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Morning Glories Issue 47 Tinychat from August 5, 2015
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 guccimatthews: new number who dis
0002 darrrrkvngnce: hey all
0003 macey: ian got punched. this was a good issue.
0004 darrrrkvngnce: i think Pamela's brownies are going to be the beginning of a suburban, domestic life for Ike
0005 kelso: the fact that ike fully believed hunter made them was just
0006 kelso: my bros
0007 yuuhy: This was such a delightful and beautiful issues.
0008 guccimatthews: So this is my first one of these. What usually happens?
0009 yuuhy: issue what singular
0010 darrrrkvngnce: welcome, gucci
0011 macey: gucci
0012 macey: and nick and joe usually stop in
0013 yuuhy: Things we liked, things we're looking forward to, theories, etc.
0014 brella: i just sort of cry
0015 kelso: did anyone else immediately go "WTF IS THAT" when they saw pamela's eyes under the table
0016 yuuhy: YES
0017 darrrrkvngnce: lol
0018 macey: this is more pamela than we've seen in YEARS
0019 brella: the pamela stuff was so good
0020 kelso: idk if pamela was supposed to be this big of a character but she's hilarious so why complain
0021 kelso: she basically got a whole spread
0022 brella: like the pamela stuff was honestly Such a Highlight
0023 kelso: good stuff good stuff
0024 yuuhy: I love Pamela's earnest appreciation of Casey's tidiness as a roommate
0025 darrrrkvngnce: i loved Andres, "wait, there are volleyball orgies?"
0026 macey: do you think pamela is worried about jade
0027 kelso: probably not if she considers casey the clean roommate
0028 kelso: andres was a HOOT
0029 kelso: brella
0030 macey: i can't believe these kids are having orgies already! they're so young! they need supervision!
0031 darrrrkvngnce: i'm going to be saying "FOCUS" all week
0032 haley: such good andres faces!
0033 kelso: i don't think any orgies need supervision
0034 kelso: oh god joe i'm sorry if that's the first thing you saw XD
0035 darrrrkvngnce: lol
0036 joe_eisma: HAHA
0037 joe_eisma: hello!
0038 kelso: HI JOE
0039 macey: joe thank you for all these teens
0040 kelso: and for hitting ian in the face
0041 joe_eisma: so much crowds!
0042 joe_eisma: haha i knew that panel of ian would be popular
0043 macey: my other favorite ian moment was him being all like "NO....NOT EVERYONE IS HERE" and turning dramatically
0044 upguntha: Hiiiiiiiiii
0045 joe_eisma: hahahaha
0046 macey: i love it when characters do something overdramatic like that.
0047 kelso: IAN LOOKED SO EVIL
0048 kelso: in like every panel
0049 haley: yeah so sinister AT ALL TIMES
0050 darrrrkvngnce: i thought it was more his being rueful that Akiko wasn't there
0051 joe_eisma: i may be overexagerrating his evilness
0052 darrrrkvngnce: not being evil that Fortunato wasn't
0053 darrrrkvngnce: though obvs it could be boyth
0054 darrrrkvngnce: both
0055 kelso: i love how he just looked like a nerd before but now that he's gotten darker it's like "haha time to make his awfulness more
0056 joe_eisma: haha
0057 kelso: PLOT TWIST fortunato is actually more evil than ian
0058 upguntha: That boy has a lot of issues
0059 macey: when your gf's bff is gonna kill you but she just thinks youre crushing on him #tunaproblems
0060 kelso: but seriously i was so scared for ike when ian was watching him sleep waiting for him to wake up and show him his mysterious
0061 joe_eisma: i think that's a first--someone scared for ike
0062 brella: "scared" for ike
0063 yuuhy: I would not worry about Ike "shoots people in the head" Abrahamson
0064 kelso: ike is my fave
0065 kelso: my problematci fave
0066 kelso: but my fave
0067 joe_eisma: haha
0068 brella: kels he like stabbed his father to death i think he will be fine
0069 yuuhy: even though he does suck at killing people
0070 macey: ian watching ike a thing that happened
0071 brella: to, sorry, "death"
0072 yuuhy: Akiko and Fortunato this issue
0073 upguntha: Ike can survive anythinhf
0074 yuuhy: Casey and Vanessa this issue
0075 yuuhy: Casey and some nerd this issue
0076 nick: hi all
0077 macey: so it looks like vanessa leaving won't happen for awhile bc casey and vanessa have to get gay?? thank gof
0078 macey: *god, HEY NICK
0079 kelso: HI NICK
0080 brella: hullo nick!
0081 upguntha: Hiiii
0082 kelso: the conversation between vanessa and her mom got me confused for a minute but then i got it and that's the stuff i love seein
0083 nick: cant stay long tonight, but wanted to come by and say hello
0084 brella: upguntha your bae was so on point this issue
0085 kelso: all the timelines laying over each other
0086 darrrrkvngnce: hey nick. great issue. loved all the Pamela
0087 upguntha: Pamella and her sweet cooklessss
0088 macey: pamela was truly the highlight
0089 kelso: pamela is always a delight
0090 brella: yeah nick honestly this issue was wonderful
0091 joe_eisma: i was glad pamela returned
0092 brella: and i am NOT just saying that because of my bias that is approximately the size of the continent of australia
0093 joe_eisma: i thought about hiding a 'dedicated to gwen' somewhere in the panel when ian got hit
0094 nick: thanks all, this was a fun one
0095 brella: god bless
0096 kelso: joe that would've been fantastic
0097 nick: until everyone got beat up i guess
0098 brella: this issue was so kind to me in so many ways
0099 macey: take that ian panel and frame it
0100 kelso: i'll admit i was shocked
0101 joe_eisma: haha
0102 brella: i'll put it over my bed, macey
0103 brella: so i can look upon it every morning and remember to smile
0104 kelso: i immediately recognized the bottle thrown at gribbs and was like "OF COURSE IT'D BE IKE"
0105 yuuhy: ian has a t-shirt that just says "dedicated to gwen" and coincidentally wears it whenever shit happens to him
0106 brella: gribbs must have the strongest head in the entire universe
0107 macey: i just hope the cylinder will top that and rip ian to shreds, yknow
0108 joe_eisma: ike has really good aim to nail gribbs like that from far away
0109 kelso: they probably remade it with steel after the bullet wound
0110 upguntha: We haven't seen that much violence on kids in awhile
0111 kelso: and when he was drunk, too!
