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Morning Glories Issue 49 Tinychat from December 30, 2015
Nick Spencer
Joe Eisma

0001 kelso: IT IS TIME
0002 macey: time to play towerball
0003 kelso: time for the blue team to win somehow
0004 darrrrkvngnce: hey all!
0005 kelso: i'm still confused when they call jun jun tbh
0006 macey: oh wow i guess tinychat got rid of colors. this is so drab
0007 chandra: hi guys
0008 kelso: i was trying to find the colors for like 2 whole minutes
0009 kelso: what a shame
0010 darrrrkvngnce: yeah, macey. was just trying to switch to purple and no purple
0011 macey: truly this is real great mg event today.....
0012 kelso: uGH i'm at my parents' right now and we really have to have dinner right now?? really???? okay hello and goodbye friends i'll b
0013 darrrrkvngnce: yeah, i can't believe the headmaster turned out not to be Roy.
0014 Mairelon984: I've been saying it all along.
0015 Mairelon984: never trust the goat
0016 macey: i feel like i'm a little underwhelmed about the headmaster reveal! if only because we don't have an emotional connection to this guy
0017 chandra: i kinda felt that way too, macey
0018 darrrrkvngnce: still could be Future Hunter though
0019 darrrrkvngnce: however, i think it's someone Julie Hayes knows
0020 macey: god, i was talking with folks earlier and our thought was that it could be the next hunter.
0021 darrrrkvngnce: though i also think much of what we've seen could be Julie's dream
0023 darrrrkvngnce: *high five*
0024 darrrrkvngnce: i actually thought Matt's discussion in his Study Hall (the long one) was on point with that --
0025 darrrrkvngnce: what he was saying about power coming from beliving in the truth of something
0026 darrrrkvngnce: and how that's so similar to the way dreams work
0027 upguntha: Heyyoooooo
0028 darrrrkvngnce: hey upguntha!!!!!!!!!
0029 darrrrkvngnce: all our preciouses are still alive . . . for one more issue at least!
0030 joe_eisma: word up!
0031 darrrrkvngnce: hey Joe!!
0032 darrrrkvngnce: awesome issue, man!!
0033 macey: hey joe! this was great
0034 upguntha: yes they are for now
0035 upguntha: Hi Joeeee
0036 darrrrkvngnce: Hey Nick! awesome issue!!!!
0037 joe_eisma: thanks!
0038 nick: hi all
0039 nick: happy new year
0040 upguntha: Hi Nick
0041 chandra: i was so sure someone was gonna die in this issue and then gradually relaxed the further I read haha
0042 macey: hello nick!
0043 upguntha: Amazing issue guys
0044 blankla: That issue was certainly worth the wait.
0045 Mairelon: a false sense of security. they'll all be dead in the next one to make up for it
0046 macey: yeah now it's 50 we have to be worried about
0047 blankla: We're only halfway into the finale. There's still time for dying.
0048 joe_eisma: haha
0049 joe_eisma: why would you guys think anyone is going to die?
0050 upguntha: Calm before the storm
0051 upguntha: Side eye Joe Side eye
0052 nick: yeah, at this point I'm worried people will feel let down if we don't kill anyone
0053 darrrrkvngnce: lol. that red "8
0054 macey: god what if the entire cast gets crushed in this earthquake
0055 chandra: i mean, it's issue 50. it's likely *someone's* gonna die before summer vacay
0056 blankla: Also while I loved the hell out of him before I think Guillame might be my favorite character now just for that "I win you los
0057 darrrrkvngnce: the final panel will be Roy standing atop a pile of rubble
0058 upguntha: well casey seems to be the only one safe
0059 joe_eisma: haha that would definitely make the cast much more manageable to draw if they all got swallowed up by an earthquake
0060 brella: wow
0061 nick: which means she's definitely the one to kill
0062 Mairelon: ""safe""
0063 chandra: i was waiting for guillame to just say fuck it and go ahead do a straight-up happy dance
0064 brella: "you don't have to dance every time you win guillaume" "true but i choose to dance every time"
0065 macey: i figured jade was safe because no one knew where she was
0066 upguntha: so they all escape the eartquake and Casey dies by Sepuku
0067 brella: yeah i initially thought jade being in the basement would be like an indiana jones in a refrigerator kind of thing
0068 darrrrkvngnce: i was hoping Jun would miss the shot at the buzzer, just to see the epic Guillaume facepalm
0069 blankla: I always figure Jade is safe simply because of Future Jade. But then I start thinking "I bet they'll kill Jade off just to play
0070 Mairelon: again, ""safe""
0071 brella: glad that even in the face of a giant earthquake jun still finds time to yell at guillaume
0072 samson3191: Hey everyone, first time chatter here. Really excited to join this! I just recently purchased, read, and jotted down a notebo
0073 upguntha: Poor Jade one would think that she would find sharp objects to rub on and cut her strains
0074 darrrrkvngnce: hey, welcome samson!
0075 brella: WELCOME TO HELL, SAMSON3191
0076 upguntha: welcome
0077 joe_eisma: welcome, samson!
0078 brella: just kidding, it's very nice here
0079 macey: hell yeah first time chat members. welcome!
0080 samson3191: Hahaha, thanks!
0081 upguntha: We actiallly had Towers on Towerball
0082 joe_eisma: haha you noticed
0083 nick: makes sense
0084 nick: joe, did you make up any rules as you went along?
0085 upguntha: thats the only thing that's made sense in this school
0086 brella: you throw AND kick the ball in towerball
0087 joe_eisma: hmm, not really. other than no dribbling.
