Issue 12 Hodge Office

Issue #12

Lara's office is small, messy, and filled with souvenirs of her travels. Interestingly, the same office is seen being renovated by Dr. Ellsworth and Alicia Wyatt: the cabinet, desk, door, and loudspeaker are in the same relative places and the chairs appear identical. The school hallway can also be seen through Ellsworth's open door.
Issue 17 Hodge Office 1

Issue #17

She has a poster from lollapalooza 1993 on the wall.[1]


  1. Morning Glories #29. July 24, 2013.



4 Appearances by Hodge's Office.

  1. Morning Glories #12: All Will Be Free, pt. 6 Hodge
  2. Morning Glories #14: P.E., pt. 2
  3. Morning Glories #17: P.E., pt. 5
  4. Morning Glories #29: Tests, pt. 4


5 Images featuring Hodge's Office.

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