The Incarcerated Girl is an important story in the series and is told several times through the story. It is closely related to the phrase "The Hour of Our Release Draws Near". The unnamed girl in seen in Morning Glories 3 is postulated to be the girl.

As told by Ms. Clarkson in Morning Glories 27:

Well, there's this young girl, locked up in a prison during the inquisition. All the prisoners there, including her, are beaten and tortured, experimented on — by these captors who seem to alternately hate them and worship them. She tries to escape — But then she starts to suspect that she herself might have actually helped build the prison.

As told by Ms. Clarkson in Morning Glories 39:

And so the girl waited for the guards to release her for months--'Let me out!' she yelled, over and over again. But still no one came. Until one day, a stranger suddenly appearedin her cell, out of nowhere. 'Who are you?' the girl asked. 'Have you come to set me free?' 'No,' the visitor replied. 'Only you--'

As told by Dagney in Morning Glories 43:

When I was a girl, *this* is how the nature of the world was explained to me. A beautiful young girl is being held against her will in a prison. Her captors would worship at her feet for hours, and then take turns beating her savagely. And she would cry out 'why?Why do you *do* this to me?' Here is the *truth* of all things, though-- the woman *herself* built the prison. And only *she* held the keys to her freedom. But she was so very afraid.

As told by the Scientist in Morning Glories 43:

There is a girl in a prison, locked away. Do you remember her?

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