Matthew Meylikhov


Matthew Meylikhov




Project Analyst, Writer

Matthew Meylikhov is a writer/letterer and current editor-in-Chief of Multiversity Comics, a comic book fansite. He pens the Morning Glories Academy Study Hall, a column that analyzes every issue of Morning Glories. An abbreviated version, "Notes from Study Hall", is published with each issue, starting with Morning Glories 27.

Matthew was involved with the CONTROL webcomic, and is currently a collaborator for the Detective Space Cat webcomic.



Professor Meylikhov

Meylikhov's likeness provided the basis for a mysterious and ruggedly looking teacher.  He can also be seen at the start of every abbreviated Study Hall, as Professor Meylikhov.

The Handsome Bearded teacher has appeared in 2 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #14: P.E., pt. 2
  2. Morning Glories #33: Demerits, pt. 4

Professor Meylikhov has appeared at the end of 11 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #27: Tests, pt. 2
  2. Morning Glories #28: Tests, pt. 3
  3. Morning Glories #29: Tests, pt. 4
  4. Morning Glories #30: Demerits, pt. 1
  5. Morning Glories #31: Demerits, pt. 2
  6. Morning Glories #32: Demerits, pt. 3
  7. Morning Glories #33: Demerits, pt. 4
  8. Morning Glories #34: Demerits, pt. 5
  9. Morning Glories #35: Honors, pt. 1
  10. Morning Glories #36: Honors, pt. 2
  11. Morning Glories #37: Honors, pt. 3

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