0112 brella: ike has a good pitching arm
0113 nick: yeah, missed it
0114 kelso: i can see ike playing baseball
0115 brella: yeah nick "it stopped being fun when everyone got beat up" my ass
0116 upguntha: Gribbs' heaad must be going through it, first he gets shot now a bottle
0117 kelso: casey being nervous about the speech made me so happy for some erason
0118 macey: yeah nick, you beat up ike every two issues or so
0119 kelso: and then isabelle shows up and casey's like "ok now i know how to take care of this"
0120 brella: casey being nervous about public speaking was so great
0121 nick: lot more of caseys poor public speaking skills next month
0122 kelso: ^the real reason she didn't want to run
0123 yuuhy: !!!! AMAZING
0124 brella: EXCELLENT
0125 nick: the debate issue
0126 macey: casey blevins
0127 brella: i'm so ready
0128 macey: who was the person casey wanted to contact on the outside?
0129 upguntha: I'm guessing Clarkson
0130 kelso: HA
0131 nick: thats a very good question
0132 macey: ALSO
0133 darrrrkvngnce: does Casey remember Clarkson, upg?
0134 kelso: or hodge tells her in the dungeon
0135 haley: or hodge told her i guess
0136 darrrrkvngnce: or was that erased with the cyiinder touch that reset stuff
0137 haley: because hodge just likes to go down there and shoot the breeze
0138 kelso: liek a villain spilling all their secrets to someone they assume is trapped
0139 nick: casey does not remember, no
0140 kelso: i can't wait ot find out more about how the cylinder works
0141 haley: casey doesn't remember clarkson being her teacher? or just doesnt remember being her
0142 upguntha: does she remeber Clarkson as a person or her time as Clarksom?
0143 brella: i assume the latter
0144 joe_eisma: you won't have to wait long, kelso
0145 brella: (that was directed at haley)
0146 brella: oooOOO
0147 nick: being her- she remembers the teacher
0148 macey: she definitely remembers clarkson as a person
0149 kelso: YES AWESOMEEE
0150 macey: ah yes.....time to play with the giant glowing object in the basement that people constantly die around
0151 macey: ians plan is so foolproof
0152 indiewolf: Sup everyone
0153 indiewolf: it's been ages since i've been in one of this
0154 brella: yeah i feel much more at ease now that ian and ike are in cahoots. the safest, most competent people,
0155 joe_eisma: hello!
0156 kelso: hello!
0157 upguntha: One woulnk that he knows that Clarkson nvolved with Academy since she told her to join
0158 joe_eisma: haha that's a teamup for the ages, for sure
0159 indiewolf: hey brella im pandy
0160 brella: oh sup!
0161 macey: isnt ike the shortest dude.....maybe ian is like a foot taller than him
0162 indiewolf: miss u lil one
0163 haley: wait i love that
0164 nick: she does suspect clarkson involvement, we saw that
0165 joe_eisma: ike is pretty short!
0166 indiewolf: oh man we are having elections the enxt week in argentina i wish casey was a candidate
0167 indiewolf: *next
0168 kelso: omg how short is ike
0169 brella: ike is the shortest dude isn't he
0170 joe_eisma: haha
0171 indiewolf: he is pocket size?
0172 brella: who knew that so much terrible could be contained in... such a small body
0173 macey: i remember joe once saying ike was the shortest glory? and all the other guys seem sizable?
0174 kelso: is his attitude, like conpensating for lack of height?
0175 joe_eisma: i imagine he's like 5'2" or something
0176 kelso: FIVE TWO
0177 brella: JEEZ
0178 upguntha: there'soba a pannel of Casey learning stuff before the party that we haent seen yet
0179 indiewolf: das hella sweet
0180 brella: i need a second to process this
0181 joe_eisma: you remember correctly macey!
0182 kelso: i'm dying i'm honestly dying
0183 haley: THIS IS GREAT
0184 joe_eisma: napoleon complex
0185 indiewolf: i have a lot of short friends and i can say you have to be wary of short people
0186 nick: haha
0187 macey: hey so
0188 nick: thats isabel isnt it?
0189 yuuhy: i think that is isabel being guided out
0190 macey: ahh yes okay looked at the dresses wrong
0191 haley: vanessa was wearing black i think
0192 joe_eisma: oh yes that's isabel
0193 joe_eisma: vanessa was just waiting for the right time to break out that little black dress
0194 macey: if we're talking about party outfits what is guillaume wearing
0195 upguntha: Wll the guy that escaped with Isabel be important or get a name?
0196 joe_eisma: haha
0197 joe_eisma: he's french!
0198 yuuhy: love that jun is just wearing his uniform
0199 nick: isabel's security detail
0200 macey: it's truly a very european outfit
0201 joe_eisma: jun is incapable of letting loose and having a good time
0202 indiewolf: his name is baguette ok no
0203 yuuhy: jun is only there on BUSINESS. kidnapping and human sacrifice BUSINESS.
0204 nick: guillaume was total eurotrash this issue. kitsune!
