Dead parent Issue 19

Issue #19

Dead mothers have been a recurring theme in the Morning Glories Comic.

See Also: Absent Fathers


The following characters have lost their mothers:

Casey BlevinsEdit

Casey's parents were seemingly killed shortly after her arrival at the academy.[1] This led to her trusting Lara Hodge to "bring them back".[2]

Georgina Daramount and IrinaEdit

Kseniya forced Irina to fight her to the death.[3]

Hisao and Jun FukayamaEdit

When Hisao and Jun were eleven years old, their mother, Mari, was killed by Reginald Gribbs when she refused to split them up.[4]


Hunter's mother died when he was fifteen, just before he got his acceptance letter to Morning Glory Academy. Due to his perpetual tardiness, he missed her funeral.

Jade EllsworthEdit

Jade's mother died in a car accident when she was thirteen,[5] and was resurrected moments later. However, she was severely traumatized and soon committed suicide.[6][7]

Lara HodgeEdit

Lara's mother was injected in the neck moments after Lara's birth. Lara later refers to her as having died.[8]


Zoe's mother was a prostitute, and she was killed by her father. This detail of her life seemed sufficient to convince Abraham that the reports of Zoe's Gifts were accurate.[9]

Isabel TraveisoEdit

Isabel's mother was supposedly the second life Georgina Daramount ever took (Her Father being the first) when Isabel was 4.[10]


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