The concept of sacrifice has a frequent presence in the Morning Glories series.

Issue 1Edit

  • Akiko sacrifices herself to serve as a distraction for Vanessa and Brendan.
  • During Dagney's presentation, a goat is being shown killed, possibly as an allusion to the sacrifice of the ram by Abraham and Isaac in Genesis.

Issue 3Edit

  • The unseen prisoner sacrifices herself by severing her finger to deliver a message to the girl in the adjacent cell.

Issue 9Edit

  • Jun sacrifices himself to protect Hisao from being taken to the school.

Issue 10Edit

  • Jade volunteers to use the noose "for a better future".

Issue 13Edit

  • Jade willingly stays behind to help offer Casey a chance to escape.

Issue 18Edit

  • Jun, in preparation of attempting to perform the ceremony, acknowledges that Gribbs says "a sacrifice is always demanded".
  • When Hisao is upset over Guillaume leaving the camp, Abraham tells him to remember that "a sacrifice is always demanded".

Issue 21Edit

  • Irina says to Guillaume that "a sacrifice is always demanded".

Issue 22Edit

  • The priest asks Irina who the sacrifice will be this time, and the pool shows Jun.

Issue 23Edit

  • Irina says to Hisao that "a sacrifice is always demanded".
  • Akiko sacrifices herself to David.

Issue 24Edit

  • Abraham tells Ike the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac, telling him the message of the story is about sacrificing in the name of something greater.
  • Abraham expresses that he has sacrificed a great deal to provide Ike with what he needs to grow into the man he is "supposed to be."
  • Abraham warns Ike that someday he will need to make some sacrifices of his own.
  • Ike pretends to agree to sacrifice Abraham for Jade's safety.

Issue 25Edit

  • Irina says to Abraham that "a sacrifice is always required".

Issue 28Edit

  • Lara asks Casey whether she is willing to make the necessary price to complete the mission.
  • When addressing the school, Irina mentions the sacrifices that have been demanded of them.

Issue 41Edit

  • In reference to his brother Hisao, Jun says "This where it happened, where he sacrificed himself for me.".
  • Jun also demands that Jade be sacrificed in order to bring back Hisao from death.

Issue 42Edit

  • Isabel's speech to the student assembly refers to the sacrifices the students have made: "Yes, we are asked to sacrifice. Yes, we endure things no once should have to".

Issue 45Edit

  • "What he wants to attempt--resurrection-- is probably impossible [...] but if it is possible, to do so will require a sacrifice. and the criteria for who that can be is--somewhat narrow."

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