0205 brella: there is no time for music when you have to SCOWL at THINGS
0206 joe_eisma: how about sina grace as the dj? how did he even get on to the school grounds?!
0207 kelso: how does anyone get onto the school grounds
0208 macey: i can't believe my little brother is gay eurotrash jock zac efron
0209 joe_eisma: haha
0210 kelso: ^an unanswered mystery
0211 indiewolf: the ´power of secret money
0212 kelso: macey that is the best desc of guillaume i've ever heard
0213 joe_eisma: i concur
0214 haley: A++
0215 kelso: also can i just say that if pamela ends up being the hero or key to the story
0216 kelso: because she's been showing up a lot lately
0217 brella: upguntha would die
0218 joe_eisma: haha
0219 indiewolf: i try and not get attached because the people i love always die
0220 brella: sort of like i did today i imagine
0221 macey: holy shit i just realized...are they doing election ballots on scantron sheets? is that how ian's gonna rig the election? but how does that....
0222 macey: work the cylinder.............
0223 indiewolf: cannot trust my love for fictional babbus
0224 yuuhy: "the people i love always die" = the exact story of my history with this comic
0225 indiewolf: give me five yuuhy
0226 kelso: te cylinder runs off of scantron sheets
0227 yuuhy: *fives*
0228 indiewolf: *fives back*
0229 kelso: it blew up the first time because someone used a blue ballpoint pen instead of a #2
0230 nick: gotta run- any last questions for me?
0231 upguntha: Just rreliazed that Ike turned into Casey's Olivia Pope
0232 yuuhy: maria would like to know
0233 macey: will jade, tuna and akiko ever get to go to a party of their own
0234 yuuhy: there, i've done my friend duty
0235 upguntha: arc name?
0236 brella: yes, did hunter pick the octopus or the garden shears
0237 kelso: ^ditto
0238 nick: maria
0239 nick: arc name, election
0240 brella: i will laugh at maria only for as long as i can do it without crying at myself
0241 nick: jade tuna akiko makeup party, definitely
0242 nick: im hoping it was at least the octopus
0243 kelso: the octopus makes the most sense
0244 indiewolf: btw come and get your love a+ song for dancing
0245 indiewolf: just saying xD
0246 nick: bye all, thanks for all the nice words
0247 brella: hunter.... they have beaks.........
0248 macey: i'm still amazed there was an actual moment ike got those three pictures out and made hunter look
0249 indiewolf: bye nick
0250 kelso: thanks for a fab issue, nick!!!!
0251 nick: see you next month
0252 macey: bye nick! thanks for coming!
0253 haley: thanks nick!
0254 yuuhy: bye! thank you!
0255 brella: thank you for coming nick!! this was such a great issue
0256 indiewolf: thanks <3!
0257 kelso: oh did anyone else notice the colors on the cover are the colors of a morning glory idk that just made me happy
0258 yuuhy: jade tuna akiko makeup party
0259 joe_eisma: the first draft of MGB was a long line of characters denied entry into the dance party
0260 brella: the MGB was hilarious and adorable
0261 joe_eisma: but matt and i couldn't make it funny
0262 joe_eisma: thank you
0263 macey: makeup parties must be so disappointing to fortunato...he can't see the makeup
0264 haley: i loved the MGB so much this issue
0265 yuuhy: truly
0266 kelso: yes mgb is such a treat <3
0267 joe_eisma: yeah matt did good!
0268 yuuhy: it's about the friendship macey
0269 indiewolf: idk if any of you watched teen wolf but when i saw the cover i thought i hope someone would grab the music equipment and trh
0270 joe_eisma: all right, sorry to bail so soon after nick, but my food just got here. haha
0271 joe_eisma: 48 is a lot of fun
0272 brella: food is important
0273 joe_eisma: and we resolve a long running plot point in the first few pages
0274 indiewolf: now im hungry
0275 yuuhy: NICE
0276 brella: hmmmmmm
0277 joe_eisma: let's see, what else
0278 joe_eisma: more team ian an ike
0279 indiewolf: share your goods joe!
0280 macey: i love it when mg just throws someting at you in the first few pages
0281 joe_eisma: older vanessa returns
0282 brella: this is so much
0283 joe_eisma: and fans of that dinner scene with ike and his mom from issue 1 will like a sequence in this issue
0284 indiewolf: team
0285 brella: whoa
0286 yuuhy: i'm so fond
0287 indiewolf: YES OMG YES
0288 brella: that is like...... one of the original best scenes
0289 indiewolf: *internally screaming*
0290 haley: ooooohhhhh
0291 joe_eisma: all right--i'm out. thank you all so much for being there every issue!
0292 joe_eisma: you rock!
0293 brella: bye joe!
0294 yuuhy: thanks joe!
0295 brella: i will see you... at stocktoncon... probably
0296 joe_eisma: won't keep you waiting so long next time. see ya!
0297 haley: thanks joe!
0298 joe_eisma: yay!
0299 indiewolf: bye joe and you hella rock too!
0300 brella: this issue was A++++ thank you for coming as always
0301 macey: bye joe! thanks for coming!
0302 yuuhy: the season finale looms so close on the horizon
0303 kelso: THANK YOU JOE !!!
0304 macey: hey folks go to the ficathon
0305 brella: yeah we are going to die because this issue was so good to us
0306 macey: http
0307 brella: oh yes, i should probably promote that. ficathon, yes
0308 kelso: i needed to repost my prompt
0309 kelso: because i really want it filled
0310 kelso: if i have time i might do it myself
0311 brella: i mean it's worth it just for all of the UNTRUE THINGS yuuhy says about me like that i CRIED which i DIDN'T
0312 brella: the cabin in the woods one? that is SO GOOD
0313 yuuhy: i probably should have gotten photographic evidence
0314 kelso: and the prompt for ike/hunter because their bromance is everything to me
0315 indiewolf: there are prompts for fanart?
