Morning Glories 31

The cells are a set of rooms in the basement of the academy where the faculty keeps prisoners and misbehaving students in solitary confinement.The cells usually have brick walls and wooden doors.

Abraham was put there in shackles after Daramount found the location of his school.[1] This is the same room where Gribbs tries to convince Ike to kill Abraham again[2][3]  A connection was made between Abraham and Ike when they were both in that cell, Gribbs with the help of Nine's injection uses it to find out where Abraham disappeared to after the effects of time travel were rectified.[4]

Vanessa was placed here after her original plan to save Abraham failed.[5][1] If you look closely in Vanessa's cell you can see "Ted was here" carved in the wall. This is most likely where Ted and the underground people were kept captive. [6] Vanessa was also put again in that cell after Irina's plan to kill Ike and overthrow the academy failed.[7] Unbeknownst to her she ends up having a conversation with an older version of herself[8] that will be imprisoned time traveling to the past and being betrayed by a young Hodge.[6]

All the truant boys were put in those cells for their involvements in Irina's plans[7]. Along with Vanessa, Guillaume and Ian were released after Hodge asked her father to rescind their suspensions.[9][10] Daramount decided to disobey her father and kept Fortunato in his cell where she punctured his eyes out with her bare hands.[11] She plans to keep him there to instil fear in the other students and plans on releasing him at her own leisure[12]


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