Vomiting occurs frequently in Morning Glories, often in situations involving the mythology of the series.

Issue 4 Vomit

Morning Glories #4

  • Jade, after waking up from being given the Green Injection by Nine.[1]
  • In her meeting with Lara, Jade reveals she has been throwing up multiple times daily.[2]
  • When Casey time-travels with Lara, Casey vomits.[3]
  • When Hunter is disoriented after seeing the clock in the lab, and then knocked down, he vomits when he recollects himself.[4]
  • When Jade and Ike pray in the cave, Jade's older self is shown vomiting.[5]
  • Hunter, after passing out in the future, vomits when he comes to. This may be coinciding with Irina's big disruption.[6]
  • Ike, after his second vision in the library, after the third vision he vomits, urinates and defacates on himself.[7]
  • Irina vomits after her teleportation.[8]


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