0088 macey: see, i wanted towerball to literally be played in the tower, so they have the language barrier to overcome
0089 blankla: On a separate note I got my cameo in this issue! Thanks, Joe. I'm super happy it ended up being #49 because wow I get to literal
0090 joe_eisma: yay!
0091 brella: tower of babelball
0092 joe_eisma: that's what it should have been. a literal tower they had to climb to score
0093 blankla: I feel like that's an accurate description of the rules.
0094 joe_eisma: but that wouldn't have fit in the gym.
0095 darrrrkvngnce: i loved Toby and Denise. they really do love saying each other's names!!
0096 joe_eisma: i think nick loves writing toby and denise a little too much
0097 macey: toby and denise need their own spinoff
0098 samson3191: I'd read that
0099 brella: they seriously do, god
0100 darrrrkvngnce: indeedy, i'd read it too
0101 brella: breakout characters of season 2
0102 nick: i do love those two
0103 upguntha: it could be an instruction site gym, where is your imagination
0104 Mairelon: sole survivors of the school collapse
0105 brella: PLEASE
0106 nick: the locker room scene was a season highlight for me
0107 joe_eisma: haha me too
0108 upguntha: I love those ttwo
0109 upguntha: they should just comment on everthing that happens from nowo on lol
0110 darrrrkvngnce: they definitely need to provide Statler/Waldorf-esque commentary in every issue
0111 brella: and they always make such great FACES
0112 macey: toby and denise commenting in scenes where they really shouldn't be
0113 brella: toby and denise for guest study hall writers
0114 joe_eisma: haha they are fun to draw
0115 macey: hodge had my favorite faces this issue...she was also very fashionable. a full package
0116 nick: have i told you all yet that 50 will have 4 interlocking covers?
0117 upguntha: NOOOOO what
0118 blankla: Hodge always has amazing faces.
0119 samson3191: Oh SHIT
0120 Mairelon: OH NICE
0121 macey: noooo but that's amazing
0122 nick: all landscape-y like 25
0123 upguntha: yasssssssss
0124 blankla: Please tell me the four covers are like 49, but just indivual. 8,
0125 blankla: ...awww
0126 nick: haha good idea
0127 upguntha: nice one
0128 darrrrkvngnce: oh, there was one panel with Hodge, maybe her first, where i couldn't figure out what was on her lap
0129 brella: yeah i initially thought jade being in the basement would be like an indiana jones in a refrigerator kind of thing
0130 brella: all the shits she doesn't give, probably
0131 brella: zing
0132 joe_eisma: where she's sitting on the table?
0133 darrrrkvngnce: yeah
0134 joe_eisma: haha, it's supposed to just be the table, but yeah, i can see where it might look a bit confusing
0135 darrrrkvngnce: maybe a book, but only seen from the side
0136 darrrrkvngnce: ah, okay
0137 kelso: hello i am back from the war (dinner)
0138 kelso: hi nick! hi joe!
0139 kelso: fab issue!!
0140 macey: im happy to know you survived the harsh condtions of the dinner war
0141 joe_eisma: hello!
0142 kelso: and thanks for the cameo again ^_^
0143 upguntha: he hands
0144 joe_eisma: you are welcome
0145 brella: yeah not the dinner fight, the dinner WAR
0146 kelso: with my family it might as well be sometimes lol
0147 kelso: but yes i was very upset ian made me smile this issue
0148 upguntha: Hodge needs to make up he mind,either vanessa can or can't change her past/future
0149 macey: god ian's scene in this issue was better than it should have been.
0150 macey: i came close to actually liking him when he just flat out called oliver a bad dad
0151 brella: he doesn't even care anymore, I Love It
0152 kelso: we have to remember his actions toward tunafish
0153 nick: there was supposed to be another Ian scene in this one
0154 kelso: !!!
0155 nick: had to cut it for space
0156 jaysel: Great issue, guys! Among other big moments, I really liked Vanessa using the radio.
0157 macey: you wanted to spare us from more of his terrible self
0158 kelso: was it with ike
0159 kelso: they have good banter
0160 nick: yep
0161 darrrrkvngnce: that "nerd WAR" comment made me laugh, and then i was like, "oh no, Ian made me laugh!"
0162 joe_eisma: thanks, jaysel!
0163 Mairelon: it was his pencil but that got me
0164 brella: the pencil bit was hilarious
0165 kelso: yep yep that apple comment
0166 brella: what a bastard
0168 upguntha: that pencil was everyrhing
0169 macey: "i don't give a fuck. ill put a pencil here and erase a guy from existence. i don't give a FUCK."
0170 darrrrkvngnce: definitely Ian at his best this issue
0171 kelso: erase him with the pencil eraser
0172 samson3191: can ian's catchphrase become "I don't give a FUCK!" from now on? like just all the time.
0173 macey: "this pencil symbolizes fortunato [steps on the pencil
0174 brella: that's too cool for him
0175 kelso: it might actually make me like him as a person and i don't want that
0176 joe_eisma: haha
0177 kelso: but it'd sure be funny if he had a catchphrase like that
0178 jaysel: upguntha - I agree about Hodge. I love her dynamic with Vanessa, but what does she want from her at this point?