0316 yuuhy: oooooooohhh
0317 brella: you can do fanart!
0318 indiewolf: im interested in doing some
0319 kelso: yeah cabin in the woods is so perf for them all
0320 yuuhy: ooooooooooooooooooohhhh
0321 upguntha: just realized that Casey doesnt know wether or not her plan work and if her parents are alive
0322 brella: no one has ever asked but the floor is always open for that; doesn't have to be fic
0323 upguntha: she might call them
0324 brella: ficathon is just less of a mouthful than fic-and-artathon
0325 kelso: i'm still working on a vid for a prompt from the last one
0326 brella: ooooh upguntha ooooh
0327 macey: i can't believe...we're getting an entire issue of ian and ike...why am i excited that's so awful
0328 brella: oh my god kels if it's the and so it goes one i am going to lose my shet
0329 darrrrkvngnce: d'oh! went to feed the cats and start dinner and nick/joe are gone
0330 kelso: why are all the fandom members' birthdays so close to each other it's gonna be a birthday gift to u all
0331 indiewolf: my ikejade heart is so happy after all of this comics
0332 brella: honestly.... this next issue sounds like it will be such a disaster, why am i so stoked
0333 yuuhy: I know there's like 5+ birthdays in two months in our tiny fandom
0334 yuuhy: probably much more than that actually; i just only know 5 or 6
0335 kelso: the season's gonna end and we're gonna be as dead as half the cast is sure to be
0337 brella: if i die young bury me with my favs
0338 darrrrkvngnce: yeah, "fic-and-artathon" is too long, and "fartathon" gives the wrong impression
0339 kelso: mine isn't til the end of november
0340 kelso: i like fartathon
0341 yuuhy: predications– who's gon die
0342 brella: FARTATHON
0343 kelso: well not vanessa
0344 yuuhy: what if. everybody /lives/
0345 indiewolf: sounds like a pharaon
0346 kelso: if IF if is good
0347 brella: i mean some of them could be dead right now from all of that beating up; we don't KNOW
0348 kelso: everyone was getting so hurt
0349 kelso: hunter and andres
0350 kelso: what if we come back for the next issue
0351 indiewolf: brella my heart is still broken
0352 kelso: and suddenly hunter is dead
0353 indiewolf: *dies*
0354 darrrrkvngnce: he finally saw a vagina and it killed him
0355 brella: it was TOO MUCH
0356 kelso: how could he never see a vagine he's like 16 i don't understand
0357 indiewolf: it's like an episode of american horror story
0358 kelso: vagineeeeeee
0359 upguntha: It's futurama all over again
0360 darrrrkvngnce: beth and i were joking that Pamela's would be his first
0361 macey: ok serious death predictions
0362 yuuhy: asexual hunter
0363 macey: d
0364 brella: asexual hunter is so important to me
0365 kelso: killed in an accident w/ ian's death machine
0366 haley: here for asexual hunter
0367 brella: serious death predicition
0368 kelso: o_o
0369 brella: what if she, like, figures out what he's trying to do to fortunato and sacrifices herself in his place
0370 kelso: he'd blame fortunato and kill him too
0371 brella: right though
0372 yuuhy: akiko is definitely going to go somewhere. i can't imagine she'd stay in the state she's in.
0373 indiewolf: then we will do something really absurd like goign apeshit killing machine on everyones ass
0374 yuuhy: what if ian dies
0375 kelso: ian's dad needs to take care of his fake-child
0376 upguntha: what if Ian is lying and riggs election for Isabel
0377 yuuhy: * puts on shades, sits on the beach and smiles *
0378 darrrrkvngnce: what if ian fools everyone and does something awesome
0379 macey: GOD DON'T KILL AKIKO....SHE'S TOO PURE.....
0380 brella: ian dying seems so obvious that i don't even want to spend energy on hazarding the guess
0382 macey: what if the cylinder pulls ian apart david-style so we finally know why there's six ians
0383 indiewolf: ohh thats a good one
0384 brella: that reminds me of my friend's ridiculous theory that ian and david are the same person
0385 brella: but oh my god
0386 brella: that is so much more legit
0387 indiewolf: david is a heavy metal dude that go hella wasted and now it's a zombie
0388 macey: what even is ian's plan anymore? how does casey winning erase fortunato?
0389 kelso: then did casey give birth to ian
0390 brella: yeah, i had the same question matt did in study hall; what will ian gain from casey winning?
0391 brella: initially i thought he was just working on his own and didn't care, but now he's got ike on board
0392 darrrrkvngnce: i think he wants ike to win, by messing with the ballots
0393 haley: presumably something we don't understand about the cylinder?
0394 yuuhy: Maybe he needs something else from Ike.
0395 haley: and the election is a side thing
0396 macey: "ike you can kill people, stab fortunato for me"
0397 brella: "yeah about that"
0398 haley: can ike kill people though? he is terrible at it
0399 indiewolf: but ike wont be in unless he gains something too
0400 indiewolf: he doesnt care about people but it's nto wise going on a killing spree
0401 indiewolf: or a shooting etc
0402 indiewolf: -even if no one stayed dead but shh-
0403 macey: tbh we don't even know exactly WHAT ian wants to do to tuna
0404 yuuhy: make it so he never existed—whatever that means
0405 brella: yeah just like. erase him, apparently?
