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Sarah Price was a student who attended high school with Zoe, presumably in San Diego.[1] She was on the cheerleading team with Zoe, and was a year older than her.

One year before Zoe's entrance to Morning Glory Academy, Sarah was advising Zoe to date a popular boy, to enhance Zoe's image so Zoe could be the JV Captain. Their conversation is interrupted by Mr. Hammond, who berates Sarah for not having an assignment done. Sarah tells Zoe that they can meet back up in the gym at 5.

When Sarah doesn't show up, Zoe goes to leave, when she hears Sarah crying out from one of the classrooms. Looking in, Zoe sees Mr. Hammond raping Sarah. Zoe hits Hammond in the back of the head with her textbook, knocking him down and breaking his neck against the desk.

Sarah confesses that the two had been having an affair for some time, and that the assumed rape had just been pretending. While Sarah is overcome with grief, Zoe insists they destroy the body, and they burn it in the furnace.[2]

As the media learn from some of Hammond's friends that he was having an affair with a student, Sarah begins to falter under the pressure. Zoe reminds her that their only hope of having a future is for Sarah to behave normally.

Eventually, Sarah asks Zoe to meet her on a pier, where Sarah questions how Zoe was able to react so quickly to the situation when she thought Sarah was being raped, and the aftermath of destroying the body. Sarah then reveals that she plans to go to the police, and Zoe berates her for being selfish, since it would bring Zoe down with her. Zoe admits that she destroyed the body to protect Sarah's reputation, and says that she realizes how much better her life could be if Sarah weren't around. Zoe then presumably kills her.[3]


Sarah Price has appeared in 2 issues to date:

  1. Morning Glories #7: All Will Be Free, pt. 1 Zoe (flashback)
  2. Morning Glories #15: P.E., pt. 3 (flashback)

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