0179 samson3191: can't argue with that, haha
0180 brella: *uses the pencil to write "FORTUNATO SUX"* what? it's science. you know it's true
0181 brella: plus i think ian's core problem here is that he gives TOO MUCH of a fuck
0182 kelso: yeah hodge has me confused as of late, esp when it comes to vanessa
0183 joe_eisma: haha. i actually had a scene awhile back where a student had scrawled on the back of a desk in pencil
0184 kelso: ah yes there it is gwen you nailed it
0185 joe_eisma: and nick was like 'this isn't that kind of school'
0186 brella: oh my god
0187 macey: i feel like hodge regrets what happened with older vanessa, but still thinks he needs to happen for some reason?
0188 darrrrkvngnce: Future Jade and Hodge both with the "I'm so sorry" comment
0189 brella: they are proper students here, they've got CLASS
0190 kelso: what did the kid say? lol
0191 macey: *it
0192 upguntha: they would get tazzed if they wrote on desks
0193 samson3191: i could see that macey
0194 chandra: anytime hodge and her sister are in the same room i remember why hodge has probably become my fave character over the course o
0195 nick: coincidence, but I do think they have similar voices
0196 darrrrkvngnce: if Vanessa is able to contact the outside world, Hodge won't be the only one able to buy fashionable clothes!
0197 macey: hey, am i reading into it too much, or was ian not there for vanessa's presentation? did he leave?
0198 joe_eisma: why else would she try to make contact with the outside world??
0199 upguntha: it's funny how Future Jade is alwasy there to greet youafter tiravel
0200 nick: still there, but not really paying attention
0201 macey: typical ian
0202 kelso: i'd make contact with the outside world for some pizza idk about you guys
0203 brella: can we just talk about what a baller casey is for still reaching for the greenhouse door DURING AN EARTHQUAKE
0204 darrrrkvngnce: she'll bring Brendan back through the power of haute couture!!
0205 samson3191: has the top of vanessa's radio thing always said "66" on the top of it? or 99, i guess on how you look at it. i just noticed th
0206 kelso: i half expected casey to swipe the knife at dagney tbh
0207 upguntha: i feel like she escaped rht before the eathquake
0208 joe_eisma: i don't think matt would forgive nick if that happened
0209 upguntha: I feel like the quake happened only on schoolgrounds
0210 kelso: casey is just fed up w/ everyone
0211 Mairelon: I just really really loved Dagney and Pamera this issue
0212 upguntha: PAMELAAAAAAAA
0213 blankla: I love Pamela every issue. She is the weirdest kind of adorable.
0214 macey: the susan dagney fan club is more powerful than ever
0215 chandra: pamela will be the only one to survive all this. just watch.
0216 kelso: ike's comment
0217 upguntha: Dagney's whlpeech, jesus
0218 darrrrkvngnce: so, who had the knife last before Dagney?
0219 Mairelon: *Pamela
0220 kelso: about susan being a vision
0221 nick: pamela gets a great moment in 50
0222 upguntha: YASSSS preparing for Pamela in 50
0223 kelso: a whole double-page spread o herself i'm sure
0224 darrrrkvngnce: moar pamela!!
0225 jaysel: Dagney was great in this issue!
0226 darrrrkvngnce: dagney is awesome
0227 blankla: Spoilers for 50
0228 darrrrkvngnce: this was just such a great issue
0229 blankla: I would probably be okay with that.
0230 samson3191: yeah dagney was wonderful. her reoccurring speach about not killing that infant creeps me out so bad every time.
0231 upguntha: So if Dagey is a mother, where are her children
0232 darrrrkvngnce: also, she seems to know that beach place
0233 nick: lot of big deal dagney stuff at the beginning of season 3
0234 darrrrkvngnce: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
0235 kelso: is the headmaster her kid? are they all her kid? who knows really
0236 chandra: ohhh man i can't wait. dagney just gets more and more intriguing.
0237 Mairelon: that is what I like to hear
0238 kelso: i like her a lot
0239 macey: i always wondered whether nine was her kid?
0240 upguntha: How did she get the knife?
0241 jaysel: I feel like she's been a stealth "major" character.
0242 kelso: she seems to have an attitude about her no one else does, and that has to do with her being there so long
0243 joe_eisma: she's crafty
0244 darrrrkvngnce: yeah, upguntha, i was wondering that too
0245 joe_eisma: how did she get the sand?
0246 kelso: the sand is her childern
0247 upguntha: casey brought thewith her
0248 nick: casey just drops it on the stage like a moron!
0249 joe_eisma: haha
0250 samson3191: she just rocks a pocket of sand at any given moment just in case
0251 kelso: seriously, casey always letting stuff slip through her fingers
0252 Mairelon: should have built a tiny castle on the podium
0253 macey: "i picked up the sand from the stage and have been holding my hand in a fist for twenty minutes now"
0254 kelso: sand, dates, her parents' lives,
0255 upguntha: i'm guessing that this is the dame beach that Vanessa's on
0256 kelso: not the election tho!
0257 jaysel: Where is this beach/island?
0258 samson3191: was thinking the same thing upguntha
0259 kelso: yeah and how did vanessa get there when she was in the prison?
0260 kelso: but then again how did casey get there
0261 joe_eisma: didn't you guys see the wreckage of oceanic 815 in the background?
0262 kelso: don't you mean oceanic 813
0263 nick: my most original idea yet
0264 joe_eisma: AYOOO
0265 yuuhy: Wow, there are a lot of people in chat tonight.
0266 samson3191: i feel like i subconciously notice the time 8
0267 kelso: everything is going to begin to come together soon
0268 darrrrkvngnce: just thinking about what a shitty day Jade has been having . . . and then there's an earthquake
0269 kelso: i can feel it in me bones
0270 blankla: I gotta wonder who/what she meant by "help is on the way."
