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Fire and water are common motifs in the series.[1]


Truant fire

Morning Glories #22

  • The Truants' classroom is set on fire during detention.[2]
  • Both Ike and Jade Ellsworth have a history of arson.[3][4]
  • The fires burning in The Cave
  • Hisao is rescued by Abraham from his burning house.[5]
  • Abraham mentions that the tornado, one of his favorite rides on Coney Island when he was young, had to be torn down due to a series of small fires.[3]
  • Abraham's Camp is burnt down by Georgina Daramount.[6]
  • Casey and Hunter are studying the great fire of Rome.[7]
  • Casey declares she wants to burn "this goddamn place" to the ground.[8]  Lara Hodge repeats this to Casey, and tells her she wants to help.[9]
  • When Dr. Ellsworth relates Descartes' dreams to Hunter, the "little lights" are described as "sparks of fire"[10]
  • The hallway outside Vanessa's cell is lined with torches.[11]
  • Jade Ellsworth sets fire to a cornfield after her mother's funeral.[12]
  • Jun Fukayama promises to "take what [The Academy] love and [...] burn it to the ground".[12]


Glories water

Morning Glories #2

  • The Glories' classroom is flooded during detention.[13]
  • The statue in The Tower is Enki, a Sumerian water god.[2][14]
  • Shortly after the Truants change the students' place in time during Woodrun, it starts raining heavily.[15]
  • Tamara is the name of a Celtic goddess of rivers and streams.[16]
  • Tom Reed shares the name of an aquatic plant.
  • Ms. Clarkson spills a bottle of water at a parent teacher interview.[17]


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