Something odd is impled about the weight of the main characters in Morning Glories. This is referred to by others or implied by events a number of times.

When Hunter tries to keep "Jun"/Hisao from drowning in the detention room (issue #2), Hunter remarks that Hisao is heavy (meaning Hisao weighs more than Hunter would have expected, even though Hisao is submerged in water, and should seem lighter than his normal weight).

When the other characters are carrying Hisao near the temple, they remark that he is heavy.

When the bullies are carrying Hunter into the greenhouse(issue #8), one of them remarks, "Jesus, for such a scrawny little #%€¥, he's heavy, yeah?"

When Zoe drags the unconscious Hunter from the "lab" during Woodrun (issue #15), she remarks "for a little pipsqueak, you're heavy."

When Zoe falls from the air vent (issue #5), she angrily says to Casey, "It was *your* weight that brought it down, got it?"

When older Jade is cutting youger Jade down from the hangman's noose (issue #10), Jade's weight causes the rope to snap sooner that expected, causing younger Jade to fall to the floor.

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