0271 blankla: Totally not ominous at all.
0272 nick: and everyone liked guillaume's maximus pose?
0273 jaysel: I love the Lost nods. Is it wrong/simplistic to think of it as THE actual island from the show?
0274 macey: i liked guillaume's sad gay speech causing an earthquake
0275 kelso: at this point sh's probably trying to relocate herself to be underneath falling rocks and rubble
0276 chandra: i immediately assumed it's the same beach as vanessa's. if having your eyes opened means visiting a certain state of mind, tha
0277 nick: Guillaume Sorel, the sad gay
0278 dbr: One thing I didn't get was
0279 blankla: I liked Guillame's everything this issue.
0280 blankla: He stole the show for me today.
0281 kelso: it's not his fault his boyfriend is dead
0282 darrrrkvngnce1: ack. lost my connection
0284 upguntha: Wasn't Clrkson a semi beac with a bald guy
0285 macey: i figured the 8
0286 dbr: must be an universal thing
0287 blankla: They knew Hunter had numbers in his head when they took him to the past.
0288 dbr: or just a coincidence
0289 blankla: So I guess they knew what the numbers were.
0290 dbr: but do they know what it means?
0291 kelso: i wanna know what the numbers are
0292 chandra: maybe guillaume read about 8
0293 macey: does it being 8
0294 darrrrkvngnce1: maybe it's when Juiie turns on the Cylinder
0295 samson3191: i like that theory
0296 yuuhy: 8
0297 dbr: or when Ike and Ian did
0298 upguntha: Well the Truants knew about Hunter when they were looking for him
0299 kelso: i've been trying to figure out is it's in reference to a bible passage but that's too easy
0300 dbr: they turned the thing on and it messed with the clock
0301 yuuhy: matt's theory is genesis 22
0302 darrrrkvngnce1: at the begining of chat, i was throwing out there that maybe much of what we see at MGA is Julie's guilt-inspired dream
0303 kelso: it's a good one!!
0304 yuuhy: i've been looking at revelation 8
0305 kelso: hebrews 8
0306 kelso: or a covenant sry
0307 yuuhy: some book 8
0308 samson3191: its gotta be the perfume one
0309 nick: haha
0310 yuuhy: truly the most likely candidate
0311 kelso: *britney spears perfume plays on repeat*
0312 upguntha: That poor guy getting maulled by lions
0313 Mairelon: Well we have 66 different options there
0314 macey: oh yeah this is only book i know with random lion mauling
0315 jaysel: Speaking of Julie Hayes, might she be reappearing in the near future?
0316 nick: you gotta figure she'll be back at some point
0317 dbr: Maybe she's at the Academy right now
0318 dbr: Hunter saw a picture of her in the yearbook
0319 blankla: I hope so. She was one of the more interesting aspects of the beginning of MG.
0320 upguntha: I know that ths book can be deceptive so i gotta ask i the scientist the Headmaster
0321 kelso895: rude the chat kicked me out and wouldn't let me be kelso again
0322 joe_eisma: i love that akiko is reading invisibles to him. if there's any book that i wouldn't think would be fit for audio only, it wou
0323 samson3191: haha
0324 samson3191: fortunato is such a people pleaser.
0325 darrrrkvngnce1: not yet, yuuhy. what -- or who -- do you think they are?
0326 samson3191: tunafish i mean, sorry.
0327 newuser9423 was banned by macey (mornglorschat)
0328 kelso895: woah ppl gettin' banned this IS an eventful chat lol
0329 nick: macey bringing the hammer down
0330 macey: yeah there was some video going on in the corner it seemed? but this isn't a video chat, idk what it was
0331 nick: yikes
0332 kelso895: the silver streaks
0333 kelso895: obvi
0334 blankla: I figure one is Casey. The other... no idea. Maybe the Headmaster? He probably time travels.
0335 upguntha: thats odd
0336 kelso895: mabel pines is actually a morning glories alumni and actual shooting star
0337 macey: god don't put mabel in this awful place
0338 kelso895: my bad yeah she doesn't deserve that XD
0339 upguntha: Now is is it future Jade that needs to hide or is current Jade also in trouble
0340 darrrrkvngnce1: hey macey, while you're kicking folks, can you kick the first darrrrkvengance? i accidentally cloned myself
0341 dbr: both I think
0342 kelso895: Jade is always in trouble
0343 macey: i'll try it but i hope it doesn't ban by ip lmao
0344 dbr: But at least we know past Jade makes it out ok
0345 dbr: maybe
0346 darrrrkvngnce was banned by macey (mornglorschat)
0347 kelso895: she always comes bakc alive i guess
0348 kelso895: idk why she's worried this time
0349 upguntha: define "ok"
0350 kelso895: is it only when she kills herself?
0351 macey: see my immediate thought about this arc was that future jade exists because jade, in the basement, is safe from what's happening
0352 kelso895: if so, that's a shame
0353 upguntha: mayb she's die in the rubble and respawn at the begining of school year
0354 dbr: well if the same thing happened to Future Jade than Past Jade got out alive
0355 kelso895: OOO a respawn interesting
0356 Mairelon: that'd be handy
0357 kelso895: the next 50 issues are just the first 50 issues again but with jade altering things from a different perspective
0358 dbr: But can she bring herself back to life or just other people?
0359 kelso895: just kidding that wouldn't be fun
0360 macey: we did see jade die and come back, but that was in that odd dream state
0361 kelso895: idk did she also die in the car accident and come back to life immediately?
