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  • This sort of exists in the {{comic}} template which I copied from the YJ Wiki.  However, I don't really understand it, and my attempt to incorporate it into {{Discussion thread}} has failed.

    What I basically want to happen is:

    If {{{solicit}}} exists, make a new row and populate with Solicitation: {{{solicit}}}.  Otherwise, don't make a new row.

    Same thing with {{{tagline}}}.  If the variable is defined, display Tagline: {{{tagline}}}.  Otherwise, hide it.

    Currently I have problems with the hiding part.  I might be using the wrong types of arguments.  Can you help me? :)

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  • Hi, Thailog. I was hoping to consult you on some coding.

    I'm implementing a navigation scheme, based on Young Justice, where you can switch back from season to season. My previous attempt was a hack job, which doesn't have dedicated slots for a "Back" and "Next" button.

    The way I'm thinking of implementing it is:

    {{Template|IssuenavParse}} returns the five values that I want. I put all the switches here:

    1 : Previous Season's first issue

    2 : Season #

    3 : Next Season's first issue

    4 : Arc names

    5 : Arc issue numbers

    {{Template|Issuenav}} basically houses the table structure.

    {{Template|Comic}} calls on the issue navigation template, in addition to containing some issue information.

    However, I'm running into problems when I actually invoke it. First of all, I can't put these in a link - it somehow breaks out of the cell. Second, I can't actually get the template to recognize what page is calling the template from. One would expect using it in a page called "Morning Glories 20" would automatically populate it with Morning Glories 20 values, but that's not happening here.

    any idea on what I did wrong?

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    • Zergrinch wrote: Hey, you did it!  So, mediawiki was hung up over the carriage return I had before the switch tag in issuenavparse, and I forgot to put in the {{{1}}} variable in issuenav.  Okiedoke.  



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    • Calfaile wrote:
      Hey it looks good! Switches 4 and 5 are not working, but I assume you haven't implemented them yet.

      4 and 5 are working.  4 lists down the arc titles, while 5 lists down the issues per arc.  However, I have not populated these for anything beyond Season 2 since, well, we simply don't have the info yet.  To avoid clogging up Thailog's e-mail, do direct any replies to my wall or a forum thread.

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  • Hi, welcome to Morning Glories Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the The Truants page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • Well, there is some resistance about the pink secondary color we got going (you can see it in the Table of Contents on long pages).  I basically cribbed it off of Young Justice, and changed it from blue to red.  But it seems sky blue and pink, although having the same brightness value, have different aesthetics. :(

      Care to suggest a better color scheme?

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    • Happy to have you here, Thailog :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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