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Handsome Bearded Teacher
Handsome Bearded
Vital statistics
First Appearance Morning Glories 14
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This mysterious and ruggedly good-looking teacher was seen assigning students to teams during Woodrun.[1] He appears again teaching a class on Slaughterhouse Five.[2] Who knows when we will see his dashing likeness again?


The character's design was based on Matthew Meylikhov, the Editor-In-Chief of Multiversity Comics, writer of the MGA Study Hall, and contributor to the Morning Glories backmatter.


Handsome Bearded Teacher has appeared in 2 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #14: P.E., pt. 2
  2. Morning Glories #33: Demerits, pt. 4

Morning Glories Wiki has 1 images featuring Handsome Bearded Teacher


  1. Morning Glories #14. November 16, 2011.
  2. Morning Glories #33. October 16, 2013.

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