0362 kelso895: tho she wasn't flung from the car
0363 kelso895: like her mother
0364 dbr: I don't she actually did die
0365 nick: if jade actually killed herself in a classroom, no one has mentioned it sense
0366 dbr: YET
0367 nick: *since
0368 kelso895: that's probs cuz it's typical
0369 samson3191: hmm
0370 kelso895: "oh look jade killed herself again"
0371 nick: haha
0372 kelso895: it's like kenny on south park
0373 kelso895: always comes back alive and no one questions it
0374 kelso895: except herself
0375 joe_eisma: i like it
0376 nick: i think i actually thought about that kenny thing way back at the start of the book!
0377 kelso895: jade is actually mysterion
0378 kelso895: the true hero of morning glories
0379 ivioss: Roy is special perhaps. He keeps getting sacrificed and coming back.
0380 Mairelon: Cptn. Jade Harkness
0381 nick: this had one of my favorite mg babies as well
0382 kelso895: or he's like my neighbors dogs
0383 joe_eisma: haha yay
0384 kelso895: when one dies they get the same breed and give it the same name
0385 samson3191: i picture nick and joe having their own chat while this one is going on where they just cackle maniacally and comment on how
0386 blankla: Just like Ian (maybe)!
0387 Mairelon: Roy is the headmaster AND has clones.
0388 joe_eisma: my favorite mgb is still nick on the other line of the satellite phone
0389 upguntha: not even Casey mentions it
0390 kelso895: that is a good one
0391 brella: SO GOOD
0392 joe_eisma: i don't think we could multitask like that, samson. haha
0393 nick: so everyone expected hunter on the last page? Or Ike?
0394 yuuhy1: dan blevins
0395 kelso895: nah we expected roy
0396 jaysel: I totally expected either Hunter or Ike
0397 samson3191: i for sure did.
0398 macey: yuuhy and i were talking about how we expected dan for a hot second in this issue, yeah
0399 chandra: i was so sure it was going to be hunter.
0400 joe_eisma: ah, the hunter for headmaster campaign
0401 kelso895: i didn't expect anyone? maybe older casey or dagney again
0402 brella: i did too! just because of the knife
0403 Mairelon: oh yeah I thought older Casey too
0404 kelso895: but then the scientist was there i was like "okay this makes the most sense how did i not see this"
0405 brella: the hunter for headmaster campaign, begun way back in 2013
0406 blankla: I figured it was Ike the whole time.
0407 upguntha: who started that
0408 blankla: Half of me is disappointed, the other half is interested at the possiblilities I never even considered.
0409 kelso895: well iek said he was gonna die old and alone and the headmaster seems dearly loved so i doubt it would have been him
0410 macey: matt always speculated it but i think making it a campaign was a mutual fandom thing we all did
0411 samson3191: knowing the headmaster reveal is going to make the reread after #50 very interesting. definitely gonna be on the lookout fo
0412 kelso895: blankla, that's how i'm gonna enter my reread!!
0413 kelso895: trying to see things i never considered
0414 joe_eisma: i love that matt found every scene that guy was in for study hall
0415 blankla: I actually took that to mean Ike would fuck up so bad even Daramount et al would leave him.
0416 blankla: It sturck me as a very "Ike" kind of destiny
0417 upguntha: Nick do you suggets a reread before or after 50?
0418 joe_eisma: he never stopped letting me know how much he suffered for this column. haha
0419 joe_eisma: we love you matt
0420 kelso895: #blessmatt2015
0421 kelso895: or should it be 2016
0422 nick: i think after is probably fine
0423 brella: matt is the Best
0424 nick: yeah, matt's longest study hall yet I think
0425 nick: lots of good stuff
0426 macey: this was a really good one!
0427 upguntha: Matt should run for student council so he can get time with Dagney
0428 nick: I'm sure matt will cameo again
0429 blankla: He coudl also compare beards with the Headmaster. In person!
0430 kelso895: he can just visit the library
0431 joe_eisma: yeah, i'll find a way to have him leering at susan in the background
0432 kelso895: just leering XD
0433 nick: well, gotta run soon-- any last questions before I go?
0434 kelso895: what's one word you'd use to describe issue 50 coming up?
0435 upguntha: Why is no one in the faculty loking or worried about Jade?
0436 blankla: Does 50 have a set release date yet?
0437 nick: one word? division
0438 kelso895: ooooo math i like it -- probably
0439 brella: oh, no, not a math issue
0440 nick: no set release date-- but it'll be our biggest issue ever
0441 yuuhy1: why is vanessa so cute
0442 macey: everyone is cut in half
0443 brella: ian splits into six different--oh wait
0444 kelso895: HA
0445 blankla: Biggest is good.
0446 kelso895: biggest is scary awesome
0447 jaysel: Will the first issue of Season 3 be a short awesome thing like 26 was?
0448 brella: i cherish a long wait, then. gotta get in my last living days while i can
0449 macey: brea i genuinely hope that happens
0450 macey: *brella
0451 blankla: Will Jade ever catch a break?
0452 brella: GOD, ONE IAN IS ENOUGH
0453 blankla: (jk I already know the answer is no)
0454 brella: why does hunter have no chill
0455 kelso895: the only way ian could come close to the man fortunato is is if there are 6 of him i guess
0456 upguntha: is itg crazy wise or pge wise
0457 nick: first issue of season 3 will be different than anything you've seen before
0458 kelso895: jade'll catch a break of that kit kat bar
0459 macey: is it because everyone is dead
0460 nick: haha
0461 kelso895: i feel liek we've seen that
0462 brella: yeah i feel like that's not rly new
0463 kelso895: maybe everyone is alive
0464 joe_eisma: season three
0465 brella: now THAT would be wild!
