Mr. N
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First Appearance Morning Glories 30
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Mr. N is a rarely-seen Faculty member at the Academy.  He deals with students who need a more hands-ons approach. Irina is sent under his care after her failed attempt to take over the Academy. He claims his real name is a bit difficult to pronounce.[1]



In the ruins of the school, Hunter is asked by Fortunato "If you're still going to see Mr. N, can you give him something for me?" and hands him a melon.[2]

He now spends most of his time away from the main campus working with the academy's most gifted students. He claims to have met Kseniya "years ago".[1]



Mr. N has appeared in 2 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #28: Tests, pt. 3 (not seen)
  2. Morning Glories #30: Demerits, pt. 1
  3. Morning Glories #46: Assembly, pt. 4

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