Philip Brantley
Philip Brantley
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First Appearance Morning Glories 11
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You people are disgusting!.

Philip Brantley[1]

Philip Brantley was Ike's defense attorney when the latter was accused of murdering his father. Mr. Brantley was able to get all charges against Ike dropped. He criticized the media circus around Ike as "disgusting", and wanted to take Ike home. Ike, however, had plans to attend his father's funeral.[1]


  • Mr. Brantley's appearance is modeled after Joe Eisma's father in law, who is also an attorney. Ironically as Joe Eisma states his father in law is a real estate attorney so his likelihood of meeting someone like Ike is quite low[2]


Philip Brantley has appeared in 1 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #37: Honors, pt. 3 (flashback)

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