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Faith isn't about understanding. It's about putting your hand
in someone else's, and learning to take the good with the bad.

–Abraham and Zoe

Faith is a prominent theme in the Morning Glories series. It is not only used in reference to a specific god or doctrine, but also as trust in other characters or in a broader, or unspecified context.

Direct ReferencesEdit

Issue 7Edit

  • Abraham, after hearing a vague description of Zoe's history, is convinced she is the one he is looking for. When Sudhir expresses his doubt, Abraham and Zoe explain to him their definition of faith.
  • While murdering Amanda, Zoe quotes the definition again.

Issue 19Edit

  • As she prepares to kill Hunter, Zoe tells him to close his eyes, and have faith.

Issue 22Edit

  • After Hisao is uncertain when told that the Truants altered time, Guillaume describes Hisao as a man who believes in God, never straying from his faith, yet cannot believe his eyes when he meets Him.

Issue 23Edit

  • When allowing David to approach her, Akiko closes her eyes and repeats that she has faith.

Issue 24Edit

  • Abraham tells Ike the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac, and explains that it isn't necessarily about a belief in God, but about sacrifice and faith.

Issue 27Edit

  • Irina mocks Abraham's faith in the students' capacity for mercy, and prepares to put that faith to the test.

Issue 35Edit

  • Clarkson to Fortunato: "It's because we believe someday, if we hold each other and we have faith--someday our suffering will be over".

Issue 37Edit

  • Akiko's parents told her to have faith.

Issue 38Edit

  • Caleb and Walid tells Abraham that Zoe told them "not to give up. To have faith".

Issue 41Edit

  • Macy tells Guillaume that the people who are watching over the truants for Abraham are doing so because "we believe in you. We have faith in you."

Issue 44Edit

  • Clarkson tells Ellen "Consider it a show of faith".

Issue 44Edit

  • Dagney tells Georgina "So little faith Georgina..."

Indirect ReferencesEdit

Issue 13Edit

  • Jade has complete faith in Casey, and trusts Casey to come back for her after she escapes.

Issue 17Edit

  • Jade and Ike discuss the story of Job, who remained faithful to God after losing everything in his life.

Issue 22Edit

  • As the detention room is ablaze, Irina explains the story of Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego: men who would rather be cast into a furnace than deny God.

Issue 24Edit

  • Abraham's will, in which he left Ike nothing, implied he lost faith in his son.

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