0466 kelso895: season 3
0467 brella: oh my god
0468 macey: it turns out the island is on maes
0469 macey: *mars
0470 nick: ok all, have a great new year
0471 Mairelon: silver streaks= aliens
0472 macey: thanks for coming nick!
0473 brella: i think we've cracked it, guys
0474 blankla: Bye Nick.
0475 yuuhy1: space coffee shop
0476 Mairelon: bye!!
0477 brella: thanks nick! same to you!
0478 kelso895: thanks for a great issue, nick!! happy new year ^_^
0479 drrrrkvngce: happy new year, nick
0480 samson3191: you too nick!
0481 nick: thanks for the great turnout btw! thought for sure it'd be slow w holidays
0482 jaysel: Happy New Year!
0483 nick: bye all
0484 yuuhy1: brella and i have already talked the ike's sandwich shop au
0485 kelso895: i ignored my family for this
0486 kelso895: so thank YOU
0487 brella: thank you for the fantastic issue. off the chain
0488 brella: PFFF who needs fAMILY when you can haVE, THIS,
0489 upguntha: byeeee
0490 kelso895: EXACTLY
0491 samson3191: what time does this chat end, anyway?
0492 blankla: Exactly, brella. Ian and Ike are family enough!
0493 kelso895: i don't wanna play poker and lose money and suffer thru political talk
0494 macey: trade your family for suffering, the morning glories story
0495 blankla: ...that may have been a bad example.
0496 kelso895: when the only political talk i truly care about is ike rigging this election
0497 upguntha: this is more fun
0498 yuuhy1: 10
0499 brella: i already did that, the trading thing. that is My Story
0500 joe_eisma: and i gotta run too. dinner time! thank you all for coming--this has been our busiest chat in awhile!
0501 macey: thanks joe!
0502 brella: literally, i woke my boyfriend up at 6 AM today, and when he protested, i said, "morning glories is more important than you"
0503 kelso895: thanks for the great issue, joe!! lovely work as always ^_^
0504 drrrrkvngce: take care, Joe. thanks for stopping by, and for another awesome issue!!!!
0505 samson3191: have a good one joe. awesome work as always this issue!
0506 upguntha: night Joe
0507 joe_eisma: i also want to thank you guys that have supported my patreon. get the word out--i REALLY want to do MG Gossip Girls!
0508 brella: joe!! this issue was AMAZING! THANK YOU
0509 Mairelon: bye!!
0510 joe_eisma: have a great new year guys, and thank you all again so much for being the best fans ever
0511 blankla: Bye.
0512 joe_eisma: see you hopefully soon! 50 has some of my favorite double page spreads ever!
0513 macey: thanks for giving us a great comic!
0514 brella: for real
0516 samson3191: more than one? oh shiiiiiit!
0517 upguntha: PAMELAAAAAAA
0519 joe_eisma: yep! haaaaapy new year! bye, guys!
0520 brella: just, a double page spread of pamela. upguntha's dream come true
0521 brella: happy new yearrrrr
0522 kelso895: oh mang a combination of oh man and oh dang
0523 blankla: I want half the issue to be double page spreads of Pamela.
0524 kelso: that sounds more liek a pin-up issue
0525 drrrrkvngce: lol
0526 blankla: Really though I kind of want her to have her own issue at some point.
0527 drrrrkvngce: definitely need a Pamela pin up issue
0528 blankla: Just like 20 pages of her on the intercom.
0529 brella: i was so delighted by her appearance
0530 macey: nick promised a pamela issue at one point, should be coming at some time
0531 kelso: i rly hope pamela is a reincarnation of roy the goat out to destroy those who have sacrificed him time and time again
0532 Mairelon: the events til now from her POV
0533 upguntha: 49 isues and we finnaly get the Headmaster
0534 kelso: I wasn't rly expecting it so soon tbh
0535 samson3191: i've gotta go pick up my roomate from work, but i'll be back in a few. brb my new online morning glory friends!
0536 kelso: see you soon samson!
0537 macey: see you!
0538 kelso: so like is the headmaster a physical person
0539 kelso: or a manefestation of the mind
0540 kelso: or a cyborg
0541 brella: bye samson!!
0542 kelso: i can't tell
0543 kelso: he seems so artificial
0544 macey: matt was speculating the headmaster was a computer forever
0545 kelso: probably cuz of his clothes and him always showing up in dreams
0546 blankla: I think he's just a magnificent beard given sentience.
0547 brella: btw, i really want to draw some mg characters while i wait for my friend to get here, i'm so hype. if you guys have any sugges
0548 kelso: iKE
0549 macey: draw roy
0550 upguntha: he can be an hologram
0551 blankla: Jade!
0552 brella: oh my god i will draw the goat
0553 brella: just for you macey
0554 kelso: pamela riding the goat to slaughter
0555 macey: EXCELLENT
0556 macey: ive got to be honest. we like roy more than nick and joe do
0557 kelso: so like when do you think this all started with the headmaster
0558 drrrrkvngce: Yuuhy has been doing a choose-your-own adventure on twitter tracking Roy's exploits
0559 kelso: if he's a computer or smth
0561 kelso: was this whole religion created in the future then thrown back in time to SEEM biblical?
0562 brella: IT'S SO GOOD
0563 kelso: cuz they obvi couldn't make computers then
0564 kelso: wait roy has a twitter
0565 drrrrkvngce: i loved "eat the opposition"
0566 blankla: That is actually a really cool idea.