0406 darrrrkvngnce: send him to a different reality
0407 kelso: thats so rude tho
0408 brella: i assume so that if he ever got akiko back it would be like she had never met him
0409 brella: never met fortunato, i mean
0410 macey: what if it's like back to the future and ian finds out that if he erases tuna he's irreversibly fucked the timeline
0411 indiewolf: we aren't even sure if it's gonna work
0412 brella: i'll bet it is because fortunato is too good and important
0413 indiewolf: maybe it gets to the point wher eit doesnt work and thats what they had to prevent from happening
0414 brella: the world will just unravel without him
0415 indiewolf: and they failed
0416 darrrrkvngnce: if tuna is erased though, who will give Hunter his dream-melon in the future?
0417 macey: what if they stop ian from erasing tuna but then find out that erasing tuna would save the world
0418 brella:
0419 brella: i'll bet to akiko it just seems like fortunato and ian are secretly dating
0420 macey: ian erases tuna but then hunter starts having these weird dreams about melons
0421 indiewolf: what if someone stops ian mid process and it fucks everything up
0422 brella: because he talks about ian all the time
0423 brella: but never tells her what they did or talked about
0424 macey: "i can't get this melon dream out of my head" "are you sure it's not about breasts" "i'm SURE"
0425 brella: GOD
0426 kelso: he doesnt know what those look like either
0427 brella: [ike voice
0428 kelso: good grief
0429 indiewolf: Omfg
0430 brella: hey kels, he has seen..... statues..... ok
0431 macey: at the statue museums on the sunny beaches of canada
0432 indiewolf: give the man the melons
0433 brella: in.... art places
0434 brella: i don't even know if canada has museums i'm just hoping
0435 macey: but no seriously, hunter acts too invested in this fortunato business not to get involved.
0436 kelso: he reads comics
0437 kelso: he's probably seen breasts
0438 brella: he is probably worrying about fortunato as we speak
0439 brella: if he's... conscious
0440 brella: but i agree, and he seems to question what ian's doing a lot so it wouldn't surprise me if
0441 brella: he tried to investigate on his own
0442 brella: also does anyone want to think about how ike knows ian is in love with akiko
0443 brella: does ian just tell everyone who breathes
0444 macey: hunter investigating anything sounds like a clusterfuck waiting to happen
0445 indiewolf: hunter ive seen some shit dude
0446 macey: whenever akiko is mentioned ian does that dramatic "NO....NOT EVERYONE IS HERE" thing again
0447 brella: the last time he "investigated" something he broke his iphone and got himself sent to detention
0448 macey: whenever he's anywhere he does that
0449 brella: just, in any situation
0450 brella: "well okay everyone in class is here" "NOT.... EVERYONE" "akiko wasn't even in this class ian"
0451 kelso: i think i've forgotten --- why is fortunato stil trapped in the dungeon?
0452 kelso: jade is wrapped up for sacrifice
0453 kelso: akiko is in a coma
0454 yuuhy: yeah i'd thought daramount would have made an example of fortunato
0455 kelso: i mean tuna got his eyes popped out but
0456 macey: fortunato is still trapped in the dungeon because god is cruel to him and fate binds him to suffering
0457 macey: no seriously it's just georgina being georgina
0458 brella: i think fortunato is just still down there because nobody has bothered trying to rescue him
0459 kelso: SO RUDE
0460 brella: hunter probably assumed ian would deal with it, and daramount is... yeah. daramount
0461 kelso: what if they didn't even notice he's gona and they just think he's fasting/praying/meditating smoewhere
0462 macey: are vanessa and guillaume ever like "hmm it is worrying fortunato is still not out and the answer says he has no eyes"
0463 macey: "that is odd that that is happening to our brother. hmmm. well off to do other things"
0464 brella: HONESTLY THOUGH
0466 yuuhy: they've got a science project and a towerball tournament
0467 macey: and irina goes to MOROCCO
0468 yuuhy: who has time for missing sibs
0469 indiewolf: maybe they know something like
0470 macey: this is not a time to VACATION
0471 indiewolf: fortunato has an special power tog et out of shit
0472 indiewolf: like jim kirk
0473 darrrrkvngnce: well, maybe he had such a good time at Isabel's dungeon party that they figure he likes it there
0474 yuuhy: do you think akiko thinks fortunato has a crush on ian i think akiko thinks fortunato has a crush on ian
0475 brella: macey im so sorry one half of your ship is in morocco while the other is blind in a dungeon, hungry and cold
0476 indiewolf: i hope thise tree just get together
0477 macey: those are genuinely the weirdest places for a ship to be, now that i think about it
0478 yuuhy: "what /happened/ between you two" "nothing sister akiko" "did you kiss"
0479 indiewolf: fuck love triangles
0480 macey: what if fortunato DOES have a crush on ian
0481 indiewolf: polyamory for everyone
0482 brella: "i-it's nothing" *sweats nervously*
0483 yuuhy: that's why he's such an ian apologist
0484 indiewolf: "can i see next time?"
0485 haley: that would be such a bummer for him
0486 brella: "
0487 kelso: what if tuna has no crushes
0488 kelso: and doesn't understand crushes
0489 darrrrkvngnce: Tuna wants a threesome with Ian and . . . Ian!
0490 macey: tuna's crush is the lord
0491 brella: yeah um that "i guess you're stuck here with me" moment was.... so cute
0492 brella: he would have taken the lord to the party
0493 kelso: who is the lord
0494 kelso: i mean they ref the bible
0495 brella: excuse me lord... i know it's stupid, but.... i was wondering if you wanted to
0496 brella: pray
0497 kelso: but never jesus
0498 yuuhy: they are very old testament-y come to think about it
0499 macey: i think the only time they ref'd jesus was ian literally telling tuna jesus did not care about him
0500 heyredridingwolf: is cause the lord doesnt let jesus go out
0501 heyredridingwolf: only he can go partying
0502 brella: oh phew thank god for ian keeping us covered
0503 heyredridingwolf: dont you remember what happened last ime jesus?
