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Morning Glories 35 is the 35th issue of Morning Glories.


Tagline: "What Faith Is."



Danielle Clarkson saves an abducted Fortunato Medeiros from Georgina Daramount .  Almost captured by their instructor, the pair joined forces to exert mind control over Daramount.  For some reason, Clarkson declined to take the opportunity to kill Daramount, and spirited Fortunato away to Abraham 's camp.


Fortunato remains incarcerated even after Lara Hodge negotiates the release of the rest of the Truants .  Under Daramount's insistence, he is to be imprisoned and tortured, to teach him a lesson.  Fortunato was Daramount's favorite student, her teacher's pet, and her favor has turned to hatred.  Blaming him for the loss of her prestige and respect, she personally whips him.  

Fortunato does not break from the torture, and continued to recite from Psalm 23 .  Frustrated, she comments that she only needs him alive, and, while cruelly commenting that "what do you see when your eyes were opened ?" would never be asked of him ever again, shoves both her fingers into his eyes.[1]



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  1. Morning Glories #35. November 27, 2013.

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