0567 macey: there's definitely a science/faith thing going on in this book and it's implied the kids are where "gods" come from
0568 macey: that sounds like it could be the bones of what's happening yeah
0569 drrrrkvngce: no, it's yuuhy's twitter, whe
0570 kelso: i see a lot in comics and sci fi tho that gods aren't real, just science we cna't understand
0571 kelso: OH YEAH i've voted in a few of those
0572 kelso: but then how does the reincarnation work
0573 kelso: it has to be real gods??
0574 kelso: or undentical clones?
0575 kelso: implanted ??
0576 kelso: ah ????
0577 macey: that's the question!
0579 kelso: so many possibilities
0580 kelso: i mean we can always get new characters introduced as well
0581 kelso: but i'm really looking forward to learning more about dagney
0582 blankla: Dagney gets more interesting with every appearance.
0583 kelso: she's quickly becoming one of my favorite characters
0584 kelso: how did the whole ike hitting on dagney thing start anyway
0585 macey: i assume just because ike is ike
0586 kelso: but like he's so much more adamant with her it seems lol
0587 kelso: maybe cuz she doesn't reject him
0588 macey: i guess they've interacted a lot lately?
0589 blankla: Ike just hits on anyone that's female. I guess he keeps it up with her since she's the only one nice-ish to him?
0590 blankla: Most everyone just outright hates/avoids him.
0591 Mairelon: not just female either
0592 drrrrkvngce: speaking of hitting on people, does Oliver Simon have the worst game ever or what?
0593 kelso: has ike ever hit on guys?
0594 blankla: I don't remember him hitting on guys in the series but he did mention a phase when he was into them.
0595 macey: he like, half hit on guillaume
0596 kelso: oliver simon is a bad dad and should not have dates
0597 macey: oliver is legitimately gross but i think that's the point
0598 upguntha: Ike has 1 friend in this world and she's ,issing
0599 ivioss: Am I the only one to believe that Ike is Dagney's baby?
0600 kelso: i considered it!
0601 kelso: but then i thought why would she let him continue to hit on her lol
0602 kelso: but this is a weird comic who knows
0603 drrrrkvngce: yeah, the holding the knife to his throat goes with the Ike/Isaac sacrifice theme
0604 kelso: i briefly considered iek the weird love child of abraham and gribbsy at one point
0605 upguntha: That would just be creepy if she was Ike's mother
0606 brella: heres roy. it's cold here so he gets a scarf http
0607 macey: omg....a beautiful boy....i love his eyes
0608 drrrrkvngce: awesome!
0609 brella: i can't, draw animals, i'm Sorry
0610 kelso: he is perf
0611 blankla: I'm going to assume he got that scarf from Ike. For nor eason other than that Ike has scarves.
0612 yuuhy1: that one good-looking goat
0613 kelso: "hm this goat needs a scarf"
0614 kelso: "mAAAAAAAAA"
0615 kelso: "be sure to return it wen you're sacrificed"
0616 macey: it's definitely ike's and he's not getting it back now that it has been chomped on by goat
0617 samson3191: okay im back. someone catch me up in 5 words or less.
0618 macey: goat with a scarf
0619 blankla: Dagney. Goat. Scarf.
0620 samson3191: hahahaha
0621 kelso: goats babies and ike
0622 blankla: ONe of these may not be related to the other two.
0623 samson3191: this is amazing
0624 macey: is roy the main character of s3
0625 samson3191: who is roy again? >_>
0626 kelso: roy programmed the computer that is the headmaster
0627 blankla: Nick said the premier of S3 is like nothing we've seen yet.
0628 kelso: the goat XD
0629 blankla: So let's assume it's a buddy cop issue about Roy and Pamela.
0630 upguntha: issue 1 of Summer vaca is Roy vision
0631 drrrrkvngce: we still have to find out what's up with Zoe Irina Abraham and all
0632 samson3191: oh course it is hahaha
0633 yuuhy1: the main character of choose your own morning glories adventure
0634 kelso: oh yeah zoe~
0635 kelso: living peacefully in danger as always
0636 macey: god they BETTER be in 50
0637 macey: i need to know they are ok
0638 drrrrkvngce: i bet that fave double page spread Joe was mentioning involves Zoe and Irina
0639 kelso: walid will likely make an appearance
0640 kelso: zoe/irena showdown
0641 macey: the triumphant return of walid.....
0642 kelso: where's walid
0644 drrrrkvngce: season 3 is where Roy goes back in time to bring back Snowflake.
0645 macey: what would you like walid to do in 50 yuuhy
0646 yuuhy1: attempt something badass, trip, fall on his face, get up slowly, say he's fine, fall down again
0647 macey: caleb shaking his head in the bg
0648 upguntha: save Zoe from the trollop
0649 kelso: probably due to irena and zoe
0650 macey: i am worried zoe will kill the trollop!
0651 kelso: remember when zoe was "definitely dedad"
0652 kelso: dedad
0653 kelso: zoe's the father
0654 samson3191: haha
0655 kelso: hey guys so i gtg! it's been a great chat ^_^
0656 macey: it will be good to have zoe back...she has been back for over a year now and yet has done little
0657 macey: thanks for coming kelso!
0658 blankla: Bye.
0659 samson3191: later kelso!