0504 heyredridingwolf: *sees the holes on the hands and feet*
0505 kelso: i'm going to hell
0506 kelso: for laughing
0507 kelso: i've been compiling info lately
0508 kelso: on the 12 disciples
0509 kelso: because there are 12 glories and truants
0510 heyredridingwolf: dont worry im already there gonna make a party at the gates
0511 brella: "i want to leave this place hand in hand with my friends" GOD
0512 kelso: and i wanted to see if they were counterparts
0513 macey: 12 is a very holy number!!
0514 heyredridingwolf: that eans someone is judas
0515 macey: casey wants to make a hand-holding chain
0516 heyredridingwolf: *lady gaga umping on the background*
0517 heyredridingwolf: *pumpin
0518 macey: imagine them trying to get jun and guillame into the hand holding train
0519 kelso: ian would be judas
0520 kelso: "i'm on your side!"
0521 kelso: ERRR NO
0522 kelso: jun would be disgusted
0523 kelso: is jun special now cuz he's in the body that was born on the 4th or
0524 brella: jun and guillaume just wind up having one of those like cartoon slap fights
0525 kelso: is jun still just jun
0526 brella: where they just flap their hands at each other angrily
0527 brella: i wonder that all the time
0528 macey: imagine them trying to get irina into the hand holding train
0529 brella: i want you all to know that yuuhy just made a really demonic breathing noise and i want to go home
0530 brella: they have to physically tie irina's hand to somebody's
0531 brella: akiko is just floating along behind
0532 macey: irina spends her time in the train trying to bite off the rope
0533 mairelon: pamela would join in without anyone inviting her because FRIENDS!!
0534 macey: i HONESTLY hope pamela becomes a friend of the main cast at some point. and they're all like....okay....okay pam
0535 brella: ME TOO... THAT'S MY NEW DREAM
0536 brella: especially because casey accepted her brownies and pretended to smile and said "wow"
0537 macey: pamela kills isabel so casey will win the election
0538 brella: "dead and buried like your murdered parents" "yeah ok whatever"
0539 darrrrkvngnce: Pamela kills Ian, just cause
0540 mairelon: if only
0541 heyredridingwolf: Hi b!!!
0542 heyredridingwolf: *pats mai*
0543 macey: god what if ian survives until the end?
0544 heyredridingwolf: like terminator style?
0545 kelso: ian is the headmaster
0546 yuuhy: don't say such thinks
0547 yuuhy: things
0548 kelso: he has like 6 lives i wouldn't be surprised
0549 brella: such thinks
0550 macey: whenever an ian dies, they send a new one to mga
0551 kelso: ian just splits up into a billion tiny ians and they form into flowers
0552 brella: i still can't believe ike is going to live to be old. i'm still so startled by that
0553 brella: every morning glory we see... is just an ian
0554 kelso: a short grumpy old man
0555 heyredridingwolf: maybe he fakes his own death for evil purpouses
0556 brella: they have a conveyor belt of ians
0557 heyredridingwolf: considering in fact he is being evil
0558 kelso: mayeb he hasn't hit his spurt yet
0559 kelso: he's only 16
0560 macey: oliver needs to wrangle in his evil child
0561 macey: what if ian's plan is ruined because oliver wants father/son bonding time
0562 brella: not NOW father i'm trying to erase this fish from existence
0563 brella: but son
0564 brella: wow./..... ike and abraham flashbacks
0565 macey: speaking of abraham
0566 heyredridingwolf: exactly bre
0567 macey: have you considered....zoe
0568 brella: did you guys see matt's table of where everyone is right now
0569 brella: and how zoe is being the second coming in morocco
0570 darrrrkvngnce: that table was great
0571 brella: also, direct quote from yuuhy just now
0572 macey: LOVE THAT TABLE
0573 brella: irina
0574 darrrrkvngnce: still can't get over Andres this issue (though i'd have thought he'd be a little more chill)
0576 brella: SO SHELL-SHOCKED
0577 darrrrkvngnce: FOCUS!
0578 heyredridingwolf: zoe comes back and fucks shit up
0579 brella: so startled by EVERYTHING
0580 brella: all of the DANCING BODIES
0581 macey: i feel like andres was less stunned by hot ladies and more shocked by all the affection and dancing
0582 macey: andres doesnt go to parties hes an adorable loser
0583 kelso: andres bowtie tho
0584 darrrrkvngnce: his Pablo Neruda mind had never considered volleyball orgies
0585 darrrrkvngnce: it was consciousness-expanding
0586 brella: yeah he was stunned from like the minute they walked in
0587 kelso: tbh i've never considered volleyball orgies either
0588 kelso: so i can't blame him
0589 kelso: andres and ian's faces when hunter kept syaing he didn't know what a v looked like tho
0590 macey: and then he got beat up with everyone!! poor andres
0591 brella: hunter's face when ike kept touching him
0592 brella: i'm so upset about andres getting beaten up like!!!! nO
0593 kelso: i love ike's affection towards hunter
0594 heyredridingwolf: ike's got hunter under his wing
0595 kelso: he treats him like a well-behaved pet
0596 heyredridingwolf: dont mess with the redhead
0597 kelso: that's also mostly intelligent
0598 heyredridingwolf: OMG
0599 haley: yes!!
0601 heyredridingwolf: ike has a thing for redheads
0602 yuuhy: the esi/hannah was so much!!!
0603 darrrrkvngnce: so disappointing that someone would beat up Andres.
