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Morning Glories 18 is the 18th issue of Morning Glories, and the penultimate part of the "P.E." arc. It was originally solicited for March 21, 2012, as Morning Glories 19. It was pushed forward, and was eventually released two months later on May 9, 2012.


Tagline: Lights out. Nobody home.



Hisao reminisces about his training in Abraham's secret camp. Although his fellow trainee, Guillaume, treats him shabbily, this is apparently a front. Hisao is present when six names: Akiko, Fortunato, Guillaume, Ian, Irina, and Vanessa, were called. They were to pack up their belongings, not to exceed thirty pounds, and make their way into the Academy.


In the "prison", Hisao reunites with Guillaume, and they have hot steamy sex with each other in an abandoned classroom. Unfortunately, Jun Fukayama plans to perform a ritual to bring everyone back to the proper time, forcing Guillaume to seek out his commanding officer for the operation...


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