0660 drrrrkvngce: happy new year, kelso
0661 yuuhy11: sobs a little thinking about zoe and irina
0662 upguntha: she's blssed the streets with her presemce
0663 macey: twist
0664 yuuhy11: one two three four i declare a thumb war
0666 drrrrkvngce: not a mere thumb fight
0667 yuuhy11: imagine irina and guillaume having a thumb war
0668 blankla: I support conflict resolution through thumb war.
0669 macey: honestly probably something they did. it was very heated and all the kids at the camp watched
0670 upguntha: it's funny how she was being worshiped like Dagn's story
0671 samson3191: have we already talked about casey's two page of flashback panels thing?
0672 macey: samson we haven't! honestly i never know what to say about those
0673 brella: here is ike, cold and angry because that damned goat stole his armani scarf that father gave him adn http
0674 macey: omg....truly the most angered of ikes
0675 samson3191: yeah those are always a trip.
0676 blankla: Haha.
0677 blankla: I don't think I've ever thought Ike looked adorable before this moment.
0678 samson3191: my gut reaction is each panel is a past life of a chracter but that's not exactly a ground breaking theory at this point i dont
0679 blankla: I have no idea what to think about those panels. I always assumed they were events somehow leading up to founding MGA.
0680 blankla: But I never had anything past that. No idea how or why or what's significant.
0681 samson3191: i could see that
0682 samson3191: for the sake of taking a stab at the panels here, and going with my theory they are past lives of characters id' say
0683 drrrrkvngce: i think of them as sort of a flickering of different realities, but i have no idea why those particular scenes
0684 upguntha: II always think that those visions that their past selves hav
0685 samson3191: the first is casey. some sort of leader. the second
0686 upguntha: have seenn
0687 samson3191: the woman in red looks vaguely Hodge-esque
0688 macey: (15 minutes!)
0689 samson3191: the diner looks like the same one from jade's backstory. and the character has similar hair color. i could be COMPLETELY off ma�
0690 blankla: Diner Guy and Jade is an easy connection to make.
0691 macey: i think i saw some people assuming the guy in the diner was jade's brother jimmy, but his hair looks too red to me
0692 blankla: Even I made it and I hadn't considered the theory of them being past lives!
0693 samson3191: oh yeah, thats definitely possible too macey. but i do agree about the hair color being off if that were the case.
0694 upguntha: Joe said that it wasn't Jimmy
0695 blankla: Yeah, the diner scene is apparently in the 50s.
0696 samson3191: that makes sense.
0697 drrrrkvngce: i wonder whether they're also all occurring at "8
0698 drrrrkvngce: like moments of great change and calamity
0699 samson3191: hmm,yeah. thats a good catch.
0700 drrrrkvngce: you wouldn't think so with the diner, but who knows what could be happening there
0701 samson3191: whoever it is in the diner certainly seems depressed, so something must have happened.
0702 drrrrkvngce: (plus, if you've seen Muholland Drive, it reminds me of the scene at Winky's)
0703 upguntha: h looks very messy and hungry
0704 drrrrkvngce: actually, my current theory of the comic is that it's basically Mulholland Drive. i love that movie so much
0705 samson3191: i'll have to watch it! im not familiar.
0706 drrrrkvngce: really really good. but i won't spoil it any more than some of my comments tonight may already have
0707 blankla: I got Mulholland Drive on Black Friday but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
0708 upguntha: now i have to go watch this lol
0709 drrrrkvngce: my favorite David Lynch, even incl. Twin Peaks. (and i love Twin Peaks.)
0710 blankla: Maybe it's an error but I looked back and this doesn't look like the same diner as the one in earlier flashbacks.
0711 samson3191: oh, it's a lynch eh? im definitely on board.
0712 samson3191: if its in the 50s it could have had some renovations since then i suppose?
0713 blankla: Maybe. I think it's just a coloring error honestly but MG being MG I dunno.
0714 upguntha: I need issue 50 like a nowwwwwwww
0715 drrrrkvngce: did Nick answer anything important while i was gone?
0716 macey: four minutes....any last words folks
0717 macey: dv
0718 yuuhy11: wtfff c'mon tinychat
0719 samson3191: this was my first time joining the chat, and it was seriously a wonderful time. had no idea nick and joe joined these, eithe
0720 upguntha: thanks for hosting Macey
0721 macey: wait it just did let's try again
0722 blankla: Same here, Samson. I need to make a regular thing out of this.
0723 drrrrkvngce: thanks so much for running this macey
0724 blankla: It's fun.
0725 macey: and there it goes, nvm then
0726 macey: the chat tends to vary in size but we're always happy to have new folks!
0727 yuuhy11: so you're able to copy the transcript?
0728 macey: yeah it wasn't letting me for awhile and then it just did
0729 macey: ?? tinychat
0730 yuuhy11: nice
0731 drrrrkvngce: i'm happily surprised that this wasn't a tear fest tonight. i guess that will be 50
0732 yuuhy11: bring back colors, tinychat
0733 yuuhy11: HAHA, YEAH
0734 macey: i'm really worried about 50 now lmao
0735 blankla: Yeah. This one was all successes and triumphs.
0736 samson3191: me too...
0737 blankla: I figure everyone will get torn down in 50 and I'll be sad.
0738 drrrrkvngce: okay, well HAVE A WONDERFUL 2016 EVERYONE!!!!
0739 macey: yeah happy new year folks! stay safe out there
0740 upguntha: good night guys, have a happy and safe NEW YEAR
0741 upguntha: hope to do this soon
0742 drrrrkvngce: catch yall on twitter in the meantime
0743 blankla: Goodbye, people of the Internet.
0744 samson3191: nice chatting, everyone!

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