0604 haley: YES ESI
0606 yuuhy: whom has andres ever hurt
0607 mairelon: but at least simon got is nerd face hit
0608 macey: 3/4 of the comics i read today had canon lesbians so pleased
0609 heyredridingwolf: there was a bug that ne time ok no
0610 brella: i'm so afraid of what vanessa meant when she said becoming friends w/ casey would eventually cause her to
0611 brella: reach out to hodge
0612 macey: watching vanessa do things is like watching two trains come closer very slowly and you know they're gonna hit and you keep
0613 yuuhy: favorite background students this issue?
0614 brella: i am also a big fan of the dancing guy whose t-shirt just says "sexy"
0615 macey: yelling for them to stop but nothing happens
0616 brella: ^ accurate
0617 yuuhy: i like the guy by the bar in the hat and the vest who looks confused to find himself at a party
0618 darrrrkvngnce: i also laughed at the guy in the "sexy" shirt
0619 haley: pink hair undercut girl dancing by herself
0620 macey: while we're on ellen and vanessa
0621 brella: yeah the guy who looks like an undercover cop
0622 brella: ELLEN DOES
0623 brella: also
0624 yuuhy: For Casey's benefit probably
0625 yuuhy: casey "who's hisao" blevins
0626 brella: casey "i had to communicate with hisao through hunter" blevins
0627 brella: another good detail
0628 brella: and then eating one
0629 macey: ike goes to hunter all hungover the next day, asks for the brownies
0630 yuuhy: what if ike doesn't even drink
0631 yuuhy: he just pretends to in order to lower people's guard
0632 brella: hunter just sadness ate them all himself because he didn't get to ask casey to dance
0633 macey: he just swings around a bottle of what he says is vodka
0634 mairelon: i kind of assumed they were pot brownies for some reason?
0635 brella: and also because he got a nightstick to the stomach
0636 macey: *water
0637 brella: not going to lie i just kind of assumed they were pot brownies. or laced with SOMETHING. it's PAMELA
0638 kelso: i wanted them to be pot brownies
0639 kelso: or laced with SOMETHING
0640 yuuhy: pamela is a STAR STUDENT she would NEVER
0641 macey: POOR HUNTER......imagine poor beat up hunter eating brownies crying in bed
0642 kelso: pamela wants to show her support
0643 brella: nooooooooo
0644 darrrrkvngnce: i don't think they're pot brownies. but i bet they are truly amazing brownies
0645 kelso: they were made with love
0646 kelso: and bitten off tongues
0647 kelso: ike
0648 john_yossarian: Am I the only one who's favorite character in the whole series is Pamela
0649 brella: i hope hunter and andres take care of each other since they were both beaten up
0650 kelso: you are not, john, you are not
0651 darrrrkvngnce: john
0652 brella: where's upguntha
0653 john_yossarian: thank you, thought i was all alone
0654 macey: he was here earlier! i meant to ask him if he's read woods yet
0655 macey: i hope no one took care of ian
0656 macey: ian crying about akiko into the scantron
0657 brella: i need to catch up on woods
0658 brella: the scantron scans.... his tears
0659 macey: woods has been great, full of Relationship Drama and Dangerous Drugs.......In Space
0660 kelso: ok i gotta ask, anyone else think jade is super uncomfortable holding her legs in that position every time we see her?
0661 yuuhy: ian tries to tape his glasses... but his tears make the tape unusable
0662 macey: as it turns out the scantron is powered by student's tears
0663 macey: GOD YEAH POOR JADE?
0664 kelso: i know if i were in her position
0665 brella: the woods is so good
0666 kelso: i'd just be spreadeagled out on the ground
0668 brella: JUST LET HER RELAX
0669 mairelon: She should have been the one bugging the dj and yet
0670 kelso: guillaume should at least bring her her ipod so she can listen to her mcr
0671 heyredridingwolf: jade is in for being everyone sacrifice
0672 heyredridingwolf: not okay
0673 darrrrkvngnce: jade is tied up so much that i want Stjepan Sejic to guest draw her whenever she's on the page
0674 kelso: reminder jade lives in a time where mcr isn't broken up
0675 brella: she should have made sinagrace play mcr
0676 darrrrkvngnce: (actually, that would be a funny commission)
0677 mairelon: someone needs to save the child
0678 heyredridingwolf: kelso thats fucks me up good thank god
0679 brella: dv oh my god that was... a good joke
0680 yuuhy: omfg
0681 brella: a good and terrible joke
0682 macey: jade gets out of the school only to find out mcr is broken up
0683 darrrrkvngnce: lol
0684 darrrrkvngnce: Sunstone is my other love
0685 heyredridingwolf: jade is jinxed
0686 mairelon: goes on a Clarkson-like adventure to get the band back together
0687 kelso: jade
0688 brella: somebody should prompt that at the ficathon
0689 darrrrkvngnce: jade/daramount
0690 kelso: done
0691 macey: man the mg kids are missing everything
0692 macey: one direction. the minions.
0693 mairelon: NO ONE escapes Minions
0694 mairelon: they would know
0695 brella: inception.
0696 kelso: despicable me came out in 2010
0697 heyredridingwolf: mad amx
0698 kelso: so
0699 heyredridingwolf: jade screaming wiTNESS ME
0700 mairelon: Hunter would cry finding out about MM
0701 heyredridingwolf: before dying again
0702 macey: the av club kids dont know about new star wars!!
0703 heyredridingwolf: new star trek too
0704 mairelon: new ghostbusters
0705 brella: and the new smash brothers game
0706 heyredridingwolf: new dragon age
0707 macey: ian would be so pissed about new everything
0708 macey: he thinks remakes are the devil
0709 brella: and the last two harry potter movies
0710 brella: oh my god ian would be so insufferable
0712 brella: grimaces
0713 macey: - ian simon, while crying, 20something
0714 heyredridingwolf: ian is a meany hipster dude
0715 brella: pushing his glasses up his nose and everything
0716 mairelon: Ian deserves every single remake that gets made. Badly.
