 joe_eisma: i've got to go pack for emerald city, but thanks for being here tonight, folks! and thanks for reading!
0119 philmaira: Ms. Richmond kinda freaked a little too much out. What would happen if 2 of the god's in training had a kid together?
0120 joe_eisma: i am done drawing 45, and it's a fun one. hope you like sandwiches!
0121 mairelon: I'm so excited for Jade Sandwiches.
0122 upguntha: Have fun at ECC
0123 nick: joe really nailed the sandwiches
0124 joe_eisma: haha
0125 macey: an entire issue of jade eating's so beautiful
0126 joe_eisma: actually one tidbit about that
0127 macey: have a good time joe!
0128 theirastra: I keep thinking sandwiches is code for something?
0129 mairelon: I hope they're vegan.
0130 joe_eisma: nick just had someone give her the sandwich and that was it
0131 upguntha: tumblr about Jade eating
0132 joe_eisma: i thought it would be fun for her to eat it throughout the rest of the issue.
0133 joe_eisma: haha okay, i'm done. see you guys next time!
0134 theirastra: have fun!
0135 mairelon: bye!!
0136 upguntha: night
0137 McFiznu: see you.
0138 nick: as he mentioned, next month is a jade issue
0139 macey: there's that panel of jade denying cookies too....
0140 macey: 45 will tell us so much about jade's food preferences
0141 yuuhy: Jade!! Sweet kidnapped child.
0142 nick: and the month after that, it's someone we have seen for quite a while--
0143 theirastra: ooooooo~
0144 macey: i bet it's albert
0145 upguntha: have or havent
0146 nick: then we're into the big season finale arc
0147 nick: sorry, haven't
0148 mairelon: that is terrifying.
0149 yuuhy: I bet it's an entire issue of Albert driving people.
0150 macey: that issue would probably be so informative though
0151 upguntha: that scene in issue 1 when Jade's dad couldnt remember her name is it cause of academie or he's an ass?
0152 yuuhy: This is us, not daring to hope.
0153 nick: ha, definitely not just him being an ass
0154 nick: any last questions on this one?
0155 upguntha: Julie Hayes swoonnnnn
0156 macey: so if esi is from ghana can you tell us where hannah and andres are from?
0157 upguntha: Did Clarkson vivit Magie
0158 nick: Esi- Ghana, Andres- Mexico, Hannah- Northern Ireland
0159 yuuhy: Is Vanessa's cat doll safe and sond?
0160 McFiznu: is the broken phone working because its not broken enough, or some other reason?
0161 macey: hannah had a cute irish accent this whole time and we never knew............
0162 mairelon: ellen was surprised that clarkson had parents. do many of the other students have normal parents?
0163 nick: lots more about the phone on the way, we've been setting that thing up a long time
0164 theirastra: honestly this just makes hannah even better. all her dialogue with that accent...
0165 upguntha: ET phone honw
0166 upguntha: home*
0167 philmaira: so Irina is #46?
0168 nick: ellen's surprise is, to me, all about her views on what Clarkson is
0169 nick: she obviously views her differently than we do since she doesn't know anything about Casey
0170 nick: Irina is in 46, I'll go ahead and spoil that, sure
0171 yuuhy: IRINA
0172 macey: spoiler alert it's just a one panel flashback
0173 McFiznu: yeaahhh!!!
0174 yuuhy: IRINA!!!!
0175 macey: i am not getting my hopes up here
0176 upguntha: Can someone go check if Macey is breathing
0177 yuuhy: but macey. irina.
0178 macey: can't fool me nick. can't fool me
0179 yuuhy: MACEY, IRINA.
0180 upguntha: Is there a reason why Abraham choose Egypt?
0181 nick: we don't know that Abraham chose it!
0182 philmaira: Clarkson is a psuedo-4th dimensional entity, similar to Vonnegut's tralfamadorian? They know all the beginning and all the end. To them time is a decimal point
0183 philmaira: The above rambling is the explain Ms. Richmond's awe of Ms. Clarkson
0184 upguntha: touche
0185 yuuhy: i wanna say the significance is promised land but
0186 nick: we've certainly hinted some things in line with that, especially over s2
0187 upguntha: Wonder how Clarkson is getting those names
0188 upguntha: she seems to randomly get them
0189 yuuhy: I had guessed from Lara
0190 nick: okay, well, I gotta run- hope you liked the issue, 45 will be out next month!
0191 yuuhy: Bye!
0192 philmaira: Probably from Akiko's dad. That's why he jumped.
0193 McFiznu: it was awesome, nick. thank you
0194 macey: see you nick! thanks for coming
0195 philmaira: night
0196 theirastra: bye!
