Mary-Beth Ellsworth
Jade mom
Vital statistics
First Appearance Morning Glories 10

Mary-Beth is a loving woman who seems to care deeply for her daughter Jade. She is slightly concerned about Jade's's social life in the way that moms are. She was killed in a car crash when Jade was younger.[1] This threw Jade into a depressive spiral.

Jade has visions of her mother after her death: once during her dream[2] and once across the street from the diner where she and her brother were eating. [1]

Jade's mother was also seen meeting with Clarkson in flashback. [3]


Mary-Beth Ellsworth has appeared in 1 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #10: All Will Be Free, pt. 4 Jade (dream)
  2. Morning Glories #17: P.E., pt. 5 (illusion)
  3. Morning Glories #26: Tests, pt. 1 (flashback)
  4. Morning Glories #34: Demerits, pt. 5 (flashback)
  5. Morning Glories #45: Assembly, pt. 3 (flashback)

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