0717 brella: christ
0718 macey: (15 min left)
0719 kelso: you think he also has problems then with race changes in movie adaptions?
0720 yuuhy: ohhhhh boyyyyy
0721 macey: seriously though sometimes i get sad about how akiko will feel when she realizes what she's doing
0722 kelso: i love how we all just make ian the worst possible human being XD
0723 macey: *what he's (ian's) doing
0724 yuuhy: I think he would have issues with adaptations on principle but not with race changes specifically?
0725 yuuhy: he did grow up in a very multiracial environment
0726 kelso: ahtrue true
0727 macey: vanessa might be upset too they're so sibs....
0728 brella: akiko would be so sad
0729 brella: oh okay before these 15 minutes are up i just want to say that
0730 brella: hunter was going to ask casey to dance and I'm Fine
0731 brella: anyway
0732 macey: hunter has to dance with the brownies
0733 yuuhy: hunter put his arm on casey but did not land it
0734 kelso: anyone else love ike's shit-eating grin before he threw the bottle?
0735 kelso: what a little shit
0736 darrrrkvngnce: but i bet Pamela noticed him holding the brownies. the Pamela/Hunter ship is ON!
0737 brella: hunter changed his mind halfway through the gesture and switched arms to grab the back of his neck
0739 darrrrkvngnce: i am!
0740 macey: we just want pamela to be happy
0741 kelso: pamela is zeke and ike is sharpay
0742 brella: another life ruining detail
0743 brella: then don't ship her with hunter. she deserves better
0744 brella: so much better
0745 brella: i'm kidding. hunter's ok. he knows about octopi at least
0746 kelso: we think
0747 darrrrkvngnce: lol. Pamela will teach him what to do. (or he won't have a tongue. lol.)
0748 macey: hunter has to do a report on octopi for a science class, ike wont let him live it down
0749 kelso: i mean it still could've been the garden shears
0750 brella: "yes hunter knows ALL about THOSE"
0751 brella: keeps wolf whistling while he's trying to do his presentation
0752 kelso: ike
0753 kelso: hunter
0754 darrrrkvngnce: they'll hang an "Octopussy" movie poster on the AV Club wall
0755 kelso: i'm just thinking about the dumb octopus from the return to neverland peter pan sequel
0756 brella: oh my god kelso
0757 brella: the squeed
0758 kelso: with its popping suction cups
0759 kelso: and hunter thinks that the sound a vagina makes
0760 kelso: ok i'm done
0761 macey: god imagine if hunter becomes the headmaster without knowing what a vagina looks like
0762 mairelon: quietly attends sex ed with some of the students
0763 brella: or being able to read clocks
0764 brella: this is all just part of his supervillain origin story
0765 kelso: hunter has sex in the dark every time and never actually sees a vagina
0766 brella: i cnnt
0767 macey: (five min!)
0768 darrrrkvngnce: Pamela
0769 macey: i've had the horrifying thought that ian's obsessive thing with akiko could be foreshadowing for a similar thing with casey
0770 macey: leading hunter to being the headmaster
0771 brella: oh no. macey. oh no
0772 kelso: omg
0773 brella: i have thought about that too
0774 brella: and i just. oh no
0775 macey: remember when we all shipped ian/akiko....imagine that happening to casey/hunter
0776 brella: especially since ian is supposed to be, like. the nega-hunter
0777 macey: why does hunter even interact with ian
0778 kelso: so he has friends
0779 brella: ian can't even remember his name.
0780 macey: keep the cinnamon roll away from the pit of hatred
0781 brella: hunter has so many other cool friends though
0782 macey: keep all the cinnamon rolls away from ian
0783 brella: remember hunter getting to hang out with the av club before ian
0784 darrrrkvngnce: all his AV Club friends seem to like Ian though, and Hunter's the new guys
0785 macey: ian just hangs around with the cinnamon rolls and they dont know any better!!
0786 brella: protect the cinnamon rolls!!
0787 brella: too many cinnamon rolls being taken in by ian jfc
0788 brella: akiko, fortunato, hunter, the av club. protect them
0789 brella: what is his power over them
0790 haley: yeah wow
0791 kelso: at least his dad knows to stay away
0792 macey: thats his gift...he attracts delicious sugary treats
0793 darrrrkvngnce: i doubt future jade would be so nice with hunter if hunter became a major scary stalker
0794 brella: with his bitter wiles
0795 macey: what if future jade doesnt know
0796 kelso: well jade wouldn't see the crazy stalking if she stays trapped in the dungeon forever
0797 haley: jade stays in the dungeon until the instant she becomes grown up dr ellsworth
0798 brella: i'm so stressed
0799 macey: jade never leaves the basement, survives bc everyone forgets shes there
0800 kelso: every time i say she's in the dungeon i feel like i referencing a dungeons and dragons character whose player has been on lea
0801 macey: OH NO the chat is ending now folks!
0802 kelso: IT'S BEEN 2 HOURS
0803 heyredridingwolf: owwww
0804 macey: it ends in two hours now kels!
0805 kelso: I KNOW
0806 kelso: IT JUST FEELS LIKE 1
0807 brella: waaaaaah okay!
0808 mairelon: until next time then!
0809 yuuhy: goodbye friends
0810 brella: macey thank you for always hosting these
0811 brella: you are great, unlike ian
0812 kelso: bye friends!!!!!!! thank you macey for hosting!
0813 darrrrkvngnce: thanks for hosting this macey. til next time friends.
0814 haley: yeah thanks macey! by everyone
0815 yuuhy: <333 macey wacey
0816 haley: *bye
0817 macey: thank pals

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