0197 mairelon: i never knew how much i loved the Richmond's until now. thanks and bye!!
0198 yuuhy: irina in two(?) months...... irina.....
0199 yuuhy: a whole panel
0200 macey: i always figured she got the names from lara's instructions
0201 theirastra: same here
0202 macey: knowing lara maybe she figured out a way for new info to appear over time or something
0203 macey: it's a tiny panel of her in the corner of the page taken from a previous issue
0204 upguntha: maybe
0205 mairelon: a photo on the wall in an office
0206 McFiznu: as soon as lara says she doesnt think vanessa is challenging enough, i wonder what vanessas motives are
0207 theirastra: a photo in a wallet in the background of a small panel
0208 yuuhy: a whole tiny old panel of irina not even appearing in person <3 <3 <3
0209 macey: georgina has a picture of irina in her wallet to shake her fist at whenever she feels like hating something
0210 yuuhy: nemeses
0211 yuuhy: actually i would like to see the kate beaton nemeses strips with casey and isabel
0212 upguntha: lat month nick said 46 was the Party maybe Irina crashes it
0213 macey: i'm genuinely so excited for the casey/isabel debate
0214 macey: has irina even ever been to a party. does she know how to party in a non violent matter
0215 theirastra: is it really a party without any deadly weapons?
0216 mairelon: i hope there's a piñata there for her
0217 upguntha: Pamela will prob want to smash the pinata
0218 upguntha: I wonder f Clarksaon had any interactions with Guillaume
0219 McFiznu: are there no more Study Halls?
0220 macey: yeah i wonder how this party will work, if it'll be in hiding or mga will let it happen as a sort of official election thing
0221 yuuhy: I have so much angst about us not seeing Guillaume's origin story yet.
0222 yuuhy: speaking of guillaume, jade.
0223 mairelon: i love her. so so much.
0224 yuuhy: If she's eating a sandwich in present day, hopefully that means she successfully kicks Jun in the face and gets out of there.
0225 yuuhy: speaking of amazing and beautiful, vanessa interrupting oliver simon
0226 upguntha: they prob feed her once in awhile for her last meal
0227 macey: i can't wait for vanessa to slay the science fair but i will def wait for her to go to the basement
0228 theirastra: jade deserves the biggest holiday
0229 theirastra: somewhere nice and non-stabby
0230 mairelon: preferably somewhere not on fire, too.
0231 upguntha: Jade and Tuna always getting captured
0232 theirastra: well my laptops almost dead, so see y'all around
0233 macey: bye!!!
0234 macey: spinoff about jade and fortunato's adventures in being kidnapped
0235 mairelon: bye grace!!
0236 McFiznu: bye
0237 mairelon: I'd better head off too. Bye guys!!
0238 McFiznu: cya
0239 upguntha: nighy
0240 upguntha: did anyone watch knights of Sedonia
0241 yuuhy: i'm so fond of the mga guards
0242 yuuhy: with their superman physiques
0243 yuuhy: their square jaws
0244 macey: where do they even get all those guards
0245 McFiznu: they have great beards.
0246 upguntha: they're all clones
0247 yuuhy: i wonder how many of them are readers or joe's friends this time
0248 yuuhy: "this reader looks like he could beat someone up..."
0249 McFiznu: i think they are the older readers, that look they could beat someone up. lol
0250 macey: harry and/or barry is one of them!
0251 macey: i still dont know which one he is
0252 McFiznu: i wonder if joe trims their beards?
0253 McFiznu: how do you guys cope with the break between books. ive only just got up to date? im sort of new to comics
0254 McFiznu: thanks for these tinychats too btw. very helpful with the understandings
0255 macey: tbh as you get more into comics you get used to it...i read a lot of books, so i usually have at least something to read every week
0256 macey: no problem!
0257 yuuhy: by crying to each other mostly
0258 McFiznu: lol
0259 yuuhy: rereading old issues, forming theories
0260 McFiznu: i just saw that Hope Larson did a wrinkle in time graphic novel, im going to pick that up now after reading this. ive never read it?
0261 McFiznu: .
0262 macey: i skimmed the graphic novel, it didn't seem like anything stunning. the original book was a favorite of mine as a kid
0263 McFiznu: sounds interesting.
0264 McFiznu: thanks for having me. hope to cya next month, having formed some theories!
0265 macey: thanks for coming!
0266 yuuhy: macey in two days i get to harass joe in person
0267 macey: thats beautiful
0268 yuuhy: i should steal his wallet
0270 macey: dont commit crimes yuuhy
0271 yuuhy: i would NEVER commit crimes
0272 yuuhy: not one single crime
0273 macey: good night friends

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