Kathy Blevins
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Kathy Blevins was the mother of Casey Blevins.  She became pregnant with Casey while a teenager and had to drop out of school.[1]

As a parent, Kathy is most proud of Casey's dedication to help others, rather than her intellect.

She was initially apprehensive about allowing Casey to leave and attend the school, but was eventually convinced by her husband Dan.[2]  Also after being convinced to change her mind by Ms. Clarkson. Morning Glories #44: Assembly, pt. 2 Both Kathy and Dan are killed by the academy shortly after Casey's arrival.[3]


Kathy Blevins has appeared in 5 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #1: For A Better Future, pt. 1
  2. Morning Glories #13: P.E., pt. 1 (flashback)
  3. Morning Glories #16: P.E., pt. 4
  4. Morning Glories #27: Tests, pt. 2 (flashback)

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